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St. George's (Town Rhine) Catholic Church Marriage Records
Partial records 1876 - 1881
Groom's NameBirth-LocationGroom's ParentsDate of MarriageBride's NameBride's Parents
Kleinhans, John  November 23, 1876Reichert, Anna 
Brickheimer, Edward  November 23, 1876Kleinhans, Jacobine 
Altenberger, Jacob  December 26, 1876Schwalenberg, Elisabeth 
Will, Wilhelm  February 12, 1878Silbernagel, Anna 
Zach, HieronimusLake SuperiorJoseph Zach
November 13, 1877Gossi, AugustaWilliam Gossi
Wesling, Bernard  July 23, 1878Manthai, Anna 
Schussler, John Michael  October 15, 1878Lauer, Elisabeth 
Heckmann, Philipp  October 15, 1878Maier, Theresia 
Kleinhans, Jacob John Kleinhans
July 12, 1881Meyer, CatharinaMathias Meyer

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