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Wilna Ida Marie Amend

Births Vol. 27 page 383-2294

Birth record indicates the father (Friedrich William Amend according to death certificate} was deceased at time of birth. Further checking into this showed the father died on Jan. 10, 1899 of "Typhoid Fever & Perf. of Ulcers".

Anna Arnholter

Births Vol. 35 page 103-103

I have attempted to look up the parents names for this person and she is not the one listed on the record. The Register of Deeds birth index is incorrect. I have not been able to find the actual birth record for this person, but will keep on searching once I have the other parents names looked up. Should I come across the parents names some other way and the correct volume and page number, I will make a note of it on the website at that time.

Walter M. Axel

Births Vol. 24 page 553-2209

Walter was born "Walter Wilgam May Holdberg"
Birth Father: Helmuth Hohberg
Birth Mother: Wilhelmine Krueger
Walter was adopted by Fred Axel after 1900 and his name was then changed to Walter M. Axel
This adoption took place after the death of his biological father and re-marriage of his mother to Fred Axel.
{Note: The two different spellings of the original surname are as they appeared in the vital record book}

Clemens, Henrietta

Births Vol. 27 page 14-81

Father was listed as being deceased when this child's birth was registered. The birth was registered on July 21, 1897.

Deicher, Female {Pre-mature}

Births Vol. 25 Page 303-1211

Deicher, Female Pre-mature survived and is named LuLu Deicher per her marriage record.

Delsiner, Christine

Births Vol. 27 page 224-1344

The record shows the name was corrected to become Welsiner, Christine. Her parents are listed as: Ignatz Welsiner & Hannah Irela.

Demmen, Walter

Births Vol. 27 Page 80-479

The record shows the name changed to become Wemmen, Walter. His parents were Aug. Wemmen & Auguste Herman.

Detling, Valentine

Births Vol. 26 page 148-590

The Record indicates the childs name is Valentine Detling with his last name being Hammes. The index shows him as being just Valentine Detling. Whomever created the initial index didn't realize they gave the baby the mother's maiden name as a middle name and assumed it was his last name. So his actual name should read Valentine Detling Hammes.

Diehl, Ivan

Births Vol. 27 page 113-673

The record shows the name changed to become Wiehl, Ivan. His parents were Jac. Wiehl & Mary Sexton.

Dittes, Ella

Births Vol. 27 Page 130-779

The record shows the name changed to become Wittes, Ella. His parents were Geo. Wittes & Minna Michaels.

Dunger, Minna

Births Vol. 27 Page 131-783

The record shows the name changed to become Wunger, Minna. Her parents were Louis Wunger & Anna Riemer.

Flunker, Elda

Births Vol. 28 Page 190-1135

On the birth record of Elda Flunker, the father (Fred Flunker) is shown as being deceased when the birth was registered on August 29, 1901.

Zahn, George

Births Vol. 27 Page 496-2976

Appears to be an error when the original indexes were compiled. The name is George Jahn, not George Zahn as indexed. His parents are: Charlie Jahn & Alvina Fabel

Ziemke, Female

Births Vol. 25 page 454-1813

This record is dual indexed, one under the spelling of Zeimke, no first name and again under Ziemke, Lillian Ida. The actual birth record shows that the Ziemke, Lillian Ida is correct, it is just dual indexed and one of the spellings on the index is wrong.

Zenker, Gabriele

Births Vol. 25 page 285-1138

This record is dual indexed under two spellings, Zenker and Zeuker. Upon looking at the record, it appears the correct spelling is Zenker.

Zoellner, Male

Births Vol. 25 page 293-1171 & 1172

These are twin brothers that were dual indexed because of an error in the year. They were indexed under 1893 and 1894. The correct year according to the record is 1894.

Weissnicht, Friedrich {Maximilian}

Births Vol. 2 page 156-464

Record indicates the mother and Father were not married.
On the record it states: "The said Karl Wilhelm Berthold Weissnicht is the legal husband of Hanna Wilhelmine Friedricke Augusta Zahn, since 14 April, 1868. He confessed his iniquity and promised to render assistance in bringing up the child, but soon left the vacinity and moved away".

Backhausen, Maria A., Backhausen, Wilhelm & Chrasser, Louis

Births Vol. 1 page 142-426, 143-427 & 143-428

Mother is listed as widowed, Father died after 1858, both births were recorded on March 24, 1862

{Note: The following information was contributed by: Judi Wolters

The Mother was widowed but remarried Johan Backhausen. Johanna’s first husband died, leaving the three children listed above. The birth record for a son Louis Chrasser shows he was born to Louis Chrasser and Johanna Walters on Jan. 28, 1855. Later, Louis used the Backhausen surname as well.

Schneider, Simon J.

Births Vol. 1 page 119-355

Record states Elizabeth Tey Widow Late Esan. {Note: I am not sure if they refer to Adam Schneider or not}

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