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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter R

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Raab, AdolphBlk512  Not Recorded (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, ArthurBlk312 Feb. 29, 1956Grandson (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, CarolinBlk512  Child (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, CharlotteBlk512 March 4, 1899Wife (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, ChristianBlk512 Jan. 26, 1880He Was Lot Owner
Raab, FranklinBlk512 Aug. 4, 1862Child (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, GeorgeBlk512  Child (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, GeorgeBlk512 Sept. 27, 1943Possibly Son {sic} (Christian Raab Lot)
Raab, KossuthBlk512  Child (Christian Raab Lot)
Raatz, CharlesSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2 of 15 June 26, 1941Husband (Minnie Raatz Lot)
Raatz, LesterSec19S 1/2 of 1 April 28, 1958Husband (Betty Raatz Lot)
Raatz, WalterBlk36 170March 11, 1904Son (Charles Raatz Lot)
Rabe-Martel, AlexandriaBlk24 A 29 AApril 5, 1997Daughter (Lynn Rabe & Scott Martel Lot)
Rabe, AlbertBlk919 1913Son (Albert Rabe Lot)
Rabe, AlbertBlk919 Sept. 30, 1889He Was Lot Owner
Rabe, AnnaSec4 B 134Jan. 9, 1933Not Recorded (Arwin Rabe Lot)
Rabe, CarolineBlk919  Not Recorded (Albert Rabe Lot)
Rabe, FredSec4 B 133 Not Recorded (Arwin Rabe Lot)
Rabe, FrederickBlk919  Not Recorded (Albert Rabe Lot)
Rabe, FrederickBlk919 1861Possibly Wife of Owner Albert Rabe
Rabe, VictorBlk919 Dec. 4, 1939Not Recorded (Albert Rabe Lot)
Racine, BrianSec11 872Jan. 3, 1990Son; Mage Racine Lot
Racine, VivaSec1N 1/2 of 131 March 21, 1985Wife of Gerald Lot Owner
Rackow, AnnaBlk15S 1/2 of 10 May 27, 1889Not Recorded (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, AnnaSec2S 1/2 of 18 April 21, 1948She Was Lot Owner
Rackow, AugustSec2S 1/2 of 18 April 23, 1935Not Recorded (Anna Rackow Lot)
Rackow, EdSec2S 1/2 of 18 June 14, 1904Not Recorded (Anna Rackow Lot)
Rackow, ElizabethBlk15S 1/2 of 10  Not Recorded (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, EmmaBlk15S 1/2 of 10 March 23, 1884Child (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, EmmaSec324  She Was Lot Owner
Rackow, FredBlk15S 1/2 of 10 Dec. 19, 1908Not Recorded (Harry & Norma Gerber Lot)
Rackow, GeorgeBlk15S 1/2 of 10 May 13, 1891Not Recorded (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, HermSec324  Husband (Emma Rackow Lot) Also spelled Rakow
Rackow, JohannaBlk15S 1/2 of 10 April 8, 1884Not Recorded (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, LorettaSec2S 1/2 of 18 June 3, 1952Not Recorded (Anna Rackow Lot)
Rackow, OscarBlk15S 1/2 of 10 June 15, 1891Not Recorded (Fred Rackow Lot)
Rackow, RaymondSec2S 1/2 of 18 Sept. 21, 1972Son (Anna Rackow Lot)
Rackow, WilliamSec2S 1/2 of 18  Husband of Anna Rackow Lot Owner
Radcliffe, CharlesBlk6N 1/2 of 5  Not Recorded (Mrs. Radcliffe Lot)
Radcliffe, ChristineBlk6N 1/2 of 5 Aug. 3, 1938Not Recorded (Mrs. Radcliffe Lot)
Radcliffe, ElizaBlk6N 1/2 of 5  Not Recorded (Mrs. Radcliffe Lot)
Raddas, Henry    Feb. 2, 1904Not Recorded
Raddas, MaryBlk2965 May 21, 1885Not Recorded (August Raddas Lot)
Raddatz, H.    March 31, 1901 
Rademacher, AgnesSec16 A 140April 7, 1955Wife (Henry J. Rademacher Lot)
Rademacher, HenrySec16 A 141July 14, 1972He Was Owner
Radetzky, Baby  Free Ground June 9, 1890 
Radey, AdolphSec16 B 176Aug. 22, 1968Husband (Mary Radey Lot)
Radey, MarySec16 B 175May 29, 1974She Was Lot Owner
Radke, AugustBlk15N 1/2 of 10  Not Recorded (John Kneevers Lot)
Radke, BarbaraSec16 A 656Sept. 7, 1995Co-Owner With Husband
Radke, BerthaSec15N 1/2 of 64 June 6, 1942Wife (Edwin Radke Lot)
Radke, EdwardSec10S 1/2 of 25 April 4, 1988Not Recorded (John Angst Lot)
Radke, EdwardSec17 A 42April 22, 1988Co-Owner With Wife
Radke, EdwinSec15N 1/2 of 64 Nov. 19, 1987He Was Lot Owner
Radke, ErvinSec16 A 657Dec. 10, 1968He Was Owner
Radke, HermanBlk15N 1/2 of 10 1911Not Recorded (John Kneevers Lot)
Radke, LouisaBlk15N 1/2 of 10  Not Recorded (John Kneevers Lot)
Radke, MarySec10N 1/2 of 25 July 31, 1984Not Recorded (Mrs. John Angst Lot)
Radke, PearlSec15N 1/2 of 64 April 23, 1983Wife (Edwin A. Radke Lot)
Radke, RobertSec15N 1/2 of 64 Nov. 17, 1962Son (Edwin A. Radke Lot)
Radke, W.Blk37 55Aug. 27, 1891Not Recorded (W. C. Radke Lot)
Radolinski, AdaBlk34S 1/2 of 7 Nov. 28, 1934She Was Lot Owner
Radolinski, F. A.Blk34S 1/2 of 7 1908Husband
Radolinsky, ElenorBlk2110  Not Recorded
Radsch, AugustaSec2S 1/2 of 6 July 12, 1906She Was Lot Owner
Radsch, FloraSec2S 1/2-6 Feb. 13, 1947Daughter
Radtke, InfantBlk24 A 67 C Child (Edward H. Radtke Lot)
Radtke, MillieBlk332 Nov. 19, 1977Not Recorded (Froehlich-Radtke Lot)
Radtke, OthildaBlk1411  Not Recorded
Radwick, ClemensSec19N 1/2 of 147 Sept. 4, 1991Joint Ownership With Wife
Raetsch, WilliamBlk23 86Jan. 31, 1899Possibly Husband {sic} (Mrs. Wm. Raetsch Lot)
Rahe, EstherSec15N 1/2-14 Aug. 1, 1990Possibly A Daghter {sic} (Ole Westmore Lot)
Rahn, WilliamSec15S 1/2-82 Oct. 24, 1972Son-in-Law; William Gerke Lot
Rajar, AntonSec5 D 9Oct. 7, 1959Husband
Rajar, MarySec5 D 10Oct. 30, 1976Wife (Anton Rajar Lot)
Rakow, EmeliaBlk15S 1/2-10 April 24, 1940Wife (Fred Racknow Lot)
Rakow, EvelynSec6S 1/2-25 Nov. 14, 1988Not Recorded (Mrs. Henry Schrader Lot)
Rakow, FredSec6E 1/2-14 Nov. 22, 1935Not Recorded (Paul Trier Lot)
Rakow, GraceSec6W 1/2 - N 1/2 May 13, 1980She Was Lot Owner
Rakow, HarveySec6S 1/2-9 Jan. 8, 1973He Was Owner
Rakow, HildaSec6S 1/2-9 May 11, 1965She Was Owner
Rakow, RobertSec6S 1/2-25 Sept. 5, 1991Son-in-Law (Henry Schrader Lot)
Rakow, RobertSec6W 1/2 - N 1/2 July 26, 1972Husband
Ramaker, EdnaBlk3443 Feb. 24, 1994Wife of Grandson of Owner (G. H. Ramaker)
Ramaker, EmmaBlk21S 1/2-9 Aug. 6, 1960Daughter (John Sybold Lot)
Ramaker, FloyBlk3443 March 23, 1959Daughter-in-Law (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, G. H.Blk3443 1913He Was Owner
Ramaker, HarryBlk3443 March 3, 1958Son (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, HelenBlk3443 May 4, 1966Daughter-in-Law (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, JennieBlk3443 May 26, 1891Daughter (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, JohnBlk3443 Oct. 20, 1932Son (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, MarionBlk21S 1/2-9 1911GrandDaughter (John Seaboldt Lot)
Ramaker, NellieBlk3443 April 22, 1940Not Recorded (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, RalphBlk3443 March 2, 1963Grandson (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, WilhelminaBlk3443 1907Wife (G. H. Ramaker Lot)
Ramaker, WilliamBlk21S 1/2-9 June 13, 1962Son-in-Law (John Sybold Lot)
Ramey, AustinSec183013Oct. 6, 1999Son; Lyneea Ramey Lot
Ramirez, BarbaraBlk24 A 50 BAug. 3, 1976Daughter
Ramirez, RichardSec12 A 278April 17, 1991Husband
Raml, FrankSec12 218Dec. 18, 1923Potter's Field
Raml, LouisSec16 A 457Nov. 13, 1968He Was Owner
Raml, MarySec16 A 456July 3, 1961Wife (Louis Raml Lot)
Rammer, FriedaSec1N 1/2-130 Sept. 24, 1923Not Recorded (Henry Mueller Lot)
Rammer, HenrySec14S 1/2-131 Sept. 17, 1936He Was Lot Owner
Rammer, IdaSec14S 1/2-131 Dec. 29, 1959Wife (Henry F. Rammer Lot)
Rammer, InfantSec14S 1/2-131 Aug. 22, 1958Great GrandDaughter (Henry F. Rammer Lot)
Rammer, JohnSec12 A 432March 31, 1964Potter's Field
Rammer, MarvinSec19532July 25, 1974Son-in-Law (June Lamont Lot)
Rammer, WilbertSec14S 1/2-131 Sept. 29, 1990Son
Ramming, AlfredBlk33S 1/2-15 Jan. 13, 1894Possibly a Son {sic} (George Ramming Lot)
Ramming, FredSec14S 1/2-20 Dec. 31, 1951He Was Lot Owner
Ramming, GeorgeBlk33S 1/2-15 April 15, 1939He Was Lot Owner
Ramming, GeorgeBlk33S 1/2-15 Jan. 6, 1892Father (George Ramming Lot)
Ramming, JennieSec14S 1/2-20 April 2, 1928Not Recorded (Fred Ramming Lot)
Ramming, JohnBlk33S 1/2-15 May 2, 1929Not Recorded (George Ramming Lot)
Ramming, KemigundeBlk33S 1/2-15 May 11, 1905Wife (George Ramming Lot)
Ramming, LeonhardBlk33N 1/2-24 April 12, 1900He was Lot Owner
Ramming, NethaBlk33N 1/2-24 Feb. 23, 1894Daughter (Leonhard Ramming Lot)
Ramming, RaymondBlk33N 1/2-24 March 24, 1969Son (Leonhard Ramming Lot)
Ramminger, CharlesSec12 A 53May 31, 1947Potter's Field
Ramminger, LeroySec17 A 6Feb. 21, 1980Husband (Lucille Ramminger Lot)
Ramminger, MarkSec15S 1/2-61 Nov. 18, 1982Father (Kenneth Ramminger Lot)
Ramneski, InfantSec1N 1/2-38  Not Recorded (Mrs. Thomas Madden Lot)
Ramsey, GeorgeSec2S 1/2-5 Dec. 31, 1943Not Recorded (Dorothy Callahan Lot)
Ramsey, HarrietSec2N 1/2-5 Dec. 21, 1967Not Recorded (Dorathia Schroeder Lot)
Ramsey, InfantSec2S 1/2-5  Not Recorded (Dorothy Callahan Lot)
Ramsey, InfantSec2S 1/2-5 April 23, 1924Not Recorded (Dorothy Callahan Lot)
Ramsey, YvonneSec2N 1/2-5 March 29, 1973Not Recorded (Dorathea Schroeder Lot)
Rand, AddieBlk13N 1/2-5  Not Recorded (F. C. Rand Lot)
Rand, FrankBlk13N 1/2-5  He Was Lot Owner
Rand, GuyBlk13N 1/2-5  Possibly a Son of Lot Owner Frank C. Rand
Rand, JohnBlk13N 1/2-5  Possibly a Son of Lot Owner Frank C. Rand
Rangos, DemetriosSec5 B 190Nov. 24, 1923Not Recorded
Rangos, PantelisSec5 B 408May 20, 1954Uncle (Jerry Rangos, Lot Owner)
Rank, OttoBlk29 23Jan. 16, 1886Not Recorded (Carl Rank Lot)
Rankin, EstherBlk16S 1/2-15 Aug. 20, 1880She was Former Owner of Lot
Rapelius, OttoSec5 B 231April 7, 1925Possibly a Son of Charles Rapelius, Lot Owner
Raquet, EmilSec15N 1/2-62 Dec. 7, 1943She was Owner
Raquet, EmmaSec4 C 224May 26, 1959Mother
Raquet, GeorgeSec4 C 223March 2, 1950Father (Harvey Raquet Lot)
Raquet, HarveySec16 A 402Feb. 14, 1969He was Owner
Raquet, MargaretSec16 A 401June 14, 1990Wife
Rasch, EmilBlk237 April 13, 1887Not Recorded
Rasch, RobertSec16 B 75Jan. 19, 1972Husband (Mildred Rasch Lot)
Rasmussen, BabySec5 A 136Sept. 26, 1936Possibly a Child of Rudolph Rasmussen, Lot Owner)
Rasmussen, ChristSec10S 1/2-38  Husband (Mrs. Christ Rasmussen Lot)
Rasmussen, InfantSec10S 1/2-38  Not Recorded (Mrs. Christ Rasmussen Lot)
Rasmussen, MelittaSec3N 1/2-49 June 7, 1938Not Recorded (Annie A. Miller Lot)
Rasmussen, SandraSec5 A 105May 18, 1940Daughter (Bertrand P. Rasmussen Lot)
Rathsburg, AntoniaBlk20N 1/2-12 Oct. 24, 1953She was Wife of Owner
Rathsburg, ArthurBlk20N/2-12 Nov. 9, 1942Not Recorded (August Rathsburg Lot)
Rathsburg, AugustBlk20N/2-12 Feb. 25, 1924He was Lot Owner
Rathsburg, ChristineBlk14N/2-13 May 30, 1883Wife (Martin Rathsburg Lot)
Rathsburg, FrederickBlk20N/2-12  Not Recorded (August Rathsburg Lot)
Rathsburg, LinaBlk20N/2-12 Oct. 3, 1934Not Recorded (August Rathsburg Lot)
Rathsburg, MartinBlk14N/2-13 Jan. 27, 1890He was Lot Owner
Rauchschwable, HenrySec1511 May 24, 1947He was Lot Owner
Rauchschwalbe, MathildaSec1511 Dec. 15, 1954Wife (Henry Rauchschwalbe Lot)
Raue, GeorgeBlk2642 Oct. 16, 1892 
Raue, JohnBlk2642 Feb. 25, 1895 
Rauffus, CharlieBlk185  Possibly a Child (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, HermanBlk185  Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, HugoBlk185 March 8, 1902Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, LouisBlk185  Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, LouisBlk185 1909He was Lot Owner
Rauffus, MinnieBlk185 1916Wife (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, OscarBlk185  Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, TheresiaBlk185  Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauffus, W. H.Blk185 July 12, 1901Not Recorded (Louis Rauffus Lot)
Rauguth, JohnSec17 A 208Sept. 17, 1987Co-Owner with Wife
Rauh, Henry    January 13, 1881 
Rauh, Unknown    January 31, 1881 
Rausche, FerdinandSec2N/2-34 May 12, 1897Husband (Mary Rausche Lot)
Rausche, MarieSec2N/2-34 March 28, 1904She was Lot Owner
Rauschwalbe, CharlotteBlk5S/2-16 Dec. 3, 1881She was Lot Owner
Rauschwalbe, FerdinandBlk20N/2-26 Dec. 3, 1899He was Lot Owner
Rauschwalbe, HeinrichBlk5S/2-16 Feb. 1, 1899Not Recorded (Charlotte Rauschwalbe Lot)
Rauschwalbe, WilhelminaBlk5S/2-16 July 8, 1897Charlotte Rauschwalbe Lot
Rauschwalbe, WilhelmineBlk20N/2-6 March 2, 1932Not Recorded (Ferdinand Rauschwalbe Lot)
Rautmann, DorothySec21120 Aug. 1, 1994Daughter (Edwin Rautmann Lot)
Rautmann, EdwinSec21120 Dec. 5, 1983He was Lot Owner
Rautmann, OmerSec29 Dec. 17, 1945Not Recorded (Carl Lindemann Lot)
Rautmann, ViolaSec21120 Feb. 23, 1985She was Owner of Lot
Raven, ClarenceSec19S/2-162 May 22, 1968Husband
Rawling, AlanSec17 A 200Aug. 20, 1987Husband
Rawling, AmandaBlk33N/2-9 April 25, 1892Wife (J. W. Rawling Lot)
Rawling, EdSec254 Oct. 18, 1901He was Lot Owner
Rawling, GilesBlk33N/2-9 June 11, 1901Not Recorded (J. W. Rawling Lot)
Rawling, HenriettaBlk33N/2-9 June 22, 1957Wife (J. W. Rawling Lot)
Rawling, HowardSec254 April 16, 1971Son (Edward Rawling Lot)
Rawling, JesseBlk33N/2-9 May 6, 1958Son (J. W. Rawling Lot)
Rawling, JohnBlk33N/2-9 July 19, 1933He was Lot Owner
Rawson, ElizaBlk24 March 3, 1924Mrs. F. A. Dennett Lot
Rawson, InfantSec4 A 80 Son or Daughter (Melvin Rawson Lot)
Rawson, MarjorieSec16N/2 - W/2 March 30, 1969Owner is Husband; Melvin Rawson
Rawson, MelvinSec16N/2 - W/2 April 29, 1969He was Lot Owner
Rawson, WaltonSec16N/2 - W/2 Feb. 24, 1958Son (Melvin A. Rawson Lot)
Raymaker, LillySec1N/2-5  Bert Raymaker Lot
Raymaker, MartinSec1N/2-5  Burt Raymaker Lot
Raymond, DavidSec19N/2-144 July 14, 1971Husband (Neva Raymond Lot)
Raymond, LeoSec4 C 166Nov. 8, 1978He was Lot Owner
Raymond, NevaSec19N/2-144 Aug. 26, 1991She was Lot Owner
Raymond, WilhelminaSec4 C 165Aug. 16, 1948Wife (Leo Raymond Lot)
Redec, RadeSec12 107April 11, 1939 
Redmond, SarahSec7S/2-15  J. St. McQuilkin Lot
Reed, DonnSec184403May 7, 1999Co-Owner with Wife Ruth
Reed, ElizabethBlk14S/2-1 Nov. 6, 1986Henry Speck Lot
Reed, GeorgeSec16 A 3Oct. 13, 1982He was Owner
Reed, HaroldSec15N/2-41 Feb. 8, 1966Son-in-Law (Jacob Traas Lot)
Reed, JennieSec15N/2-41 May 24, 1972Daughter (Jacob Traas Lot)
Reed, RoseSec16 A 4Nov. 29, 1952Wife (George Reed Lot)
Reed, Roy, Jr.Sec17188 May 4, 1955Orville F. Zerrenner Lot
Reed, TimSec19301Nov. 24, 1971Son (Donn Reed Lot)
Reeke, EdwardSec1E/2 - S/2 May 17, 1943Husband (Elsie Reeke Lot)
Reeke, ElsieSec1E/2 - S/2 March 19, 1968She was Owner
Reel, JackSec12 197March 12, 1927 
Reetz, Constance    May 26, 1998Scattering Garden
Reeves, NormaSec10S/2-43 Dec. 8, 1922John Werner Lot
Refon, Irene    Jan. 8, 1936Free Ground
Regas, JamesSec11 73Oct. 11, 1943 
Reglin, EldaBlk8N/2-51July 16, 1984Mother of Eugina Kaminski
Reglin, LidaSec21S/2-107 June 27, 1964She was Lot Owner with Husband
Reglin, PaulSec17 A 206Dec. 13, 1989He was Owner
Reglin, PaulSec21S/2-107 Feb. 4, 1959Joint Owner with Wife
Rehfeld, HazelSec133 June 10, 1971Daughter or Sister (Harold Bachmann Lot)
Rehm, Infant GirlBlk13E/2 - N/2 Aug. 15, 1938Interred with Mother Lucy Rehm {Leonhard
Rehm, LouiseBlk31E/2 - N/2 Sept. 1, 1962Wife - Reuben Rehm Lot
Rehm, LucyBlk31E/2 - N/2 Aug. 24, 1938Second Wife (Reuben Rehm Lot)
{Note: This was indexed under the L's. Listed as Rehm Lucy}
Rehm, ReubenBlk31N/2-14 April 4, 1975Leonhard Nehf Lot
Rehmer, CarlSec16 A 212Oct. 9, 1948 
Rehmer, ClaraSec16 A 213Sept. 26, 1955Mother - Mrs. Margaret Reimer Lot
Reibolt, Clarence    April 9, 1903 
Reich,     Oct. 31, 1883 
Reich, AnnieSec12 264  
Reich, AugustBlk86 Jan. 22, 1946Christ Reich Lot
Reich, Baby    April 27, 1901 
Reich, DorotheaBlk86  Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, EmmaSec14N/2-3 March 10, 1930Wm. Reich Lot
Reich, Eveline    April 24, 1906Not Recorded
Reich, HugoBlk86 1922Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, IdaBlk86 Aug. 9, 1937Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, Johanna    Feb. 17, 1885 
Reich, JohnBlk86  Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, JosephineBlk86 Feb. 7, 1894Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, KarlBlk86 March 21, 1903Christ. Reich Lot
Reich, WilliamSec14N/2-37 June 20, 1951Son - Wm. Reich Sr. Lot
Reich, WilliamSec14N/2-37 May 12, 1933He was Lot Owner
Reichardt, VirginiaSec136 May 3, 1989William & Rosa Meyer Lot
Reichelsdorfer, GertrudeBlk3131 Oct. 24, 1983Wm. Luecke Lot
Reichelsdorfer, PeterBlk3131 Nov. 18, 1940Wm. Luecke Lot
Reichert, HenryBlk23 69July 12, 1897 
Reichgold, DevinSec171023April 5, 1991Son
Reid, EmmaSec2S/2-45 Nov. 2, 1949She was Lot Owner as Mrs. Emma Karstaedt
Reid, WilliamSec1588 Sept. 30, 1944Husband
Reikowski, HermanBlk37  March 31, 1910Free Ground - Probably an Unmarked Grave
Reiman, FrederickBlk347 July 25, 1940Possibly Father - G. A. Reiman
Reiman, GustaveBlk347 Sept. 6, 1944He was Lot Owner
Reiman, MarionBlk347 Jan. 21, 1923Wife - G. A. Reiman Lot
Reimer, AmandeSec9S/2-25 Feb. 27, 1945Widow - Hans Reimer Lot
Reimer, CharlesSec12 208March 27, 1924 
Reimer, HansSec9S/2-25 Jan. 3, 1928He was Lot Owner
Reimer, HenrySec17218 May 16, 1957Joint Owner with Lilah
Reimer, HildaSec9S/2-25 April 14, 1976Daughter-in-law {Hans Reimer Lot}
Reimer, RichardSec7S/2-12 Oct. 8, 1959Grandson - Arthur Ehrenreich Lot
Rein, EmmaBlk188 June 23, 1931Daughter of Lot Owner - Wm. Houghton Lot
Rein, GeorgeSec342   
Rein, HenriettaSec342  Wife of George - Co-Owner with Robert Rein
Rein, MinnaSec1171 May 19, 1934 
Rein, RobertSec3E/2-42 April 24, 1946He was Lot Owner
Reinbold, CarolineSec4 C 253July 24, 1965She was Lot Owner
Reinbold, ClarenceSec16 B 127Jan. 5, 1983Hwe was Co-Owner with Wife, Johanna
Reinbold, JoannaSec16 B 126Sept. 5, 1972She was Co-Owner with Husband
Reinbold, PeterSec4 C 254April 17, 1957Joint Ownership between Peter and Wife C.
Reineck, LydiaSec17E/2 - N/2 Sept. 17, 1955Joint Ownership with Walter
Reineck, WalterSec17E/2 - N/2 Jan. 18, 1966Joint Ownership with Wife, Lydia
Reinecke, InfantSec5 A 1Oct. 23, 1924Son of Albert Reinecke
Reineking, ArnoSec19N/2-86 May 7, 1973He was Owner
Reineking, CeciliaBlk353 Oct. 2, 1950Widow - Second Wife of Dr. Herman Reineking
Reineking, Dr. HermanBlk353 Jan. 23, 1924He was Lot Owner
Reineking, EarlBlk4231April 25, 1991Karl & Loretta Reineking Lot Owners
Reineking, EdnaSec10N/2-14 July 10, 1987Daughter - Wm. Hitzler Lot
Reineking, ElsieSec4 C 45Dec. 31, 1947She was Lot Owner
Reineking, GilbertSec16E/2 - S/2 Oct. 4, 1971He was Owner
Reineking, JeanSec2019 Dec. 15, 1992Co-Owner - Lynn Maass & Ray Reineking Lot
Reineking, LaurettaBlk4N/2-2 Oct. 26, 1993Joint Owner with Husband
Reineking, LesterSec16 A 639Feb. 23, 1981He was Lot Owner
Reineking, LucilleSec17 A 152Feb. 16, 1996Co-Owner with Husband Roland
Reineking, MaryBlk353 June 9, 1897Wife - Dr. Herman Reineking Lot
Reineking, MetaSec16 A 640July 31, 1986Mother - Lester Reineking Lot
Reineking, NikkiSec16 A 558April 11, 1970Daughter - Marvin & Nancy Reineking Lot
Reineking, OlgaSec16E/2 - S/2 Nov. 20, 1995Co-Owner with Husband
Reineking, RaySec2019 April 27, 1988Co-Owner - Lynn Maass & Ray Reineking Lot
Reineking, RolandSec17 A 153Aug. 21, 1984Co-Owner with Wife Lucille
Reineking, RolandSec4 C 44March 22, 1946Husband - Leslie Reineking Lot
Reineking, VictorBlk353 Oct. 17, 1923Possibly A Son - Dr. H. Reineking Lot
Reineking, WilliamSec16 A 641Jan. 19, 1984Father - Lester Reineking Lot
Reinemann, RolandSec7S/2-28 May 8, 1929First Husband of Lilah Reinemann Schmalt.
Reinewand, AlieBlk21N/2-21 Oct. 8, 1962Son - Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reinewand, AndreasBlk20N/2-21 Nov. 7, 1891Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reinewand, LenaBlk20N/2-21 Nov. 29, 1944Daughter-in-law - Mrs. Andrew Reinewand
Reinewand, RobertBlk2021  Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reinhardt, BeverlyBlk383May 1, 1975Wife - Roland Reinhardt Lot
Reinhardt, ChristSec8S/2-22 June 4, 1975He was Owner
Reinhardt, EdnaSec8S/2-22 March 8, 1977Wife - Christ. Reinhardt Lot
Reinhardt, EstherSec8S/2-22 Feb. 12, 1936Christ Reinhardt Lot
Reinhardt, JeanSec21E/2 - S/2 Nov. 17, 1956Wife - Raymond Reinhardt Lot
Reinhardt, JosephSec4 A63   
Reinhardt, RobertSec8S/2-22 Oct. 14, 1936Christ. Reinhardt Lot
Reinhart, HenriettaSec11 721July 28, 1988She was lot owner
Reinhart, InfantBlk24 A 768Oct. 29, 1946Daughter - Robert Reinhart Lot
Reinhart, RobertSec11 722Aug. 13, 1966Husband - Henrietta Reinhart Lot
Reinhold, FredrickSec8 A 63Nov. 1, 1993Joint Owner with Wife
Reinholtz, BessieSec5 D 34Feb. 13, 1998She was Co-Owner with First Husband Mani{sic}
Reinholtz, MichaelBlk32N/2-3 Oct. 24, 1978Son-in-Law - Jacob Breuchel Lot
Reinholtz, NormaBlk32N/2-3 March 7, 1966Daughter - Jacob Breuchel Lot
Reinholz, GeorgeSec19E/2-183 Aug. 9, 1975Husband - Sylvia Reinholz Lot
Reinholz, SylviaSec19E/2-183 Jan. 16, 1997She was lot owner - Husband Interred Augu{sic}
Reinke, ChristineBlk16S/2-12 Sept. 5, 1886Wm. Reinke Lot
Reinke, HenryBlk16S/2-12 May 8, 1954Son - William Reinke Lot
Reinke, InfantBlk37120 Nov. 18, 1895 
Reinke, LeonardSec19S/2-165 Jan. 16, 1958Husband - Lydia Reinke Lot
Reinke, LydiaSec19S/2-165 Junw 22, 1964She was Owner
Reinke, OscarSec14S/2-82 March 7, 1932First Husband of Ella Reinke - She Owns Lo{sic}
Reinke, TheresaSec4 B 31 Oscar Reinke Lot
Reinke, VirginiaSec1S/2-10 March 26, 1990Sister - Lillian Taylor Lot Owner
Reinke, WilliamBlk16S/2-12 Oct. 26, 1895He was Lot Owner
Reinnholdt, GeorgeBlk87  Mrs. G. Reinholdt Lot
Reinnholdt, HenryBlk87 Dec. 24, 1941Mrs. G. Reinholdt Lot
Reinnholdt, MaxBlk87 May 1, 1940Mrs. G. Reinholdt Lot
Reinwand, AnnieBlk2021 Feb. 23, 1904Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reinwand, InfantBlk2021 Jan. 20, 1898Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reinwand, WilliamBlk20N/2-21 March 5, 1957Son - Mrs. Andrew Reinewand Lot
Reis, AnnieSec1104 April 26, 1948George & Louis Reis Lot
Reis, ErhartSec1104 Nov. 29, 1929George & Louis Reis Lot
Reis, FrederickSec1104 July 18, 1935George & Louis Reis Lot
Reis, George Jr.Sec1104 April 26, 1948Possibly a son - George & Louis Reiss Lot
Reis, GeorgeSec1104 May 19, 1949He was Co-Owner with Louis Reis
Reis, JohnSec1104 Oct. 27, 1954George & Louis Reis Lot
Reis, KatharinaSec1104  George & Louis Reis Lot Card
Reis, LouisSec1104 Dec. 20, 1943He was Joint Owner with George
Reis, WilliamSec1104 Oct. 3, 1935George & Louis Reis Lot
Reische, ArwinSec16N/2-67 Aug. 14, 1940Husband - Erma Reische Lot
Reische, EmilieBlk31N/2-28 Jan. 25, 1937Jacob Knoedler Lot
Reische, ErmaSec16N/2-67 Feb. 25, 1972She was Lot Owner
Reisig, MarieSec11 607April 2, 1966She was owner of lot under name of Mrs. A{sic}
Reisner, LenaSec4 C 148April 30, 1985She was Lot Owner
Reisner, WilliamSec4 C714Nov. 3, 1948Husband - Lena Reisner Lot
Reiss, ElizabethBlk139  B. Testwuide Lot
Reiss, John    Oct. 20, 1906 
Reiter, MathiasSec12 276 Christ Rumney Lot
Rejholec, JacobSec2N/2-41 April 6, 1988Possibly Grandparents - Fred Hinz Lot
Remus, CatherineSec19S/2-71 May 31, 1982She was Lot Owner
Remy, AgnesSec1486 March 2, 1988Wife - Arthur, John Remy & John Wolfert Lot Owners
Remy, ArthurSec1486 June 11, 1956Joint Owner with John Remy & John Wolfert
Remy, DoraSec1486 Jan. 27, 1943Wife of John - Joint Owner with Arthur Remy
Remy, InfantSec1486 July 6, 1929Son - Arthur Remy Lot
Remy, JohnSec1486 Nov. 19, 1935Joint Owner with Arthur Remy & John Wolfert
Remy, Lina    Oct. 22, 1884 
Renskers, AdrianaSec11 591Feb. 8, 1940Wife - Peter Renskers Lot
Renskers, PeterSec11 592Oct. 24, 1947He was Owner of Lot
Renzelman, BernardSec7S/2-49 May 25, 1968Son-in-Law - Peter Bayens Lot
Renzelman, EdithSec7S/2-37 May 1, 1925Cornelius Bayens Lot
Renzelman, FrankSec5 C 41Nov. 22, 1928 
Renzelman, NellieSec7S/2-49 Feb. 15, 1992Daughter - Peter Bayens Lot
Renzelmann, FrankSec16S/2 - W/2 Dec. 10, 1962He was Owner
Renzelmann, RoseSec16S/2 - W/2 Nov. 18, 1969Owner
Renzelmann, TheodoreSec16S/2 - W/2 March 10, 1949Son - Frank & Rose Renzelmann Lot
Renzelmann, ViolaSec5 B 178Jan. 29, 1930Wife - John Renzelmann Lot
Repp, WilliamSec5 B 51 Hugo Repp Lot
Reppert, DorothySec19N/2-80 Feb. 20, 1989 
Reppert, GlennSec19N/2-80 Aug. 18, 1991Son - Dorothy Reppert Lot
Resch, CeliaSec16S/2-47 Dec. 3, 1931Edward Resch Lot
Resch, EdwardSec16S/2-47 July 30, 1956He was Lot Owner
Resch, EmmaSec16S/2-47 July 21, 1978Wife - Edward Resch Lot
Resch, JoyceSec16S/2-47 Oct. 13, 1949Daughter-in-law - Edward Resch Lot
Reseberg, JohannaSec1E/2 - N/2 Feb. 5, 1966Daughter-in-law - Charles Reseberg Lot
Reseberg, LesterBlk26 38  
Reseberg, WilliamSec1E/2 - N/2 Nov. 16, 1967Son - Charles Reseburg Lot
Reseburg, AlfredSec3S/2-102 Oct. 31, 1949He was Owner of N/2 of 102 {See Remark{sic}}
Reseburg, Arthur    Dec. 22, 1884 
Reseburg, ArthurSec16N/2 - E/2 Oct. 1, 1975He was owner
Reseburg, ArthurSec3N/2-102 April 9, 1979Son - Alfred Reseburg Lot
Reseburg, BerthaSec16N/2 - E/2 Nov. 9, 1976Co-Owner with Husband
Reseburg, BerthaSec3S/2-102 Sept. 18, 1939She was Lot Owner
Reseburg, CharlesSec1N/2-89 1914Husband - Mrs. Charles {Sophie} Reseburg
Reseburg, CharlesSec1N/2-89 May 10, 1927Mrs. Charles {Sophie} Reseburg
Reseburg, DonaldSec16N/2 - E/2 Sept. 3, 1948Son - Arthur & Bertha Reseburg Lot
Reseburg, FredrickSec18368 July 25, 1997He Owns Lot
Reseburg, HermanSec31S/2-102 Oct. 12, 1932Husband - Mrs. Herman {Bertha} Reseburg Lot
Reseburg, HugoSec11 342Dec. 24, 1957Joint Ownership between Hugo & his Wife
Reseburg, IdaSec11 343Sept. 23, 1953Joint Owner with Husband Hugo
Reseburg, LydiaSec11 132Jan. 3, 1939She was lot owner
Reseburg, MillieSec3N/2-102 Oct. 20, 1915Wife - Alfred Reseburg Lot
Reseburg, SophieSec1N/2-89 April 8, 1924She was lot Owner
Reseburg, William    July 22, 1884No Lot Card on File
Resnick, FrancesBlk22S/2-1 Nov. 24, 1936Wife - John Resnick Lot
Resnick, InfantSec5 C 2Nov. 1, 1924Son
Resnick, JohnBlk22E/2 - S/2 Sept. 29, 1943He was Owner of 3 Graves on Lot
Resop, EugeneBlk19N/2-112Oct. 14, 1983Co-Owner with Wife Violet
Resop, VioletBlk19N/2-113June 3, 1999Co-Owner with Husband Gene
Rettberg, LenaSec1S/2-46 Feb. 14, 1951Wife - Conrad Von Weld Lot
Retzack, EdwardSec16S/2-46 March 13, 1958Joint Tenancy with Wife Elsie
Retzack, ElsieSec16S/2-46 Nov. 21, 1972Joint Owner with Husband
Retzack, RobertSec16S/2-9 Aug. 19, 1971Son - Edward & Elsie Retzack Lot
Retzlaff, FerdinandSec7N/2-119 April 16, 1928He was Lot Owner
Retzlaff, KatherineSec14S/2-9 Nov. 30, 1963Mother - Lillian Marshall Lot
Retzlaff, LouisSec7S/2-9 May 1, 1969Son - Ferdinand Retzladd Lot
Retzlaff, LouiseSec7S/2-9 1919Wife - Ferdinand Retzlaff Lot
Retzlaff, S. W.Sec14N/2-119 Nov. 21, 1946Father - Mrs. Lillian Marshall Lot Owner
Reubert, August    March 12, 1904 
Reuhama, LaphamBlk312  Bille Williams Lot
Reuss, AlfredBlk3617 Sept. 18, 1891 
Reuter, AureliaBlk34S/2-196Sept. 17, 1997Co-Owner with Husband Frank
Reuter, FrankBlk34S/2-19 July 27, 1974He was Owner - Formerly Fred Mueller Lot
Reuther, ElizabethSec323 Dec. 9, 1941Wife - Paul Reuther Lot
Reuther, GeorgeSec323  Paul Reuther Lot
Reuther, KatherineSec323 July 2, 1947Paul Reuther Lot
Reuther, PaulSec323  He was Lot Owner
Reuther, PhillipineSec323 Dec. 17, 1927Paul Reuther Lot
Reuther, WilliamSec323  Paul Reuther Lot
Revezoulis, GeorgeSec11 813Dec. 6, 1973Husband - Argiroula Revezoulis Lot
Revezoulis, JennieSec5 D 4March 25, 1972Owner
Revezoulis, JohnSec5 D 5March 18, 1961Husband
Revezoulis, SophiaBlk24 A 83-BFeb. 14, 1953Daughter
Rewer, AnnaSec7S/2 - E/2 March 21, 1961She was Lot Owner
Rewer, EllaSec11 689Dec. 5, 1984Wife - First Husband Milton Meyer Lot
Rewer, ErwinSec11 688May 26, 1992Second Husband - Milton / Ella Meyer Lot
Reyes-Coronado, JordinSec10N/2-41 March 16, 1999Great-Grandson - Willard Stielow Lot
Reyn, RichardSec913 Oct. 7, 1943Mrs. Wm. Guenther, Jr. Lot
Reyngoudt, PaulineSec5 B 263Aug. 3, 1929She was Owner of Lot
Reynolds, DorothySec7N/2-54 Sept. 23, 1933Daughter - Peter Karst Lot
Reynolds, GraceSec1N/2-11 June 23, 1938Daughter - Rev. John Reynolds Lot
Reynolds, HelenSec1S/2-109 June 29, 1972Oscar Bruns Lot
Reynolds, JohnSec1N/2-11  He was Owner of Lot
Reynolds, JohnSec7N/2-54 Dec. 27, 1969Son-in-Law - Peter Karst Lot
Reynolds, LouiseSec1N/2-11 July 8, 1940Wife - John Reynolds Lot
Reynolds, ReginaldSec1N/2-11   
Reynolds, RoySec1N/2-109 Nov. 13, 1937Oscar Bruns Lot
Rhoadamer, BarbaraBlk24 A 71 BJan. 18, 1946Daughter - William Rhoadamer Lot
Ribbens, AnthonySec10N/2-46 Oct. 7, 1931Herbert Ribbens Purchased
Ribbens, ArthurSec6S/2-32 March 4, 1941He is Lot Owner
Ribbens, ArthurSec6S/2-32 May 15, 1944Father
Ribbens, CorneliaSec19N/2-41 March 15, 1985Wife of John C. Ribens{sic}
Ribbens, HelenSec10N/2-46 Jan. 30, 1990Wife
Ribbens, HerbertSec10N/2-46 Sept. 17, 1974Herbert is Lot Owner
Ribbens, InfantSec6S/2-32 May 25, 1927Arthur Ribbens Lot
Ribbens, InfantSec6S/2-32 May 8, 1925Arthur Ribbens Lot
Ribbens, InfantSec6S/2-32 Nov. 12, 1930Arthur Ribbens Lot
Ribbens, JohnSec19N/2-41 June 6, 1995He was Co-Owner with Wife Cornelia
Ribbens, LesterSec4 A96  William Ribbens is Lot Owner
Ribbens, LevinaSec6S/2-32 June 12, 1937Arthur Ribbens was Lot Owner
Ribbens, RobertSec10N/2-46  Herbert Ribbens was Lot Owner
Ribich, AntonSec5 B 412Oct. 27, 1948Husband
Ribich, Eva JeanSec5 A 75Aug. 10, 1933Daughter
Richards, BetsySec11 750Oct. 2, 1968Mother of Oscar Richards
Richards, JohnSec11 38May 14, 1934Husband to Mrs. John Richards, Who is Lot Owner
Richards, OscarBlk34311Dec. 12, 1978C. L. Zschetzsche is Lot Owner
Richardson, BurtSec4 C 135Feb. 11, 1947Father
Richardson, ClydeSec5 A82 May 25, 1932G. H. Richardson Lot
Richardson, GraceBlk6N/2-27 July 17, 1904 
Richardson, HazelSec4 C 132Feb. 27, 1970She was Owner
Richardson, KathrynSec4 C 134Oct. 28, 1959Mother of Hazel Richardson, who is Lot Owner
Richardson, LawrenceSec1048 1921Julian Zillier Lot
Richardt, LenaSec1N/2-22  Bernhard Schultz is Owner
Richey, AlvaSec2W/2-141July 13, 1982He & Wife were both Owners
Richey, HelenSec2S/2-142Dec. 10, 1999Co-Owner with Husband, Alva
Richmond, MaggieBlk33S/2-37 Feb. 27, 1904Wife - Willis Richmond is Lot Owner
Richmond, WillisBlk33S/2-37 May 15, 1901He is Lot Owner
Richter, AlvinBlk175 June 16, 1945Joint Owner with Wife Minnie
Richter, CoraSec1N/2-20 May 20, 1996Daughter - Edward Knocke Lot
Richter, DrinaSec19E/2-214 June 16, 1992Wife - James Richter Lot
Richter, ElizabethSec16 A 458Dec. 24, 1962Wife - Gottfried Richter Lot
Richter, ElizabethSec4 A 193 John Fister{sic} Lot
Richter, ElmerSec3N/2-35 June 28, 1982Herman Zimbal Lot
Richter, EthelSec19E/2-209 April 17, 1979Wife - Gottfried Richter Lot
Richter, FredSec1N/2-20 July 12, 1977Son-in-Law - Edward Knocke Lot
Richter, GotfriedSec16 A 459Oct. 17, 1978He was Lot Owner
Richter, GottliebSec12 A 435Nov. 25, 1966Potters Field
Richter, JeannetteSec21N/2-143 Nov. 26, 1971Owner - Richter / Perkins Lot
Richter, Johanna    July 3, 1905No Record of Lot Information
Richter, LauraSec12 A 440March 14, 1972Potters Field
Richter, LorraineSec3N/2-35 March 25, 1988Herman Zimbal Lot
Richter, MariettaBlk24 A 82 AOct. 19, 1951Daughter - Walter Richter Lot
Richter, MarkBlk24 A 78 BFeb. 10, 1950Son - Alex Richter Lot
Richter, MinnieBlk175 Dec. 5, 1950Co-Owner with Husband
Richter, OttoSec12 17April 3, 1953 
Rick, ClarenceSec17 224Sept. 25, 1965Brother-in-Law
Rick, MarlinSec17 224Feb. 15, 1952Husband - Beatrice Rick Lot
Rick, RandallSec16 A 399Jan. 26, 1981Son - Carol Schultz Lot
Rick, RichardSec172244May 24, 1995Son - Mrs. Beatrice Rick Lot
Rick, Tina MarieBlk24 A 56 AJan. 20, 1971Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rick
Rick, WalterSec16 A 542Jan. 16, 1967Father of Albert Rick, Who is Lot Owner
Ricke, ElsaSec15S/2-54 May 31, 1977Wife of Oscar Ricke
Ricke, OscarSec15S/2-54 Feb. 27, 1940He is Owner
Rickmeier, AlvinaSec14N/2-80 Jan. 27, 1947Wife of Rudolph Rickmeier
Rickmeier, AnnaBlk155 June 3, 1888Christian Stoelting Lot
Rickmeier, AugustaBlk16S/2-6 May 9, 1935Wife - Edward Rickmeier Lot
Rickmeier, EdwardBlk16S/2-6 April 15, 1938He is Lot Owner
Rickmeier, Infant    Feb. 27, 1935In Vault
Rickmeier, RudolphSec14N/2-80 Dec. 3, 1947He is Lot Owner
Rickmeyer, IlkaBlk33S/2-26 April 12, 1968Advanced Authorization - Carl Stuedemann
Rickmeyer, RubySec5 B 109  
Ridell, EstherSec21S/2-566Dec. 27, 1974Leroy Kolberg Lot
Riebel, BernhardBlk17S/2-18 April 27, 1905He was Owner
Riebel, OthildeBlk17S/2-18 Sept. 20, 1893Wife of Bernhard Riebel
Rieboldt, Anna EvaSec1S/2-63 Nov. 17, 1977Wife of Ben Rieboldt; Wm. Sommers also has Ownership
Rieboldt, BenjaminSec1S/2-63 Sept. 24, 1987Ben Rieboldt & William Sommers Lot
Rieboldt, Carol AnnSec17E/2-128 April 3, 1957Daughter - Emil H. & Erna Neese Lot
Rieboldt, FrederickBlk22W/2 - S/2-17 Dec. 15, 1896August Rieboldt Lot
Rieboldt, HannaBlk22W/2 - S/2-17 Nov. 17, 1896August Rieboldt Lot
Rieboldt, InfantBlk3663 Dec. 12, 1895August Rieboldt Lot
Rieboldt, IruceBlk30S/2-29 April 23, 1897Michael & Emma Folz Lot
Rieboldt, LaonaBlk22E/2 - N/2-7 March 10, 1934Daughter - Rudolph Rieboldt is Lot Owner
Rieboldt, LenaBlk22E/2 - N/2-7 April 10, 1937Wife of Rudolph Rieboldt
Rieboldt, RaymondSec1S/2-63  Ben Rieboldt & Wm. Sommers Lot
Rieboldt, RudolphBlk22W/2 - N/2-7 Aug. 11, 1932He was Lot Owner
Rieck, AlbertSec16 A 538July 29, 1972He was Lot Owner
Rieck, HelenSec16 A 537July 14, 1966Wife of Albert Rieck - Lot Owner
Rieck, LillahSec16 A 396Dec. 30, 1976Wife - Wilfred Rieck Lot
Rieck, MaynardSec16 A 620Sept. 13, 1963Husband - Phyllis Rieck Lot
Rieck, NormanSec16 A 400May 16, 1983Father - Dennis Rieck Lot
Rieck, RolandSec17 A 210Oct. 31, 1987Husband - Vera Rieck Lot
Rieck, WilfredSec16 A 397May 22, 1993He was Owner
Riedel, AlbraySec17S/2-221 Jan. 13, 1969He was Owner
Riedel, ChristianBlk7S/2-17  Christ Riedel Lot
Riedel, ChristineBlk7S/2-17  Christ Riedel Lot
Riedel, EmmaBlk7S/2-17 June 5, 1926Christ Riedel Lot
Riedel, JennieSec17N/2-221 Nov. 11, 1986William F. Riedel Lot
Riedel, JohnBlk7S/2-17  Christ Riedel Lot
Riedel, MarenSec17N/2-221 Nov. 16, 1953Wife - William F. Riedel Lot
Riedel, WilliamSec17N/2-221 Sept. 13, 1955He was Owner
Rieder, ShirleySec16 A 395Aug. 19, 1971Daughter - Marion Mueller Lot
Riedy, DorothyBlk19N/2-12 May 24, 1952Daughter - Henry Herzog Lot
Riehle, LeonaSec14S/2-151 Feb. 26, 1973Daughter - Fred Boldt Lot
Riehm, Caroline    Jan. 11, 1884 
Riehmer, MarthaBlk338 Sept. 6, 1890 
Riehmschneider, H.Blk2617 Dec. 9, 1885 
Riehn, ElaineSec21S/2-62 Feb. 19, 1998Martin & Alma Meier Lot
Riehn, HermanSec16N/2 - W/2-153 Oct. 15, 1959Husband - "See Henry Fiedler Loty Card"
Riehn, Mary AnnSec15N/2-25 June 12, 1974Grand-Daughter - Rudolph Paul Lot
Riehn, NormaSec16N/2 - W/2-153 May 10, 1985Lot Owner - Released by Henry Fiedler
Riemer, Baby    Nov. 11, 1884 
Riemer, Baby    Sept. 8, 1888Free Ground
Riemer, ErnestineSec4 C 281Sept. 2, 1975She was Owner
Riemer, ErnstBlk4N/2-35 March 27, 1942Charles Keseberg Lot
Riemer, FerdinandSec4 C 282Sept. 27, 1948Husband Ernestine Riemer Lot
Riemer, MarySec5 B177   
Riemer, Mrs.Blk12S/2-4 Nov. 3, 1886 
Riemer, OlgaSec5 A22 July 11, 1924Child of Ferdinand & Ernestine Riemer
Riemer, OttoBlk4N/2-35   
Riemer, WilliamBlk12S/2-4  Lot Owner - "Lot Card Lists Riehmer"
Riemschneider, F.    July 7, 1880 
Ries, John    Dec. 13, 1906 
Ries, JuneSec16S/2-18 Jan. 2, 1996Daughter - Charles Jensen Lot
Riese, FrederickeBlk31N/2-15   
Riese, FriederickBlk31N/2-15  Mrs. Julius Riese Lot
Riese, JuliusBlk31N/2-15 Nov. 14, 1880Child - Mrs. Julius Riese Lot
Riese, JuliusBlk31N/2-35 March 25, 1887Owner
Riess, DewittBlk3111 Jan. 12, 1932Marie Vollrath Riess Lot
Riess, EmmaBlk16S/2-24 June 1, 1936Otto Maas Lot
Riess, FredBlk3111 Oct. 7, 1931Marie Vollrath Riess Lot
Riess, GustaveBlk16S/2-24 Aug. 21, 1951Otto Maas Lot
Riess, MarieBlk31S/2-11 Oct. 27, 1937She was Lot Owner
Rietow, AmeliaBlk352 Oct. 15, 1949Wife - William J. Rietow Lot
Rietow, AnnaBlk11S/2-1 April 15, 1901 
Rietow, EmmaBlk33S/2-6 Sept. 26, 1951Wife - George Rietow Lot
Rietow, GeorgeBlk33S/2-6 Nov. 19, 1932He was Lot Owner
Rietow, MargaretBlk352 March 26, 1974Daughter-in-Law - William J. Rietow Lot
Rietow, MathildaBlk11S/2-1   
Rietow, WilliamBlk352 May 15, 1941He was Lot Owner
Rietow, WilliamBlk352 Sept. 2, 1988He was Lot Owner
Rietz, AntoniaBlk41 March 31, 1941Rudolph Rietz Lot
Rietz, EdwardBlk41 Aug. 8, 1903Son - Rudolph Rietz Lot
Rietz, HildegardeSec3S/2-76 March 16, 1964Niece-in-Law - Robert Rietz Lot
Rietz, InfantBlk4S/2-1 Jan. 12, 1897 
Rietz, JuliaSec3S/2-76 Oct. 6, 1941Wife - Robert Rietz Lot
Rietz, KatherineSec3S/2-76  Robert Rietz Lot
Rietz, LenaBlk41 May 17, 1943Rudolph Rietz Lot
Rietz, MildredBlk41 Nov. 20, 1944Daughter - Rudolph Rietz Lot
Rietz, RaymondSec3S/2-76 March 22, 1969Nephew - Robert Rietz Lot
Rietz, RobertSec3S/2-76 Sept. 24, 1937He was Lot Owner
Rietz, RudolphBlk4N/2-1 June 5, 1887He was Lot Owner
Rietz, WilhelmineBlk41 Jan. 20, 1919Wife - Rudolph Rietz Lot
Rietz, WilliamBlk41 May 27, 1929Son - Rudolph Rietz Lot
Riley, IrvinBlk9N/2-13 Oct. 31, 1946Son-in-Law - H. O. Schmidt Lot
Riley, LillianBlk9N/2-13 Oct. 31, 1946Daughter - H. O. Schmidt Lot
Rimkus, FrankSec16 A 593Jan. 11, 1967Husband
Rindfleisch, GeraldineSec10E/2-17 Dec. 15, 1928Herm G. Rindfleisch Lot
Rindfleisch, LauraSec10E/2-17 Sept. 17, 1977Daughter-in-Law - Herm. G. Rindfleisch Lot
Rindfleisch, MarthaSec10E/2-17  Herm G. Rindfleisch Lot
Rindfleisch, RodneySec10E/2-17 May 17, 1991Grandson - Herm Rindfleisch Lot
Rindfleisch, WalterSec10E/2-17 Oct. 25, 1978Son - Herm. G. Rindfleisch Lot
Ring,     May 29, 1884 
Ring, Friderike    July 23, 1884 
Ring, ReinholdBlk3713 Sept. 11, 1889Potter's Field
Ring, RobertSec3741 Sept. 30, 1890Potter's Field
Ring, WilliamBlk294 May 6, 1885 
Ringeer, OrvilleSec14S/3-12 June 9, 1941Son - Charles & Sophia Ringer Lot
Ringel, CharlotteSec12 A 307April 15, 1993Sister - Marian Heinen Lot
Ringel, CoraSec11 426March 16, 1960 
Ringel, FrankSec11 427Oct. 10, 1970Father
Ringel, FrankSec5 B 269Dec. 19, 1932He was Lot Owner
Ringel, HenriettaSec5 B 270Sept. 29, 1925Wife - Frank Ringel Lot
Ringel, LucilleSec12 3Jan. 2, 1958No Lot Owner - Free Ground for Charity
Ringel, RichardSec11 906June 14, 1994Mrs. Toni Barthels Lot
Ringer, CharlesSec14S/3-124 Aug. 13, 1959Joint Ownership - Sophia & Charles Ringer
Ringer, SophiaSec14S/3-12 Dec. 14, 1966Owner
Ringis, GeorgeSec4 C 161Aug. 12, 1983He was Lot Owner
Ringis, OlgaSec4 C 160Aug. 9, 1947Wife - George Ringis Lot
Rinne, SusieBlk2362 Sept. 23, 1896 
Rios, GregorioSec11 912Feb. 25, 1994Son - Cathalina Gonzalez Lot
Risch, LouisSec12  Sept. 20, 1898Free Ground
Rissler, CharlesBlk23 9May 4, 1891Lot Purchased by Carl Rissler
Rissman, FriedrichBlk23 11May 30, 1891 
Rissmiller, EstherSec14N/2-16 June 21, 1983Daughter - Herman Degen Lot
Rissmiller, GeorgeSec14N/2-16 March 18, 1985Son-in-Law - Herman Degen Lot
Ristow, FredSec1788 Oct. 26, 1956Joint Owner with Wife - Wife Meta Interred
Ristow, KathySec182692Feb. 2, 1998Co-Owner with Husband
Ristow, MatthewSec182691Sept. 14, 1992Son - Dwight & Kathy Ristow Lot
Ristow, MetaSec1788 April 11, 1968She was Lot Owner with Husband
Ritter, ArthurSec6N/2-44 Aug. 23, 1989 
Ritter, ClaraSec6N/2-44 Dec. 18, 1995Co-Owner with Husband
Ritter, EdgarSec6N/2-44 June 25, 1966Brother - Walter Ritter Lot
Ritter, KatieSec6N/2-44 May 5, 1946Mother - Walter Ritter Lot
Ritter, WalterSec6N/2-44 Jan. 19, 1926Walter Ritter Lot
Ritter, WalterSec6N/2-44 June 19, 1976He was Owner
Rivard, MarySec4 B 62 William Rivard Lot
Rivas, EvelynSec8N/2-8 Dec. 20, 1981Daughter - George Russell Lot
Rivera, InfantSec5 A 143March 12, 1968Grandson - Joseph Lesch Lot
Rivers, JosephSec11 848Feb. 20, 1979Husband - Evelyn Rivers Lot
Rix, AlfredSec3S/2-40  Wm. Rix & Tom Fenn Lot
Rix, HenriettaSec7S/2-63 March 11, 1935William Rix Lot
Rix, JohannaSec3S/2-40 Feb. 26, 1934Wm. Rix & Tom Fenn Lot
Rix, PaulSec7S/2-63 Aug. 11, 1941William Rix Lot
Rix, WilliamSec3S/2-40 April 7, 1933Co-Owner with Tom Fenn
Roberson, MurialSec16 A 209Jan. 11, 1966Sister - Rod Beyerstedt Lot
Roberson, RoySec16 A 208Aug. 27, 1968Brother-in-Law - Rod Beyerstedt Lot
Roberts, AnnaSec365  Sister - Christ Ackermann Lot
Roberts, ArthurSec4 C 120March 6, 1947Husband - Geneva Roberts Lot
Roberts, MyrtleSec12 A 255May 28, 1991Myrtle Roberts & Arthur Norton Lot Owners
Roberts, RobertSec364 May 29, 1956Brother-in-Law - Christ Ackermann Lot
Robertson, HenryBlk3686 May 20, 1898 
Robins, GlennSec19N/2-127 Sept. 3, 1970Husband - Beverly Robins Lot
Robinson, AlmaBlk30N/2-38  G. H. Westmore Lot
Robinson, ArmadaBlk33N/2-5 Feb. 6, 1926She was Lot Owner
Robinson, JerrySec191051Dec. 17, 1971Son - John Robinson Lot
Robinson, JohnBlk33N/2-5 Dec. 27, 1887Husband - Armada Robinson Lot
Robinson, JohnSec1S/2-87 June 2, 1934He was Lot Owner
Robinson, JohnSec191054Oct. 17, 1986Husband
Robinson, MarySec1S/2-87 Sept. 24, 1941Wife - John Robinson Lot
Robinson, WalterSec1S/2-87  John Robinson Lot
Robl, CarolineBlk3339 July 21, 1986Jacob Leicht Lot
Robl, GeorgeBlk3339 Oct. 17, 1970Jacob Leicht Lot
Roby, MargaretheSec364 Feb. 11, 1890 
Roby, WilliamSec364 April 11, 1898 
Rochlus, AudreySec16N/2 - E/2-159 May 6, 1975She was Joint Owner with Frank Rochlus
Rochlus, ElizabethBlk33N/2-29 Dec. 14, 1960Wife
Rochlus, FrankSec16N/2-E/2-159 Feb. 19, 1959Joint Ownership with Audrey Rochlus
Rochlus, LawrenceBlk33N/2-29 Aug. 16, 1941He was Lot Owner
Rochlus, LorenzBlk33N/2-29 May 6, 1904Son - Lawrence Rochlus Lot
Rochlus, LucilleBlk33N/2-29 July 12, 1991Daughter - Lawrence Rochlus Lot
Rockwood, RuthSec4 A139   
Rodewald, AlvinSec15S/2-53 Oct. 23, 1968George Sommer Lot
Rodewald, HilbertSec15S/2-536June 23, 1952George Sommer Lot
Rodewald, MarySec15S/2-53 Sept. 10, 1975George Sommer Lot
Rodewald, OttoSec5 D 22April 4, 1963"See Ballhorn Funeral Home for Deed"
Roeckow, William    June 14, 1904 
Roeder, AugusteBlk31S/2-18  Carl Roeder Lot
Roeder, BerthaSec5 B 171  
Roeder, CharlesBlk31S/2-18 Aug. 5, 1900Carl Roeder Lot
Roeder, DonaldSec14S/2-21 Oct. 30, 1930 
Roeder, DorothySec15E/2 - S/2-56 July 19, 1961Daughter of Lot Owner
Roeder, EllenerBlk24S/2-18 Jan. 30, 1897 
Roeder, ElsieSec14E/2 - S/2-21 Nov. 30, 1987Wife - Oscar Roeder Lot
Roeder, FredSec5 B 172June 3, 1942He was Lot Owner
Roeder, FrederickaSec6S/2-34 Nov. 13, 1956She was Lot Owner
Roeder, FriderickeBlk31S/2-18 Feb. 2, 1892Carl Roeder Lot
Roeder, HaroldSec16  Sept. 5, 1990Harold Roeder Lot Owner
Roeder, HaroldSec16  Sept. 5, 1990Husband - Scattering Garden
Roeder, HermanSec21E/2 - S/2-69 July 6, 1953He & Wife Lilly were Lot Owners
Roeder, LilySec21E/2 - S/23-69 Sept. 11, 1959Joint Tenancy Between her and Husband Herman
Roeder, MariaBlk1323  Theo. Roeder Lot
Roeder, MaryBlk1323 Dec. 15, 1944Daughter - Theo. Roeder Lot
Roeder, OscarSec14E/2 - S/2-21 Sept. 27, 1947He was Lot Owner
Roeder, TheodoreBlk1323 Oct. 3, 1891He was Lot Owner
Roeder, WaleskaSec360 Aug. 29, 1970Daughter - Peter Jacobs Lot
Roeder, WilhelminnBlk31S/2-18 May 29, 1882 
Roeder, WilliamSec6S/2-34 March 29, 1926Fredericka Roeder Lot
Roehl, Blk12S/2-9 Sept. 7, 1890Michael Malzahn Lot Owner
Roehl, AnnaSec12 117May 18, 1938She was Lot Owner
Roehl, AnnieSec12  July 21, 1891Free Ground
Roehl, ArnoSec19S/2-157 Dec. 11, 1969He was Lot Owner
Roehl, EdwardSec919 Dec. 30, 1969Son - Fredrick Roehl Lot
Roehl, FrederickSec919 April 14, 1936He is Lot Owner
Roehl, HenrySec919  Frederick Roehl Lot
Roehl, HuldaSec919 June 29, 1963Daughter-in-Law - Frederick Roehl Lot
Roehl, JuliaSec1919 March 19, 1927Frederick Roehl Lot
Roehl, LillySec19S/2-157 Aug. 7, 1968Wife - Arno Roehl Lot
Roehl, MyrtleSec919 Dec. 28, 1972Daughter-in-Law - Frederick Roehl Lot
Roehl, WilliamSec919 Oct. 31, 1991Son - Frederick Roehl Lot
Roehm, EmmaSec1N/2-109 Nov. 14, 1936She is Lot Owner
Roehm, FredSec1N/2-109 March 5, 1941Son - Emma Roehm Lot
Roehm, FredSec1N/2-109 Nov. 10, 1923Emma Roehm Lot
Roehm, WilliamSec1N/2-109 March 2, 1946Son - Emma Roehm Lot
Roehr, LouiseSec12  May 30, 1887Free Ground
Roehr, Rose MaeSec1N/2-78 Dec. 18, 1935 
Roehrborn, InfantBlk2986 May 6, 1894 
Roehrich,     Aug. 22, 1880 
Roehring, HenryBlk3654 Sept. 13, 1895 
Roelse, AdrianSec11 74Sept. 8, 1936He was Lot Owner
Roelse, Baby    Nov. 28, 1883 
Roelse, BabyBlk2983 March 19, 1889 
Roelse, CatherineSec11 43May 25, 1933Wife - Adrian Roelse Lot
Roelse, Danige    Aug. 8, 1883 
Roelse, FannySec4 B 156June 10, 1903 
Roelse, LenaBlk194 July 17, 1931Wife - William & Lena Roelse Lot
Roelse, LillieSec16E/2 - N/2 Sept. 25, 1995She was Owner - Lillie Swanson Lot
Roelse, MartinSec11 45May 12, 1934Husband - Susan Roelse was Lot Owner
Roelse, SusanSec11 44Jan. 3, 1933She was Lot Owner
Roelse, Wilhelmine    Nov. 17, 1891Free Ground
Roelse, WilliamBlk194 May 6, 1937Co-Owner with Wife Lena
Roenitz, Ana RitaBlk1013 July 1, 1981Daughter-in-Law - Chas. H. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, C. E.Blk1419 July 31, 1873Wm. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, CarlBlk1013 Dec. 16, 1964Son - Charles H. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, CharlesBlk1013 Dec. 11, 1928He was Lot Owner
Roenitz, CharlesBlk1324 Feb. 22, 1892Carl Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, DaisySec132 Jan. 26, 1968Daughter - George Heller Lot
Roenitz, DaisySec132 Oct. 30, 1967Daughter - George Heller Lot
Roenitz, ElizabethBlk1324 July 19, 1892Carl Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, EmilieBlk1419 March 6, 1929William Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, EugeniaBlk1421 Oct. 12, 1925John Pantzer Lot
Roenitz, FrankBlk338 June 14, 1937He was Lot Owner
Roenitz, FrankBlk358 July 28, 1883Son - Frank L. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, FredrickBlk1013 Aug. 4, 1973Son - Charles Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, HermanSec132 Sept. 9, 1940Son-in-Law - George Heller Lot
Roenitz, JohannaBlk1013 March 14, 1884Charles H. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, JohnBlk1421 July 5, 1983John Pantzer Lot
Roenitz, LouisBlk1014 Aug. 17, 1926He was Lot Owner
Roenitz, MagdaleneBlk358 Oct. 6, 1926Wife - Frank Louis was Lot Owner
Roenitz, MaryBlk1013  Charles H. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, MaryBlk1421 March 4, 1975Husband of Grandson Pantzer Lot {sic}
Roenitz, RosalieBlk1013 Oct. 19, 1944Wife - Charles H. Roenitz Lot
Roenitz, WandaBlk1421 Feb. 10, 1953Daughter - John Pantzer Lot
Roenitz, WilliamBlk1421 March 31, 1933Son-in-Law - J. Pantzer Lot
Roerdink, AdaSec16 B 149March 5, 1969Wife
Roerdink, AnnSec1N/2-754Feb. 28, 1980Robert & Joyce Bersch - Ann was Mother of{sic}
Roerdink, AnnaSec6N/2-18  Wife of Herm - Harvey Roerdink Lot {Son}
Roerdink, EmilSec16 B 150Sept. 27, 1984He was Lot Owner
Roerdink, Harm JohnSec6S/2-18 April 6, 1949Father
Roerdink, HarveySec6S/2-18 Feb. 17, 1973He was Owner
Roerdink, InfantBlk24 A 50 DNov. 12, 1976 
Roesner, AntonSec191621Sept. 19, 1977 
Roess, PhillipSec3E/2-36 Oct. 20, 1964Son-in-Law - Elmer Hansen Lot
Roessing, AugustaSec14N/2-35 July 21, 1934Gustave Lieding Lot
Roever, FredSec76 July 9, 1959He was Owner
Roever, FriedaSec76 May 13, 1972Wife
Roever, GustaveSec76 Feb. 11, 1959Brother - Fred Roever Lot
Roewardt, BerniceSec19S/2-5 Sept. 7, 1985She is Lot Owner
Roewardt, CarlSec19S/2-5 March 14, 1962Husband
Roewer, JosephSec76   
Roewert, AlbertSec94 June 1, 1944Augusta Demmin Lot
Roewert, AnnaSec94 May 13, 1970Daughter - Augusta Demmin Lot
Rogers, CharlesSec19N-3/4 - 111 Dec. 6, 1958Husband - Evelyn Rogers Lot
Rogers, DestinyBlk24 A32 D Oct. 30, 1999Daughter - Jessica Rogers Lot
Rogers, Susan JaneBlk12S/3 of E/2 - N/2 Dec. 6, 1946She was Lot Owner - See Annie M. Schneider Card
Rogge, Adele    June 22, 1987Scattering Garden
Rogge, ElizabethSec11 846March 7, 1995She was Owner of Lot
Rogge, William    July 19, 1988 
Rohde, EdnaSec10N/2-14  William Hitzler Lot
Rohde, Erna MarieSec14E/2 - S/2-121 March 24, 1951Owned Jointly by Hugo & Erna
Rohde, HugoSec14E/2 - S/2-121 Oct. 3, 1962Co-Owner with Wife
Rohde, WalterSec16 A 502March 16, 1961Husband of Erma{sic}
Rohlf, EmilieBlk1626 April 1, 1887Hugo Froehlich Lot
Rohlf, F.    Dec. 31, 1880 
Rohlfs, Blk113 June 14, 1887Anna Rolfs Lot
Rohlfs, FrankBlk1626 May 16, 1885Hugo Froehlich Lot
Rohlfs, FredBlk113 July 15, 1890Anna Rolfs Lot
Rohlfs, JuliaBlk113 June 29, 1890Anna Rolfs Lot
Rohlfs, OscarBlk1626 May 26, 1885Hugo Froehlich Lot
Rohr, AnnaSec11 78April 8, 1954She was Lot Owner
Rohr, LouisSec11 77Oct. 29, 1934Husband - Anna Rohr Lot
Rohrbacher, InfantSec4 A90  L. Rohrbacher Lot
Rohrbacher, LouisSec9S/2-41  Nellie Interred on Lot - Nellie Rohrbacker{sic} Lot
Rohrstaff, ErlingBlk722  "See J. Thomsen Lot Card"
Rohwe, Otto    June 5, 1881 
Rohwer, AlbertBlk6N/2-11 Sept. 5, 1941Possibly a Son - Carsten Rohwer Lot
Rohwer, AnnaBlk6N/2-11 Jan. 13, 1953Possibly a Daughter - Carsten Rohwer Lot
Rohwer, CarstenBlk6N/2-11 Dec. 3, 1886He was Lot Owner
Rohwer, Cathrine    Aug. 22, 1899 
Rohwer, ChristinaBlk6N/2-11 May 23, 1921Wife - Carsten Rohwer Lot
Rohwer, JohnBlk7E/2-33 Aug. 25, 1905He was Lot Owner - Delinquent Lot See John Ibs
Roitsch, ErnstBlk30S/2-29 Nov. 30, 1884He was Lot Owner
Roitsch, G.Blk30S/2-29 May 7, 1892Ernst Roitsch Lot
Roitsch, JuliannaBlk30S/2-29  Wife - Ernst Roitsch Lot
Rolfs, AnnaBlk113 June 8, 1957She was Lot Owner
Rolfs, FredBlk5S/2-8 March 1, 1901He was Lot Owner
Rolfs, HenryBlk113  Husband - Anna Rolfs Lot
Rolfs, Paula EmmaBlk113 Feb. 12, 1959Daughter - Anna Rolfs Lot
Rolfs, SophiaBlk5S/2-8 Feb. 12, 1901Possibly on Fred Rolfs Lot
Rollins, ElizabethBlk19N/2-22 Oct. 3, 1927Wife - F. E. Rollins Lot
Rollins, F. E.Blk19N/2-22 June 10, 1886Son - Frank E. Rollins Lot
Rollins, FrankBlk19N/2-22  He was Lot Owner
Rolse, Jennie    May 16, 1899No Further Information on File
Rolse, JonasSec4 B57  A. Roelse Lot
Rolse, LouisaBlk26 40Sept. 1, 1894Mr. Rolse Lot
Romaine, JaneSec19S/2-47 Jan. 23, 1968Wife
Ronk, AnnaSec16N/2 - E/2-197 April 9, 1985She was Lot Owner
Ronk, MatthewSec16N/2 - E/2-197 Jan. 7, 1972Husband - Anna Ronk Lot
Root, AmandaSec329 Aug. 15, 1925She was Lot Owner
Root, CharlotteBlk30N2/3 - E/2 - N/2 June 11, 1952Mother - Charles R. Kiskadden is Plot Owner
Root, FredSec329 Feb. 14, 1929Possibly a Son of Wilbur & Amanda Root
Root, WilburSec329  Husband - Amanda Root Lot
Ropas, InfantSec5 C 44April 18, 1928Unknown Relationship to Lot Owner
Rose, Linda LeeSec2097 Nov. 16, 1978Father - Gerald
Roseckey, John    Oct. 20, 1989 
Rosecky, Ann    Dec. 15, 1993Scattering Garden
Rosecky, John    Oct. 20, 1989Scattering Garden
Rosenbauer, AnitaSec6S/2-50 Jan. 13, 1960Sister - Walter Lautenschlager Lot
Rosenbauer, GeorgeSec6S/2-50 Feb. 20, 1956Brother-in-law - Walter Lautenschlager Lot
Rosenow, BabyBlk14N/2-13 March 4, 1887This Lot is Owned by Herman Maas
Rosenow, CarlBlk14N/2-13 Dec. 14, 1888Herman Maas Lot
Rosenthal, AliceBlk224 Sept. 5, 1895Daughter of Frank & Emilie - Fritz Rosenthal
Rosenthal, AnnaBlk228 Oct. 16, 1942Daughter-in-Law - Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, EdwardSec10S/2-31 Oct. 27, 1921Charles F. Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, EleonoraBlk228 March 1, 1924Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, EmelieBlk228 Jan. 27, 1950Daughter-in-Law
Rosenthal, EmmaSec11 296Jan. 8, 1948She was Lot Owner
Rosenthal, ErnestineBlk224 Nov. 11, 1890Wife - Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, FrankBlk224 May 16, 1927Son, Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, FredBlk224 Aug. 12, 1892Lot Owner
Rosenthal, FredBlk228 Nov. 28, 1938Son - Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, FredBlk2013 March 9, 1954Son-in-Law - August Heerman Lot
Rosenthal, FrederickBlk2013 Jan. 5, 1976Grandson - August Heerman Lot
Rosenthal, GottfriedSec11 295March 15, 1944Husband - Emma Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, InfantBlk224  Child of Frank & Emilie - Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, InfantSec4 A122  No Lot Card - Lot Purchased by Rosenthal
Rosenthal, KarlSec10S/2-31 Oct. 14, 1946Charles F. Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, LouisBlk224 Dec. 18, 1891 
Rosenthal, MarieSec10S/2-31 Feb. 14, 1950Wife
Rosenthal, NormanBlk228 Dec. 31, 1945Grandson - Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, OttoBlk224 Feb. 3, 1899Fritz Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, WalterSec10S/2-31 May 10, 1939Charles F. Rosenthal Lot
Rosenthal, WilmaBlk2013 Jan. 19, 1952Daughter - August Heerman Lot
Roset, Frank    Sept. 30, 1880 
Roshey, InfantBlk37  April 15, 1937 
Ross, AmandaBlk16S/2-38 Sept. 28, 1898Wife - H. N. Ross Lot
Ross, CarlBlk3414 July 21, 1998Son - Hugh Ross Lot
Ross, Eli    May 3, 1899 
Ross, GeorgeBlk11S/2-16  R. Ross Lot
Ross, HectorBlk16S/2-28 Sept. 10, 1910He was Lot Owner
Ross, HughBlk3414 Feb. 15, 1951Son - Hugh Ross, Sr. Lot Owner
Ross, HughBlk3414 March 15, 1957He was Lot Owner
Ross, JamesBlk11S/2-16  R. Ross Lot
Ross, RuthBlk3414 March 24, 1969Wife - Hugh Ross Lot
Rossberg, ArthurBlk32W/2-1 Sept. 21, 1943Son - Wilhelmine Rossberg Lot
Rossberg, HermBlk6S/2-19  He was Original Lot Owner - See Joe Lieb{sic}
Rossberg, MorrisBlk321 May 7, 1895Husband - Wilhelmine Rossberg Lot
Rossberg, RosinaBlk6S/2-19 June 4, 1888Wife of Herm Rossberg - Original Lot Owner
Rossberg, WilhelmineBlk321  Wife of Morris - She was Lot Owner
Rossberg, WilliamBlk321 May 28, 1938Son - Wilhelmine Rossberg Lot
Rossell, EdwardSec12 57May 7, 1948Potter's Field
Rossell, NellieSec12  Jan. 9, 1947Potter's Field
Roszberg, Henry    July 19, 1905 
Roth, AdolphBlk39 July 15, 1926Charles Zaegel Lot
Roth, AllegraSec17194 Dec. 2, 1959Sister - Mrs. Tillie Kaumheimer Lot
Roth, AnnaBlk39 Jan. 5, 1938Charles Zaegel Lot
Roth, AnnieBlk61 June 20, 1890Henry Roth Lot
Roth, AudreySec6S/2-3 June 27, 1996Daughter - Anton Schroeder Lot
Roth, CarlSec14S/2-4 May 11, 1993He was Lot Owner
Roth, CarlSec14S/2-41 Sept. 19, 1944Son - Carl T. Roth Lot
Roth, CarlSec269 Oct. 29, 1931H. G. Mueller Lot
Roth, ChristianBlk21S/2-22 July 29, 1881He was Lot Owner
Roth, ClaraBlk11S/2-5 Aug. 20, 1885F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, EdwardBlk21S/2-22  Son - Christian P. Roth Lot
Roth, ElfriedaBlk61 July 6, 1973Daughter - Henry Roth Lot
Roth, EmmaSec269 March 8, 1935H. G. Mueller Lot
Roth, FredrickSec19E/2-202 Sept. 29, 1967Husband - Bernice Roth Lot
Roth, G.    July 7, 1883F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, GilbertSec6S/2-33 April 26, 1990Son-in-Law - Anton Schroeder Lot Owner
Roth, HenriettaBlk61 July 25, 1928Henry Roth Lot
Roth, HenryBlk11S/2-5 May 11, 1948F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, HenryBlk39 Feb. 21, 1978Charles Zaegel Lot
Roth, HenryBlk61 March 10, 1887F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, HenrySec17194 March 13, 1957Brother-in-Law - Mrs. Tillie Kaumheimer Lot
Roth, Herman    Dec. 3, 1900Chas. Hanf Lot
Roth, InfantSec269 April 23, 1924H. G. Mueller Lot
Roth, JuliaBlk515 April 12, 1951F. Teyn Lot
Roth, KarolineBlk61 July 8, 1926Possibly Daughter - Henry Roth Lot
Roth, LillianSec14S/2-41 June 22, 1932Wife - Carl T. Roth Lot
Roth, LouisBlk61  Henry Roth Lot
Roth, LouiseBlk192 Dec. 14, 1938Charles Hanf Lot
Roth, LydiaSec1S/2-108 March 17, 1975Wife of Robert - Nephew of Lot Owner August Damrow Lot
Roth, MaryBlk11S/2-5 Oct. 1, 1904F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, OlgaBlk39 May 16, 1887Charles Zaegel Lot
Roth, RobertSec1S/2-108 Aug. 1, 1960Nephew - August Damrow Lot
Roth, WilhelmineBlk21S/2-22 Nov. 2, 1894Wife - Christian Roth Lot
Roth, WilliamBlk11S/2-5 March 28, 1942F. Habergoh Lot
Roth, WilliamBlk61 June 23, 1943Possibly a Son - Henry Roth Lot
Rothe, EdwardSec2031 July 7, 1995He was Owner
Rothe, EleanorSec14E/2 - N/2-92 March 14, 1964Co-Owner with Husband - Formerly Louise L{sic}
Rothe, John DennisSec6N/2-1 Oct. 18, 1995Grandson - Joe Rothe Lot
Rothe, JosephSec6N/2-16  Wife - Joseph Rothe Lot
Rothe, JosephSec6N/2-16 Oct. 11, 1979He was Lot Owner
Rothe, OliveSec6N/2-1 Jan. 16, 1996Daughter-in-Law - Joe Rothe Lot
Rothe, WilliamSec14N/2-92 April 10, 1969Co-Owner with Wife - Formerly Louise Leic{sic}
Rothe, WilliamSec6N/2-16 Aug. 24, 1992Son - Joe Rothe Lot
Rothwell, RaySec11 833April 27, 1981Husband of Joan - Lot Owner
Rottman, Gustav      
Rottman, GustavBlk37 81June 5, 1893 
Rottman, JohnBlk37  Oct. 18, 1896 
Rottman, JosephBlk37  Oct. 9, 1896 
Rottmann, AnnaBlk3041 Oct. 31, 1884Oscar Limprecht Lot
Rottmann, CasperSec5 B 77April 22, 1929Wilhelmine Rotmann Lot
Rottmann, CharlesSec5 B75  Wilhelmine Rottmann Lot
Rottmann, MichaelBlk3041 March 19, 1883See Oscar Limprecht Lot Card
Rottmann, WilhelmineSec5 B76  She was Lot Owner
Rottmann, WilliamBlk37 107Oct. 31, 1894Lot Owner
Rottsteadt, DoraSec5 B219 June 26, 1924Lot Owner
Rottstedt, AlbertSec12 87April 16, 1942Potter's Field
Rousse, MelvinSec16 B 57Dec. 9, 1970Husband
Roux, AlfredSec2N/2-26  Lot Owner
Roux, EmmaSec2N/2-26  Wife of Lot Owner
Roux, GeorgeSec2N/2-26 June 25, 1958Son {Alfred Roux Lot}
Roux, MarieSec2N/2-26 April 7, 1898Sister - Alfred Roux Lotr
Roux, MarySec2N/2-26  Alfred Roux Lot
Roux, PierreSec2N/2-26 Dec. 8, 1898Alfred Roux Lot
Rowe, CarlSec16W/2-93Q July 9, 1941Husband
Rowe, CarolynSec14S/2-117 Nov. 1, 1954Daughter {Ernst W. Schultz, Sr. Lot}
Rowe, CharlesSec16W/2-93 Oct. 10, 1955Grandson {Mrs. Alfred Rowe Lot}
Rowe, FredSec16N/2 - W/2 March 22, 1943Brother {Mrs. Henry Fiedler Lot}
Rowe, JohnSec12261  Purchased by Marie Mc Cart {sic}
Rowe, LauraSec16W/2-93 Feb. 12, 1963She was Owner
Rowe, MiltonSec16W/2-93 May 3, 1980Son {Laura Rowe Lot}
Rowland, RoseSec4 A145  Mile Rowland Lot
Rowlands, ErrolSec1312 Feb. 7, 1938{See Louise Murphy Lot Card}
Rowlands, ThelmaSec1312 July 23, 1940{Louise R. Murphy Lot}
Rowlands, WilliamSec1312 July 18, 1910{Louise R. Hanchett Lot}
Rudd, AlmaSec4 C 53April 18, 1994She was Owner
Rudd, AnnSec183704March 26, 1994Daughter {Lola Rudd Lot}
Rudd, ClarkSec183692Jan. 14, 1994Husband {Lola Rudd Lot}
Rudd, ClarkSec4 C 52March 8, 1946Husband - Alma Rudd Lot
Rudd, L. B.Blk16N/2-28 March 5, 1900H. N. Ross Lot
Rudd, LillianBlk16S/2-28  H. C. Ross Lot
Rudd, LillianBlk16S/2-28 Jan. 7, 1947H. N. Ross Lot - Possibly a Daughter
Ruddle, IdaBlk15S/2-14  Anna Schlick Lot
Rudell, HenriettaBlk16S/2-14  Henry Mordhorst Lot
Rudey, OttoSec1012 Feb. 23, 1938Unknown (Charles Canisius Lot)
Rudis, JosephSec11 492Aug. 20, 1970Above Holds Deed {sic}
Rudloff, OscarBlk30S/2-1 1910William Knoener Lot
Rudolph, OttisBlk19N/2-17 April 11, 1888Was Charles E. Rudolph Lot, Then Transfe {sic}
Rudy, AugustaSec1012 Dec. 18, 1948 
Rueckert, GeorgeSec8 A 20Feb. 8, 1975Husband
Rueckert, LucilleSec8 A 19Aug. 19, 1976She was Lot Owner
Ruehl, BlancheSec344306March 9, 1960Daughter
Ruehl, HerbertSec344 Nov. 21, 1985Ernest A. Sonnemann Lot
Ruehr, PaulSec6N/2-15 Sept. 26, 1997Co-Owner with Wife Marcene
Ruesink, BernardSec16 A 150May 26, 1978He is Lot Owner
Ruesink, JohnSec16 A 19June 11, 1951Husband (Lucy Ruesink Lot)
Ruesink, LucySec16 A 20Jan. 24, 1966She was Lot Owner
Ruesink, WarrenSec14E/2 - S/2 April 15, 1980Husband (Pamela Ruesink Lot)
Ruesink, WilliamSec16 A 151Dec. 30, 1992Brother (Bernard Ruesink Lot)
Ruge, RosaSec12 269  
Ruggles, HollisSec19N/2-63 Feb. 10, 1973He was Owner
Ruggles, RuthSec19N/2-63 Oct. 10, 1991Joint Ownership with Husband
Rulse, A.Sec12 5Oct. 3, 1885Martin Rulse Lot
Rulse, MadgeBlk2967 Aug. 26, 1887Possibly Martin Rolse{sic} Lot
Rulse, PeterBlk2949 Jan. 18, 1883Christoff Rumency Lot Owner
Rumency, BabyBlk2917 Sept. 20, 1887Christoff Rumency Lot Owner
Rumency, InfantBlk23 22Aug. 29, 1894Christoff Rumency Lot
Rumency, InfantBlk2917 Aug. 8, 1893Christoff Rumency Lot
Rumency, MariaBlk2917 Oct. 2, 1998Christoff Rumency Lot
Rumency, MinnieBlk2322 June 4, 1892Christoff Rumency Lot
Rumency, WilliamBlk2322 Oct. 10, 1892Christoff Rumency Lot
Rummele, AnnaSec735 Oct. 25, 1932E. H. Rummele Jr. Lot
Rummele, BabyBlk1213 July 16, 1901E. H. Rummele Sr. Lot
Rummele, EdwardBlk1213 Sept. 5, 1893He was Lot Owner
Rummele, EdwardSec735 Oct. 8, 1959He was Owner of Lot
Rummele, FlorenceSec735 Nov. 19, 1969Widow (E. H. Rummele Jr. Lot)
Rummele, HarrietSec735 Nov. 29, 1974Daughter-in-Law (Edward H. Rummele Jr.)
Rummele, HelenSec735 Feb. 20, 1921Daughter (E. H. Rummele Jr. Lot)
Rummele, RobertSec735 April 23, 1984Son (Edward H. Rummele Jr. Lot)
Rummele, SarahBlk1213 Oct. 27, 1930Not Recorded (E. H. Rummele, Sr. Lot)
Rumney, CharlotteSec12 45Sept. 19, 1896Not Recorded
Rumney, ChristSec12 2761919Lot Under His Name
Rumney, EmmaBlk2373 Nov. 17, 1897Not Recorded (Christ Rumney Lot)
Rumney, PaulinaBlk2378  Not Recorded (Christ Rumney Lot)
Runge, AugustaSec11 39Aug. 22, 1933She was Lot Owner
Runge, FrankSec10W 1/2 - N 1/2-9 Dec. 19, 1931Not Recorded (Andrew Fuchs Lot)
Runstrom, AlbinSec19N 1/2-96 March 13, 1968Co-Owner with Wife
Runstrom, FannySec19N 1/2-96 July 19, 1967Co-Owner with Husband
Runt, MarieSec74  See Mrs. George Crosby Lot Card
Ruppel, AmaliaSec4 A 128 Not Recorded (Henry Ruppel Lot)
Ruppel, CarlSec11 130April 7, 1937Own Lot
Ruppel, ChristianSec17S 1/2-240 March 6, 1971Co-Owner with Wife Lena
Ruppel, FredSec4 A 34 Not Recorded (Fred Ruppel Lot)
Ruppel, FrederickSec17W 1/2 - N 1/2 March 11, 1964Father (Walter Ruppel Lot)
Ruppel, GottliebSec7S 1/2-39 Oct. 19, 1935Father (Mrs. Gottlieb Hermann Lot)
Ruppel, InfantSec4 A 41 Not Recorded (Henry Ruppel Lot)
Ruppel, LenaSec17S 1/2-240 Feb. 24, 1987Co-Owner with Husband
Ruppel, MargueriteSec3W 1/2 - S 1/2 Oct. 20, 1993She was Owner (Purchased from Carl Lindo{sic})
Ruppel, MarieSec7S 1/2-39 Aug. 29, 1950Mother (Mrs. Gottlieb Hermann Lot)
Ruppel, OtiliaSec17W 1/2 - N 1/2 July 21, 1953Mother (Walter Ruppel Lot)
Ruppel, WalterSec17W 1/2 - N 1/2 May 9, 1973Nephew (Walter Ruppel-Schmitt Lot)
Ruppelt, EdwardSec2N 1/2-45 April 23, 1931Not Recorded (Mrs. Anton Gutsch Lot)
Ruppelt, LeonardSec2N 1/2-45 July 23, 1926Not Recorded (Mrs. Anton Gutsch Lot)
Ruppelt, TheresaSec2N 1/2-45  Not Recorded (Mrs. Anton Gutsch Lot)
Rusch, CatherineSec14S. 10 Ft. of 108 Oct. 5, 1942First Wife (Robert Rusch Lot)
Rusch, RobertSec14108 May 26, 1982He was Lot Owner
Rusch, RoyBlk24 A 91 AOct. 22, 1957Not Recorded (Lewis Rusch Lot)
Russart, AlexanderSec1E 1/2-99 Aug. 13, 1973Son-in-Law (Louis Schreiber Lot)
Russart, MildredSec1E 1/2-99 July 29, 1985Daughter (Louis Schreiber Lot)
Russeisen, AlwinBlk33N 1/2-37 Sept. 26, 1897Not Recorded (Charles Russeisen Lot)
Russeisen, ErnstBlk33N 1/2-37 July 20, 1893Not Recorded (Charles Russeisen Lot)
Russeisen, MaryBlk33N 1/2-37 April 14, 1897Not Recorded (Charles Russeisen Lot)
Russel, AntoinetteSec8N/2-8 Oct. 10, 1945Wife?
Russel, BabyBlk26 33Jan. 16, 1886Not Recorded
Russel, BabyBlk417 Sept. 22, 1885Not Recorded (Wm. Russell Lot)
Russel, CharlesBlk3041 Nov. 15, 1941Son-in-Law
Russel, CharlesSec7W/2 - S/2-4 Aug. 13, 1941Owner
Russel, ClaraSec16 A 503Aug. 16, 1960Wife
Russel, ClaraSec74 June 27, 1927 
Russel, CoraBlk2S 1/2-4 March 19, 1898Not Recorded (Mary Russel Lot)
Russel, FannyBlk1017 1923She Was Lot Owner
Russel, Ferdinand    March 2, 1906 
Russel, George    Dec. 13, 1880 
Russel, GeorgeBlk2S/2-4 April 13, 1895 
Russel, GeorgeBlk2S/2-4 May 19, 1889 
Russel, HattieBlk4N/2-44 Dec. 14, 1897 
Russel, InfantBlk4N/2-44 Feb. 9, 1897 
Russel, J. H.Blk2023 Sept. 10, 1899 
Russel, JennieBlk2S/2-4 Jan. 11, 1896 
Russel, JohnBlk1017   
Russel, JohnBlk367 Sept. 12, 1890 
Russel, MaryBlk2S/2-4 July 27, 1905 
Russel, MaryBlk30141 Dec. 27, 1923 
Russel, Minnie    May 26, 1902 
Russel, SophiaBlk2023 March 24, 1901 
Russel, ThomasBlk2023 Jan. 9, 1892 
Russel, WarrenBlk14S/2-1 Nov. 20, 1958Son-in-Law
Russel, Wm.    Dec. 21, 1883 
Russel, Wm.Blk4N/2-44 April 25, 1885 
Russell, BillSec17127 Oct. 25, 1997Son (William Russell Lot)
Russell, DianeSec92 Aug. 14, 1970Owner
Russell, GeorgeSec8N/2-8 April 22, 1948Owner
Russell, HarrySec16 A 504March 8, 1963Owner
Russell, HarrySec8N/2-8 Dec. 14, 1946 
Russell, HelenSec8N/2-8 Feb. 11, 1958Daughter
Russell, IvyBlk304112May 9, 1986 
Russell, MelittaBlk14S/2-1 Jan. 5, 1967Daughter
Russell, MelittaBlk2124 April 18, 1973Daughter
Russell, MichaelBlk22W/2 - S/2-17 Sept. 16, 1940 
Russell, Mrs. AlberBlk20S - 1/2-16 July 29, 1932Not Recorded - Possibly Wife (A. E. Russell)
Russell, RaymondSec92 Aug. 2, 1935 
Russell, RuthSec17127 Feb. 1, 1963Wife
Russell, WilliamBlk22E/2 - S/2-17 April 20, 1928 
Russell, WilliamSec17127 Feb. 1, 1972Owner
Russo, FriedaBlk2S/2-44   
Russo, HildaBlk2S/2-44   
Russo, JohnBlk2S/2-44   
Russo, JohnBlk2S/2-44 April 17, 1941Owner
Russo, LeonaBlk2S/2-44   
Russo, LeonaBlk2S/2-44 Aug. 14, 1931 
Russo, MinnieBlk2S/2-44 Feb. 20, 1932 
Rust, CarlSec11 764Jan. 15, 1968Husband
Rust, JennieSec11 763Jan. 5, 1993She Was Owner
Rust, MarvinBlk31S/2-23 Nov. 26, 1962Grandson
Rust, NormaSec15N/2-14 Nov. 28, 1978 
Rutches, WilliamSec5 B 308July 28, 1928 
Rutzen, AlvinaSec16 A 274June 30, 1956Mother
Rydberg, RussellSec16 B 198Nov. 24, 1973 

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