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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Sheboygan Falls - Surnames L - Z

Shirley Horn & Ken Martin contributed this cemetery as well as the photos.

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Sections 1, 2, 3, & A - K are the East Section / Sections 4 & 5 are the Center Section / Sections 7 & 8 are the West Section.

NameBirthDeathSectionLotGraveObitRowPicture in DBChurch ListingAdditional
Vital Records
La Chance, Luetta19221949544ACObit19X  
Lachner, Sue1943 252F 2 Nee Hemschmeyer 
Lammers  372  1XFamily Monument 
Lammers, Ellsworth J.19212001372B 1X SSDI B:1/12/1921 D:10/23/2001
Lammers, Doris J.19151987372A 1X  
Lapcinski  411B  8XFamily Monument 
Lapcinski, Gregory19581983411BJ 8X  
Lapcinski, Elizabeth J.19311999411BI 8XRuhBetty Jane Lapcinski - US Public Record Betty Jane Sheboygan Falls
Lapcinski, Aloysius B.19311989411BH 8X  
Lauer  43A  1XFamily Monument 
Lauer, Cyril E.1912198643AE 1X WIDI D:09/24/1986 SSDI B:04/20/1912
Lauer, Lena W.1914 43A  1   
Lauer, Leon G.1949 43A  1   
Lauer {1}  43A  1XFamily Monument 
Lauer, Jean E.1939 43A  1   
Lauer, Donald E.1937 43A  1   
Lauscher, Johanna184319181156  9X  
Lawrence  286B   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Lawrence  281H   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Lawrence {1}  413  6XFamily Monument 
Lawrence, Gail M.1953 413A 6X  
Lawrence, Morris L. Jr.19462004413B 6 | XMilitary 
Lawrence  658      
Lawrence, Ruth18951988658F     
Lawrence, William18951959658G     
Lill, Ralph Ray  282H   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Lilla  413  8XFamily Monument 
Lilla, Jean E.19312001413D 8XNee Jackett 
Lilla, Ralph P. Sr.19272005413E 8XMilitary 
Lilla, Raymond U.18951966654FObit  Military 
Lilla, Ellen A.18961983654E     
Loofbourow  246  3XFamily Monument 
Loofbourow, George W.18971992246A 3X  
Loofbourow, Helen M.19031998246B 3X  
Lorenz  237  1XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Adeline E.19142007237D 1X  
Lorenz, Donald J.19141991237E 1X  
Lorenz, Daniel C.19541955237C 1X  
Lorenz {1}  237  2XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Clara18861926237H 2X  
Lorenz, Henry18861947237G 2X  
Lorenz {2}  241  7XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Betty W.19252010241A 7X  
Lorenz, Herbert J.19221996241B 7 | XMilitary 
Lorenz, Clara18931934241C 7X  
Lorenz, Jacob18881978241D 7X  
Lorenz, Dora18881956241E 7X  
Lorenz {3}  241  8XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Clarence N.1926 241  8   
Lorenz, Delores A.1928 241  8   
Lorenz {5}  3101  3 Family Monument 
Lorenz, Virginia M.1939 3101  3   
Lorenz, Richard C.193220113101 Obit3X  
Lorenz {6}  411A  6XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Gary19521999411AD 6X  
Lorenz, Kathy1951 411A  6   
Lorenz, Charlotte K.19041999765C     
Lorenz, Betty19081949765H     
Lorenz, Theodore19031966765I     
Lorenz {4}  J4  10XFamily Monument 
Lorenz, Mark P.19572011J4 Obit10X  
Lorenz, Cecilia T.1937 J4  10   
Lorenz, John A.1930 J4  10   
Lorge  3126  8XFamily Monument 
Lorge, John H.192019933126D 8   
Lorge, Goldie M.1921 3126C 8X  
Lorge, John H.192019933126D 8 Military 
Lubenow, Inge E.1959198649AC 5X SSDI B:06/24/1959 D: 05/1986
Lubenow  49B  5XFamily Monument 
Lubenow, Donald W.1936200449BA 4X  
Lubenow, Marilyn R.1940200649BB 5X  
Lutzen, Robert19341944250J 6X  
Majerus, Minnie18991988250D 5XBonsackSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 124 Pg 175 Minnie Dorothy Majerus B-06/15/1899 Wi D-10/03/1988 F-Emil Clements M-Frances Bridal Informant James Bonsack
Majerus, Jerold F.1926 251  3   
Majerus, Mary F.19152011251 Obit4X  
Majerus, Lois Kilton19291998251D 3X  
Majerus, David Jeffrey19511977251E 3X  
Majerus, Lawrence19212000251F 4X  
Majerus, Joseph18921976251H 4X  
Majerus, Agnes18891941251I 4X  
Majerus, Leo J.19171939251J 4X  
Majerus  3102  6XFamily Monument 
Majerus, Gordon W.192020033102B 6X  
Majerus, Carol D.192220043102A 6X  
Malin, Jeffrey James19531953286A 9X  
Malinowski, Stella18971970297  9X  
Malinowski, Tom18921944298  9XMilitary 
Markelz, Michael A.19761993I1L 10X  
Markgraf  41B  2XFamily Monument 
Markgraf, John1918198241BA 2X  
Markgraf, Alena C.1917200141BB 2X SSDI B:01/05/1917 D:07/17/2001
Markgraf, John1918198241BA 2XMilitary 
Martinez, David19521953280K 8X  
Masterson  531B  14XFamily Monument 
Masterson, Colleen C.19611979531BC 14X  
Masterson, Doreen J.19402004531BB 14X  
Masterson, John H.19351994531BA 14X SSDI B:04/28/1935 D:12/30/1994
Masterson {1}  531B  14XFamily Monument 
Masterson, George H.19141990531BD 14X SSDI B:01/20/1914 D:11/13/1990
Masterson, Marjorie M.19152002531BD 14XNee LeeSSDI B:03/10/1915 D:12/14/2002
Mauer  281F   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Mauer, Elroy A.19271982395A 1XNee HarjuSSDI B:08/03/1927 D:05/18/1982
Mauer, Janet A.1932 395  3XNee Ouwerkerk 
Mauer, Henry C.19311987395D 4X  
Mauer {6}  396  4XFamily Monument 
Mauer, Barbara P.1939 396  4   
Mauer, Claude J.19331991396C 4 | XMilitary 
Mauer, Gerard A.19582006397C 4X  
Mauer {2}  3127  8XFamily Monument 
Mauer, Eugene A.192819863127D 8X  
Mauer, Beverly J.193020113127CObit8X  
Mauer {4}  3143  9XFamily Monument 
Mauer, Ralph W.192619903143B 9X  
Mauer, Patricia L.1930 3143  9   
Mauer {3}  3148  9XFamily Monument 
Mauer, Kenneth1929 3148B 9X  
Mauer, Helen1932 3148A 9X  
Mauer  766      
Mauer, Hildegarde19042000766H     
Mauer, Herman19021998766I     
Mauer {1}  764      
Mauer, Julia19011990764B     
Mauer, Edward18971965764C     
Mauer {5}  D1  10XFamily Monument 
Mauer, Janet19332006D1L 10X SSDI B:04/04/1933 D:03/07/2006
Mauer, Joe1934 D3G 10X  
Mauk, Angel Lynn20092009G1J 10X  
Mauk, Boyd Andrew20092009H1J 10X  
Mayer  I4  10XFamily Monument 
Mayer, Evelyn1925 I4  10 Nee Bonin 
Mayer, Hilary M.19241998I4G 10 | XMilitarySSDI B:11/16/1924 D:08/25/1998
Mayer, Michael R.1951 I4I 10X  
McCabe, Helen M.19211982374C 2X  
McCabe, Robert F.19201975374D 2X  
McCabe  538B  18XFamily Monument 
McCabe, Bernard19522002538BA 18X SSDI B:07/25/1952 D:02/13/2002
McCabe, Jeffrey J.19581999538BB 18X SSDI B:11/06/1958 D:04/27/1999 OH.
McCabe {1}  538B  18XFamily Monument 
McCabe, Marian R.19251991538BC 18X  
McCabe, Bernard D.19241968538BD 18X  
McCabe, Howard G.19481963538BE 18X  
McCabe, Francis I.19271985539BA 18XMilitarySSDI B:12/24/1927 WIDI D:05/08/1985
McCabe {2}  539B  18XFamily Monument 
McCabe, James E.19472009539BB 18X  
McCabe, Linda L.1952 539B  18   
McCabe, Mary J.18901969539BE 18X  
McCabe, James B.18791952539BE 18X  
McCoy, Joseph Jeffrey19811981283G 8X  
McCoy {1}  49B  5XFamily Monument 
McCoy, Marie E. B.1931 49BD 5X  
McCoy, James R.1934199949BC 5X  
McCoy  655      
McCoy, Agnes G.19091982655H     
McCoy, Irwin J.19021985655I     
McCue  K1  10XFamily Monument 
McCue, Jessie C.19161998K1C 10X  
McCue, William J.19101998K1D 10X SSDI B:03/21/1910 D:02/12/1998
McCue {1}  J4  11XFamily Monument 
McCue, Liz1942 J4E 11X  
McCue, Thomas D. Sr.19402001J4F 11X SSDI B:08/08/1940 D:04/27/2001
McDermott  111  8XFamily Monument 
McDermott, Neil J.18801955111F 8X  
McDermott, Rose18831966111GObit8XNee Kennedy 
McGray, Lucile19041973232H 8 Steimle 
McGray  767      
McGray, Edwina18961966767H     
McGray, George18951982767I     
McIntosh, Brenda J.19401958528BE 14X  
McKernan, Thomas18871972533AG 15X  
McKernan, Anna E.18861956533AF 15X  
McMillin  535B  16XFamily Monument 
McMillin, Kathleen A.19461989534BC 16X  
McMillin, Mark J.1945 534BD 16X  
Meinolf, Aldoph188719402107  9X  
Melger {1}  1144/145  9XFamily Monument 
Melger, Mary H.192920011144  9X  
Melger, John J.191920041145  9 | XMilitary 
Melger  656      
Melger, Victoria A.19252006656C     
Melger, Harry J.19151972656D     
Melger, Christina18851951763J     
Melger, Frank18701969764F     
Merget  125  1XFamily Monument 
Merget, Virginia I.19181998125B 1X  
Merget, Edwin F.19122000125A 1X  
Merget {1}  125  2XFamily Monument 
Merget, Adolph18621936125G 2X  
Merget, Johanna18661938125H 2X  
Merget, Joseph J.19041966125I 2X  
Merget, Henry18911925125F 2X  
Merkerac  280J   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Merten, William F.,Jr.19201979120A 7XMilitary 
Merten, John J.19241968120B 7X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 92 Pg 78 - B-08/25/1924 D-12/28/1968
Merten, Ella18931980120C 7X  
Merten, William F.18911957120D 7X  
Merten, Alene A.19161921120E 7X Vol 23 Pg 180 Alane Merten B:08/28/1916 {Plymouth WI} D:09/24/1921 {Kohler Wi} F:Wm Merten {Fond du Lac} M:Ella Reightley {Chilton Wi}
Mertzig, John F.1926195746E 2XMilitary 
Messner  535B  16XFamily Monument 
Messner, Russell19111991535BB 16X  
Messner, Evelyn19171989535BC 16X  
Meyer, Alvina M.18971926238D 3X  
Meyer  411A  6XFamily Monument 
Meyer, Verdayne L.1928 411A  6   
Meyer, Claude Joseph19262007411AC 6 | XMilitary 
Meyer {1}  536A  15XFamily Monument 
Meyer, Donald R.19311991536AF 15X WIDI D:08/22/1991
Meyer, Elizabeth M.1935 536A  15   
Meyer, Donald R.19311991536AF 15XMilitary 
Michalski, Mark Raymond19741975278K 8X  
Michielli, Bernard A.19161985421AE 9XMilitary 
Michielli, Albert D.19192004421AD 9XMilitrySSDI B:08/21/1919 D:04/10/2004 Albert
Michielli {1}  761      
Michielli, Maria M.18851957761J     
Michielli, Domenic J.18821955762F     
Michielli  770      
Michielli, Edward P.19202008770I     
Michielli, Ann M.1927 770J     
Micoliczyk {1}  41A  1XFamily Monument 
Micoliczyk, Diane1945 41A  1   
Micoliczyk, Richard M.1946200241AD 1X  
Micoliczyk  658      
Micoliczyk, Lucille1925 658      
Micoliczyk, Mitchell19211970658B   |  Military 
Miley  122  3XFamily Monument 
Miley, Ida G.18901969122D 3X  
Miley, Jos L.18881930122C 3X  
Mischock, Eileen A.1946 533B  16 Nee Koch
{also see Koch Headstone}
Moioffer  416B  8XFamily Monument 
Moioffer, Dorothy M.19161999416BD 8X  
Moioffer, Emil W.19142004416BE 8X  
Moran  1143  9XFamily Monument 
Moran, Rosemarie1944 1143  9X  
Moran, Robert E.1941 1143  9X  
Mueller, Jamie L.19761997236B 2X  
Murphy  535A  15XFamily Monument 
Murphy, Samuel A.19222001535AF 15X  
Murphy, Helen M.1927 535A  15X  
Murphy, Sam A.19222001535AF 15XMilitary 
Nagle, Egnatz188919191153  9XMilitarySheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 21 Pg 248 Ignatius Nagele B-05/30/1889 D-10/08/1919
Needham  114  4XFamily Monument 
Needham, Michael18231901114H 4XFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 9 Pg 6 Rec 36 - B-08/24/1824 D-05/31/1901
Needham, Margaret18321918114I 4XMotherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 19 Pg 196 - B-05/15/1832 D-01/12/1918
Needham, Jennie18601892114J 4X  
Nett, Marcella C.1904194446A 3X  
Nett, Walter1902195946B 3X  
Nitka  3144  9XFamily Monument 
Nitka, Edmund192019923144B 9X SSDI B:08/18/1920 D:04/29/1992
Nitka, Helen1925 3144  9   
Nitka, Edmund192019923144B 9XMilitary 
Nytes, Lucy188119341130  9X  
Nytes, John187319531131  9X  
Nytes, Adeline C.19182000247D 5XOn Wallner Family Monument 
O'Brien, Marie19001989411AA 6X  
O'Brien, Thomas E.19021966411AA 6X  
O'Brien  411B  8XFamily Monument 
O'Brien, Mary "Pat"1926 411B  8   
O'Brien, Thomas E.19352005411BF 8X  
O'Kelly, Catherine1806189218B 1X  
O'Kelly, Edward1861189318A 1X  
O'Kelly, William1866190118F 2X  
Ogle  17  4XFamily Monument 
Ogle, Cecelia H.1904198217C 3X  
Ogle, George F.1901195817F 4X  
Ogle, Elizabeth M.1870195317G 4X Vol 61 Pg 505 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Elizabeth Margaret Ogle B:10/20/1870 {WI} D:02/27/1953 {Sheboygan} F:Thomas Mandle M:Katherine Kilp
Ogle, George B.1860193617H 4X  
Ogle, Dorothy J.1917196917I 4X  
Ogle, Samuel E.1893197817J 4XMilitary 
Ogle {1}  121  5XFamily Monument 
Ogle, Frank A.18611941121E 5X  
Ogle, Margaret18611950121D 5X  
Oldenburg  D3  10XFamily Monument 
Oldenburg, Ann E.1937 D3  10X  
Oldenburg, Thomas J.19362003D3L 10X  
Ostermann  388  4XFamily Monument 
Ostermann, Gerhardt H.19312007388C 4X  
Ostermann, Dorothy M.19401996388C 4XBabemehl 
Ott  767      
Ott, Lydia19001968767J     
Ott, Albert18961986768F     
Pauly, Joseph J1886196012G 4X  
Pauly, Mary E.1892194012F 4X  
Pauly, Edmund R.192019201119  9X  
Pauly, Marvin A.19181958529BB 14X  
Pauly, Andrew18881932529BC 14X  
Paus, Eva18471929128A 7X  
Payne  377  1XFamily Monument 
Payne, Howard E.19152008377B 1X  
Payne, Caroline M.19192001377A 1XNee Hoffman 
Pearce  420B  10XFamily Monument 
Pearce, Roland C.19081982420BJ 10X  
Pearce, Rose E.19091980420BI 10X  
Pearce, James Michael19461956420BH 10X  
Pearce, Robert Roland19371958420BG 10X Vol 71 Pg 231 B:06/29/1937 D:05/17/1958 F:Roland Pearce M:Rose Gilson
Peikert  15  8XFamily Monument 
Peikert, Sallie K.1904197715G 8X  
Peikert, Joseph A.1898198515F 8X  
Peloquin  528A  13XFamily Monument 
Peloquin, Peter N.19041982528AJ 13X  
Peloquin, Antonia C.19112007528AI 13X  
Perdelwitz, Edward18891980534AH 15X  
Perdelwitz, Mary18891953534AG 15X  
Perdelwitz, Robert C.19171945534AF 15XMilitary 
Perl, Joann H.19581958286D 9X  
Petrie  231  1XFamily Monument 
Petrie, Irving J.19161984231CObit1X  
Petrie, Bertha H.19191993231DObit1X  
Pfeifer  246  4XFamily Monument 
Pfeifer, Jim1921 246  4X  
Pfeifer, Helen19221980246I 4X  
Pfeiffer  121  5XFamily Monument 
Pfeiffer, Oliver W., M.D.18981978121C 5X  
Pfeiffer, Frankie M.18981990121B 5X  
Pfeiffer, James {Ogle}19321973121H 6XMilitary 
Piringer, Martin18621908260  2X  
Pitsch  376  1XFamily Monument 
Pitsch, Joseph E.19031993376B 1X  
Pitsch, Margaret M.19021980376A 1X  
Plageman, Donna A.1952 12J 4X  
Pollard, Helen C.19181980533AH 15X  
Pongratz, Frank189019261149  9X  
Pongratz  658      
Pongratz, Rose18871974658H     
Pongratz, John18831961658I     
Popp  548  21XFamily Monument 
Popp, Alfred J.19031990548B 21X SSDI B:01/26/1903 D:12/20/1990
Popp, Eleonora T.19051983548C 21X  
Possley  536A  15XFamily Monument 
Possley, Elizabeth A.1949 536A  15   
Possley, George J.1947 536A  15   
Possley, Gregory J.19741994536AH 15X  
Potts  232  7XFamily Monument 
Potts, Francis C.18881973232A 7X  
Potts, Anna S.18911982232B 7X  
Prange, Isabelle19281944245H 2X  
Prange, Genevieve19131934245G 2X  
Prange, Raymond19111932245F 2X  
Prange, Andrew P.19221945245C 1XMilitary 
Prange, Katherine18861945245B 1X  
Prange, William A.18891948245A 1X  
Prepster, Joseph19211968762J     
Prepster, Joseph A.19211968762J   Military 
Prepster, Eleanor19231954762I     
Presutti  655      
Presutti, Roger19212003655D     
Presutti, Carol19241972656A     
Price  761      
Price, Malvina18831958761H     
Price, Colone18781958761I     
Pucel  536B  16XFamily Monument 
Pucel, Sandra J.19492002536BA 16X  
Pucel, Robert W.1950 536BB 16X  
Quinlan, Alfred E.18501925117F 4X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 27 Pg 424 - B-10/25/1850 D-08/03/1925
Quinlan, Mary E.18531930117G 4X  
Rach, Henry J.1952198041AE 1X  
Rach  657      
Rach, June19281972657C     
Rach, Sylvester1920 657D     
Rach, Betty19292004769B   Diels 
Rammer  532B  16XFamily Monument 
Rammer, Virginia E.19282011532B  16   
Rammer, Gordon J. Sr.19201995532BC 16X  
Rammer, Helen M.19091991544BB 20X  
Rank, Benjamin J.19131959769A   Military 
Rank, Francyne C.19151993768E     
Regan, Orville Francis19111971419AC 9X  
Regan, William F.18951954419AE 9XMilitary 
Reif, Annette C.19041999I4L 10X  
Reinert  383  1XFamily Monument 
Reinert, Wallace K.1925 383  1   
Reinert, Marie H.19231983383A 1X  
Reiter  376  2XFamily Monument 
Reiter, Raymond M.19101984376D 2 | XMilitary 
Reiter, Lucille M.19162004376C 2X SSDI B:10/08/1916 D:03/28/2004
Reklaitis  I1  11XFamily Monument 
Reklaitis, Jane F.1940 I1E 11X  
Reklaitis, Joseph1935 I1F 11X  
Rempe  525B  12XFamily Monument 
Rempe, Clement J.19022000525BE 12X SSDI B:01/03/1902 D:03/22/2000
Rempe, Luella I.19051990525BD 12X SSDI B:09/19/1905 D:03/04/1990
Resch, Raymond19131914272  5X  
Reschke  J1  10XFamily Monument 
Reschke, Janette M.19352000J1K 10X Vol 146 Pg 207 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Janette Reschke B:05/18/1935{WI} D:11/04/2000{Town of Herman, Wi} F:Arthur J Burger M:Lauretta Schleyer
Reschke, Charles G.19321998J1L 10 | XMilitary 
Rhines {1}  124  1XFamily Monument 
Rhines, Mary Ann18781952124B 1X  
Rhines, Isaac M.18761961124A 1X  
Rhines, Shirley M.19201988234BJ 6X  
Rhines  234B  6XFamily Monument 
Rhines, James H.18841945234BC 6X  
Rhines, Martha H.18971992234BB 6X SSDI B:03/23/1897 D:5/13/1992
Richards  550  21XFamily Monument 
Richards, Gregor19031988550A 21X  
Richards, Rose19071989550B 21X  
Richart, Sylvester19231923270  5X  
Richart, Bernice19301930270  5X  
Richart, Raymond19241947293  9X  
Richart  660      
Richart, Bertha R.18921986660H     
Richart, John M.18871963660I     
Richdorf, Michael L.1898198717B 3X  
Richdorf, Elizabeth1910199617A 3XNee Ogle 
Rock, Baby  112F 8XNext to Conn Family Monument 
Roeber  H5  10XFamily Monument 
Roeber, Richard W.1936 H5I 10X  
Roeber, Janet M.19372003H5J 10X SSDI B:03/02/1937 D:07/10/2003
Roehrborn  235  4XFamily Monument 
Roehrborn, Ronald J.19431943235J 4X  
Roehrborn, Rita M.19202010235  4   
Roehrborn, Edgar H.19151993235I 4X  
Roehre  128  7 Family Monument 
Roehre, Ida19002000128I 8X  
Roehre, Henry19061967128J 8X  
Roehre, Joseph J.18981959128C 7XMilitary 
Roehre, Elisabeth18671930128D 7X  
Roehre, Mathias18611934128E 7X Vol 18 Pg 287 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Matthias Roehre B:09/15/1909 {WI} D:04/14/1917 {Sheboygan Falls, Wi} F:Matthias Roehre {Austria Hungary} M:Elizabeth {Austria Hungary}
Roehre, Mathias190919171157  9X  
Roehre, Elisabeth190119181151  9X  
Rommelfanger, Henry18711953239E   X{On Drawing - No Marker Found} 
Rommelfanger, Gertrude18561927239D 5XJacobsSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 29 Pg 343 Gertrude Rommelfanger B-12/03/1855 D-03/24/1927
Rommelfanger  2433  XFamily Monument 
Rommelfanger, William18781952243A 3X  
Rommelfanger, Anna18821958243B 3X  
Rommelfanger, Mary E.188119392110  9X  
Rommelfanger, Helen E.19161964656E     
Ruetz  3101  4XFamily Monument 
Ruetz, Roland L.192720023101D 4X SSDI B:05/22/1927 D:01/01/2002
Ruetz, Anne192720043101C 4X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 153 Pg 34 Agnes Anne Ruetz D-01/05/2004
Rumpff  526A  11XFamily Monument 
Rumpff, Rose M.19372004526AG 11X SSDI B:10/30/1937 D:06/29/2004{Sheboygan Falls Wi}
Rumpff, Donald E.19361987526AF 11X SSDI B:10/04/1936 WIDI D:01/29/1987
Ruppel, Mary R.19172007529BA 14X SSDI B:01/28/1917 D:01/26/2007
Saeger, George F.19021947544BC 20X  
Saeger, Richard C.19311984544BA 20X WIDI D:11/18/1984
Salter, Mary18761949252B 1X  
Salter, Francis G.18701941252A 1X  
Salter  524A  11XFamily Monument 
Salter, Earl19091959524AJ 11X  
Salter, Louise19112006523AF 11X Sheboygan Wi. Death Record Vol 158 Pg 411 Mary Louise Salter D-05/31/2006
Salter, Jerome C.19392009523AF 11X SSDI first name Jerome
Sanders, John H.18761941235D 3X  
Sanders, Anna K.18821957235C 3X  
Sanders, Olinda19161993235B 3X Sheboygan Wi. Death Record Vol 133 Pg 223 O'Linda Sanders B-08/18/1916 D-12/21/1993
Sanders, Oliva19161916235E 3X  
Satzker  2104  9XFamily Monument 
Satzker, Frank187219412103  9X  
Satzker, Elizabeth187819642104  9X  
Schaafs  541A  17XFamily Monument 
Schaafs, Dorothy H.19232010541AI 17X  
Schaafs, Lawrence A.19202003541AJ 17 | XMilitarySSDI B:01/14/1920 D:02/11/2003
Schaap, Linda19641964287B 9X  
Schaap  378  1XFamily Monument 
Schaap, Richard W.1938 378B 1X  
Schaap, Lorraine R.1940 378A 1X  
Scharinger {1}  243  3XFamily Monument 
Scharinger, George18541932243D 3X  
Scharinger, Mary18591929243E 3X  
Scharinger, John M.18891953243I 4XMilitary 
Scharinger, Ida18951941243G 4X  
Scharinger, William C.18931974243F 4XMilitary 
Scharinger  657      
Scharinger, Mary C.18861976657G     
Scharinger, Henry P.18861964657H     
Scharinger, Nora C.19091977653B     
Scharinger, Evalyn18781948769G     
Scharinger, George18801952769H     
Schaub  3128  8XFamily Monument 
Schaub, Ermina A.192520093128D 8X  
Schaub, Alois M.191219913128C 8X  
Scheibl  282H   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Scheibl  531A  12XFamily Monument 
Scheibl, Willard A.19191975531AJ 12 | XMilitarySSDI B:01/14/1919 WIDI D:09/21/1975
Scheibl, Anna Maria19181990531AI 12X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 127 Pg 108 Anna Maria Scheibl B-07/26/1918 D-06/11/1990
Scheibl {1}  444A  19XFamily Monument 
Scheibl, Joseph18901972444AE 19X  
Scheibl, Olive18981976544AD 19X  
Schicker, Robert A.1921 I1  11   
Schicker  I1  11XFamily Monument 
Schicker, Lorena A.19192008I1C 11X  
Schicker, Dawn Marie19682009I1D 11X  
Schiereck, Nina H. {Pauly}18951979529BD 14X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 109 Pg 516 Nina Hattie Schiereck B-01/22/1895 Wi D-10/12/1979 Sheb. F-Marvin Conger M-Mary Ellen Lesselyoung
Schiereck, Peter H.18811978529BE 14X  
Schreiner  246  3XFamily Monument 
Schreiner, Frank18561933246C 3X  
Schreiner, Mary18621941246D 3X  
Schreiner, Christina19001965246E 3X  
Schreiner, John F.18941972246J 4XMilitary 
Schmidt, Theresia184819161161  9X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 17 Pg 462 Therese Schmidt B-10/15/1848 D-06/15/1916
Schmidt, Michael184519131160  9X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 14 Pg 217 Michael Schmidt B-09/15/1845 Hungary D-03/20/1913 Sheboygan
Schmitt  H5  11XFamily Monument 
Schmitt, Roselynn1943 H5  11 Nee Gallagher 
Schmitt, Raymond J.1933 H5  11   
Schmitt  655      
Schmitt, Magdalene B.19051977655F     
Schmitt, Norbert N.19041977655G     
Schneider  373  1XFamily Monument 
Schneider, William19061993373B 1X  
Schneider, Elizabeth19131980373A 1X  
Schommer, Linda Michielli19171990421AC 9X SSDI B:07/30/1917 D:08/19/1990 TEXAS DEATH INDEX D:08/20/1990
Schuessler  370  1XFamily Monument 
Schuessler, Nicholas L.19091971370B 1X  
Schuessler, Lulina M.19141990370A 1X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 127 Pg 206 Lulina Schuessler B-05/18/1914 D-07/02/1990
Schug, Susan Kay19671969541AF 17X  
Schuh  116  1XFamily Monument 
Schuh, Katherine18761964116C 1X  
Schuh, Joseph18691936116B 1X  
Schuller  274  6XFamily Monument 
Schuller, Elizabeth18811951274  6X  
Schuller, Stephan18871944273  6X Sheboygan Wi. Death Record Vol 50 Pg 568 Steven Schuller B-07/28/1886 D-11/01/1944
Schwaller, Vincent A.19131913231F 2X  
Seidl, Mary Ann193419371140  9X  
Sejba  43B  2XFamily Monument 
Sejba, Kay M.1948198443BB 2X SSDI B:01/28/1948 D:08/06/1984
Sejba, Hazel M.1928 43B  2 Nee Irish 
Sejba, O. Gerald1919200543BD 2X US Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File b:03/16/1919 D:05/29/2005
Shea, Thomas V.19311996417AF 9XMilitary 
Shea, Keith M.19821999527BA 14 |
XEntire Grave View / Funeral Home Marker / Close-up of Marker 
Shoup, Deborah Ann19671967279K 8X  
Shuckrow, Daniel186119361123  9X  
Shuckrow, Margaret18581926127A 5X  
Siemers  391  3XFamily Monument 
Siemers, Ernestine M.19092000391B 3X SSDI B:5/4/1909 D:9/6/2000
Siemers, Reinold W.19001990391A 3X SSDI B:12/5/1900 D:1/10/1990
Simonich  543B  20XFamily Monument 
Simonich, Joseph M.19011990543BB 20X  
Simonich, Delina19041992543BA 20X  
Simonz, Jean F.1936 19C 3XDelavan-Klumb 
Sipiorski  48B  5XFamily Monument 
Sipiorski, Bernice J.1927200648BB 5X SSDI B:12/06/1927 D:08/06/2006
Sipiorski, Martin M.1918199948BC 5 | XMilitary 
Sipiorski, Donald S. M.1949198548BD 5X  
Sipiorski, Dennis M.1953 48B  5   
Slana  H1  10XFamily Monument 
Slana, Matthew F.1935 H5G 10X  
Slana, Charlotte A.19371993H5H 10X  
Slana, Matthew R.1960 H1L 10X  
Slesrick  47B  5XFamily Monument 
Slesrick, Rose1895197647BB 5X  
Slesrick, Paul1889196847BC 5 | XMilitary 
Spatz  417A  9 Family Monument 
Spatz, LeRoy1932 417A  9   
Spatz, Dorothy1934 417A  9   
Stachowiak, David W.19602005A1E 10X SSDI B:01/12/1960 D:08/31/2005
Stahl, Herman W.19131983249H 8 Military 
Statzger, Mary190019201152  9X  
Specht  659      
Specht, Kathleen M.19231988658C   |    
Specht, Orville J.19201970658D   |  Military 
Stecker, David Thomas19891989285D 9X  
Steffen  522B  11XFamily Monument 
Steffen, Mary R.19172008522BD 11XNee HeimannSSDI B:07/31/1917 D:01/28/2008 Sheboygan Falls Wi
Steffen, Leander J.1920 522B  11   
Steimle, Frank J.18691929232C 7X  
Steimle, Ellen18691929232D 7X  
Steimle, Frances R.18971918232E 7X  
Storrs, Jayne Janssen19532004123A 1XOn Janssen Family MonumentSSDI Jayne L. Storrs B:06/04/1953 D:10/06/2004
Strebe, Richard E.19241977386B 3XMilitary 
Stoelb  3133  7XFamily Monument 
Stoelb, Donald A.192720023133B 7X SSDI B:10/22/1927 D:06/23/2002
Stoelb, Anna Mae1931 3133A 7X  
Strasser, Helen R.191019903133C 8X  
Strohmeyer  129  7XFamily Monument 
Strohmeyer, Ferdinand A.19181995129C 7XMilitary 
Strohmeyer, Mildred B.19201994129C 7X  
Strohmeyer, Ferdinand18801959129D 7X  
Strohmeyer, Maria18841923129E 7X  
Tauscheck, Dolores Helen19231978765D     
Tax, Mary18761945659F     
Tax, Engelbert18671947659G     
Ten Pas, Luke J.19842004522BA 12XOn Guenther-Ten Pas Family Monument 
Tenn  2165  4XFamily Monument 
Tenn, Sadie190419932165J 4X  
Tenn, Michael F.190119642165I 4X  
Tenn, Louis191219842165H 4X  
Tenn, Bedelia187819662165G 4X  
Tenn, Sol187519412165F 4X  
Ter Maat, Rose L.19192010241I 8 KarbeSSDI B:10/15/1919 D:02/24/2010
Thill, Charlotte19431943276  6X  
Theobald  279I   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Theobald  282G   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Theobald {2}  528A  13XFamily Monument 
Theobald, Kenneth A.19391991528AH 13X SSDI B:02/26/1939 D:06/12/1991
Theobald, Kathleen A.1941 528A  13   
Theobald, Thomas S.19581982528AF 13X  
Theobald {1}  532A  15XFamily Monument 
Theobald, Ernest19001982532AH 15X  
Theobald, Isabelle19032003532AG 15X  
Theobald  761      
Theobald, Edith19091978761E     
Theobald, Albert P.19031968762A     
Thill  762      
Thill, Elda F.19041967762D     
Thill, Joseph B.19101991762E     
Tighe  J4  10XFamily Monument 
Tighe, Richard A.19392010J4L 10X  
Tighe, Sandra S.19412008J4L 10X  
Timerman, Cecile B.19091985415AF 6XMilitarySheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 118 Pg 608 Cecile B. Timerman B-11/22/1909 D-10/05/1985
Tinker, Marion E.19141991111B 7XMcDermott
On The McDermott Family Plot
SSDI Marion Tinker B-12-10-1914 D-01-06-1991
Tournour  G1  10XFamily Monument 
Tournour, Mary M.1943 G1H 10X  
Tournour, Thomas S.19411995G1I 10X  
Tradler, Frank19091910256  1 | XPlate 
Tradler, Frank18711947292  9X  
Trost, Michael G.19541956288A 9X  
Trost  3118  8XFamily Monument 
Trost, Alfred O.192019733118D 8X  
Trowbridge  118  6XFamily Monument 
Trowbridge, Walter S.18991962118F 6X  
Trowbridge, Pauline B.19001983118G 6X  
Turany  380  2XFamily Monument 
Turany, Margie A.1947 380C 2X  
Turany, Maynard J.1939 380C 2X  
Uelmen  763      
Uelmen, Capitola18811975763F     
Uelmen, Peter18751953763G     
Van Ouwerkerk  549  21XFamily Monument 
Van Ouwerkert, Willard J.19041974549A 21X  
Van Ouwerkert, Valeria M.19091974549B 21XNee Schmitz 
Van Sluys  548  21XFamily Monument 
Van Sluys, Marvin J.19232000548D 21X SSDI B:06/26/1923 D:05/03/2000
Van Sluys, Dorothy H.1923 548  21   
Vandeloo  768      
Vandeloo, Catherine18971968768B     
Vandeloo, Joseph18931960768C     
Vaughan, Bruce S.193120053112A 6X  
Verhage, Robert John19471953242J 6X  
Verhage {3}  242  6XFamily Monument 
Verhage, Leora M.1922 242  6   
Verhage, Willard J.19192001242  6X  
Verhage  379  1XFamily Monument 
Verhage, Jacob G.18911977379B 1X  
Verhage, Clara M.18991988379A 1X SSDI B:02/14/1899 D:02/29/1988
Verhage {1}  380  1XFamily Monument 
Verhage, Richard Mathies19251984380B 1X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 116 Pg 345 Richard Mathies Verhage B-10/25/1925 D-04/13/1984
Verhage, Dorothy A.1925 380A 1X  
Verhage, Lawrence W.19241981381B 1XMilitary 
Verhage {2}  382  1XFamily Monument 
Verhage, Clarence A.1928 382B 1X  
Verhage, Shirley J.1937 382A 1X  
Visser  421B  10XFamily Monument 
Visser, Wanda V.19161976421BI 10X  
Visser, Raymond M.1918 421B  10   
Vogds, Mildred192319311125 Obit9X Vol 34 Pg 117 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Mildred Veronica Vogds B:10/13/1923 {Sheboygan Falls} D:02/07/1931 {Sheboygan Falls} F:Alois Vogd {Wi} M:Tillie Walegenbach {St. Cloud WI}
Voigt  12  3X Family Monument-On the back of Yackley Family Monument
Voigt, Florence Y.1913199112D 3X  
Voigt, Walter A.1905197412C 3X  
Vogds {1}  3125  8XFamily Monument 
Vogds, Leander R.192119943125D 8X Birth 2/1/1922 - Died 05/22/1994
Vogds, Pearl M.1926 3125C 8X  
Vogds, Leander Roman192219943125D 8XMilitary 
Vogds  766      
Vogds, Matilda19011981766J     
Vogds, Alois18961976767F     
Wallner, Francis18781941247A 5X  
Wallner, Paul18791933247B 5X  
Wallner, Paul J.19131969247C 5XMilitary 
Wallner  247  5XFamily Monument 
Wallner, Joseph Sr.19091979247E 5X  
Wallner {1}  247  6XFamily Monument 
Wallner, Sandra Ann1946 247  6   
Wallner, Peter David1945 247  6   
Wallner, Keith Paul19701994247I 6X  
Wallner {2}  247  6XFamily Monument 
Wallner, Judith A.19442002247F 6X  
Wallner, David J.19422011247 Obit6X  
Walter {1}  299  9XFamily Monument 
Walter, Rose189119432100  9X  
Walter, Jacob18891942299  9X  
Walter  3141  9XFamily Monument 
Walter, Jerome S.1921 3141B 9X  
Walter, Gloria A.192820083141A 9X  
Walter {2}  I1  11XFamily Monument 
Walter, Mabel C.19131998I1A 11X SSDI B:10/26/1913 D:01/10/1998
Walter, Edwin J.19111992I1B 11X SSDI B:12/23/1911 D:11/3/1992
Walters, Marjorie Ann193319341124  9X  
Walters, David L.1932 532AF 15X  
Wandron, Baby19481948285B 9X  
Wanninger  766      
Wanninger, Edna E.19011976766B     
Wanninger, Elmer F.19001964766C     
Weber, Thomas J.19511953289  9X  
Weber  378  2XFamily Monument 
Weber, Mark H.19491993378D 2X  
Weber, Suzanne M.1958 378C 2XSchmidtke 
Weber {1}  394  1XFamily Monument 
Weber, Francis J.19231987394B 3X  
Weber, Arlene M.19241977394A 1X  
Weber {2}  3145  9XFamily Monument 
Weber, Therese B.192820013145B 9X SSDI B:03/17/1928 D:07/13/2001
Weber, Robert C.1927 3145A 9X  
Weiler  280L   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Wenberg  238  3XFamily Monument 
Wenberg, Robert T.19202001238B 3X  
Wenberg, Virginia K.19202007238A 3XNee Heus 
Wenstadt, Julius L.1892197517E 3XMilitary 
Wenstadt, Marie O.1899198117D 3X  
White  127  5XFamily Monument 
White, Ruth Ann19111988127G 6X Middle Name from Church Records-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 123 Pg 281 - B-11/05/1911 D-03/26/1988
White, Joseph19091938127D 5X  
White, Mary18511934127C 5XMotherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 37 Pg 356 - B-03/09/1851 D-01/05/1934
White, Patrick18411909127B 5XFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 12 Pg 479 - B-06/24/1841 D-02/06/1909
White, John186419041158  9X  
Wick  530B  14XFamily Monument 
Wick, Anna18801962530BA 14X  
Wick, Edward18771971530BB 14X  
Wieseckel  231  1XFamily Monument 
Wieseckel, Gilbert L.19081995231A 1X  
Wieseckel, Lucy M.19181998231B 1XNee Karls 
Wieseckel  278L   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Will  549  21XFamily Monument 
Will, August C.18971975549D 21X  
Will, Sophia M.19031993549E 21X  
Willadsen  415A  6XFamily Monument 
Willadsen, Donald F.19251992415AI 6X  
Willadsen, Florence E.19171976415AJ 6X  
Wiltgen  48A  4XFamily Monument 
Wiltgen, Florence1900199148AE 4X  
Wiltgen, Fred1899197448AF 4X  
Wimmer, Frederick Ronald Jr.19371948769F     
Wimmer, Frederick A.  770H   X{On Drawing - No Marker Found} 
Winter, Mary18881970250H 6X  
Winter, John L.18881953250I 6XMilitary 
Winter, John N.19211968761D   Military 
Winter, Clara A.19211997761C     
Winter, Thomas H.19191967763C     
Winter  I4  11XFamily Monument 
Winter, Ronald J.19491997I4A 11X US Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File B:06/19/1949 D:10/18/1997
Winter, Nancy A.1948 I4B 11X  
Wirth  49A  4XFamily Monument 
Wirth, Ovella M.1913200149AA 4X SSDI B:03/09/1913 D:02/01/2001
Wirth, Cletus M.1913197549AB 4X WIDI B:10/29/1913 SSDI D:10/13/1975
Wirth, Peter N.1948200249AB 4XMilitary 
Wissbroecker, Joshua Allen199419943110D 6 Military 
Witterholt, Eleanor18961949765F     
Witterholt, Simon18921951765G     
Wolfert  E1  10XFamily Monument 
Wolfert, Donald E.19382009E1E 10X  
Wolfert, Sandra L.1940 E1H 10X  
Wolters  2114  9XFamily Monument 
Wolters, Fred187419552113  9X  
Wolters, Emma187619462114  9X  
Wolters, Guido190419192116  9X  
Wolters, Infants190219022117  9X  
Woodke  527B  14XFamily Monument 
Woodke, Frances19302009527BD 14X  
Woodke, William A.19302011527BC 14 | XMilitary 
Woodke, Jill M.19671999527BE 14X  
Wuestenhagen  659      
Wuestenhagen, Doris M.1924 659      
Wuestenhagen, Victor H.19171969659B     
Wunsch  395  4XFamily Monument 
Wunsch, Elmer F.19112007395C 4X SSDI B:11/19/1911 D:07/30/2007
Wunsch, Louise T.19121987395C 4X SSDI B:08/18/1912 D:09/19/1987
Yackley  12  4XFamily Monument 
Yackley, Xavier F.1890194012H 4X  
Yackley, Annie A.1891195012I 4X  
Young  770      
Young, Betty L.19272005770C     
Young, Richard J.19262003770C     
Ziegelbauer, Anna M.18741953766G     
Ziegler  415B  7XFamily Monument 
Ziegler, Gerald J.1926 415B  7   
Ziegler, Carol D.19322010415B  7   
Zimmermann, Jules193519351138    X{On Drawing - No Marker Found} 
Zimmermann  2166  6XFamily Monument 
Zimmermann, William M.190119682166H 6X  
Zimmermann, Violet B.190919682166G 6X  
Zimmermann, Phyllis Marie192919432166F 6X  
Zinkgraf, Owen L.193019823142B 9X  
Zinkgraf, Donna J.193220003142A 9X  

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