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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter Z

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Zabel, AugustBlk03E/2-50 July 7, 1887Son; August Zabel Lot
Zabel, AugustBlk03E/2-50 March 24, 1897Owner
Zabel, CarolineBlk24 A 92 DJan. 28, 1958Daughter; Robert Zabel Plot Owner
Zabel, CharlesBlk03E/2-50 Dec. 27, 1935Son; August Zabel Lot
Zabel, ErnstineBlk03E/2-50 March 15, 1902Wife; August Zabel Lot
Zabel, HenriettaBlk3724/3 Oct. 4, 1887Free Ground
Zabel, MaryBlk03E/2-50 Jan. 12, 1929Daughter; August Zabel Lot
Zabel, MinnieSec16N/2-82 Nov. 15, 1937William Zabel Lot
Zabel, Oliver  Scattering
 May 23, 1995Husband (Winnifred Zabel Lot)
Zabel, WilliamSec16N/2-82 June 25, 1964Owner
Zachow, AugustBlk09N/2-5 July 13, 1951Jointly Owned by August & Marie Zachow
Zachow, CarlBlk16N/2-10 April 15, 1887John Zachow Lot
Zachow, CharlotteSec11 196March 29, 1968Owner Huettl Lot
Zachow, EmmaBlk097  Fred Zachow Lot
Zachow, ErnstBlk09N/2-5 Aug. 5, 1929August & Marie Zachow Lot
Zachow, FredBlk09N/2-7 April 19, 1888Owner
Zachow, FriederickBlk097  Wife; Fred Zachow Lot
Zachow, HazelBlk16N/2-10 Sept. 17, 1880John Zachow Lot
Zachow, JoachimBlk097 April 11, 1881Fred Zachow Lot
Zachow, JohnBlk16N/2-10 Dec. 10, 1884Owner
Zachow, LauraSec14S/2-15 June 29, 1950Owner
Zachow, LouisSec14S/2-15 July 12, 1945Son??; Mrs. Wm. Zachow Lot
Zachow, MarieBlk09N/2-5 Oct. 11, 1941Daughter-in-law; August & Marie Zachow Lot
Zachow, WilliamSec14S/2-15 Oct. 15, 1930Husband; Mrs. William Zachow Lot
Zaegel, AgnesBlk0310  Wife; Max Zagel (sic) Lot
Zaegel, CarlBlk039  Chas Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, CarlBlk0310 Feb. 17, 1899Max Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, DaisyBlk0310  Max Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, HelenBlk039 Aug. 21, 1925Charles Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, LeonaBlk0310 May 6, 1953Daughter-in-law; Max R. Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, LouiseBlk039  Charles Zaegel Lot
Zaegel, MaxBlk0310 Oct. 8, 1934Owner
Zaegel, MollieBlk0310 Aug. 4, 1970Wife
Zaegel, RobertBlk0310 July 18, 1960Son; Max R. Zaegel Lot
Zager, AlbertSec12144 March 17, 1936Potter's Field
Zagortz, CeceliaSec01S 2/3 of W/2 S/
 April 3, 1943Wife
Zahilas, AchillesSec16 A 93May 17, 1955 
Zahn, AugustBlk07S/2-10 March 17, 1928Owner
Zahn, EdnaSec14155 Feb. 28, 1966Owner
Zahn, LenoreSec03E/2 N/2-55 Nov. 22, 1960She Was Owner Under Name of Mrs. Wm. Siewert
Zahn, LynnSec14155 May 8, 1995Daughter; (Oscar & Edna Zahn Lot)
Zahn, MaryBlk07S/2-10 March 12, 1929August Zahn Lot
Zahn, NancySec14155 March 17, 1948Daughter; Oscar & Edna Zahn Lot
Zahn, OscarSec14155 March 30, 1950Co-Owner With Wife Edna Zahn
Zahn, ThecklaSec10N/2-20 June 16, 1924Mrs. E. Gundermann Lot
Zahn, TillieBlk07S/2-10 Sept. 3, 1900August Zahn Lot
Zahn, WilliamSec03N/2-55 Sept. 19, 19582nd Husband; Mrs. Wm. Siewert Lot
Zahnow, MargaretBlk34S/2-37 May 31, 1991Daughter; Ludwig Engel Lot
Zahnow, MarthaBlk34S/2-37 June 9, 1965Daughter; Ludwig Engel Lot
Zahnow, WilliamBlk34S/2-37 Nov. 29, 1949Son-in-law; Ludwig Engel Lot
Zajkowski, WalterSec16S/2-29 May 7, 1973Son-in-law; Otto Winningstad Lot
Zaleskas, AnnaSec16 A 343Oct. 1, 1987Wife
Zaleskas, JosephSec16 A 342Sept. 16, 1968Owner
Zaletel, InfantBlk37  May 16, 1942Potter's Field
Zalor, AntonSec12 19March 23, 1954Potter's Field
Zamibaka, LefterSec5 B198 July 9, 1927Ernst Widder Purchased Lot
Zand, LambertSec11 622May 6, 1940Henry J. Zand Purchased Lot
Zanke, Frieda    Sept. 1, 1901 
Zarek, JeanSec01S/2-110 Jan. 28, 1982Mrs. Robert Zarek Lot
Zarek, RobertSec01S/2-110 Nov. 7, 1962Husband
Zarkovich, GeorgeSec12 A 211Feb. 24, 1960 
Zarling, ErwinSec093  Henry Zarling Lot
Zarling, HenrySec093 April 25, 1927Owner
Zarling, MinnieSec093 Feb. 28, 1946Wife; Henry Zarling Lot
Zastoupil, AnnisSec14South 1/2 of 10 June 22, 1993She Was Owner; (Annis Van Horn Lot)
Zastoupil, AnnisSec14S/2-126 June 22, 1993Own Annis Van Horn Lot; 1st Husb. G. Van Horn
Zastoupil, EleanorSec17158 Feb. 3, 1954Joint Ownership Between Wm. And Eleanor
Zastoupil, JamesSec17158 Dec. 23, 1950Grandson; Wm. & Eleanore Zastoupil Lot
Zastoupil, WilliamSec17158 June 11, 1977William & Eleanore Zastoupil Lot
Zastrow, ArthurSec16 B 161Feb. 3, 1975Father; Yvonne Launer Lot
Zastrow, ElsieSec16 B 160May 14, 1973Mother; Yvonne Launer Lot
Zastrow, ErnaSec06N/2-10  Daughter; Reinhard Zastrow Lot
Zastrow, IdaSec06E/2 N/2-10 Sept. 9, 1957Wife; Reinhard Zastrow Lot
Zastrow, ReinhardSec06N/2-10 April 5, 1944Owner
Zastrow, WayneSec17 A 80Dec. 1, 1999Co-Owner With Wife, Betty
Zcekev, LouisSec11 496Sept. 19, 1936Owner
Zebell, ErnestineBlk2S/2-35  Chas Kusserow Lot
Zeemann, JacobBlk37  Feb. 1, 1907 
Zehms, ChristineBlk19S/2-13  Gottfried Zehms Lot
Zehms, DoraBlk19N/2-13 Oct. 25, 1888Gottfried Zehms Lot
Zehms, DoratheaBlk19S/2-13  Gottfried Zehms Lot
Zehms, ErnaSec15N/2-82 July 6, 1973Carl Zehms Lot
Zehms, GottfriedBlk19S/2-13 April 15, 1924Owner
Zehms, HenrySec15N/2-82 Nov. 6, 1945Father; Carl Zehms Lot
Zehms, MathildaSec1E/2 - N/2-9 Aug. 10, 1927William Zehms Lot
Zehms, WilliamSec1E/4-9  Owner
Zehms, WilliamBlk31S/2-17 Oct. 28, 1933Johanna Darr Lot
Zehns, Baby  15/3 August 18, 1886Free Ground
Zeidema, GeertBlk378/3 Nov. 24, 1885 
Zeidema, GeertBlk378/3 Nov. 24, 1885 
Zeineman, PaulaBlk3645 March, 1894Grave Originally Purchased by Charles Ze {sic}
Zeinemann, ArnoSec19S/2-65 March 4, 1987Co-Owner With Wife
Zeinemann, AugustSec2N/2-12 March 3, 1962Son-in-Law; Chas. Quadder Lot
Zeinemann, Baby    March 10, 1902 
Zeinemann, CarlSec1N/2-57 Sept. 28, 1933Theresa Eickmeyer Lot
Zeinemann, DavidSec19S/2-97 Dec. 26, 1981Mrs. Dorothy Zeinemann Lot
Zeinemann, EstherSec19S/2-65 Aug. 6, 1987Co-Owner With Husband
Zeinemann, FriedaSec2N/2-12 Jan. 31, 1959Daughter; Chas. Quadder Lot
Zeinemann, GertrudeSec2028 July 15, 1997Daughter (Wm. & Vera Zeinemann Lot)
Zeinemann, MabelSec2N/2-12  Chas. Quadder Lot
Zeinemann, RichardSec19S/2-98 July 12, 1974Husband
Zeinemann, RobertSec19S/2-97 Sept. 2, 1967Husband
Zeinemann, RolandSec2N/2-12 May 27, 1948Grandson; Chas. Quadder Lot
Zeinemann, VeraSec2028 June 23, 1976Owner
Zeinemann, WalterBlk37  Sept. 24, 1898Free Ground
Zeinemann, WilhelminaSec1N/2-57 Jan. 12, 1938Theresa Eickmeyer
Zeinemann, WilliamSec2028 April 8, 1969Owner
Zeiske, GeorgeSec5 B294 April 16, 1928Single Grave; Ed Hirt Purchased Lot
Zeiske, InfantSec4 A120  George Zeiske Purchased Lot
Zeiske, MinnieBlk31E/2 - N/2-25 Sept. 9, 1925Henry & Wm. Lindemann Lot
Zeiss, AntonSec5 B 170Aug. 31, 1943 
Zeiss, IdaSec5 B169  Anton Zeiss Lot
Zeitler, BenitaSec14N/2-95 March 2, 1970Daughter; Charles Baumann Lot
Zeitler, EdgarSec14N/2-95 June 17, 1960Son-in-Law; Mrs. Charles Baumann Lot
Zeitler, RaymondSec21E 1/2-49 Aug. 29, 1991Husband (Jeanne Zeitler Lot)
Zelade, Infant    Feb. 8, 1895 
Zelle, AlbertSec21S/2-28 Aug. 16, 1960Co-Owner with Wife
Zelle, AlvinaSec21N/2-15 Jan. 29, 1970Wife
Zelle, ChristianBlk31E/2 - N/2-34 Nov. 19, 1935Owner (Deeded W/2 - N/2 to William Sand & ){sic}
Zelle, EdwardSec3E/2 - N/2-78  Mrs. Ed. Zelle Lot
Zelle, ElsieSec21S/2-28 Feb. 20, 1960Co-Owner with Husband, Albert
Zelle, EmmaSec3S/2-74 Sept. 24, 1949Mother
Zelle, IdaSec3E/2 - N/2-78 June 16, 1954Owner
Zelle, LenaBlk31E/2 - N/2-34 Dec. 2, 1954Wife (Christ Zelle Lot)
Zelle, RaymondSec21N/2-15 Oct. 2, 1984Robert Zelle Lot
Zelle, RobertSec21N/2-15 March 12, 1946Husband
Zellner, MarieSec19S/2-9 Nov. 22, 1993She was Owner of Lot
Zemke, HenrySec12195 June 10, 1931Potters Field
Zenk, ErnestSec16 A 638Aug. 3, 1977Co-Owner with Wife, Irma
Zenk, IrmaSec16 A 637June 8, 1999Co-Owner with Husband, Ernest
Zenke, DorothySec316 Oct. 20, 1977Edward Duenkel Lot
Zenke, DorothyBlk31S/2-265Dec. 3, 1974Owner
Zenke, HenryBlk31S/2-14  Owner
Zenke, HowardSec316 May 8, 1974Son-in-Law; Edward Duenkel Lot
Zenke, MetaBlk31S/2-14 Sept. 16, 1970Daughter-in-Law; Henry Zenke Lot
Zenke, WilhelmineBlk31S/2-14 Dec. 31, 1919Henry Zenke Lot
Zenke, WilhelmineBlk31S/2-14 June 30, 1898Henry Zenke Lot
Zenke, WilliamBlk31S/2-14 Aug. 24, 1964Son
Zenker, ArnoldBlk2S/2-2 Dec. 31, 1976Mother; Mary Zenker Lot
Zenker, FerdinandBlk2S/2-2 July 7, 1952Husband; Mary Zenker Lot
Zenker, KurtBlk2S/2-2 June 24, 1898Mary Zenker Lot
Zenker, MaryBlk2S/2-2 Feb. 6, 1950Mary Zenker Lot
Zenker, OswaldBlk2S/2-2 Nov. 6, 1979Mary Zenker Lot
Zeorb, InfantBlk3651 Aug. 26, 1897Richard Eisold Purchased Lot
Zerler, ArthurBlk33E/2 - N/2-20 Jan. 17, 1950Son-in-Law
Zerler, JuliusBlk24E/2 - S/2-8 March 18, 1940Mrs. Otto England Lot
Zerler, KathrynBlk24S/2-8 Aug. 4, 1948Mrs. Otto England Lot
Zerler, VernaBlk33E/2 - N/2-20 April 2, 1982Arthur Ley & Mrs. Arthur Zerler Lot
Zerrenner, AlbertSec17188 June 28, 1952Father; Orville Zerrenner Lot
Zerrenner, EmmaSec17188 Jan. 6, 1978Orville F. Zerrenner Lot
Zerrenner, OrvilleSec17188 Feb. 18, 1961Owner
Zettel, Minnetta    Dec. 2, 1985Scattering Garden
Zetzsche, AugustaSec3N/2-88 Dec. 7, 1937William Zetzsche Lot
Zetzsche, CurtSec12 49Dec. 2, 1946Potters Field
Zetzsche, WilhelmineSec3N/2-88  William Zetzsche Lot
Zetzsche, WilliamSec3N/2-88 May 27, 1940Owner
Zeuner, AdolphBlk22N/2-5  Christian Klein Lot
Zeuner, HenrySec15S/2-50 June 22, 1934Burial on Helen Schedler Lot
Zeuner, JohannaSec15S/2-50 Sept. 12, 1963Sister; Helen Schedler Lot
Zeuner, RosalieBlk22N/2-5 Feb. 27, 1961Daughter; Christian Klein Lot
Zicha, EvaSec10N/2-21  Joseph Zicha, Sr. Lot
Zicha, JosephSec10N/2-21  Joseph Zicha, Sr. Lot
Zick, ArdellaBlk30S/2-38 Aug. 20, 1975Daughter; Elmer Colton Lot
Zick, EarlBlk30S/2-38 Sept. 15, 1977Son-in-Law; Elmer Colton Lot
Zickard, Sophia    Sept. 10, 1883 
Zickhart, AugusteBlk24S/2-21  Was Henry Zickhart Lot - Sold to Edith K {sic}
Zickhart, HenryBlk24S/2-21 Sept. 22, 1926Owner - Sold to Edith Kindlespire
Ziegler, AdelaSec3S/2-73 Jan. 14, 1925Frank Nickish Lot
Ziegler, AdolphBlk87  Mrs. G. Reinnoldt Lot
Ziegler, AlbertBlk2326 July 23, 1892August Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, AugusteSec2N/2-60  Owner
Ziegler, ChristophSec2N/2-60 March 26, 1904Augusta Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, EdgarSec15N/2-60 Dec. 28, 1955Son; Herman Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, FrederickSec19S/2-41 Dec. 3, 1985Owner
Ziegler, GeorgeSec2N/2-60  Augusta Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, GladysSec17S/2-132 Jan. 4, 1994Daughter-in-Law; Irvin C. Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, GladysSec17S/2-132 Jan. 4, 1993Daughter-in-Law; Irvin C. Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, HarryBlk3715/2 {sic} Jan. 29, 1899Free Ground
Ziegler, HermanSec15N/2-60 March 5, 1957Owner
Ziegler, IrvinSec17S/2-132 June 3, 1959Father; Irvin C. Ziegle {sic} Lot Owner
Ziegler, JennieSec15N/2-60 March 7, 1944Wife
Ziegler, JuliaBlk87 March 28, 1931Mrs. G. Reinnoldt Lot
Ziegler, MinnieSec2N/2-60 April 11, 1940Augusta Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, OttoSec2N/2-60 Jan. 17, 1924Son; Augusta Ziegler Lot
Ziegler, RoseSec17S/2-132 May 14, 1988 
Ziehrath, AugustBlk1423 Sept. 28, 1882Wm. Zirath Lot {sic}
Ziehrath, EstellaBlk1423 Sept. 2, 1881Wm. Zirath Lot {sic}
Ziehrath, LizzieBlk1423 May 27, 1884Wm. Zirath Lot {sic}
Zieloski, IlmaBlk3037 April 17, 1965Daughter; George Schoerger Lot
Zierath, August      
Zierath, KatherineBlk1423 Dec. 27, 1904Wm. Zirath Lot
Zierath, MargaretBlk1423 Feb. 26, 1924Wm. Zirath Lot
Zierath, WilliamBlk1423  Wm. Zirath Lot
Zierer, AugustaSec1018 Oct. 2, 1965Step-Daughter; L. A. Bentz Lot
Zierer, RupertSec1018 May 19, 1947Step-Son-in-Law; L. A. Bentz Lot
Ziffrin, InfantBlk24 A 63 BDec. 2, 1941 
Zillier, AntonietteSec1048  Julian Zillier was Original Owner
Zillier, CarlBlk131  Owner
Zillier, FrederickBlk131 March 31, 1936Carl Zillier Lot
Zillier, HildaBlk131 May 12, 1937Carl Zillier Lot
Zillier, JuliaBlk131  Carl Zillier Lot
Zillier, JuliusSec1048 April 1, 1942Owner
Zillner, FrankSec19N/2-90 Feb. 25, 1974Husband
Zillner, LynnSec19N/2-90 June 3, 1976Arthur Zillner Lot
Zillner, MarieSec19S/2-90 Nov. 22, 1993Owner
Zimbal, AnnaSec1S/2-92 March 3, 1927Oscar Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, Arbo {sic}Blk3444 June 17, 1891Edward Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, ArthurSec3S/2-35 Dec. 28, 1961Owner
Zimbal, Aug.Blk11N/2-90 Feb. 25, 1903Owner
Zimbal, AugustaSec14140 Dec. 11, 1961Wife; Paul Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, AureliaSec3S/2-35 Oct. 8, 1999Wife; Roland Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, BabyBlk11N/2-9 June 15, 1885August Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, ChristianBlk11N/2-9  August Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, EdwardBlk3444 Aug. 6, 1931Owner
Zimbal, ElenoreSec335  Herman Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, ErnestBlk34S/2-44 Dec. 18, 1941Son; Edward Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, HattieBlk34S/2-44  Edward Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, HermanSec3N/2-35 June 27, 1927Owner
Zimbal, InfantBlk3444 June 25, 1892Edward Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, InfantBlk11N/2-9  August Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, MaryBlk3444 Oct. 19, 1923Wife; Edward Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, MinnieSec3N/2-35 May 20, 1936Herman Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, OmarSec1S/2-92  Oscar Zimbal Lot
Zimbal, OscarSec1S/2-92 Nov. 3, 1926Owner
Zimbal, PaulSec14140 June 24, 1950Owner
Zimbal, RolandSec3S/2-35 Feb. 8, 1975Owner
Zimmer, KatherineBlk24 A57 A Sept. 23, 1963Daughter
Zimmer, Mary    Dec. 10, 1903 
Zimmerman,     Aug. 30, 1884 
Zimmerman, Blk2979 Sept. 15, 1889 
Zimmerman, AnnaBlk10N/2-45 May 9, 1964Wife; Art Zimmerman Lot
Zimmerman, ArthurSec10N/2-45 March 24, 1965Owner
Zimmerman, Caroline    Feb. 29, 1900 
Zimmerman, CharlesSec11 634Sept. 18, 1942Father-in-Law; Mrs. Hilda Zimmerman Plot
Zimmerman, ChristinaBlk76 Sept. 5, 1897Wife of Fred who was Original Lot Owner
Zimmerman, EdSec12242 April 27, 1931Potter's Field
Zimmerman, EmmaSec16W/2-98 May 9, 1946Mother; Owner is Hildegarde Lattin
Zimmerman, FredrichBlk76 May 9, 1895Owner
Zimmerman, HarveyBlk16N/2-14 Dec. 22, 1901William & Minnie Zimmerman Lot
Zimmerman, HenryBlk30S/2-30 Oct. 20, 1890 
Zimmerman, HermanSec12 82Sept. 20, 1941Potter's Field
Zimmerman, InfantBlk3761 March 1, 1893Free Ground
Zimmerman, JacobBlk3761 Dec. 2, 1891Free Ground
Zimmerman, LillianBlk16N/2-14 Aug. 17, 1899William & Minnie Zimmerman Lot
Zimmerman, Louise    Aug. 18, 1884 
Zimmerman, RaymondSec10N/2-45 Oct. 25, 1972Son; Art Zimmerman Lot
Zimmerman, TillieBlk37  Sept. 18, 1895Free Ground
Zimmermann, AbrahamSec2S/2-35 July 1, 1897Husband; Anna Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, AdolphSec15N/2-78 Oct. 14, 1996Son (Elizabeth Zimmermann Lot)
Zimmermann, AliceSec3109 Feb. 16, 1993Daughter-in-Law; Mrs. Louis Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, AnastasiaSec15N/2-78 Dec. 16, 1985Elizabeth Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, AnnaSec2S/2-35 May 6, 1946Owner
Zimmermann, AnnaBlk7E/2 - N/2-6 March 10, 1949Wife
Zimmermann, AnnaSec16N/2-26 Sept. 9, 1965Daughter; Anton Magsamen Lot
Zimmermann, Arthur     Son; Arthur Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, BerthaBlk7W/2 - S/2-7 April 12, 1947She and Emilie were Joint Owners
Zimmermann, DorothySec3109 Nov. 22, 1989Daughter-in-Law; Louis Zimmermann Lot Owner
Zimmermann, ElizabethSec15N/2-78 Nov. 18, 1966Owner
Zimmermann, EmilyBlk7W/2-6 Aug. 19, 1953Joint Tenant with Bertha, Her Sister
Zimmermann, EmmaSec16 A 188April 25, 1956Wife
Zimmermann, EugeneSec16N/2-26 Nov. 17, 1995Grandson (Anton Magsamen Lot)
Zimmermann, FredSec16N/2-26 Aug. 12, 1964Son-in-Law; Anton Magsamen Lot
Zimmermann, FrederickSec10N/2-45   
Zimmermann, GeorgeSec16W/2-98 Dec. 12, 1951Father; Mrs. Hildegarde Lattin Lot
Zimmermann, GeorgeBlk101  F. R. Townsend Lot
Zimmermann, HerbertSec3109 May 14, 1966Son; Mrs. Louis Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, InfantBlk30S/2-3   
Zimmermann, JuliusSec2S/2-30 Jan. 23, 1898Minna Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, LelandSec3109 Sept. 26, 1956Son; Mrs. Louis Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, LilySec2S/2-35 Aug. 30, 1902Anna Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, LouisSec3109  Mrs. Louis Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, MinnieBlk16N/2-14 Oct. 5, 1942Wm. and Minnie Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, RobertSec15N/2-78 April 29, 1943Elizabeth M. Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, StephenSec15N/2-78 Oct. 9, 1975Elizabeth Zimmermann Lot
Zimmermann, WilhelmineSec4 B199  William Zimmermann Purchased Lot
Zimmermann, WilliamSec16 A 189Oct. 1, 1970Owner
Zimmermann, WilliamBlk16N/2-14 Sept. 11, 1951Owner
Zimmermann, WilliamSec4 B200  Owner
Zimmermann, WilliamBlk76 Dec. 9, 1937 
Zindel, AndreasBlk30N/2-16 June 4, 1899August Bulefeld Lot (Was Andrew Zindel Lot)
Zindel, CarolinaBlk30N/2-16 Nov. 1, 1902August Bielefeld Lot (Was Andrew Zindel Lot)
Zindel, CharlesBlk30N/2-16 Feb. 20, 1929August Bielefeld Lot (Was Andrew Zindel Lot)
Zinkgraf, ElsieSec9S/2-29 Oct. 13, 1961Wife
Zinkgraf, GeorgeSec9S/2-29 Dec. 1, 1930Owner
Zinkgraff, JohnSec9S/2-29  George Zinkgraff Lot
Zinn,     March 3, 1881 
Zirath, AugustBlk1423 Jan. 7, 1892Wm. Zirath Lot
Zirath, ElizabethBlk1423 Nov. 27, 1891William Zirath Lot
Zirbes, GertrudeSec16 A 349Dec. 11, 1974Owner
Zirbes, WalterSec16 A 348July 11, 1964Owner
Zitld, H.    Oct. 15, 1903 
Zittel, JeromeSec16S/2 - W/2-99 June 30, 1947Son; Ray & Charlotte Zittel Lot
Zittel, JohnSec17 A  May 28, 1986Owner
Zittel, ReinholdSec21W/2 - N/2-26 Aug. 29, 1996Co-Owner with Wife
Zittel, RoseSec16N/2 - W/2-99 April 27, 1955Joint Ownership Between Christ and Rose
Zittel, WilmaSec17 A 4March 29, 1990Wife; John & Wilma Zittel Lot Owner
Zlodi, MatthewSec191521April 2, 1973Cousin; Agnes Melanz Lot
Zoch, Elsa    Aug. 23, 1905 
Zoerb, AntonSec292 Aug. 1, 1958Owner
Zoerb, ClarenceBlk32S/2-3 May 8, 1981Peter Zoerb Lot
Zoerb, EarlSec292  Anton Zoerb Lot
Zoerb, Emil    March 2, 1904 
Zoerb, EmmaSec292 Oct. 20, 1953Wife; Anton Zoerb Lot
Zoerb, ErwinSec292  Anton Zoerb Lot
Zoerb, FlorenceBlk32S/2-3 Aug. 22, 1970Daughter-in-Law; Peter Zoerb Lot
Zoerb, LydiaBlk32S/2-3 April 12, 1960She and Husband were Lot Owners
Zoerb, PeterBlk32S/2-3 Sept. 21, 1942He and Lydia were Co-Owners
Zoerner, BabyBlk342 Feb. 27, 1888Alfred Marschner Lot
Zoerner, EleanorSec1N/2-45 June 7, 1945Mary Ann Zoerner Lot
Zoerner, GertrudeSec1N/2-45  Mary Ann Zoerner Lot
Zoerner, GustavSec1N/2-45  Mary Ann Zoerner Lot
Zoerner, KatyBlk342 Jan. 6, 1890Alfred Marschner Lot
Zoerner, MarianaSec1N/2-45  Mary Ann Zoerner Lot
Zoerner, WalterSec1N/2-45 June 7, 1945Mary Ann Zoerner Lot
Zoerp, ErwinBlk31S/2-14 June 30, 1893Henry Zenke Lot
Zoesch, EmilSec17 A 12April 5, 1980Co-Owner with Wife, Emma
Zoesch, EmmaSec17 A 11June 23, 1979Co-Owner with Husband, Emil
Zolltheis, OlgaSec16N/2 - W/2-159 Oct. 20, 1983Owner
Zovne, AngelaSec15N/2-57 Aug. 27, 1986Wife; William Zovne Lot
Zovne, HenriettaSec15N/2-57 June 7, 1963Daughter-in-Law; William Zovne Lot
Zovne, JosephSec15N/2-57 Aug. 22, 1947Father; William Zovne Lot Owner
Zovne, WilliamSec15N/2-57 June 5, 1943Son; William Zovne Lot
Zovne, WilliamSec15N/2-57 Oct. 16, 1993Owner
Zschetasche, TheyrzaSec104  Fred J. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetsche, EmmaBlk78 Oct. 9, 1890August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetsche, TheodoreBlk3432 Jan. 8, 1891Charles Zschetzsche Original Lot Owner
Zschetszsche, FrankSec383 Aug. 25, 1978Wm. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, AlfredSec383 Dec. 12, 1979Wm. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, AlvinaSec17N/2-162 Jan. 27, 1948Wife
Zschetzsche, AugustSec383 March 5, 1948Wm. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, AugustBlk78 April 4, 1889Owner
Zschetzsche, AugustBlk78  August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, CharlesBlk3433  He was Original Lot Owner - Deeded Back
Zschetzsche, EdmundSec17N/2-162 July 10, 1967Owner
Zschetzsche, EdwinBlk78  August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, ElsaBlk78 Jan. 16, 1895August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, EmmaBlk32S/2-6 Sept. 25, 1948Wife; Herman Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, EmmaBlk3433  Chas Zschetzsche Bought Lot - Deeded Back
Zschetzsche, ErnstBlk78 April 3, 1894August Axchetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, ErwinSec383  Wm. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, FannyBlk78  August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, FredSec104 Aug. 24, 1955Owner
Zschetzsche, FriederickBlk3432  Charles Zschetzsche Original Lot Owner
Zschetzsche, FriederickBlk78  August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, FriedrichBlk78  August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, HenriettaBlk78 May 25, 1896August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, HermanBlk32S/2-6 Jan. 21, 1931Owner
Zschetzsche, LindaSec104 July 31, 1933Fred J. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, LydiaSec383 Nov. 26, 1956William Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, MarySec383 March 15, 1930Wm. Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, MinnieBlk78 June 29, 1956August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, OttoBlk78 June 27, 1895August Zschetzsche Lot
Zschetzsche, TheoBlk3431 - 34 Oct. 19, 1932Charles Zschetzsche was Original Lot Owner
Zschetzsche, WilliamSec383 April 13, 1932Owner
Zube, RickeySec17S/2-132 Sept. 2, 1965Step-son; Irvin Ziegler Lot
Zuedema, LouiseSec15N/2-53 March 20, 1936Mrs. Jennie Fesing Lot
Zuehl, CarlBlk87  Dec. 9, 1931Potter's Field
Zuehlke, AnnaBlk30E/2 - S/2-34 Sept. 29, 1972Wife; August Zuehlke Lot
Zuehlke, AugustBlk30E/2 - S/2-34 Jan. 22, 1960Owner
Zufelt, EdithSec2N/2-40 March 13, 1935P. E. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, EdnaSec17S/2-144 Nov. 24, 1979Wife; Elmer Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, EdwinSec17S/2-144 Feb. 5, 1949Son
Zufelt, EdwinSec2N/2-40 March 8, 1935P. E. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, EileenSec7S/2-23 Dec. 1, 1990Daughter-in-Law; Mrs. H. N. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, ElmerSec17S/2-144 April 16, 1974Owner
Zufelt, EvaSec7S/2-23 Dec. 17, 1930Mrs. H. N. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, FrankSec14N/2-116 June 16, 1952Mrs. Eliza Seideman Plot
Zufelt, HenrySec7S/2-23  Mrs. H. N. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, IdaSec2N/2-40 Jan. 9, 1947P. E. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, JeromeSec7S/2-23 Jan. 18, 1983Mrs. H. N. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, JohnSec2S/2-41 Nov. 2, 1902P. E. Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, LouisaSec2N/2-40 June 14, 1947Daughter-in-Law; Phebe Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, OlgaSec14N/2-116 April 22, 1963Daughter; Mrs. Eliza Seideman Lot
Zufelt, PhoebeSec240  P. E, Zufelt Lot
Zufelt, ZulaSec2S/2-41 Sept. 20, 1949Daughter; Mrs. Phoebe Zufelt Lot
Zuidema, GerhardSec15N/2-53 Nov. 10, 1930Mrs. Jennie Fesing Lot
Zum Buttel, FrankSec21N/2-22 Feb. 6, 1947Husband
Zum Buttel, JohnBlk17S/2-11 Jan. 22, 1930Aug. Goldschmidt Lot
Zum Buttel, MarthaBlk17S/2-11 Nov. 8, 1941Goldschmidt Lot
Zum Buttel, OlgaSec21N/2-22 Nov. 12, 1965Owner
Zum Buttel, RichardBlk17S/2-11 Jan. 20, 1955Grandson; Aug. Goldschmidt Lot
Zundel, CharlesSec3S/2-18  Owner
Zundel, EllaSec3S/2-18 May 13, 1929Chas. H. Zundel Lot
Zundel, EmilySec3S/2-18 July 6, 1926Chas. H. Zundel Lot
Zundel, MarianBlk415 March 8, 1937A. L. Crocker Lot
Zupanchich, IgnatzSec191592July 14, 1971Owner
Zupancic, JosephSec12 138Jan. 19, 1937Potter's Field
Zupancic, NormaSec5 D 66April 1, 1976Wife
Zurheide, Adolph    Feb. 15, 1881 
Zurheide, AugusteBlk172 Oct. 13, 1889Bernhard Mayer Lot
Zurheide, Caroline    Dec. 7, 1899 
Zurheide, CarolineBlk16S/2-23  Gottlieb Zurheide Lot
Zurheide, ClaraSec4 C 274April 6, 1949Wife
Zurheide, EdnaBlk16S/2-23 Oct. 16, 1893Gottlieb Zurheide Lot
Zurheide, ElmerSec14S/2-35 Nov. 12, 1953Son; Mrs. Ernst Zurheide Lot
Zurheide, EmmaSec2S 2/3 - W 1/2-37 April 13, 1963Owner
Zurheide, EmmaBlk32S/2-5 Aug. 24, 1896Charles Bichel Lot
Zurheide, ErnstSec14S/2-35 Nov. 19, 1927Mrs. Ernst Zurheide Lot
Zurheide, ErwinSec14S/2-35 July 12, 1984Ernst Zurheide Lot
Zurheide, EvangelineSec14S/2-35 Feb. 1, 1982Mrs. Ernst Zurheide
Zurheide, FrederichBlk17S/2-2  Bernhard H. Mayer Lot
Zurheide, GottleibBlk16S/2-23 Aug. 14, 1894Owner
Zurheide, LenaSec14S/2-35 March 19, 1931Owner
Zurheide, LouisSec4 C 273Jan. 16, 1951Owner (2-Grave Plot)
Zurheide, LouisSec1N/2-56  Christina Spindler Lot
Zurheide, WilhelmineBlk17S/2-2  Bernhard Mayer Lot
Zurheide, WilliamBlk16S/2-23 May 2, 1929Gottleib Zurheide Lot
Zweener, JohannaSec4 B46  John Van Der Wall Purchased Lot
Zwerg, AugustaSec332 Oct. 3, 1936Henry Friedrichs Lot
Zwiener, AlbertSec10W/2 N/2-31 June 13, 1950Owner
Zwiener, AlbertSec11 339April 26, 1945Son
Zwiener, AnnaSec10W/2 N/2-31 April 15, 1931Albert Zwiener Lot
Zwiener, AnnaBlk2379 May 22, 1898Albert Zwiener Purchased Lot
Zwiener, JosephBlk37  June 20, 1909 
Zwiener, MarySec10W/2 N/2-31 Nov. 27, 1942Wife
Zylman, DerkSec11 320Aug. 14, 1946Husband
Zylman, FlorenceSec112141July 10, 1999Mother; Dirk Zylman Lot
Zylman, NicholasSec182142Oct. 3, 1995Husband; Florence Zylman Lot

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