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Significant Chronology for the Lottie Cooper

* 1876, 30 Mar -- Launched: "The schooner built by Rand and Burger for 
Cooper and Jones, of this city, was launched last Thursday afternoon.  
She was named Lottie Cooper."  (Manitowoc Tribune: 6 April 1876).  
"You may expect a visit at your port soon from the latest specimins 
of Manitowoc vessel architecture, a handsome three-masted schooner 
lately launched at the ship-yard of Rand and Berger for the firm of 
Cooper and Jones. She is named the Lottie Cooper, after the wife 
of George Cooper, one of the owners, and is a fine vessel of her 
class as ever has been built here.  She started on her first trip 
this morning, and will load at Two Rivers for some port south."  
(Milwaukee Sentinel: 29 April 1876: P3 - C3)
* 1876, 18 Apr -- Master Carpenter's Certificate
* 1876, 19 Apr -- Enrolled in the name of Thomas Jones, John V. Jones, George R. Cooper, and Harry Smith of Manitowoc, each owner.
* 1876, 14 May -- Association of Lakes Underwriters Classification not listed.
* 1878 -- Board of Lakes Underwriters Lake Hull Register Three Masted Schooner 252 gross tons. Owned by Cooper and Jones, Two Rivers, WI. Rated A1 and valued at $11 thousand.
* 1880, 5 Nov -- Stranded at Sherman Bay. Released by tugs four days later.
* 1882 -- List of Merchant Vessels of the United States: Schooner, official number 140185, 252.48 gross tons. Home port Racine, WI.
* 1884, 29 Aug -- Ashore at Port Sanilac, Michigan with Lumber; released. "The schooner Lottie Cooper left here about 6 o'clock last night, bound for Drummond's Island to load cedar for Chicago with the wind east. At about 9 o'clock the wind hauled ahead and in missing stays she went ashore about a mile and a half below Port Sanilac. She has about four feet of water in her hold. Captain Grummond's wrecking tug, Winslow, will leave at 10 o'clock with a full wrecking outfit for her. There is no insurance on the vessel. (Milwaukee Sentinel: 30 August 1884: P7 - C2)
* 1884 -- R.L. Polk's Directory of Marine Interests of the Great Lakes: Schooner, 265 gross tons, rated A2. Built by Rand and Burger and owned by Thomas Jones, et al, Racine, WI.
* 1885 -- List of Merchant Vessels of the United States: Schooner, U.S. 140185. 131.0 X 27 X 9 feet, 252.48 gross tons and 239.86 net tons.
* 1888 -- List of Merchant Vessels of the United States: Same. Home port changed to Milwaukee, WI.
* 1888 -- Polk's Marine Directory: Owned by Jones and Smith, Racine.
* 1890 -- Inland Lloyd's Marine Directory: Rated A2 1/2 and owned by Ole Groh, Sheboygan, WI, valued at $7,500. Bottom caulked 1887.
* 1891 -- Beeson's Marine Directory: Ole Groh, Milwaukee, WI, A2 1/2.
* 1892 -- List of Merchant Vessels of the United States: As 1888.
*1894 -- Inland Lloyds Marine Directory: Rated B1, $3,000 owned by Ole Groh, Sheboygan.
* 1894, 7 Mar -- Enrolled in the name of Ole Groh (5/18), along with Wm. Lorenz, Eugene O. Pautzer, George B. Matoon, and Watson d. Crocker, of Sheboygan. "The schooners Sardinia, Evening Star, Lottie Cooper, Lydia Raessor, Duvall, Cynthia Gordon, Rosabelle, scow Speed, and nearly every other craft in the harbor is being repainted, and fitted out for the season." (Evening telegram: 21 March 1894) Schooner Lottie Cooper commanded by Fred Lawrence. (Sheboygan County News: 28 March 1894.). "The schooner Jos. Duvall cleared last week Tuesday night for Frankfort, and the schooner Lottie Cooper early Wednesday morning for the same port." (Sheboygan County News: 11 April 1884).
* 1894, 9 Apr -- Dragged ashore at Sheboygan and wrecked. On April 9, 1894, she was capsized and wrecked while at anchor at Sheboygan, WI. One man was lost trying to get ashore on a raft and five were taken off by life saving crew. She had a cargo of 230 thousand feet lumber from Advance, Michigan, to Sheboygan, her home port. "The schooner Lottie Cooper was wrecked just north of the harbor piers in the windstorm early Monday morning. She was from Pine Lake with a cargo of elm lumber for Matoon Manufactoring Co. This side of Centerville she sprang a leak, and on arriving here between 11 and 12 o'clock Sunday night, as she was unwieldy in handling came to off the harbor entrance. It was then found that water covered her cabin and forecastle floors, and in the high wind and sea prevailing she could not carry canvass enough to enable her to steer into the harbor. Anchor was cast, and about one o'clock it being thought unsafe to ride out the storm there, flash light signals were given for a tug to tow her in. As none responded one of the life saving crew was sent to get one started out. They were found to have no one on board and no steam up. At daylight a flag signal for a tug was given, which was soon after changed to a signal of distress and a call for service from the life station, as she was dragging her anchor and moving shoreward north of the harbor entrance. The life crew promptly responded, but before they could reach the vessel it capsized with her crew clinging to the mast and rigging. The tug, Sheboygan, had been got in readiness and went out with the life boat and the crew of the wrecked schooner were all rescued and taken to the station except Edward Ellison, who was swept off on a quantity of lumber, which the heavy breakers quickly scattered and he sank and was not seen again. He was about 50 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children in Norway, whom he was hoping soon to be able, from his earnings, to bring to this country. The crew saved were Capt. Fred Lorenz, Mate Wm. Huhme, seamen Chas. Esbach, Angust Pegelow, and Barney Haynes, all of this city but the mate, who lives at Charlevoix, Michigan.

"The vessel was owned by Capt. Ole Groh, Capt. Lorenz, W.D. Crocker, G.B. Matoon, and E.E. Pantzer, and was uninsured. She was valued at $3,500, and is considered a total loss. The lumber value is estimated at $7,000." (Sheboygan Evening Telegraph: 9 April 1894).

"Capt. Fred Lorenz says that the published accounts of the loss of the Lottie Cooper did not state all of the facts of the case. He states that the vessel sprung a leak between Centerville and this port and when he came off to the piers that he water covered the forecastle and cabin floors. Her condition was such that he could not carry canvas so that she would steer to enter the harbor and that is why he came to an anchor. When he flashed his torches as long as he did, he expected that a tug would come to his relief and bring him into port. The captain and crew felt grateful to the life saving crew and the tug for effecting their rescue as they did and they also express their thanks to the Seaman's Association for the financial aid extended to them." (Evening Telegram: 12 April 1894).

"The schooner, Joseph Duvall, went out early this morning and an effort is being made to raise the anchors and chains of the sunken schooner, Lottie Cooper." (Evening Telegram: 24 April 1894).

"What was left of the hull of the wrecked schooner, Lottie Cooper, is fast breaking up and washing ashore." (Evening Telegram: 18 May 1894).

"Matthew Carr is at work cutting a hole in the bottom of the wrecked schooner, Lottie Cooper, to recover her hold full of lumber." (Sheboygan Evening Telegram: 26 May 1894).

"The storm last night created a heavy sea on the lake. The hull of the Lottie Cooper was broken up and today the frame work sticks ten feet above the water. The lumber from her hold was washed on the beach and a gang of men was put at work this morning gathering it up." (Evening Telegram: 18 June 1894).
* 1894, 12 Apr -- Documents surrendered at Milwaukee. (Wisconsin Submerged Cultural Resource Survey)

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