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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Sheboygan Falls - Surnames A - K

Shirley Horn & Ken Martin contributed this cemetery as well as the photos.

{NOTE: Click on the icon of the tombstone photos to view larger pics of them. Use your back arrow to return to this page.}

Sections 1, 2, 3, & A - K are the East Section / Sections 4 & 5 are the Center Section / Sections 7 & 8 are the West Section.

NameBirthDeathSectionLotGraveObitRowPicture in DBChurch ListingAdditional
Vital Records
Adams, Catharine1902198519F 4XDelavanSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 118 Pg 355 B-10/4/1902 D-07/01/1985 F-John Delavan M-Jeanette Hauenstein
Alfonsi, John T.19221974654B   Military 
Allen, Jonathan Kenneth197119773134A 9X  
Allen, Patricia J.193019973134A 9X  
Altmeyer  1164  7XFamily Monument 
Altmeyer, Anna188119622102  9X  
Altmeyer, Beatrice191019191164E 7X  
Altmeyer, Caroline185519321164C 7X  
Altmeyer, R. J.184719151164B 7X  
Altmeyer {2}  2102  9XFamily Monument 
Altmeyer, Albert187519422101  9X  
Altmeyer {1}  3119  7XFamily Monument 
Altmeyer, Genevieve190819883119A 7X SSDI B:04/01/1908 D:04/12/1988
Altmeyer, Albert190719963119B 7X SSDI B:01/28/1907 D:01/24/1996
Altmeyer {3}  420A  9XFamily Monument 
Altmeyer, Kaylene Ann19402000420AA 9X  
Altmeyer, James Clayton19372000420AB 9X  
Annen, Anton H.19051970129A 7X  
Annen, Hermiene A.19061979129B 7X  
Ariens  110  5XFamily Monument 
Ariens, Christina18661924110E 5X  
Ariens, Henry18651956110D 5X  
Augustin, Michael John19601960245  2   
Babak, Evelyn J.1936 3101B 3X  
Bachmann, Caroline18541922112A 7X  
Bachmann, Henry18561932112B 7X  
Bachmann, Joseph19191920119E 7X  
Bachmann, Mary E.18911955119C 7X  
Bachmann, Oscar Louis18801950119D 7X Vol 58 Pg 298 - B:01/15/1890 {Appears to be}{WI} D:08/11/1950 {Appears to be} {Plymouth} F:Henry Bachmann M:Carolens Denium
Bade, Warren A.19121998529AF 13XMilitary 
Bade, Louise {Kelm}19131995529AG 13X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 136 Pg 336 B-01/16/1916 D-10/26/1995 Middle-Marie F-Ferdinand Strohmeyer M-Marie Kendel
Bauer  G1  10XFamily Monument 
Bauer, Theodore A.19292004G1G 10 | XMilitary 
Bauer, Virginia M.1931 G1G 10X  
Beehner  3117  6XFamily Monument 
Beehner, Dorothy C.1921 3117A 6 Nee Kelly 
Beehner, John L.192219903117B 6X SSDI B:08/06/1922 D:11/13/1990
Beinemann-Binder  545A  19XFamily Monument
{See Binder}
Beinemann, Cory19681969545AE 19X  
Beinemann  546A  19 Family Monument 
Beinemann, Theresa M.1932 546A  19   
Beinemann, Kenneth1929 546A  19   
Bell  411A  6XFamily Monument 
Bell, Florence19211992411AE 6X WIDI D:04/27/1992 SSDI B:05/14/1921
Bell, Millard19191987411AE 6X SSDI B:11/07/1919 WIDI D:03/23/1987
Bell, Lily O.19231986543BC 20X  
Bell, Donald J.19221997543BD 20XMilitary 
Bell, Ann18951949768G     
Bell, Mathew18951966768H     
Bennin, Helen M.19451974549C 21XNee Ouwerkerk 
Berceau  3137   XFamily Monument 
Berceau, Lois A.1934 3137A  X  
Berceau, John J.193320103137B   | XMilitary 
Berg  41A  1XFamily Monument 
Berg, Wilfred J.1917200641AA 1X  
Berg, Lorraine B.1917200241AB 1X  
Berg, Christine A.1957197841AC 1X  
Beringer, Mary18921960128B 7X  
Bersch {1}  396  3XFamily Monument 
Bersch, Elsie19281989396B 3X  
Bersch, Jerome J.19281984396A 3 | XMilitary 
Bersch  660      
Bersch, Ethel18961979660J     
Bersch, William18881955761G     
Bertram {1}  3140  9XFamily Monument 
Bertram, Vernon193019883140B 9X  
Bertram, Doris193320063140A 9X  
Bertram, Francis V.19212000654H   Military 
Bertram, Dorothy M.19202005654I     
Bertram, Steven E.19481971655E   Military 
Bertram  769      
Bertram, Mildred M.18991972769D     
Bertram, Gregory L.18951958769E     
Bethke, Kathryn A.19532007392B 3XNee Harju 
Bigler, Rosalia18731960240B 7X WIDI Verifies first name as Rosalia
Bigler, Stephen18701931240C 7X  
Bigler, Agnes A.19131996240F 9X  
Bigler, Steven J.19141997240I 9X  
Billman, Anna18831971418BJ 10X  
Billmann {2}  371  1XFamily Monument 
Billmann, Mabel A.19121999371A 1X SSDI B:07/27/1912 D:12/10/1999
Billmann, Henry A.19041971371B 1X  
Billmann {3}  532B  16XFamily Monument 
Billmann, Dorothy A.19241991532BD 16X SSDI B:11/09/1924 D:08/03/1991
Billmann, Clarence E.1921 532BE 16X  
Billmann {2}  532A  15XFamily Monument 
Billmann, Agnes S.18951984532AI 15X WIDI D:11/29/1984
Billmann, Louis P.19011984532AJ 15X SSDI B:06/22/1901 WIDI D:12/22/1984
Billmann {1}  657      
Billmann, Patricia  657      
Billmann, Brian19631964657I     
Billmann, Kenneth19311992658E     
Billmann, Cecilia K.18961990765J     
Billmann  766      
Billmann, John18961984766F     
Binder-Beinemann  545A  19XFamily Monument
{See Beinemann}
Binder, Mark19531954545AD 19X  
Binkowsky, Barbara Ann1946 112  8 Kretschmann 
Binkowsky  372  2XFamily Monument 
Binkowsky, Hedwig19231994372C 2X WIDI D:08/30/1994
Binkowsky, Alois18961975372D 2X  
Birschbach  387  3XFamily Monument 
Birschbach, Valentine19041993387B 3X  
Birschbach, Marcella19182010387A 3X  
Bobonitz, Joseph18701914265  4X  
Boland, J. H.  122  4XFamily Monument 
Boland, Flora18891969122F 4X  
Boland, Benjamin18871968122G 4X  
Boland, John18621918122H 4XFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 19 Pg 258 - B-02/18/1862 D-03/17/1918
Boland, Ella18641953122I 4XGunda-MotherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 62 Pg 9 Ella Gunda Boland B-05/08/1864 D-04/30/1953
Boland, Lolo18961910122E 3X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 12 Pg 645 - B-08/29/1896 D-09/01/1910
Bollenbacher  415A  6XFamily Monument 
Bollenbacher, Charles E.19122000415AG 6X  
Bollenbacher, Ruth A.19142000415AH 6X  
Bonsack  250  5XFamily Monument 
Bonsack, Jean F.1926 250  5   
Bonsack, James J.19222003250C 5X  
Bonsack, Ralph19011941250E 5X  
Boos  126  4XFamily Monument 
Boos, Peter18461911126I 4X  
Boos, Margaret K.18521930126G 4X  
Boos, Phillip P.18921975126H 4X  
Boos, Peter J.18811959126F 4X  
Boos, Anton F.18881962242A 5XMilitary 
Boos, Helen19011952242B 5X  
Bowser  764      
Bowser, Marie J.18931986764G     
Bowser, John F.18871978764H     
Bradford  3123  8X  
Bradford, Marjorie I.192920033123D 8X  
Bradford, Janis P.1957 3123  8   
Bradford, William E., Sr.192520023124C 8 | XMilitary 
Brandt  379  2XFamily Monument 
Brandt, Roland A.1938 379C 2X  
Brandt, Dorothy L.1937 379D 2X  
Bredesen, John P.19281967523AG 11XMilitary 
Bredesen, James P.19551956523AH 11X  
Breher  3135  9XFamily Monument 
Breher, Milfred E.190319903135A 9X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 126 Pg 532 Milfred Henry Breher B-11/13/1903 D-03/30/1990
Breher, Victoria A.190920033134B 9X  
Brendel  286C   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Brickner  113  5XFamily Monument 
Brickner, Mary Margaret18611893113F 5X  
Brickner, Ruth Margaret18921896113E 5X  
Brickner, Lillah Isabella18651901113D 5X  
Brickner, Anna18381903113B 5XMotherFirst Name from Lillah Isabella Brickner Death Record Vol 9 Pg 7 Sheboygan Wi.
Brickner, George H.18341904113A 5XFatherSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 9 Pg 340 George H Brickner B-08/31/1834 D-08/24/1904
Brickner, Mary Elizabeth18961912118EObit5X  
Brickner, Lillah Anna18981917118C 5X  
Brickner, Anna Hauck18681938118B 5X  
Brickner, William C.18631942118A 5X  
Brotkowski, Robert R.19251983233B 7 Military 
Brotkowski, Erna19221998233C 7XNee Korff 
Brown  541B  18XFamily Monument 
Brown, Roman V.19101991541BA 18X SSDI B:05/29/1910 D:07/10/1991
Brown, Arline E.19121978541BB 18X  
Brown, Sarah19461963541BC 18X  
Brown, Joseph19481964541BD 18X  
Brunover, Caroline187819331164D 7X  
Brunover, Charles187719481164I 8X  
Buffington, John G.19341984394D 4XMilitary 
Bukowski  764      
Bukowski, Leo A.19102002764A     
Bukowski, Mary E.19112000763E     
Bukowski, Phillip L.19481966763D     
Burich  248  8XFamily Monument 
Burich, Anna18781949248D 8X  
Burich, Joseph18721936248C 8X  
Bushway  417B  10XFamily Monument 
Bushway, Sophia19001947417BC 10X  
Bushway, Joseph18941965417BD 10X  
Bushway, Anthony P.19251945417BE 10XMilitary 
Butzen, Joey19831983283E 9X  
Cardarelle  F5J 10XFamily Monument 
Cardarelle, Lucille M.1936 F5J 10X  
Cardarelle, Melvin D.1933 F5J 10X  
Carolan, Willard A.19261946293  9XMilitary 
Carpenter  11  2XFamily Monument 
Carpenter, Mary Catherine1831190411C 2X  
Carpenter, Erin M.198819943116C 6X  
Chapman  762      
Chapman, Fred J.18931974762C     
Chapman, Mary W.18901970762B     
Cizanskas, Joseph188519211150  9X  
Clarke  1136  9XFamily Monument 
Clarke, Christopher188219301136  9X Church Records Christopher-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 33 Pg 176 Christopher Clark D-05/14/1930
Clarke, Agnes188719651137  9X  
Claussen  119  8XFamily Monument 
Claussen, James A.19492005119F 8X  
Claussen, Diane E.1948 119G 8X  
Clemens, Joseph A.1935 255  1X  
Conn  112  8XFamily Monument 
Conn, Michael A.19611997112G 8X  
Conn, Sue Ellen1950 112  8   
Conn, Michael A.19611997112G 8XMilitary 
Cooper  279L   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Courtion, Victor19051949291  9X  
Coveney, Dorothy19271984386  4  On Hochrein Family Monument-SSDI - B-9/22/1927 D-11/1/1984
Czaplinski, Adam Scott19781978278J 8X  
Daharsh, Irene190719511121  9X  
Daharsh, Sharon Fay193719371139  9X  
Daharsh, Sandra Lee194519451139  9X  
Daharsh  418A  9 Family Monument 
Daharsh, Ronald J.1940 418A  9   
Daharsh, Jeanne L.1943 418A  9   
Daharsh {1}  418B  10XFamily Monument 
Daharsh, Wilmer J.19101987418BH 10X  
Daharsh, Lucille M.19142005418BI 10X  
Daharsh {2}  418B  10XFamily Monument 
Daharsh, Roy18751955418BF 10X  
Daharsh, Carry18831951418BG 10X  
Danks, Mary J.19311959419BF 10X  
Danks, Martha M.18911978419BH 10X  
Danks, Charles L.18901958419BI 9X  
Danks, Robert C.19211945419BJ 10X  
Danks {2}  419A  9XFamily Monument 
Danks, Donald D.1928 419AB 9X  
Danks, Carmen M.1933 419AA 10X  
Danks  657      
Danks, James19501999657F     
Danks, Cyrilla1918 657E     
Danks, Raymond19171963657F     
Danks, Arthur J. Rev.1916200782      
Dannenfelzer, Kate1850193811D 2X  
Dean, Brian F.1944198042AD 1XMilitary 
DeBruyne  234  5XFamily Monument 
DeBruyne, William18831944234AB 5X  
DeBruyne, Mary18851937234AC 5X  
DeBruyne, Clara18431934234AD 5X  
DeBruyne, William18431922234AE 5XFather 
Dedlow  D3  10XFamily Monument 
Dedlow, Walter1935 D3J 10X  
Dedlow, Maryanne19352008D3K 10X  
Deeley  244  1XFamily Monument 
Deeley, Clarence19081988244C 1X{Also see Hertel, Carl & Katherine
and Herman, Judith}
Deeley, Peter19031969244E 1X  
Deeley, Raymond19061931244J 2X  
Deeley, Lauretta1909 244  2   
Deeley, Clara18791944244H 2X  
Deeley, John18781947244G 2X  
Deeley {1}  540A  17XFamily Monument 
Deeley, Helen M.19051999540AI 17X SSDI B:05/10/1905 D:09/19/1999 FL.
Deeley, Joseph M.19041984540AJ 17X  
Deeley, Courtney Dawn19802006540AG 17X  
Deeley {2}  540A  17XFamily Monument 
Deeley, Mary G.1916 540A  17   
Deeley, Francis D.19131992540AH 17X SSDI B:01/26/1913 D:05/11/1992
Deeley, Matthew J.19541972540AF 17X  
Deeley, George B.19141983540BA 18X  
Deeley {3}  540B  18XFamily Monument 
Deeley, Helen C.18731962540BB 18X  
Deeley, Michael J.18661958540BC 18X  
Deeley, Don Michael  540B  18   
Deeley, Helen G.19051993540BD 18X SSDI B:05/20/1905 D:12/22/1993
Delavan, Sadie H.1904198519B 3X  
Delavan, John F.1907198619A 3X  
Delavan  19  4XFamily Monument 
Delavan, Jeannette F.1877196419G 4X  
Delavan, John F.1872195119H 4X  
Delavan, Elizabeth A.1904198319I 4X  
Delavan, David A. 1915199619J 4X Vol 74 Pg 635 Sheboygan Wi Birth Record B:04/30/1915 F:John Francis Delavan {Hingham WI} M: Jeanette Hauenstein {Chicago Il}
Demler  J4  10XFamily Monument 
Demler, Luann K.19551993J4G 10X  
Demler, Terry F.1955 J4H 10X  
Dicke, Debra Anne19591959287A 9X  
Dicke  3147  9XFamily Monument 
Dicke, Delbert W.193119983147B 9 | XMilitary 
Dicke, H. Carole1936 3147  9   
Dicke, Denise Anne1958 3146  9   
Diels  769      
Diels, Magdalena18991973769B     
Diels, George P.18951967769C     
Dobrzynski  417B  10XFamily Monument 
Dobrzynski, Cecelia M.19242004417BB 10X SSDI B:08/16/1924 D:04/01/2004
Dobrzynski, Chester S.19251997417BA 10X SSDI B:09/09/1925 D:12/05/1997
Dobrzynski, Stanley18911947769J     
Dobrzynski, Mary18971980769I     
Doheny, Charles19161969533AJ 15X  
Doheny, Mary I.19151986533AI 15X SSDI B:05/02/1915 WIDI D:11/02/1986
Dorau  3122  8XFamily Monument 
Dorau, Julianne R.1951 3122D 8   
Dorau, Timothy J.195520063122C 8X  
Douglas, Frances E.1901197013E 5X  
Douglas, Elizabeth G.1867195813D 5X  
Douglas, Stephen A.1863194013C 5X  
Doyle  J1  10XFamily Monument 
Doyle, Lois H.1927 J1I 10XNee Burmeister 
Doyle, Edward A.19262000J1J 10 | XMilitary 
Drinkwater, Judith A.19411974528BD 14X  
Drinkwater, Michael L.19662010528BD 14   
Drossel  535B  16XFamily Monument 
Drossel, Oscar18881971535BE 16X  
Drossel, Barbara18911969535BD 16X  
Drossel {1}  538A  17XFamily Monument 
Drossel, Myrna H.19172009538AI 17X  
Drossel, Elmor B.19131978538AJ 17X  
Drossel {2}  538A  17XFamily Monument 
Drossel, Donald H.19251990538AF 17X  
Drossel, Jeanne E.19251981538AG 17X  
Eberhardy, Peter Albert19621962420B  10   
Eberhardy  421B  10XFamily Monument 
Eberhardy, Adolph I.19221988421BH 10X  
Eberhardy, Rosalind F.19231982421BG 10X  
Ehren  385  2XFamily Monument 
Ehren, William Jr.19111996385C 2X  
Ehren, Arline M.1916 384D 2X  
Ehren, Andrine O.18781955768I     
Ehren, William J. Sr.18691949768J     
Eigenberger, Vicki A.19621999394D 4X  
Eigenberger  E5   XFamily Monument - Sec beyond Trees 
Eigenberger, Rosemary G.19242010E5K  XNee Nigh 
Eigenberger, Warren A.1919 E5L  X  
Enders  656      
Enders, Julia M.19021987656H     
Enders, Casper J.19011991656I     
Engelhardt  2165  3XFamily Monument 
Engelhardt, Madeline190919782165A 3X  
Engelhardt, Harold191219842165  3   
Eppers  537B  18XFamily Monument 
Eppers, Marcy H.1930 537B  18   
Eppers, Glen D.19291997537BC 18X  
Ethel, Maria1863189618J 2X  
Evans  117  4XFamily Monument 
Evans, Helen Margaret19081994117I 4X Vol 134 Pg 229 Sheboygan Wi Death Record - B:08/11/1908 {WI} D:07/10/1994 {Sheboygan} F:August Kaveleski M:Anna Haag
Evans, Frank19041978117J 4X  
Evans, Frank L.18691954114F 4X  
Evans, Margaret N.18691959114G 4X  
Evans, Jeanne19241925114C 3X  
Evans, Martha18431920114A 3X  
Evans, Jennie18971902114D 3X Vol 27 Pg 338 B:06/20/1924 D:01/09/1925 F:Frank Evans {WI} M:Eleanor Schroeder {WI}
Evans, Lucille19001901114E 3X  
Fanslav  281E   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Faucher  44A  1XFamily Monument 
Faucher, Helen F.1914200444AD 1X SSDI B:08/04/1914 D:01/17/2004
Faucher, Louis J.1914199144AC 1X  
Feider, Joseph R.19761998384C 2X SSDI B:10/19/1976 D:01/22/1998
Feierstein  765      
Feierstein, Ann M.19061968765E     
Feierstein, Alex J.19071965766A     
Ferguson, Kathlynn19431980655C     
Ferk  3120  8XFamily Monument 
Ferk, Michael A.1944 3120D 8X  
Ferk, Sharon R.1949 3120C 8X  
Fields, Matthew Thomas19831983538BE 18X  
Fowler, Ruth Vera19141995543AD 19X SSDI B:10/18/1914 D:05/25/1995
Fowler, Ralph D.19122001543AE 19X  
Frank, Anna M.1867196216J 7X  
Franzen, Linda C.19591959282E 9X  
Friedrichs  45A  2XFamily Monument 
Friedrichs, Hildegard1905200045AD 2X  
Friedrichs, Milton1904196345AE 2X  
Friedrichsmeier  3149  9XFamily Monument 
Friedrichsmeier, Elizabeth M.190819973149A 9X US Public Records Vol 1 from for birth date and WIDI for Death date
Friedrichsmeier, William H.190219923149B 9X US Naturalization Record 1791-1992 for Birth Date from Ancestry and WIDI for Death Date
Fuller  K1  10XFamily Monument 
Fuller, Paul J.1939 K1A 10X  
Fuller, Elizabeth J.1941 K1B 10X  
Gall, Peter J.187619291132  9X  
Gall  44B  2XFamily Monument 
Gall, Helen M.1913201144B Obit2X  
Gall, Alphonso C. Sr.1911200344BC 2X SSDI B:11/21/1911 D:05/03/2003
Gall, Alphonso L. Jr.1931198644BB 2XMilitarySSDI B:12/25/1931
Gall, Karen Marie  659I   XSmall information next to Donald Gallagher with Kenneth A. Gall
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
   653I   XSmall information next to Donald Gallagher with Kenneth A. Gall
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Gallagher, Donald L.19381968653I   Military 
Gallagher  653      
Gallagher, Rose E.19122005653J     
Gallagher, John M.19071972653K     
Ganser, Curtis Paul19811981283H 8X  
Gartman, Arnold F.19081983415BC 7X  
Gebhard, Raphael C.19261956412AC 6 | XMilitary 
Gebhard  412A  6XFamily Monument 
Gebhard, Mary18931995412AD 6X SSDI B:03/30/1893 D:07/15/1995
Gebhard, Jerome18941973412AE 6 | XMilitary 
Gehrke {1}  240  9XFamily Monument 
Gehrke, Arthur18901989240H 9X  
Gehrke, Anna19041979240G 9X  
Gehrke  657      
Gehrke, Anton T.19001967657A     
Gehrke, Marie L.19061990657B     
Gilsdorf  537A  17XFamily Monument 
Gilsdorf, Jean M.19281982537AI 17X  
Gilsdorf, Richard M.1926 539AJ 17X  
Gilsdorf, Judith19521952539AH 17X  
Gilsdorf, Thomas R.19511992539AG 17X  
Gilsdorf, Marian D.19542005539AF 17X  
Glander, Kelly J.19862009420BF 20XFuneral Home Marker 
Glander  544B  20XFamily Monument 
Glander, Jeannine R.1941 544BE 10X  
Glander, Victor J.19362001544BD 20X  
Goesl, George Rev.1885197081      
Goetsch, Craig A.1968198542BA 2X  
Goetsch, Barry J.1965198142BB 2X  
Goll  659      
Goll, Rebecca18771946659H     
Goll, Charles18761938659I     
Gollner, Andrea Mae1994199413F 6X  
Gosse  653      
Gosse, Lucy19011968653G     
Gosse, Walter H.19041985653H     
Gottsacker, Marcella M.191920113118C 8 GruenkeOn Trost Monument with first husband
Graber, John18741910264  3X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 12 Pg 697 - B-05/20/1874 D-10/24/1910
Granger  16  6XFamily Monument 
Granger, Hannah E.1873195116E 6X  
Granger, Mildred J.1902195816D 6X  
Granger, Gelane E.1906198716C 6X  
Granger, Dighton H.1874193316B 6X Vol 37 Pg 81 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Dighton Granger B:10/08/1874 Town of Wilson Wi. D:10/29/1933{Sheboygan Falls Wi} F: Gilbert Granger{IL} M: Julia{WI}
Garrett  3103  6XFamily Monument 
Garrett, Walter E.1955 3103  6   
Garrett, Kathryn L.195719943103A 6X  
Gratzel  1163  9XFamily Monument 
Gratzel, Joseph187819351163A 9X  
Gratzel, Anna188319501163B 9X  
Gratzel, Mary T.190619151162  9X  
Grauman  523B  12XFamily Monument 
Grauman, Richard1938 523B  12   
Grauman, Katherine1938 523B  12   
Grauman, Lori Ann19601968523BA 12X  
Grauman, Infant19661966523BA 11XFuneral Home Marker-by Earl & Louise Salter 
Greenwood, Mae D.1900196513B 5X  
Greenwood, Albert F.1891194113A 5X  
Groeneveld  115  2XFamily Monument 
Groeneveld, Judith18371911115G 2X  
Groeneveld, Henry18361919115F 2X  
Guenther  528B  14XFamily Monument 
Guenther, Keith R.19571986528BB 14X  
Guenther, Alfred A. Sr.19201989528BB 14X SSDI B:03/04/1920 D:07/28/1989 DELAVAN
Guenther, Ethel J.19191981528BC 14X  
Guenther-Tenpas  522B  12XFamily Monument
{also see Luke Ten Pas}
Guenther, Lee R.1955 522BC 12X  
Guenther, Ellen R.1953 522BB 12X  
Guse  522A  11XFamily Monument 
Guse, Walter A. Sr.19121974522AG 11X  
Guse, Lucille M.19161984522AF 11X  
Guth  537B  18XFamily Monument 
Guth, Mary Ellen19161992537BD 18X SSDI B:09/01/1916 D:11/1992
Guth, Edward O.19191990537BE 18 | XMilitary 
Haas, Debra M.19601960282F 8X  
Haase  46  2XFamily Monument 
Haase, Patricia L.1930200146D 2XNee NettSSDI Patricia L. Haase Birth 5/3/1930 Death 5/4/2001 in Kissimmee Fl.
Haase, Milo G.1933 46  2   
Halbig {1}  374  1XFamily Monument 
Halbig, Arthur W.18951973374B 1X  
Halbig, Anna18911979374A 1X  
Halbig  770      
Halbig, Bernhard E.1923 770D     
Halbig, Frieda A.19252003770E     
Halbur, Edna Marie-Regan18921978419AD 9X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 107 Pg 128 Edna M. Halbur B-03/05/1892 Wi D-01/05/1978 Sheb.
Hall  371  2XFamily Monument 
Hall, Arthur J.19171978371D 2 | XMilitary 
Hall, Evangeline19221986371C 2X Vol 119 Pg 317 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Evangeline Hildegard Hall B:05/23/1922{WI} D:Found on 02/03/1985{Sheboygan Cty} F:George Diels M:Lena Faust
Hallisy, Timothy Jr.18751955762H     
Hallisy, Eltha18771963762G     
Hames  232  8XFamily Monument 
Hames, Wilmer P.19111976232J 8X  
Hames, Ruth M.1912 232  8 Nee Potts 
Hanke  388  3XFamily Monument 
Hanke, Louis F.18991976388B 3X  
Hanke, Josephine M.18981976388A 3X  
Hansen  660      
Hansen, Loretta M.19091974660D     
Hansen, Benedict J.19041969660E     
Hanson, Heather Marie19901990284E 9X  
Harff  1   4XFamily Monument 
Harff, Jerry1937 1   4   
Harff, Nancy J.1938 1   4 Nee Delavan 
Hartmann  522A  11XFamily Monument 
Hartmann, John19121983522AH 11 | XMilitary 
Hartmann, Elizabeth19202002522AI 11X  
Hasselhofer  123  1XFamily Monument 
Hasselhofer, Charles18921958123L 1X  
Hasselhofer, Lavina18961973123K 1X Lavina Hasselhofer SSDI B-02/05/1896 WIDI D-08/16/1973
Healy  G1-5  10XFamily Monument 
Healy, Charlotta19112001G5G 10X Vol 147 Pg 111 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Charlotta Elizabeth Healy B:09/25/1911{PA} D:03/24/2001{Sheboygan} F:Victor Hultquist M:Lola Mc Clurg
Healy, Kenneth19052000G1L 10X SSDI B:12/16/1905 D:10/26/2000
Healy, Lola Colleen19432007G1-5  10   
Heckman  530A  13XFamily Monument 
Heckman, Adell C.19292007530AG 13X SSDI B:02/21/1929 D:05/21/2007
Heckman, Elfrieda B.18931983530AF 13X  
Hefling  412B  8XFamily Monument 
Hefling, Frances J.19072004412BH 8X SSDI B:10/10/1907 D:08/20/2004
Hefling, John L.19071979412BG 8 | XMilitary 
Hefling {1}  412B  8XFamily Monument 
Hefling, Giles J.19121994412BJ 8X SSDI B:04/02/1912 D:06/02/1994
Hefling, Genevieve A.19121992412BI 8X SSDI B:07/02/1912 WIDI D:01/29/1992
Heidemann  524B  12XFamily Monument 
Heidemann, James R.1943 524B  12   
Heidemann, Elmer F.19121961524BD 12X  
Heidemann, Dorothy L.19162004524BC 12X SSDI B:03/15/1916 D:04/04/2004
Heidenreiter  421A  9XFamily Monument 
Heidenreiter, Elvera P.19151992421AB 9X SSDI Elvera Heidenreiter B:01/27/1915 D:10/24/1992
Heidenreiter, Warren D.19141986421AA 9X SSDI B:11/08/1914 D:05/1986 WIDI D:05/21/1986
Heilmann  393  3XFamily Monument 
Heilmann, Leonard J.19131984393B 3X  
Heilmann, Veronica H.19161996393A 3X  
Heimerl  767      
Heimerl, Mary18991992767C     
Heimerl, John18941963767DObit    
Hein, Jandrea Marie19831983287D 9X  
Held  375  2XFamily Monument 
Held, Raymond19191995375D 2 | XMilitarySSDI B:01/01/1919 D:10/08/1995
Held, Rita G.19212004375C 2X SSDI B:02/23/1921 D:11/21/2004
Hemschemeyer  252  1XFamily Monument 
Hemschemeyer, Armin C.19061972252C 1X  
Hemschemeyer, Mary18831959252DObit1X  
Hemschemeyer, Armin O.18781948252E 1X  
Hemschemeyer, Michael D.19401973252I 2XMilitarySSDI Michael Hemschmeyer B-11/20/1940 D-11/1973
Hemschemeyer, Richard T.19341939252J 2X  
Hemschemeyer {1}  534B  16XFamily Monument 
Hemschemeyer, Aurelia A.19081973534BA 16X  
Hemschemeyer, Bernard A.19081991534BB 16X  
Henderson  377  2XFamily Monument 
Henderson, Gary1938 377D 2X  
Henderson, Judith19382008377C 2X  
Henderson Memorial  377  2XMemorial Stone 
Hennen, Infant Son19811981283F 8X  
Herman, Judith19311977244D 1XOn Deeley Family Monument
{Also see Hertel, Carl & Katherine}
Herr  412A  6XFamily Monument 
Herr, Vivian1923 412A  6   
Herr, James19201967412ABObit6X  
Herr, James A.19201967412AB 6XMilitary 
Herrmann  384  1XFamily Monument 
Herrmann, Erma19201998384B 1X SSDI B:09/12/1920 D:05/04/1998
Herrmann, Adam John19201991384A 1X Sheboygan Wi. Death Record Vol 128 Pg 462 Adam John Herrmann B-10/2/1920 D-6/10/1991
Hetzel  G5  10XFamily Monument 
Hetzel, Janet19382007G5H 10X  
Hetzel, Jerome1933 G5  10   
Hertel, Carl19011983244A 1XOn Deeley Family Monument
{Also see Herman, Judith}
Hertel, Kathryn19041981244B 1XOn Deeley Family Monument
{Also see Herman, Judith}
Hetzel, Christopher A.19791979278I 8X  
Heus  285C   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Heus  47A  4XFamily Monument 
Heus, Katherine1881195747AH 4X Vol 68 Pg 316 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Katherine Heus B:11/29/1881 MN. D:01/18/1957 Sheboyan F:Frederick Ginsterblum M:Barbara Schumacher
Heus, John1880196647AI 4X  
Heus, Frederick A.1910198647AJ 4XMilitarySSDI BIRTH 11/09/1910
Heus, Julius N.18851967543AA 19X  
Heus, Margaret M.18861963543AB 19X  
Hietala, Michael19971997284G   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Hildebrand  14  8XFamily Monument 
Hildebrand, Jacob1825191314A 7X  
Hildebrand, Caroline1846193014B 7X  
Hildebrand, John1867193514F 8X  
Hildebrand, Frances1869195014G 8X  
Hildebrand, Joseph L.1912197814D 7X  
Hildebrand, Laverne R.1914200814E 7X  
Hildebrand, August1877196314I 8X  
Hildebrand, Fred1888194714J 8X  
Hildebrand {1}  525A  11XFamily Monument 
Hildebrand, John J.19051960525AH 11X  
Hildebrand, Dolores H.19082000525AG 11X SSDI Dolores Hildebrand B:02/25/1908 D:01/29/2000
Hill, Jacobina19041993656F     
Hill, Harry E.18991963656G   Military 
Hlavachek  417A  9XFamily Monument 
Hlavachek, Charles W.18981970417AI 9X  
Hlavachek, Anna19021976417AJ 9X  
Hocevar  280I   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Hocevar  281G   XBaby Area
{On Drawing - No Marker Found}
Hocevar  3118  7XFamily Monument 
Hocevar, Konrad191719893118B 7X SSDI B:11/25/1917 D:12/26/1989
Hocevar, Jean D.192419853118A 7X SSDI B:07/18/1924 D:08/16/1985
Hochrein  386  4XFamily Monument 
Hochrein, Ben John19011979386D 4X Sheboygan Wi. Death Record Vol 109 Pg 375 - B-12/22/1901 D-08/13/1979
Hochrein, Antoinette19011984386C 4X SSDI B:12/08/1901 D:08/1984 WIDI D:08/07/1984
Hochwitz, Joel A.19451945240A 7X  
Hochwitz  240  7XFamily Monument 
Hochwitz, Norman A.19071968240E 7X  
Hochwitz, Rose M.19112002240D 7X  
Hoeft, Henry W.19121978770G   Military 
Hoeft, Margaret Mary19151994770F     
Hoffmann, Mary E.18841929126E 3X  
Holbrook  389  3XFamily Monument 
Holbrook, Rita M.1923 389  3X  
Holbrook, Earl M.19171983389A 3XMilitary 
Holehouse, Patricia M.19312005540BE 18XNee DeeleySSDI B:05/14/1931 D:09/26/2005
Holschbach      10XFamily Monument 
Holschbach, Todd19621962    10   
Holtz  537A  17XFamily Monument 
Holtz, Thomas A.19352005537AG 17X SSDI B:12/12/1935 D:11/17/2005
Holtz, Elizabeth R.1942 537AH 17X  
Holzem, Gary A.1954198243BA 2X  
Holzschuh  45A  2XFamily Monument 
Holzschuh, Nella1875194745AA 2X Vol 53 Pg 466 Sheboygan Wi Death Record Petranella Holzschuh B:11/01/1875 D:01/01/1947 F:George Patrick{Canada} M:Josephine Fuersh{Canada}
Holzschuh, George1872194745AB 2X  
Holzschuh, Katherine M.1921199645BA 3XMilitary 
Holzschuh, Jerome1918196345BB 3XMilitary 
Hoppa, Clara L.1932 3121C 8X  
Hoppa, Raymond N.192419973121D 8 Military 
Horn, William18801936233J 8   
Horn, Alice M.18901958233I 8XNee Boos 
Horn, Edwin H.19252004233H 8X  
Howe  375  1XFamily Monument 
Howe, Norman19061993375B 1X  
Howe, Crescence19052003375A 1X  
Huebschmann  659      
Huebschmann, LeRoy E.19271975659E     
Huebschmann, Mildred A.19311980659A     
Huebschman {1}  659      
Huebschman, Alvin18831949659J     
Huebschman, Olive19021962660F     
Huebschmann, Steven Gerard19531953660B     
Huebschmann, Paula Lee19511951660B     
Huebschmann, Todd Alvin19591959660C     
Huibregtse, Clarence P.19261973654D   Military 
Husser, August186419181154  9X  
Immel  420A  9XFamily Monument 
Immel, Darwin J.19241983420AE 9X  
Immel, Gladys F.19291983420AD 9X  
Jackson, Mary1946 238  4 Wenberg 
Jacob, Colleen192819301127  9X  
Jacobs, John H.18781969239C 5X  
Jacoby  659      
Jacoby, William J.19371995659C-D   Military 
Jacoby, Joseph J.19051990659D     
Jacoby, Rose Ann19131990659C     
Jaeckels  767      
Jaeckels, Helen19021986767A     
Jaeckels, Norman M.19061963767B     
Jakubowski  3139  9XFamily Monument 
Jakubowski, Barbara L.1933 3139  9   
Jakubowski, Raymond N.193420003139B 9 | XMilitary 
Janssen  123  1XFamily Monument 
Janssen, Bernette M.19312009123N 1X  
Janssen, James W.19612009123M 1X  
Janssen, William H.19292007123M 1X  
Janssen, Joseph19241942123E 1X  
Janssen, Joel T.19561989123A 1X  
Janssen, Apolonia19021920123J 2X  
Janssen, Johnanna18631945123I 2X  
Janssen, Henry18611931123H 2X  
Janssen {2}  123  1XFamily Monument 
Janssen, Joseph {1}19241942123E 1X  
Janssen, Frances18961992123D 1X  
Janssen, William18921971123C 1X  
Janssen {3}  116  2XFamily Monument 
Janssen, William18691872116J 2X  
Janssen, Stephen18391923116I 2X  
Janssen, Gertrude18371901116G 2X  
Janssen, Joseph18801893116F 2X  
Janssen {1}  231  2XFamily Monument 
Janssen, Thomas C.19601993231G 2X  
Janssen {4}  2166  5XFamily Monument 
Janssen, Agnes189019622166A 5X  
Janssen, Edwin189019682166BObit5X  
Janssen {5}  2166  5XFamily Monument 
Janssen, Nancy C.1937 2166E 5   
Janssen, Clemens H.192520052166E 5X  
Jesky  764      
Jesky, Anna M.18711952764I     
Jesky, Thomas A.18691952764J     
Joa  1167  5XFamily Monument 
Joa, Curt G., II192719531167E 5X  
Joa, Martha Frieda190719991167F 5X  
Joa, Curt George190319981167G 5X  
Jochmann  531A  13XFamily Monument 
Jochmann, Donna Mae19442000531AH 13X  
Jochmann, William1944 531AG 13X  
Johnson, Michelle Marie19671967279J 8X  
Johnson  655      
Johnson, Armilla C.19121993655A     
Johnson, Clifford L.19051986655B     
Julliand, Mary186019181155  9X  
Justinger, Loretta19121932242C 5X  
Justinger, Catherine18701945242D 5X  
Justinger, Math18711931242E 5X  
Justinger  545A  19XFamily Monument 
Justinger, Anna19001996545AB 19X SSDI B:05/19/1900 D:02/16/1996
Justinger, Anton M.18961968545AA 19X  
Justinger, Joseph19331950545AC 19X  
Justinger, Aloysius J.19272003545BA 20X  
Justinger {1}  545B  20XFamily Monument 
Justinger, Aloysius J.19272003545BA 20XMilitary 
Justinger, Cora C.19301991545BB 20X SSDI D:01/16/1991
Kachur, Joseph J.18951978234BD 6XMilitary 
Kaeser, Ruth J.19271944126D 3X  
Kaeser  126  3XFamily Monument 
Kaeser, Emma M.18941972126A 3X  
Kaeser, William H.18941969126B 3X  
Kaiser, Katherine189519871148  9XPongratzSheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 121 Pg 404 B-11/25/1895 D-04/30/1987 F-Joseph Schmidt M-Theresa Farkus
Kalupa, Edward C.191620003132D1 8X SSDI B:10/05/1916 D:10/13/2000
Kalupa, Annabelle L.191319933132D 8X  
Kalupa, Leonard S.190719893133D 8X SSDI B:10/05/1916 D:10/13/2000
Kampmann  119  7XFamily Monument 
Kampmann, Victor F.19152010119A 7X  
Kampmann, Helen M.19211993119B 7X  
Kampmann, Mary18621934112D 7X  
Kampmann, Peter18571921112E 7X  
Kampmann, Arthur J.19061992387D 4X  
Kampmann, Marie J.19051985387C 4X  
Kampmann {1}  389  4XFamily Monument 
Kampmann, Robert H.19302006389D 2X  
Kampmann, Corrine C.1933 389  4   
Kane  119  8XFamily Monument 
Kane, Dorothy C.19252007119H 8X  
Kane, Melvin M.19251990119I 8X  
Kane, Melvin M.19251990119I 8XMilitary 
Kapellen  F5  10XFamily Monument 
Kapellen, Joseph E.1929 F5G 10X  
Kapellen, Doris M.1933 F5L 10X  
Karbe, James Edward19421961241H 8 Military 
Karls  761      
Karls, Ambrose19121951763I     
Karls, Henry P.19011969761B     
Karsa, Fannie189819842165E 3XNee Tenn
On Tenn Family Monument
Kastelic, Douglas R.195320012166D 5X SSDI - B-04/07/1953 D-10/19/2001
Kastelic, Isabelle192319852166C 5X SSDI - B-05/06/1923 D-01/29/1985
Kasten, Marie18941950232G 8X  
Kasten, Frank18841926232F 8X  
Kasten  653      
Kasten, Genevieve19031994653E     
Kasten, Otto C.18991973653F     
Kastner, Eugene J.19171962768A   Military 
Kastner, Loraine M.19162009767E     
Kees  653      
Kees, Rosamond A.19172001653L     
Kees, Roland M.19121996653M     
Keippel, Walter M.1917 412BF 7X  
Kelly, Mary Louise191419923116D 6X  
Kelm, Edward E.19091967529AH 13XMilitary 
Kendl, Frank18761956129J 8X  
Kennedy  111  8XFamily Monument 
Kennedy, Mary L.18461928111H 8X  
Kennedy, Adalbert A.18851919111I 8X  
Kennedy, Charles J.18451913111J 8X  
Kestell, Clayton J.19751998J1A 11X SSDI B:10/23/1975 D:07/19/1998
Kevin, Hugh1904198619E 3X  
Kevin, Louise1908196719D 3XDelevan 
Keyes  F5  10XFamily Monument 
Keyes, Thomas L.1931 F5H 10X  
Keyes, Kathleen H.1937 F5I 10X  
Kildea, Mary Louise19362007524AH 11X  
Kildea, Mark R.19651965524AH 11X  
Kirk, Baby  1164G 9X  
Klein  653      
Klein, Leona M.19031993653C     
Klein, Roman J.19021975653D     
Klinzing  764      
Klinzing, Margaret19091964764D     
Klinzing, Roman19021996764E     
Klopf  373  2XFamily Monument 
Klopf, Clarence G.19101987373D 2X SSDI B:04/02/1910 D:12/10/1987
Klopf, Josephine19081999373C 2X SSDI B:03/28/1908 D:12/30/1999
Klotz, Elizabeth183019061159  9X Vol 10 Pg 99 Sheboygan Wi Death Record B:06/19/1830 {Germany} D:07/25/1906 {Sheboygan Falls} Husband:John Klotz Maiden Name: Bohman
Koch-Mischock  532B  16XFamily Monument 
Koch, Mary Eileen19111990532BA 16XNee RebecheckSSDI B:05/12/1911 D:10/28/1990
Koch  766      
Koch, Rita S.19171963766D     
Koch, Vincent J.19152000766E     
Koene  130  1XFamily Monument 
Koene, Judith Ann19591982130E 1X  
Koene, Erika Ann19221991130D 1X Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 128 Pg 349 Erika Ann Koene B-01/05/1922 D-04/05/1991
Koene, Norbert P.19201997130C 1X  
Koene {1}  130  1XFamily Monument 
Koene, Herbert W.18981950130A 1X  
Koene, Norma L.19011991130B 1X  
Koene {4}  130  1XFamily Monument 
Koene, Herbert W.{1}18981950130A 1X  
Koene, Norma {1}19011991130B 1X  
Koene {5}  124  2XFamily Monument 
Koene, Anton18261905124H 2X  
Koene, Ida18831932124J 2X  
Koene, Dora18441914124I 2X  
Koene, Anton {1}18261905124H 2X  
Koene {6}  124  2XFamily Monument 
Koene, Robert A.19272007124F 2X  
Koene, Dorathea G.1927 124G 2X  
Koene, Robert A.19272007124F 2XMilitarySSDI verified
Koene, Emma18901913130J 2X  
Koene, Mother18581924130I 2X  
Koene, Father18611924130H 2X  
Koene {7}  130  2XFamily Monument 
Koene, Evelyn M.19112002130F 2X  
Koene, Peter L.18931965130G 2X  
Koene, Edwin P.19131913236J 2X  
Koene, William18681951236G 2X  
Koene, Gertrude18841918236H 2X  
Koene {2}  236  1XFamily Monument 
Koene, William19441962236D 1X  
Koene, Rogene19401941236E 1X  
Koene Memorial  236  1XMemorial Stone 
Koene {3}  236  1XFamily Monument 
Koene, Roman19161993236B 1X  
Koene, Lucille19202000236C 1X  
Koene, Roger W.19461966236A 1X  
Koene, Roman J.194620112   1X  
Koenigs  15  7XFamily Monument 
Koenigs, Andrew John1905198715B 7X Middle Name from Church Records-Sheboygan Wi Death Record Vol 121 Pg 362 - B-10/11/1905 D-04/08/1987
Koenigs, Theresa1874194115C 7X  
Koenigs, Christ1874194415D 7X  
Koenigs, Monroe1902192015E 7X  
Kohlhagen, Penelope A.1946 42A  1   
Kohlmann  765      
Kohlmann, Mathilda18911983765A     
Kohlmann, William18961966765B     
Kolb  530B  14XFamily Monument 
Kolb, Nola C.19051992530BC 14X SSDI B:08/12/1905 WIDI D:07/08/1992
Kolb, Alex H.19031979530BD 14X  
Kolberg, Melora1919 245  1   
Kolberg, William H.19161957245D 1X  
Konz, Brittany Marie19851986285A 9X  
Korff, Josephine C.18861968233D 7X  
Korff, Rudolph A.18921926233E 7X  
Kraus, Martin J.19081968542AB 19X  
Kraus, Joseph A.19101974542AC 19XMilitary 
Kraus  542A  19XFamily Monument 
Kraus, Mary18841959542AE 19X  
Kraus, Frank18791955542AD 19X  
Kraus {1}  542B  20XFamily Monument 
Kraus, Frank J.19061985542BH 20X SSDI B:03/07/1906 WIDI D:06/10/1985
Kraus, Evelyn M.19091999542BG 20X SSDI B:09/20/1909 D:01/13/1999
Kraus, Frederick M.19452000542BM 20X SSDI B:07/15/1945 D:02/05/2000
Krebsbach, Gladys G.1921 550  21   
Krebsbach, Elmer F.19171990550D 21XMilitarySSDI B:02/15/1917 D:09/24/1990
Krebsbach, Jeanette M.19051992761      
Krebsbach, Robert E.19511960768D     
Kretschmann  C3  10XFamily Monument 
Kretschmann, Richard A.19392005C3K 10X  
Kretschmann, Karen A.19452007C3L 10X  
Kretschmann, Anton P.19081975112J 8X  
Kretschmann, Hildegard S.193420031142  9X Vol 152 Pg 226 D:09/27/2003
Kretschmann, Ignatius186619381128  9X  
Kretschmann, Marie19111946112I 8X  
Kretschmann, John19031992527AJ 13X  
Kreutz, Harold191719241133  9X  
Krob, James V.18851951660G     
Krueger, Gerhart F.19192005231H 2XMilitary 
Krueger, Alice C.19202001231I 2XNee PetrieSSDI VERIFIED DATES

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