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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter W

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Wachsmuth, BerthaSec34 April 24, 1940Not Recorded (Charles Klewe Lot)
Wachsmuth, CarlBlk16S 1/2 of 20 Aug. 4, 1882Not Recorded (Walter Wieck Lot)
Wachsmuth, HenriettaBlk16S 1/2 of 20  Not Recorded (Walter Wieck Lot)
Wacker, ClaraSec4 A 121 Not Recorded (Jacob Wacker Lot)
Wade, CarlSec11 697Jan. 31, 1969He Was Owner C/O Ballhorn
Wade, FrederickSec11 709Feb. 5, 1964Brother (Rose Schlegel Lot)
Waechter, AnnaBlk13 13Jan. 29, 1925Not Recorded (B. Waechter Lot)
Waechter, BernhardBlk1313  He Was Lot Owner
Waechter, ChristineBlk1313 Nov. 8, 1885Not Recorded (Bernhard Waechter Lot)
Waechter, Clara BellBlk1313 May 22, 1937Not Recorded (Bernhard Waechter Lot)
Waechter, MargeryBlk1313 June 26, 1925Not Recorded (Bernhard Waechter Lot)
Waechter, MargeryBlk1313 June 26, 1925Not Recorded (B. Waechter Lot)
Waechter, WilliamBlk1313 April 28, 1953Son (Bernhard Waechter Lot)
Waechter, WilliamBlk1313 April 28, 1953Son (B. Waechter Lot)
Wagener, HazelBlk16N 1/2 of 10 Oct. 9, 1890Not Recorded (John Zuchow Lot)
Wagenknecht, CharlesBlk33N 1/2 of 29 April 4, 1889Not Recorded (Lawrence Rochlus Lot)
Wagenknecht, ElizabethBlk33N 1/2 of 29 Nov. 27, 1896Not Recorded (Lawrence Rochlus Lot)
Wagenknecht, JacobBlk33N 1/2 of 29  He Was Owner by Lawrence Rochlus
Wagner, AddieSec1W 1/2 of 77 July 8, 1966Wife (Carl A. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, AldenSec19N/2-58 June 8, 1990Alden & Edna Wagner Lot Owners
Wagner, AlfredSec17105 Jan. 20, 1978Co-Owner With Wife Ella
Wagner, AmandaSec17108 Feb. 15, 1964Wife (Edwin Wagner Lot)
Wagner, AnnaSec16 A 126July 11, 1966Mother (Kenneth Hense Lot)
Wagner, AnnaSec4 C 2Feb. 28, 1953She Was Lot Owner
Wagner, ArthurSec16 B 133Jan. 15, 1993Co-Owner With Wife
Wagner, Arthur    July 8, 1902Not Recorded
Wagner, ArthurSec14N 1/2 of 143 Aug. 17, 1933Husband (Louise Wagner Lot)
Wagner, AugustaSec15S 1/2 of 8 June 30, 1954Joint Owner With Husband
Wagner, AugusteBlk20S 1/2 of 6  Not Recorded (See Bertha Wagner Lot)
Wagner, BerthaSec5 B 35 Not Recorded (Walter & Roland Wagner Lot)
Wagner, BerthaBlk20N 2/3 - W 1/2 - S 1/2 Nov. 16, 1963See Anna Grasse Lot
Wagner, BerthaBlk148 Sept. 18, 1903Not Recorded (G. A. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, CarlSec1W 1/2 of 77 Aug. 29, 1970He Was Owner
Wagner, CarlSec15S 1/2 of 8 Jan. 18, 1974Son (Dr. L. P. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, CarlosSec19S 1/2 of 57 Oct. 28, 1974Owner
Wagner, CatherineBlk148  Not Recorded (G. A. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, Donald    Oct. 29, 1990 
Wagner, DonaldSec17105 July 26, 1967Son (Alfred Wagner Lot)
Wagner, DorothySec5 A 145Dec. 3, 1929Not Recorded (William Schneider Lot)
Wagner, EdnaSec19North Half of 5 Sept. 25, 1995Co-Owner With Husband
Wagner, EdwinSec17108 Nov. 8, 1985He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, EllaSec17105 Dec. 7, 1991Joint Owner With Husband
Wagner, EmmaSec11 146Dec. 4, 1962Wife (Leopold Wagner Lot)
Wagner, EmmaSec17205 Jan. 29, 1953Wife (William F. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, EmmaSec4 C 247June 24, 1950Wife (Joseph E. Wagner Lot)
Wagner, EthelSec8 A 26April 8, 1988Co-Owner With Husband Harvey
Wagner, FriedaSec17168 Dec. 12, 1990Walter & Frieda Wagner Lot Owners
Wagner, GottliebSec16 A 127Oct. 6, 1954Father or Stepfather (Kenneth Hense Lot)
Wagner, GraceBlk37  Feb. 28, 1908Free Ground
Wagner, GraceSec4 A 13 Not Recorded
Wagner, GustavBlk148 May 10, 1905He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, H. LeopaldSec11147 July 29, 1937He Purchased Single Grave
Wagner, HarveySec8 A 27Sept. 5, 1978Co-Owner With Wife Ethel
Wagner, HelenaSec15N 1/2 of 8 June 3, 1959She Was Lot Owner
Wagner, HemanSec15N 1/2 of 8 Nov. 16, 1931Husband (Mrs. Helena Wagner Lot)
Wagner, HilbertBlk32E 1/2 of 1 April 28, 1988Son (Otto Wagner Lot)
Wagner, IdaSec177 Jan. 23, 1947Wife (Richard Wagner Lot)
Wagner, IdaBlk32E 1/2 of 1 March 18, 1953Wife (Otto Wagner Lot)
Wagner, J. H.Blk30N 1/2 of 17 Jan. 11, 1887Not Recorded (Sophia Schrader Lot)
Wagner, JohnSec19S/2 Lot 56 March 23, 1987Milton & Virginia Gessert Lot
Wagner, JohnettaSec182961Sept. 21, 1993Wife (James Wagner Lot)
Wagner, JosephSec4 C 248Feb. 27, 1962He Was Owner
Wagner, LeopaldSec11 147July 29, 1937He Was Owner
Wagner, LillianBlk148  G. A. Wagner Lot
Wagner, LouisSec15S/2 Lot 8 Aptil 11, 1955He And Wife Augusta Were Joint Owners
Wagner, LouisSec14N/2 Lot 143 May 8, 1976She Was Owner
Wagner, LouiseSec14N 1/2 of 143 May 8, 1976Owner
Wagner, LucilleSec4 A43  Not Recorded (Walter Wagner Lot)
Wagner, MarySec11490 Sept. 9, 1935Gottlieb Wagner - Deed Holder
Wagner, MarySec19S/2 Lot 57 May 12, 1984Carlos Wagner Lot
Wagner, MaySec1143 Jan. 4, 1990Daughter; Louise Wagner Lot
Wagner, MichaelBlk20S/2 Lot 6  He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, OliveSec15S/2 Lot 8 Oct. 8, 1975Daughter-inlaw; L. P. Wagner Lot
Wagner, OttoBlk32E/2 Lot 1 July 27, 1948He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, PaulineSec371 Dec. 1, 1923She Was Lot Owner
Wagner, PeterSec371  Not Recorded (Pauline Wagner Lot)
Wagner, PhilipSec5 B285 Oct. 12, 1927He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, PhilipSec5 B 285Oct. 12, 1927He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, RichardSec177 March 1, 1924He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, RichardSec177 March 1, 1924He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, RobertSec17168 Dec. 8, 1975He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, RobertSec17168 Dec. 8, 1975Walter Wagner Lot
Wagner, RudolphBlk37  Feb. 24, 1910Son (Walter Wagner Lot)
Wagner, RudolphBlk37  Feb. 24, 1910Free Ground
Wagner, RuthSec17168 Dec. 9, 1963Daughter-in-law (Walter Wagner Lot)
Wagner, SophiaBlk30N/2-17 Feb. 14, 1888She Was Lot Owner Filed Under Sophia Sch {sic}
Wagner, TillieBlk148 Dec. 23, 1946G. A. Wagner Lot
Wagner, ViolaSec19S 1/2-56 May 6, 1997Co-Owner With Husband (See Milton Gesser)
Wagner, VirginiaSec4 A 140 William Wagner Lot
Wagner, WalterBlk20S 1/2-6 June 1, 1937Not Recorded (Anna Grasse Lot)
Wagner, WalterSec17168 March 12, 1975He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, WesleySec19N 1/2-57 Jan. 6, 1976He Was Lot Owner
Wagner, WilliamSec4 C 1Oct. 10, 1945Husband (Anna Wagner Lot)
Wagner, WilliamSec17205 March 30, 1959He Was Owner
Waisanen, HenrySec3E 1/2 - S 1/2 March 5, 1976Husband (A Irene Waisanen Lot)
Wakefield, NettieBlk171 May 19, 1954Widow of Grandson (Mrs. Ira Bliss Lot)
Wakeman, OrinSec1685 Nov. 1, 1986Not Recorded (Wm Froehlich Lot)
Wakeman, ViolaSec1685 May 26, 1977Not Recorded (Wm. Froehlich Lot)
Walbach, L.    Aug. 26, 1902No Lot Information Recorded
Walber, MyrtleBlk9N 1/2-5 Sept. 19, 1972Daughter (August Zachow Lot)
Waldbauer, LouisSec19N 1/2-82 Jan. 24, 1980Co-Owner With Wife Edna
Waldo, DavidBlk4N 1/2-355Aug. 12, 1854Father-in-Law (Wm. Reice Lot)
Walford, FlorenceSec1486 Oct. 22, 1986Wife of Co-Owner John Wolfert (Walford) {sic}
Walford or Wolfert, JohnSec1486 May 1, 1973Co-Owner With John & Arthur Remy
Walford, OscarBlk34S 1/2-39 Sept. 12, 1988 
Wallace, IsabelBlk37  Feb. 22, 1890Free Ground
Waller, BabyBlk33N 1/2-20 Oct. 24, 1889Anton Waller Lot Owner
Waller, EdmundBlk33N 1/2-20 May 5, 1889Child of Anton Waller Who Was Lot Owner
Wallermann, MelvinSec4 A 8 Not Recorded (Otto Wallermann Lot)
Wallow, BabyBlk3735/3 May 8, 1888Not Recorded (Free Ground)
Walsch, DavidSec12 248 Free Ground
Walt, MetaSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2 Jan. 3, 1978Co-Owner With Husband
Walt, OscarSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2  Jan. 25, 1973Co-Owner With Wife Meta
Walta, JosephBlk14S 1/2-1 June 27, 1967Grandson-in-Law (Henry Speck Lot)
Walter, AdaBlk37 95Feb. 26, 1894Free Ground
Walter, ApoloniaBlk23 83Sept. 8, 1898Not Recorded (Peter Walters Purchased Lot)
Walter, Baby    July 5, 1881Unknown
Walter, CletisSec16 A 124June 1, 1979Second Husband (Janet Ploetz Lot)
Walter, ElizabethBlk37 99July 19, 1894Free Ground
Walter, EmilieBlk37  May 1, 1881Free Ground
Walter, JohnSec1S 1/2-43 July 19, 1971Son-in-Law (Herman G. Weber Lot)
Walter, JosephSec12 249 Potters Field
Walter, LouiseBlk10  June 20, 1884Wife of Carl (Fred Walther Lot)
Walter, OttoSec12 43May 24, 1945Potters Field
Walters, AlfredSec14N 1/2-19 May 31, 1929Husband (Laura Walters Lot)
Walters, ElizabethSec21W 1/2 - S 1/2 Oct. 31, 1979Daughter (Earle C. & Mildred Bryan Lot)
Walters, EvelynSec1W 1/2 - N 1/2 Dec. 1, 1944Joint Owner With Husband William
Walters, LauraSec14N 1/2-19 March 3, 1975She was Owner
Walther, AdamSec14S 1/2-29 Nov. 10, 1930He Was Lot Owner
Walther, BabyBlk22S 1/2-3 March 5, 1890Child (Henry Walther Lot)
Walther, CarolineBlk22S 1/2-3  Not Recorded (Henry Walther Lot)
Walther, ChristinaSec14S 1/2-29 April 29, 1965Wife (Adam Walther Lot)
Walther, HenrySec14S 1/2-29 Sept. 11, 1925Child (Adam Walther Lot)
Walther, HermanBlk22S 1/2-3  Not Recorded (Henry Walther Lot)
Walther, Louis    Feb. 11, 1883Not Recorded
Walthers, EmilySec3N 1/2-76 Dec. 2, 1932Not Recorded (Mrs. Robert Meves Lot)
Walthers, EmilyBlk104 1881Wife (Fred Walther Lot)
Walthers, Lillie MayBlk104 1881Child (Fred Walthers Lot)
Walthers, WilliamBlk104 1872Fred Walthers Lot
Waltuch, InfantSec5 C 27July 23, 1940H. A. Waltuch Purchased Lot
Walus, JosephineSec11 76May 1, 1943Not Recorded (Wm. E. Walus Lot)
Walzer, HarrySec1N 1/2-60 April 3, 1965He was Owner
Walzer, HildaSec1N 1/2-60 Dec. 10, 1975She & Husband were Owners
Wambold, EdwardSec12 251 Potter's Field
Wandesgan, Jacobus    Oct. 29, 1902Not Recorded
Wandschneider, AdolphSec11 525July 29, 1935Husband (Martha Wandschneider Lot)
Wandschneider, MarthaSec11 526March 18, 1981She was Lot Owner
Wandtke, CarolineSec5 B 115Aug. 15, 1923She was Lot Owner
Wandtke, HermanSec5 B 114 Husband (Carline Wandtke Lot)
Wangeman, BabyBlk37 14Sept. 17, 1889 
Wangemann, AdolphSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2 Feb. 19, 1955He was Owner
Wangemann, AnnaSec21E/2 - S/2-6 Oct. 8, 1927Wife (Theo Wangemann Lot)
Wangemann, ClaraSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2 Dec. 26, 1961Wife (Adolph Wangemann Lot)
Wangemann, EdmundSec4 C 29Dec. 17, 1957He was Lot Owner
Wangemann, LillianSec4 C 28June 30, 1945Wife (Edmund Wangemann Lot)
Wangemann, TheoSec2E 1/2 - S 1/2  He was Lot Owner
Wangerin, CarlSec5 B 138 He was Lot Owner
Wangerin, CharlesSec15N/2-77 May 11, 1951Joint Ownership with Wife Olga
Wangerin, MarvelSec15N/2-77 Dec. 21, 1976Not Recorded (Charles & Olga Wangerin Lot)
Wangerin, OlgaSec15N/2-77 Dec. 11, 1953Joint Owner with Husband Charles
Wappler, Robin LynnBlk24 A 42 AFeb. 26, 1986Child of Gwen Wappler Lot Owner
Wappler, Tonya KaySec97 March 8, 1975GrandDaughter (Mrs. Christ Bender Lot)
Warbeck, LorensSec2N/2-12  Brother-in-Law; Charles Quardewr Lot
Warburton, ThomasSec12 170Nov. 13, 1934Potter's Field
Ward, FrankSec12 13Dec. 11, 1951Potter's Field
Ward, PaulSec11 759Aug. 10, 1970Husband (Florence Ward Lot)
Warden, AnsonBlk36 56Jan. 21, 1895 
Warden, HilmaSec21N/2-24 Jan. 12, 1984She was Lot Owner
Warden, MarlinSec21N/2-24 Nov. 16, 1945Husband (Hilma Warden Lot)
Warden, RichardSec21N/2-24 July 11, 1970Grandson (Mrs. Hilma Warden Lot)
Wargo, JeromeSec183591May 1, 1996Husband (Lisa Wargo Lot)
Warnecke, AugustBlk21N/2-22  Father (August Warnecke Lot)
Warnecke, AugustBlk21N/2-22  He was Lot Owner
Warnecke, EdnaBlk21N/2-22 June 18, 1960Wife (Walter Warnecke Lot)
Warnecke, EmilieBlk21N/2-22 June 22, 1996Wife (Walter Warnecke Lot) Was Aug. Warne {sic}
Warnecke, HeinrichBlk1419  Not Recorded (Wm. Roenitz Lot)
Warnecke, HenrietteBlk1419  Not Recorded (Wm. Roenitz Lot)
Warnecke, LouiseBlk21N/2-22  Wife (August Warnecke Lot)
Warnecke, WalterBlk21N/2-22 Feb. 26, 1980He was Lot Owner
Warnecke, WilhelmineBlk21N/2-22 Aug. 20, 1920Mother (August Warnecke Lot)
Warner, Alex    July 29, 1899 
Warner, EdithBlk22N/2-13 Jan. 3, 1897Not Recorded (Otto Ernst Lot)
Warner, EmmaBlk2213 April 23, 1900Not Recorded; Possibly Otto Ernst Lot
Warner, Mary    Feb. 8, 1883Lot Information Not Recorded
Warner, Peter    June 17, 1993Common Ground
Warner, Blk2N/2-26 March 27, 1891Not Recorded (George E. Warner Lot)
Warren, Olney    July 22, 1884No Lot Information Recorded
Wascher, ChristinaSec5 B 371Dec. 14, 1931She was Lot Owner
Wascher, RudolphSec5 B 372Feb. 10, 1931Husband (Christina Wascher Lot)
Washburn, LouisSec5 C 38May 25, 1929 
Wasmer, EdwardSec74 July 6, 1942Not Recorded (Mrs. Geo W. Crosby Lot)
Wassilus, DonaldSec21N/2-68 Nov. 23, 1992Son-in-Law (Arno Beneke Lot)
Wassilus, ShirleySec21N/2-68 Aug. 16, 1997Daughter (Arno & Selma Beneke Lot)
Wassink, InfantBlk24 A 75 BApril 26, 1947Son (Eugene Wassink Lot)
Waterman, BarbaraSec14N/2-144 July 27, 1936(Mrs. George E. King Lot)
Waterman, EthelSec11 771May 11, 1967Mother (Jean Felten Lot)
Waterman, GeorgeSec14N/2-144 July 1, 1936(Mrs. George E. King Lot)
Waterman, JohnSec12 242 Potter's Field
Watermulder, EdwardBlk13N/2-8 April 10, 1888Son (Rev. L. Watermulder Lot)
Waters, DoraBlk7N/2-20 March 6, 1926(John Kropf Lot)
Waterstradt, EmmaSec7S/2-32 Sept. 12, 1932Wife (Henry Waterstradt Lot)
Waterstradt, HenrySec7S/2-32 March 20, 1969He was Owner
Waterstradt, IsaacBlk23 5Dec. 25, 1890 
Waterstradt, JohnBlk23 80July 21, 1898Wife ? (Mrs. John Waterstradt Purchased Lot)
Waterstradt, LouisSec16 49May 19, 1931American Legion Lot
Waterstradt, MabelBlk37 10Aug. 22, 1889Free Ground
Waterstradt, WilhelmineSec7S/2-32 Aug. 11, 1926(Henry Waterstradt Lot)
Waterstradte, HenrySec7S/2-32  (Henry Waterstradt Lot)
Watrous, Henry   238Oct. 13, 1930Potter's Field
Watry, AmeliaSec16 A 566Sept. 24, 1966Wife (Henry J. Watry Lot)
Watry, HenrySec16 A 567Feb. 17, 1969He was Owner
Watson, DavidSec9S/2-22 July 12, 1975Son-in-Law (R. J. Luhmann Lot)
Watson, EvelynSec9S/2-222July 12, 1972Daughter (R. J. Luhmann Lot)
Watson, JohnSec9S/2-22 July 26, 1983(R. J. Luhmann Lot)
Watson, RobileeSec10E-1/4 - 53 June 21, 1990Daughter; Clarence Sonnenburg Lot Owner
Watson, SuzySec1S/2-141 June 26, 1996Daughter (Laurette Quasius Lot)
Watters, SelmaBlk34N/2-22 March 23, 1993Sister (Edgar Schmidt Lot)
Weary, L. MaryBlk414  (George Cole Lot)
Weaver, FrankBlk19N/2-10 Nov. 2, 1942Mrs. Henry Weaver Lot
Weaver, GeorgeBlk2120  Joseph Schrage Lot
Weaver, HenryBlk19N/2-10 May 9, 1886Husband (Mrs. Henry Weaver Lot)
Weaver, MargaretBlk19N/2-10  (Mrs. Henry Weaver Lot)
Weaver, ValeskaBlk2120 June 21, 1950(Joseph Schrage Lot)
Weaver, WilliamBlk19N/2-10  (Mrs. Henry Weaver Lot)
Weavers, DonaldSec277 Dec. 10, 1996 
Webb, A. J.Sec6N/2-31 July 13, 1928Co-Owner with Fred Schmidt
Webb, John, Jr.Sec2087 July 5, 1975Son (John Webb Lot)
Webb, MarieSec11 230Aug. 13, 1963Wife (Walter J. Webb Lot)
Webb, MarySec6N/2-31 Feb. 10, 1937Wife {Arthur Webb / Fred Schmidt Lot}
Webb, WalterSec11 231Oct. 14, 1942Husband {Mrs. Walter J. Webb Lot}
Weber, AdamBlk12N/2-9  Not Recorded {Henry Kramer Lot}
Weber, AlmaSec7S/2-40 Jan. 17, 1955Sister-in-Law {Henry W. Hummitzsch Lot}
Weber, AugustSec4 B 100 Not Recorded {Joseph Dluzewski Purchased Lot}
Weber, CaliSec2089 Oct. 23, 1993Grand-Daughter {Ruth Weber Lot}
Weber, Catherine    April 17, 1905Not Recorded
Weber, DavidSec5 B 215June 3, 1924Husband {Sophie Weber Lot}
Weber, DorisSec19N/2 - N/1 {sic} June 1, 1970Sister {Janet Mahoney Lot}
Weber, DorothySec366 June 28, 1928Not Recorded {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, EmmaSec15S/2-74 April 17, 1985Not Recorded {Henry Weber Lot}
Weber, ErnstSec15S/2-74 July 21, 1990Son; Henry Weber Lot Owner
Weber, ErnstSec7S/2-40 April 23, 1938Not Recorded {Henry W. Hummitzsch Lot}
Weber, FredSec15S/2-74 Dec. 18, 1963Brother {Henry D. Weber Lot}
Weber, FriedaSec366 April 8, 1981Not Recorded {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, GordonSec2089 Oct. 10, 1983Husband {Ruth Gordon Lot}
Weber, HarrietSec366 May 21, 1981Daughter {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, HenrySec5 B 342Dec. 31, 1928Husband {Mary Weber Lot}
Weber, HenrySec15S/2-74 Sept. 12, 1966He Was Owner
Weber, HerbertSec66 June 14, 1993Son-in-Law; George Heller, Jr. Lot
Weber, HermanSec1S/2-143 Oct. 28, 1943Husband {Lucy Weber Lot}
Weber, HerminieBlk3125 Nov. 12, 1945Wife of Wm. Weber {Joint Owner With Henry}
Weber, Hilda HensSec366 Jan. 17, 1936Not Recorded {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, InfantBlk24 A 58 ASept. 18, 1964Child {Thomas R. Weber Lot}
Weber, JoanSec12 A 285Aug. 14, 1995Wife {Phillip Weber Lot}
Weber, KurtSec366 Nov. 8, 1996Grandson {Joseph Dlezewski {sic} Lot}
Weber, KurtSec366 Feb. 5, 1960Son {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, LesterSec11 862June 30, 1983Father {Dennis Weber Purchased Grave}
Weber, LucySec1S/2-143 Nov. 15, 1867She Was Lot Owner
Weber, MarieSec25S/2-74 May 21, 1971Daughter-in-Law {Henry Weber Lot}
Weber, MarieSec366 May 9, 1984Daughter-in-Law {Joseph Dluzewiski}
Weber, MarionSec66 June 14, 1986Daughter {George Heller, Jr. Lot}
Weber, MichaelSec16 A 511Oct. 31, 1960Son {Bernard Weber Lot} Michael Was Moved
Weber, NellieSec11 511Dec. 23, 1933Wife {Simon Weber Purchased Lot}
Weber, PhillipSec12 A 284May 23, 1996He Was Owner
Weber, PhyllisSec9S/2-9 Feb. 5, 1990Mrs. William Leng Lot Owner
Weber, SimonSec11 512April 18, 1945He Was Owner
Weber, SusanBlk2118 March 2, 1895Possibly Daughter {Oley Groh Lot}
Weber, TheodoreSec4 B 183Aug. 13, 1959He Purchased Grave
Weber, WilfordSec9S/2-9 May 14, 1985Not Recorded {Wm. L. Leng Lot}
Weber, WilliamSec366 Jan. 17, 1969Son {Joseph Dluzewski Lot}
Weber, WilliamBlk3125  Co-Owner With Henry & William Lindemann
Webster, CyrusBlk33S/2-37  Not Recorded {Willis Richmond Lot}
Webster, NewtonBlk343  Not Recorded {Mrs. Webster Lot}
Weckel, GenevieveSec16S/2-60 June 8, 1987Daughter {M. L. Brinkman Lot}
Weckel, KennethSec16S/2-60 July 13, 1977Son-in-Law {Mrs. M. L. Brinkman Lot}
Wecker, AlbertSec17S/2-128 Sept. 26, 1979Father-in-Law {Donald & Marilyn Sonnentag}
Wedegartner, CarlSec6N/2-35 April 23, 1926Not Recorded {Marie Wedegartner Lot}
Wedegartner, ErnstSec6N/2-35 Aug. 11, 1947Not Recorded {Marie Wedegartner Lot}
Wedegartner, FriedaSec14E/2 - S/2 March 31, 1966Wife {Hugo Wedegartner Lot}
Wedegartner, HugoSec14E/2 - S/2 Nov. 8, 1956He Was Lot Owner
Wedegartner, LauraSec9S/2-26 Feb. 4, 1952Shw Was Lot Owner
Wedegartner, MarieSec6N/2-35 Sept. 24, 1934She Was Co-Owner of Lot With Hattie Fesi {sic}
Wedegartner, WilliamSec9S/2-26  Husband {Laura Wedegartner Lot}
Wedell, Blk21N/2-15 May 26, 1888Otto Wedell Lot Then Mrs. Berthold Mueller
Wedell, A.Blk7N/2-19 June 11, 1901 
Wedell, BerthaBlk7N/2-24  Not Recorded {Mrs. Braband Lot}
Wedell, DoraBlk7N/2-19 March 18, 1897 
Wedell, EdwardBlk21N/2-15 June 12, 1894Otto Wedell Lot Then Mrs. Berthold Mueller
Wedell, GustaveBlk7N/2-19 May 18, 1932 
Wedell, OttoBlk21N/2-15 April 3, 1892 
Wedell, WilhelmineBlk7N/2-19   
Wedemeyer, Blk2215 Sept. 18, 1882 
Wedemeyer, ArthurBlk2215 June 20, 1987H. J. Wedemeyer Lot
Wedemeyer, AugBlk2215 Oct. 20, 1880 
Wedemeyer, ElizabethBlk2215 July 16, 1895 
Wedemeyer, FredBlk2215 Oct. 29, 1990Son {H. J. Wedemeyer Lot}
Wedemeyer, HenryBlk2215 Oct. 9, 1951He Was Owner
Wedemeyer, JanneckeBlk2215 March 25, 1896 
Wedemeyer, LucyBlk2215   
Wedemeyer, LydiaBlk2215 Oct. 11, 1939 
Wedemeyer, Rob RogerBlk2215   
Wedemeyer, WilliamSec135 Feb. 22, 1949Son-in-Law
Wedemeyer, Wm.Blk2215   
Wedepohl, Blk34S/2-39 April 22, 1895 
Wedepohl, AngelineSec15S/2-8 May 3, 1994Daughter-in-Law {Edna Wedepohl Lot}
Wedepohl, AugustaBlk34S/2-39 April 5, 1895 
Wedepohl, EarlBlk34S/2-39 Oct. 15, 1942Son
Wedepohl, EdnaSec15S/2-86 Sept. 26, 1966Owner
Wedepohl, EdwardSec15S/2-86 Jan. 15, 1949Husband Edna Wedepohl Lot
Wedepohl, NellieBlk34S/2-39 Dec. 11, 1976William Wedepohl Lot
Wedepohl, Wm.Blk34S/2-39 June 29, 1896 
Wedig, ErnstineBlk10N/2-10 April 10, 1891 
Wedig, JosephBlk10N/2-10 April 19, 1887 
Weecher, FrankSec12 84Oct. 24, 1941Potters Field
Weeden, AmiliaBlk518   
Weeden, AnnaBlk2S/2-26   
Weeden, BabyBlk2S/2-26 Jan. 12, 1901 
Weeden, CarrieBlk2S/2-26 March 2, 1906 
Weeden, CatherineBlk2S/2-26 Dec. 30, 1993Daughter {O. W. Weeden Lot}
Weeden, ClarkBlk2S/2-26 March 9, 1957Son
Weeden, DanialBlk518   
Weeden, G. W.Blk518 May 25, 1884 
Weeden, GeorgeSec8N/2-10 July 20, 1979He Was Lot Owner
Weeden, InfantSec8N/2-10   
Weeden, LeonoraBlk518   
Weeden, O. W.Blk2S/2-26 Aug. 20, 1891 
Weeden, OscarBlk2S/2-26   
Weeden, ViolaSec8N/2-10 Dec. 31, 1981George Weeden Lot
Weeden, WinifredBlk518   
Weeks, AgnesBlk344   
Weeks, ArvinBlk344 July 12, 1988 
Weeks, ArvinBlk344 Sept. 25, 1898 
Weeks, BabyBlk2110 Feb. 29, 1881 
Weeks, ChasBlk2110 Feb. 10, 1900 
Weeks, ClaraSec21S/2-31 June 18, 1965Owner
Weeks, DorothySec21S/2-31 Oct. 3, 1996Daughter-in-Law {Mrs. Clara Weeks Lot}
Weeks, ElizabethBlk3S/2-44 Jan. 27, 1905 
Weeks, EllenBlk3S/2-44 Jan. 27, 1898 
Weeks, GeorgeBlk2110   
Weeks, HannaBlk344 June 16, 1951 
Weeks, HarryBlk2110   
Weeks, InfantBlk24N/2-7   
Weeks, MarthaBlk211010Oct. 23, 1979Rich O. Weeks Lot
Weeks, MinnieBlk344 Nov. 6, 1944 
Weeks, R. O.Blk2110 Aug. 20, 1881 
Weeks, SallieBlk344 April 2, 1893 
Weeks, W.Blk344 March 19, 1938Geo. Liebl Had Charge Here
Weeks, William, Sr.Sec21S/2-31 Jan. 4, 1956Husband; Clara Weeks Lot
Wegman, LucilleSec19S/2-118 Feb. 22, 1999Co-Owner With Husband
Wegmann, FrancisSec19S/2-118 July 1, 1994Co-Owner With Wife
Wegner, ChristBlk32S/2-3 Sept. 30, 1895 
Wegner, HarrySec16 A 412June 10, 1972Owner
Wegner, LouiseSec16 A 411Dec. 6, 1982Co-Owner With Husband Harry
Wehking, HelmaSec1320 Aug. 9, 1938 
Wehmeyer, OttoSec11 184Aug. 17, 1988Walter Brown Lot
Wehrman, ChristianBlk14S/2-13   
Wehrman, EddyBlk3131 Feb. 8, 1892 
Wehrman, FredSec1S/2-11 July 3, 1944He was Lot Owner
Wehrman, MarieBlk14S/2-13   
Wehrman, MinnaBlk14N/2-13 April 28, 1884 
Wehrmann, CarolineBlk14N/2-13 Oct. 16, 1887 
Wehrmann, MathildaSec1S/2-11 Nov. 26, 19492nd Wife Fred Wehrmann Lot
Wehrmann, MaudeSec1S/2-11   
Wehrwein, AlexSec16 B 45Feb. 13, 1995Joint Owner With Wife
Wehrwein, MabelSec16 B 44Sept. 14, 1977Co-Owner With Husband Alex
Weidemeyer, AmeliaSec7N/2-52 June 23, 1966Owner
Weidensee, KathrineBlk18N/2-4   
Weidensee, MargueriteBlk18N/2-4 Feb. 2, 1963Daughter-in-Law
Weidensee, RichardBlk18N/2-4  Son of Richard & Katherine
Weidensee, RichardBlk18N/2-4   
Weidensee, TheodoreBlk18N/2-4 Aug. 30, 1944Son
Weigand, AugustaBlk30N/2-9 March 11, 1929 
Weigand, Hildegrade {sic}Blk30N/2-9 May 28, 1940 
Weigand, JacobBlk5E/2-5 Aug. 18, 1967Son-in-Law - MB. {sic} Jane Jenson Lot
Weigand, LouiseBlk22S/2-2 March 4, 1957Daughter
Weigand, PaulBlk30N/2-9 May 16, 1895 
Weigand, RosaliaBlk1115 Oct. 25, 1906Daughter
Weihen, HenryBlk22N/2-4 Dec. 5, 1906 
Weiher, MariaBlk22N/2-4   
Weimar, HenryBlk11S/2-9 April 8, 1926 
Weimar, LucileBlk204 March 31, 1945Daughter
Weimar, MarcusBlk204 Aug. 4, 1953Son-in-Law
Weimar, TammyBlk11S/2-9 Oct. 21, 1902 
Weimer, C.Blk11S/2-9  Mrs. C. Weiniar Lot
Weimer, MargBlk11S/2-9 Aug. 27, 1934 
Weimer, NahyolaBlk3111 May 2, 1938 
Weimer, RudolphBlk31N/2-11 April 30, 1942 
Weinberg, MonaSec7S/2-13 Jan. 28, 1997Daughter {George Pape Lot}
Weinberger, FredSec12 108April 8, 1939 
Weinhold, AlbertSec15E/2 - S/2-83 May 9, 1952He & Amanda Weinhold Were Joint Owners
Weinhold, AmandaSec15E/2 - S/2-83 Dec. 27, 1975Owner
Weinitschke, ClarenceSec5 B 314May 7, 1928 
Weinitschke, ErnstSec5 B 312Oct. 31, 1953He Was Owner
Weinitschke, TillieSec5 B 313Dec. 12, 1957Wife
Weinitschki, AugustSec4 B132   
Weinkauf, OttoSec12 A431 Oct. 22, 1963Potters Field
Weinkauf, P.Sec19N/2-10 Sept. 4, 1886 
Weins, ChasSec2S/2-3 March 22, 1937 
Weins, EmilySec2S/2-3 June 16, 1954Wife
Weins, HattieSec2N/2-17 March 30, 1938 
Weins, William      
Weintz, AlmaBlk32S.2-7 April 15, 1946Wife One of Joint Owners
Weintz, AntoneBlk32S/2-7 Dec. 8, 1931 
Weintz, CarlBlk2372 July 26, 1897 
Weintz, RaymondBlk32S/2-7   
Weinz, Therese    Oct. 22, 1887 
Weise, CoraBlk1525 Dec. 16, 1895 
Weise, ErnstBlk186   
Weise, ThereseBlk186 Oct. 11, 1889 
Weise, Wm.Blk1625 Jan. 5, 1901 
Weiskopf, BeatriceSec327 Aug. 18, 1969Daughter-in-Law
Weiskopf, ErvinSec327 Oct. 13, 1903 
Weiskopf, Fred, Jr.Sec327 June 14, 1938 
Weiskopf, Fred, Sr.Sec 27   
Weiskopf, IdaSec327 Dec. 3, 1977Fred Weiskopf, Jr.
Weiskopf, MotherSec327  Mother - Fred Weiskopf, Jr. Lot
Weiskopf, OtisSec327 Sept. 24, 1979Son - Fred Weiskopf, Jr. Lot
Weiss, AlmaBlk24W/2 - N/2 - 10S/3Feb. 22, 1966Bought 1 Grave on Wm. Gust Lot
Weiss, CarlSec11 758Nov. 26, 1983Son; Nellie Weiss Lot
Weiss, CarlSec11 696May 18, 1960Husband
Weiss, EmilieSec10N/2-22   
Weiss, InfantBlk24 A 86 AJuly 26, 1954Infant Daughter of Carl Weiss, Jr.
Weiss, JohnSec10N/2-22 Dec. 13, 1932 
Weiss, NellieSec11 867Oct. 4, 1985Daughter; Mrs. Thomas Krause
Weisskopf, CatharinaBlk4S/2-34   
Weisskopf, JoeBlk4S/2-34 April 29, 1892 
Weisz, DanialSec5 B257 Dec. 13, 1926 
Wellard, PaulSec9S/2-17   
Weller, EmiliaBlk31S/2-27   
Weller, EmilieBlk31S/2-27 April 26, 1887 
Weller, FredBlk31S/2-27 Jan. 7, 1894 
Weller, FredBlk31S/2-27 July 22, 1929 
Wellert, CharlesSec9S/2-17   
Wellert, JohnSec11 66Dec. 16, 1933 
Wellhoefer, A.Blk30N/2-20 Oct. 8, 1886 
Wellhoefer, AlbertineBlk30N/2-20   
Wellhoefer, EmmaSec1N/2-27   
Wellhoefer, GeorgeBlk30N/2-20 Oct. 15, 1882 
Wellhoefer, GeorgeSec17S/2-156 March 15, 1967Owner
Wellhoefer, HildaBlk30N/2-20 July 16, 1889 
Wellhoefer, IdaSec17E/2 - S/2-156 July 13, 1981She Was Lot Owner
Wellhoefer, Infant    June 11, 1906 
Wellhoefer, LeonaSec1S/2-27 June 3, 1957Grand Daughter
Wellhoefer, LouisBlk30N/2-20 Nov. 4, 1902 
Wellhoefer, LouisSec17S/2-156 Oct. 15, 1960Brother
Wellhoefer, MildaSec1319 Oct. 31, 1928 
Wellhoefer, OscarSec1N/2-27   
Wellhoefer, RuthSec17S/2-156 March 6, 1989Daughter; George Wellhoefer Lot
Wellhoefer, WilhelmineBlk30N/2-20   
Wellhoefer, Wm.    Jan. 14, 1903 
Wellohoefer, EmmaSec1S/2-27 April 9, 1951 
Wells, AgnesSec2S/2-41   
Wells, JamesSec12 A 279May 14, 1991Husband; Joann Wells Lot Owner
Wells, JoannSec12 A 280Oct. 1, 1997She Was Lot Owner
Wells, ThomasSec2S/2-41   
Welsch, Catharine    April 6, 1898 
Welti, HelenSec9N/2-5 March 23, 1999Daughter {John F. Palmer Lot}
Welti, WilliamSec9N/2-5 July 9, 1988 
Wencek, AntonBlk1717   
Wencek, SophieBlk1717 April 6, 1927 
Wend, P. M.    July 31, 1884 
Wendell, PeterSec12 40March 31, 1945 
Wendell, StephenSec12 101Dec. 30, 1939Potters Field
Wendland, ArnoSec1S/2-111 Oct. 27, 1927 
Wendland, AugSec12 181Dec. 20, 1982Potters Field
Wendland, BerthaSec1S/2-111 Nov. 23, 1954Wife
Wendland, ClaraBlk91 April 30, 1945 
Wendland, DavidSec182952Dec. 10, 1992Husband {Judy Wendland Lot}
Wendland, DorothySec1S/2-111 March 4, 1961Daughter-in-Law
Wendland, Emma    May 25, 1883 
Wendland, ErwinSec1S/2-111 Sept. 3, 1927 
Wendland, FrankBlk91 July 24, 1940 
Wendland, FredSec1S/2-111 May 9, 1958He Was Owner
Wendland, LouisSec21105 Feb. 29, 1988 
Wendland, RubenSec1S/2-111 Nov. 7, 1955Son
Wendland, VictoriaSec21105 June 16, 1986Co-Owner With Husband Louis
Wendland, WilliamSec1S/2-111 Sept. 21, 1970Son; Fred Wendland Lot
Wendlandt, PaulineSec12194 Oct. 7, 1931 
Wendler, PaulineSec5 B 236Oct. 7, 1965Wife; William Wendler Lot
Wendler, Wm.Sec5 B 237Dec. 14, 1936 
Wendt, Albert    June 12, 1880 
Wendt, AlbertBlk285 June 25, 1889 
Wendt, AlbertBlk285 Dec. 30, 1925 
Wendt, CarolineBlk285 July 10, 1937 
Wendt, ChristianeBlk285 Nov. 11, 1901 
Wendt, FrankSec1640 Dec. 12, 1956 
Wendt, GottfridBlk285 Dec. 13, 1893 
Wendt, HermanBlk285 April 11, 1955Son
Wendt, MarthaBlk285 Aug. 17, 1967Daughter
Wendt, OttoSec4 C 269June 13, 1958Joint Ownership With Wife
Wendt, PaulBlk285 Feb. 23, 1940 
Wendte, Caroline    Sept. 17, 1883 
Weninger, AlexSec16 A 350April 28, 1959Husband
Weninger, MetaSec16 A 351Nov. 21, 1973Owner
Wensauer, PatrickSec17 A 236Oct. 22, 1992Brother {Donald & Emily Wensauer Lot}
Wente, RuthSec2N/2-88 March 8, 1984Mrs. Minnie Born Lot
Wentland, JohnSec4 C 208Jan. 5, 1949 
Wentzel, Aug.Blk37  June 22, 1887 
Wernecke, WinstonSec19S/2-81 Feb. 11, 1976Brother; Vernon Wernecke Lot
Werner, AmaliaSec9N/2-39 July 20, 1938 
Werner, AnnaSec10S/2-43 Feb. 28, 1948Wife - John Werner Lot
Werner, ElizabethSec17 A 76Feb. 18, 1985Daughter
Werner, HeatherBlk2995 May 30, 1894 
Werner, JohnSec10S/2-43 March 27, 1948He Was Lot Owner
Werner, John  11 Oct. 16, 1890 
Werner, MarieSec12 A 218Nov. 13, 1985Mother - Doris Werner Lot
Werner, RobertSec5 B336 Sept. 8, 1931 
Wernoioski, HallmuntBlk3653 July 26, 1895 
Werthmann, OscarSec14W/2 - S/2-111 March 13, 1967Owner
Wertman, MeloneSec14S/2-111 Nov. 18, 1939 
Wesedorf, ElenoraBlk33N/2-29 Jan. 9, 1897 
Wesendorf, ClarkSec8N/2-1 June 20, 1963Son - Henry Wesendorf & William Haaimann
Wesendorf, ElizabethSec1S/2-114 Feb. 2, 1927 
Wesendorf, HenrySec8N/2-1 Jan. 10, 1938 
Wesendorf, JohannaSec8N/2-1 April 2, 1927 
Wesener, AlbertineSec2N/2-35 May 9, 1938 
Wesener, HenrySec1N/3 - W/2 - S/2 May 8, 1944 
Wesener, HermanSec2N/2-35 Nov. 13, 1898 
Wesener, InfantBlk24 A 77 CMay 27, 1950 
Wesener, MariaSec2N/2-35 Dec. 31, 1897 
Wesener, MarionSec2N/2-35   
Wesener, RichSec2N/2-35 June 5, 1930 
Wesener, RolandSec2N/2-35 April 1, 1903 
Wesener, RudolphSec2N/2-35 Jan. 16, 1947Father
West, AllanSec15S/2-22 March 22, 1944He Was Lot Owner
West, HarriettSec15S/2-22 May 3, 1980A. W. West Lot
West, MarioneSec15S/2-22 Nov. 25, 1930 
West, StanlySec15S/2-22 March 6, 1972Son; A. W. West Lot
Wester, EdithSec254 Nov. 4, 1982Mrs. Edw. Rawling Lot
Wester, FrederickSec254 Aug. 15, 1972Son-in-Law; Ed. Rawling Lot
Wester, MarieSec16 A 264June 5, 1985Alfred Korlesky Lot
Westermeyer, EdnaBlk222 Sept. 27, 1973Daughter; Jacob Kempf Lot
Westermeyer, GertrudeBlk222 May 8, 1995Unknown {Jacob Kempf Lot}
Westermeyer, JohnBlk222 June 6, 1984Jacob Kempf Lot
Westermeyer, ThomasBlk222 Nov. 21, 1984Jacob Kempf Lot
Westfahl, NormaSec21E/2 - N/2-70 Jan. 29, 1974Owner
Westfahl, OscarSec21E/2 - N/2-70 Oct. 22, 1953Husband; Norma Westfahl Lot
Westmore, AnnaBlk3695 Nov. 26, 1898 
Westmore, AnnaSec15N/2-14 April 1, 1954Daughter-in-Law
Westmore, B.    March 19, 1902 
Westmore, Baby    Feb. 15, 1900 
Westmore, BerthaBlk30N/2-38 March 6, 1897 
Westmore, G.Blk30N/2-38 Dec. 27, 1900Husband of Bertha
Westmore, GilbertSec15N/2-14 Jan. 22, 1969Ole Westmore Lot
Westmore, Harry    March 10, 1902 
Westmore, LouisSec15N/2-14 Jan. 19, 1972Son; Ole Westmore Lot
Westmore, LouiseSec15N/2-14 Dec. 30, 1927 
Westmore, MarlinBlk30N/2-38 Sept. 20, 1901 
Westmore, MaryBlk30N/2-38 Aug. 11, 1896 
Westmore, MaryBlk30N/2-38 Jan. 10, 1899 
Westmore, MollySec15N/2-14 March 13, 1961Daughter-in-Law
Westmore, OleSec15N/2-14 April 7, 1930 
Westphal, ArthurBlk24N/2-11 May 15, 1896 
Westphal, BabyBlk24N/2-11 March 23, 1886 
Westphal, CarlBlk24N/2-11 Aug. 28, 1885 
Westphal, DennisSec6N/2-13 July 27, 1979Hugo Westphal Lot
Westphal, DorathiaBlk13N/2-2 Oct. 21, 1903 
Westphal, ErnstBlk24N/2-11 Nov. 25, 1932 
Westphal, Herman    Oct. 11, 1881 
Westphal, HugoSec13N/2-13 April 1, 1946He Was Lot Owner
Westphal, InfantBlk24N/2-11 Sept. 3, 1897 
Westphal, JohnBlk13N/2-2 Oct. 13, 1905 
Westphal, MariaBlk13N/2-11 Sept. 13, 1885 
Westphal, MarthaBlk24N/2-11   
Westphal, MinnieBlk24N/2-11   
Westphal, Otto    Oct. 26, 1881 
Westphal, SarahSec6N/2-13 Feb. 9, 1925 
Westphal, VioletSec19N/2-59 April 7, 1964Wife
Westphral, RolandSec19N/2-59 June 16, 1979He Was Lot Owner
Westplate, JohnSec4 A148   
Wettstein, PatriciaBlk16 B 79May 7, 1993She Was Owner
Wetzel, CharlesSec3S/2-55 Dec. 9, 1953He Was Lot Owner
Wetzel, F.Blk8S/2-2 Oct. 19, 1880 
Wetzel, KatherineBlk8S/2-2   
Wetzel, LouisSec2S/2-80 July 6, 1936 
Wetzel, MariaBlk8S/2-2 Nov. 9, 1880 
Wetzel, PhyllisSec3S/2-55 Dec. 9, 1996Daughter {Charles Wetzel Lot}
Wetzel, SarahSec3S/2-55 March 3, 1967Wife
Weyer, RobertSec21S/2-7 Sept. 25, 1995Son-in-Law {Bessie Andropolis Lot}
Weygant, GeorgeSec11 125Oct. 6, 19692nd Husband {Mrs. Henry Kuehl Lot}
Weygant, IrmaSec11 125Dec. 3, 1982Harvey Kuehl Lot
Wheeler, EmilySec8S/2-5   
Wheeler, Frank    Nov. 17, 1905 
Wheeler, KarilynSec31239March 6, 1979Father Raymond Heermann
Wheeler, MabelBlk6  Aug. 17, 1882 
Wheeler, PhebeBlk411   
Whelpley, ElizabethBlk417 Aug. 26, 1932A. McLellan Lot
Whelpley, HenryBlk417 May 16, 1935 
Whelton, JaredSec183991Oct. 16, 1988Son {Rev. Gregory Whelton Lot}
Whieland, Elmmia    Nov. 12, 1900 
Whiffen, AndrewBlk3S/2-55 July 16, 1927Husband of Viola
Whiffen, ClarenceBlk3S/2-55 Nov. 24, 1979Andrew Whiffen Lot
Whiffen, George, Jr.Blk3N/2-55 July 11, 1956George U. Whiffen, Sr. Lot
Whiffen, George, Sr.Blk3N/2-55   
Whiffen, GraceBlk3S/2-55 May 19, 1979J. Andrew Whiffen Lot
Whiffen, HattieBlk3N/2-55 Dec. 30, 1935 
Whiffen, InfantBlk3N/2-55 Oct. 31, 1905George Whiffen, Sr. Lot
Whiffen, MaryBlk419  Wife of William
Whiffen, MathildaBlk3N/2-55 Aug. 16, 1897Wife
Whiffen, OliveBlk3S/2-55 May 29, 1959Daughter
Whiffen, UridgeBlk419  Not Recorded {Chas. Grunell Lot}
Whiffen, ViolaBlk3S/2-55 Jan. 4, 1926Wife of Andrew J.
Whiffen, Wm.Blk419 July 5, 1903Husband of MaryAnn
Whiffen, Wm.Blk3N/2-55 June 8, 1938 
Whinfield, HaroldSec1125 Jan. 24, 1949Husband
Whinfield, RuthSec1125 May 9, 1990Ruth Whinfield Lot Owner
Whippermann, CarolynSec14S/2-21 Sept. 25, 1929 
Whippermann, GertrudeSec14E/2 - S/2-21 Oct. 18, 1991Wife; Milton Whippermann Lot
Whippermann, MiltonSec14E/2 - S/2-21 May 3, 1997Not Recorded {Oscar Roeder / M. Whippermann Lot}
Whitaker, HaroldSec14E/2-118 April 7, 1958Son-in-Law
White, AndrewSec11 900May 24, 1986Husband of Linda
White, GilbertSec19N/2-43 July 22, 1992He and Wife Lot Owners
White, HannahBlk13S/2-20 June 29, 1929 
White, JeanSec936 Oct. 22, 1979Daughter {Walter Murphy Lot}
White, LindaSec936 July 14, 1951Grand-Daughter
White, Mrs.    Oct. 24, 1882 
White, O.Blk2375 Oct. 2, 1897 
White, ThursaySec4 C 97June 24, 1954Herself
White, WilliamSec936 Nov. 19, 1991Son-in-Law {Walter Murphy Lot}
White, Wm.Blk13S/2-20 Feb. 22, 1887 
Whitehill, EdithSec6S/2-27 Sept. 23, 1932Wife of Robert
Whitehill, RobertSec6S/2-27 April 15, 1924Husband of Edith
Whiting, InfantSec5 C55 Sept. 21, 1931 
Whitten, AfarettaBlk20N/2-7  Wife
Whitten, FrankBlk207  Owner
Wichmann, Claus      
Wichmann, EmmaSec14N/2-103 March 14, 1930 
Wichmann, JamesSec14N/2-1033June 7, 1963Nephew
Wick, BlancheSec622 April 18, 1972Wife of Owner
Wick, WalterSec622 Aug. 28, 1956Owner
Wick, WillisSec622 June 18, 1925Son {Walter W. Wick Lot}
Wicker, FlossieSec16E/2-95 May 14, 1973Daughter-in-Law {Louis Wicker Lot}
Wicker, JosephSec16E/2-95 April 18, 1969Son {Louis Wicker Lot}
Wicker, LouisSec16E/2-95 Oct. 14, 1943Owner
Wicker, MargarethaSec16E/2-95 Nov. 24, 1941Wife {Louis Wicker Lot}
Wickman, CharlesSec12 A 169March 22, 1954 
Wickmann, HermanSec10E/2 - N/2-31 Feb. 22, 1956He Was Lot Owner
Wickmann, MyrtleSec10N/2-31   
Wicks, JudithSec16N/2-29 Nov. 6, 1984Grand-Daughter; Abraham Van Ouwerkerk Lot
Widder, AnnaSec5 B199 Sept. 26, 1924Wife; Ernst Widder Lot
Widder, CarolineSec5 B 379March 5, 1953She Was Owner
Widder, EmilSec5 B38 C April 9, 1931Husband of Caroline
Widder, ErnstSec5 B 198April 9, 1958He Was Owner
Widder, JohnSec19S/2-24 Jan. 29, 1975Owner
Widder, LouiseSec21S/2-10 Oct. 1, 1963Owner
Widder, Theodore S.Sec21S/2-10 Nov. 10, 1953Husband; Louise Widder Lot
Widmar, JerrySec12 134April 7, 1937 
Widra, MikeSec12 A 212Jan. 9, 1964Potters Field
Wiech, KevinBlk24 A53 C Nov. 26, 1968Son
Wieche, CathrineBlk2N/2-29  Wife; Louis Wieche Lot Owner
Wiechman, LizzieBlk2936 Aug. 21, 1889 
Wiechmann, ClausSec14N/2-103 May 13, 1927 
Wieck, AlbertineBlk31N/2-13  Wife of Henry
Wieck, Baby    March 15, 1904 
Wieck, ClaraBlk31N/2-13 July 3, 1936Daughter
Wieck, EmmaBlk16S/2-20 Oct. 27, 1943Wife & Husband Were Joint Owners
Wieck, HenryBlk31N/2-13 1895He Was Lot Owner
Wieck, Infant    Feb. 27, 1905 
Wieck, MimmieBlk31N/2-13 Feb. 17, 1938 
Wieck, WalterBlk16S/2-20 Feb. 17, 1948He & Emma Wieck Were Joint Owners
Wiedemeyer, FredSec7N/2-52 Aug. 13, 1986Henry {Amelia} Weidemeyer Lot
Wiedemeyer, HenryBlk22S/2-13   
Wiedemeyer, HenrySec7N/2-52 May 2, 1931Husband
Wiedemeyer, InfantBlk22S/2-13 March 7, 1896 
Wiedemeyer, InfantBlk22S/2-13 May 6, 1897 
Wiedemeyer, LouiseBlk22S/2-13 Aug. 14, 1887 
Wiedemeyer, WalterSec7N/2-52 June 18, 1938Son
Wiegele, RodneySec19N/2-79 March 22, 1983Wife: Jane {sic}
Wiegerling, AnnaSec3N/2-45 Feb. 13, 1929Wife; Peter Wiegerling Lot
Wiegerling, PeterSec3N/2-45 Sept. 24, 1934Owner
Wiegerling, WinfredSec3N/2-45  Peter Wiegerling Lot
Wiegert, Leonard    Nov. 20, 1987Scattering Garden
Wieghardt, Mrs. EdgarBlk24S/2-18 July 29, 1924Christoph Heyer Lot
Wieghart, IdaBlk24S/2-18 Jan. 22, 1944Daughter {Christoph Heyer Lot}
Wieghart, Infant SonBlk24S/2-18 July 22, 1929Christoph Heyer Lot
Wieghart, StanleySec21W/2 - N/2-69 May 31, 1951Son {Edgar & Margaret Wieghart Lot}
Wieghart, WilliamBlk24S/2-18  Son-in-Law; Christoph Heyer Lot Owner
Wieghhaart, EdgarSec21W/2 - N/2-69 Sept. 23, 1975Owner
Wiehe, LouisBlk2N/2-29 May 24, 1892Owner
Wiehn, CacilieBlk30W/2 - S/2-2 Nov. 2, 1888Wife; Henry Wiehn, Sr. Lot
Wiehn, ClaraBlk1410 1873Daughter; Henry Wiehn Lot
Wiehn, CoraBlk1410 Sept. 24, 1940Wife; Henry Wiehn Lot
Wiehn, EmmaBlk1410 Feb. 8, 1892Daughter; Henry Wiehn Lot
Wiehn, HenryBlk30W/2 - S/2-2 March, 1892Owner
Wiehn, HenryBlk1410 Aug. 23, 1906Owner
Wiehn, Henry, Jr.Blk1410  Son; Henry Wiehn, Sr. Lot
Wiehn, ThereseBlk1410 April 28, 1885Wife; Henry Wiehn, Sr. Lot
Wiehr, AnnaSec156 June 6, 1944Daughter; Christina Spindler Lot
Wiehr, CarlSec156 April 14, 1958Son-in-Law; Christina Spindler Lot
Wiehr, DionSec156 April 6, 1972Great-Grandson; Christina Spindler Lot
Wiehr, EdgarSec156 Sept. 6, 1988 
Wiehr, EloiseSec156 Sept. 18, 1998Wife of Grandson? {Christina Spindler Lot
Wiehr, InfantSec156 Feb. 14, 1934Christina Spindler Lot
Wiek, HenryBlk30N/2-13 Feb. 2, 1895Anton Kjelsen Lot
Wiek, PaulBlk16N/2-20 March 2, 1892J. E. Maynard Lot
Wieland, AugustBlk1916 Aug. 21, 1888Amanda, Emma & Selma Pieper Lot
Wieland, EdwardBlk1812 June 9, 1956Mrs. M. Bruns Lot
Wieland, EmmaBlk1812 May 24, 1939Mrs. M. Bruns Lot
Wieland, JohannesBlk1916 March 21, 1888Amanda Pieper Lot
Wieland, PaulBlk1812  Mrs. M. Bruns Lot
Wieland, T.Blk1916 March 24, 1888Amanda, Emma & Selma Pieper Lot
Wieland, WilhelmBlk1916 ?? 8, 1888Amanda Pieper Lot
Wield, ChristopherBlk24 A 30 BMarch 14, 1998Son {K. Wield & K. S. Lot}
Wiemann, AnnaBlk32N/2-13 Sept. 6, 1945Gerhardt Wiemann Lot
Wiemann, ArthurSec16W/2-97 April 29, 1980Alton J. Schmitt Lot
Wiemann, CarlSec15E/2 - S/2-85 Feb. 26, 1979Owner
Wiemann, EllaBlk1410 March 18, 1975Grand-Daughter; Henry Wiehn Lot
Wiemann, ElvaBlk32N/2-13 Oct. 12, 1972Daughter {Gerhardt Wiemann Lot}
Wiemann, FredBlk28N/2-1 Nov. 6, 1898Henry Heerman Lot
Wiemann, GerhardBlk32N/2-13  Owner
Wiemann, KathrineSec15S/2-85 April 12, 1948Grand Daughter {Harry & Grace Groff Lot}
Wiemann, PearlSec15E/2 - S/2-85 Feb. 25, 1965Wife {Carl L. Wiemann Lot}
Wiemann, SophiaSec16W/2-97 June 12, 1997Alton Schmitt Lot
Wiemann, SybillaBlk32N/2-13 Nov. 18, 1896Wife {Gerhardt Wiemann Lot}
Wiemann, WilliamBlk1410 Oct. 22, 1973Grandson-in-Law {Henry Wiehn Lot}
Wiemann, WilliamBlk32N/2-13 July 18, 1934Gerhardt Wiemann Lot
Wiens, WilliamSec2S/2-3 May 29, 1928 
Wierzbach, HerbertSec6N/2-41 Nov. 2, 1995Wife was Lot Owner {Formerly Jacob Smies Lot}
Wierzbach, JamesSec6N/2-41 Aug. 2, 1937Formerly Jacob Smies Lot - Trans. to Jeannette
Wierzbach, JeanetteSec6N/2-41 April 10, 1989Jake & Ginnie Smies Lot
Wiesner, MargaretBlk32S/2-7 April 18, 1932William Voss Lot
Wigand, LydiaSec11 217July 25, 1952Wife {Peter Wigand Lot}
Wigand, PeterSec11 216March 16, 1971Owner
Wiggins, AlbertSec6N/2-48 May 31, 1932Edgar Fiebig Lot
Wiggins, ElginSec11 471March 31, 19512nd Husband {Martha Wiggins Purchased Lot}
Wiggins, IreneSec11 470Feb. 13, 1948Wife {Elgin Wiggins Lot}
Wiggins, MarthaSec4 C 61Jan. 20, 1976Owner
Wiggins, OliveSec6N/2-48 Feb. 24, 1945Edgar Fiebig Lot
Wilberg, ClaraSec12 155April 3, 1934Potters Field
Wilberg, EdmundSec12 24Oct. 12, 1957Potters Field
Wilbert, AdamSec19W-3/4 - 219 March 23, 1977Owner
Wilbert, AnnaSec1547 July 30, 1958Co-Owner With Arthur Voss {Former Husband}
Wilbert, AnnaSec242 June 11, 1899Valentine Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, AnnaBlk34S/2-45 Dec. 28, 1950Owner
Wilbert, ArthurBlk34S/2-45 Aug. 9, 1896Anna Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, BabyBlk366 Sept. 16, 1890Nic Wilbert Purchased Lot
Wilbert, BerthaBlk24N/2-22 April 30, 1891E/2 John Janke Lot - W/2 C. Aderman Lot
Wilbert, DonaldSec8 A 37April 7, 1986Alfred Berchem Lot
Wilbert, ErnistineBlk2319 Nov. 14, 1891Peter Wilbert Purchased Lot
Wilbert, FredrichaSec242 Jan. 15, 1904 
Wilbert, InfantSec242 July 19, 1926Valentine Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, InfantSec2442  Valentine Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, LydiaSec4 C 272March 14, 1995Co-Owner With Husband
Wilbert, MichaelSec242  Valentine Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, NicholausBlk34S/2-45  Anna Wilbert Lot
Wilbert, OlgaSec242 May 2, 1996Daughter-in-Law {Valentine Wilbert Lot}
Wilbert, OttoBlk3689 May 27, 1898Adam Wilbert Purchased Lot
Wilbert, Paul    June 7, 1881 
Wilbert, RolandSec1547 Sept. 14, 1970Husband {Arthur / Anna Voss Lot}
Wilbert, ValentineSec242 Dec. 8, 1932Owner
Wilbert, Viola    Dec. 1, 1898 
Wilbert, VirginiaSec19W-3/4 - 219 June 1, 1973Owner
Wilbert, WalterSec4 C 271April 7, 1969Owner
Wilde, AlvinaSec5 B197 Nov. 24, 1924Anton Wilde Purchased Lot
Wilde, Anton  237 Oct. 9, 1930Potters Field
Wildgrube, FredSec5 B253 Feb. 17, 1927Owner
Wildgrube, FredBlk18S/2-3 Feb. 27, 1946Son-in-Law {John Meggers Lot}
Wildgrube, MarieBlk18S/2-3 March 11, 1924Daughter {John Meggers Lot}
Wildgrube, OscarBlk31N/2-3 May 17, 1890Franz Schulz Lot
Wildman, ClydeSec16 A 195April 15, 1960Father
Wildman, FredSec4 C 237April 10, 1974Owner
Wildman, MarySec4 C 238June 18, 1947Wife {Fred Wildman Lot}
Wildman, MyrtleSec14S/2-39 Jan. 22, 1958Sister
Wiles, GeorgeSec19N/2-128 April 9, 1964Father {Lloyd Sargent Lot}
Wiles, IoneBlk2N/2-20 Aug. 12, 1955Grand-Niece {Henry Schnadhorst Lot}
Wilgus, M. AnnBlk9E/2-24  Mrs. S. Wilgus Lot
Wilgus, MarsonBlk9E/2-24 Jan. 20, 1901Mrs. S. Wilgus Lot
Wilhelm, EvelynBlk8S/2-42May 8, 1996Mother {Delinquent Grave Formerly Ch. Adolphi Lot}
Wilhelm, MertonBlk8S/2-41April 23, 1984Delinquent Grave Formerly Ch. Adolphi Lot
Wilk, EmmaBlk14N/2-12 March 8, 1895 
Wilk, FrederickBlk1317 April 22, 1965Son-in-Law {Gottlieb Gehr Lot}
Wilk, MillieBlk1317 March 23, 1970Daughter {Gottlieb Gehr Lot}
Wilke, AlmaSec16 B 109May 26, 1983Owner
Wilke, AnitaSec3S/2-85 Feb. 11, 1942Daughter {Mrs. Clara Wilke Lot}
Wilke, AnnaSec14N/2-90 May 28, 1966Daughter {Traugott Wilke Lot}
Wilke, AnnaSec14N/2-90 Nov. 14, 1938Traugott Wilke Lot
Wilke, ArnoSec16 B 110Sept. 11, 1971Husband {Alma Wilke Lot}
Wilke, CarlSec16S/2-44 April 26, 1941Charlotte Meissner Lot
Wilke, CathySec12 A 393March 23, 1993Sister {Barbara Ann Wilke Lot}
Wilke, ChristinaSec1159 Dec. 24, 1954Mother {Miss Leonora Wilke Lot}
Wilke, ClaraSec3S/2-85 Feb. 8, 1943Owner
Wilke, ElizabethSec16S/2-44 June 6, 1942Charlotte Meissner Lot
Wilke, ElizabethBlk16N/2-8 Feb. 3, 1889Otto Henricks Lot
Wilke, ElizabethSec11 769Dec. 30, 1974Owner
Wilke, EmilSec11 770Nov. 10, 1966Husband {Elizabeth Wilke Lot}
Wilke, F.Blk24N/2-1 March 24, 1891Fredrich Wilke Lot
Wilke, FerdinandBlk31N/2-23 Aug. 3, 1900Owner
Wilke, FredBlk31N/2-23 Aug. 10, 1887 
Wilke, FredSec21N/2-36 Sept. 14, 1961Co-Owner With Wife
Wilke, FriedaBlk31N/2-23 March 7, 1891Ferdinand Wilke Lot
Wilke, FriedrichBlk24N/2-1 March 24, 1891Fredrich Wilke Lot
Wilke, GustaveSec1159 Sept. 13, 1948Father {Miss Leonora Wilke Lot}
Wilke, HildegardeSec21E/2-36 Oct. 10, 1998Wife {Fred Wilke Lot}
Wilke, IreneSec9S/2-11  William Brockmann Lot
Wilke, J.Blk24N/2-1 Nov. 18, 1885Fredrich Wilke Lot
Wilke, JohannBlk16N/2-8 May 29, 1899Otto Hendricks Lot
Wilke, JohnSec19N/2-50 Sept. 12, 1969Owner
Wilke, K.    July 8, 1899 
Wilke, KathySec12 A 393March 23, 1993Sister {Barbara Ann Wilke Lot}
Wilke, LeonoraSec1159 Dec. 14, 1976Owner
Wilke, LesterSec19N/2-69 April 13, 1977Co-Owner With Wife Daphne
Wilke, LouisSec1S/2-9 Dec. 26, 1941Robert Smith Lot
Wilke, MinnieBlk7N/2-15 Oct. 24, 1888William Wilke Lot
Wilke, OlgaBlk14N/2-12 Sept. 5, 1891John Stecker & Fred Born Lot
Wilke, PaulinaBlk7N/2-15 May 24, 1940William Wilke Lot
Wilke, RichardBlk7N/2-15 Oct. 28, 1888William Wilke Lot
Wilke, RogerSec1N/2-54 May 24, 1929Charles Scheffler Lot
Wilke, RosaBlk456 Feb. 7, 1950Daughter {G. C. Granger Lot}
Wilke, TraugottSec14N/2-90 June 7, 1926Mrs. Traugott Wilke Lot
Wilke, WalterBlk24N/2-1 Sept. 30, 1893Fredrich Wilke Lot
Wilke, WilhelmineSec1S/2-90  Robert Smith Lot
Wilke, WilhelmineBlk31N/2-23 Nov. 25, 1886Ferdinand Wilke Lot
Wilke, WilliamSec385  Clara Wilke Lot
Wilke, WilliamBlk7N/2-15  Owner
Wilke, WilliamBlk456 Jan. 28, 1954G. C. Granger Lot
Wilke, WilliamBlk31N/2-23 Nov. 29, 1904Ferdinand Wilke Lot
Wilkerson, FlorenceSec11 June 18, 1979August Vowinkle Lot
Wilkerson, FredSec11 May 3, 1980August Vowinkle Lot
Wilkerson, FredSec4 C 218March 22, 1949Husband {Grace Wilkerson Lot}
Wilkerson, GraceSec4 C 217Jan. 9, 1969Owner
Wilkes, Baby  20/2 July 19, 1888Free Ground
Will, InfantSec2S/2-46  Louis Burkhardt Lot
Willard, FrankSec1167 Sept. 19, 1933Mrs. Frank Willard Purchased Lot
Willard, GustavusBlk1122 May 4, 1925Owner
Willard, Hattie    April 25, 1902 
Willard, PatienceBlk1122 April 23, 1925Wife {Gustavus Willard Lot}
Willers, AmyBlk24 A57 D Nov. 26, 1963Daughter {Alvin & Dorothy Willers Lot}
Willhoefer, WilliamSec1S/2-27 Nov. 25, 1925 
Williams, AnnaBlk2333 June 11, 1893J. Fleut Purchased Lot
Williams, BabyBlk348 Sept. 18, 1885Edgar Williams Lot
Williams, BillieBlk312 Sept. 10, 1901Owner
Williams, BruceSec11 874May 27, 1987Nickel-Lippert
Williams, CharlesBlk312 May 15, 1890Billie Williams Lot
Williams, ChesterSec17 A 274June 12, 1991Husband {Catherine Williams Lot}
Williams, EmilyBlk19  June 6, 1906 
Williams, FrancisSec276 Jan. 12, 1935Jessie Jones Lot
Williams, FrankBlk3  Aug. 15, 1882 
Williams, FredBlk312 July 16, 1956Billie Williams Lot
Williams, GeorgeSec12 A 206Aug. 27, 1957City Free Lot
Williams, GertrudeSec9N/2-22 June 25, 1949Owner
Williams, HarryBlk222 Sept. 22, 1949Jacob Kempf Lot
Williams, HenrySec9N/2-22  Mrs. Henry Williams Lot
Williams, IdaSec11 681Jan. 7, 1944Mother? {Earl Williams Purchased Lot}
Williams, InfantBlk24 A 66 BDec. 3, 1943Ed. Burger Lot
Williams, JaneBlk312  Wife {Billie Williams Lot}
Williams, JennieBlk357 March 9, 1905Rebecca Mead & Jennie Williams Joint Owner
Williams, JessieSec276 Dec. 31, 1953Owner
Williams, JohnBlk312 July 16, 1956Billie Williams Lot
Williams, JuliaSec12 A 215March 23, 1972Owner
Williams, JuliaBlk222 July 23, 1948Jacob Kempf Lot
Williams, LeonSec9N/2-22 June 21, 1933Son {Mrs. Henry Williams Lot}
Williams, LesterSec11 875Aug. 13, 1984 
Williams, Mary    April 28, 1989Scattering Garden
Williams, MathildaSec9N/2-22 May 21, 1948Daughter-in-Law {Mrs. Henry Williams Lot}
Williams, WilliamBlk312 Dec. 19, 1890B. Williams Lot
Williamson, AlbertBlk30N/2-13 Feb. 21, 1924Anton Kjelson Lot
Williamson, ElizabethBlk30N/2-13  Anton Kjelson Lot
Willis, NellieSec16 A 464Aug. 14, 1964Owner {Sent Deed to Mrs. Regis O'Keefe}
Wilsing, ArnoSec2099 April 15, 1983Roman Hoerig Lot
Wilsing, CharlesSec10N/2-26 March 20, 1939Owner
Wilsing, EdwardSec10N/2-26  Charles Wilsing Lot
Wilsing, EmmaSec11 265April 10, 1943Wife {Elmer Wilsing Purchased Grave}
Wilsing, GarySec10N/2-26 Dec. 21, 1944Grandson {Charles Wilsing Lot}
Wilsing, HattieSec1N/2-3 April 29, 1952Mother
Wilsing, HenrySec1N/2-3 July 31, 1947Husband
Wilsing, HildaBlk24S/2-26 Jan. 18, 1977Anna Blum Lot
Wilsing, HildegardSec2099 June 20, 1987Roman Hoerig Lot
Wilsing, HildegardSec1N/2-3   
Wilsing, InfantSec19S/2-60 June 15, 1964Child
Wilsing, MartinaSec1983Dec. 23, 1961Mother-in-law {Delbert Born Lot}
Wilsing, MelvinSec10N/2-26 May 29, 1929Charles Wilsing Lot
Wilsing, RichardSec1N/2-3  Harry & Amanda De Bruine Lot
Wilsing, RichardBlk24S/2-26 Oct. 12, 1968Mother-in-Law {Anna Blum Lot}
Wilson, A.Blk167 Dec. 23, 1885A Wilson Lot Originally, Then J. Bickel Lot
Wilson, AlbertBlk41 June 16, 1952Rudolph Rietz Lot
Wilson, AliceSec7S/2-16 Feb. 24, 1939Alice R. & H. Wilsing Lot
Wilson, ArthurBlk15S/2-16 Jan. 20, 1886Emma Wilson Lot
Wilson, BabyBlk167  Not Recorded {Joe Bickel Lot}
Wilson, BabyBlk1516 Dec. 12, 1886Emma Wilson Lot
Wilson, DavidSec11 741Oct. 14, 1965Husband
Wilson, ElizabethSec11 153March 19, 1945Wife {Melvin Wilson Lot}
Wilson, ElvinaSec15E/2 - N/2-43 Aug. 3, 1976Owner
Wilson, FrankSec10N/2-43 March 31, 1949Joint Owner with Mrs. Wilson
Wilson, HarrietSec7S/2-16 Aug. 6, 1960Either Sister or Joint Owner {Alice R. & H. Wilson Lot}
Wilson, HeanesBlk167  A. Wilson Lot First; Then J. Bickel Lot
Wilson, HildegardSec7S/2-16 July 27, 1962Alice R. & H. Wilson Lot
Wilson, InfantBlk37  July 15, 1896 
Wilson, Jacob    Feb. 19, 1902 
Wilson, JamieSec7S/2-16 March 25, 1932Alice R. & H. Wilson Lot
Wilson, JohnSec7S/2-16  Alice R. & H. Wilson Lot
Wilson, KayBlk30S/2-40 Sept. 10, 1960Great-Grandfather {Fritz Leonhard Lot}
Wilson, LouiseSec8 A 40Dec. 30, 1992Mother {Michael Wilson Lot}
Wilson, MandraBlk167  Not Recorded {Joe Bickel Lot}
Wilson, MargaretSec11 742Jan. 21, 1985Owner
Wilson, MelvinSec11 154Nov. 11, 1963Owner
Wilson, MetaBlk41 May 9, 1936R. Rietz Lot
Wilson, OlgaSec15N/2-43 July 29, 1941Frank Wilson Lot
Wilson, RuthSec16N/2-63 July 16, 1991Mrs. Otto Hoehnke Lot
Wilson, SarahBlk167  Joe Bickel Lot {Formerly A. Wilson Lot}
Wilterdink, DustinBlk24 A 42 BAug. 12, 1986Parents
Wiltzius, BruceSec102 July 31, 1970Grandson {Wm. Horn Lot}
Wiltzius, KennethBlk24 A 39 AFeb. 1, 1993Son {Steven & Dawn Wiltzius Lot}
Wiltzius, ThomasSec102 Jan. 28, 1949Great-Grandchild of Wm. Horn, Orig. Lot O{sic}
Wimer, TonySec16 A 610April 11, 1979Co-Owner With Wife Lena
Wimmer, TheodoreSec182792Aug. 27, 1996Husband {Barbara Wimmer Lot}
Winebrenner, WilliamSec1964Nov. 29, 1975Father {Mrs. Phyllis Verstrate Lot}
Wingender, EmiliaSec7S/2-21 1923She Was Lot Owner
Wingender, EugeneSec7S/2-21 Jan. 24, 1949Son {Mrs. Jacob Wingender Lot}
Wingender, JacobSec7S/2-21 1920Husband {Mrs. Jacob Wingender Lot}
Wingender, RickSec19N/2-21 July 14, 1967Son {Helen Wingender Picard Lot}
Wingender, WellingtonSec21S/2-32 Aug. 3, 1998Son {Lillian Stenger Lot}
Winget, RobertSec5 A50 May 2, 1927 
Winingstad, KatherineSec16S/2-29 April 7, 1943Wife {Otto Winingstad Lot}
Winingstad, OttoSec16S/2-29 March 26, 1965Owner
Winkel, AnnaSec1N/2-92 Feb. 4, 1948She Was Lot Owner
Winkel, ElenoreSec1949 July 3, 1974Owner
Winkel, HubertSec2197 Oct. 28, 1989Son-in-Law {Fred Horn Lot}
Winkel, InfantBlk24 A 55 AFeb. 6, 1969Child {Fred Winkel Lot}
Winkel, LouisSec1N/2-92 Feb. 6, 1954Husband {Anna Winkel Lot}
Winkel, OliveSec15N/2-42 March 16, 1935John Schneider Lot
Winkel, RobertSec1949 Jan. 22, 1958Husband {Eleonore Winkel Lot}
Winkel, RobertSec1949 March 11, 1997Son {Eleonore Winkel Lot}
Winkel, ThomasSec11 820Jan. 17, 1994Husband {Karen Winkel Lot}
Winkelhorst, GarretSec4 C 114July 19, 1946Husband {Mrs. Lena Winkelhorst Lot}
Winkelhorst, LenaSec4 C 113Feb. 14, 1953She Was Lot Owner
Winkelmeyer, Fr.Blk5S/2-19  Not Recorded {William Hainert Lot}
Winkelmeyer, MotherBlk5S/2-19  Not Recorded {William Hainert Lot}
Winkler, AugustBlk31N/2-29 Feb. 8, 1924Julius Evers Lot
Winkler, AugustaBlk31N/2-29 July 16, 1924Julius Evers Lot
Winkler, CharlotteBlk3S/2-2 March 28, 1895Theodore Winkler Lot
Winkler, ChristianBlk3S/2-2 Feb. 12, 1905Theodore Winkler Lot
Winkler, JuliaBlk3S/2-2 Feb. 9, 1934Wife {Theodore Winkler Lot}
Winkler, LouiseBlk3S/2-2 March 30, 1950Sister {Theodore Winkler Lot}
Winkler, TheodoreBlk3S/2-2 July 24, 1947He Was Lot Owner
Winsauer, CarlSec5 A 61July 3, 1926Henry Winsauer Lot
Winscher, AlvinSec8N/2-5 Dec. 4, 1987Son {Christ G. Winscher Lot}
Winscher, ArthurSec8N/2-5 Nov. 7, 1991Son {Christ Winscher Lot}
Winscher, AugustaSec8N/2-5 May 1, 1948Wife {Christian Winscher Lot}
Winscher, ChristianSec8N/2-5 Jan. 12, 1955He Was Owner
Winscher, ClaraSec8N/2-5  Not Recorded {C. G. Winscher Lot}
Winscher, EmmaSec8N/2-5 June 26, 1898Disinterred From Blk 36 Lot 90
Winscher, JacobSec12 259May 4, 1927Potters Field
Winship, ClaraBlk2014 Dec. 11, 1923Gerhard Otten Lot
Winship, ThomasBlk2014  Gerhard Otten Lot
Winter, AlfredBlk19S/2-14 Dec. 19, 1967Brother {Lucy R. Bode Lot}
Winter, ArthurBlk3435  He Was Lot Owner
Winter, BerthaBlk1418  Wife {Michael Winter Lot}
Winter, DelaBlk2017 Oct. 20, 1984Wife {Herbert Winter Lot}
Winter, ErwinBlk1418 May 29, 1956Son {Michael Winter Lot}
Winter, EugeneBlk3435 Nov. 3, 1932Not Recorded {Arthur Winter Lot}
Winter, FredBlk37  April 21, 1908Free Ground
Winter, GeorgeBlk3435 Oct. 20, 1891Son {Arthur Winter Lot}
Winter, HerbertSec2017 Feb. 17, 1966Owner
Winter, HildaBlk1418 Feb. 24, 1941Daughter {Michael Winter Lot}
Winter, JacobSec12222April 1, 1924Potters Field
Winter, JoyceSec2017 Aug. 12, 1989Daughter {Herbert Winter Lot}
Winter, KatherineBlk3435 March 8, 1939Wife {Arthur F. Winter Lot}
Winter, LydiaBlk1418 Nov. 7, 1947Daughter {Michael Winter Lot}
Winter, MargaretSec3S/2-108 Feb. 27, 1925Not Recorded {Julius Pfeil Lot}
Winter, MichaelBlk1418 Oct. 16, 1889He Was Lot Owner
Winter, MinnaBlk1418 Dec. 7, 1934Not Recorded {Michael Winter Lot}
Winter, OttoSec7N/2-52 Aug. 27, 1999Son-in-Law {Henry & Amelia Weidemeyer}
Winter, VirginiaSec7N/2-525Dec. 3, 1998Daughter {Mrs. Henry Wiedemeyer Lot}
Winter, WilliamBlk1418  Not Recorded {Michael Winter Lot}
Winterberg, AugustBlk20W/2 - S/2 April 1, 1958Co-Owner With Wife Lena
Winterberg, AugusteBlk2924 June 7, 1886Christian Winterberg Lot
Winterberg, LenaBlk20W/2 - S/2 Aug. 5, 1970Co-Owner With Husband
Winterstein, ElizabethSec15S/2-77 March 20, 1968Co-Owner With Husband
Winterstein, JohnSec15S/2-77 Sept. 12, 1947Brother {Max & Elizabeth Winterstein Lot}
Winterstein, MaximilliaSec15S/2-77 April 30, 1976Owner
Wiott, HanfordBlk7S/2-25 Jan. 3, 1961Husband {Laura Wiott Lot}
Wiott, LauraBlk7S/2-25 April 28, 1966She Was Owner
Wiott, LaurenceBlk7S/2-25 Nov. 7, 1983Brother-in-Law {Mrs. Laura Wiott Lot}
Wiott, PearlBlk7S/2-25 April 10, 1944Daughter {Mrs. Laura Wiott Lot}
Wippermann, EdSec17237 Feb. 25, 1981Co-Owner With Wife Elsa
Wippermann, ElsaSec17237 Aug. 3, 1966Co-Owner With Husband Edwin
Wippermann, ElviraSec14S/2-42 Jan. 27, 1992Wife {Hubert Wippermann Lot}
Wippermann, EmiliaSec14S/2-42 Dec. 21, 1937Hubert Wippermann Lot
Wippermann, GeorgeSec14S/2-16 Oct. 16, 1931Hubert Wippermann Lot
Wippermann, HubertSec14S/2-42 Feb. 8, 1983He Was Lot Owner
Wippermann, JackSec17237 Sept. 22, 1980Edna & Elsa Wippermann Lot
Wippermann, LillieSec14S/2-42 Feb. 23, 1937Hubert Wippermann Lot
Wippermann, LoreneSec17 A 107Dec. 11, 1995Co-Owner With Husband
Wippermann, LouiseSec14S/2-16 Nov. 12, 1945George Wippermann & Mr. & Mrs. William Des{sic}
Wippermann, OttoSec14S/2-42 Nov. 8, 1955Father {Hubert Wippermann Lot}
Wirsching, EugeneSec6S/2-35 Sept. 16, 1933Mrs. Joseph S. Wirsching Lot
Wirsching, IreneSec6S/2-35 Nov. 27, 1996Daughter {Mrs. Joe Wirsching Lot}
Wirsching, JosephSec6S/2-35 May 10, 1926Husband of Mary, Who Is Owner Of Lot
Wirsching, MarySec6S/2-35 Feb. 21, 1973She Was Owner
Wirtz, AnnSec14S/2-29 March 17, 1980Adam Walter Lot
Wirtz, Betty LuSec2N/2-87 Jan. 24, 1927J. C. Meyer & Henry Wirtz Lot
Wirtz, EdwardSec14N/2-84 Feb. 21, 1984Howard E. Brasure Lot
Wirtz, FrankSec191632July 25, 1969Brother {Hildegarde Wirtz Lot}
Wirtz, GeorgeSec14S/2-29 July 21, 1990Son-in-Law {Adam Walther Lot Owner}
Wirtz, HenrySec2N/2-87 April 30, 1970Owner
Wirtz, HildegardSec191635Nov. 18, 1970Owner
Wirtz, JohnSec191633May 17, 1963Brother {Hildegarde Wirtz Lot}
Wirtz, KatherineSec191634June 20, 1966Sister {Hildegarde Wirtz Lot}
Wirtz, MabelSec2E/2 - N/2-87 March 16, 1968Daughter {John C. Meyer Lot}
Wirtz, MarieSec2N/2-8 Nov. 18, 1930Joe Schuh Lot
Wirtz, RuthSec14N/2-84 Aug. 22, 1990Daughter {Howard Brasure Lot Owner}
Wirtz, VictorSec1650 Aug. 9, 1930American Legion Plot
Wisbrucker, Louise    April 6, 1882 
Wisbruecker, Baby    Jan. 30, 1902 
Wisch, ClaraSec11 555Sept. 9, 1940She Was Lot Owner
Wisch, EmilSec1S/2-85 Jan. 11, 1937He Was Lot Owner
Wisch, EmmaSec1S/2-85 Aug. 4, 19722nd Wife {Emil Wisch Lot}
Wisch, GeorgianaSec10N/2-10 Dec. 4, 1931Wife {Herman Wisch Lot}
Wisch, HarrietSec1S/2-85 Sept. 22, 1998Daughter {Emil Wisch Lot}
Wisch, HermanSec10N/2-10 Oct. 20, 1962Owner
Wisch, NormaSec10N/2-10 Nov. 14, 19592nd Wife {Herman Wisch Lot}
Wisch, PaulSec11 556March 17, 1937Clara Wisch Purchased Lot
Wisch, RoeneSec1S/2-85  Emil Wisch Lot
Wise, RobertBlk1625 March 24, 1887C. Neumeister & C. Broehm Lot
Wislinsky, DonaldSec11 877 AOct. 17, 1984Husband
Wissbroecker, BeatriceSec1See Above {sic} Aug. 23, 1978She Was Lot Owner
Wissbroecker, InfantBlk33N/2-16  John Jensen Lot Quit Claimed To Heirs Ro {sic}
Wissbroecker, LouisSec8S/2-23 Jan. 12, 1950Nephew {Mrs. Theo. Opgenorth Lot}
Wissbroecker, TheresaSec1S-2/3 - W/2 - N/2-44 Jan. 28, 1966Mother {Beatrice Wissbroecker Lot}
Wissbroecker, WilliamSec1S-2/3 - W/2 - N/2-44 June 8, 1955Father {Beatrice Wissbroecker Lot}
Wissbroeker, AnitaSec4 A60  Art Wissbroeker Lot
Wissbruecker, DoraSec1N/2-3  Harry & Amanda De Bruine Lot
Wissman, CarlBlk373 June 16, 1888Free Ground
Witt, CharlesSec7N/2-48 June 15, 1929Husband {Julia Witt Lot}
Witt, GeorgeSec7N/2-48 Aug. 6, 1938Julia Witt Lot
Witt, JuliaSec7N/2-48 Feb. 20, 1960She Was Lot Owner
Witt, KennethSec7N/2-48 Dec. 24, 1948Son {Mrs. Charles Witt Lot}
Witte, Alfred    Sept. 24, 1901 
Witte, AugustBlk22S/2-1 Oct. 25, 1896He Was Owner - Transferred to William Witte
Witte, AugusteBlk22S/2-1  August Witte Lot - Transferred to William Witte
Witte, BessieBlk1316 May 29, 1940Carl Witte Lot
Witte, CarlBlk1316  Carl Witte Lot
Witte, CarlBlk1316 Feb. 3, 1961Grandson {Carl Witte Lot}
Witte, EdwinBlk2N/2-3 June 24, 1966Son {Herman Witte Lot}
Witte, ElizabethBlk29 Oct. 22, 1923Charles Obereich Lot
Witte, ElsaBlk22S/2-1 Sept. 28, 1890August Witte Lot - Transferred to William Witte
Witte, ErnstBlk29  Charles Obereich Lot
Witte, ErnstBlk29 April 23, 1901Charles Obereich Lot
Witte, F.Blk18N/2-6 Jan. 12, 1887Theresa Weisse Lot
Witte, FrederickBlk2N/2-266Feb. 24, 1996Brother {Mary L. Witte Lot}
Witte, GustaveBlk1316 Oct. 3, 1947Son {Carl Witte Lot}
Witte, HermanBlk2N/2-3 Aug. 7, 1896Herman Witte Purchased Lot
Witte, HugoBlk2N/2-3  Herman Witte Purchased Lot
Witte, InfantBlk2N/2-3 Dec. 9, 1929Herman Witte Lot
Witte, InfantBlk2N/2-3 Sept. 27, 1935Herman Witte Lot
Witte, J.Blk22S/2-1 Aug. 31, 1891August Witte Lot - Transferred to William Witte
Witte, Julius    Nov. 20, 1905 
Witte, KatheSec1640 July 9, 1948Legion Plot
Witte, LizzieBlk22S/2-1 March 4, 1881August Witte Lot - Transferred to William Witte
Witte, Louis HenrySec384 April 25, 1957Brother-in-Law {Fred W. Schulse Lot}
Witte, LouiseBlk2N/2-3  Herman Witte Lot
Witte, MathildaBlk1316 April 9, 1935Carl Witte Lot
Witte, MetaBlk2S/2-3 April 30, 1970Daughter-in-Law {Herman Witte Lot}
Witte, Olga    Oct. 11, 1901 
Witte, ValeskaBlk22S/2-1 March 10, 1889August Witte Lot - Transferred To William Witte
Witte, WaltherBlk1316 Aug. 28, 1885Carl Witte Lot
Witte, WilliamSec384  Fred Schulse Lot
Witthuhn, MathildaSec21S/2-116 June 28, 1976She Was Owner
Witthuhn, WilliamSec21S/2-116 June 22, 1967Owner
Wittmer, EmilieBlk379/3 Nov. 17, 1885Potters Field
Wittrock, Baby    July 24, 1901 
Wittrock, FrankSec15N/2-25 July 15, 1964Father-in-Law {Rudolph Paul Lot}
Wittrock, LuluSec15N/2-25 July 9, 1948Mother-in-Law {Rudolph Paul Lot}
Wittrock, Violet    July 20, 1900 
Wittstock, AlfredBlk3636 Sept. 17, 1893William Wittstock Purchased Lot
Wittstock, EttoreSec19W/2-172 Feb. 20, 1979Co-Owner With Wife Martha
Wittstock, FerdSec12190 Jan. 13, 1932 
Wittstock, MarthaSec19W/2-17 Sept. 24, 1993Co-Owner With Husband Ettore
Witzeling, CarolSec19N/2-91 April 23, 1990Carol Witzeling Lot Owner
Witzeling, WillardSec19N/2-91 Dec. 16, 1970Husband
Wobig, ArlisleSec19N/2-52 March 19, 1984Wife of Charles
Wodach, EdnaSec191531Sept. 9, 1982William Wodach Lot
Wodach, WilliamSec191532May 22, 1969Owner
Wodrich, AnnaBlk377 Oct. 14, 1885Free Ground
Wodrich, AugustSec16 A 359March 9, 1959Joint Ownership
Wodrich, BabyBlk377/3 Dec. 28, 1886Free Ground
Wodrich, BabyBlk3715 April 25, 1888Free Ground
Wodrich, FriedaSec16 A 358Aug. 19, 1961Co-Ownership With Husband August
Wodrich, JohnBlk375/1 June 6, 1894Free Ground
Wodrich, RalphSec17 A 60Nov. 12, 1981Husband of Shirley
Woehrman, BerthaBlk1717  Wilhelm Woehrman Lot
Woehrman, EdwardBlk1717 Sept. 16, 1880Wilhelm Woehrman Lot
Woehrman, IdaBlk1717 Nov. 16, 1880Possibly Wilhelm Woehrman Lot
Woehrman, LouiseBlk1717  Wife of Wilhelm; Wilhelm Woehrman Lot
Woehrman, WilliamBlk1717 March 13, 1897He Was Lot Owner
Woelfel, CoraBlk29 Dec. 20, 1944Grand-Daughter {Charles Obereich Lot}
Woellert, LesterSec2024 June 18, 1977Husband {Margaret Woellert Lot}
Woellert, MargaretSec2024 Dec. 20, 1972She Was Owner
Woepse, ElsieSec16W/2 - S/2-68 April 12, 1950Wife {Frederick Woepse Lot}
Woepse, FredSec16W/2 - S/2-68 April 27, 1955He Was Lot Owner
Woerfel, MarySec8E/2-6  Otto Woerfel & Gustave Maffert Lot
Woerfel, OttoSec86 March 23, 1950He Was Co-Owner With Gustave Maffert
Wohl, RubyBlk11N/2-8 Sept. 19, 1950Daughter {Michael Lehr Lot}
Wohlgezogen, ErnstBlk31S/2-28 May 16, 1900He Was Lot Owner
Wohlgezogen, HertaBlk31S/2-28 July 11, 1891Twin Daughter {Ernst Wohlgezogen Lot}
Wohlgezogen, HildaBlk31S/2-28 April 28, 1891Twin Daughter {Ernst Wohlgezogen Lot}
Wohlgezogen, InfantsBlk28S/2-6 Aug. 4, 1941Carl Krieg Lot
Wohlgezogen, Oscar HugoBlk31S/2-28 Oct. 19, 1951Ernst Wohlgezogen Lot
Wohlgezogen, OttoSec19166 Sept. 30, 1958Father (Eugene Wohlgezogen Lot)
Wohlgezogen, WilhelmineBlk31S/2-28 July 8, 1926Wife (Ernst Wohlgezogen Lot)
Wohlhaupt, Hattie    May 29, 1902 
Wohlrabe, BrettBlk24 A 60 DApril 28, 1967Son (Terry Wahlrabe Lot)
Wojahn, CarlSec16 A 175Aug. 27, 1954Husband (Loretta Wojahn Lot)
Wojahn, LorettaSec16 A 174April 10, 1981She was Owner
Wolf, AlbertSec5 B 95 Husband (Mary Wolf Lot)
Wolf, AnnaSec21S/2-94 March 8, 1973She was Owner
Wolf, AugustBlk221/2-17  Son (Henry Wolf Lot)
Wolf, ChristophSec263  Owner
Wolf, ErnstSec14E/2-118 Sept. 22, 1966Owner
Wolf, FredrickaBlk31N/2-21 Dec. 6, 1893Wife (George Wolf Lot)
Wolf, GeorgeBlk31N/2-21  Owner
Wolf, HenrySec21S/2-94 Oct. 3, 1952Husband (Anna Wolf Lot)
Wolf, HenryBlk288 July 27, 1964Son-in-Law (J.A. Vollrath Lot)
Wolf, Henry    May 24, 1884 
Wolf, HenryBlk22N/2-17  Owner
Wolf, InfantBlk33N/2-5 Nov. 13, 1892Armada Robinson Lot
Wolf, InfantBlk22N/2-17  Henry Wolf Lot
Wolf, JeromeSec16 A 429Oct. 26, 1964Husband
Wolf, LeilahSec14E/2-118 June 2, 1969Owner
Wolf, LouisSec263 June 2, 1903Christ Wolf Lot
Wolf, MargarethaBlk22N/2-17 Oct. 23, 1891Henry Wolf Lot
Wolf, MarthaBlk22N/2-17  Wife (Henry Wolf Lot)
Wolf, Olga    Feb. 7, 1901 
Wolf, PaulaSec263 Jan. 12, 1932Christ Wolf Lot
Wolf, TheresaSec263 April 13, 1925Christ Wolf Lot
Wolfert, ArnoldBlk14N/2-7 March 2, 1946Former Son-in-Law (Math. Carr Lot)
Wolfert, Baby    March 28, 1882 
Wolfert, Baby    May 15, 1883 
Wolfert, ChristianaSec11 91March 2, 1937Peter Wolfert Purchased Graves 91 and 92
Wolfert, ClarenceSec16 B 65April 7, 1999He was Co-Owner with Wife
Wolfert, ElizabethSec6S/2-32 Dec. 1, 1979Arthur Ribbens Lot
Wolfert, GertrudeSec8 A 54Dec. 1, 1993She & Her Husband were Joint Owners
Wolfert, HattieSec14S 2/3 - S/2 - 39 Nov. 2, 1978Arnold Wolfert Lot
Wolfert, InfantSec4 A54  Louis Wolfert Lot
Wolfert, JohannaBlk32S/2-2 Aug. 26, 1940Owner
Wolfert, JosephSec8 A 55July 21, 1988 
Wolfert, KrynBlk32S/2-2 June 8, 1895Husband (Mrs. Johanna Wolfert Lot)
Wolfert, LorettaSec16 B 64Nov. 12, 1970Owner
Wolfert, LouisSec11 211Sept. 4, 1957Owner of 2-Grave Plot
Wolfert, PeterSec11 92Aug. 5, 1966Owner
Wolfert, RoseBlk14N/2-7 March 27, 1926Daughter (Math. Carr Lot)
Wolfert, SusieSec11 212Nov. 9, 1940Wife (Louis Wolfert Lot)
Wolfert, WalterSec16 B 186July 3, 1986Same
Wolff, AliceSec19S/2-101 Sept. 13, 1982Thomas Wolff Lot
Wolff, Carlton    Feb. 21, 1905No Info on Lot
Wolff, CathrineSec39  J. H. Wolff Lot
Wolff, DarrelBlk24 A 83 CMay 21, 1952Son; Earl Wolff Lot
Wolff, DehliaSec1E/2 - N/2-87 May 10, 1937Thomas Wolff Lot
Wolff, FredSec15W/2 - N/2-22 June 6, 1946Owner
Wolff, FrederickSec1E/2 - N/2-48 Oct. 24, 1980Owner
Wolff, IraSec15E/2 - N/2-22 May 27, 1963Son
Wolff, J.Sec39  Owner
Wolff, LouisSec39 Oct. 29, 1935J. H. Wolff Lot
Wolff, LouiseSec39 Dec. 6, 1943J. H. Wolff Lot
Wolff, MarieSec1N/2-9  Herman Knaak Lot
Wolff, MarySec5 B 94Sept. 6, 1947Owner
Wolff, MarySec39 Sept. 18, 1943J. H. Wolff Lot
Wolff, MarySec15N/2-22 July 3, 1931Fred Wolff Lot
Wolff, PhyllisSec1E/2 - N/2-48 Jan. 11, 1975Wife; Fred I. Wolff Lot
Wolff, SophieSec15E/2 - N/2-22 Jan. 13, 1973Wife; Ira Wolff Lot
Wolff, ThomasSec1E/2-87 March 13, 1937Owner
Wolff, ThomasSec19S/2-101 Feb. 19, 1980Co-Owner with Wife Alice
Wolfgram, EllenSec6N/2-43 May 6, 1926Fred Wolfgram Lot
Wolfgram, FredSec1W/2 - N/2-19  Mrs. Louise Wolfgram Lot
Wolfgram, FrederickSec6N/2-43 March 13, 1970Owner
Wolfgram, JohannaSec6N/2-43 March 21, 1961Wife; Fred Wolfgram Lot
Wolfgram, LouiseSec1W/2 - N/2-19 July 30, 1927Owner
Wolhaupt, BerthaBlk31N/2-7 July 7, 1928Henry Wolhaupt Lot
Wolhaupt, ClaraBlk31N/2-7 Sept. 17, 1896Henry Wolhaupt Lot
Wolhaupt, ClarenceBlk31N/2-7 Sept. 13, 1896Henry Wolhaupt Lot
Wolhaupt, MinnieBlk31N/2-7 Feb. 11, 1961Wife
Wollhaupt, HenryBlk31N/2-7 Sept. 29, 1931Owner
Wollhaupt, HenryBlk31N/2-7 Nov. 5, 1924Henry E. Wolhaupt Lot
Wollhaupt, JohnBlk31N/2-7 Oct. 3, 1889Henry Wolhaupt Lot
Wollin, AugustSec11 315April 12, 1945Brother
Wollin, Baby    Nov. 9, 1935Potter's Field
Wollner, MarySec4 C 72Oct. 1, 1956Owner
Wolter, AnnaSec3110 Dec. 20, 1945Owner; Mrs. John F. Wolter Lot
Wolter, EstherSec19W/2-77 Jan. 14, 1982Owner
Wolter, HaroldSec19W/2-177 Oct. 2, 1963Husband; Esther Wolter Lot
Wolter, JohnSec3110  Owner
Wolters, AgnesBlk94 Nov. 24, 1905Mrs. G. Wolters Lot
Wolters, EttaBlk94 June 9, 1967Daughter-in-Law
Wolters, HarryBlk94 May 23, 1927Mrs. G. Wolters Lot
Wolters, JanBlk3723/3 Sept. 3, 1892 
Wolters, JennieBlk94 Nov. 10, 1930Mrs. G. Wolters Lot
Wolters, JohannaBlk94  Mrs. G. Wolters Lot
Wolters, OscarBlk94 June 24, 1947Son; Mrs. G. Wolters Lot
Wolters, OttoSec12 A 198Dec. 14, 1954Pension Section
Womdergem, CaseySec17 A 171Sept. 10, 1994He was Owner
Wonch, Mary Ann J.Blk24 A 38 CDec. 12, 1991Daughter (IWm. Robert Wonch Lot)
Wondergem, Adrianna      
Wondergem, EdnaSec11 616Sept. 23, 1939Peter Wondergem Purchased Lot
Wondergem, GoldieSec16 B 180Jan. 22, 1970Wife; John Wondegem Lot
Wondergem, JeanetteSec16 B 72July 2, 1975Wife; John Wondergem Lot
Wondergem, JennieSec11 737Jan. 29, 1971Mrs. Roger Wilke Lot
Wondergem, JohnSec19W/2-75 May 20, 1996Owner
Wondergem, KatieSec11 361April 23, 1948Wife; Martin Wondergem Lot
Wondergem, LauraSec17 A 170Dec. 21, 1985Wife; Casey Wondergem Lot
Wondergem, MartinSec17 A 232Nov. 23, 1988Co-Owner with Wife Evelyn Wondergem
Wondergem, MartinSec11 360May 22, 1957Owner
Wondergem, MartinSec5 B 311June 20, 1928Owner
Wondergem, MarySec5 B189 Oct. 16, 1923Martin Wondergem Lot
Wondergem, NellieSec19W 1/2-75 April 25, 1990Wife
Wondergem, PeterSec11 615March 18, 1941Owner
Wondergem, PeterSec11 736Aug. 30, 1961Father; Mrs. Roger Wilke Lot
Wondergem, RaymondSec17 A 308Feb. 16, 1999Co-Owner with Wife Margaret
Wonser, AdeliaSec151  Mrs. William Wonser Lot
Wonser, EstherSec2N/2-44 June 19, 1903Ed Wonser Lot
Wonser, JaneSec2N/2-44 July 7, 1955Owner; Mrs. Ed Wonser Lot
Wonser, OrinSec2N/2-44  Husband; Jane Sara Wonser Lot
Wonser, WilliamSec151 Sept. 20, 1905Husband; Mrs. Wm. Wonser Lot
Wonters, Eddie    April 22, 1902 
Wood, Mrs. A.Blk411 Jan. 27, 1888Dan Wheeler Lot (P.C.)
Wood, RobertBlk411 Sept. 8, 1891Dan Wheeler Lot (P.C.)
Woods, JohnSec1641 Feb. 27, 1950 
Woods, MyrtleSec1N/2-129 June 8, 1972Housekeeper; Myrtle Dahler Lot
Woodward, RobertSec12279  Owner
Work, CharlesBlk4N/2-38  Son; Rev. Perly Work Lot
Work, Edward     Son; Rev. Perly Work Lot
Work, Harriet      
Work, Lawrence     Son; Rev. Perly Work Lot
Work, OliveBlk438 June 12, 1897Wife; Rev. Perly Work Lot
Work, WaylandBlk4N/2-38  Son; Rev. Perly Work Lot
Wormly, EllaBlk2366 Nov. 15, 1896Owner
Worscheck, ArnoSec1N/2-352Oct. 20, 1969Jacob Worscheck Lot (Delinquent)
Worscheck, JacobSec1N/2-35  Owner
Worscheck, LillieSec1N/2-353Aug. 7, 1980Wife; Arno Worscheck Lot
Worscheck, MarySec1N/2-35 July 20, 1927Wife; Jacob Worscheck Lot
Wouterse, HenderikaSec5 B 295Jan. 23, 1929Owner
Woutrous, AnnieBlk20N 1/2-9 Sept. 19, 1897Not Recorded (E. H. Watrous Lot)
Woveras, PeterSec5 C 62Oct. 1, 1934 
Wrable, GeorgeBlk37  May 16, 1908 
Wrage, Baby    July 29, 1883 
Wrage, BabyBlk3610 Jan. 12, 1891John Wrage Lot
Wrege, CarlBlk22E/2-10  Owner
Wrege, GustineBlk22E/2-10  Wife; Carl Wrege Lot
Wriedt, CarolineSec16 A 507Jan. 17, 1990Caroline Wriedt Lot Owner
Wriedt, DavidSec16N 1/2 - E 1/2 Jan. 6, 1994Son (John Wriedt Lot)
Wriedt, ToddBlk24 A 59 CAug. 30, 1966Son; Jerald Wriedt Lot
Wriedt, WilliamSec16 A 508Dec. 23, 1959 
Wriege,     Jan. 15, 1881 
Wright, AlbertBlk418  James Wright Lot
Wright, HenryBlk418  Son; James Wright Lot
Wright, JamesBlk418  Owner
Wright, JamesBlk418  Son; James Wright Lot
Wright, Mary AnnBlk418 May 31, 1886Wife; James Wright Lot
Wudtke, InfantBlk5 C9 May 27, 1926Henry Wudtke Lot
Wudtke, MarieSec11 257Dec. 15, 1942Wife; Henry Wudtke Lot
Wuestenhagen, AlvinaSec6N/2-27 Sept. 23, 1969Owner
Wuestenhagen, EdnaSec3S/2-108 March 2, 1949Daughter; Julius Pfeil Lot
Wuestenhagen, ErnstSec6N/2-24 June 4, 1934Owner
Wuestenhagen, FredSec4 C 33Sept. 22, 1945Father; Robert Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuestenhagen, GordonSec6N/2-27 March 6, 1924Ernst Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuestenhagen, MinnieSec4 C 32Sept. 16, 1964Mother; Robert Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuestenhagen, NormaSec19N 1/2-68 July 23, 1991She Was Owner
Wuestenhagen, OliviaSec6N/2-27 April 30, 1946Granddaughter; Ernst Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuestenhagen, RobertSec19N/2-68 Aug. 18, 1970Husband; Norma Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuestenhagen, SandraSec6N/2-27 Nov. 14, 1966Granddaughter; Ernst Wuestenhagen Lot
Wuethrich, ElizabethSec1S/2-24 July 17, 1941Owner
Wuethrick, EmilSec1S/2-24  Mrs. Sam Wuethrick Lot
Wuethrick, FriedaSec1S/2-24 Nov. 26, 1979Mrs. Sam Wuethrick Lot
Wuetrich, SamSec1S/2-24  Husband; Elizabeth Wuetrich Lot
Wunderlich, LeanBlk32S/2-4 Aug. 7, 1896Martin Wunderlich Lot
Wunderlich, MartinBlk32S/2-4 Aug. 18, 1902Owner
Wunderlich, WilliamBlk32S/2-4 April 13, 1949Martin Wunderlich Lot
Wunsch, AlfredSec15S/2-64 Jan. 5, 1942Husband
Wunsch, EdnaSec01N/2-137 June 22, 1985Owner
Wunsch, EmmaSec15S/2-41 June 7, 1958Owner
Wunsch, EstherSec16W/2-93 Aug. 11, 1997Daughter (Laura Rowe Lot)
Wunsch, GeorgeSec16W/2-93 July 25, 1949Son-in-Law; Mrs. Laura Rowe Lot
Wunsch, GilmanSec16NE/2-149 June 10, 1993Owner
Wunsch, HenrySec15S/2-41 Nov. 6, 1936Co-Owner With Husband Henry
Wunsch, HerbertSec01N/2-137 Dec. 17, 1949Husband; Edna Wunsch Lot
Wunsch, IdaSec15S/2-64 Jan. 17, 1977Owner
Wunsch, InfantSec15S/2-64 Sept. 19, 1950Grandson; Mrs. Alfred Wunsch Lot Owner
Wunsch, InfantSec16E/2-149 Dec. 14, 1943Daughter; Gilman Winsch Lot
Wunsch, LorraineSec17217 Feb. 10, 1998Wife; Milford Wunsch Lot
Wunsch, MarcellaSec16N/2 3/2-149 Dec. 1, 1997Wife (Gilman Wunsch Lot)
Wunsch, MilfordSec17217 March 29, 1962Husband; Lorraine Wunsch Lot
Wunscher, Baby    April 28, 1883 
Wurtzbach, PaulineBlk33N/2-33 Jan. 9, 1898 

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