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Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery - Town of Wilson

Shirley Horn & Ken Martin contributed this cemetery as well as all the photos.

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The West Side refers to west of the road in the cemetery, the East Side refers to east of the road in the cemetery leading into and out of the cemetery. The Chapel is located at the end of that road and the Mausoleum is behind the Chapel.

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Main Drive
Vital Records
Abrashinsky  A62  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Abrashinsky, John18891956A625 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wisconsin Register of Deeds Death Record Vol 68 Pg 189 Birth 1889 Died 12/08/1956
Abrashinsky, William18871961A626 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi. Death Record vol 78 pg 131 William Anton Abrashinsky Birth 10/25/1885 Death 12/04/1961
Abrashinsky, Margaret18881968A627 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record vol 90 pg 149 Margaret Magdeline Birth 07/10/1887 Death 01/10/1968
Abrashinsky, Celia M.19101995A628 3East SideXX SSDI B:11/12/1910 D:09/17/1995 Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin Celia M. Abrashinsky
Abrashinsky, Joseph18911980B903 12West SideXX  
Abrashinsky, William P.19121965A624 3East SideXXMilitary MarkerSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 84 pg 462 William Abrashinsky b-10/14/1912 d-02/26/1965
Abromaitis  A11  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Abromaitis, Agatha E.18911980A116 7East SideXX  
Abromaitis, John J.1915 A112 7East SideXX  
Abromaitis, John P.18901955A115 7East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record vol 66 pg 116 Birth 12/28/1890 Death 11/11/1955
Abromaitis, Loretta C.19221995A111 7East SideXX  
Abromaitis, Richard A.19501951A114-a 7East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 59 Pg 206 B:06/07/1950 Sheboygan Wi D:04/29/1951 Sheboygan Wi F:Norbert Abromaitis M:Virginai Gillingham
Abromaitis, Virginia N.19251998A114 7East SideXX SSDI B:10/27/1925 D:02/24/1998 Sheboygan Wi.
Achsel, Toby John19701970A762a 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 94 Pg 186 B:03/19/1970 Wi D:03/19/1970 Sheboygan Wi F:Wallis R Achsel M:Judith Adamavich
Adamavich {1}  B65  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Adamavich, Bonnie L.1945 B652 11West SideXX  
Adamavich, David C.1943 B651 11West SideXX  
Adamavich, John C.19071969A763 4East SideXX  
Adamavich, Peter J.19151971A25  7East Side Military Marker 
Ader  A55  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Ader, Anna M.19121997A556 11East SideXX  
Ader, Stephen F.19101987A555 11East SideXX  
Adomavich  A25  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Adomavich, Clemons19181988A252 7East SideXX  
Adomavich, Daminika18811959A256 7East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 73 Pg 169 Domicele Adamavich, B 06/14/1881 D 05/14/1959
Adomavich, Julius18841964A255 7East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 82 Pg 329 Julius Adamavich Birth 02/23/1884 Death 01/18/1964
Adomavich, Peter19151971A25  7East Side   
Adomavich {1}  A67  8East SideXXFamily Monument 
Adomavich, Frank P.19031973A671 8East SideXX SSDI B:1903 D:12/11/1973
Adomavich, Gerda L.19152008A672a 8East SideXX  
Adomavich, Phillip19512008A672 8East SideXX  
Albertovich  B8  13West SideXXFamily Monument 
Albertovich, Anton18711941B212a 13West SideXX Vol 46 Pg 499 Anton Albertovich B:06/10/1871 Lithuania DL09/15/1941 F:Matt Albertovich {Lithuania}
Albertovich, Katherine18731943B211a 13West SideXX Vol 49 Pg 162 Katherine Albertovich B:11/22/1873 Lithuania D:09/17/1943 Sheboygan F:Jos Gabravich {Lithuania}
Aldakauskas  B73  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Aldakauskas, Anna18861962B734 5West SideXX  
Aldakauskas, George A.18701967B733 5West SideXX  
Aldakauskas, George J.19071989B731 5West SideXX  
Aldakauskas, Mary19081998B732 5West SideXX  
Alder, Joseph19182001B521 9West SideXX SSDI B:03/11/1918 D:12/29/2001 Laguna Hills, Orange, California
Azna  A52  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Azna, Anastasia18761957A523 6East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 69 Pg 19 B:1876 Lithuania D:04/04/1957 Sheboygan Wi
Azna, Joseph18801957A524 6East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 70 Pg 156 B:1879 Lithuania D:11/17/1958 Sheboygan Wi
Azukas  A65  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Azukas, Antonia18841964A657 3East SideXX  
Azukas, Charlotte19211990A653 3East SideXX  
Azukas, George18781958A658 3East SideXX  
Azukas, John19221977A654 3East SideXX  
Bacilunas, Joseph18831965B325 8West SideXX  
Bagdonas, Marian18651934B453 5West SideXXMotherDid not find a death record at Deeds
Bahr  B80  10West SideXXFamily Monument 
Bahr, Dorothy E.1930 B806 10West SideXX  
Bahr, Richard A.1933 B805 10West SideXX  
Baikauskas  A65  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Baikauskas, Anthony18881962A651 3East SideXX  
Baikauskas, Joe18831969A656Obit3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 92 Pg 482 Joseph Baikauskas Birth 06/18/1883 Death 05/23/1969
Baikauskas, Magdaline18861966A655 3East SideXX  
Baikauskas, Stanley18751963A652 3East SideXX  
Bakunas  B42  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Bakunas, Katarina18831937B428 2West SideXX Vol 41 Pg 154 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Katherine Bakunas B:53 YRS old at time of death {Lithuania) D:04/19/1937 Sheboygan F:Lawrence Banionis {Lithuania
Bakunas, Vincentas18711959B427 2West SideXX  
Balkus, James T.1942 B517 12West SideXX  
Balkus, Robert R.19441963B50/634a 13West SideXX  
Balnaitis  A68  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Balnaitis, Ilse L.19261997A682 10East SideXX SSDI B:11/03/1926 D:01/07/1997
Balnaitis, William J.19151989A681 10East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI 07/15/1915 D:11/01/1989 Sheboygan Falls Wi
Banonis  A48  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Banonis, Antanina18871967A486 3East SideXXMother 
Banonis, Motejus18771955A487 3East SideXXFather
First Name Mike
Register of Deeds Death Record-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 64 Pg 588 Mike Banonis B-02/1876 D-03/11/1955
Banonis, Michael19091964A488 3East SideXX  
Banonse, Joe P.19161955A485Obit3East SideXXMilitary MarkerSheboygan Wisconsin Register of Deeds Death Record Vol 42 Pg 41 Birth 08/16/1915--Obit Birth 08/16/1915
Barkauskas, Joseph18621937B84 13West SideXX  
Baron  B26  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Baron, Anthony J.19061990B263 5West SideXX  
Baron, Bernice M.19091989B264 5West SideXX  
Bartauskas  B26  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Bartauskas, Anthony18791966B265 6West SideXXFather 
Bartauskas, Selma18801963B266 5West SideXXMother 
Bartkus  B25  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Bartkus, Anne19101943B254 7West SideXX  
Bartkus, Anton18861963B257 7West SideXX  
Bartkus, Petre18881960B253 7West SideXX No Death record found at deeds search
Bartkus, Victor19261964B258 7West SideXX  
Bataitis  A75  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bataitis, Anna18891973A752 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 99 Pg 500 B:06/23/1889 Lithuania D:06/13/1973 Sheboygan Wi
Bataitis, George18691967A751 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 89 Pg 108 B:08/15/1868 Lithuania D:06/02/1967 Sheboygan Wi F:Joseph Bataitis M:Petronella W:Anna Bataitis
Bayens, Joseph19071993B131 3West SideXXOn Washeski Family Monument 
Bayens, Marie19051991B134 3West SideXXOn Washeski Family Monument 
Beeck  A28  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Beeck, Frederick H.1937 A287 13East SideXX  
Beeck, Juanita J.1937 A288 13East SideXX  
Beeck, Harold A.19341961A267 9East SideXX  
Beining, Agnes C.19162005A606 6East SideXX  
Beining, Lloyd J.19151970A605 6East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:09/28/1915 d:07/1970
Belekevich  B   6West SideXX  
Belekevich, Agnes18891974B822 5West SideXX  
Belekevich, Ann S.1920 B826 5West SideXX  
Belekevich, Charles A.19172007B825 5West SideXX  
Belekevich, Vincent18891967B821 5West SideXX Register of Deeds Death Record and WDI First Name William
Belekevich {1}  B82  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Belekevich, Bernice M.19162000B824 5West SideXX SSDI B:06/14/1916 D:10/19/2000 Sheboygan
Belekevich, William J.19132009B823 5West SideXX SSDI B:10/06/1913 D:11/01/2009 Sheboygan
Belekevich {2}  B82  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Belekevich, Robert J.19372011B827 6West SideXX SSDI B:09/25/1937 D:02/11/2011 Sheboygan
Belekevich, Diane F.1939 B827A 6West SideXX  
Benirschke, Rudolf19351971A405 9East SideXXBenirschke-FreiSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 97 Pg 149 B:06/25/1935 Germany D:12/03/1971 Sheboygan F:Albert Benirschke M:Angela Cmija
Berg  B39  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Berg, Theresa M.19041963B392 7West SideXX  
Berg, Harry H.19041974B391 7West SideXX SSDI B:05/05/1904 D:09/1974 Sheboygan WIDI D:09/13/1974
Bernabo  A22  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bernabo, Roger M.19662000A221 2 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:08/28/1966 D:12/02/2000
Bersch  A45  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bersch, Robert J.19171985A457 9East SideXX SSDI B:11/25/1917 D:08/1985 WIDI D:08/04/1985
Bersch, Joyce L.19221996A458 9East SideXX SSDI B:02/05/1922 D:06/1966 WIDI D:06/08/1996
Betke  B75  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Betke, Mary C.1931 B754 9West SideXX  
Betke, Kathryn L.19542007B753 9West SideXX  
Betke, Leonard R.19261999B752 9 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Bickiene, Petronele18871935B267 6West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 38 Pg 547 Name: Petronilla Bitchkus Death 04/18/1935
Bickus, Jokimas18771953B268 6West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 62 Pg 493 James Bitchkus Birth about 1877 Death 10/10/1953
Birkle, Priscilla Anna19391977A822 10East SideXX SSDI B:03/07/1939 D:11/1977
Biwan  A74  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Biwan, Carl W.19202005A747Obit7 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:04/11/1920 D:02/09/2005 Sheboyan Wi.
Biwan, Muriel A.1923 A748 7East SideXX  
Bock  A31  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bock, Alvin H.19051969A311 10East SideXX SSDI B:03/05/1905 D:01/1969
Bock, Josephine M.19051988A312 10East SideXX SSDI B:06/10/1905 D:01/14/1988
Bock, Donald J.1929 A305 11East SideXX  
Brand, Nell1916 B171 5West SideXXOn Luksis/Schaap Family Monument 
Brandl, Dale D.1943 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Brandl, Dianne E.1945 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Brockman, Henry Jr.19392009Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Brusok  B58  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Brusok, John18841957B584 3West SideXX  
Brusok, Magdalen18881980B583 3West SideXX  
Brusok, Agatha18951954B582 3West SideXX  
Brusok, Anton18921976B581 3West SideXX  
Brusok, Genevieve19211988B587 3West SideXX SSDI B:06/21/1921 D:05/01/1988 Sheboygan
Brusok, Julia B.19101997A481 4East SideXX SSDI B:12/22/1910 D:01/15/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Bubnes  A35  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bubnes, Anna18761954A352 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 63 Pg 531 Anna Bubnes B-1874 D-06/03/1954
Bubnes, George18701941A351 1East SideXX  
Bubnes, Julia19071940A355 1East SideXX  
Bubnes {1}  A22  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
Bubnes, Alvin F.19141991A223 2East SideXXBrother 
Bubnes, Stanza19061983A224 2East SideXXSister 
Budrecki  A12  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Budrecki, Elmer R.1932 A125 9East SideXXSon "Elmo" 
Budrecki, Stella S.19091997A126 9East SideXXMotherSSDI B:03/04/1909 D:04/04/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Budzus, John18831942A848 13East SideXX  
Buikus  A4  7East SideXXBuikus-Hoffins
Family Monument
Buikus, Julius18841955A45 7East SideXX  
Buikus, Mary18821965A46 7East SideXX  
Burich, Margaret Nan19341970A792 4East SideXX SSDI B:03/06/1934 D:06/1970 WIDI D:06/07/1970
Burkart  B39  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Burkart, Andrew R.19272001A715 13 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:02/01/1927 D:07/29/2001 Kiel, Manitowoc, Wi.
Burkart, Ellen G.1929 A716 13East SideXX  
Burkart {1}  B39  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Burkart, Michael J.1945 B398 7West SideXX  
Burkart {2}  A71  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Burkart, Joseph N.19162004B393 7West SideXX SSDI B:04/03/1916 D:12/30/2004 Sheboygan Falls
Burkart, Mathilda M.19161997B394 7West SideXX SSDI B:09/12/1916 D:01/29/1997 Sheboygan
Bush, Elaine Mary19302006A702 13East SideXX SSDI B:12/25/1930 D:02/21/2006 Sheboygan Wi.
Buza, Peter19031946A77 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 52 Pg 589 B:03/2/1903 Chicago Il. D:06/22/1946 Sheboygan D:John Buza
Buzaitis  A18  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Buzaitis, Andrew D.19141990A18  6East Side Son 
Buzaitis, Anna {1}18881953A185 6East SideXXMother 
Buzaitis, Anna18881953A185 6East SideXXMother 
Buzaitis, Bernice E.1924 A184 6East SideXXDaughter-in-law 
Buzaitis, Dominic {1}18871954A186 6East SideXXFather 
Buzaitis, Dominic18871954A186 6East SideXXFather 
Buzaitis, Frank R.19141999A18  6 | East Side Son
Military Marker
SSDI B:11/10/1914 D:10/29/1999 Sheboygan Wi
Buzaitis, George J.19181997A18  6 | East Side Son
Military Marker
SSDI B:11/21/1918 D:11/27/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Buzaitis, Peter D.19161978A187 6 | East SideXXSon
Military Marker
SSDI B:04/29/1916 D:02/1978 Sheboygan Wi
Buzaitis, Ruth {1}19171994A188 6East SideXX  
Buzaitis, Ruth19171994A188 6East SideXX  
Byla  A47  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Byla, George F.18901965A477 5East SideXX  
Byla, Anna M.18901973A478 5East SideXX  
Cheginskas  A38  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cheginskas, Helen18921946A385 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 53 Pg 126 B:02/10/1892 Lithuania D:08/31/1946 Sheboygan F:Jos. Yenkewich {Lithuania) M:Christina Kasokevich {Lithuania}
Cheginskas, Sigmund18921964A386 5East SideXX SSDI B:12/13/1892 D:04/1964 WIDI D:04/09/1964
Chizauski, Joseph18661946B213 13West SideXX Vol 52 Pg 514 Joseph Chisauski B:12/30/1866 Lithuania D:03/15/1946 Sheboygan
Choitz  B60  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Choitz, Ann18971996B602 7West SideXX  
Choitz, Ernst A.19001973B601 7West SideXX SSDI B:05/24/1900 D:04/1973 Sheboygan WIDI D:04/12/1973
Cikavicius, Albert18841941A214 2East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 46 Pg 638 Albert Cikaucas {Cikaricius) B:04/14/1886 Lithuania D:11/10/1941 Sheboygan
Cinealis  B30  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Cinealis, Andrew18811953B302 3West SideXX  
Cinealis, John P.19121985B306 3West SideXX  
Cinealis, Madalene18761968B303 3West SideXX Vol 91 Pg 445 Magdelena Cinealis B:05/19/1876 Wi D:11/03/1968 Sheboygan F:Michael Grigalunas M:Elizabeth Aukostskalnis
Cinealis, Margaret19061971B304 3West SideXX  
Cinealis, Ruth1913 B308 3West SideXXChurch records indicate body donated to science 
Cinealis, Virginia M.19151998B305 3West SideXX  
Cinealis, William19081942B307 3West SideXX  
Cinealis{1}  B32  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Cinealis, Andrew19031973B323 7West SideXX  
Cinealis, Nora19021994B324 7West SideXX  
Cinelis  A9  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cinelis, Kathryn18791941A97 3East SideXX  
Cinelis, Mathew18771963A98 3East SideXX WIDI D:10/28/1963 Sheboygan Wi Death Record B:09/21/1880 Lithuania D:10/28/1963 Sheboygan Wi
Cinelis, Ann A. Dr.19131979A92 3East SideXXOn same Monument as Edward G.
Cizauskas  A66  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cizauskas, John18911958A665 5East SideXX  
Cizauskas, Mary18951978A666 5East SideXX  
Cizauskas {1}  A66  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cizauskas, Donald C.19212004A662 5East SideXX SSDI B:09/27/1921 D:02/21/2004 West Chicago, Du Page, Il.
Cizauskas, John J.19241972A661 5East SideXX  
Clements  B2  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Clements, Jerry S.19332001B22 3West SideXX SSDI B:04/27/1933 D:04/30/2001 Bettendorf, Scott, Iowa
Clements, Marianne E.1939 B21 3West SideXXDaniels Theune 
Cockrell, Herbert A.19311955A645 1East SideXXMilitary MarkerSheboygan Press Obit 3/7/1955 B:08/19/1931
Cullen  B10  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Cullen, Helen E.19101968B104 9West SideXX  
Cullen, Nicholas P.19081969B103 9West SideXX  
Cupp, Jack G.19311967A761 4East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:02/21/1931 D:02/1967 WIDI D:02/06/1967
Cykana  A49  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cykana, Anton P.19141968A497 1East SideXX  
Cykana, Joseph18881957A491 1East SideXX  
Cykana, Josephine19151946A496 1East SideXX  
Cykana, Mary18851960A492 1East SideXX  
Cykana, Mathilda V.19231967A498 1East SideXX  
Cykana {1}  A47  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Cykana, Anton18931968A475 5East SideXX SSDI B:04/13/1893 D:11/1968 Sheboygan Wi
Cykana, Victoria18931968A476 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 91 Pg 503 B:12/23/1893 Lithuania D:11/18/1968 Sheboygan Wi F:Thomas Washeski M:Victoria
Danksas, Frank18901968B353 13West SideXX  
Daugird  B56  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Daugird, Apollonia18821911B567 1West SideXX  
Daugird, Frank18671920B568 1West SideXX  
Daugird {1}  B56  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Daugird, Frank19051976B565 1West SideXXOn the back of Sukaitis Family Monument 
Daugird, Mary19112001B566 1West SideXXOn the back of Sukaitis Family Monument 
Daugird, John18831933A105 5East SideXXFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 37 Pg 258 John Daugird B-50 yrs 7 mon 11 days from death date D-01/07/1934
Daugird, Walter W.19311999B465 8West SideXXMilitary Marker
US Veterans Gravesites 1775-2006
B:08/04/1931 D:03/16/1999
Davis, Nathan William19721986A542 10East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 91 Pg 503 B:12/23/1893 Lithuania D:11/18/1968 Sheboygan Wi F:Thomas Washeski M:Victoria
Debrauske  A66  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Debrauske, Stanley19021990A667 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 127 Pg 84 Middle Name Simon Birth 07/17/1902 Death 05/19/1990
Debrauske, Marie19052003A668 5East SideXX SSDI 05/11/1905 D:07/31/2003 Sheboygan Wi
Dedinas, Frank18881963B364w 13West SideXX  
Desmond  A37  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Desmond, Joseph18891955A375 3East SideXX  
Desmond, Mary18931953A376 3East SideXX  
Diener, Anna M.19172001A764 4East SideXX Last Name from SSDI and Church Records-On Adamavich Monument-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 147 Pg 151 Anna Margaret Diener Birth 05/03/1917 Death 04/01/2001
Drasutis  A20  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Drasutis, Joseph C.19211979A207 3 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:01/16/1921 D:09/1979 WIDI D:09/23/1979
Drasutis, Joseph18891967A205 3East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 88 Pg 329 B:11/10/1890 Lithuania D:01/29/1967 Sheboygan F:Mathew Drasutis M:Babara Maurose
Drasutis, Josephine18961988A206 3East SideXX SSDI B:07/16/1896 D:07/12/1988 Sheboygan Wi
Eagle, Anne19061977A178 9East SideXX  
Eagle, Elmer R.19121961A177 9East SideXX  
Ehren  B62  12West SideXXFamily Monument 
Ehren, Winifred E.19192003B626 12West SideXX  
Ehren, Elmer B.19131996B625 12 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:05/07/1913 D:12/07/1996 Sheboygan
Entringer  A82  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Entringer, Guy P.19331996A827 9East SideXX  
Entringer, Faye Ann1933 A828 9East SideXX  
Entringer, Peter Lee19561977A824 9East SideXX  
Erbstoesser  A83  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Erbstoesser, Daniel J.19201987A833 12East SideXX SSDI B:10/15/1920 D:07/1987 Sheboygan WIDI D:07/21/1987
Erbstoesser, Amelia J.19231986A834 12East SideXX SSDI B:09/01/1923 D:05/1986 Sheboygan Wi WIDI D:05/21/1986
Erbstoesser, James A.19242000A585 11East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:05/26/1925 D:01/29/2000
Fellenz  A50  1East SideXXWarnius - Fellenz
Family Monument
Fellenz, Burno M.19241993A507 1East SideXX  
Fellenz, Marcella1928 A506 1East SideXX  
Fern  A41  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Fern, Frank J. Jr.19232002A411 12 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:06/04/1923 D:01/22/2002 Sheboygan Wi
Fern, Charlotte M.1925 A411a 12East SideXX  
Feurstein  B80  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Feurstein, Anna Marie19311974B803 9West SideXX  
Feurstein, Ludwig J.19292000B804 9West SideXX Carolina Death Collection 1908-2004 B:1929 D:10/10/2000 Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina
Fleming, Lois Jean19292011A889X East SideXX  
Fliss  A44  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Fliss, Doris L.19262006A446 11East SideXX SSDI B:07/24/1926 D:11/28/2006 Sheboygan Falls, Wi
Fliss, Howard A.1923 A445 11East SideXX  
Frei, Nancy J.19382010A406 9East SideXXBenirschke-SSDI B:06/14/1938 D:12/11/2010 Sheboygan Wi
Froh, Mary Donna1935 B70  1West Side Nee Jocis
On Juknialis/
Jocis Family Monument
Froh, Orville A.1932 B70  1West Side On Juknialis/
Jocis Family Monument
Gaerthoeffner  B36  13West SideXXFamily Monument 
Gaerthoeffner, George18821959B364 13West SideXX  
Gaerthoeffner, Theodore J.18881971B364w 13West SideXX  
Galginaitis, Anna18831959B554 3West SideXX  
Galginaitis, Joseph18811961B553 3West SideXX  
Gatawakas, John18841932B71 13West SideXX  
Gatawakas, Mary18911941B72 13West SideXX  
Gatawakas, Victor J.19201998B73 13West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:05/26/1920 D:06/02/1998 Sheboygan
Gavin, Rose Marie19911991B796 12West SideXX  
Gebler, Louis F.19201972A741 7East SideXX SSDI B:10/23/1920 D:04/1972 Sheboygan Wi WIDI D:04/07/1972
Gebler, Mary Ann1920 A742 7East SideXX  
Gelbuda  A34  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Gelbuda, Anna18851943A342 3East SideXXMotherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 48 Pg 423 B:03/15/1885 Marianpolis Lithuania D:03/18/1943 Sheboygan F: Wm Nebabinsky {Lithuania) M: Katherine Bazute {Lithuania) H:Peter
Gelbuda, Peter J.18811939A343 3East SideXXFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 43 Pg 546 B:01/14/1883 Ludvisean Lithuania D:05/30/1939 Sheboygan W:Ann
Gencius  A38  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Gencius, Anna18871981A388 5East SideXXMotherSheboygan Wisconsin Register of Deeds Vol 111 Pg 575 Birth 01/25/1887 Lith. Died 03/10/1981
Gencius, Anton18911952A387 5East SideXXFather 
Gencius, Anton A. Jr.19272004A383 5 | East SideXXMilitary Marker
US Veterans gravesiets 1775-2006
B:05/22/1927 D:02/24/2004
Gencius, Baby Girl19581958A387a 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 1 Pg 127 D:01/19/1958
Gens, Carmen Carol19742001A578 13East SideXX SSDI B:04/07/1974 D:11/11/2001 Sheboygan Wi
Gerharz  B21  13West SideXXFamily Monument 
Gerharz, Harold P.1923 B212 13West SideXX  
Gerharz, Margaret19141988B211 13West SideXX  
Gerlat  B48  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Gerlat, Jerome R.19112011B481 11West SideXX SIDI B:05/15/1911 D:10/24/2011
Gerlat, Pauline1919 B482 11West SideXX  
Gildner  A33  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Gildner, Ann Marie19141965A332 5East SideXX  
Gildner, Lisa M.19761976A333a 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 104 Pg 458 B:05/16/1976 Wi D:05/16/1976 Sheboygan F:Frederick Gildner M:Sandra Sachse
Gildner, Melvin F.19091965A331 5East SideXX  
Gilipsky  A80  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Gilipsky, Nora M.19202005A808Obit5East SideXX  
Gilipsky, Peter W.19182007A807 5 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Gilipsky, Thomas M.19582001A804Obit5 | East SideXX SSDI B:08/14/1958 D:07/09/2001
Gillner, Frank18931960B363 13West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Girdaukas, Edward G.19161989A93 3 | East SideXXOn same Monument as Edward G.
Military Marker
Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 124 Pg 477 Middle Name George Birth 08/30/1916 Death 01/20/1989
Girdaukas, Edward19161989A9  4East SideXX  
Girdaukas, Helen E.19192007A94 3East SideXXOn same Monument as Edward G.SSDI B:07/13/1919 D:01/31/2007 Sheboygan Wi
Girdaukas, Helen19192007A9  4East SideXX  
Girdaukas  A9  4East SideXXFamily Monument 
Girdaukas-Sugzda  B3  5West SideXXFamily Monument - Reads Girdaukas-Sugzda
Other Side Reads Girdaukas
Girdaukas, George18831939B32 5West SideXX  
Girdaukas, Edmund19191987B38 5West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Girdaukas {1}  B3  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Girdaukas, Charlotte E.19282010B37 5West SideXX  
Girdaukas, Edmund A.19191987B38 5 | West SideXX WIDI D:07/22/1987
Glomski19031999A81  7East SideXXFamily MonumentSSDI Harry Glomski B:08/02/1903 D:07/22/1999 Sheboygan Wi
Glomski, Harry  A81  7East SideXX SSDI Harry Glomski B:08/02/1903 D:07/22/1999 Sheboygan Wi
Glomski, Rose19031984A816 7East SideXX  
Goodavish  B26  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Goodavish, Anna18981976B262 5West SideXX  
Goodavish, Frank J.18991995B261 5West SideXX  
Grandlic  B48  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Grandlic, Francha N.1934 B483 11West SideXX  
Grandlic, John E.1933 B483 11West SideXX  
Green, Anton19181992A621 3East SideXXOn Abrashinsky Family Monument 
Green, Mary19172003A622 3East SideXXOn Abrashinsky Family MonumentSSDI B:06/23/1917 D:10/15/2003
Grener  B53  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Grener, Febronia -Brusok19182004B538 8West SideXX SSDI B:06/26/1918 D:08/07/2004 Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida
Grener, Richard1919 B538 8West SideXX  
Grigalaunas  B14  2West SideXXFamily Monument 
Grigalaunas, Anna18861978B148 2West SideXX No death record found at deeds
Grigalaunas, Thomas18901946B147 2West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 52 Pg 130 Thomas Grigalunas B-09/1889 D-02/24/1946 F:Simon Grigalunas {Lithuania) M:Eva
Groeschl  A83  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Groeschl, Joseph Frederick19212009A831 12 | East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:10/10/1921 D:02/11/2009 Sheboygan Wi
Groeschl, Virginia A.1922 A832 12East SideXX  
Guckeisen, Anna19081999B116 7West SideXXOn Jocis Family MonumentLast Name from Church Records and SSDI-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 143 Pg 312 Anna R. Guckeisen B-10/08/1908 D-05/22/199
Grigalaunas, Thomas18901946BA  9GudinasWest Side  
Gudinas, Frank E.19091982B331 9West SideXX SSDI B:07/10/1909 D:05/1982 WIDI D:05/17/1982
Gudinas, Margaret19061985B332 9West SideXX  
Guenther  A10  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Guenther, Arthur E.19151977A101 6East SideXX  
Guenther, Daughter19391939A102-a 6East SideXX  
Guenther, Helen L.19121976A102 6East SideXX  
Guske  A17  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Guske, Don1937 A171 10East SideXX  
Guske, Jean19392001A172 10East SideXX Name on SSDI -Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 147 Pg 425 Rogene Faye Guske B-01/14/1939 D-07/11/2001
Gustafson, Karen19472008Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Gutoski  B33  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Gutoski, Clarence J.1923 B333 9West SideXX  
Gutoski, June L.19271999B334 9West SideXXNee HaydenSSDI B:05/14/1927 D:10/05/1999 Sheboygan
Hajenga  A76  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Hajenga, Marvin L.19131996A767 3East SideXX  
Hajenga, Luella K.19202003A768 3East SideXX  
Harrington, Kelly M.19632008B137 3West SideXXOn Hentges Family MonumentNo death record found at deeds
Heck  A45  10East SideXXFamily Monument 
Heck, Wilford R.19152004A454 10East SideXX SSDI B:03/30/1915 D:03/08/2004 Sheboygan Wi
Heck, Margaret-E.19182005A454 10 1918-2005
Heck {1}  A29  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Heck, Julia1954 A291 13East SideXX  
Heck, Robert D.1955 A292 13East SideXX  
Heinrich  B47  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Heinrich, Jean L.19191999B474 9West SideXX SSDI B:07/07/1919 D:10/19/1999 Sheboygan
Heinrich, Walter J.1913 B473 9West SideXX  
Hentges  B13  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Hentges, Ann P.19081996B136 3West SideXX SSDI B:04/28/1908 D:08/19/1996 Sheboygan
Hentges, George P.19021964B135 3 | West SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:02/24/1902 D:09/1964 WIDI D:09/04/1964
Herr  B12  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Herr, Mary19091969B122 5West SideXX WIDI Mary Herr D:07/04/1969
Herr, Frank19081978B121 5West SideXX SSDI Frank Herr B:06/26/1908 D:05/1978 Sheboygan WIDI D:05/06/1978
Hesler  B61  10West SideXXFamily Monument
Hesler, Marie A.19521986B617 10West SideXX  
Hidde, Julia19022002B156 1West SideXXOn Jesinski Family MonumentSSDI B:05/22/1902 D:03/11/2002 Sheboygan
Hilbelink  A70  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Hilbelink, Katherine1950 A707 13East SideXX  
Hilbelink, Orlan J.1946 A708 13East SideXX  
Hobolich, Judith A.1945 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Hobolich, Kenneth T.1929 Mausoleum    Behind Chapel   
Hoffins  A4  7East SideXXBuikus-Hoffins
Family Monument
Hoffins, Mary R.19091987A47 7East SideXX  
Hoffins, Lionel C.19081998A48 7East SideXX  
Hoffmann  B   9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Hoffmann, Diane E.1933 B802 9West SideXX  
Hoffmann, John J. Sr.19332011B801 9West SideXX SSDI B:02/01/1933 D:10/12/2011 Sheboygan
Holm, Eileen B.19181999B371 11West SideXX SSDI B:05/27/1918 D:03/08/19999 Sheboygan
Horn  A52  5East SideXXFamily Monument 
Horn, Peter18811956A527 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 66 Pg 487 B:04/14/1881 Germany D:03/18/1956 F:Joseph Horn
Horn, Margaret18931968A528 5East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 91 Pg 59 B:02/23/1893 Wi D:06/15/1968 Plymouth Township F:William Dechent M:Elizabeth Uhl
Horn, Melvin19272005A527-8Obit5 East Side Urn was buried in March 2005
on Parents Plot
B: Sept. 13, 1927 / D: Feb. 13, 2005 in Sheboygan
There is no marker for him
Horn {1}  B27  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Horn, William P.19172003B275Obit3 | West SideXXMilitary Marker
On Back Side of Kavalauskas Stone
SSDI B:07/27/1917 D:04/11/2003 Sheboygan
Horn, Mary E.19242008B276Obit3West SideXXOn Back Side of Kavalauskas StoneSSDI B:06/24/1924 D:08/27/2008 Sheboygan
Horn, Mona Lisa19521952B642a 13West SideXX  
Horn, Joseph M.19191993A698 11East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:04/12/1919 D:02/11/1993 Sheboygan Wi
Huetter, Teresa B.19071982A482 4East SideXX  
Hughes  B83  4West SideXXFamily Monument 
Hughes, Theresa L.1955 B838 4West SideXXNee Brouillard 
Hughes, Emily Elizabeth19902009B837 4West SideXX  
Hughes, Andrew H.1956 B836 4West SideXX  
Hurtienne, Marie M.19151981B518 12West SideXX SSDI B:04/02/1915 D:06/1981 Plymouth Wi WIDI D:06/23/1981
Hutchison  A29  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Hutchison, Ella Heck20052005A296 13East SideXXOn Hutchison Family Monument 
Hutchison, Jerry S.1978 A295 13East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Birth Record B:05/20/1978
Hutchison, Lisa H.1978 A297 13East SideXX  
Jackett  A37  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Jackett, Ronald M.1948 A375 3East SideXXDeath Date 2003 missed engraved on Monument 
Jackett, Vernon L.19212003A373 3East SideXX  
Jackett, Sandra M.19501997A371 3East SideXX  
Jackett, Mary Ann19152007A372 3East SideXX  
Jamnik  A27  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Jamnik, Frank18841953A274 11East SideXX  
Jamnik, Mary18891977A273 11East SideXX  
Jamnik, Alvina19152009A278 11East SideXX  
Jamnik, Frank19162005A277 11East SideXX  
Jankus  B54  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jankus, Agota19081987B544 5West SideXX SSDI B:12/01/1908 D:11/1987 Sheboygan WIDI D:11/13/1987
Jankus, Jonas19321962B548 5West SideXX WIDI Jonas Jankus D:09/03/1962
Jankus, Mikus19081979B543 5West SideXX SSDI Mikas Jankus B:12/04/1908 D:04/1979 Sheboygan
Janssen  A36  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
Janssen, Gordon W. E.19172002A361 2East SideXX SSDI B:07/27/1917 D:02/14/2002 Sheboygan Wi
Janssen, Anna R.19211996A362 2East SideXX  
Jekenewicz, Walter A.19131961A107 5East SideXX SSDI Walter Jekenewicz B:02/06/1913 D:06/1961 WIDI D:06/27/1961
Jeneckas  A3  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Jeneckas, George J.18881977A35 9East SideXX  
Jeneckas, Marion18921976A36 9East SideXX  
Jensen  B53  8West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jensen, Betty M.1928 B536 8West SideXXNee Bahr 
Jensen, Joyce Jonelis1942 B773 13West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Birth Record Vol 104 pg 370 Joyce Jean Jonelis Birth 11/23/1942
Jensen, Robert W.19262010B535 8West SideXX SSDI B:08/24/1926 D:02/24/2010
Jesinski,  B15  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jesinski, Otto J.19151999B154 1West SideXX SSDI B:12/20/1915 D:12/30/1999 Sheboygan
Jesinski, Elizabeth A.1929 B526 9West SideXX  
Jesinski, Edmund R.19252007B525 9West SideXX SSDI B:06/30/1925 D:12/05/2007 Sheboygan
Jesinski, Walter18991951B155 1West SideXX  
Jesinski {1}  B52  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jesinski, Frank18781939B152 1West SideXXFather 
Jesinski, Magdaline18811936B153 1West SideXXMother 
Jocis  B70  1West SideXXFamily Monument
Jocis - Juknialis
Jocis, Emelie19041989B705 1West SideXXFamily Monument - Jocis - JuknialisSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 124 Pg 579 Emelie Jocis B-12/12/1904 D-02/14/1989
Jocis, Wallace A.19302000B702a 1West SideXXOn Jocis - Juknialis Family MonumentSSDI Birth 02/23/1930 Death 12/28/2000
Jocis, Walter19021962B706 1West SideXXOn Jocis - Jukmialis MonumentSSDI Birth 05/05/1902 Death 04/09/1962
Jocis {1}  B11  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jocis, Charles18711949B111 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 56 Pg 447 Charles Jocis Birth 12/05/1870 Death 04/05/1949
Jocis, Elizabeth18751960B112 7West SideXX SSDI Death 03/01/1960
Jocis, Frank19111970B113 7West SideXX SSDI Birth 07/31/1911 Death 07/1970
Jocis, Joseph19061972B115 7West SideXX SSDI Birth 12/18/1906 Death 12/1972
Jocis, Mildred19111979B114 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 110 Pg 5 Mildred M Jocis Birth 07/13/1910 Death 12/12/1979
Jocis, Ronald19381989B117 7West SideXX SSDI Birth 01/04/1938 Death 02/19/1989
Jocis {2}  B5  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Jocis, Ann19192006B56 9West SideXX SSDI Birth 03/16/1919 Death 07/01/2006
Jocis, William19121998B55 9West SideXX SSDI Birth 12/07/1912 Death 01/22/1998
Johnson  A70  13East SideXXFamily Monument 
Johnson, Brady Paul19962007B655 12West SideXX  
Johnson, Leonard E.1944 A705 13East SideXX  
Johnson, Rogene1945 A706 13East SideXX  
Jonelis, Anton Jr.19141995B503 13West SideXX SSDI B:10/27/1914 D:07/15/1995 Kiel Wi
Jonelis, Sophia19211963B504 13West SideXX  
Jonelis, Veronika18971930B774a 13West SideXX  
Jordan, Adele A.19162011A117X7East SideXXOn Abromaitis Family MonumentSSDI Adele Jordan B:04/22/1916 D:04/26/2011 Sheboygan Wi
Jordan, Alexander19171987A118 7East SideXXMilitary MarkerWIDI D:10/13/1987 Sheboygan - Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 122 Pg 254 B:09/06/1917 WI D:10/13/1987 Town of Lima F:John Jordan M:Amelia Loch
Juknialis  B70  1West SideXXFamily Monument
On Juknialis - Jocis Family Monument
Juknialis, August18851965B704 1West SideXXOn Juknialis - Jocis Family MonumentSSDI Birth 06/06/1885 WIDI Death 01/11/1965
Juknialis, Joseph19111995B708 1West SideXXOn Juknialis - Jocis Family MonumentSSDI Birth 01/24/1911 Death 12/21/1995
Juknialis, Julia18901955B703 1West SideXXOn Juknialis - Jocis Family Monument 
Juknialis, Nellie19141984B707 1West SideXXOn Juknialis - Jocis Family MonumentSSDI Birth 07/17/1914 WIDI Death 08/02/1984
Julius  A60  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Julius, Walter H.19031976A607 6East SideXX SSDI B:04/20/1903 D:08/1976 WIDI 8/5/1976
Julius, Helen B.19101971A608Obit6East SideXX SSDI B:06/25/1910 D:05/11/1971 Los Angeles CA.
Juozapaitis, Anne Ona18911959A265 9East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 74 pg 270 Anne Juozapaitis Birth 03/30/1891 Death 12/10/1959
Juozapaitis, Antanas19101974A266 9East SideXX  
Juska  A6  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Juska, Joseph18831969A65 3East SideXX SSDI Joseph Juska B:12/05/1883 D:08/1969 WIDI 08/29/1969
Juska, Veronica18851969A66 3East SideXX WIDI D:08/18/1969--Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 93 Pg 155 B:02/04/1885 Poland D:08/18/1969 Sheboygan
Just, Erich J.1925 A123 10East SideXX  
Just, Helene19252004A124 10East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 153 Pg 327 Helene Just D-04/19/2004-Sheboygan Press B-06/17/1925
Jwaszkiewicz, Kazimeras18711935A844 13East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 38 pg 571 Kasimio P. Jwaszkiewicz B-1871 D-04/27/1935
Kaas  A55  12East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kaas, Anton19302000A551 12East SideXX SSDI B:01/18/1930 D:03/12/2000 Milwaukee Wi
Kaas, Maria1931 A552 12East SideXX  
Kacewicz  A24  6East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kacewicz, Domincella18761957A244 6East SideXX  
Kacewicz, Onufras18711944A243 6East SideXX  
Kahler  A53  7East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kahler, John L.19551998A537 7East SideXX  
Kahler, Leonard J.1924 A536 7East SideXX 
Kahler, Lucille V.19261995A535 7East SideXX SSDI B:11/05/1926 D:08/15/1995
Kairis  A51  3East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kairis, Eva18921980A516 3East SideXX  
Kairis, Matt18881969A515 3East SideXX  
Kairys  A8  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kairys, Ann19081977A82 1East SideXX SSDI B:04/10/1908 D:05/1977 WIDI D:05/24/1977
Kairys, Peter19031955A81 1East SideXX SSDI B:10/06/1903 D:12/1955
Kalinske  B18  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kalinske, Frank19181986B187 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 47 Pg 590 Frank Kalinski B-01/28/1918 SSDI D 04/1986
Kalinske, John1914 B188 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Birth Record Vol 39 Pg 395 John Kalinsky B-05/04/1914
Kalinske, Joseph18831948B183 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 55 Pg 544 Joseph Kalinski B-02/02/1883 D-08/08/1948
Kalinske, Petrone18871968B184 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 90 Pg 529 Petrone Kalinski B-08/05/1887 D-04/30/1968
Kaltausky  B29  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kaltausky, Agnes19001956B292 1West SideXX  
Kaltausky, Eris19232009B296 1West SideXX SSDI B:05/15/1923 D:02/28/2009 Sheboygan
Kaltausky, Joseph18961964B291 1West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 83 Pg 193 Joseph Kaltausky B-03/12/1896 D-05/31/1964
Kaltausky, Ralph P.19222010B29  1 | West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Kaminski  B8  13West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kaminski, Agnes18571940B83 13West SideXX Vol 45 Pg 576 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Agnes Kaminski B: 83 yrs old at time of death {Lithuania) D:12/19/1940 Sheboygan F:Simon Barkauskas {Lithuania}
Kaminski, Kazimer18671933B82 13West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 36 Pg 398 Name:Kasimer Kaminskas Death 04/01/1933 Death: 66 yrs old at time of death
Karalius, Isabella19081984A664 6East SideXX  
Karchauskas  A35  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Karchauskas, Eva18781942A358 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 47 Pg 369 B:12/24/1878 Lithuania D:04/26/1942 Sheboygan F:Kasimer Ragutis {Lithuania) M:Victoria {Lithuania
Karchauskas, Matthew18751958A357 1East SideXX  
Karchauskas, Peter A.18981988A354 1East SideXX  
Karkazas, Casimir18921959B588 4West SideXXMilitary Marker 
Kavalauskas  B27  3West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kavalauskas, Anna18881955B272 3West SideXXHorn on backside
of Monument
Kavalauskas, Matt18871967B271 3West SideXXHorn on backside
of Monument
Kazakewich  B31  5West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kazakewich, Kazimira18841936B311 5West SideXX  
Kazakewich, Mary18801946B316 5West SideXXOn Kazakewich Family MonumentSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 52 Pg 538 Mary Magdalene Kazawich Birth 08/16/1880 Death 05/07/1946
Kazakewich, Mykolas18811946B312 5West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 53 Pg 256 Michael Kazakewicz B-12/06/1881 D-10/11/1946
Kazakewicz, Stanley19051969B326 8West SideXX  
Keppel  B29  1West SideXXFamily Monument 
Keppel, Anne E.19152006B294 1West SideXX  
Keppel, William F.19152005B293Obit1West SideXX  
Kerber  B20  11West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kerber, Kenneth J.19531999B203 11West SideXX SSDI B:03/03/1953 D:07/14/1999
Kerber, Marilyn J.1933 B201 11West SideXX  
Kerber, Kenneth R.19302010B202 11West SideXX  
Kiselausky  A21  2East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kiselausky, Benjamin19191946A247 5East SideXX  
Kiselausky, Eva18881938A212 2East SideXX  
Kiselausky, John18791939A213 2East SideXX  
Kiselausky, Joseph18771967B123 5West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 88 Pg 334 Joseph Kiselauskas B-11/06/1877 D-01/30/1967
Kiselausky, Mary18761958B124 5West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 70 Pg 419 Mary Kiselausky B-04/01/1876 D-02/06/1958
Kiselausky, Rose M.19172009A173 10East SideXX SSDI B:07/21/1917 D:07/10/2009 Sheboygan Wi
Kissel, Tony J.19051969A174 10East SideXX SSDI Tony Kissel B:01/17/1905 D:12/1969 Sheboygan Wi
Klein  A72  11East SideXXFamily Monument 
Klein, Alfred W.19271997A727 11East SideXX SSDI B:08/25/1927 D:08/21/1997 Sheboygan Wi
Klein, Jeanne M.1944 A728 11East SideXX  
Kleiza, Paul18901968A337 5East SideXXOn Mikelaitis Family Monument 
Klenchuk, Adella19071948B315 5West SideXXOn Kazakewich Family Monument 
Kliejunas  B24  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kliejunas, Selma18801968B244 9West SideXX  
Kliejunas, Frank18741945B243 9West SideXX  
Koenig, Marion19321998B577 2West SideXX SSDI B:08/28/1932 D:11/15/1998 Sheboygan
Kondreck  B25  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kondreck, Mary18901955B252 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 65 Pg 368 Mary Kondreck B-09/14/1890 D-08/15/1955
Kondreck, John18861944B251 7West SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 50 Pg 310 John Kondreckis B-05/24/1886 D-07/15/1944
Kondreck, Vince C.19161999B196 10West SideXX SSDI Vincent C. Kondreck B:04/26/1916 D:04/24/1999 Plymouth Wi
Kreutz, Constance Lynn19581991B317 6West SideXX  
Kreutz, Dennis W.19601987B308a 3West SideXX  
Krutulis  B18  7West SideXXFamily Monument 
Krutulis, Caroline18721953B182 7West SideXX  
Krutulis, George18811973B181 7West SideXX  
Krutulis, Martha18541940B141 1West SideXX Vol 44 Pg 560 Martha Krutulis B:86 yrs old at time of death D:03/25/1940 Sheboygan
Kucziauskas  B24  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kucziauskas, Magdalena18831956B241 9West SideXX  
Kucziauskas, Andrew18821962B242 9West SideXX  
Kucziauskas, Peter19221993B246 9West SideXX  
Kucziauskas {1}  B19  9West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kucziauskas, Janet E.19221973B194 9West SideXX  
Kucziauskas, William J.19171987B193 9West SideXX  
Kudirko  B55  4West SideXXFamily Monument 
Kudirko, William J.19121998B558 4West SideXX  
Kudirko, Mary M.19162010B557 4West SideXX SSDI B:05/09/1916 D:05/03/2010 Sheboygan
Kurtinitis  A59  9East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kupraitis, Bartholomew18731951A218 1East SideXX Sheboygan Wi Death Record B:01/29/1873 Lithuania D:07/08/1951 Sheboygan F:Simon Kupraitis M:Domnicella
Kupraitis, Ursula18791964A218a 1East SideXX WIDI Ursula Kupraitis D:07/12/1964
Kupraitis  A21  1East SideXXFamily Monument 
Kurtinitis, Alvina M.19151977A598 9East SideXX SSDI B:04/21/1915 D:08/1977 WIDI D:08/12/1977
Kurtinitis, Charles J.19381981A594 10East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Kurtinitis, Charles W.19151993A595 9 | East SideXXMilitary Marker 
Kurtinitis, James C.19361989A593 10East SideXX Ohio Death Index B:03/24/1936 D:02/16/1989
Kurtinitis, Joseph A.19031975A597 9East SideXXMilitary MarkerSSDI B:06/29/1904 D:08/1975 Escanaba, Delta Michigan MIDI B:06/29/1903 D:08/09/1975
Kurtinitis, Joseph D.19322002A592 10East SideXX SSDI B:09/17/1932 D:06/19/2002 Sheboygan Wi
Kurtinitis, Margaret C.19172005A596 9East SideXX  
Kurtinitis, Scott Thomas19771977B796a 12West SideXX  

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