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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter X-Y

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Xiong, AmyBlk24 A 48 AMay 26, 1984 
Xiong, MaSec181054June 20, 1997Grandmother (Pao Lee Lot)
Xiong, MaiBlk24S/2-21 Dec. 18, 1984Daughter (Henry Zickhard Delinquent Lot)
Yambresic, JohnSec11 822Dec. 8, 1978Owner
Yambrick, WilmaSec11 332April 18, 1946Wife; John Yambrick (Yambresie) Purchase
Yang, AlexBlk24 A 29 BAug. 15, 1997Son (Chao Vue Lot)
Yang, ChaoSec181072Aug. 15, 1998Wife; Ying Yang Lot
Yang, ChiaSec182721June 22, 1996Wife; Chao Yang Lot
Yang, InfantBlk24 A 39 BSept. 7, 1993Child; Nhia Yang Lot
Yang, InfantBlk24 A 44 CJan. 4, 1988Daughter; Yeng Yang Lot
Yang, KageBlk24S/2-122Jan. 4, 1983Husband; Xe Vang Yang Lot
Yang, LisaBlk24 A37 B Oct. 6, 1988 
Yang, MaySec181034Jan. 11, 1999Mother; Xia Chang Lot
Yang, MichaelBlk24 A 29 BAug. 15, 1997Son; Chao Vue Lot
Yang, NhiaSec182943April 22, 1994Father; Houa Yang Lot
Yang, NhiaSec181044June 9, 1994Father; Pange Yang Lot
Yang, SouaBlk24 A 42 DJan. 2, 1987Daughter; Pao Yang Lot
Yang, TongSec182764July 21, 1994Husband; Geu Yang Lot
Yang, XaiSec181031March 15, 1999Mother; Zong Vang Lot
Yang, XiaSec181052Jan. 4, 1997Father; Houa Yang Lot
Yang, Xia VueSec181052Jan. 4, 1997Father; Houa Yang Lot
Yang, Yee VueSec181051Dec. 6, 1999Mother; Houa Yang Lot
Yanke, HuldaSec11 368Aug. 1, 1963Owner
Yark, Herman   140Oct. 24, 1936Potter's Field
Yeager, DonaldSec11 795June 9, 1972Husband; Henrietta Yeager Lot
Yeannacoplus, InfantSec4 B150  Althena Pocheles Purchased Grave
Yecke, DelorisSec10N/2-51 July 7, 1923Edward Yecke Lot
Yecke, EdwardSec10W/2 N/2-51 Nov. 7, 1972Owner
Yecke, EdwardSec10N/2-51 Nov. 10, 1948Owner
Yecke, LouiseSec10W/2 N/2-51 Aug. 23, 1973Wife; Edward Yecke Lot
Yecke, MarySec10E/2 N/2-51 June 19, 1959Wife; Edward Yecke, Sr. Lot
Yehle, HelenBlk30S/2-27 April 25, 1945Daughter; Arthur Fairweather Lot
Yehle, JohnSec4 C 94Aug. 23, 1947Husband; Mrs. Lillian Yehle Lot
Yehle, JosephBlk30S/2-27 Dec. 7, 1981Arthur Fairweather Lot
Yehli, InfantSec4 A22  John Yehli Purchased Lot
Yelland, CarrieSec01S/2-4   
Yentz, RichardSec184412Nov. 12, 1999Co-Owner With Wife Patricia
Yoost, AmandaSec01N/2-83 July 7, 1949Owner
Yoost, CarolineSec01N/2-83 Jan. 27, 1928Amanda Yoost Lot
Yoost, ChristinaSec01N/2-83 Aug. 16, 1930Amanda Yoost Lot
Yoost, RobertSec01N/2-83  Miss Amanda Yoost Lot
York, EmilieBlk37  June 24, 1914Free Ground
York, HenryBlk37  Oct. 10, 1908Free Ground
Yost, CarolineBlk36 Aug. 5, 1903Mrs. Stoakes Lot
Young, AdamSec11 627Oct. 4, 1940 
Young, ElizabethSec11 294Dec. 29, 1948Owner of 2-Grave Plot
Young, Franklin    Sept. 9, 1880 
Young, FranklinBlk1223 Jan. 3, 1890Owner
Young, JamesSec5 A71 April 4, 1934Single Grave
Young, JuliusSec11 293Feb. 12, 1944Husband; Elizabeth Young Lot
Young, LauraBlk1223 Sept. 15, 1881Franklin Young Lot
Young, MinnieSec0269 July 3, 1901Daughter; H. G. Mueller Lot
Youngs, ClaraBlk16N/2-9 Aug. 9, 1945Dr. F. Hageman Lot
Ystesund, JohnSec03E/2 S/2-30 March 15, 1957Owner
Ystesund, VioletSec03S/2-30 Dec. 13, 1937John Ystesund Lot
Yube, HenrietteBlk28S/2-6  Carl Krieg Lot
Yube, LouisBlk30S/2-11 April 22, 1950Son-in-law; H. A. Themar Lot
Yube, LydiaBlk30S/2-11 Dec. 27, 1956Daughter; H. A. Themar Lot
Yurk, DavidSec03W/2 S 1/3-87 Feb. 28, 1961Husband; Maria K. Yurk Lot
Yurk, FredSec9S/2-9 Feb. 25, 1974Son-in-law; Wm. Leng Lot
Yurk, HelenSec5 A 36Aug. 22, 1929David Yurk Purchased Lot
Yurk, LillianSec5 A140 April 11, 1930Henry Yurk Purchased Lot
Yurk, LouiseSec5 A 146Oct. 14, 1929David Yurk Purchased Lot
Yurk, MariaSec03S 1/3 W/2-87 July 3, 1967Owner
Yurk, OttoSec01E/2 S/2-15 March 16, 1943Husband; Theresa Yurk Lot
Yurk, RoseSec11 661Oct. 31, 1942Wife; Henry Jurk Lot

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