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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter P

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Paapendieck, HelenSec3111 March 20, 1984Wm. Papendieck (sic) Lot
Paapendieck, HelenSec3111 March 20, 1984Wm. Papendieck Lot {sic}
Paarendse, DavidSec4 A 81 Unknown; Jacob Paarendse Lot
Paarendse, DavidSec4 A 81 Unknownl Jacob Paarendse Lot
Paarman, AugustaSec11 119Aug. 10, 1937Wife (Charles Paarman Lot)
Paarman, AugustaSec11 119Aug. 10, 1937Wife (Charles Paarman Lot)
Paarman, HenrySec2N 2/3 - E/2 - S/2-1 Sept. 23, 1954He Was Owner
Paarman, HenrySec2N 2/3 - E/2 - S/2-1 Sept. 23, 1954He Was Owner
Paarman, MarieSec2N 2/3 E/2 S/2-1 Feb. 20, 1932Henry Paarman Lot
Paasch, AgnesSec16S/2-62 July 31, 1937George Paasch Lot
Paasch, AlvinaBlk36 62Nov. 30, 1895Unknown; Peter Paasch Lot
Paasch, EdgarSec16E/2 S/2-62 Sept. 8, 1953He was owner in joint tenancy with wife
Paasch, FriedrichBlk16N/2-17 May 22, 1894He Owned Lot
Paasch, GeorgeSec16S/2-62 March 3, 1941He is Owner
Paasch, HelenSec5 C23 Oct. 11, 1927Walter Paasch Lot
Paasch, InfantBlk19S/2-23   
Paasch, LouiseSec11 538Dec. 4, 1937Peter Paasch Lot
Paasch, LydiaBlk36 19Oct. 16, 1891Unknown; Peter Paasch Lot
Paasch, Mrs.Blk16N/2-17 July 10, 1897Friedrich Paasch Lot
Paasch, PaulaSec016E 1/2 S 1/2 of 62 July 23, 1992Joint Owner with Husband
Paasch, PaulaSec16E/2 S/2-62 July 23, 1992Joint Owner With Husband
Paasch, PeterSec11 539Feb. 23, 1956He was Plot Owner
Paasch, Wm.Blk16N/2-17  Friedrich Paasch Lot
Pabst, FredBlk30W/2 N/2-25 May 3, 1949He Was Owner
Pabst, LillieBlk30W/2 N/2-25 May 22, 1952Wife; Fred Pabst was Lot Owner
Packard, ErasmusBlk4S/2-29 Jan. 25, 1885John Griffith Lot
Packard, F.Blk4S/2-29  John Griffith Lot
Packard, LossierBlk4S/2-29 June 29, 1894John Griffith Lot
Paddock, OlgaBlk24N/2-7 Oct. 16, 1969Daughter; Gust Gunderson Lot
Page, IvySec369 April 25, 1989Daughter; Charles Birge Lot
Pagel, DoraSec389 Nov. 13, 1925Henry J. Papel (sic) Lot
Pagel, FrankSec389  Henry Pagel Lot
Pagel, HenrySec389  Henry Pagel Lot
Pagel, HenrySec389  Henry Pagel Lot
Pagel, HenrySec389 April 28, 1926Henry Pagel Lot
Pagel, HenrySec389 Dec. 13, 1941Henry Pagel Lot
Pagel, NettieSec389 Dec. 16, 1940Wife
Pagelow, ArthurSec17104 June 26, 1965Owner
Pagelow, FriedaSec17104 Oct. 28, 1995Co-Owner With Husband Arthur
Pagelow, GilbertSec4-A 179 Unknown; Paul Pagelow Lot
Pahlkotter, MarcellaSec4-A 73  
Paiser, Frank  40 July 4, 1896 
Palenstein, JacobSec4 B71 May 18, 1906John Palenstein Lot
Palese, FrancisSec3N/2-76 Jan. 8, 1938Mrs. Robert Meves Lot
Paleske, PeteSec12 72July 6, 1943 
Palestein, LouisBlk2371 Oct. 4, 1897Louis Palenstein Lot
Pallaske, JohnBlk24 A 74 DJune 27, 1947Son; Harold Pallaske Lot
Pallaske, WilliamSec1S/2-16 March 21, 1962Co-Owner With Wife
Palmer, JohnSec9N/2-5 March 13, 1920John Palmer Lot
Palmer, NellieSec9N/2-5 April 6, 1984John F. Palmer Lot
Palton, Maria    Oct. 29, 1904 
Pangier, AlbertSec8N/2-11 June 30, 1960He Was Lot Owner
Pangier, JanetteSec8N/2-11 June 5, 1922Albert Pangier Lot
Pangier, JohnSec14N/2-135 April 22, 1958Son-in-Law; Mrs. John Schuelke Lot
Pangier, WilhelmineSec8N/2-11 Nov. 1, 1954Wife; Albert Pangier Lot
Panian, MattSec11 603June 29, 1938Joseph Panian Lot
Panko, GerdaSec16 B 122March 24, 1973Wife; Michael Panko Lot
Panos, InfantSec5 C47 Nov. 4, 1927James Panos Lot
Panske, MartinSec4 C 65March 20, 1945Husband; Mrs. Martin Panske Lot
Pantel, InfantBlk24 A 918Jan. 23, 1958Son; Stanley Pantel Plot
Pantel, LorettaSec16Part of 83 Jan. 27, 1969Daughter; Jessie Bawden Lot
Pantel, NormanSec16S/2-83 Oct. 29, 1984Mrs. Jessie Bawden Lot
Pantzer, AnnieBlk33 April 24, 1948Stearns Halsted Lot
Pantzer, CarolineBlk35 Oct. 10, 1938Caroline E. Morris Lot
Pantzer, ElizabethSec21W/2-88 Nov. 11, 1966Owner; Eugene Pantzer Lot
Pantzer, EugeneBlk35 Dec. 28, 1931Carline Morris Lot
Pantzer, EugeneSec21W/2-88 May 10, 1947Husband
Pantzer, FrederickSec21E/2-88 June 14, 1952Joint Ownership Between Him and Wife
Pantzer, J.    Jan. 13, 1882 
Pantzer, JuliaSec21E/2-88 Dec. 20, 1986Frederick & Julia Pantzer Lot
Pantzer, MargaretBlk35 May 20, 1985Caroline Morris Lot
Pantzer, MarySec21W/2-88 Sept. 30, 1980Mrs. Eugene Pantzer Lot
Pantzer, PaulBlk33 Aug. 11, 1942J. D. & Rachel Halsted Lot
Pantzer, WillaBlk1421  John Pantzer Lot
Pantzer, WilliamBlk1421 Feb. 12, 1895John Pantzer Lot
Panzer, ChadwickSec17773Nov. 19, 1981Son of Daniel Panzer Lot
Pape, AnnieBlk102  Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, C.Blk340 Feb. 5, 1925He Was Lot Owner
Pape, CarolineBlk102 Dec. 1, 1886Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, ClaraBlk19N/2-15  Emilie Herzog Est. Lot
Pape, ConradBlk102 March 26, 1891Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, DoraBlk102  Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, EveBlk21N/2-9  Louis Pape Lot
Pape, FredBlk102 Dec. 21, 1894Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, GeorgeSec7S/2-13 Dec. 26, 1944He Was Lot Owner
Pape, LizzieBlk340 Feb. 24, 1925C. H. Pape Lot
Pape, LouisBlk21N/2-9 Feb. 16, 1888Louis Pape Lot
Pape, LouisBlk21N/2-9 Oct. 6, 1901Louis Pape Lot
Pape, MaryBlk102 April 13, 1929Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, MathildaBlk102  Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Pape, RoseSec7S/2-13 July 18, 1959Wife; George Pape Lot
Pape, VeronicaBlk32N/2-6  Hugo Dittrich Lot
Pape, WillieBlk102  Mrs. Fred Pape Lot
Papendieck, AndrewSec3111 May 8, 1974Son; Wm. Papendieck Lot
Papendieck, AndrewSec3111 Oct. 8, 1938Wm. Papendieck Lot
Papendieck, EdithSec3111 Jan. 16, 1940Wm. Papendieck Lot
Papendieck, RobertSec3111 Aug. 1, 1990Son; William Papendieck Lot Owner
Papendieck, SophieSec3111 July 29, 1960Wife; William Papendieck Lot
Papendieck, WilliamSec3111  Wm. F. Papendieck Lot
Papendieck, WilliamSec3111 Jan. 28, 1933William Papendieck Lot
Papenfuss, AnnaSec14N/2-40 Jan. 30, 1950She was Lot Owner
Papenfuss, OttoSec14N/2-40 April 5, 1932Annie Papenfuss Lot
Papenfuss, OttoSec14N/2-40 Nov. 19, 1982Annie Papenfuss Lot
Papenfuss, SophieSec14N/2-40 March 5, 1984Annie Papenfuss Lot
Pappas, AndrewSec6S/2-21 April 11, 1945Son-in-Law; Christ Steffes Lot
Pappas, BessieSec11 463March 13, 1962Wife; Sam Pappas Lot
Pappas, EugeniaSec6S/2-21 April 30, 1919Nick Pappademetropoulos Lot
Pappas, FrankSec11 749March 8, 1994Co-Owner with Wife
Pappas, GustavSec6S/2-21 July 5, 1934Nick Pappademetropoulos Lot
Pappas, JuanitaSec1E/2 - S/2-17 March 29, 1986Hubert Buhk Lot (1st Husband Buhk)
Pappas, PeterSec6S/2-21 March 25, 1937Christ Steffes Lot
Pappas, SamSec11 464Feb. 23, 1968Owner
Pappas, VasiloSec6S/2-21 June 18, 1928Christ Steffes Lot
Park, BenBlk3412 June 11, 1893Roy Park Lot
Park, BenjaminBlk3412  Roy Park Lot
Park, CorneliaBlk3412  Roy Park Lot
Park, ElizabethBlk3412 Dec. 23, 1901Roy Park Lot
Parker, FriedaSec16S/2-25 April 24, 1973Daughter; Ida Hebler Lot
Parker, Mary    June 11, 1883 
Parkus, ChristSec5 B 406June 30, 1953Husband; Mary Christ Lot
Parkus, MariaSec5 B 405June 2, 1993Co-Owner with Husband
Parman, AugustaSec16E/2 - S/2-27 Aug. 10, 1937Charles Parman Lot
Parman, CharlesSec16E/2 - S/2-27 June 19, 1946He was Lot Owner
Parman, CharlesSec16W/2 - S/2-27 Aug. 23, 1972Charles Parman Lot
Parman, ClaraBlk149 Oct. 8, 1951Daughter; J. P. Henne Lot
Parman, HugoSec16E/2 - S/2-27 June 28, 1956Son; Charles Parman, Sr. Lot
Parmelee, Erskine    Jan. 2, 1924 
Parnitzke, CarolSec16 A587 Oct. 30, 1936Rudolph & Martha Parnitzke Lot
Parnitzke, MarthaSec16 A 588Jan. 4, 1999Co-Owner with Husband
Parnitzke, RudySec16 A 589Sept. 18, 1978Rudolph Parnitzke Lot
Parnitzke, RuthSec16 A 587Feb. 6, 1930Rudolph & Martha Parnitzke Lot
Parrish, JohnSec182994May 15, 1995Husband (Virginia Parrish Lot)
Parsons, OrtonSec12211   
Parthun, GertrudeSec1N/2-8 June 16, 1971Daughter; Albert Blanke Lot
Paske, DorothySec16 A 334Nov. 8, 1994Co-Owner with Husband
Paske, EdnaSec16 A 380Dec. 13, 1982Wife; William Paske Lot
Paske, EmilySec16 A 284Aug. 30, 1963Owner; Harry & Emily Paske Lot
Paske, GladysSec6N/2-33 Aug. 28, 1981Wm. & Max Paske Lot
Paske, HarrySec16 A 285March 26, 1998Co-Owner with Wife
Paske, HarveySec2088 Aug. 11, 1995He was Lot Owner
Paske, IdaSec6E/2 - N/2-33 Oct. 4, 1952Wife of one of Owners; Wm. & Max Paske Lot
Paske, InfantSec6N/2-33 March 28, 1925Wm. & Max Paske Lot
Paske, MaxSec6N/2-33 Aug. 18, 1984Wm. & Max Paske Lot
Paske, RandySec2088 July 3, 1982Son of Harvey Paske Lot
Paske, RichardSec2088 June 22, 1998Son (Harvey & Genevieve Paske Lot)
Paske, WilliamSec16 A 379Sept. 17, 1985Same; William & Edna Paske Lot
Paske, WilliamSec6N/2-33 Feb. 9, 1938Wm. & Max Paske Lot
Pasket, FrankSec14N/2-91 June 25, 1962Mrs. Ruby Pasket Lot
Pasket, RubySec14N/2-91 May 19, 1997She was Lot Owner
Passmore, CharlesSec16S/2 - W/2-200 July 15, 1959He was Owner
Passmore, EvaSec16S/2 - W/2-200 July 7, 1947Mother; Charles Wm. Passmore Lot
Passmore, JohnSec16N/2 - W/2-200 Feb. 7, 1959Brother; Charles Wm. Passmore Lot
Patchak, HarrySec182942May 19, 1993Husband; Stella Patchak Lot
Patron, LouisSec16 B 96Feb. 21, 1970Husband; Iris Patron Lot
Patten, LizzieBlk15N/2-14 May 5, 1925M. C. Patten Lot
Patten, MelvilleBlk15N/2-14  M. C. Patten Lot
Patten, RobertBlk15N/2-14 July 14, 1886M. C. Patten Lot
Patterson, FlorenceSec14S/2-89 Sept. 6, 1975Daughter; Charles W. Meves Lot
Patterson, PeggySec65 May 18, 1971Grand-Daughter; Oscar Nelson Lot
Pattist, EdwardSec3W/2 - N/2-103 Dec. 7, 1943He was Owner
Pattist, ElizabethSec3N/2-103 April 1, 1933Edward Pattist Lot
Paul, AnnaBlk21E/2-19 Aug. 1, 1946Herman Lupinsky Lot
Paul, CharlesSec11 129Aug. 8, 1938Rudolph Paul Lot
Paul, FerdinandBlk2926 Oct. 1, 1886Own Lot
Paul, GeraldBlk24 A 70 BMay 21, 1946Son; Wesley Paul Lot
Paul, RobertBlk21S/2-19 April 20, 1936Herman Lupinsky Lot
Paul, RudolphSec15N/2-25 April 23, 1968Owner
Paul, VioletSec15N/2-2 Nov. 29, 1994Wife (Rudolph Paul Lot)
Pauleer, PeterSec12220 June 6, 1924 
Paulevich, InfantSec5 A 4 Unknown; John Paulevich Lot
Paulevich, InfantSec5 C6 May 28, 1925Child; John Paulevich Lot
Pauley, SophieSec11 269March 17, 1975Owner; Mrs. Geo Engelman
Paulman, BabyBlk4S/2-35 Aug. 25, 1887Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulman, HildaBlk4S/2-35 July 27, 1896Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulman, LouisBlk4S/2-35 Jan. 29, 1892Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulman, RebeccaBlk4S/2-35 Aug. 10, 1886Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulmann, C.Blk4S/2-35 July 14, 1899Mrs. Louis Paulmann
Paulmann, ChristianBlk4S/2-35 1856Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulmann, GenevieveBlk2E/2 - N/2-6 Jan. 31, 1973Owner
Paulmann, HenriettaBlk4S/2-35 Dec. 28, 1942Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulmann, LouisBlk4S/2-35 March 23, 1923Mrs. Louis Paulmann Lot
Paulmann, WalterBlk2E/2 - N/2-6 Feb. 23, 1961Joint Tenancy Between Husb & Wife
Paulovich, InfantSec5 C 14May 27, 1926Unknown; Vid Pavlovich Lot
Paulovitz, BabySec5 C 69Dec. 29, 1937Unknown; Ramm
Paulovitz, FelixSec16 B 85July 11, 1987Same
Paulovitz, HerthaSec16 B 84March 10, 1984Wife of Felix
Paulsen, AnnaBlk1989May 31, 1967Arthur Messner Lot
Paulsen, DeborahBlk24 A 86 BDec. 2, 1954Daughter; Norman Paulsen Lot
Paulsen, JohnBlk1988March 4, 1968Arthur Messner Lot {Adv. Auth.}
Paulson, CaritaSec19N/2-33 May 6, 1996Co-Owner with Husband
Paulson, HarveySec19N/2-33 Jan. 8, 1987Harvey & Carita Paulsen Lot
Pauly, AdolphSec3S/3 - N/2 - W/2-114 Oct. 8, 1940Mrs. Dora Pauly Lot
Pauly, AnthonyBlk344 Feb. 25, 1939Gerhard Schneider Lot
Pauly, DoraSec3S/2 - W/2-114N/3Jan. 29, 1943She was Owner
Pauly, ElfriedaBlk344 Aug. 4, 1954Daughter; Gerhard Schneider Lot
Pauly, GerhardBlk344 April 30, 1946Gerhard Schneider Lot
Pauris, LouisSec5 B 306Dec. 5, 1928He was Lot Owner
Pausha, JohnSec16 A 371Dec. 4, 1958Husband; Mrs. Teresa Pausha Lot
Pausha, TheresaSec16 A 370Nov. 18, 1983She was Lot Owner
Pautz, AnnaSec11 412Dec. 7, 1972Anna & Raymond Pautz Lot
Pautz, EleanorSec2S/2-28 April 21, 1993Sister (Fred Feld Lot)
Pautz, RaymondSec11 413Nov. 29, 1973Owner
Pavlick, LottieBlk3756 Sept. 24, 1891 
Pawlus, AndrewSec14S/10' - E/22'-109 Aug. 22, 1970Son-in-Law - Zelma Snell Lot
Pawlus, MildredSec14S/10' - E/22'-109 Jan. 2, 1986Zelma Snell Lot {Mrs. Gilbert}
Payme{sic}, MayBlk68 May 5, 1910Wonthy{sic} McKillip Lot - Should be Worthy McKillip
Payne, DonaldSec181883Sept. 28, 1999Co-Owner with Wife, Myrtle
Payne, ElizabethBlk68 Oct. 17, 1906Wontby{sic} McKillip Lot - Should be Worthy McKillip
Payne, EllaSec2N/2-23 Oct. 31, 1915W. S. Payne Lot
Payne, JessieSec2N/2-23 Oct. 5, 1903W. S. Payne Lot
Payne, JohnBlk68 June 20, 1920Wonthy{sic} McKillip Lot - Should be Worthy McKillip
Payne, Wm.Sec2N/2-23 Jan. 8, 1931W. S. Payne Lot
Peacock, CathrineSec8N/2-8  George Russell Lot
Peasley, LoreneBlk1417 Dec. 10, 1993Granddaughter - Christ Meyer Lot
Peasly, ElizabethBlk1417  Christ Meyer Lot
Peasly, NannieBlk1417  Christ Meyer Lot
Peck, CarlSec12244 Feb. 6, 1931 
Peckchunas, Wm.Sec11497 Aug. 18, 1936He was Lot Owner
Pedder, CeliaSec9S/2-5 Feb. 23, 1938Mrs. W. T. Armstrong Lot
Peene, Joseph    Sept. 3, 1899 
Peene, SimonSec12 46Oct. 27, 1945 
Peetet, InfantBlk374 Dec. 5, 1894Free Ground
Pehrne, JoeSec12 177Aug. 3, 1935 
Peich, PaulSec12 110March 24, 1939 
Peik, AlbertineSec11 104April 5, 1935Arthur Peik Lot
Peik, AntionetteSec11 420Feb. 4, 1956Mother - Herbert Peik Lot
Peik, ArthurSec11 421Aug. 18, 1970Father - Herbert Peik Lot
Peik, HortenseSec14N/2-12 April 19, 1983John C. Bertschy Lot
Peik, Wm.Sec11 105Sept. 30, 1940Arthur Peik Lot
Peipert, BertholdSec2S/2-67  Clara Tellefsen Lot
Peipert, PaulineSec2S/2-67 Aug. 26, 1927Clara Tellefsen Lot
Pelchen, ErnstSec1N/2-146 Aug. 20, 1963Owner
Pelchen, MelindaSec1N/2-146 July 16, 1988 
Pelikan, CarolineSec3N/2-33 Nov. 26, 1927Joseph Pelikan Lot
Pelikan, JosephSec3N/2-33  Joseph Pelikan Lot
Pelkofer, MyrtleBlk32N/2-5 Dec. 22, 1938John Piening Lot
Pelkofer, RobertSec1S/2-20  Mrs. Robert Pelkofer Lot
Pelner, ErnestSec183664Nov. 8, 1993Husband - Elizabeth Pelner Lot
Pelton, JaneBlk64 January 10, 1895Mary Pelton Lot - or Seth Pelton Lot
Pelton, SethBlk6E/2-4 Feb. 7, 1900He was Lot Owner
{Note: The date on the printout was 20/71/0900,
The date on the Vital Records is what I Listed}
Penselin, AnnieSec10S/2-22 Nov. 2, 1948Henry Penselin Lot
Penselin, EdmundSec10S/2-22  Henry Penselin Lot
Penselin, EdnaSec10S/2-22 June 4, 1955Daughter-in-Law - Henry Penselin Lot
Penselin, FredSec10S/2-22 May 3, 1965Son - Henry Penselin Lot
Penselin, HenriettaSec10S/2-22 Nov. 1, 1938Henry Penselin Lot
Penselin, HenrySec10S/2-22  Henry Penselin Lot
Peplau, AugustSec15N/2-76 June 21, 1954Brother-in-Law - Mrs. Lillian Peplau Lot
Peplau, FredSec15N/2-76 Nov. 16, 1944Husband - Lillian Peplau Lot
Peplau, LillianSec15N/2-76 March 19, 1976Owner
Pepper, CharlesBlk4S/2-23 Nov. 25, 1944He was Lot Owner
Pepper, MedaBlk4S/2-23 Jan. 2, 1942Wife - Charles Pepper Lot
Pepper, SusanneBlk4S/2-23  Charles Pepper Lot
Pereckovisch, MikeSec12 147Sept. 12, 1936 
Perekovich, DanielSec11 405Nov. 15, 1953Father - Steven Perekovich Lot
Perekovich, SteveSec16 A 526Nov. 22, 1961Husband - Mrs. Marilyn Perekovich Lot
Perekovich, TomSec5 B 414May 18, 1948Brother - Daniel Perekovich Lot
Perelberg{sic}, BerthaSec10S/2-14 Aug. 3, 1949Wife - Ernst Perleberg Lot
Peringer, Frank   249May 15, 1929 
Perkins, AnnaSec191072Sept. 1, 1983Wife of Ira - Anna Perkins Lot
Perkins, BarbaraSec5 CF 77Aug. 13, 1937J. Perkins Lot
Perkins, BettySec5 C49 July 24, 1930 
Perkins, CharlesSec6S/2-16Oct. 19, 1977Theo E. Fletscher Lot
Perkins, ClairSec5 B 137March 7, 1931 
Perkins, CliffordSec21S/2-143 Aug. 22, 1975Owner
Perkins, HelenSec21S/2-143 Feb. 27, 1981Wife of Clifford J. Perkins
Perkins, IraSec191073Sept. 8, 1981Husband of Anna - Anna Perkins Lot
Perkins, OrvilleSec19S/2-106 Aug. 29, 1980Husband - Sandra Perkins Lot
Perkovich, KatherineSec11 131Dec. 16, 1938Daniel Perekovich Lot
Perle, InfantSec5 C 45April 18, 1928 
Perlebert{sic}, ErnstSec10S/2-14 Jan. 5, 1940He was Lot Owner
Perlovich, LaurenceSec12 89Dec. 4, 1942 
Peronto, EleanorSec16 A 144June 21, 1958Wife - Melvin Peronto Lot
Perreault, LucilleSec16 B 82Sept. 22, 1978Co-Owner with Husband Russell Perreault
Perreault, RusselSec16 B 83Sept. 29, 1980Co-Owner with Wife Lucille Perreault
Perrone, VirginiaSec21129 Sept. 9, 1975Co-Owner with Husband Edgar
Perronne, DebbieSec21129 July 24, 1959Child - Edgar & Virginia Perrone Lot
Perronne, EdgarSec21129 March 20, 1965Co-Owner with Wife
Persike, ErnestBlk16S/2-1 March 1, 1926Wm. Reinke Lot
Persike, LouiseBlk16S/2-1 Sept. 11, 1954Daughter - Wm. Reinke Lot
Person, CarlBlk31S/2-2 Dec. 14, 1890Wm. Horn Lot
Person, EdwardSec6N/2-4 April 3, 1976Son-in-Law - Mary Aleff Lot
Person, HildaSec6N/2-46 May 3, 1997She was Lot Owner
Pestien, CharlesSec1147 Nov. 10, 1947Husband - Minnie Pestien Lot
Pestien, EstherSec1147 April 11, 1985Daughter - Minnie {Suzanne} Pestien Lot
Pestien, PaulineBlk2428 April 30, 1990Daughter - Fred Jahn Lot Owner
Pestien, SuzanneSec1147 Nov. 29, 1958She was Lot Owner
Pestien, VictorBlk2428 Feb. 25, 1989 
Peter, JohnBlk234 Oct. 4, 1895Moody Fuchs Lot
Peterman, AugustBlk30S/2-3 Oct. 8, 1882Herman Kuether Lot
Peterman, H.    Nov. 13, 1884 
Peterman, RichardBlk30S/2-3 Nov. 27, 1887Herman Kuether Lot
Petermann, ClaraBlk20N/2-1 Nov. 28, 1932Mrs. Emil Petermann Lot
Petermann, EmilBlk20N/2-1 May 2, 1899Mrs. Emil Petermann Lot
Petermann, GustavBlk31S/2-2  August Holz Lot
Petermann, MaryBlk31S/2-2 April 14, 1934August Holz Lot
Peternel, AnnaSec5 B 258Oct. 6, 1926John Peternel Lot
Peters, AndrewSec16 A 5Feb. 6, 1952Father - Marie Peters Lot
Peters, CheriSec11 898March 5, 1986Granddaughter - Myrna Lipp Lot
Peters, ConstanceSec11 898March 5, 1986Daughter - Myrna Peters Lot
Peters, EdaSec3S/2-73Dec. 30, 1975Daughter - Wm. F. Peters Lot
Peters, HermBlk24S/2-9  He was Lot Owner
Peters, JaneSec10S/2-1 April 14, 1927Maud Crane Lot
Peters, LouiseBlk24S/2-9 Feb. 1, 1937Wife - Herman Peters Lot
Peters, MagdaleneSec3S/2-7 July 23, 1956Wife - William Peters Lot
Peters, MaryBlk51 Jan. 28, 1897Fred Holing Lot
Peters, PatrickSec11 899March 5, 1986Grandson - Myrna Lipp Lot
Peters, RoseSec16 A 6July 20, 1957Mother - Miss Marie Peters Lot
Peters, WilliamSec3S/2-7 April 4, 1923He was Lot Owner
Petersen, Anna    Oct. 3, 1903 
Petersen, BabyBlk2525 Nov. 3, 1887 
Petersen, ClaraBlk2NS/2-7 July 5, 1929 
Petersen, ElizabethBlk30N/2-1 March 20, 1937 
Petersen, LouisaBlk30N/2-1  Oley Petersen Lot
Petersen, NielsBlk2S/2-7 Dec. 17, 1938He was Lot Owner
Petersen, OleyBlk30N/2-1  He was Lot Owner
Petersen, OmmeneBlk30N/2-1 July 29, 1882 
Petersen, U.    June 28, 1882 
Petersen, WilliamBlk30N/2-1 June 9, 1941Oley Petersen Lot
Petersohn, AlexSec2145 July 17, 1986Ray & Donna Petersohn Lot
Petersohn, HenrySec2145 July 17, 1986Ray & Donna Petersohn Lot
Petersohn, HenrySec4 C 75May 22, 1946Husband - Irene Petersohn Lot
Peterson, AlfredSec3S/2-3 April 4, 1969He was Lot Owner
Peterson, ArthurSec1N/2-63Sept. 24, 0198{sic}Alf. Halverson Lot - Adv. Auth.
Peterson, AtlyBlk34S/2-6  Alfred Peterson Lot
Peterson, BerthaSec1N/2-64Nov. 19, 1966Alf. Halverson Lot
Peterson, DonaldBlk24 A 88 BJuly 19, 1955Arthur Peterson Lot
Peterson, HaroldBlk34S/2-6   
Peterson, HarvordSec1S/2-2  Ole Peterson Lot
Peterson, HelmarSec9N/2-1 Nov. 21, 1949Daughter - Reinhold Beinemann Lot
Peterson, HenrySec1S/2-2 June 1, 1944"Possible Son" - Ole E. Peterson Lot
Peterson, InfantSec1S/2-2  Ole E. Peterson Lot
Peterson, InfantSec3S/2-3 Sept. 29, 1931Alfred G. Peterson Lot
Peterson, InfantSec4 A 36June 29, 1918Child - N. A. Peterson Lot
Peterson, JennieSec16 A 244Oct. 7, 1958Mother - Miss Winifred Peterson Lot
Peterson, JohannaSec12 214  
Peterson, JohnSec12 272 Potters Field
Peterson, KennethSec3S/2-3 March 26, 1927Alfred G. Peterson Lot
Peterson, LenoreSec10S/2-4 Oct. 29, 1956Sister of Hilda Anderson
Peterson, LeonaSec16S/2-6 Jan. 25, 1988Widow - Walter Peterson Lot
Peterson, LouiseBlk107  Mrs. Irene Luebow Lot
Peterson, LouiseSec1S/2-2 March 25, 1940Ole E. Peterson Lot
Peterson, MarkSec2S/2-7 June 27, 1981Herman Schmidt Lot
Peterson, MarvinBlk30N/2-1  Oley Peterson Lot
Peterson, MarvinSec8S/2-13 May 7, 1997Husband - Doris Peterson Lot
Peterson, MellisaSec5 B17  Co-Owner with Husband Oscar
Peterson, MinnieSec9N/2-1 July 7, 1971Owner of Half of Reinhold Peterson Lot
Peterson, OleSec1S/2-2 May 31, 1906He was Lot Owner
Peterson, OscarSec5 B16  He was Lot Owner
Peterson, PeterSec1S/2-2 Feb. 13, 1935Ole E. Peterson Lot
Peterson, RoseSec3S/2-3 Feb. 18, 1971Wife - Alfred G. Peterson Lot
Peterson, RuthBlk34S/2-6  Alfred Peterson Lot
Peterson, SimonSec12   Potters Field
Peterson, Thomas   46Oct. 4, 1896Free Ground
Peterson, Thresia{sic}Blk34S/2-6 Dec. 13, 1894Alfred Peterson Lot
Peterson, WalterSec16S/2-6 Aug. 2, 1935He was Lot Owner
Peterson, WilliamSec1S/2-2  Ole E. Peterson Lot
Petrie, B.     No Record
Petrie, Billy / BeckBlk24 A 52 BJune 5, 1980Children - Adrian & Cynthia Petrie Lot
Petropolis, GustSec5 B 415Jan. 18, 1947Brother - Theo. Petropolis Lot
Petrulinte, InfantBlk37  July 27, 1912Free Ground
Pettey, ElizabethSec17N/2-2 Feb. 23, 1967She was Owner
Pettey, JohnSec172391Dec. 13, 1972Brother - Mrs. Erwin Schmagel Lot
Pettey, JohnSec17N/2-2 Dec. 14, 1954Husband - Mrs. Elizabeth Pettey Lot
Pettey, LloydSec172391March 8, 1990Brother - Mrs. Erwin Schmagel Lot
Petzold, JohnBlk7N/2-1  He was Owner
Petzold, LouiseBlk7N/2-1  Daughter - John Petzold Lot
Petzold, PaulineBlk7N/2-1  Daughter - John Petzold Lot
Petzold, RachelBlk7N/2-1  Wife - John Petzold Lot
Pfeffer, GottfriedSec4 B1151May 2, 1906He was Lot Owner
Pfefferkorn, FrankBlk30S/2-1  Nannie Best Lot
Pfefferkorn, NoraBlk30S/2-1 Nov. 29, 1882Nannie Best Lot
Pfeifer, LeonardSec12 209March 9, 1925Potters Field
Pfeifer, LilaSec3N/2-6 March 23, 1994Daughter - Nick & Margaret Thill Lot
Pfeiffer, AlfredSec10E/2 - N/2 April 27, 1985He was Lot Owner
Pfeiffer, EdnaSec10E/2 - N/2 Dec. 24, 1965Wife - Alfred Pfeiffer Lot
Pfeil, AugustaSec3S/2-1 Aug. 15, 1961Wife - Julius Pfeil Lot
Pfeil, JuliusSec3S/2-1 Nov. 19, 1940He was Owner of Lot
Pfeiler, AdamBlk3W/2-56  William & Wilma Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, BabyBlk3W/2-56 March 2, 1901Possibly Child of William & Wilma Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, CoraSec239 May 24, 1949Wife - Joseph Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, EmmaBlk3W/2-56 Nov. 1, 1937William & Wilma Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, JohnSec239 Jan. 8, 1934Joseph Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, JosephSec239 Sept. 10, 1936He was Owner of Lot
Pfeiler, MargaretSec239 Jan. 3, 1969Daughter - Joe Pfeiler Lot
Pfeiler, WilliamBlk3N/2-5 May 1, 1937Co-Owner with Wife Wilma
Pfeiler, WilmaBlk3W/2-56 Feb. 20, 1943Co-Owner with Husband William
Pfingsten, EdwardSec11 505Aug. 19, 1957He was Owner of Lot
Pfingsten, HattieSec11 504March 12, 1934Wife - dward Pfingsten Lot
Pfingsten, OttoSec12 A 183June 21, 1951City Poor Ground
Pfister, AlexanderBlk3426 Jan. 21, 1896Fred Jacobs Lot
Pfister, Elmer    April 5, 1900 
Pfister, ElmerSec12 A 28Jan. 23, 1894Free City Ground
Pfister, HelenSec19N/2-1 June 1, 1973Co-Owner with Husband
Pfister, JacobSec5 B 173 He was Lot Owner
Pfister, JohnSec11 786April 7, 1971Uncle - Mrs. Edward Mohr Lot
Pfister, JohnSec12 A 216Sept. 19, 1923 
Pfister, MaryBlk3N/2-2 Feb. 16, 1934O. J. Gutsch Lot
Pfister, OlgaSec21S/3-34 Nov. 28, 1956Joint Owner with Thomas G. Pfister
Pfister, ThomasSec21S/3-34 May 27, 1978He was Owner with Wife
Pfister, WalterSec19N/2-1 Feb. 21, 1894He was Owner
Pflucker, CharlesSec12 A 28Feb. 8, 1906City Free Ground
Pfranger, WilhelmineBlk24N/2-8 Aug. 3, 1899Henry Pfrenger Lot
Pfrenge, Heinrich    Aug. 3, 1899No Record of Where Buried in Cemetery
Phale, PeterSec12 A 255 City Free Ground
Phalen, DennisBlk314  He was Lot Owner
Phalen, MaryBlk314 Feb. 29, 1936Possibly Wife of Dennis - Lot Owner
Philipowski{sic}, GeorgeSec10S/2-5  Ferdinand Philipowsky{sic} Lot
Philipowsky, FerdinandSec10S/2-5 Feb. 23, 1957He was Lot Owner
Philipowsky, LouiseSec10S/2-5 Jan. 4, 1932Ferdinand Philipowsky Lot
Philipowsky, MathildaSec10S/2-5 Dec. 27, 1952Wife - Ferdinand Philipowsky Lot
Philippi, W. F.Blk36 78Nov. 1, 1896Math Philippi Lot
Philipps, HaroldBlk36 39Nov. 18, 1893Math Philippi Lot
Phillips, BruceBlk24 A 95 CJuly 13, 1960Son - Henry Phillips Lot
Phillips, DorisSec5 A 94March 26, 1958Infant Daughter - Loren Phillips Lot
Phoexig, Ida    March 26, 1905No Grave Record
Picard, GeorgeSec19N/2-2 July 15, 1987Husband - Helen Wingender Picard Lot
Pichler, FrankSec4 C 134Aug. 27, 1947He was Lot Owner
Pichler, MarySec4 C 155March 13, 1947Wife - Frank Pichler Lot
Pichler, MinnieSec10S/2-1  Ernst Perleberg Lot
Pickett, MargaretSec310  C. B. Freyberg Lot
Piderit, HermannBlk6S/2-2 Jan. 11, 1882He was Lot Owner
Piderit, Mrs.Blk6S/2-2 April 9, 1896Wife - H. F. Piderit Lot
Piderit, WilhelmBlk6S/2-2 1854Son - H. F. Piderit Lot
Piening, HeinrichBlk30N-1/2 July 9, 1882Possibly Henry Piening Lot
Piening, HenriettaBlk5N-1/2 Jan. 31, 1927Wife - John Piening Lot
Piening, HenryBlk30N-2/3 - 11 Dec. 21, 1951He was Owner
Piening, JohnBlk32N/2-5 March 24, 1936He was Lot Owner
Piening, LenaBlk30N/2-1 Aug. 7, 1926Henry Piening Lot
Piening, SophiaBlk32N/2-5 Sept. 19, 1896Child of John & Henrietta Piening
Piening, SophieBlk30N/2-1  Henry Piening Lot
Piening, WalterBlk34N/2-21April 16, 1964Brother-in-Law - Edgar Schmidt Lot
Pieper, AmandaBlk1916 July 29, 1946Joint Owner with Emma & Selma Pieper
Pieper, AnnaSec17W/2 - S/2 Aug. 12, 1953Joint Owner with Husband
Pieper, AntoinetteSec16 A 317July 13, 1962Aunt - Roy L. Mueller Lot
Pieper, AugustBlk1916 Aug. 2, 1892Father - Amanda, Emma & Selma Pieper Lot
Pieper, CharlotteBlk1916 Aug. 31, 1890Mother - Amanda, Emma & Selma Lot
Pieper, ClaraSec16N/2-3 Oct. 14, 1949Joint Owner with Husband
Pieper, ElizabethBlk1916 Jan. 10, 1938Amanda, Emma & Selma Pieper Lot
Pieper, EllaSec19N-1/4 - 53 May 24, 1991Mother - Vivian Mueller Lot
Pieper, EmmaBlk1916 Feb. 10, 1967She was Owner
Pieper, FrankSec17W/2 - S/2 Oct. 21, 1967He was Owner
Pieper, HarleySec5 D 23April 3, 1962Husband - Mrs. Jennie Piper{sic} Lot
Pieper, HenryBlk1916  Amanda, Emma & Selma Piper{sic} Lot
Pieper, JennySec5 D 24July 25, 1989She was Lot Owner
Pieper, RoySec19N-1/4 - 53 May 24, 1991Father - Vivian Mueller Lot
Pieper, SelmaBlk1916 Dec. 17, 1952Joint Owner of Lot with Emma & Amanda Pieper
Pieper, SelmaBlk1916 Jan. 11, 1926Amanda, Emma & Selma Pieper Lot
Pieper, WilliamBlk2938 March 21, 1889He was Lot Owner
Pieper, WilliamSec16N/2-3 July 26, 1966He was Owner
Pierce, BarneyBlk7N/2-3 June 20, 1939He was Lot Owner - Formerly Wm. Bormann Lot
Pierce, CatherineSec17N/2-9 Sept. 29, 1973She was Owner
Pierce, ClarenceBlk924  Mrs. S. Wilgus Lot
Pierce, EdnaBlk20S/2-7 May 12, 1966Daughter - B. B. Locklin Lot
Pierce, EmmaBlk7N/2-3 Oct. 6, 1928Barney J. Pierce Lot
Pierce, EmmaSec7S/2-1 Nov. 7, 1964Mrs. Charles Biehl Lot
Pierce, ErnestSec7S/2-1 Nov. 28, 1947Second Husband to Mrs, Emma Pierce
Pierce, FrankBlk20NW Corner - 7 Sept. 2, 1941Husband - Mrs. Frank Pierce Lot
Pierce, HarleyBlk7N/2-3  Barney J. Pierce Lot
Pierce, HarveySec17N/2-9 Dec. 29, 1954Husband - Catherine Pierce Lot
Pierce, LilaSec17S/2-9 July 7, 1966She was Lot Owner
Pierce, LucyBlk924   
Pierce, MaryBlk3023 April 20, 1929Chapman Fairweather Lot
Pierce, WillisSec17S/2-9 March 21, 1960Joint Tenancy with Wife
Pigeon, RaymondSec11 35Sept. 12, 1923Possibly Daughter - Helen Pigeon Lot
Pilgrim, AugustaSec6S/2-3 Nov. 22, 1949She was Lot Owner
Pilgrim, CharlesSec6S/2-39 April 18, 1931Wife - Augusta Pilgrim Lot
Pilgrim, ElmerSec6S/2-3 May 8, 1961Son - Mrs. Charles Pilgrim Lot
Pilgrim, MarySec6S/2-3 June 17, 1929First Wife - William Pilgrim Lot
Pilgrim, QuintonSec6W/2 - N/2 April 14, 1952Son-in-Law - Reinhard Zastrow Lot
Pilgrim, ViolaSec6W/2 - N/2 Nov. 28, 1984Deeded to Viola by Reinhard Zastrow Heir
Pilgrim, WalterSec6S/2-3 Jan. 14, 1929Mrs. Charles Pilgrim Lot
Pilgrim, WilliamSec6S/2-3 Dec. 12, 1960He was Owner
Pilling, FrankSec4 C 190March 16, 1971He was Owner
Pilling, MiltonSec21113 Dec. 28, 1961Husband - Mrs. Milton Pilling
Pilling, MyrtleSec4 C 191Jan. 27, 1949Wife - Frank Pilling Lot
Pinnecker, AlexSec12 252 Potters Field
Piper, AlmaBlk359 Nov. 4, 1926Wife - Walter Piper Lot
Piper, AmeliaBlk308 Dec. 27, 1930Mrs. Edna Hoeft Lot
Piper, BabyBlk359  Infant Son - Walter & Alma Piper Lot
Piper, DorothyBlk4E/2 - N/2 Jan. 9, 1998She was Lot Owner
Piper, ElmerSec12 A 282Oct. 11, 1991Husband - Edmonde Piper Lot
Piper, GusBlk359  Walter Piper Lot
Piper, InfantBlk359 Oct. 22, 1904Child - Walter Piper Lot
Piper, RobertBlk4E/2 - S/2 July 20, 1949Husband - Dorothy Piper Lot
Piper, WalterBlk359 Nov. 12, 1948He was Lot Owner
Pirolo, MagdaleneSec4 C 91Oct. 9, 1992She was Owner of Lot
Pirolo, NicholasSec4 C 90Nov. 15, 1946Husband - Magdalene Pirolo Lot
Piskor, AntonSec11 534Dec. 29, 1936He was Lot Owner
Piter, GustavSec4 B 205 He was Lot Owner
Pitschler, ArthurBlk24S/2-6 Jan. 10, 1967Son-in-Law - Joseph Anderson Lot
Pitschler, ElmerBlk33S/2-1 Oct. 29, 1926Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, ErnstBlk33S/2-1  He was Lot Owner
Pitschler, FrederickBlk33S/2-17 Dec. 18, 1968Nephew - Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, HattieBlk33S/2-1 Nov. 25, 1939Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, HenryBlk22S/2-1 April 11, 1887Margarette Wiedemeyer Lot
Pitschler, InfantBlk33S/2-1  Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, JohnBlk33S/2-1 April 11, 1966Son - Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, MariaBlk22S/2-1 July 26, 1886Margareth Wiedemeyer Lot
Pitschler, MyrtleBlk24S/2-6 April 8, 1972Daughter - Joseph Anderson Lot
Pitschler, PaulBlk33S/2-1 Aug. 3, 1944Son - Ernst Pitschler Lot
Pitschler, TheresaBlk33S/2-1 Dec. 23, 1935Ernst Pitschler Lot
Plappert, Adam {Rev.}Blk6N/2-9 Nov. 2, 1948He was Lot Owner
Plappert, EmmaBlk6N/2-9 Dec. 5, 1985Daughter - Rev. A. C. Plappert Lot
Plappert, GertrudeBlk6N/2-9 June 29, 1955Daughter - Rev. A. C. Plappert Lot
Plappert, IdaBlk6N/2-9 Jan. 8, 1932Wife - Rev. A. C. Plappert Lot
Plashko, LeilahSec3S/2-1 Dec. 11, 1979Daughter - Alfred Reseburg Lot
Plath, AnnaBlk1420 Oct. 25, 1885Wife - J. H. Plath Lot
Plath, JohnBlk1420  He was Lot Owner
Plath, JohnBlk1420 March 22, 1962Son - J. H. Plath Lot
Plautz, AntonSec11 768Oct. 27, 1979He was Lot Owner
Plautz, BarbaraBlk24 A 82 BJan. 12, 1952Child of Anton Plautz Lot Owner
Plautz, ElaineSec5 A 34Sept. 21, 1929Anton Plautz Lot
Plautz, HaroldSec4 A 95 Possible Child of A. P. Plautz Lot Owner
Plautz, LillianSec11 767Feb. 25, 1967Wife - Anton Plautz Lot
Plautz, LorettaSec4 A 9 Possible Child of A. P. Plautz Lot Owner
Plautz, MinnieSec11 668Oct. 23, 1941Wife - August Plautz Lot
Plesic, MikeSec11 510Feb. 7, 1934He was Owner
Ploeckelman, DennisSec19S/2-1 April 21, 1987Husband - Kaye Ploeckelman Lot
Ploetz, FerdinandSec10N/2-2  Husband - Mrs. Ferdinand Ploetz Lot
Ploetz, JamesSec16 A 125May 21, 1954Husband - Janet Ploetz Lot
Ploetz, MariaSec10W/2 - N/2 March 4, 1940She was Lot Owner
Plowman, FlorenceSec3S/2-9 Jan. 28, 1943William F. Schmitt Lot
Poeckeles, AthenaSec4 B 150May 28, 1906She was Lot Owner
Poeschl, FranciskaSec1426 April 12, 1948She was Lot Owner
Poeschl, MichaelSec1426 Jan. 4, 1929Husband - Franciska Poeschl Lot
Poethig, AnnaBlk31S/2-2  S. L. Poethig Lot
Poethig, DorothyBlk31N/2-2 March 17, 1949 
Poethig, GertrudeBlk31S/2-2  S. L. Poethig Lot
Poethig, MargaretBlk31S/2-2  S. L. Poethig Lot
Poethig, SamBlk31S/2-2  He was Lot Owner
Pohland, BerniceBlk19S/2-52July 28, 1983Warren Poland Lot
Pohland, ClarenceSec16 A 645Dec. 28, 1964Husband - Erna Pohland Lot
Pohland, EdwardSec630 Oct. 17, 1968Son-in-Law - Robert Luebnow Lot
Pohland, ErnaSec16 A 644Nov. 17, 1975She was Owner
Pohland, ErnaSec630 Nov. 6, 1962Daughter - Robert Lubenow Lot
Pohland, ErnstSec17232 Feb. 26, 1952Husband - Louise Pohland Lot
Pohland, LouiseSec17232 May 27, 1954She was Owner
Poisson, Jerome    May 10, 1983Scattering Garden
Poland, WilliamBlk191 June 4, 1988E. P. Ewer Lot
Pollaske, LucileSec1S/2-1  John Van Akkren Lot
Polster, AlbertBlk2N/2-4 Jan. 23, 1934He was Lot Owner
Polster, AlvinBlk2N/2-4 March 28, 1969Son - Albert Polster Lot
Polster, AnnaBlk33S/2-2 June 10, 1926Herman Polster Lot
Polster, CarolineBlk33S/2-2 March 4, 1899Possibly Herman Polster Lot
Polster, ElwoodBlk33S/2-2  Herman Polster Lot
Polster, EmmaBlk2N/2-4  Wife - Albert Polster Lot
Polster, EmmaBlk33S/2-2 April 10, 1926Herman Polster Lot
Polster, HarrySec14S/2-1 June 3, 1971Son-in-Law - Wm. Knaack Lot
Polster, HenriettaBlk2N/2-4 Aug. 31, 1897Mother Albert Polster Lot
Polster, HermanBlk33S/2-2 Nov. 7, 1925He was Lot Owner
Polster, LillianSec14S/2-1 Jan. 27, 1977Daughter - Mrs. Wm. Knaack Lot
Polster, LoreneSec4 C 181Feb. 10, 1948Wife - Walter Polster Lot
Polster, OscarBlk33S/2-2 Sept. 23, 1894Herman Polster Lot
Polster, RobertBlk33S/2-2 July 23, 1932Herman Polster Lot
Polster, WalterSec4 C 180Oct. 12, 1968He was Owner
Polzin, MarcellaSec19W/2-212July 10, 1972Wife - Robert Polzen Lot
Polzin, RobertSec19E/2 - W/2-213 Oct. 12, 1999Owner
Pomeroy, CharlesBlk31S/2-1 July 13, 1906He was Partial Lot Owner
Pomeroy, ClaraBlk31S/2-1 April 25, 1940C. Pomeroy & J. Cornell Lot
Pomeroy, DollyBlk31S/2-1 Feb. 23, 1886C. Pomeroy & J. Cornell Lot
Pomeroy, Eliza AnnBlk31S/2-1  C. Pomeroy & J. Cornell Lot
Pomeroy, HeleneBlk31S/2-1 July 14, 1887C. Pomeroy & J. Cornell Lot
Pontar, JoeSec4 B 45 He was Lot Owner
Pontius, AliceSec5 D 62Jan. 19, 1982She was Lot Owner
Pontius, WilliamSec5 D 63May 25, 1960Husband - Alice Pontius Lot
Pooler, CalvinBlk11N/2-1  Son-in-Law - Mrs. E. A. Cowen Lot
Pooler, FrankBlk34S/2-3  Silas Pooler Lot
Pooler, KatherineBlk34S/2-3  Silas Pooler Lot
Pooler, MaryBlk11N/2-1 Sept. 6, 1924Daughter - Mrs. E. A. Cowen Lot
Pooler, NewtonBlk11N/2-1 July 14, 1931Mrs. E. A. Cowens{sic} Lot
Pooler, SilasBlk34S/2-3  He was Lot Owner
Popovich, AnnSec20603Oct. 22, 1976Sister-in-Law - {Same Name - Ann Popovich}
Popovich, AntonSec20602May 11, 1991Anton & Ida Popovich Lot Owner
Popovich, PeterSec16 A 365Oct. 4, 1962Brother - Anton Popovich Lot
Poppe, AdrianaBlk2628 Dec. 22, 1894John Poppe Lot
Poppe, AndrewSec761 Nov. 20, 1978Marthenze & Poppe Lot
Poppe, CarlSec10S/2-4 April 17, 1974He was Lot Owner
Poppe, ChristineBlk256 Aug. 31, 1891 
Poppe, EdgarSec14N/2-3 Dec. 15, 1958Son - Mr. & Mrs. Herman Poppe Lot
Poppe, EdwinSec19E-3/4 - 189 May 14, 1962Husband - Mrs. Helen Poppe Lot
Poppe, ElizabethSec1S/2-4 June 28, 1923Daughter - Carl Poppe Lot Owner
Poppe, ElsieSec10S/2-4 Dec. 1, 1986Wife - Carl Poppe Lot
Poppe, ErnstSec14N/2-3 Sept. 5, 1964Son - Mr. & Mrs. Herm Poppe Lot
Poppe, EvaSec10S/2-4 June 18, 1946Wife - Carl Poppe Lot
Poppe, FredrickaSec14N/2-3 Oct. 21, 1939Mr. & Mrs. Herm. Poppe Lot
Poppe, HelenBlk6N/2-2 Dec. 12, 1966Daughter - M. E. Hanchett Lot
Poppe, HenryBlk23 8April 14, 1891He was Lot Owner
Poppe, HermanSec14N/2-3 Dec. 8, 1931Co-Owner with Wife
Poppe, HildegardeSec19E/2-21 Jan. 31, 1981Wife - First Husband - John Markus Lot
Poppe, JamesSec7616Jan. 17, 1972Son - Marthenzie & Poppe Lot
Poppe, JohnSec14N/2-1 May 5, 1945Father - Lewis Poppe Lot
Poppe, LenaSec14N-2/3 - W/2 - N/2 June 30, 1960She was Lot Owner
Poppe, LewisSec1417 Sept. 11, 1991Son - Lena Poppe Lot
Poppe, MargaretSec761 July 10, 1939Daughter-in-Law - Marthenze & Poppe Lot
Poppe, RobertSec14N/2-1 Jan. 30, 1953Son - Lewis & Lena Poppe Lot
Poppe, TeanaSec7618May 28, 1977Wife of Andrew Poppe - Marthenze & Poppe Lot
Poppe, WillieSec4 B 72Dec. 4, 1905Son - John Poppe Lot
Poppe, WilmaSec14N/2-1 Sept. 23, 1930Lena Poppe Lot
Poppie, Annie     No Information Recorded
Porter, ElizaSec21S/2-2 Nov. 14, 1945Possibly his Mother - Milburn Porter Lot
Porter, IreneSec21114 Dec. 9, 1999Wife - Raymond Porter Lot
Porter, MilburnSec21S/2-2 June 1, 1953He was Lot Owner
Porter, RaymondSec21114 March 24, 1962Co-Owner with Wife
Porth, AlbertBlk16S/2-1 March 12, 1901He was Lot Owner
Poss, JuliaSec19S/2-6 Feb. 2, 1973She was Owner
Poss, LouisSec19S/2-6 Oct. 28, 1965Co-Owner with Wife
Posson, EraBlk30S/2-5 April 29, 1983Unknown - Jurgen Bruns Lot
Posson, Jay GuyBlk30S/2-5 Sept. 22, 1936Not Recorded (Jurgen Bruns Lot)
Posson, Ray OscarBlk30S/2-5 April 12, 1929Unknown (Jurgen Posson Lot)
Post, BeverlySec16 B 157July 30, 1973Wife (Daniel Post Lot)
Post, DesanaihSec17 A 43March 8, 1988Daughter (Alan & Tammy Post Lot)
Post, ElizabethSec182751June 19, 1995Wife (Clarence Post Lot)
Post, EvelynSec16N/2-8 Nov. 13, 1985Daughter (Anna Hammer Lot)
Post, HerbertSec16N/2-8 April 14, 1982Son-in-Law {Anna Hammer Lot)
Post, NancySec7N/2-3 July 3, 1956Daughter (Raymond A. Friedrichs Lot)
Poth, EmmaBlk3212 June 10, 1967Wife (John Poth Lot)
Poth, HenryBlk3212 Sept. 6, 1975Son (John Poth Lot)
Poth, InfantBlk3012 Nov. 18, 1895Not Recorded
Poth, IreneBlk3035 May 22, 1989Daughter-in-Law; John Poth, Sr. Lot
Poth, JohnBlk3035 May 15, 1882Husband (Therese Poth Lot)
Poth, JohnBlk3212 Feb. 1, 1951He was Lot Owner
Poth, LenaBlk3212 Dec. 28, 1985Daughter-in-Law (John Poth Sr. Lot)
Poth, ThereseBlk3035  She was Lot Owner
Poth, WilliamBlk3212  Possibly Son Of Owner - John Poth
Potokar, JohnSec21N/2-53 Sept. 10, 1976Grandson (Earl Jochimsen Lot)
Potshke, FannyBlk3440 Sept. 10, 1976Not Recorded (Rev. Ernst F. E. Fuerer Lot)
Potshke, GeorgeBlk3440 Jan. 23, 1953Son-in-law (Rev. Ernst Fuerer Lot)
Pott, AnnaBlk1717  Not Recorded (Wm. Woehrmann Lot)
Pott, AugustBlk1415  Husband of Owner (Auguste Pott Lot)
Pott, AugustBlk1812  Unknown (Mrs. M. Bruns Lot)
Pott, AugusteBlk1415  She was Lot Owner
Pott, EdwinBlk1415 April 16, 1889Auguste Pott Lot
Pott, HenryBlk1415 Jan. 17, 1933Son (Auguste Pott Lot)
Pott, JustinaBlk1415  No Record (Auguste Pott Lot)
Pott, MaryBlk1812 Jan. 12, 1924Mrs. M. Bruns Lot
Pott, WillieBlk1415  Possibly A Son (Auguste Pott Lot
Potter, AmenzoSec3S/2-5 Nov. 14, 1931Lillie Knuth Lot
Potter, AnnaSec3S/2-5  Lillie Knuth Lot
Potter, CorneliusSec19W/2-170 Feb. 10, 1972He was Owner
Potter, CorneliusSec5 B 103March 1, 1926Mrs. Martin Potter Lot
Potter, InfantSec4 A 152 Martin Potter Purchased Lot
Potter, JacobSec5 B 105 Mrs. Jacob Potter Lot
Potter, JeanetteSec19W/2-17 July 27, 1967She was Co-Owner With Husband
Potter, MartinSec5 B 104 Mrs. Martin Potter Lot
Potter, Mary    Feb. 26, 1929Free Ground - Old
Daughter; Frank Potter Lot Owner
Potter, MinnieSec11 24Jan. 29, 1932Cornelius Potter Lot
Potts, EllaSec134 May 23, 1960She was Lot Owner
Potts, WilliamSec134 July 23, 1931Husband (Ella Potts Lot)
Powell, DonaldSec2315May 11, 1998None (Formerly Carl Birr Lot - Quit Claimed)
Powell, NancySec138 Sept. 28, 1938 
Powers, MarySec6N/2-53 Nov. 5, 1934Omer Powers Lot
Powers, PaulSec6N/2-53 Oct. 17, 1953Brother (Omer Powers Lot)
Powers, RichardSec19S/2-148 Oct. 1, 1979Husband (Kathryn Powers Lot)
Pozenel, JosephSec16 A 584April 7, 1993Part Owner W/ Mary & Alvin Swanson
Praeger, CatherineSec11 173March 28, 1975She was Owner
Praeger, ElizabethSec4 C 124Dec. 19, 1993She was Owner
Praeger, HenrySec11 172Aug. 12, 1939Husband (Mr. Henry Praeger Lot)
Praeger, HenrySec4 C 125June 3, 1947Husband (Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Praeger)
Prahl, MariahBlk24 A 31 BMay 25, 1999Daughter (Michael & Carlene Prahl Lot)
Prahl, ReubenSec16 A337July 19, 1965He was Owner
Prahl, RoseSec16 A 372Nov. 14, 1991She was Owner with Husband
Prange, AnnaSec1314 May 29, 1929Henry C. Prange Lot
Prange, AnnaSec16S/2-61 March 18, 1959Co-Owners with Hugo & Ida Alvers
Prange, AugustSec16S/2-61 Feb. 10, 1934Joint Owner with Hugo & Ida Alvers
Prange, AugustaSec1314 Oct. 30, 1940Wife (Henry C. Prange Lot)
Prange, AugustaSec15S/2-14 Sept. 25, 1940She was Lot Owner
Prange, BrettSec24 A 50 AOct. 13, 1975Donald Graves Lot
Prange, ElizabethSec1313, 14, 15 May 12, 1986Great-Grandaughter-?{sic}
Prange, ElizabethSec1314 Aug. 15, 1928H. C. Prange Lot
Prange, ElizabethSec2S/2-98 June 22, 1987Hugo Prange Lot
Prange, ElnoraSec1315 Sept. 7, 1887 
Prange, FlorenceSec14S/2-13 Dec. 1, 1977Daughter-in-Law (Mrs. Theo Prange Lot)
Prange, FrederickSec298 Feb. 5, 1930Hugo Prange Lot
Prange, HenrySec1313 Dec. 27, 1990He was Lot Owner
Prange, HenrySec1314 Jan. 30, 1928Henry C. Prange Lot
Prange, HubertSec14S/2-136 June 1, 1990Son; Theo Prange Lot
Prange, HugoSec298 Oct. 20, 1933Hugo Prange Lot
Prange, LauraSec1313, 14, 1512Nov. 14, 1981Wife (Henry C. Prange Lot)
Prange, LesterSec14S/2-136 March 14, 1972Son (Theodore Prange Lot)
Prange, LindaSec298 Dec. 23, 1960Joint Owner with Husband
Prange, LouisaSec1313, 14, 15 Dec. 17, 1897Henry C. Prange Lot
Prange, MargaretSec298 May 12, 1975Hugo Prange Lot
Prange, MetaSec14S/2-136 May 8, 1959She was Owner under Name of Mrs. Theo Prange
Prange, TheodoreSec14S/2-136 June 15, 1935Husband (Mrs. Theo (Meta) Prange Lot)
Prange, WilhelmSec1315 Oct. 19, 1927Henry C. Prange Lot
Prange, WilliamSec15S/2-14 Oct. 25, 1928Henry C. Prange Lot
Prange, WilliamSec2S 1/2 - N 1/2 May 4, 1964Son (Hugo Prange Lot)
Prange, WilmaSec1313-14-15 Dec. 23, 1967Daughter (H. C. Prange Lot)
Pratt, FrederickSec2021 May 21, 1999William & Ella Banonse Lot
Preger, ChristSec4 B 116 Husband (Mrs. Christ Preger Lot)
Prehn, EllaBlk29 64Sept. 8, 1892Not Recorded (Eddie Prehn Lot)
Preisinger, GeorgeSec9N 1/2-39 Nov. 1, 1924Not Recorded (Mrs. Gustav Eisold Lot)
Preisinger, MariaSec9N 1/2-39 June 1, 1926Not Recorded (Mrs. Gustav Eisold Lot)
Preisler, JamesSec11 353July 3, 1947Husband (Lena Preisler Lot)
Preisler, LenaSec11 354May 16, 1967She was Owner
Prenzel, FriedaSec8S 1/2-8 Feb. 28, 1946She was Owner
Prenzel, GustavSec8S 1/2-8  Husband (Mrs. Gustav (Frieda) Prenzel Lot)
Prepster, IdaSec3S 1/2-108 March 21, 1995Daughter; Julius Pfeil Lot
Prepster, JosephSec3S 1/2-108 July 1, 1988Son-in-Law (Julius Pfeil Lot)
Prescher, AlmaSec2S 1/2-27 June 28, 1952Not Recorded (Edward Prescher Lot)
Prescher, August    April 27, 1884Not Recorded
Prescher, AugustSec2S 1/2-27  Not Recorded (Edward Prescher Lot)
Prescher, EdwardSec2S 1/2-27 June 1, 1942He was Lot Owner
Prescher, Emma    Oct. 12, 1899Not Recorded (Edward Prescher Lot)
Prescher, MabelSec2S 1/2-27  Not Recorded (Edw. Prescher Lot)
Prescott, AliceBlk3429 1922Not Recorded (Anson C. Prescott Lot)
Prescott, AnsonBlk3429 Dec. 2, 1927He was Lot Owner
Prescott, EleanorBlk3429 May 14, 1904Possibly a Daughter of Lot Owner; Anson Prescott
Prescott, KathrynBlk3429 March 6, 1961Daughter (Anson C. Prescott Lot)
Prescott, WinifredBlk3429 May 24, 1893Daughter (Anson C. Prescott Lot)
Presse, AveleenSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2 July 22, 1986Daughter (John Helen Nalasnik Lot)
Presse, FrankBlk33S 1/2-22 Dec. 8, 1975Son-in-Law (Gustav Truttschel Lot)
Presse, LonieBlk33S 1/2-22 Nov. 20, 1984Daughter (Gustav Truttschel Lot)
Pressler, HermanBlk29 15July 31, 1886Not Recorded (N. Pressler Lot)
Preusller, AdolphBlk33S 1/2-18  He was Lot Owner
Preuss, CarolineSec3W 1/2-36 April 15, 1922Not Recorded (Mrs. C. A. Flipse Lot)
Preuss, MathildaSec4 B 167Feb. 11, 1903Not Recorded (Joe Preuss Purchased Grave)
Preussler, AdelineBlk33S 1/2-18 July 22, 1939Wife (Adolph Preussler Lot)
Preussler, AlbertBlk454 April 15, 1952Son-in-Law (Wm. Muth Lot)
Preussler, AlfredBlk33S 1/2-18 Oct. 14, 1892Son (Adolph Preussler Lot)
Preussler, AnnaBlk2W 1/2 - S 1/2 Nov. 27, 1946Not Recorded (Fritz Rosenthal Lot)
Preussler, ClaraBlk454 Aug. 19, 1965Daughter (Wm. Muth Lot)
Preussler, OttoBlk228  Not Recorded (Fritz Rosenthal Lot)
Price, InfantSec5 A24 July 29, 1924Child (Bert Price Lot)
Price, InfantSec5 C 45April 18, 1928Child (Bert Price Lot)
Price, MarvinSec5 A18 Feb. 6, 1924Son (John Price Lot)
Prichard, RichardBlk3S 1/2-11  Not Recorded (Mrs. Groot Lot)
Primc, AntoniaSec14S 1/2-159 Dec. 22, 1972Wife (Primc/Stefancic Lot)
Primc, JosephSec14S 1/2-159 Oct. 3, 1952Joint Owner With A. Stefancic
Prinsen, GeorgeSec92 May 14, 1971Brother (Diana Russell Lot)
Priovolos, ChristoforSec21E 1/2 - N 1/2 July 13, 1964Husband (Frieda Mattos (Priovolos) Lot)
Prisinger, EvaSec12 A 193May 12, 1953 
Prisinger, GeorgeSec12 A 194June 23, 1953 
Prochnow, HenriettaSec1N 1/2-15  Not Recorded (Rev. E. R. Hinske Lot)
Proctor, ElenaSec12 8Aug. 14, 1950 
Proefrock, AureliaBlk1317  GrandDaughter (Gottlieb Gehr Lot)
Promersberger, AntonSec16 A 498Jan. 21, 1971He Was Owner
Promersberger, MetaSec16 A 497Feb. 7, 1985Co-Owner With Husband
Protsman, Mary LouSec11 889July 25, 1987Wife (Larry Protsman Lot)
Proulx, EdnaSec19N 1/2-5 April 30, 1994Widow of Johgn Wilke (John & Edna Wilke Lot)
Proveaux, LindaSec5 A 95April 18, 1963Daughter
Provinski, AugustaBlk30E 1/2 - N 1/2-14 May 26, 1898Wife (John Provinski Lot)
Provinski, JohnBlk30E 1/2 - N 1/2-14 Jan. 14, 1903He Was Lot Owner
Provinsky, AntonSec12 2April 27, 1888 
Provost, ChesterSec12 A 195Nov. 23, 1953 
Psimarnus, JohnSec12 A 182June 20, 1951City Poor Ground
Psiris, JohnSec5 B252 March 23, 1927Own Lot
Psomos, NicholasSec16 B 61Feb. 7, 1972He Was Lot Owner - C/O Atty. Henry Fale
Pugh, HenryBlk333 Feb. 3, 1889Husband (Dora Pugh Lot)
Puls, AnnaSec2S 1/2-71 July 10, 1950Mother
Puls, AugustBlk2N 1/2-38 July 2, 1929Husband (Viola Puls Lot)
Puls, AugustaBlk33W 1/2-19 Aug. 29, 1945Sister-in-Law (Charles Jacobs Lot)
Puls, BeulahSec1S/2-154 June 1, 1999Unknown (William Puls Lot)
Puls, CarlBlk7S 1/2 of 3 1920Not Recorded
Puls, CharlesSec15E 1/2 of S 1/2 of {sic} Sept. 23, 1942Husband (Mrs. Charles Puls Lot)
Puls, ClaraSec15E 1/2 of S 1/2 of {sic} July 9, 1955She Was Owner of Lot
Puls, ClarenceSec1S 1/2 of 154 June 22, 1977Son (William E. Puls Lot)
Puls, EllaSec2S 1/2 of 71 May 28, 1953Wife (Dr. George Puls Lot)
Puls, EmeliaSec1S 1/2 of 154 Feb. 11, 1950Wife (Wm. Puls Lot)
Puls, FrankBlk7S 1/2 of 3 July 29, 1939Not Recorded (Wm. Puls Lot)
Puls, FredSec1N 1/2 of 112 April 20, 1965He Was Owner
Puls, FredSec1N 1/2 of 112 Aug. 22, 1977Son (Fred W. Puls Lot)
Puls, FredSec2S 1/2 of 71 Jan. 28, 1884Not Recorded (Dr. George Puls Lot)
Puls, GeorgeSec2S 1/2 of 71 Sept. 17, 1962He Was Owner of Lot
Puls, GeorgeSec6W 1/2 of 14 Feb. 19, 1971Son-in-Law (Wm. Ottensmann Lot)
Puls, GustineBlk7S 1/2 of 3  Not Recorded (Wm. Puls Lot)
Puls, HazelSec1N 1/2 of 112 June 3, 1978Wife (Fred W. Puls Lot)
Puls, HenryBlk7S 1/2 of 3 April 3, 1937Not Recorded (Wm. Puls Lot)
Puls, LesterSec15W 1/2 - S 1/2 of 56 Feb. 14, 1969Brother (Carl Puls Lot)
Puls, MildredSec6W 1/2 of 14 Feb. 8, 1988Daughter (Wm. Ottensmann Lot)
Puls, ViolaBlk2N 1/2 of 38 Feb. 18, 1936She Was Lot Owner
Puls, WilliamBlk7S 1/2 of 3 Jan. 17, 1906He Was Lot Owner
Puls, WilliamSec1S 1/2 of 154 June 1, 1954He Was Owner of Lot
Puls, WilliamSec1S/2-154 June 25, 1999William E. Puls Lot
Puncatric, Joe  See Below {sic} April 28, 1929Buried on Free Ground
Pungarcher, LeahSec19S 1/2-10 Oct. 16, 1989She Was Lot Owner Filed Under Leah Muell {sic}
Pungarcher, RichardSec5 A 133March 12, 1938Possibly Son {sic} (Joe Pungarcher Lot)
Puntarec, ThomasSec5 B 397Sept. 11, 1944First Husband (Anna Puntarec Lot)
Punzenberger, InfantSec4 A 197 Possibly Son {sic} (John Punzenberger Lot Owner)
Punzenberger, InfantSec4 C 236 Not Recorded (Nelda Opgenorth Lot)
Putman, LafayetteSec11 708Feb. 20, 1964She Was Lot Owner
Puyleart-Shirl, IeshaBlk24 A 34 BFeb. 12, 1996Daughter (Kerri Puyleart Lot)
Pytel, ErnestBlk32N 1/2 of 21Nov. 21, 1977Co-Owner With Wife Janet
Pytel, JanetBlk32N 1/2-22Feb. 26, 1991Ernest & Janet Pytel Lot Owners

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