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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter Q

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Quadder, CarlSec2N 1/2 of 12  Possibly A Son {sic} (Chas. Quadder Lot)
Quadder, ElizabethSec2N 1/2 of 12 April 1, 1925Possibly Daughter-in-Law {sic} (Chas. Quadder Lot)
Quadder, W. L.    Nov. 6, 1884No Internment Information Recorded
Quadder, William    Sept. 30, 1883 
Quade, AugustaSec11 717Dec. 28, 1968Sister (Mrs. Gilbert Hagen, 2535 S. Leno)
Qual, AlfredSec19W 1/2 of 206 June 13, 1970Husband; (Esther Qual Lot)
Qual, EstherSec19W 1/2-206 March 25, 1983She Was Owner of Lot
Quasius, AlbertBlk21M 1/2 of 3 {sic} Dec. 6, 1910He Was Lot Owner
Quasius, AlfredSec377 Oct. 9, 1943Son-in-Law (Wm. Backhausen Lot)
Quasius, AlfredBlk21N 1/2 of 3 1916Albert L. Quasius Lot
Quasius, AmandaBlk21N 1/2 of 3 Oct. 28, 1887Possibly Daughter of Albert Quasius Lot
Quasius, ArthurSec1N 1/2 of 114 March 10, 1965He Was Lot Owner
Quasius, AugustaSec932 Aug. 6, 1949Wife of George
(Joint Owner With Henry Quasius)
Quasius, BerthaSec932 June 15, 1951Wife Of Henry
(Joint Owner With George)
Quasius, BerthaBlk21N 1/2 of 3 Aug. 7, 1940Widow of Albert Quasius - Lot Owner
Quasius, CeceliaSec377  Grandaughter-in-law;
Mrs. Wm. Bachausen Lot
Quasius, CharlotteSec2048 April 3, 1970Wife (Arthur Quasius Lot)
Quasius, ClaraBlk19S 1/2 of 22 1889Daughter (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, ClaraSec377 Aug. 21, 1957Daughter (Mrs. Wm. Backausen Lot)
Quasius, ElizabethBlk19S 1/2 of 22 June 12, 1901Daughter (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, ErwinSec932 Jan. 23, 1959Son of Henry
Quasius, EuniceBlk224 April 3, 1997Granddaughter (Fritz Rosenthal Lot)
Quasius, GeorgeSec932 Oct. 16, 1970Son (George & Henry Quasius Lot)
Quasius, GeorgeBlk19S 1/2 of 22 April 27, 1898He Was Lot Owner
Quasius, George      
Quasius, GeorgeBlk19S 1/2 of 22 March 18, 1929Son (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, GeorgeSec932 Dec. 15, 1958Joint Ownership Between George & Henry
Quasius, HenriettaBlk19S 1/2 of 22 July 22, 1891George Quasius Lot
Quasius, HenrySec932 Sept. 14, 1955Co-Owner With George Quasius
Quasius, JohnBlk21N 1/2 of 3  Albert L. Quasius Lot
Quasius, LarrySec2043 July 1, 1970Son
Quasius, LaurettSec1S 1/2 of 141 April 30, 1996She Was Lot Owner
Quasius, LenaBlk19S 1/2 of 22 April 5, 1897No Record (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, LilySec1N 1/2 of 114 April 30, 1999Wife (Arthur Quasius Lot)
Quasius, LydiaBlk19S 1/2 of 22 June 16, 1888No Record (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, MagdaleneBlk19S 1/2 of 22 Jan. 9, 1939Wife (George Quasius Lot)
Quasius, MelittaBlk19S 1/2 of 22 April 12, 1982George Quasius Lot
Quasius, MinnieBlk21N 1/2 of 3 Dec. 9, 1967Daughter-in-law (Albert Quasius Lot)
Quasius, OscarBlk21N 1/2 of 3 Jan. 12, 1962Albert Quasius Lot
Quasius, RandallSec2043 Nov. 2, 1971Son (Fred Quasius Lot)
Quasius, RaySec1S 1/2 of 141 Jan. 31, 1975Husband
Quasius, RolandBlk224 Dec. 24, 1986Not Recorded (Fritz Rosenthal Lot)
Quasius, RuthSec932 Jan. 12, 1988Widow of George, Co-Owner of Lot
Quasius, RuthSec1N 1/2 of 114 Feb. 7, 1927Daughter (Arthur Quasius Lot)
Quasius, SonjaSec2043 Aug. 17, 1972She Was Co-Owner With Husband
Quasius, WilliamSec377 March 6, 1995Grandson; Mrs. Wm. Backhausen Lot
Quast, AdSec261 March 8, 1903Husband (Betty Quast Lot)
Quast, AlexBlk24 A 438April 13, 1987Child of Herb. Quast Lot Owner
Quast, AnnaSec2N 1/2 of 61 Jan. 13, 1927Not Recorded (Betty Quast Lot)
Quast, BettySec2N 1/2 of 61  She Was Lot Owner
Quast, HarrySec2W 1/2 of 61 Nov. 9, 1927Son (Betty Quast Lot)
Quast, HerbertSec17192 Sept. 25, 1967He Was Owner
Quast, ViolaSec17192 July 18, 1950Wife (Herbert Quast Lot)
Queckeboom, JacobBlk35  May 20, 1889Not Recorded
Quick, WilliamSec5 A 67June 9, 1969Stepson
Quicker, CarlSec19W 1/2-212June 3, 1993Father (James Quicker Lot)
Quicker, PetronellaSec19W/2-2122June 3, 1993Mother; James Quicker Lot
Quimby, AnnaSec391  Not Recorded (Carroll Quimby Lot)
Quimby, ArelisleSec391 Sept. 15, 1958Daughter (Carroll Quimby Lot)
Quimby, CarrieSec391 April 15, 1963Widow (Carroll Quimby Lot)
Quimby, CarrollSec391 May 29, 1941He Was Lot Owner
Quimby, JohnSec391  Not Recorded (Carroll Quimby Lot)
Quinn, MarcusBlk33S 1/2 of 33 July 22, 1942Not Recorded (Arlie Quinn Lot)
Quinn, Mary AnnBlk3314 Aug. 17, 1925She Was Lot Owner
Quinn, MichaelBlk3314  Husband (Mary Ann Quinn Lot)
Quist, JoyceSec19W 1/2 of 174 Nov. 24, 1962Wife (Charles Quist Lot)

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