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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter O

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
O'Brien, LeslieSec16 A 202June 2, 1962Co-Owner with Wife
O'Brien, WilhelminaBlk7N/2-20  John Kropf Lot
O'Connor, LeonaBlk7S/2-24 March 24, 1948Adolph Feuerstake Lot
O'Connor, PatrickBlk7S/2-24 April 26, 1904Adolph Feuerstake Lot
O'Keefe, JamesBlk3751 July 9, 1891 
O'Keefe, TomSec1012 Feb. 13, 1999Husband of Grandaughter
(Charles Canisu)
O'Leary, LeeSec1414 Dec. 5, 1994Son-in-law;
(R. W. Busse Lot)
O'Malley, AltheaSec5 B291 Feb. 22, 1928William O'Malley Lot
O'Neil, EsmondSec19North Half of 1 Feb. 3, 1994Co-Owner With Wife Lillian
Oberbeck, ErnestineBlk19N/2-6 May 26, 1896Mrs. Schuchard Lot
Oberbeck, LouisBlk19N/2-6 Feb. 12, 1888Mrs. Schuchard Lot
Obereich, CarlBlk29 June 19, 1888Charles Obereich Lot
Obereich, Nargaretha (sic)Blk29 Dec. 22, 1887Charles Obereich Lot
Oberreich, George    Dec. 23, 1906 
Oberreich, InfBlk1324 Sept. 28, 1894Carl Roenitz Lot
Obervich, HelenaSec1036 Aug. 30, 1937 
Obight,(sic) AugusteSec3S/2-99  Wm. Obigt Lot
Obigt, LinnaSec3S/2-99 July 10, 1935Wm. Obigt Lot
Obigt, RichardSec3S/2-99  Wm. Obigt Lot
Obigt, Wm.Sec3S/2-99 Aug. 19, 1932Owner
Obodowsky, AdamSec11 395Nov. 15, 1951Husband; Mrs. Anna
Obodowsky Lot
Obodowsky, AlexSec8 A 7Aug. 9, 1978Wife; June
Obodowsky Lot
Obodowsky, AnnaSec11 396Jan. 26, 1962Owner
Obodowsky, PhillipBlk24 A 85 CApril 3, 1954Son; Adolph
Obodowsky Lot
Obremski, EugeneSec17 A 272Jan. 8, 1991Husband
Obrien, EdnaSec16 A 203Dec. 18, 1993Co-Owner with Husband
Ochs, IdaSec1W/2-99 March 25, 1947Julius H. Ochs Lot
Ochs, JacobSec1641 Dec. 24, 1951 
Ochs, JuliusSec1W/2-99 Dec. 8, 1952He Was Owner
Ochsner, EmilBlk30N 2/3 E/2 N/2-3 Dec. 11, 1964Owner
Ochsner, IdaBlk30N 2/3 E/2 N/2-3 March 14, 1959Wife; Emil Ochsner Lot
Oehl, AlfredSec16NW 1/4-80 Oct. 11, 1976Owned Lot
Oehl, ElsieSec16NW 1/4-80 Sept. 20, 1967Wife; Alfred Oehl Lot
Oehl, JohnSec4 B212  Mrs. John Oehl Lot
Oehlberg, David    July 30, 1936 
Oehldrich, AlmaSec4 C 176Feb. 17, 1948Wife; Edgar Oehldrich Lot
Oehldrich, AnnaSec15N/2-44 Jan. 7, 1935Wm. Oeldrich (Oehldrich) & Louis Schuette
Oehldrich, EarlSec4 A180  W. E. Oehldrich Lot
Oehldrich, EdgarSec4 C 177Nov. 22, 1955He Was Lot Owner
Oehldrich, EstellaSec19S/2-70 Jan. 4, 1963Wife
Oehldrich, WilliamSec15N/2-44 May 18, 1940Wm. Oehldrich & Louis Schuette Lot
Oehldrich, WilliamSec19S/2-70 June 15, 1968Owner
Oehler, Aug.Blk8N/2-2 July 29, 1892Chas Oehler Lot
Oehler, Chas.Blk8N/2-2 Oct. 21, 1896Owner of Lot
Oehler, Elizabeth    Sept. 5, 1900 
Oehler, ImogeneBlk2124 May 15, 1998Granddaughter (Carl Imig Lot)
Oehler, KarlBlk2124 June 16, 1975Son-in-Law (Carl Imig Lot)
Oehler, LouisBlk8N/2-2 Dec. 24, 1923Chas Oehler Lot
Oehler, OttilieBlk8N/2-2 Jan. 23, 1948Daughter-in-Law; Charles Oehler Lot
Oehler, OttoBlk8N/2-2  Chas Oehler Lot
Oehlman, AugusteBlk2933 Jan. 27, 1890Guenther Schutz Lot
Oehlman, LouisaBlk13N/2-10 May 23, 1894Wm. Oehlman Lot
Oehlmann, Wm.Blk13N/2-10 Sept. 12, 1902Owner of Lot
Oehmichen, BettySec7N/2-41 Jan. 18, 1930Erwin Oehmichen Lot
Oehmichen, ErwinSec7N/2-41 Dec. 9, 1955He Was Lot Owner
Oehmichen, LydiaSec7N/2-41 Jan. 24, 1953Wife; Erwin Oehmichen Lot
Oehmke, EllaSec14S/2-82 Nov. 13, 1972Wife; Oscar Reinke Lot (Husband #1)
Oehmke, ElmerSec14S/2-82 June 4, 1953Brother-in-Law; Oscar Reinke Lot
Oehmke, MaxSec14S/2-82 May 4, 1982Oscar Reinke Lot
Oeking, FriederickBlk197  F. Oetking {sic} Lot
Oeldrich, AmeliaSec2S/2-33 May 29, 1944Second Wife; Lester Oeldrich Lot
Oeldrich, ClarenceSec2S/2-33  Lester Oeldrich Lot
Oeldrich, CoraSec2S/2-33 Sept. 20, 1967Wife; Lester Oeldrich Lot
Oeldrich, EmmaSec2S/2-33 March 26, 1897Lester Oeldrich Lot
Oeldrich, ErvinSec16 A 560July 3, 1989He Was Lot Owner With His Wife Viola
Oeldrich, FredSec2S/2-33 May 27, 1950Father; Lester Oeldrich Lot
Oeldrich, LesterSec2S/2-33 April 9, 1962Owner
Oertel, FrankSec2N/2-49 June 28, 1941Husband
Oertel, InfantSec2N/2-49  Mrs. Frank Oertel Lot
Oertel, MarthaSec2N/2-49 Jan. 27, 1965Henrietta Olm Lot
Oestreich, HermSec12 286  
Oetking, AnnaBlk6N/2-15 June 21, 1937John Hauenstein Lot
Oetking, FlorenceSec16N/2 - E/2-200 April 9, 1948Wife; William Oetking Lot
Oetking, FredBlk197  Lot Owner
Oetking, FredBlk6N/2-15 July 12, 1929John Hauenstein Lot
Oetking, FredSec16 A 95 Owner
Oetking, MarthaSec16 A 94Aug. 26, 1954Wife; Fred C. Oetking Lot
Oetking, WilliamSec16N/2 - E/2-200 March 26, 1959He was Owner
Oetzel, Christ  43 Aug. 27, 1896 
Oetzel, ErnestineSec16 A 86July 25, 1972Owner
Oetzel, Herman  16/3 Dec. 4, 1886 
Oetzel, IdaBlk3722 Jan. 26, 1890 
Oetzel, JohannaBlk373 June 13, 1888 
Oetzel, RaymondSec19N/2-12 March 26, 1991Raymond Oetzel & Wife Lot Owners
Oetzel, VeraSec19N/2-12 Aug. 13, 1959Wife; Raymond Oetzel Lot
Oetzel, WesleySec4 A190  Wm. Oetzel Lot
Oetzel, WilliamSec16 A 87April 12, 1954Husband
Ohlematz, InfantSec1S/2-33 April 10, 1906Louis Ohlematz Lot
Ohlematz, InfantSec1S/2-33 Jan. 20, 1905Louis Ohlematz Lot
Ohlmann, HenrySec92  Mrs. Fred Eisner Lot
Ohlmann, SophieBlk24S/2-8  Otto England Lot
Ohlmatz, AnnaSec1S/2-33 July 13, 1936Louis Ohlmatz Lot
Ohlmatz, EllaSec1S/2-33 Jan. 3, 1904Louis Ohlmatz Lot
Ohlmatz, LouisSec1S/2-33 Jan. 26, 1937Louis Ohlmatz Lot
Ohlmetz, OscarSec16N/2-22 Sept. 10, 1956Husband
Ohlmetz, RobertSec16N/2-22 Jan. 2, 1979Mother; Selma Ohlmetz Lot
Ohlmetz, SelmaSec16N/2-22 Nov. 12, 1992She was Owner
Ohm, OttoBlk30N/2-363July 13, 1974Owner
Okershauser, VioletSec9N 1/2-17 Aug. 20, 1990Mrs. James Lighthart Lot Owner
Oldenburg, AdeliaSec21S/2 - N/2-20  Aug. 30, 1945Husband & Wife were Joint Owners
Oldenburg, AnnaSec7S/2-51 Dec. 23, 1947She is Owner; Mrs. Charles Oldenburg
Oldenburg, ArnoSec21W/2 - N/2-20 July 24, 1964Owner
Oldenburg, ChasBlk22N/2-3 June 14, 1895Henry Knocke Lot
Oldenburg, ChasSec7S/2-51 Feb. 22, 1928Mrs. Charles Oldenburg Lot
Oldenburg, ErwinSec19W/2-215 Dec. 2, 1974Husband
Oldenburg, FernSec21W 1/2 of N 1/2 Jan. 22, 1992Second Wife (Arno Oldenburg Lot)
Oldenburg, HarveySec14108 May 12, 1979Robert Rusch Lot
Oldenburg, MabelSec14South 10 Feet of Sept. 12, 1997Daughter (Robert Rusch Lot)
Oldenburg, ViolaSec19W 1/2-215 July 18, 1989She was Lot Owner
Oldenburg, WilhelmineBlk3S/2-1  Mrs. W. Oldenburg Lot
Olefsen, LillieBlk5S 1/2-25 Sept. 11, 1887Not Recorded
Olefsen, OlgaBlk5S 1/2-25 Jan. 29, 1889Not Recorded (Oley Olevsen Lot Ellison)
Olesen, MathildaBlk626 June 13, 1891Louis Michael Lot
Olhmann, H.    May 29, 1900 
Olli, LarissaBlk24 A 48 B Daughter (Donald Olli Lot)
Olm, EstherSec19N/2-14 Jan. 22, 1970Owner
Olm, GottfriedSec2N/2-49 July 28, 1900Henrieta Olm Lot
Olm, HenriettaSec2N/2-49  She Owned Lot
Olm, JohnSec2N/2-40 July 7, 1936Henrietta Olm Lot
Olm, MartinSec19N/2-14 Nov. 25, 1960Husband; Esther Olm Lot
Olsen, A.Blk17S/2-12 Aug. 28, 1895Martin Olsen Lot
Olsen, AndrewBlk33N/2-19 May 5, 1891Christian Neilsen Lot
Olsen, AnnaSec15S/2-81 April 29, 1976Owner
Olsen, AnnaSec16S/2 - E/2-159 June 10, 1966Owner
Olsen, AnnieBlk24S/2-13 May 13, 1891John Olsen Lot
Olsen, ArthurSec1926 Aug. 6, 1993Husband (Mrs. Arthur Olsen Lot)
Olsen, ArthurBlk626  Louis Michael Lot
Olsen, Baby    Nov. 15, 1881 
Olsen, Baby    Nov. 20, 1882 
Olsen, Barbara    Oct. 30, 1933 
Olsen, C.Blk3747 Jan. 21, 1891 
Olsen, ChristianBlk6S/2-23  Christian M. Olsen Lot
Olsen, ChristinaBlk17S/2-12 April 3, 1895Martin Olsen Lot
Olsen, EmilBlk2341 May 21, 1894Emil Olsen Lot
Olsen, George    Nov. 16, 1883 
Olsen, IngvaldSec15S/2-81 May 26, 1943Husband; Anna Olsen Lot
Olsen, JosephSec16 A 88Oct. 6, 1982Quit Claim Deed; See Delores Trester
Olsen, LesterSec1640 Oct. 16, 1957 
Olsen, LouisSec11529 March 27, 1936Owned Lot
Olsen, MattieSec11 528Aug. 6, 1951Mother; Joseph Olsen Lot
Olsen, O.Blk3716 Oct. 18, 1889 
Olsen, OleyBlk231 April 15, 1886Sheboygan County Lot
Olsen, OrvelBlk117  Tom Olson Lot
Olsen, OsinaBlk17S/2-12 June 9, 1889Martin Olsen Lot
Olsen, PeterSec16S/2 - E/2-159 Sept. 13, 1958Husband
Olsen, RoseSec9N/2-38 March 3, 1977Fred Koeppe Lot
Olsen, RuthSec16S/2 - W/2 May 4, 1998Wife (Fred Olson Lot)
Olsen, TerrjeBlk24S/2-19 April 17, 1885T. Olson Lot
Olseng, HarrySec15E/2 - N/2-13 May 29, 1967William Huebner Lot
Olseng, MarthaSec15W/2 - N/2 -13 Oct. 25, 1995Former Daughter-in-Law (Wm. Huebner Lot)
Olson, AliceSec16S/2 - W/2-145 Aug. 22, 1961Wife of Lot Owner
Olson, AndreaBlk24S/2-19 Oct. 3, 1925T. Olson Lot
Olson, AnnaBlk11N/2-7 May 8, 1923Thomas Olson Lot
Olson, AnnieSec7S/2-33 May 3, 1963Mother; Arwin & Mabel Olson Lot
Olson, ArwinSec7S/2-33 March 14, 1973Owner
Olson, AugieSec7S/2-33 April 3, 1946He was Lot Owner
Olson, BerthaSec3N/2-51 Aug. 26, 1958Daughter; Wm. Haak Lot
Olson, CarlSec7S/2-24  Mrs. Herman Olson Lot
Olson, ClarenceSec7S/2-24 Sept. 24, 1924Mrs. Herman Olson Lot
Olson, EdwardSec11 441Jan. 14, 1957Husband; Martha Olson Lot
Olson, EithelSec16 A 25May 10, 1952Wife; Joseph Olson Lot
Olson, ElmerSec7S/2-24 Sept. 3, 1983Mrs. Herm Olson Lot
Olson, EmmaSec7S/2-24 Aug. 28, 1950Herself; Mrs. Herm Olson Lot
Olson, FredSec16S/2 - W/2-145 Feb. 16, 1974Owner
Olson, GeorgeBlk24S/2-13 May 6, 1887John Olsen{sic} Lot
Olson, HarrietBlk11S-2/3 - 2 March 5, 1992Joint Owner with Husband
Olson, HelgaBlk37  Jan. 30, 1898 
Olson, HermanSec7S/2-24  Mrs. Herman Olson Lot
Olson, InfantBlk11S/2-7 July 5, 1893John Olson Lot
Olson, JamesSec12 183Sept. 2, 1932 
Olson, JennieBlk24S/2-19 Jan. 30, 1974Daughter; Terje Olson Lot
Olson, John    May 28, 1906 
Olson, JohnBlk11S/2-7 Feb. 11, 1931John Olson Lotr
Olson, KarenSec7N/2-8 Aug. 19, 1925Ingvald Olson Lot
Olson, LouisSec3N/2-51 May 19, 1953Son-in-Law; Wm. Haak Lot
Olson, LouiseBlk11S/2-7 May 28, 1929John Olson Lot
Olson, MabelSec7S/2-33 Dec. 28, 1966Wife
Olson, MartinBlk24S/2-19 May 12, 1947Son; Tergi Olson Lot
Olson, MartinSec16S/2 - W/2-153 Oct. 15, 1945Brother; Barney & Mathilda Haynes Lot
Olson, MaryBlk6S/2-23 Aug. 15, 1894Christian M. Olsen {sic} Lot
Olson, OlafSec7N/2-8  Ingvald Olson Lot
Olson, OlandaBlk24S/2-19 Nov. 30, 1967Daughter; Tergi Olson Lot
Olson, OleSec12 51April 11, 1947 
Olson, SigneSec5 B8  Christ Constantapolous Lot
Olson, ThomasBlk11S-2/3 - 2 Nov. 25, 1986He owns Lot
Olson, ThomasBlk11N/2-7 July 12, 1924Owned Lot
Olson, ThomasBlk24S/2-19 Jan. 30, 1941Tergi Olson Lot
Oneson, PeterBlk24 A 98 ANov. 6, 1961Son; Donald Oneson Lot
Onk, JohnBlk344  Norton Lot
Onk, SophroniaBlk344 March 7, 1906Norton Lot
Onnink, ElvaSec16 A 541Feb. 21, 1990Daughter-in-Law; Albert Rick Lot Owner
Oomkens, ClaraSec11 386Feb. 18, 1950Friend; Martin & Maude Sweemer Lot
Operman, RalphSec7N/2-30 Feb. 16, 1987Rev. E. H. Oppermann Lot
Opgenorth, AlbertSec275 March 9, 1972Son; Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, ErnestSec8S/2-23 April 11, 1961Son; Mrs. Theo Opgenorth
Opgenorth, FredSec275 March 22, 1973Son; Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, GerhardtSec275  Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, HenrietteSec2S/2-85 Sept. 21, 1929Mrs. Ed Meyer Lot
Opgenorth, Henrietta    Dec. 24, 1906 
Opgenorth, HerbertSec8S/2-23 June 2, 1966Theo Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, InfantsSec5 C 31April 9, 1930George Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, JohnSec275 Sept. 13, 1969Son; Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, LouiseSec8S/2-23 June 16, 1945She Owned Lot
Opgenorth, MarsellaSec275  Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, MaryBlk25    
Opgenorth, NeldaSec4 C 236Nov. 25, 1950Deed Recorded: Nelda Opgenorth
Opgenorth, NickolasSec275 Aug. 25, 1950Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, StevenBlk32N/2-4 Jan. 31, 1950Mrs. Fred Drews Lot
Opgenorth, TheodoreSec8S/2-23 May 25, 1938Mrs. Theo Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, WilhelmineSec275 May 8, 1904Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Opgenorth, WilliamSec8S/2-23 Oct. 18, 1950Mrs. Theo Opgenorth Lot
Opitz, MarianaBlk23 51 Mrs. Marie Opitz Lot
Oppeneer, AgnesSec19N/2-46 Sept. 3, 1991Wife (Lester Oppeneer Lot)
Oppeneer, LesterSec19N/2-46 Feb. 9, 1974Owner
Oppeneer, LewisSec3W/2 - S/2-47 June 29, 1949He Owned Lot
Oppeneer, SusanSec3W/2 - S/2-47 July 15, 1952Wife; Lewis Oppeneer Lot
Opperman, EdwardSec7N/2-30 May 18, 1964Owner
Oppermann, CalvinSec7N/2-30 April 20, 1927Rev. E. H. Oppermann Lot
Oppermann, LydiaSec7N/2-30 Aug. 13, 1990Wife; Rev. Oppermann Lot Owner
Oppermann, LydiaSec7N/2-30 Oct. 8, 1931Rev. E. H. Oppermann Lot
Oppermann, PaulSec7 AN/2-30 Jan. 3, 1927Rev. E. H. Oppermann Lot
Oppitz, Carl    Oct. 30, 1904 
Oppitz, Joseph  22 June 20, 1893 
Optenberg, GeorgeSec16N/2-65 March 11, 1939He Owned Lot
Optenberg, LenaSec16N/2-65 June 14, 1963Wife; George Optenberg Lot
Opthof, CenaSec198 April 27, 1964Owner
Opthof, John    Feb. 3, 1900 
Opthof, JohnSec5 B254 Jan. 20, 1927Peter Opthof Lot
Opthof, PeterSec5 B 346Feb. 24, 1930 
Opthof, Sarah  21 June 9, 1893 
Opthof, SimonSec4 A57  Peter Opthof Owner
Orlebecke, EarlSec2N/2-91 Jan. 19, 1990Son; Daniel Orlebecke Lot Owner
Orlebeke, DanielSec2N/2-91 Aug. 6, 1937He Owned Lot
Orlebeke, DoraSec2N/2-91 March 10, 1976Daughter-in-Law; Daniel Orlebeke Lot
Orlebeke, MinnieSec2N/2-91 Oct. 25, 1955Wife; Daniel Orlebeke Lot
Orlenko, WilliamSec5 A 52April 13, 1927Jacob Orlenko Lot
Orlopp, Infant    Dec. 22, 1898 
Osborn, IreneSec1036 Feb. 12, 1968Daughter; Otis Clark (Osborn) Lot
Osborn, JanetBlk357 Nov. 26, 1984Rebecca Mead & Jennie Williams Lot
Osborn, JohnBlk357 June 10, 1977Rebecca Mead & Jennie Williams Lot
Osborn, KatherineSec1036 June 29, 1987Otis Clark Lot
Osborn, KeithSec1036 Feb. 21, 1940Otis Clark Lot
Ostermann, HarrySec19S/4 - N/2-128 Oct. 15, 1985Father; Judy Babino Lot
Osthelder, EleanorSec1N/2-110 Nov. 17, 1941Mrs. Robt Ehaney Lot
Osthelder, JaniceSec1N/2-110 June 22, 1976Robert Ehaney Lot (Adv Author.)
Osthelder, LouisSec1N/2-110 Oct. 9, 1940Mrs. Robt Ehaney Lot
Osthoelter, E.Sec2S/2-58  Laura Dietsch Lot
Ostrum, MaryBlk11N/2-12 May 20, 1893P. Astram Lot
Oswald, BerthaSec1523 April 14, 1955Joint Ownership with Luecke and Elvin Oswald
Oswald, FrankSec1523 June 13, 1931Mr. & Mrs. Elvin Oswald Lot
Ott, AlmaBlk31N 2/3 - E/2 - N/2-2 July 12, 1972Arthur & Alma Ott Lot
Ott, ArthurBlk31N 2/3 - E 1/2 - N 1/2 Nov. 27, 1995Co-Owner with Wife
Ott, FrancesBlk31S/2 - W/2 - S/2-32 Dec. 28, 1987Harvey & Frances Ott Lot
Ott, HarveyBlk31S 2/3 - W/2 - S/2-32 Jan. 3, 1961Joint Tenancy Between Him and Wife
Ott, HermanSec2118 Nov. 5, 1998Son-in-Law (Herman Seifert Lot)
Ott, IdaSec2118 April 2, 1992Daughter (Herman Seifert Lot)
Ott, RalphSec2118 Sept. 8, 1981Herman Seifert Lot
Otte, AdriannaSec11 699April 11, 1981Ben Ryder Lot
Otte, AlmaBlk36 5Oct. 14, 1890Unknown
Otte, AndrewSec11 95Feb. 21, 1962Owner
Otte, Baby    June 9, 1902Not Recorded
Otte, CatherineSec11 319March 11, 1974Catherine Zylman Lot
Otte, Christ    Sept. 25, 1899 
Otte, CorneliusSec2N/2-91 Feb. 24, 1977Daniel Orlebeke Lot
Otte, CorneliusSec11 682June 25, 1943Mrs. Otto Cornelius
Otte, EllaSec16 B 97March 12, 1973Owner
Otte, EmilieBlk21S/2-20 July 3, 1926Joseph Schrage Lot
Otte, FloraSec4 B20   
Otte, FlorenceSec19N 1/2-42 March 27, 1995Co-Owner with Husband
Otte, GerhardtSec11 82May 25, 1935He was Lot Owner
Otte, GertrudeSec5 A 44June 25, 1928Unknown
Otte, HarrySec11 314May 28, 1946Husband (Adriana Otte Lot)
Otte, InfantSec96 March 3, 1939Unknown (Henry Leverenz Lot)
Otte, InfantSec5 A 20May 2, 1924Unknown
Otte, JacobSec16 B 98Feb. 24, 1968Husband (Ella Otte Lot)
Otte, JacobSec11 823Feb. 19, 1977Husband (Louise Otte Lot)
Otte, JamesSec5 A 40Jan. 10, 1929 
Otte, JanettSec21N 1/2-9 Feb. 18, 1924Unknown
Otte, JennieSec11 449Dec. 21, 1955Mother (William Otte Lot)
Otte, JennieSec17 A 38March 19, 1984Sister (Marie Otte Lot)
Otte, JohnSec11 712Aug. 9, 1965Father (Gerhardt Otte Lot)
Otte, LouisBlk2120 Aug. 7, 1888Unknown (Joseph Schrage Lot)
Otte, MandaSec4 A 123 Daughter (Peter Otte Lot)
Otte, MargaretSec16 A 612June 26, 1991First Husband; John Eggebeen Lot
Otte, MarionSec11 102June 29, 1935 
Otte, MartinSec19N 1/2-42 Dec. 17, 1991He and Wife Owners
Otte, MartinSec11 656April 3, 1943Husband (Adriana Otte Lot)
Otte, MarySec11 81Dec. 26, 1934 
Otte, MaudeSec5 B 235May 9, 1925 
Otte, MaxineSec11 782Jan. 27, 1999She Was Lot Owner
Otte, MildredSec2N/2-91 Aug. 22, 1992Daughter; Daniel Orlebeke Lot
Otte, MinnieSec11 94Jan. 18, 1947Wife (Andrew Otte Lot)
Otte, NancySec183673March 2, 1993Wife (James P. Otte Lot)
Otte, PeterSec11 727July 28, 1962Husband (Mrs. Dena Otte Lot)
Otte, WilliamSec11 781July 23, 1969Husband; Maxine Otte Lot
Otten, ArnoldaSec16 A 45Feb. 16, 1954Wife; Edward Otten Lot
Otten, ChristSec11 11May 21, 1931Husband; Mrs. Christ Otten Lot
Otten, ChristineSec8S/2-1   
Otten, ChristopherBlk28S/2-3 June 27, 1924Unknown; William Halbach Lot
Otten, DonaldSec8S/2-1 June 4, 1946Son (John Otten Lot)
Otten, DonaldBlk2014 May 13, 1905Son (Gerhardt Otten Lot)
Otten, EdwardBlk2014 Aug. 14, 1950Son (Gerhard Otten Lot)
Otten, EleanorBlk28S/2-3 Aug. 6, 1979Wm. Halbach Lot
Otten, ElmerBlk2014 Dec. 1, 1970Son; Gerhard Otten Lot
Otten, GerhardtBlk2014 March 4, 1895Gerhard Otten Lot
Otten, HenryBlk919  Albert Rabe Lot
Otten, Henry    Dec. 20, 1905 
Otten, HenryBlk9N/2-8  Christ Otten Lot
Otten, JaneSec8S 1/2-1 Jan. 26, 1999Daughter-in-Law (John Otten Lot)
Otten, JohnBlk3750 April 7, 1891 
Otten, JohnSec8S/2-1  John Otten Lot
Otten, LauraBlk28S/2-3 March 19, 1942Wm. Halbach Lot
Otten, LauraBlk919  Albert Rabe Lot
Otten, LouisaBlk2014 Dec. 22, 1938Gerhard Otten Lot
Otten, MartinSec17 A 187May 16, 1986Husband; Minnie Otten Lot
Otten, Martin    July 1, 1901 
Otten, MildredBlk2014 Feb. 8, 1977Daughter-in-Law; Gerhard Otten Lot
Otten, R.Blk98 May 4, 1888Christ Otten Lot
Otten, WilliamBlk9N/2-8 Aug. 27, 1986Christ Otten Lot
Otten, WilliamBlk98 Feb. 11, 1950Son; Christ Otten Lot
Otten, WillieBlk3796 May 31, 1894 
Ottensmann, CoretaSec637 May 15, 1985Wm. Pilgrim Lot
Ottensmann, EmilBlk17W/2-10 Nov. 3, 1989H. Fesing Lot Owner
Ottensmann, LouiseSec6W/2-14 June 15, 1974Wife; Wm. Ottensmann Lot
Ottensmann, RaymondSec6S/2-37 July 20, 1982Wm. Pilgrim Lot
Ottensmann, Wm.Sec6S/2-14 Aug. 3, 1949He Was Lot Owner
Otto, AliceSec16N/2-45 May 14, 1988Charles Otto Lot
Otto, AlmaSec16N/2-45 Sept. 12, 1959Wife; Charles Otto
Otto, Baby    June 13, 1883 
Otto, BerthaSec1N/2-26 Feb. 28, 1945Mother; Walter Otto Lot
Otto, BeutelSec368 Aug. 12, 1881 
Otto, CarlSec1S/2-26 March 14, 1966Son; Fred Otto Lot
Otto, CharlesSec16N/2-45 July 29, 1964Owner
Otto, CharlotteBlk222 Oct. 20, 1889Jacob Kempf Lot
Otto, CharlotteBlk22W/2 - S/2-10 July 22, 1898Carl Wrege Lot
Otto, CorneliaBlk37  June 8, 1898 
Otto, FlorenceSec16N/2-45 Aug. 7, 1939Charles Otto Lot
Otto, FredSec126  Fred Otto Lot
Otto, FrederickSec1S/2-26 Nov. 21, 1938Fred Otto Lot
Otto, FreidaBlk3335Aug. 10, 1982Delinquent Lot - See Dora Pugh Lot
Otto, FriedaSec1N/2-26 April 22, 1978Walter R. Otto - Husband
Otto, Gertrude    Sept. 30, 1900 
Otto, HelenSec1N/2-26 May 14, 1976Walter Otto Lot
Otto, HermanSec1N/2-26 April 26, 1956Brother; Walter R. Otto Lot
Otto, InfantSec1N/2-26 April 28, 1926Walter Otto Lot
Otto, InfantsSec1N/2-26  Walter Otto Lot
Otto, MonaSec126  Fred Otto Lot
Otto, RudolphSec1S/2-26  Fred Otto Lot
Otto, RudySec1N/2-26  Walter Otto Lot
Otto, WalterSec1S/2-26 March 14, 1963Son; Fred Otto Lot
Ottstadt, ChristianSec6N/2-34 Dec. 29, 1939He Owned Lot
Ottstadt, DellaSec6N/2-34 Sept. 18, 1943Wife; Christian G. Ottstadt Lot
Overbeck, AlbertBlk24S/2-3 June 21, 1887 
Overbeck, AnnaBlk20N/2-10  Louis Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, AnnaBlk20N/2-10 Dec. 4, 1965Wife;
Overbeck, ArthurBlk208  Chas Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, ArwinBlk208 March 6, 1990Grandson
Overbeck, CarlSec21N/2-91 Oct. 12, 1949Husband; Hattie Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, CharBlk208 May 27, 1898Chas Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, HattieSec21N/2-91 Jan. 2, 1962Owner
Overbeck, HenryBlk208   
Overbeck, HugoBlk20N/2-10 Feb. 15, 1958Son; Louis Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, LenaBlk20E/2-8 March 7, 1955Daughter; Chas Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, LouisBlk20N/2-10 June 8, 1901Louis Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, LouisBlk20N/2-10 Jan. 27, 1984Son; Louis Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, LouiseBlk208 April 1, 1960Daughter; Charles Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, MarieBlk208 Dec. 22, 1980Chas Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, NormaBlk20N/2-10 Jan. 21, 1959Grand-Daughter-in-Law; Louis Overbeck Lot
Overbeck, OscarBlk24S/2-3 May 6, 1888 
Overbeck, WilhelminiBlk208 Dec. 17, 1938Chas Overbeck Lot
Owen, AdaSec358 June 23, 1976Henry Hillemann Lot
Owen, C.Blk452  J. J. Owen Lot
Owen, DorothySec12 176July 30, 1935 
Owen, HowardBlk37  Oct. 28, 1932 
Owen, Infant    April 18, 1935 
Owen, JohnBlk452  J. J. Owen Lot
Owen, RalphSec358 June 23, 1976Henry Hillemann Lot
Owen, SarahBlk452  J. J. Owen Lot

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