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Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery - Town of Wilson

Shirley Horn & Ken Martin contributed this cemetery as well as all the photos.

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The West Side refers to west of the road in the cemetery, the East Side refers to east of the road in the cemetery leading into and out of the cemetery. The Chapel is located at the end of that road and the Mausoleum is behind the Chapel.

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Main Drive
Vital Records
La Fave  A67  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
La Fave, Donald F.19261976A685 9East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI Donald LaFave B:05/06/1926 D:09/1976 WIDI D:09/06/1976
La Fave, Gerald J.1951 A675 7East SideXX  
La Fave, Mary C.19311976A676 7East SideXX  
La Pean  A73  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
La Pean, Angeline19151977A736 9East SideXX SSDI B:12/02/1915 D:02/1977
La Pean, Byron W.19152002A735 9East SideXX SSDI B:03/28/1915 D:05/25/2002 Sheboygan Wi
La Pean, Leon W.19372006A55  11East Side On back of La Pean-Cletus Monument 
La Pean {1}  A55  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
La Pean, Cletus19061998A557 11East SideXX SSDI B:11/05/1906 D:10/17/1998 Sheboygan Wi
La Pean, Leona19081993A558 11East SideXX SSDI B:12/07/1908 D:09/14/1993 Sheboygan Wi
Lampe, Ignacio A.19831996B751 9 | West SideXX  
Lang  A75  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Lang, Phillip M.19161969A757 5 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Lapcinski, Carol Ann19551979B531 7West SideXX SSDI B:02/23/1955 D:07/1979 WIDI D:07/21/1979 Sheboygan
LaPean, Byron R. Jr.19411971A731 10East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Larsen  A69  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Larsen, Dennis O.19332010A695 11 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:03/06/1933 D:04/17/2010 Sheboygan Wi
Larsen, Dorothy R.19341994A696 11East SideXX  
Larson, Adam W.19721992A581 12East SideXX  
Lastusky, Mary18761953B351 13West SideXX  
Lau  A77  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
Lau, Walter J.19291992A771 2East SideXX SSDI B:07/16/1929 D:09/15/1992 Sheboygan Wi
Lau, Jeanette M.1930 A772 2East SideXX  
Lazarewicz, Mary19091975B281 1West SideXX SSDI B:03/24/1909 D:10/1975 WIDI D:10/06/1975
Levandowski, Bernard F.18941973B603Obit7West SideXX  
Levandowski, Monica A.18941977B604 7West SideXX  
Lindemann  B33  10West SideXXFamily Monument 
Lindemann, Kathleen C.19272006B336 10West SideXX In Same Vault per Church Records--SSDI B:07/13/1927 D:08/17/2006 Sheboygan
Lindemann, Harold E.19242005B336 10West SideXX In Same Vault per Church Records--SSDI B:11/21/1924 D:03/11/2005 Sheboygan
Lindemann, James19571957B33  10West Side  Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 69 pg 209 James Lidemann Birth 05/27/1957 Death 06/04/1957
Lindemann, Joseph19561956B33  10West Side   
Lindemann, Mary19621962B33  10West Side  Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 1 pg 228 Birth & Death 01/06/1962 Fetal
Lohr  B61  10West SideXXFamily Monument
Lohr, John R.19482003B618 10 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:01/07/1948 D:10/14/2003
Lohr, Josephine L.19131997B616 10West SideXX  
Lohr, Melvin P.19171992B615 10 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:08/16/1917 D:01/23/1992
Lukaszewski  A2  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Lukaszewski, John V.19121999A25 11East SideXX  
Lukaszewski, Marcella L.19251977A26 11East SideXX  
Luksis  B17  5West SideXXFamily Monument
Luksis - Schaap
Luksis, Anna19081931B172 5West SideXX No Death record found at deeds
Luksis, Charles18741965B174 5West SideXX WIDI Charles M. Luksis D:01/20/1965
Luksis, Mary18851991B173 5West SideXX WIDI Mary Luksis D:06/15/1991 Sheboygan
Luksis {1}  B17  5West SideXXFamily Monument
Luksis - Schaap
Luksis, Bernardine1922 B177 5West SideXX  
Luksis, Charles1917 B178 5West SideXX  
Lutzke  A72  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Lutzke, Mary A.1940 A724 12East SideXX  
Lutzke, Ronald C.19361998A723 12East SideXX SSDI B:06/07/1936 D:09/23/1998 Sheboygan Wi
Males  A44  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Males, Victor A.19131996A443 12East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 138 Pg 197 Victor Albert B:04/04/1913 PA. D:10/17/1996 Sheboygan F:Joseph Males M:Grace Idason
Males, Anna E.19202006A444 12East SideXX SSDI B:02/08/1920 D:12/04/2006 Sheboygan Wi
Malwitz  A44  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Malwitz, Patrick L.19461993A441 12East SideXX SSDI B:06/20/1946 D:04/1993 WIDI D:04/30/1993
Malwitz, Carol A.19451995A442 12East SideXX SSDI B:08/06/1945 D:05/05/1995
Mantkus, Joseph18801956A258 7East SideXX  
Markevitch  B72  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Markevitch, George18941981B721 3West SideXX  
Markevitch, Joseph18841970B723 3West SideXX SSDI B:05/24/1884 D:06/1970 Sheboygan WIDI D:06/30/1970
Markevitch, Josephine18931970B724Obit3West SideXX SSDI B:03/10/1893 D:04/1970 Sheboygan WIDI D:04/10/1970
Markevitch, Richard19351954B728 4West SideXX  
Markevitch, Tillie18921976B722 3West SideXX  
McDermott  B44  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
McDermott, Debra Ann19671997B446-7 3West SideXXNee RagaisisWIDI Debra Ann Mcdermott D:08/17/1997 Waukesha
McLosky, Kasten C.19071977A522 5East SideXXFuneral Home Marker
By Mikalauskas Family Monument
Sheboygam Wi Death Record Vol 106 Pg 89 Kasten C McLosky B-03/03/1907 D-04/22/1977
McNelis, Adam18701935B702 1West SideXXOn The Juknialis Family MonumentSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 39 Pg 40 Adam McNelis-Death
McNelis, Adam E.19061960A232 4East SideXXMilitary MarkerSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 75 Pg 265 Adam E McNelis B-06/26/1906 D-06/23/1960
McNelis, Esther M.19061968A231 4East SideXX SSDI B:08/10/1906 D:10/1968 Sheboygan Wi
McNelis, Rosalie18721942B701 1West SideXXOn The Juknialis Family MonumentSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 47 pg 442 Rosalie McNelis
McNellis  B4  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
McNellis, Adele A.19082003B48 7West SideXX SSDI Adele McNellis B:09/11/1908 D:07/21/2003 Oconomowoc Wi
McNellis, John W.19081985B44 7West SideXX  
McPhee  A64  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
McPhee, John H.19342007A641 2East SideXX SSDI B:09/25/1934 D:07/24/2007 Bemidji, Beltrami, Minnesota
McPhee, Ann V.19291998A642 2East SideXX  
Meanor  A15  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Meanor {1}  A15  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Meanor, Audrey M.19342002A156 13East SideXX SSDI B:03/15/1934 D:05/18/2002 Sheboygan Wi
Meanor, Charles C.19602005A151-a 13East SideXX SSDI B:08/09/1960 D:02/18/2005 Sheboygan Wi
Meanor, Gerald F. Sr.19312007A155 13East SideXX SSDI B:10/02/1931 D:12/22/2007
Meanor, Gerald F.19541978A151 13East SideXX  
Melenas, Joseph18611954B185 7West SideXXOn Krutulis Family Monument 
Memorial  B74  8West SideXX  
Meskelevich, Anna18811953B224 13West SideXX  
Metscher  A75  5East SideXXFamily Monument
Metscher, Antonette M.19141988A756 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 124 Pg 204 Antonette Metscher B-06/14/1914 D-10/12/1988
Metscher, William O.19132009A755 5East SideXX SSDI B:05/27/1913 D:03/28/2009 Sheboygan Wi
Meyer  A13  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Meyer, Albert19041991A461 8East SideXX  
Meyer, Mabel19121994A462 8East SideXX  
Meyer {1}  A46  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Meyer, Elmer E.19262010A131 12East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:07/08/1926 D:01/19/2010 Sheboygan Wi
Meyer, Agnes1928 A132 12East SideXX  
Meyer {2}  B81  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Meyer, Albert F.19161968B817 8West SideXX  
Meyer, Ann19132008B818 7West SideXX  
Meyer, John J.19462000B816 7West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:12/26/1946 D:06/11/2000 Sheboygan
Mikalauskas  A52  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Mikalauskas, Motiejus18821963A525 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 81 Pg 162 Mathew Mikalowsky B-12/15/1882 D-05/25/1963
Mikalauskas, Magdalena18811954A526 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 64 Pg 297 B:01/1881 Lithuania D:11/05/1954 Sheboygan F:Jacob Launkust M:Marianna
Mikalauskas, John18791959A521 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 73 Pg 391 B:08/14/1879 Lithuania D:08/08/1959 Sheboygan F:Michael Mikalowsky M:Magdaline Sidabra
Mikalauskas, A.18861974B901 12West SideXXFuneral Home MarkerChurch Records First Name Anthony
Mikelaitis  A33  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Mikelaitis, Anna M.18931986A336 5East SideXX  
Mikelaitis, Anton J.18841971A335 5East SideXX5a Lists Leg of Anotn J. Mikelaitis 
Milasius, Alexander18871959A711 13East SideXX  
Miller  B71  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Miller, Norbert E.19342006B716 2XX SSDI B:07/01/1934 D:09/26/2006 Sheboygan
Miller, Joyce M.1936 B715 2West SideXX  
Moreno, Pedro V.18741962B491 13West SideXX SSDI B:08/02/1874 D:11/1962 WIDI D:11/26/1962
Morris  A24  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Morris, Petronella18751944A245 5East SideXX  
Morris, John18751950A246 5East SideXX  
Morris, Sandra Mary19481948A241 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 55 Pg 554 B:08/30/1948 Sheboygan D:08/31/1948 Sheboygan F:Stanley Morris {Port Washington WI) M:Rose Maner {Oostburg}
Morris {1}  A31  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Morris, Stanley J.19131964A315 9East SideXX  
Morris, Rose19161988A316 9East SideXX  
Navickas, Motiejus18651945A344 3East SideXX  
Nawikas  A61  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Nawikas, Anna18991958A616 5East SideXX  
Nawikas, Elizabeth1923 A618 5East SideXX  
Nawikas, Joseph G.18931980A615 5East SideXX  
Nawikas, Joseph19182006A617 5East SideXX SSDI B:05/13/1918 D:11/19/2006 Sheboygan Wi
Naze  A58  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Naze, Jacquelin B.19361997A587 11East SideXX  
Naze, Ralph19232007A586 11East SideXX  
Neff, Lisa Ann19591978B808 10West SideXX  
Norris  A60  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Norris, John J.19041971A601 7East SideXX  
Norris, Ann E.19192001A605/6 7East SideXX  
Pakarklis  B55  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Pakarklis, Anna18861967B552 3West SideXXMotherDeath Date from SSDI-Anna Pakarklis B-12/04/1886 D-02/1967 Prattville, Autauga, Alabama-- ADI D:02/10/1967
Pakarklis, Joseph18801947B551 3West SideXXFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 54 Pg 59 Joseph Pakarlis B-03/19/1880 D-04/23/1947
Paul, Tamara19731973B798 12West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 2 pg 28 Fetal Tamara Paul Birth & Death 02/17/1973
Paul, Travis John19781978B797 12West SideXX  
Paulovitz  B31  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Paulovitz, John18711952B314 5West SideXX  
Paulovitz, Eva18831951B313 5West SideXX  
Paulovitz, Bernard W.19221997B314a 5West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Pazeras, Agnes18861953A511 4East SideXXMotherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 61 Pg 554 B:10/19/1886 Simnas Lithuania D:03/20/1953 Sheboygan F:William Krichen M:Anna Markevitch
Pazeras, William J.19121965A512 4East SideXXMilitary Marker
SSDI B:10/23/1912 D:03/1965 WIDI D:03/30/1965
Pecnik  A47  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Pecnik, Judith A.1940 A472 5East SideXX  
Pecnik, Edward F.19231984A471 5East SideXX SSDI B:06/20/1923 D:11/1984 WIDI D:11/24/1984 Sheboygan Wi
Pentek  B65  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Pentek, Marilynn V.19242010B654 11West SideXX SSDI B:12/28/1924 D:08/30/2010 Sheboygan
Pentek, Joseph F.19222000B653 11 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:08/28/1922 D:12/19/2000 Oshkosh, Wi
Peterman  B74  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Peterman, Norman O.19121993B748 8 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Peterman, Magdalen19152005B747 8West SideXX  
Peterman, Kenneth19471948B746 8West SideXX  
Peterman, Allen19271967B745 8West SideXX  
Petrauski  B16  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Petrauski, Frank18861965B162 3West SideXX  
Petrauski, Mary18911972B161 3West SideXX  
Petrauski{1}  B46  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Petrauski, Frank L.1917 B462 7West SideXX  
Petrauski, Hilda19182009B461 7West SideXX  
Petrusaitis  B45  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Petrusaitis, Alex L.19171986B456 5West SideXX SSDI B:11/07/1917 D:12/1986 Sheboygan
Petrusaitis, Deloris19341934B644 13West SideXX  
Petrusaitis, Dorothy R.19141998B45  5West Side   
Petrusaitis, Infant19681968B45  5West Side   
Petrusaitis, Joan19341934B644 13West SideXX  
Petrusaitis, Magdalene18841961B452 5West SideXX WIDI has first name Magdalen D:11/20/1961
Pfrang, Ann M.19092002A78 1East SideXXNee Werbeckes-Buza
Monument states Ann M. Buza
SSDI last name Pfrang-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 150 Pg 316 Ann M. Pfrang Birth 04/07/1909 Death 12/04/2002
Pierce, Philip19562004A775 1East SideXX SSDI B:09/23/1956 D:06/16/2004
Platkus  B57  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Platkus, Adam18881956B571 1West SideXX  
Platkus, Antonia18951949B572 1West SideXX  
Platkus, Charmaine F.19281980B574 1West SideXX SSDI B:01/15/1928 D:02/1980 WIDI D:02/11/1980 Sheboygan
Platkus, William R.19242006B573 1West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:11/14/1924 D:07/25/2006 Sheboygan
Posewitz  B41  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Posewitz, Anna18751964B412 3West SideXXMotherWIDI D:01/12/1964
Posewitz, Anton18741964B413 3West SideXXFather 
Posewitz, Anton J.19021977B418a 3West SideXX  
Posewitz, John19061994B415 3West SideXX  
Posewitz, Marie19101967B416 3West SideXX  
Poul  A63  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Poul, Eva18881951A635 1East SideXX  
Poul, William18881955A636 1East SideXX  
Prath  B19  10West SideXXFamily Monument 
Prath, Marcella19132009B198 10West SideXX  
Prath, Ludwig Louis19081989B197 10West SideXX SSDI B:09/04/1908 D:03/12/1989 Sheboygan
Prath, Linda19521955B245 9West SideXXOn Kucziauskas Family Monument 
Preder  A14  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Preder, Dawn Marie19591975A141 13East SideXX WIDI Dawn Preder Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 109 Pg 25 Dawn Marie Preder B:03/13/1959 Wi D:11/29/1975 Waupun F:Kenneth Preder M:June Meyer
Raab, Debra Guenther19521996A103 6East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Birth Record V134 Pg 103 Debra Ann Guenther B-04/13/1952--SSDI Debra Raab B-04/13/1952 D-10/05/1996 {New York}
Radtke  A39  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Radtke, Frederick P.19131978A391 8East SideXX  
Radtke, Mary L.19141991A392 8East SideXX  
Radtke, James L.19601960A323a 7East SideXX  
Radwick  B4  7West SideXXFamily Monument
Radwick - McNellis
Radwick, Alphonse19091961B46 7 | West SideXXMilitary Marker
Radwick - McNellis
Radwick, Anna18821956B45 7West SideXXMother
Radwick - McNellis
Radwick, Eleanor 19121994B47 7West SideXXRadwick - McNellisSSDI B:06/08/1912 D:03/07/1994 Sheboygan
Radwick, Joseph18751944B41 7West SideXXFather
Radwick - McNellis
Radwick, Julia M.19101984B43 7West SideXXRadwick - McNellis 
Radwick, Victor A.19071955B42 7West SideXXRadwick - McNellis 
Ragaisis  B44  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Ragaisis, Anthony19071951B444 3West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 59 Pg 582 Anthony Ragaisis B-07/25/1907 D-09/23/1951
Ragasis, Margaret19051989B442 3 | West SideXX SSDI B:05/05/1905 D:02/02/1989 Sheboygan
Ragasis, William V.18931968B441 3 | West SideXX  
Ragaisis {1}  B44  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Ragaisis, Marjorie A.19421999B447c 3West SideXX SSDI B:12/11/1942 D:12/20/1999
Ragaisis, Philip J.1941 B44  3West Side   
Ragaisis, Mark J.19641995B448 3West SideXX WIDI Mark James Ragaisis D:10/17/1995 Sheboygan
Raml  A72  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Raml, Robert J.19361988A725 11 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Raml, Darlene A.1936 A726 11East SideXX  
Rammer  A22  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Rammer, Jeffrey19662000A226 1East SideXX  
Rammer, Fritz1933 A227 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Birth Record Frederick John Rammer Birth 03/26/1933
Rammer, Nancy1933 A228 1East SideXX  
Rammer {1}  A67  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Rammer, Betty J.19342006A678 7East SideXX SSDI B:11/21/1934 D:09/18/2006 Sheboygan Wi
Rammer, Jerome J.1933 A677 7East SideXX  
Rammer {2}  B68  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Rammer, Anne A.19261999B683Obit5West SideXX SSDI B:04/08/1926 D:06/01/1999 Sheboygan
Rammer, Donald C.19221988B684 5West SideXX SSDI B:11/09/1922 D:08/05/1988 Sheboygan
Rammer, Donna Anne19511951B684a 5West SideXX  
Ratz, Frances C.18901957A166 11East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 69 Pg 216 B:10/20/1890 Fond Du Lac Wi D:06/03/1957 Sheboygan
Ratz, John A.18951956A165 11East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Raulinaitis, George18821944A248 5East SideXX  
Regutis  A36  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Regutis, Adam18861962A365 1East SideXXFather 
Regutis, Anna18881952A366 1East SideXX Mother
Regutis {1}  A19  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Regutis, Peter F.19141988A197 5East SideXX  
Regutis, Dorothy M.1919 A198 5East SideXX  
Regutis {2}  A40  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Regutis, William19171988A417 10East SideXXDadSSDI B:03/02/1917 D:06/10/1988 Sheboygan Wi
Regutis, Gina19222001A418 10East SideXX Virginia listed in SSDI B:03/31/1922 D:06/20/2001 Sheboygan
Regutis, Anton19202007A428a 13East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:09/21/1920 D:05/04/2007 Sheboygan Wi
Regutis, Frank R.19231963A367 1East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Regutis, Joseph J.19072004A428 13East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:12/12/1907 D:05/31/2004 Milwaukee Wi
Regutis, Peter19371937A193a 5East SideXX  
Regutis, Peter J.19391995A193 5East SideXXMama 
Regutis, William Jr.19461986A413 11East SideXX  
Reklaitis  A5  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Reklaitis, Walter J.18971946A55 5East SideXX  
Reklaitis, Anastasia M.19041996A56 5East SideXX  
Renzelmann  B12  6West SideXXFamily Monument 
Renzelmann, Veronica A.19101963B128 6West SideXX  
Renzelmann, Bernard J.19051974B127 6West SideXX  
Richter, Constance19041996B158 1West SideXXOn Jesinski Family MonumentSSDI verified
Richter, Milton19122003B157 1West SideXXOn Jesinski Family MonumentSSDI verified
Ries  B67  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Ries, Peter L.19181972B673 7 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Rimkus  A63  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Rimkus, Margaret18841971A637 1East SideXX SSDI Birth Date 11/01/1883 D:11/1971 Kenosha Wi WIDI D:11/17/1971
Rimkus, Joseph18841960A638 1East SideXX Sheboygan WI Death Record Vol 76 Pg 170 B:07/16/1884 Lithuania D:11/13/1960 Sheboygan F:Charles Rimkus M:Mary
Rimkus, Isabelle18901948B221 13West SideXX  
Rios, Mary D.19201987B492 13West SideXXMotherSSDI B:09/12/1920 D:09/1987 Sheboygan WIDI D:09/07/1987
Rios, Miguel N.19181997B493 13West SideXXDadSSDI B:06/09/1918 D:03/15/1997 Sheboygan
Rivers  B16  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Rivers, Joseph A.19202010B163 3West SideXX SSDI B:03/06/1920 D:03/05/2010 Plymouth Wi
Rivers, Agnes M.19242010B164 3West SideXX SSDI B:03/08/1924 D:02/10/2010 Plymouth Wi
Rivers, Eugene19421943B163a 3West SideXXOn Petrauski Family Monument 
Rogers  B14  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Rogers, Edward19271937B144 1West SideXX No death record found at deeds
Rogers, Joseph19151995B142 1West SideXX  
Rogers, Charles19222001B142a 1West SideXX  
Rogers, Edward {1}19271937B144 1West SideXX Dates from Church Records
Rogers, Aggie Kowalis18961948B143 1West SideXX No death record found at deeds
Rogers, Victoria1950 B168 3West SideXXBack of Rivers Family Monument 
Roszkowski  A79  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Roszkowski, Fred18861972A793 3East SideXX SSDI B:01/13/1886 D:10/1972 Milwuakee Wi WIDI D:10/09/1972
Roszkowski, Joseph M. Dr.19241970A797 3 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Roszkowski, Maryanna18861976A794 3East SideXX  
Rozgus, Norbert18821940B63 11West SideXX  
Rudis  B40  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Rudis, Mary J.18961981B407 5West SideXX  
Rudis, Charles18911962B408 5 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Ruehr  B67  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Ruehr, Marion E.19241972B676 8West SideXX WIDI D:08/13/1972
Ruehr, Henry F.19201987B675 8West SideXX SSDI B:05/16/1920 D:07/1987 Sheboygan WIDI D:08/06/1987
Ruppel  A69  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Ruppel, Clarence19222001A693 12East SideXX SSDI B:12/12/1922 D:02/16/2001 Sheboygan Wi
Ruppel, Eva V.19241997A694 12East SideXXnee Kudirko, Married Clarence Ruppel
Married Joseph Horn, then re-married Clarence Ruppel
SSDI B:07/16/1924 D:02/06/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Rusinskas, Peter18871970A91 3East SideXXOn same Monument as Edward G. Girdaukas
Military Marker
Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 94 Pg 250 Peter Rusinskas B-12/02/1886 D-04/06/1970
Rutkauskas  B14  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Rutkauskas, Joseph18901941B146 2West SideXXFather 
Rutkauskas, Victoria18941936B145 2West SideXXMother 
Sakanis  A39  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Sakanis, Anthony18881984A395 7East SideXX  
Sakanis, Louise18791965A396 7East SideXX  
Sallis, William18891965B632 13West SideXXMilitary MarkerSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 86 Pg 95 William John Salles B-05/1889 d_10/07/1965
Samuels  A26  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Samuels, William18841963A261 10East SideXX SSDI William Samuels B:04/10/1884 D:06/1963 WIDI D:06/20/1963
Samuels, Katherine18881966A262 10East SideXX SSDI Katherine Samuels B:03/04/1888 D:09/1966 Sheboygan WIDI D:09/17/1966
Schaap  B17  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schaap {1}  B17  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schaap, Arno19081999B175 5West SideXXSchaap - Luksis 
Schaap, Mary19072005B176 5West SideXXSchaap - LuksisUnited States Obituary Collection B:03/05/1907 D:12/30/2005 Random Lake Wi
Scharrer  A40  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Scharrer, Henry J.19252000A407 9East SideXX SSDI B:01/16/1925 D:06/01/2000 Sheboygan
Scharrer, Marion19251979A408 9East SideXX SSDI B:10/08/1925 D:05/1979 WIDI 05/04/1979 Sheboygan
Schin  B61  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schin, Magdalene19001979B614 9West SideXX  
Schin, Cornlius18961982B613 9West SideXX Vol 113 Pg 142 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Cornelius Nicholas Schin B:01/08/1896 MN D:02/14/1982 Sheboygan F:Nicholas Schin M:Anna Stecker
Schlosser  A74  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Schlosser, Herman J.18881972A745 6East SideXX  
Schlosser, Margaret M.19051998A746 6East SideXX  
Schmelter  A79  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Schmelter, Ruben19231970A795 3East SideXX  
Schmelter, Marilyn  A796 3East SideXX  
Schmerling  A16  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Schmerling, Donald W.19182005A168a 11East SideXX SSDI B:08/22/1918 D:01/12/2005 Oregon, Dane, Wi.
Schmerling, Margaret K.1920 A168 11East SideXX  
Schmidt  A30  11East Side   
Schmidt, Harvey F.19041973A307 11East SideXX  
Schmidt, Stephanie J.19092009A308 11East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 165 Pg 139 Stephani Jean Schmidt D-02/08/2009
Schmidt, James H.19442000A303 12East SideXXMilitary Marker
U.S. Veterans Gravesites
ca 1775-2006 B:01/08/1944 D:05/04/2000
Schmitt  A81  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Schmitt, Eugene W.19091980A811 8East SideXX  
Schmitt, Lorraine R.19252008A812 8East SideXX SSDI B:11/25/1925 D:10/16/2008 Sheboygan Falls, Wi
Schuk  B46  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schuk, Elaine B.1926 B464 7West SideXX  
Schuk, Alexander P.19242006B463 7 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:01/09/1924 D:08/14/2006 Sheboygan
Schuk {1}  B46  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schuk, Glenn J.1949 B466 8West SideXX  
Schuk, Judith A.19491991B467 8West SideXX SSDI B:04/15/1949 D:12/27/1991
Schuk, Anna M.19092001B468 8West SideXX SSDI B:08/15/1909 D:11/07/2001 Sheboygan
Schultz  A12  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Schultz, Wilbert Bill19292004A127 9East SideXX  
Schultz, Doris A.1938 A128 9East SideXX  
Schultz {1}  B591 5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schultz, Charles A.19141996B591 5West SideXX  
Schultz, Eva A.18831963B593 5West SideXX  
Schultz, Frances L.19181992B592 5West SideXX  
Schultz, William18741951B594 5West SideXX  
Schultz {2}  B281 5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Schultz, Anna18861957B283 1West SideXX  
Schultz, Anton19212008B283a 1West SideXX SSDI Anton J. Schultz B:11/20/1921 D:02/07/2008 Sheboygan
Schultz, Charles18871973B282Obit1West SideXX  
Schultz, Elouise H.1923 B288 1West SideXX  
Schultz, Joseph J.19182000B287 2 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Schultz, Joseph C.19001974A765 3East SideXX SSDI B:02/27/1900 D:05/1974 Sheboygan Wi WIDI 06/06/1974
Schultz, Anita H.19031983A766 3East SideXX SSDI B:05/06/1903 D:02/1983 Sheboygan WIDI D:02/08/1983
Schultz, Josephine19131999A378 3East SideXXOn Desmond Family Monument
Last name from SSDI and Church Records
Schwaller, Brandon Rodney19811981B797a 12West SideXX  
Scotch, George Skiecius18771955A268 9East SideXX  
Scribner, Helen Marie19041983A791 4East SideXX SSDI B:08/21/1904 D:02/1983 Sheboygan Wi WIDI D:02/14/1983
See, Clarabell C.1927 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
See, James J. Sr.1925 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Semonacai  A8  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Semonacai, Louis18821947A86 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 54 Pg 490 Louis Semmons B-08/25/1882 D-10/24/1947
Semonacai, John Pvt.19061944A88 1East SideXX  
Semonacai, Helen18831951A87 1East SideXX  
Shalvit  B2  4West SideXXFamily Monument 
Shalvit, George J.19041979B25 4West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 109 Pg 324 George John Shalvit B-04/10/1904 D-07/21/1979
Shalvit, John18761931B26 4West SideXXFatherVol 34 Pg 518 John Shalvit B:06/24/1873 Lithuania D:09/12/1931 Sheboygan F: Nick Shalvit {Lithuania}
Shalvit, Marian19091951B28 4West SideXX No death record found at deeds
Shalvit, Martha18821950B27 4West SideXXMotherVol 58 Pg 543 Martha Shalvit B:02/02/1882 Lithuania D:11/13/1950 Sheboygan
Sharpe  A81  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Sharpe, Joseph F.19161997A817 7East SideXX SSDI B:08/27/1916 D:04/24/1997 Sheboygan
Sharpe, Isobel E.1921 A818 7East SideXX  
Shaudvitis  B6  11West SideXXFamily Monument
Shaudvitis - Zimancius
Shaudvitis, Elizabeth18951959B67 11West SideXX  
Shaudvitis, Joseph18541932B61 11West SideXX  
Shaudvitis {1}  B6  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Shaudvitis, Stanley18861934B62 11West SideXX  
Shimanski  A21  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Shimanski, Antonina18931989A216 1East SideXX  
Shimanski, Kazimeras18851941A217 1East SideXX  
Shircel  B76  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Shircel, Hazel M.19162000B791 11West SideXX SSDI B:02/09/1916 D:12/01/2000 Sheboygan
Shircel, Frank C.19141979B764 11West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:08/15/1914 D:01/1979 Sheboygan WIDI D:01/13/1979
Shircel, Edward C.19261979B657 12West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:10/25/1926 D:04/1979 Sheboygan WIDI D:04/13/1979
Shircel, Lawrence F.19471995B768 12West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Shlapikas, John18821929A67 2East SideXX  
Shlikas, James J.18931970B832 3 | West SideXXMonsignor
SSDI B:07/24/1893 D:01/1970 Sheboygan WIDI D:01/03/1970
Sidlauskas, Katarina18691933B447 4West SideXX  
Siegworth  B61  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Siegworth, John A.1934 B612 9West SideXX  
Siegworth, Mary L.1935 B612 9West SideXX  
Sievert, Alma L.19121977A732 10East SideXX SSDI B:01/20/1912 D:11/1977 Chicago, Cook, Il.-ILDI D:11/30/1977
Simenz  B81  7West SideXXFamily Monument
Simenz - Meyer
Simenz, Rickey19201999B815 7West SideXX Death date from Veronica {Rickey) Simenz Individual Monument--SSDI B:02/01/1920 D:11/25/1999 Sheboygan
Simenz, Veronica A.19201999B815 8West SideXX  
Simo, John P.19081944A88 1East SideXXMilitary Marker
Under PFC. John Semonacai
Simolke  B72  4West SideXXFamily Monument 
Simolke, Adell M.19182006B726 4West SideXX SSDI B:09/06/1918 D:07/15/2006 Sheboygan
Simolke, Andrew F.19081991B725 4West SideXX SSDI B:04/21/1908 D:09/24/1991
Simon  A68  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Simon, Kevin Leo-Joseph19651982A688 9East SideXX  
Simon, Leo M.19252002A684 9East SideXX  
Simon {1}  B5  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Simon, Anna18961958B54 9West SideXX  
Simon, Anton W.19222010B52 9West SideXX  
Simon, John18931965B53 9West SideXX  
Simon, Lillian C.1926 B51 9West SideXX  
Simons  A54  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Simons, James D.1924 A547 9East SideXX  
Simons, Ruth L.1930 A546 9East SideXX  
Simons, Paul L.19521986A545 9East SideXX SSDI B:09/13/1952 D:10/1986 Sheboygan Wi WIDI D:10/05/1986
Sinkevich, Magdalene18701947B738 7West SideXX  
Sinkewitz  A19  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Sinkewitz, Frank J.19091989A195 5East SideXX  
Sinkewitz, Adella E.19112009A196 5East SideXX  
Sinkewitz, Mary18821940A192 5East SideXX  
Sinkewitz, Michael18601935A191 5East SideXX  
Skamer  A25  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Skamer, John18721962A253 8East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 78 Pg 403 B:05/14/1872 Lithuania D:02/23/1962 Sheboygan
Skamer, Rose18761959A254 8East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 74 Pg 107 B:09/23/1876 Lithuania D:10/20/1959 Sheboygan F:Kiselauskas
Skeris  A3  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Skeris, Angeline19182008A34 9East SideXX SSDI B:02/13/1918 D:11/27/2008 Sheboygan Wi
Skeris, Antonia18861972A38 9East SideXX  
Skeris, Mathias18881962A37 9East SideXX  
Skeris {1}  B10  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Skeris, Anna18891972B102 9West SideXX  
Skeris, Anton18841972B101 9West SideXX  
Skeris, Charles19181997A33-a 10East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:02/03/1918 D:03/15/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Skeris, Edward J.19161951B106 10 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Slapekas  A6  4East SideXXFamily Monument 
Slapekas, Mary V.19171977A63 4East SideXX SSDI B:02/08/1917 D:12/1977 WIDI D:02/07/1977
Slapekas, Frank J.19091990A64 4East SideXX SSDI B:09/23/1908 D:12/07/1990 Sheboygan Wi
Slapikas  A6  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Slapikas, Bernard L.19221945A62 3 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Slapikas, John18821929A67 3East SideXXOn Juska/Slapikas Family Monument
Also listed as Shlapikas, John
Slapikes, John19451945A68 2East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 51 Pg 372 Infant John Slapikes B-05/15/1945 D-05/17/1945
Sonntag  A75  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Sonntag, Richard J.19202001A753 6 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:12/01/1920 D:04/19/2001 Sheboygan Wi
Sonntag, Jewel N.19271997A754 6East SideXX SSDI B:03/06/1927 D:10/06/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Sonntag, Margaret M.1914 A758 5East SideXXOn Lang Family Monument
Margarets first husband was Philip
Stanskas  B1  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Stanskas, Anna18951978B12 1West SideXX  
Stanskas, Anton18921985B11 1West SideXX  
Stanskas {1}  B1  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Stanskas, Irene19171991B16 1West SideXX  
Stanskas, William19151998B15 1West SideXX  
Stanskas, John J.18841965B13 1West SideXX SSDI B: ABT 1885 D:01/14/1965
Stanskas, Nellie18941988B14 1West SideXX  
Stauber  A44  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Stauber, Leo J.1922 A447 11East SideXX  
Stauber, Mavis E.19311996A448 11East SideXX  
Staudohar, Frances19061996A322 7East SideXX  
Staudohar, Paul L.19131964A321 7East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Stauskas  B1  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Stauskas, Domicele18681933B17 2West SideXXMotherDeath Date from Church Records-Sheboygan Wi Death Records Vol 36 Pg 545 Domicele Stanskas Birth 62 yrs 1 mon 21 days from death date Death 06/28/1933
Stauskas, Teoeilus18611916B18 2West SideXXFatherNo death record found at deeds
Steffen  B27  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Steffen, Mary18651934B274 3West SideXX  
Steffen, Paul18661946B273 3West SideXX  
Sterk, Joseph18941960A325 6East SideXX  
Sterk, Margret19001983A326 6East SideXX  
Stone, Vicki Rammer19541995A22  1East Side On Rammer Family Monument 
Strakauskas, Francis18761947A382 6East SideXX  
Stricker, Timothy J.19452010Mausoleum  X Behind Chapel   
Strojinc, Casmira P.
19242010B234 11West SideXX SSDI Cassie Strojinc B:08/29/1924 D:05/05/2010 Sheboygan
Sugzda  B3  5West SideXXMonument Reads Girdaukas-Sugzda
Other Side Reads Girdaukas
Sugzda, Mathew18911955B34 5West SideXXMonument Reads Girdaukas-Sugzda
Other Side Reads Girdaukas
Vol 64 Pg 643 Matthew Sugzda B:09/21/1891 Lithuania D:03/09/1955 Sheboygan
Sugzda, Mary18911976B33 5West SideXXMonument Reads Girdaukas-Sugzda
Other Side Reads Girdaukas
SSDI Mary Sugzda B:09/29/1981 D:04/1976 Sheboygan WIDI D::04/08/1976
Sukaitis  B46  8West SideXXNee Verstrate
On Back of Schuk Family Monument
Sukaitis, Alizausus18771941B561 1West SideXX  
Sukaitis, Anna18871968B562 1West SideXX  
Sukaitis {1}  B56  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Sundee, Jack D.19171988A161 12East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:08/31/1917 D:04/26/1988 Naples, Collier, Florida
Sundee, Joyce D.19571971A167 11East SideXX  
Sundee, Katherine M.19162001A161a 12East SideXX SSDI B:03/08/1916 D:10/11/2001 Naples, Collier, Florida
Suprick  B67  7West Side   
Suprick, Sylvester18871953B672 7West SideXX  
Suprick, Mary18881955B671 7West SideXX  
Svetlauskas  A47  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Svetlauskas, Margaret19181988A474 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 123 Pg 522 Margaret Svetlauskas B-09/09/1918 D-06/28/1988
Svetlauskas, Albin J.19141985A473 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 118 Pg 293 Albin Joseph Svetlauskas B-05/20/1914 D-06/13/1985
Tanck, Nancy Ann19631999A718 13East SideXX SSDI B:09/23/1956 D:06/16/2004SSDI B:09/23/1956 D:06/16/2004
Taukivech  B40  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Taukevich, Justin18931965B404 5 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI Justin Taukevich B:01/05/1893 D:04/1965 Chicago Il
Taukivech, William P.18901949B403 5West SideXX Sheboygan Press {Sheboygan Wi) Obit William P. Taukevich B-10/15/1890 D-02/24/1949-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 56 Pg 322 William Peter Taukevich B-10/15/1890 D-02/24/1949
Tetzlaff, Harold W.19231997A271 12East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:03/20/1923 D:11/27/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Tewelis  B43  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Tewelis, Agatha18871955B432 1West SideXX  
Tewelis, Anna19181992B434 1West SideXX  
Tewelis, Anton18801955B431 1West SideXX  
Tewelis, Joseph19051985B433 1West SideXX  
Tewelis, Joseph19421942B434a 1West SideXX Vol 47 Pg 650 Male Infant Tewelis B:08/03/1942 Sheboygan D:08/03/1942 Sheboygan F:Joseph Tewelis {Lithuania) M:Anna Degutis {Mason City Iowa}
Usonis, Joseph18751953B222 13West SideXX  
Valenta, John18781938B424 1West SideXX  
Valukus  A46  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Valukus, Peter18891970A467 7East SideXX  
Valukus, Veronica18951969A468 7East SideXX  
Van De Kamp  A73  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Van De Kamp, Marilyn M.1927 A737 9East SideXX  
Van De Kamp, William B.19291996A738 9East SideXX SSDI B:02/16/1929 D:02/05/1996 Sheboygan, Wi.
Van De Kamp, Timothy J.19581979A733 9East SideXX SSDI B:01/24/1958 D:09/1979 Sheboygan Wi WIDI B:09/29/1979
Vanic  A31  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Vanic, Joseph19121968A317 9East SideXX  
Vanic, Mary Ann19151966A318 9East SideXX  
Vincevineus  A64  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Vincevineus, Joseph Sr.18931984A647 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 117 Pg 263 Joseph Vincevineus B-03/05/1893 D-10/23/1984
Vincevineus, Rose18961968A648 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 90 Pg 186 Rose Vincevineus B-10/02/1896 D-01/16/1968
Visser  B38  10West SideXXFamily Monument 
Visser, Yvonne M.1935 B388 10West SideXX  
Visser, Eugene A.1932 B387 10West SideXX  
Visser, Kevin L.19581990B384 9West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Vranak  A46  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Vranak, Margaret M.19141985A466 7East SideXX  
Vranak, Rudolph B.19121995A465 7East SideXX  
Vreeke  A45  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Vreeke, Jon R.19631985A452 10 | East SideXXFuneral Home Marker
Tombstone Additiona as well
Vreeke, Joyce B.1937 A453 10East SideXX  
Vreeke, Richard C.19342003A451 10East SideXX  
Vrubley  B69  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Vrubley, William J.19432009B691a 3West SideXX SSDI B:06/04/1943 D:01/27/2009 Madison Wi
Vrubley, Judith F.19432003B69  3West Side   
Vrubley, Michael J.19661966B691 3West SideXX  
Vrubley {1}  B69  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Vrubley, Agnes19121999B69  3West Side   
Vrubley, Frank A.19111998B692 3West SideXX SSDI B:09/18/1911 D:08/01/1998 Sheboygan
Vrubley {2}  B69  4West SideXXFamily Monument 
Vrubley, Adela18871968B695 4West SideXX  
Vrubley, George A.19231977B697 4West SideXX SSDI B:07/31/1923 D:01/1977 WIDI D:01/31/1977
Vrubley, John18791935B696 4West SideXX  
Vrubley, John P.19081982B698 4West SideXX SSDI B:07/18/1908 D:02/1982 Shebogyan WIDI D:02/10/1982
Waranius  A50  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Waranius, Anna19011962A502 1East SideXX  
Waranius {1}  A50  1East SideXXWarnius - Fellenz
Family Monument
Waranius, John L. Jr.19261951A501 1East SideXX Death Date from Church Records
Waranius, John L.19261951A501 1East SideXX Vol 59 Pg 199 John Lawrence Waranius B:09/04/1926 Sheboygan D:03/5/1951 Sheboygan F:John Waranius M:Anna Jonaitis
Waranius, John S.18851955A505 1East SideXX  
Waranius {2}  A51  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Waranius, Pauline A.19082007A518 3East SideXX SSDI B:08/11/1908 D:12/14/2007 Plymouth Wi
Waranius, Anthony J.18951954A517 3East SideXX&nsp; 
Washeski  B13  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Washeski, Agnes18801963B132 3West SideXX WIDI Agnes Washeski D: 01/04/1963--Vol 80 Pg 280 Agnes Washeski B:03/17/1880 Lithuanis D:01/04/1963 Sheboygan F:Steve Berchsy M:Rose
Washeski, Anton18811971B133 3West SideXX  
Washeski, Mary {1}19451945B138 3West SideXX  
Washeski, Mary19451945B138 3West SideXXOn Hentges Family MonumentVol 52 Pg 215 B:12/7/1945 Sheboygan D:12/7/1945 Sheboygan F:Joseph Washeski M:Ann Petrauski Sheboygan
Waus, John J.18911963B631 13West SideXX  
Way, Catherine Kondreck19191984B195 10West SideXX No death record found at deeds
Weber, Adele19112001B151 1West SideXXOn Jesinski Family MonumentSSDI B:04/22/1911 D:08/30/2001 Sheboygan
Weber, Frederick N.19262011Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Weber, Mary Lou1933 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Wegner {1}  B60  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Wegner, Marian A.1922 B606 8West SideXX  
Wegner, Herman A.19161978B605 8 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Wegner  A83  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Wegner, Lucille19161994A837 11East SideXX  
Wegner, Frederick19131985A838 11East SideXX  
Weimer, William18841949B223 13West SideXX  
Welhouse, Susan A.19571996A55  12East Side   
Werbeckes  A5  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Werbeckes, Adam18801970A75 1East SideXX SSDI B:12/26/1880 D:05/1970 Sheboygan WIDI D:05/15/1970
Werbeckes, Eva18881966A76 1East SideXX No death record found at deeds
Werbeckes {1}  A7  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Werbeckes, William19102006A57 5East SideXX  
Werbeckes, Ann19082004A58 5East SideXX  
Wessler, Barbara J.1945 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Widra  A60  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Widra, Emil19142000A603 8East SideXX SSDI B:10/29/1914 D:02/06/2000 Sheboygan Wi
Widra, Anna19192008A604 8East SideXX SSDI B:12/07/1919 D:03/15/2008 De Forest, Dane, Wi.
Witkauskas  B40  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Witkauskas, Adele19102000B402 5West SideXX SSDI B:03/26/1910 D:11/19/2000 Sheboygan
Witkauskas, Victor P.19131963B401 5 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:12/31/1913 D:11/1963 WIDI D:11/15/1963
Woelfel  B23  12West SideXXFamily Monument 
Woelfel, Yvonne1938 B238 12West SideXX  
Woelfel, Roman19362006B237 12West SideXX SSDI B:10/20/1936 D:08/10/2006 Sheboygan
Woodard  B66  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Woodard, Marilyn D.19251982B664 9West SideXX  
Woodard, Donald C.19232003B663 9 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Woveras  B42  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Woveras, Peter J.19062000B422 1West SideXX  
Woveras, Norma A.19081989B421 1West SideXX  
Woveras, Karoline18881940B425 1| West SideXX  
Woveras, Peter18821950B426 1 | West SideXX  
Yankawsky  B56  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Yankawsky, Pauline19021982B564 1West SideXX  
Yankawsky, Stanley18971973B563 1West SideXX  
Yankawsky, Charles18811974B423 1West SideXX  
Yekenevicz, Adam18891949A95 2East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 57 Pg 134 Adam Yekenewicz B-age 59 at time of death D-08/20/1949
Yekenevicz, Mary19001977A96 2East SideXX No death record found at deeds
Yochis  B81  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Yochis, John18671953B812 7West SideXX Vol 62 Pg 255 Sheboygan Wi Death Record John Yochis B:06/10/1867 Lithuania D:06/24/1953 Sheboygan F:Mark Yochis M:Constance Austrevich
Yochis, Mary18831966B811 7West SideXX WIDI B: ABT 1883 D:12/02/1966-Vol 88 Pg 169 Mary F. Yochis B:02/15/1883 Lithuania D:12/2/1966 Sheboygan F:Thomas Bobinas M:Martha Remeika
Yochis, Peter P.19221998B814 7 | West SideXXMilitary Marker
Tombstone shows birthdate of 1923
SSDI B:10/24/1922 D:11/19/1998 Sheboygan
Yutis, Margaret18961954B352 13West SideXX  
Zabel, Leila19172004B522 9West SideXX SSDI B:02/17/1917 D:06/14/2004 Monroe, Green, Wi -Obit 6/15/2004 Born 02/17/1917 Died 6/14/2004 Buried in Estabrooks Cemetery Fond Du Lac Wi.
Zajkowski  B66  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zajkowski, Chester J.19252000B662 9 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Zajkowski, Ruth1929 B661 9West SideXX  
Zajkowski {1}  B68  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zajkowski, Aniela18831957B682 5West SideXX  
Zajkowski, Joseph18831956B681 5West SideXX  
Zelles  B2  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zelles, Charles W.18941972B23 3West SideXX  
Zelles, Helen A.19011970B24 3West SideXX  
Zenk  B28  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zenk, Bernice E.1928 B285 2West SideXXNee Lazarewicz 
Zenk, Roger F.19272009B286 2West SideXX  
Zimancius  B6  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zimmermann, Ann19152010B282a 1West SideXXOn Schultz Family Monument 
Zimmermann, Clarence19161993B285a 1West SideXXOn Schultz Family Monument 
Zolp, Nancy19491994A238 3East SideXX  
Zolp  A23  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Zolp, Martina19212008A237 3East SideXX SSDI B:12/23/1921 D:05/06/2008 Tomahawk, Lincoln, Wi
Zolp, Samuel19182000A237a 3East SideXX SSDI Birth Date 04/19/1919 D:07/24/2000 Kewaskum, Washington, Wi
Zolp, Apollonia18861959A233a 3East SideXX Vol 72 Pg 442 Apollonia Zolp B:2/9/1886 Lithuania D:2/5/1959 Sheboygan F:Joseph Barskie M:Elizabeth
Zolp, Ignatius18741942A233 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 47 pg 526 Ignatius Zolp B-07/31/1885 D-06/12/1942
Zolp, Nancy A.19491994A238 3East SideXX Vol 134 Pg 183 Nancy Ann Zolp B:08/03/1949 Wi D:6/17/1994 Sheboygan F:Samuel Zolp M:Martina Karls
Zolp, Shirley M.19481948A235 3East SideXX Vol 55 Pg 577 Shirley May Zolp B:7/1/1948 Plumouth Wi D:8/1/1948 Plymouth Wi F:Samuel Zolp {Town of Mitchell) M:Marline Karls {Town of Brothertown WI}
Zolp, Stella M.19101937A234 3East SideXX Vol 41 Pg 630 Stella Zolp B:12/19/1910 Chicago D:10/3/1937 Town of Mitchell Wi
Zvinakis {1}  B68  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Zvinakis, Frank19111959B685 5West SideXX  
Zvinakis, Sadie19131989B686 5West SideXX  
Zvinakis  A26  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Zvinakis, Frank18851977A263 10East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 105 Pg 577 Frank Zvinakis B-04/28/1885 D-02/03/1977
Zvinakis, Victoria18881974A264 10East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 101 Pg 268 Victoria Zvinakis B-03/05/1888 D-05/04/1974
Zvinakis, Walter18901957A384 5East SideXXOn Gencius Family Monument 

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