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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter N

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Nachtigall, F.Blk384 June 27, 1892 
Nack, AlvinSec4 C 127Nov. 4, 1966Owner
Nack, AlvinBlk2S/2-6 April 14, 1928Alvin Nack, Sr. Lot
Nack, AmaliaBlk29S/2-97 March 4, 1927Wm. Nack Lot
Nack, AnnaSec275 April 1, 1975Daughter; Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Nack, AnnieBlk24N/2-21 Oct. 8, 1893Henry Jacobs Lot
Nack, BerthaSec17S/2-137 Nov. 22, 1948Mother
Nack, CharlesBlk30N/2-2 Jan. 3, 1931Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, CharlesBlk30N/2-2  Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, EdwardSec17S/2-137 April 14, 1977Edwain (sic) Nack & Viola Lot
Nack, EdwardSec17S/2-137 Sept. 26, 1953Father; Erwin & Viola Nack Lot
Nack, ErwinSec17S/2-137 Aug. 9, 1969Owner
Nack, FredBlk30N/2-2  Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, HarrietSec16 B 50June 23, 1997She Was Lot Owner
Nack, HenryBlk29S/2-97 March 30, 1890Wm. Nack Lot
Nack, HenryBlk30N/2-2 Nov. 25, 1894Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, IdaSec14N/2-33 Feb. 7, 1968Wife
Nack, IdaSec4 C 126Jan. 21, 1948Wife; Alvin Nack Lot
Nack, InfantBlk30N/2-2 Aug. 30, 1895Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, JosephSec275 Sept. 24, 1974Son-in-Law; Gerhard Opgenorth Lot
Nack, LeeSec275 July 19, 1988 
Nack, MaryBlk30N/2-2 April 19, 1947Wife; Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, Mary LouBlk30N/2-2 Sept. 28, 1936Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, MildredSec17S/2-137 Jan. 31, 1979Erwin & Viola Nack Lot
Nack, OttoBlk29S/2-97 June 14, 1893Wm. Nack Lot
Nack, RaymondSec16 B 51Sept. 26, 1970Husband; Harriet Nack Lot
Nack, RosinaBlk30N/2-2  Charles Nack, Jr. Lot
Nack, SadieSec4 C 157July 29, 1946Wife; Walter Nack Lot
Nack, ViolaSec17S/2-137 Sept. 29, 1986Erwin & Viola Nack Lot
Nack, ViolaSec7N/2-27 Nov. 21, 1936Daughter; Louis Glaser Lot
Nack, WalterSec4 C 156Oct. 18, 1958Owner
Nack, WilhelmineBlk2S/2-6 Oct. 7, 1929Alvin Nack Lot
Nack, WilliamSec14N/2-33 April 14, 1945Joint Owner With Mrs. J. Martell
Nack, Wm.Blk29S/2-97 March 1, 1896Wm. Nack Lot
Nadn, JohnSec12 205Feb. 20, 1926 
Nagel, AliceSec3N/2-63  Udo Nagel Lot
Nagel, ChristophBlk7S/2-9 Feb. 12, 1890Theo Truttschel Lot (After Several Transfers)
Nagel, Fred    Nov. 21, 1880 
Nagel, HerbertSec3N 1/2-63 Jan. 3, 1989Son
Nagel, HerthaSec3N/2-63 July 23, 1957Wife; Udo Nagel Lot
Nagel, LucilleSec3North Half of 6 Aug. 26, 1993Daughter-in-law;
(Udo Nagel Lot)
Nagel, UdoSec3N/2-63 Oct. 24, 1951He Was Owner
Nagel, WilhelmineBlk7S/2-9  Theo Truttschel Lot
(After Several Transfers)
Najacht, GottfriedBlk22S/2-10 Jan. 3, 1890 
Nalasnik, HelenSec16S 1/2 E 1/2-195 Jan. 15, 1990Wife; John Nalasnik
Lot Owner
Nalasnik, JohnSec16S/2 E/2-195 Sept. 5, 1974Owner
Namniek, MargoSec5 D 59Aug. 13, 1982Margo Namniek Lot
Namniek, PeterSec5 D 60July 18, 1964Husband; Margo Namniek Lot
Nass, ElizabethBlk6N/2-24 Jan. 15, 1955Daughter-in-law
Nass, HermanBlk6N/2-24 May 11, 1935Mrs. Herman Nass Lot
Nass, MarthaBlk6N/2-24 Oct. 6, 1950Owner
Nass, MelvinBlk6N/2-24 Aug. 7, 1971Son; Mrs. Herman Nass Lot
Nass, NorbertBlk6N/2 Lot 24 June 2, 1999Unknown - Mrs. Herman Nass Lot
Naulin, ChristinaBlk21E/2 S/2-16  Godfried Naulin Lot
Naulin, R.Blk21E/2 S/2-16 Sept. 6, 1902Godfried Naulin Lot
Nauman, CoraBlk2376 Feb. 16, 1898Louis C. Nanmman (sic)
Lot Purchased 2-20-1898
Nauman, F.Blk24E/2 S/2-3 Oct. 19, 1898 
Naumann, ClarenceSec15N/2-19 Aug. 28, 1951Son; Otto Naumann Lot
Naumann, EdwinSec15N/2-19 Dec. 5, 1939Otto Naumann Lot
Naumann, ErnstBlk43 Oct. 5, 1884G. Binz Lot
Naumann, ErwinSec16 B 137Oct. 25, 1968Husband; Ethel Naumann Lot
Naumann, EthelSec16 B 136April 28, 1977Owner
Naumann, FriedrikaBlk43 Sept. 9, 1943J. Binz Lot
Naumann, HugoBlk43 March 15, 1950G. Binz Lot
Naumann, J.    Oct. 1, 1903 
Naumann, KatieSec15E/2 N/2-19 July 26, 1968Owner
Naumann, LouisaBlk43 May 18, 1906G. Binz Lot
Naumann, OttoSec15N/2-19 April 17, 1929Otto Naumann Lot
Naumann, OttoSec15N/2-19 Aug. 28, 1935Otto Naumann Lot
Nauschetz, DorothySec19S/2-96 March 10, 1977Owner
Nauschuetz, FredSec9N/2-27 Jan. 12, 1978Hirm Nauschuetz Lot
Nauschuetz, GeorgeSec9N/2-41 Dec. 11, 1928George Bauer Lot
Nauschuetz, HermanSec9N/2-27 Jan. 4, 1933Herm Nauschuetz Lot
Nauschuetz, HermanSec9N/2-27 May 7, 1951Son; Herman Nauschuetz, Sr. Lot
Nauschuetz, LenaSec9N/2-27 Dec. 28, 1923Herman Nauschuetz Lot
Nauschuetz, MargaretSec9N/2-41 Sept. 19, 1930George W. Bauer Lot
Nauschuetz, MartinSec9N/2-27 Nov. 24, 1971Son; Herman Nauschuetz Lot
Nauschuetz, WilliamSec19S/2-96 Sept. 22, 1965(sic)Wife; Dorothy
Nause, FredSec19303June 9, 1969Husband; Mrs. Meta Nause Lot
Nause, FriederichBlk24N/2-3  Fred Nause Lot
Nause, MetaSec19 2April 20, 1977Meta Nause Lot
Nause, RebeccaSec2149 Nov. 21, 1991Wife (Dr. Fred Nause Lot)
Nause, WilhelmineBlk24N/2-3  Fred Nause Lot
Nause, Wm.    Feb. 2, 1882 
Navine, ArnoldSec17228 April 1, 1999Co-Owner With Wife Verna
Navine, JeanSec17228 Dec. 28, 1968Arnold and Verna Navine Lot
Nayes, CarolinaBlk2348 June 1, 1895Andrew Nayes Lot
Nead, InfantSec1W 1/2-148 Aug. 26, 1991Grandson (Francis Sellinger Lot)
Neeb, DonaldSec191594Jan. 17, 1983Donald & Elaine Neeb Lot
Neeb, ElaineSec191593June 22, 1973Owned Lot
Neese, AlbertSec17236 March 2, 1963Owned Lot
Neese, DelmerBlk30S/2-3 Jan. 7, 1924John Kuse Lot
Neese, DonaldSec16S 1/2 - E 1/2-0 Feb. 10, 1992Brother; Kenneth Neese Lot
Neese, DonaldBlk30S/2-3 July 3, 1926John Kuse Lot
Neese, ElsieSec17236 Feb. 5, 1969Owned Lot
Neese, EmilSec17E/2-128 March 22, 1960Joint Tenancy With Erna
Neese, ErnaSec17E/2-128 May 2, 1969Joint Owner With Emil
Neese, FredSec17200 March 11, 1939Fred Neese Lot
Neese, FredSec17200 Dec. 5, 1956Owned Lot
Neese, HugoSec14N/2-40 Nov. 22, 1961Annie Papenfuss Lot
Neese, MarthaSec8 A 46July 19, 1986Owned Lot
Neese, MarvinSec8 A 47May 13, 1987Owned Lot
Neese, MelvinSec17E/2-128 June 16, 1994Son (Emil & Erna Neese Lot)
Neese, MinnieSec17200 Oct. 30, 1943Fred Neese Lot
Neese, RichardSec16 A 622Nov. 3, 1964Kenneth L. & Mary Lou Neese Lot
Neese, RogeneSec12 A 238June 26, 1991Wife (Wayne Neese Lot)
Neese, WayneSec12 A 237Aug. 26, 1995He Was Lot Owner
Neese, WilliamSec1640 May 27, 1959 
Neft, InfantSec5 C 74Aug. 18, 1938Clinton Neft Lot
Nehf, AgnesBlk31N/2-14 Feb. 6, 1932Leonhard Nehf Lot
Nehf, AntonBlk7    
Nehf, BabyBlk31N/2-14 July 2, 1885Leonhard Nehf Lot
Nehf, GeorgeBlk7    
Nehf, LeonardBlk31N/2-14 Sept. 30, 1929Leonhard Nehf Lot
Nehring, SelmaBlk34107Oct. 29, 1996Unknown (Joost Lorier Lot)
Nehrlich, ArnoBlk1319 Sept. 1, 1944John Schlicht Lot
Nehrlich, BabyBlk455 Jan. 19, 1888Fred Conrad Lot
Nehrlich, BabySec310 July 19, 1904C. B. Freyberg Lot
Nehrlich, BarbetteBlk1319  John Schlicht Lot
Nehrlich, Charles    April 22, 1914 
Nehrlich, DorothyBlk1319  John Schlicht Lot
Nehrlich, EmilBlk1319  John Schlicht Lot
Nehrlich, ErnstBlk7S/2-2 Dec. 21, 1929Ernst Nehrlich Lot
Nehrlich, EvelynBlk1319 May 16, 1938John Schlicht Lot
Nehrlich, GuidoSec310  C. B. Freyberg Lot
Nehrlich, Gustave    May 6, 1902 
Nehrlich, HattieBlk1316 Aug. 13, 1945Daughter; Carl Witte Lot
Nehrlich, NormaSec310 Dec. 12, 1955Daughter; C. B. Freyberg Lot
Nehrlich, OttoBlk1316 Sept. 4, 1904Carl Witte Lot
Nehrlich, RobertSec13W 1/2-10 Dec. 23, 1991Son-in-Law?; Caroline Stolzenburg Lot
Nehrlich, RogeneSec13W/2-10 Feb. 8, 1964Daughter; Mrs. Caroline Stolzenburg Lot
Nehrlich, Wilhelmine    Dec. 18, 1904 
Neidhart, E.Blk12S/2-2 June 25, 1929F. J. Moeller Lot
Nelesen, GazellaSec6N 1/2-43 Sept. 10, 1996Daughter (Fred Wolfram Lot)
Nelesen, WalterSec6N 1/2-43 March 23, 1996Son-in-Law (Fred Wolfgram Lot)
Nell, WilliamSec12203 Oct. 23, 1926 
Nelsen, AntonBlk231 April 15, 1886Sheboygan County Lot
Nelsen, E.Blk12N/2-16 Jan. 21, 1888W. Christiansen Lot
Nelsen, Ever  41 April 17, 1885 
Nelsen, JohnSec4 B141  Mrs. John Nelsen Lot
Nelsen, MarieBlk2972 Sept. 14, 1886Thomas Nelsen Lot
Nelson, AndrewSec14S/2-10 Oct. 24, 1932Mrs. Andrew Nelson & Cryn Idsinga Lot
Nelson, AndrewBlk1616 April 30, 1928Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, AnnSec65 Aug. 6, 1965Daughter-in-Law; Oscar Nelson Lot
Nelson, AnnaSec66  George Heller Lot
Nelson, AnnaBlk24N/2-23  Hans Sorrensen Lot
Nelson, AnnieBlk2S/2-1 May 11, 1936Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, AntonBlk1616  Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, AntoniaBlk342 March 19, 1929Alfred G. Marschner Lot
Nelson, ArthurSec17S/2-160 Feb. 17, 1979Arthur & Mabel Nelson Lot
Nelson, DavidSec319 Nov. 17, 1956Son-in-Law; Johan Kwekkeboom Lot
Nelson, DeliaSec319 May 30, 1981Johan Kwekkeboom Lot
Nelson, E.    Oct. 25, 1900 
Nelson, EdnaBlk2119   
Nelson, EllaBlk1616 May 19, 1939Andrew Nelsen Lot
Nelson, Ellna    Sept. 30, 1901 
Nelson, ElnoreBlk12N/2-16  W. Christiansen Lot
Nelson, ElvaSec21S/2-112 Jan. 6, 1979Elva Nelson Lot
Nelson, ErickBlk12N/2-16 Aug. 15, 1881W. Christiansen Lot
Nelson, EthelBlk34E 1/2 - S 1/2 Nov. 9, 1995Wife (Hugh Nelson Lot)
Nelson, EvaSec14S/2-10 July 18, 1942Mrs. Andrew Nelson & Cryn Idsinga Lot
Nelson, Fred    June 28, 1898 
Nelson, HughBlk34S/W - N/2-19 Nov. 18, 1947Son; Hugh Nelson Lot
Nelson, HughBlk34W/2 - N/2-19 Sept. 20, 1975Hugh Nelson Lot
Nelson, JohnSec21S/2-112 Nov. 23, 1962Husband; Elva Nelson Lot
Nelson, Laura    Sept. 1, 1906 
Nelson, LenaBlk1616  Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, LesterSec65 March 23, 1962Oscar Nelson Lot
Nelson, LoisBlk34W/2 - N/2-19 Dec. 13, 1925High Nelson Lot {sic}
Nelson, LouisSec2S/2-97 July 20, 1954Joint Tenant with Julius Neumeister
Nelson, MabelSec1S/2-136 March 23, 1950Daughter; Theo Nelson Lot
Nelson, MabelSec17S/2-160 May 25, 1964Owned Lot
Nelson, MarionSec4 A183  Emil Nelson Lot
Nelson, MartinSec65 March 23, 1933Oscar Nelson Lot
Nelson, MaryBlk2S/2-1 Oct. 5, 1893Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, MaryBlk6S/2 - N/2-13 April 16, 1895Mrs. Nelson Lot
Nelson, NelBlk1616 April 8, 1935Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, NelsSec4 C 301Nov. 30, 1963Owner
Nelson, NelsBlk33N/2-19  Christian Neilsen Lot
Nelson, NoraSec2S/2-97 Feb. 11, 1956Wife; Louis Nelson / Julius Neumeister Lot
Nelson, OscarSec65 April 2, 1965Owned Lot
Nelson, OttilieSec1S/2 - S/2-136 May 14, 1973Owner; Ottilie & Theodore Nelson Lot
Nelson, RuthSec4 C 302Jan. 6, 1951Wife; Nels Nelson Lot
Nelson, SadieSec65 Sept. 9, 1959Sister; Oscar Nelson Lot
Nelson, TheoBlk511  Joe Kiseberg Lot
Nelson, TheodoreBlk1616 June 22, 1932Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, TheodoreSec1W/2 - S/2-136 June 12, 1959Joint Ownership with Wife Ottilie
Nelson, ThomasBlk2S/2-1 Feb. 21, 1931Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, ThomasBlk1616 Sept. 27, 1892Andrew Nelson Lot
Nelson, TristianaBlk34N/2-13  Peter Nelson Lot
Neman, LenaSec4 A144  Oscar Neman Lot
Neman, ViolaSec4 A143  Oscar Neman Lot
Nemanich, EvaSec1W/2 - N/2-9 April 6, 1956Friend; Herman Knaak Lot
Nemeister, Louis    Dec. 5, 1901 
Nemetz, FrancesSec15S/2-70 May 10, 1956Wife; Frank Nemetz Lot
Nemetz, FrankSec15S/2-70 Oct. 12, 1963Son; Frank P. Nemetz Lot
Nemetz, FrankSec15S/2-70 May 15, 1954Owned Lot
Nenning, BabyBlk37  Oct. 10, 1928 
Nerdmann, AnnaBlk30S/2-5  Jungen Bruns Lot
Neseman, Allie    April 29, 1903 
Neseman, BabyBlk174 Dec. 10, 1885Simon Neseman Lot
Neseman, C.    Oct. 27, 1883 
Neseman, ClaraBlk174 July 8, 1936Simon Neseman Lot
Neseman, Frederick    Nov. 11, 1905 
Neseman, IdaBlk174 Feb. 1, 1898Simon Neseman Lot
Neseman, JudithBlk174 Aug. 18, 1934Simon Neseman Lot
Neseman, Mrs.Blk174 June 9, 1890Simon Neseman Lot
Neseman, SimonBlk174 May 5, 1888Simon Neseman Lot
Nesst, ClintonSec171093July 18, 1990Brother
Nesst, EllenSec11 289Nov. 25, 1981Emil Nesst Lot
Nesst, EmilSec11 288March 3, 1953He Was Owner
Nesst, LawrenceBlk4S/2-2 July 27, 1987Son-in-Law (Oscar Margenau Lot)
Neubert, JohnSec4 A 189  
Neudeck, EmmaSec15S/2-7 Aug. 5, 1986Sister; August Janing Lot
Neudeck, FredSec14S/2-3 May 9, 1936 
Neudeck, GeorgeSec14S/2-3 Sept. 27, 1968Son; Joe Neudeck Lot
Neudeck, GeorgeSec2S/2-6  Ingeborg (Inkaburt) Anderson Lot
Neudeck, JosephSec15S/2-7 Aug. 8, 1981Mrs. August Janing Lot
Neudeck, MyrtleSec14S/2-3 Jan. 3, 1977Daughter-in-Law; Joe Neudeck Lot
Neudick, BarbaraSec14S/2-3 Jan. 16, 1930Wife (Joe Neudick Lot)
Neudick, JosephSec14S/2-3 Feb. 16, 1933He was Lot Owner
Neuendorf, HenriettaBlk735  Louis Gunderson Lot
Neuenfeld, L.Blk3616 May 26, 1891A Neuenfeld Lot
Neuman, AnnieSec9S/2-17 April 4, 1925Henry Neumann Lot
Neuman, EdwardSec12193 Nov. 30, 1931 
Neuman, MaryBlk3417 Feb. 10, 1891Frank W. Meyer Lot
Neuman, WalterBlk3671 Sept. 4, 1896Henry Neuman Lot
Neuman, WilliamSec1S/2-47 March 11, 1944He is Owner
Neumann, AnnaSec2S/2-82 March 27, 1979Charles Neumann Lot (Husband)
Neumann, AnnaSec16E/2-148 June 25, 1957Mrs. Fred W. Neumann Lot
Neumann, AntonSec1S/2-47  Wm. F. Neumann Lot
Neumann, BerthaSec9N/2-38 April 10, 1942Mother of Mrs. Fred Koeppe Lot
Neumann, CathrineSec2S/2-82  Charles Neumann Lot
Neumann, CharlesSec2S/2-82 March 29, 1950Lot Owner
Neumann, DorothySec3N/2-45 Feb. 19, 1969Daughter; Peter Wiegerling Lot
Neumann, EdwardSec330  Mrs. Ed Neumann Lot
Neumann, EmmaSec3E/2 - N/2-30 Sept. 18, 1940She is Lot Owner
Neumann, FredBlk30N/2-5 Dec. 15, 1881Friedrich Neumann Lot
Neumann, FredSec9N/2-38  Fred Koeppe Lot
Neumann, FredSec16E/2-148 March 13, 1944Husband; Mrs. Fred Neumann Lot
Neumann, HenrySec9S/2-17 Dec. 20, 1943He was Owner/td>
Neumann, IdaSec1S/2-47 Jan. 4, 1927Wm. F. Neumann Lot
Neumann, JohannaBlk30N/2-5  Friedrich Neumann Lot
Neumann, KateSec9S/2-33 Dec. 16, 1957She was Owner; See Mrs. Henry Meyer Lot
Neumann, MarieSec2S/2-82 Aug. 8, 1963Daughter-in-Law; Charles Neumann Lot
Neumann, MinnieBlk1412 Oct. 22, 1986John & Esther Stecker; Fred & Minnie B{sic}
Neumann, RolandSec2S/2-82 Oct. 9, 1976Charles Neumann Lot
Neumann, RosaSec1S/2-47  Wm. F. Neumann Lot
Neumann, WalterSec9S/2-17  Henry Neumann Lot
Neumann, WilliamSec3N/2-45 May 10, 1947Peter Wiegerling Lot
Neumann, Wm.Sec1S/2-47  Wm. F. Neumann Lot
Neumeister, AlmaBlk3332 Sept. 10, 1956Sister; Mr. Louis Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, ArthurBlk4N/2-60 Dec. 7, 1955J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, BerthaBlk4N/2-60  J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, ChristianBlk1625  Christian Neumeister & C. Broehm Lot
Neumeister, ChristianBlk4N/2-60 March 11, 1888J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, ElizabethBlk1625  Christian Neumeister & C. Broehm Lot
Neumeister, ElizabethBlk3332 July 1, 1941Mrs. Louis Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, EmmaBlk3332 July 1, 1960Mrs. Louisa Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, FerdBlk4N/2-60  J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, FerdinandBlk3332 Sept. 2, 1933Mrs. Louis Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, JuliusSec2E/2 - S/2-97 April 14, 1925Julius Neumeister & Louis Nelson Lot
Neumeister, LauraBlk4N/2-60 Aug. 7, 1951J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, LillieBlk192 Feb. 12, 1940Chas Hanf Lot
Neumeister, LouisBlk3332 Oct. 15, 1895Mrs. Louis Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, LouiseSec2E/2 - S/2-97 Sept. 30, 1924Julius Neumeister & Louis Nelson Lot
Neumeister, Maria    April 29, 1905 
Neumeister, MarieBlk3332  Mrs. Louis Neumeister Lot
Neumeister, OttoBlk192 Dec. 9, 1938Chas Hanf Lot
Neumeister, WilhelmineBlk4N/2-60 June 6, 1892J. & C. Neumeister Lot
Neurenberg, Wm.    Sept. 28, 1929 
Neuser, AntonSec1S/2-42 Sept. 30, 1972Owner
Neuser, MinnieSec1S/2-42 June 30, 1971Wife; Anton Neuser Lot
Neuser, ViolaSec1S/2-42  Anton Neuser Lot
Neuwirth, AmeliaSec11 232March 20, 1961Wife
Neuwirth, EleanoraSec16 B 62Dec. 22, 1982Wife of John; Eleanora Neuwirth Lot
Neuwirth, GottliebSec11 233Nov. 3, 1952He was Owner
Neuwirth, JohnSec16 B 63July 28, 1970Husband; Eleanora Neuwirth Lot
Neuwirth, LorraineSec16 A 672Feb. 12, 1998She was Lot Owner
Under Name of Erbstoes {sic}
Neuwirth, MarieSec11 618Aug. 2, 1968Owner; Marie Kunstmann Lot
Neuwirth, MarySec16 A 683Nov. 23, 1963Wife
Newbert, HenrySec4 A 186 Henry Newbert Lot
Newhouse, MarthaSec1N/2-63 Jan. 15, 1934Martha Newhouse Lot
Newhouse, MartinSec1N/2-63  Martha Newhouse Lot
Newing, Baby    Aug. 5, 1903 
Newman, AugustSec16 A 578Jan. 10, 1974Owner
Newman, HattieSec16 A 577July 8, 1994Co-Owner with Husband August
Newman, RudolphSec11 158May 15, 1943Brother; August Newman Lot Owner
Newton, DurwoodSec11 478Oct. 20, 1933Owner
Ney, InfantSec1N/2-82 Dec. 15, 1904Wm. A. Erdmann Lot
Nicholopouls, George    May 26, 1904 
Nicholos, JohnSec12 A 191Jan. 13, 1953 
Nichols, AnnaSec397 Feb. 27, 1942Wife; W. P. Nichols Lot
Nichols, ElizabethSec397 Feb. 20, 1967Owner; William P. Nichols Lot
Nichols, PeterSec397 Sept. 28, 1932W. P. Nichols Lot
Nick, MathildaBlk281April 4, 1956Sister to Mrs. Henry J. Schneider Owner
Nickes, SelmaSec6N/2-50 March 24, 1938Mrs. Henry C. Knoever Lot
Nickesh,     May 27, 1884 
Nickesh, Baby    Dec. 3, 1881 
Nickesh, Mary    Oct. 14, 1881 
Nickesh, Wm.    Oct. 25, 1881 
Nickisch, FrankSec373 Oct. 23, 1930Frank Nickish {sic} Lot
Nickisch, GustaveSec3S/2-73 July 5, 1947Son; Frank Nickisch Lot
Nickisch, IdaSec3S/2-73 Nov. 22, 1944Wife; Frank Nickish {sic} Lot
Nickish, EdgarSec16 B 177July 29, 1969Brother; Mrs. Frank Schobert Lot
Nickish, HelenSec4 C 290Feb. 5, 1962Owner; Mrs. Otto Nickish
Nickish, HelenSec8 A 72July 13, 1976Wife
Nickish, OttoSec8 A 73Feb. 9, 1989Otto Nickish Lot
Nickish, OttoSec4 C 291Feb. 22, 1950Husband
Nickles, AspasseaSec6S/2-214Dec. 17, 1987Nick Pappademetropoulos Lot
Nickles, GeorgeSec6S/2-21 June 2, 1962Nick Pappademetropoulos Lot
Nicla, ArthurSec5 D 12Oct. 19, 1959Husband; Mrs. Josephine Nicla Lot
Nicla, ArthurSec4 A156  Arthur Nicla Lot
Nicla, JosephineSec5 D 11Dec. 23, 1980She Owned Lot
Nicla, VictorSec16S/2 - E/2-199 Oct. 2, 1953He Owned Lot
Niels, BabyBlk3734 Aug. 9, 1890 
Nielsen, CristSec16 A 306March 16, 1956Husband; Helen Nielsen Lot
Nielsen, HelenSec16 A 307Sept. 22, 1966Owner
Nielsen, SerenaSec2N/2-36 Dec. 31, 1927Theodore Nelson Lot
Nieman, MaryBlk30N/2-6 May 19, 1888 
Nieman, PatrickSec14N/2-22 Oct. 6, 1966Grandchild; Walter H. Niemann Lot
Niemann, AnnaSec14N/2-22 Aug. 7, 1948Mother; Walter Niemann Lot
Niemann, DeloresSec19N/2-100 Dec. 17, 1992Wife (Lester Niemann Lot)
Niemann, EmmaSec14N/2-22 May 9, 1967Wife
Niemann, JohnSec14N/2-22 Feb. 29, 1928Walter H. Niemann Lot
Niemann, LesterSec19N/2-100 Dec. 19, 1987He Owned Lot
Niemann, WalterSec14N/2-22 June 4, 1968Owner
Nienast, MyrtleSec16 A 108Feb. 13, 1954Mother; Miss Carole Nienast Lot
Niesing, GottliebSec19W/2-203 June 17, 1974Brother; John Niesing Lot
Niesing, InfantBlk24 A 82 DApril 12, 1951Fred Niesing Lot
Niesing, Marilyn    Nov. 15, 1937 
Nietman, Anna    Nov. 2, 1887 
Nietman, LudwigBlk284 Feb. 8, 1885 
Nihon, EdwardBlk7E/2 - S/2-32 Sept. 7, 1926Mrs. F. Nihon Lot
Nihon, FrankBlk7E/2 - S/2-32  Mrs. F. Nihon Lot
Nihon, MaryBlk7E/2 - S/2-32 March 23, 1936Mrs. F. Nihon Lot
Nikisch, ArthurSec19S/2-19 May 16, 1960Husband
Ninmer, AliceSec3106 Dec. 10, 1985Frank Kreuter Lot
Ninmer, WalterSec3106 March 6, 1974Brother-in-Law; Theodore Kreuter Lot
Ninnemann, EricSec20N/2-30 June 6, 1972Owner
Ninnemann, FlorenceSec20N/2-30 Oct. 23, 1973Owner
Nischik, AugustSec11 213Dec. 4, 1940Husband; Marie Nischik Lot
Nischik, JeanSec16E/2-94 July 6, 1985Richard Schutte Lot
Nischik, KimSec16N/2-20 March 14, 1964Cornelius Bayens Lot
Nisleit, CarlSec21S/2-67 Nov. 19, 1985Same
Nisleit, EmmaSec21S/2-67 Sept. 8, 1982Carl Nisleit Lot
Nisleit, ThelmaSec21S/2-67 July 21, 1981Carl & Emma Nisleit Lot
Nisporic, MikeSec11 48Sept. 8, 1932His Lot
Niter, Nauliere    May 11, 1898 
Nitsch, DonaldSec17N/2-126 Feb. 6, 1982Joint Ownership; Donald & Juanita Nitsch
Nitsch, EllaSec195 March 17, 1969Daughter; Sam Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, EmmaSec11 100Jan. 30, 1943Wife; Herman Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, ErnstBlk2977 May 9, 1886Aug. Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, ErnstSec195 June 1, 1928Sam Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, ErnstineSec195 July 22, 1941Wife; Sam Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, Esther    Nov. 15, 1902 
Nitsch, Fredrich    Nov. 20, 1904 
Nitsch, Henrietta    Oct. 14, 1901 
Nitsch, HermanSec195 June 23, 1956Son; Sam Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, HermanSec11 101June 11, 1956Owner of 2 Grave Plot
Nitsch, Paul    Sept. 8, 1884 
Nitsch, RandolphSec17N/2-126 June 4, 1979Parents; Donald & Juanita Nitsch Lot
Nitsch, SamuelSec195 April 5, 1926He Owned Lot
Nitz, EmilSec5 D 49June 5, 1961He Owned Lot
Nitze, HaroldSec7N 1/2-25 Aug. 24, 1989Son; Paul Nitze Lot
Nitze, LouiseSec7S/2-13  George Pape Lot
Nitze, LucySec7N/2-25 March 17, 1951Paul Nitze Lot
Nitze, PaulSec7N/2-25 Aug. 17, 1936He Owned Lot
Nitze, ThelmaSec7N/2-25 Oct. 4, 1990Daughter-in-Law; Paul Nitze Lot Owner
Noble, ClarenceSec10S/2-43 July 6, 1971John Werner Lot
Noble, HelenSec10S/2-431June 11, 1994Daughter (John Werner Lot)
Nocita, DorothySec17109 May 17, 1995Daughter (Mrs. Ellen Nesst Lot)
Noeske, EmelieSec4 C 115Dec. 27, 1956Joint Ownership Between Richard & Emil
Noeske, RichardSec4 C 116Oct. 30, 1950Joint Ownership of Lot
Noetzel, CharlesSec4 B 170June 7, 1905 
Noetzel, HattieSec11237 Aug. 25, 1971Owner
Noetzel, MichaelSec11 238  
Nohl, IrmaSec19N/2-64 Jan. 9, 1993She Was Owner
Nohl, NormanSec19N/2-64 March 21, 1981Husband of Irma Nohl Lot
Nolden, ViolaSec33  John Hartmann Lot
Noll, EmilSec5 B26  Joseph Lohr Lot
Noll, RoseSec2E/2 - N/2-47 June 6, 1933Rosalie Noll Lot
Noltmann, InfantBlk3797 May 17, 1894 
Nommensen, AdolphSec16N/2 - W/2-198 June 22, 1955He Owned Lot
Nommensen, DoraBlk13N/2-18 June 11, 1886R. Nommensen Lot
Nommensen, FlorenceSec16N/2 - W/2-198 Nov. 21, 1957Daughter; Adolph J. Nommensen Lot
Nommensen, MargerethBlk13N/2-18 May 27, 1885R. Nommensen Lot
Nommensen, R.    July 14, 1902 
Nommensen, RichardBlk13N/2-18  R. Nommensen Lot
Nommensen, SelmaSec16N/2 - W/2-198 Sept. 3, 1953Wife; Adolph Nommensen Lot
Nonnweiler, ClaraSec7S/2-55 May 2, 1938Victor Nonnweiler Lot
Nonnweiler, VictorSec7S/2-55 Dec. 21, 1965Owner
Nonweiler, ViviloreSec11 907Jan. 8, 1991Aunt; Donald Nonweiler Lot Owner
Norman, AugustSec14S/2-114 April 17, 1954Theodore Meyer Lot
Norman, JonathanSec19158 Fraction1Aug. 12, 1970Infant Son; Sydney and Janet Norman Lot
Norman, MarthaSec14S/2-114 Dec. 29, 1937Theodore Meyer Lot
North, BabyBlk20S/2-11  Martha A. North Lot
North, CharlesBlk20N/2-11  Martha A. North Lot
North, ChasBlk2011 May 28, 1929Martha A. North Lot
North, CoraBlk2011  Martha A. North Lot
North, CylonBlk2011  Martha A. North Lot
North, FrankBlk20S-11  Martha A. North Lot
North, MabelBlk20E/2-11 May 27, 1963Daughter-in-Law; Martha A. North Lot
North, MarthaBlk20N/2-11  Martha A. North Lot
North, NettieBlk2011 May 25, 1967Daughter; Martha A. North Lot
North, RuthBlk2011  Martha A. North Lot
North, WilliamBlk20E/2-11 Aug. 30, 1945Martha North Lot
Norton, ArthurSec12 A 256May 13, 1991Arthur & Myrt Norton Lot Owner
Nourse, EdBlk9W/2 - S/2-3 May 16, 1983Wife; Mar Nourse Lot
Nourse, MaeBlk9S/2 - S/2-3 Sept. 3, 1985Edward & Mae Nourse Lot
Nourse, ThomasBlk9W/2 - S/2-3 Aug. 17, 1973Son; Edward and Mae Nourse Lot
Novak, JosephSec11 450Dec. 3, 1964Owner
Novak, MargaretSec11 600July 6, 1938Frank Novak Lot
Nowak, KathrynBlk1518 June 29, 1995Daughter (Peter Baltz Lot)
Nowak, LillianSec4 A87  Anton Novak Lot
Nudtke, InfantSec5 C9 Dec. 21, 1925Henry Wutke Lot
Nuehrcke, InfantSec4 A45  Bernhard Nuehrke Lot
Nuemann, MoritzBlk30N/2-5 July 20, 1928Friedrich Neumann (sic) Lot
Nuernberg, CeliaSec21S/2-20 June 2, 1941Fred & Lois Nuerenberg Lot
Numsen, MetaSec11 580June 6, 1987Wife; Mrs. Walter Bohnhoff Lot
Nuss, ClarenceSec12 95Aug. 16, 1939 
Nuss, JacobSec12 160June 20, 1933 
Nuss, John    June 25, 1906Not Recorded
Nuss, JohnSec12 96Sept. 26, 1939 
Nussbaumer, AnnaSec16S/W - N/2-62 July 8, 1950Wife; Thomas Nussbaumer Lot
Nussbaumer, ElviraSec14S/2-31 April 27, 1984Charles Dins Lot
Nussbaumer, HarveySec14S/2-31 May 28, 1926Charles Dins Lot
Nussbaumer, HarveySec14S/2-31 Oct. 13, 1977Charles Dins Lot
Nussbaumer, IdaSec924 Jan. 8, 1963John Schreiber Lot
Nussbaumer, JosephSec1S/2-22 Jan. 31, 1927Owns Lot
Nussbaumer, MarieSec1S/2-22  Joseph Nussbaumer Lot
Nussbaumer, ThomasSec16W/2 - N/2-62 May 23, 1951He Owns Lot
Nussbaumer, WmSec924 May 28, 1945Mrs. John Schreiber Lot
Nye, AnnieBlk2017 April 2, 1927George End Lot
Nye, RayBlk2017 Dec. 14, 1925George End Lot
Nyenheus, InfantBlk37  July 10, 1939 
Nyenhuis, InfantBlk1319 Dec. 31, 1932John Schlicht Lot
Nyenhuis, KathleenSec19S/2-128 Aug. 1, 1968Wife
Nytes, AugustaSec1783 May 7, 1960Joint Tenancy Betw. Theo & Augusta
Nytes, TheodoreSec1783 March 6, 1953Joint Ownership Between Him and Wife

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