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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Wildwood Cemetery, Surname Letter M

Section #
Block #
Lot DescriptionGrave #Date of
Relation to Lot Owner
Maahs, AlbertSec9S/2-34 April 27, 1928Fred Maahs Lot
Maahs, FredSec9S/2-34  Owner
Maahs, LeRoySec9S/2-34  Fred Maahs Lot
Maas, AmeliaBlk31S/2-35 May 11, 1936 
Maas, AnnaSec17N/2-154 Jan. 29, 1946Wife - Henry Maas Lot
Maas, AntonBlk16S/2-13 Sept. 18, 1898Otto Maas Lot
Maas, AugustBlk14W/2 - N/2-8 July 17, 1959Co-Owner With Wife Elsie Maas
Maas, BabyBlk3035 Feb. 8, 1886Therese Poth Lot
Maas, BabyBlk3035 Jan. 3, 1885Therese Poth Lot
Maas, BertSec16 A 96June 12, 1956Owner
Maas, CharlesBlk16S/2-24 Feb. 1, 1934Otto Maas Lot
Maas, ClaraSec4 C 68Dec. 27, 1974Owner
Maas, ClintonSec10N/2-37 Aug. 21, 1930Joseph Maas Lot
Maas, DanielBlk24 A93 C Feb. 3, 1959Son - Richard D. Maas
Maas, DanielSec4 B 7Jan. 11, 1905Inlaw - Knud Knudson Lot
Maas, EmilieBlk16S/2-24 Feb. 6, 1881Otto Maas Lot
Maas, FredBlk3135 May 12, 1945Husband - Mrs. Fred Maas Lot
Maas, George    Nov. 17, 1883 
Maas, HarveySec102 Oct. 6, 1955Son-in-Law - William Horn Lot
Maas, HelenSec10N/2-37 July 31, 1964Wife - Joseph Maas Lot
Maas, HeleneSec3W/2-78 July 3, 1952Wife - Otto F. Maas Lot
Maas, HenriettasSec1N 1/2-1 Oct. 7, 1993Daughter - Henry Landwehr Lot
Maas, HenrySec17N/2-154 Dec. 3, 1960Owner
Maas, HerbertSec4 C 69April 21, 1945Husband - Clara Maas Lot
Maas, HermanBlk14S/2-13 July 30, 1942Herman & Ida Maas Joint Owners
Maas, HuldaSec10N/2-37  Joseph Maas Lot
Maas, IdaBlk14S/2-13 Aug. 27, 1943Herman - Ida Maas Lot
Maas, InfantBlk24 A 61 ADec. 12, 1942Daughter - Albert Maas Lot
Maas, InfantsBlk33S/2-1 Feb. 2, 1939Ernest Herzog Lot
Maas, JennieSec4 B 6Jan. 23, 1896Inlaw - Knud Knudson Lot
Maas, JosephSec10N/2-37 April 4, 1970Owner
Maas, LindaSec102 Dec. 4, 1995Daughter - William Horn Lot
Maas, LouisaBlk16S/2-24 Oct. 18, 1897Otto Maas Lot
Maas, LuluBlk33N/2-25 Dec. 3, 1969D. Burhop Lot
Maas, NormaBlk31S/2-35 Dec. 24, 1893Fred Maas Lot
Maas, NormaSec16 A 97Sept. 7, 1955Wife - Bert Maas Lot
Maas, OttoBlk33N/2-25 June 6, 1949Son-in-law - D. H. Burhop Lot
Maas, OttoSec3W/2-78 Oct. 14, 1963Owner
Maas, RobertBlk14S/2-13  Herman & Ida Maas Lot
Maass, ArthurBlk7S/2-36 Nov. 5, 1956Son-in-law - Charles W. Logas Lot
Maass, Elroy  Scattering Gard. Jan. 27, 1999Scattering Garden
Maass, LillieBlk7S/2-36 Dec. 29, 1958Daughter - Charles Logas Lot
Maass, MarySec2019 Oct. 17, 1986Wife - Lynn Maass Lot
Maass, MelvinSec5 B 151Dec. 20, 1984Owner
Mabey, SarahSec002S 1/2 of 81 May 22, 1992Grandaughter - L. E. Larson Lot
Machalsky, TheodoreSec11 #675Oct. 17, 1955Theodore Machalsky Owner
Machre, InfantsBlk32S/2-9 Oct. 6, 1926Wm. Machre Lot
Machre, JohnBlk33S/2-9 March 6, 1896Wm. Machre Lot
Machre, KatherineBlk32S/2-9 May 12, 1931Wm. Machre Lot
Machtig, JosephSec19S/2-147 Sept. 19, 1973Husband - Evelyn Machtig Lot
Machtig, LeonaSec14N/2-159 Dec. 14, 1962Daughter - Wm. Krepsky Lot
Machtig, MarieSec182703Jan. 28, 1993Wife - August Machtig Lot
Machut, InfantSec37 April, 1941Conradine Mitwede Lot
Machut, LucySec14S/2-134 Dec. 16, 1938Mrs. Lucy Machut Lot
Machut, MiltonSec14S/2-134 Jan. 12, 1971Brother - Lucy Machut Lot
Machut, OttoSec14S/2-134 Jan. 30, 1980Mrs. Lucy Machut Lot
Machut, OttoSec14S/2-134 July 26, 1938Lucy Machut Lot
Machut, RuthSec14South Half of 1 Jan. 19, 1996Daughter-in-law - Mrs. Lucy Machut Lot
Mack, JohnSec6N/2-33Feb. 1, 1978Sister - Ella Grescholdt Lot/See Edwin G.
Mack, MargurethaBlk3131 Sept. 13, 1887Wm. Luecke Lot
Mack, ViolaSec6South Half of 1 April 30, 1993Daughter - Adolph Gresholdt Lot
Madden, ThomasSec1N/2-38  Husband - Mrs. Thomas Madden Lot
Madson, ClaraSec14W/2 S/2-36 May 27, 1983William Madson Lot
Madson, ElsieSec7N/2-16 May 2, 1974Daughter-in-law - Martin Madson Lot
Madson, HelgaSec7N/2-16 Oct. 29, 1964Daughter-in-law - Martin Madson Lot
Madson, JensSec16S/2-26 Nov. 21, 1969Madson-Froh Lot
Madson, MartinSec7N/2-16 March 7, 1950Owner
Madson, MarvinSec19S/2-108 Aug. 9, 1977Lillian Madson Lot
Madson, MinnieSec7N/2-16  Martin Madson Lot
Madson, NelsSec16 A #37June 12, 1952Husband - Tannie Madson Lot
Madson, PaulSec7N/2-16 May 18, 1963Son - Martin Madson Lot
Madson, PhyllisSec16S/2-26 March 24, 1937Madson-Froh Lot
Madson, RoseSec16S/2-26 Jan. 31, 1978Jens Madson & Nic Froh Lot
Madson, TannieSec16 A 36Aug. 9, 1982Owner
Madson, WilliamSec14W/2 S/2-36 April 5, 1982Joint Owner William & Clara Madson Lot
Madson, WilliamSec2056 May 1, 1982Wife{sic} - Lucille Madson Lot
Maehre, WilhelminaBlk32S/2-9 Jan. 26, 1931Wm. Maehre Lot
Maehre, Wilhelmine    July 3, 1903 
Maehre, WilliamBlk32S/2-9  Wm. Maehre Lot
Maersch, InfantBlk14S/2-4 Jan. 17, 1934Aug. Hamann Lot
Maersch, JacobBlk14S/2-4 Feb. 3, 1936Aug. Hamann Lot
Maffert, AugustBlk6N/2-14 July 16, 1936Owner
Maffert, GustaveSec86 May 28, 1948Joint Ownership With Otto Woerfel
Maffert, HaroldSec2S/2-3 Aug. 23, 1961Son-in-Law - Chas Weins Lot
Maffert, JohannaBlk6N/2-13  Aug. Maffert Lot
Maffert, LouiseSec86 Feb. 2, 1956Joint Ownership - Gustave Maffert / Otto Woerfel
Maffert, MadelineSec2S/2-3 March 12, 1973Daughter - Chas Weins Lot
Maffert, RosinaBlk6N/2-14 Feb. 26, 1891Aug. Maffert Lot
Maffert, WalterSec86 April 13, 1949Son - Gust. Maffert & Otto Moerfel Lot
Magritz, GertrudeSec11 790June 6, 1998She Was Owner
Magsamen, AntonSec16N/2-26 April 17, 1939Owner
Magsamen, ElizabethSec16N/2-26 Nov. 2, 1936Anton Magsamen Lot
Magsamen, ElizabethSec16N/2-26 Sept. 30, 1987Anton Magsamen Lot
Magsamen, HenrySec16N/2-26 Jan. 14, 1974Son - Anton Magsamen Lot
Mahar, JohnBlk3042 Feb. 14, 1993Wm. Hilmert Lot
Mahlendorf, AlbertBlk153 Oct. 17, 1896A. Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, FrancesBlk1516 May 14, 1895Albert Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, FranciskaBlk153  A. Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, FrankBlk15N/2-16 Feb. 5, 1957Albert Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, FredSec2N/2-89 Feb. 7, 1969Son-in-Law - Fred Matthies Lot
Mahlendorf, LouisBlk1516  Albert Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, MinnieBlk1516  Albert Mahlendorf Lot
Mahlendorf, NormaBlk15N 1/2-16 March 3, 1999Daughter-in-Law - Albert Mahlendorf Lot
Mahloch, ChristSec16N/2-84 Aug. 17, 1939Louisa Mahloch Lot
Mahloch, LouisaSec16N/2-84 April 16, 1943Owner
Mahlzahn, AugustaBlk12S/2-9  M. Malzahn Lot
Mahnegold, ChBlk22N/2-8 Feb. 29, 1892Carl Manegold Lot
Mahner, CarlSec14S/2-113 Jan. 11, 1969Owner
Mahner, MarySec14S/2-113 Feb. 5, 1938Carl Mahner Lot
Mahnke, AliceSec192 Jan. 19, 1998Co-Owner With Husband
Mahnke, AlmaBlk33E/2 - S/2-18 March 17, 1966Wife - Edwin Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, AlvinaSec16 A 130March 4, 1955Wife - Arno Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, ArnoldSec16 A 131Nov. 29, 1978Owner
Mahnke, AugBlk24S/2-10 Nov. 12, 1901William and Esther Graf Lot Previously Carl Ma {sic}
Mahnke, BabyBlk24S/2-10 May 30, 1901William & Esther Graf Lot Previously Carl Ma {sic}
Mahnke, BerthaBlk24S/2-10 Dec. 21, 1935William & Esther Graf Lot Previously Carl Ma {sic}
Mahnke, BerthaSec3N/2-35 Oct. 14, 1981Herman Zimbal Lot
Mahnke, DonaldSec16N 1/2 - S 1/2-196 March 5, 1990Donald Mahnke Lot Owner
Mahnke, EdwinBlk33E/2 - S/2-18 July 21, 1973Owner
Mahnke, ElsieSec2E 2/3 - W/2 - N/2-3 Aug. 13, 1963Owner
Mahnke, EvelynSec9N 1/2-25 Jan. 4, 1990Wife - Hugo Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, FrankSec2S/2-20 July 12, 1937Daughter - Clara Mahnke Clarenbach Lot
Mahnke, HugoSec9N/2-25 Oct. 7, 1977Owner
Mahnke, InfantBlk24 A 73 DOct. 28, 1946Son - Harold Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, InfantBlk3778 March 14, 1893 
Mahnke, Josephine    Nov. 12, 1905 
Mahnke, MarieSec2S/2-50 Feb. 7, 1959Mother - Clara Mahnke Clarenbach Lot
Mahnke, MarieSec9N/2-25 Jan. 5, 1927Hugo Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, MarjorieSec9N/2-25 March 18, 1950Daughter - Hugo Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, PaulBlk3724   
Mahnke, PaulSec192 Feb. 24, 1969Owner
Mahnke, SelmaBlk3680 Dec. 27, 1896Wm. Mahnke Lot
Mahnke, SophiaSec2S/2-20  Daughter - Clara Mahnke Clarenbach
Mahnke, WilhelmBlk24S/2-10  William & Esther Graf Lot Previously Car {sic}
Mahnke, WilliamSec2N 2/3 - 3/2 - N/2-3 July 23, 1952Joint Ownership
Mahnkoff, ArthurBlk233 July 1, 1890Mankopf
Mahrholz, CarolineBlk19S/2-17 Jan. 19, 1927Owner
Mahrholz, ChristianBlk19S/2-17 Feb. 6, 1888Husband - Caroline Mahrholz Lot
Mahrholz, FriedaBlk19S/2-17 Jan. 30, 1959Daughter-in-Law - Caroline Mahrholz Lot
Mahrholz, GustavBlk19S/2-17 May 1, 1936Caroline Mahrholz Lot
Mais, AlbertSec14S/2-40 Feb. 18, 1972Owner
Mais, AlfredBlk15S/2-16 Jan. 21, 1896 
Mais, CarolineBlk12S/2-16 May 12, 1926John Mais Lot
Mais, EmmaSec2S/2-89 Feb. 4, 1930Henry Mais Lot
Mais, HattieSec14S/2-40 July 6, 1960Wife - Albert Mais Lot
Mais, HenrySec2E/2 - S/2-89 March 15, 1941Henry Mais Lot
Mais, HenrySec2S/2-89 Sept. 12, 1933Owner
Mais, InfantBlk2982 Jan. 31, 1894Henry Mais Lot
Mais, InfantSec14S/2-40 March 3, 1931Albert Mais Lot
Mais, JohnBlk12S/2-16 April 10, 1939Owner
Mais, OscarBlk2982 April 4, 1889 
Mais, OscarBlk2982 April 7, 1889Henry Mais Lot
Majewski, ArthurSec7S/2-62 March 14, 1935Ernst & Emma Majewski Lot
Majewski, ErnstSec7S/2-62 Nov. 7, 1941Owner
Majewski, InfantSec1N/2-33 Oct. 11, 1923Aug. Kurtz Lot
Majewski, MinnieSec7S/2-62 April 24, 1943Wife - Ernst & Emma Majewski Lot
Makarevicze, AnnaSec16 A 345Nov. 15, 1986Wife - Frank Makarevicze Lot
Makarevicze, FrankSec16 A 344Jan. 6, 1987Owner
Makovitch, AdellaSec15N/2-17 Jan. 27, 1987Wife - Joseph Makovitch Lot
Makovitch, JohnSec15N/2-72 June 21, 1945Son - Joseph Makovitch Lot
Makovitch, JosephSec15N/2-72 July 24, 1954Owner
Malek, EdwardSec5 A70 May 22, 1934John Malek Lot
Mallinger, KennethSec5 A17 Jan. 16, 1924Joseph Mallinger Lot
Mallinger, MinnieSec912 Oct. 9, 1952Daughter & Sister - Wm., Sr. & Frank Guen
Mallman, AntonSec3E/2-11 Feb. 23, 1904Ellie Mallmann Lot
Mallman, Baby    July 24, 1883 
Mallman, EllieSec311 Nov. 27, 1937Lot Owner
Mallman, HarrisonSec3E/2-11 July 9, 1951Ellie J. Mallmann Lot
Mallman, OlgaSec3E/2-11 Feb. 19, 1958Joint Ownership between Harry C. & Olga
Mallman, Valeska    Aug. 20, 1882 
Mallmann, AlbertSec15N/2-59 Jan. 29, 1944Husband - Mrs. Albert Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, AnthonySec19N/2-312April 25, 1998Fiance - Donna Ramminger Lot
Mallmann, ArthurSec15N/2-59 July 6, 1965Son - Albert Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, BerthaSec15N/2-59 Oct. 8, 1958Owner - Mrs. Albert H. Mallmann
Mallmann, CarolineBlk24S/2-16  Henry Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, ClaraBlk24N/2-16  Henry Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, CurtisSec19S/2-32 Oct. 14, 1970Husband - Julia Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, EdwardBlk24N/2-16 Jan. 19, 1960William Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, Esther    April 3, 1899 
Mallmann, FrederickSec15N/2-59 Feb. 22, 1964Son - Albert Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, HarlieSec15N/2-59 Nov. 16, 1948Son - Mrs. Albert H. Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, Henry    May 26, 1899 
Mallmann, HenryBlk24S/2-16 Oct. 7, 1940Owner
Mallmann, InfantSec1N/2-144 July 13, 1979Walter C. Jahn Lot
Mallmann, MargBlk24N/2-16 Jan. 23, 1926Wm. Mallmann Lot
Mallmann, WilliamBlk24N/2-16 Jan. 19, 1927Owner
Mallmann, WilliamBlk24N/2-16 June 2, 1885Owner
Mallmann, WilliamSec1N/2-144 March 3, 1965Son-in-Law - Walter Jahn Lot
Mallmann, WilmaSec1N/2-144 June 2, 1966Father - Walter C. Jahn Lot
Mallory, AliceBlk1627  James Mallory Lot
Mallory, C.    April 30, 1901 
Mallory, JamesBlk16S/2-27  Owner
Mallory, Wm.    April 18, 1884 
Mally, AmandaBlk18N/2-1  Daughter - Charles Mally Lot
Mally, CharlesBlk18N/2-1 Sept. 23, 1950Owner
Mally, InfantBlk3667 July 14, 1896Chas Mally Lot
Mally, WilhelmineBlk18N/2-1 May 22, 1934Chas Mally Lot
Maloney, LydiaSec17193 Jan. 27, 1973Owner
Maloney, MichaelSec17193 Aug. 16, 1968Owner
Maloof, AbeSec7N/2-25 March 6, 1980Paul Nitze Lot
Maloof, MaeSec7N/2-25 June 16, 1977Paul Nitze Lot
Malwitz, BerthaBlk2387   
Malwitz, DoraSec16 A 34March 3, 1952Wife - Harry Malwitz Lot
Malwitz, ElizabethSec11 161Feb. 19, 1938Wife - Otto Malwitz Lot
Malwitz, FredBlk2382 Nov. 6, 1898 
Malwitz, HarrySec16 A 35Oct. 8, 1984Owner
Malwitz, HarveyBlk32S/2-17  Wm. Voss & Anton Weintz Lot
Malwitz, InfBlk3022  Adolph Kuhlmann Lot
Malwitz, LillieSec16W/2 - N/2-23 Sept. 23, 1965Owner
Malwitz, Ora LindaSec4 A84   
Malwitz, OttoSec11 160July 26, 1941Owner
Malwitz, WesleySec16 A 200Feb. 9, 1967Owner
Malwitz, WilliamSec16W/2 - N/2-23 Jan. 27, 1950Joint Owners - William and Lillie Malwitz
Malzahn, AdolphBlk12S/2-9 Jan. 28, 1952Son - Mike Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, AnnaSec6N/2-9  Fred Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, BabyBlk12S/2-9 June 29, 1886Michael Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, CandaceSec15N/2-86 Nov. 9, 1946Daughter - Walter Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, FredSec6N/2-9 Dec. 7, 1960Owner
Malzahn, GeorgeSec6N/2-9 Aug. 29, 1989Son - Fred Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, MarthaSec2S/2-47 Nov. 11, 1901 
Malzahn, MarySec6N/2-9 Jan. 7, 1948Wife - Fred Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, MelittaSec17 A 94May 31, 1996Co-Owner with Husband
Malzahn, MikeBlk12S/2-9 Sept. 22, 1905Owner
Malzahn, RaymondSec6N/2-9 July 20, 1978Fred Malzahn Lot
Malzahn, WalterSec15N/2-8 Sept. 13, 1995He was Lot Owner
Malzhan, HarveySec17 A 95March 31, 1989Harvey Malzahn Lot
Manalas, JohnSec12 34April 18, 1944 
Manchen, InezSec4 A68  William Manchen
Mandy, Hilda    April 14, 1903 
Manke, Sophia    March 5, 1904 
Mankopf, ClaraBlk13S/2-7 June 27, 1938Wife - Irvin Mankopf Lot
Mankopf, FrederickBlk13S/2-7 Nov. 11, 1998Son - Irvin Mankopf Lot
Mankopf, IrvinBlk13S/2-7 July 25, 1959He was Owner
Mankopf, PaulineBlk30W/2 - S/2-34 Sept. 16, 1967Owner Uhlemann Lot - 1st Husband
Mankoski, DorothySec8 A 103June 29, 1994Sister - Ann Ibis Lot
Manley, ArthurSec7S/2-50 Sept. 24, 1938Mrs. Emma Manley Lot
Manley, EdwinSec7S/2-36 Dec. 8, 1924Gustave Gurke Lot
Manley, EmmaSec7E/2 - S/2-50 Feb. 14, 1953Owner
Manley, John, Jr.    Sept. 13, 1906 
Manley, JohnSec7S/2-50 Feb. 13, 1929Mrs. Emma Manley Lot
Mann, InfantBlk32S/2-11 Aug. 14, 1894Sherman Mann Lot
Mann, Mary JaneBlk32S/2-11 Feb. 10, 1941Wife - Sherman Mann Lot
Mann, ShermanBlk32S/2-11  Owner
Mann, ViraBlk32S/2-11 Jan. 4, 1894Sherman Mann Lot
Mannchen, IreneSec1545 Jan. 12, 1971Sister - Arvin C. Klemm Lot
Mannchen, WilliamSec 45 Dec. 9, 1961Brother-in-Law - Mrs. Arvin Klemm
Mannis, Baby    July 1, 1937 
Mannos, DemetriousSec12 A 433May 16, 1964Potters Field
Manos, CeceliaSec16 B 54July 24, 1987Owner
Manos, LouisSec12 9Sept. 20, 1950Potters Field
Manos, MichaelSec16 B 55Nov. 15, 1972Owner
Mansfield, EmilieSec1786 July 17, 1968Wife - Truman Roy Mansfield
Mansfield, TannieSec1E/2 - N/2-366May 4, 1987Raymond E. Schuchardt Lot
Mansfield, Truman RoySec1786 Oct. 21, 1963Owner
Manske, AnnaBlk2974 Aug. 29, 1886Albert Manske Lot
Manske, AntonBlk2968 June 20, 1887Albert Manske Lot
Manske, Baby    Aug. 10, 1900 
Manske, Infant    Oct. 2, 1904 
Manske, Mrs. RobertBlk31S/2-36  Alfred Manske Lot
Manske, RobertBlk31N/2-36 March 7, 1939Alfred Manske Lot
Manske, Walter    April 3, 1899 
Manske, Wm.Sec4 B 104 Owner
Mantel, GeorgeSec4 B36  Owner
Manthe, Bertha    July 13, 1900 
Manthe, C.    Aug. 19, 1899 
Manthey, ClaraSec16 A 255Jan. 11, 1958Wife - John Manthey Lot
Manthey, JohnSec16 A 254Nov. 26, 1982Owner
Manthey, MetaBlk3135  Mrs. Fred Maas Lot
Manthey, WilhelminiaSec16S/2 - E/2-15 May 19, 1980Minnie Raatz Lot
Manville, ClarissaBlk4S/2-27 April 7, 1895D. Manville Lot
Manville, DavidBlk4S/2-27 Feb. 24, 1893D. Manville Lot
Manville, ElizabethBlk4S/2-27 Jan. 29, 1924D. Manville Lot
Manville, W. FayBlk4S/2-27  D. Manville Lot
Manz, ArthurBlk18S/2-17  Emelia Manz Lot
Manz, BabyBlk18N/2-4 Feb. 7, 1886Richard Weedensee Lot
Manz, EdgarBlk18S/2-17 Dec. 5, 1934Mrs. Emelia Manz Lot
Manz, EllaSec7S/2-19 Nov. 27, 1945Daughter - George Dittes Lot
Manz, EmeliaBlk1817 Nov. 7, 1945Owner
Manz, FredSec3N/2-18  Fred & Louis Manz Lot
Manz, FrederickeSec3N/2-18 June 23, 1925Fred & Louis Manz Lot
Manz, HedwigSec3N/2-18  Fred & Louis Manz Lot
Manz, LilianBlk1817 July 10, 1928Mrs. Emelia Manz Lot
Manz, LouisSec3N/2-18  Fred & Louis Manz Lot
Manz, WalterSec7S/2-19 Jan. 10, 1963Son-in-Law - George Dittes Lot
Manzke, BerthaSec1S/2-26 Oct. 18, 1974Fred Otto Lot
Manzke, EmmaSec4 B 99 William Manske Lot
Marchner, Wm.    Nov. 10, 1899 
Marcum, LauraSec10S/2-39 Sept. 9, 1935Afred Leonard & Mrs. Chas. Schwartz Lot
Marcus, DorothySec11 745March 11, 1967Ramm Bought it for County
Marenos, CharlesSec12142 Nov. 4, 1935Potters Field
Maretich, CelikaSec16 A 240April 30, 1958Wife - Frank Maretich Lot
Maretich, FrankSec16 A 241Feb. 3, 1962Owner
Margenau, AdelineSec7S/2-29 March 29, 1928Arno H. Margenau Lot
Margenau, AlbertBlk9S/2-14 Feb. 12, 1888Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, AlmaBlk9S/2-14 Aug. 28, 1888Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, AmandaBlk31E/2-5 Jan. 11, 1960Owner
Margenau, AnnaBlk31E/2-5 March 13, 1970Daughter-in-Law - Mrs. August Margenau Lot
Margenau, AnnaBlk9S/2-14 March 21, 1929Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, ArnoldSec7S/2-29 March 10, 1978Owner
Margenau, Aug.Blk315 Dec. 11, 1893Owner
Margenau, AugustBlk315 May 27, 1933Mrs. August Margenau Lot
Margenau, Barbara AnnBlk31E/2-5 June 1, 1942Daughter - August Margenau Lot
Margenau, CatharineBlk9N/2-14  Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, CharlesSec11 579Feb. 23, 1938Owner
Margenau, ClaraSec2163 July 3, 1972Joint Owners - Clara & Edwin Marganau Lot
Margenau, Edwin Jr.Sec21S/3-63 June 14, 1959Son - Edwin & Clara Margenau Lot
Margenau, EdwinSec21S/6-2/3 Ft - 63 March 25, 1958Joint Ownership - Edwin & Clara Margenau Lot
Margenau, ElmerBlk31E/2-5 June 23, 1979August Margenau Lot
Margenau, ElmoreBlk9S/2-14 Jan. 12, 1929Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, ElsieBlk2E/2-17 Feb. 26, 1959Wife - Louis Margenau Lot
Margenau, FrankBlk9N/2-14 Oct. 25, 1882Owner
Margenau, FrankBlk9S/2-14  Frank Margenau Lot
Margenau, FrederickBlk9N/2-14  Fred Margenau Lot
Margenau, InfantBlk2E/2-17  Louis Margenau Lot
Margenau, InfantBlk4S/2-26 Aug. 21, 1925Oscar Margenau Lot
Margenau, JohnBlk31W/2-5 Dec. 11, 1888August Margenau, Sr. Lot
Margenau, LenaBlk31W/2-5  August Margenau, Sr. Lot
Margenau, LeonaBlk4S/2-26 Dec. 10, 1979Husband{sic} - Oscar Margenau Lot
Margenau, LillianBlk31W/2-5 June 19, 1935August Margenau Lot
Margenau, LouisBlk2E/2-17 Dec. 8, 1956Owner
Margenau, Mary AnnSec11 554Aug. 12, 1937Elmer Margenau Lot
Margenau, MinnieSec7S/2-29 Dec. 20, 1947Wife - Arno H. Nargenau Lot
Margenau, OscarBlk31W/2-5 May 14, 1929August Margenau Lot
Margenau, OttoBlk4S/2-26 Aug. 28, 1950Joint Ownership with Wife
Margenau, TecklaBlk9S/2-14 July 10, 1896Frank Margenau Lot
Marggraf, HenryBlk33E/2 - S/2-34 Feb. 24, 1943Owner
Marggraf, SophiaBlk30S/2-10 Feb. 14, 1948Daughter
Marggraf, TheresaBlk33E/2 - S/2-34 June 7, 1950Owner
Marguard, G.Blk15N/2-15 June 7, 1887Gustave Marquard Lot
Mariani, LyllyanSec2S/2-5 Oct. 7, 1960Sister - Corothy{sic} Callahan Lot
Marinos, NickoliSec4 A75  Nickoli Marinos Lot
Markesina, DorothySec11 751March 31, 1995She was Co-Owner with Husband
Markgraf, HenryBlk30S/2-10 July 12, 1896Owner
Markgraf, JohannaBlk30S/2-10 Oct. 24, 1897Henry Markgraf Lot
Markus, GarretSec19W/2-217 Nov. 15, 1980Joint Owner - Garret & Marie Markus Lot
Markus, Infant    May 22, 1929Free Ground - Old Side
Markus, JerrySec6E/2-2164Oct. 29, 1969Son - Garret & Narie Markus Lot
Markus, JohnSec19E/2-217 June 13, 1970Owner
Markusch, AlbertBlk2S/2-36 Aug. 7, 1894Louise & Matt. Markusch Lot
Markusch, LouiseBlk2S/2-36 Aug. 9, 1934Louise & Mathias Markusch Lot
Markusch, MattBlk2S/2-36  Louise & Mathias Markusch Lot
Markusch, MetzBlk2S/2-36 Sept. 2, 1906Son - Matthias Markusch Lot
Markwardt, AgnesSec1S/2-22 Jan. 27, 1960Joseph Nussbaumer Lot
Markwardt, AugustSec14S/2-153 Dec. 6, 1939Joint Tenancy Between August & Ida Markwardt
Markwardt, CharitySec1489 May 24, 1988Second Wife - Wm. Markwardt Lot {1st Wife{sic}}
Markwardt, HomerSec14W/2 - N/2-89 Sept. 20, 1940Son - Wm. A. Markwardt Lot
Markwardt, IdaSec14S/2-153 Oct. 18, 1960Joint Tenancy - Aug. J. & Ida Markwardt Lot
Markwardt, JuneSec14W/2 - N/2-89 March 17, 1961Wife - Lot Owner is Wm. A. Markwardt
Markwardt, MarySec1S/2-82  Wm. Markwardt Lot
Markwardt, OttoSec1S/2-22 May 22, 1933Joseph Nussbaumer Lot
Markwardt, WilliamSec14W/2 - N/2-89 March 20, 1969Owner
Markwardt, Wm.Sec1S/2-81  Owner
Markwarth, Helmuth    June 16, 1899 
Marold, OttoSec4 C 221Aug. 25, 1969Owner
Marold, SophiaSec4 C 222Jan. 25, 1972Owner
Marquardt, Albert    March 16, 1901 
Marquardt, BerthaBlk33E/2 - S/2-34 May 28, 1966Daughter - Henry Marggraf Lot
Marquardt, ElmerSec2N/2-29 May 24, 1996Son - Wm. E. Marquardt Lot
Marquardt, GustavSec2N/2-29 Aug. 1, 1936Wm. Marquardt Lot
Marquardt, JuneSec8N/2-10 April 20, 1954Daughter - George Weeden :pt
Marquardt, LauraSec2N/2-29  Wm. Marquardt Lot
Marquardt, OttoSec21132 May 14, 1976Owner
Marquardt, WalterSec2N/2-29 Dec. 26, 1956He was Owner
Marquardt, WilliamSec2N/2-29 March 4, 1968Owner
Marre, DanBlk37  June 4, 1896 
Marsack, BettySec14S/2-136May 28, 1987Herman A. Meyer Lot
Marsch, LydiaBlk2113 Aug. 13, 1960Owner
Marsch, Wenzl{sic}Blk2113 Aug. 16, 1962Husband - Lydia Marsch Lot
Marschmeyer, H.Blk7N/2-2 May 15, 1897Geo Dippold Lot
Marschner, AlfredBlk342  Owner
Marschner, AlfredBlk342 May 8, 1942Son - Alfred G. Marschner Lot
Marschner, AugustaBlk342 June 22, 1954Daughter - Alfred G. Marschner Lot
Marschner, AugusteBlk342  Alfred G. Marschner Lot
Marschner, CarolineBlk342 Oct. 9, 1965Alfred G. Marschner Lot
Marshall, EmmaBlk24N/2-20 April 26, 1941Sister-in-Law - Amanda Gromann Lot
Marshall, FrancisSec14N/2-119 Dec. 11, 1942Husband - Mrs. Lillian Marshall Lot
Marshall, LillianSec14N/2-119 Aug. 22, 1991She was Owner {Cremains}
Martell, CharlesBlk6S/2-15  J. C. Mortann Lot
Martell, JuliusSec14N/2-33 March 5, 1927Owner
Martell, MaryBlk6S/2-15  J. C. Mortann Lot
Martell, NapoleonBlk6S/2-15 Aug. 24, 1942Son-in-Law - J. C. Mortann Lot
Martell, OttoBlk6S/2-15  J. C. Mortann Lot
Martell, SophieSec14N/2-33 March 17, 1941Owner
Martens, AmaliaSec16 A 22Jan. 3, 1951Wife
Martens, HarveySec16 A 21April 26, 1952Owner
Martens, HelenSec16N/2-654Aug. 22, 1986George Optenberg Lot
Martens, HermanSec3S/2-56 Oct. 4, 1926Herm Martens Lot
Martens, MinnieSec11 185Jan. 4, 1966Owner
Martens, RobertSec16N/2-65 April 26, 1991Son-in-Law - George Optenberg Lot
Martens, RolandSec3S/2-26 July 28, 1945Son - Herman Martens Lot
Martens, Wm.Sec11 186March 25, 1940Owner
Marthenze, CarrieSec761 Oct. 19, 1957Wife of One of Joint Owners
Marthenze, EstallaSec761 July 27, 1982John Marthenze & Poppe
Marthenze, FolmarSec5 B 158Aug. 7, 1923Owner
Marthenze, FolmarSec761 July 3, 1948Joint Ownership
Marthenze, GeorgeSec761 March 15, 1962Co-Owner with John & Folmar Marthenze An{sic}
Marthenze, JohnSec76111June 27, 1974Marthenze & Poppe Lot
Marthenze, JuliaSec761 Dec. 10, 1982Mathenze & Poppe Lot
Marthenze, MarySec5 B 159Sept. 4, 1928Folmar Marthenze Lot
Martin, Chas.Blk11E/2 - N/2-23 April 25, 1931Owner
Martin, DavidSec17 A 20June 24, 1980Joint Owner David & Iris Martin
Martin, ElizabethBlk11E/2 - N/2-23 March 12, 1932Charles H. Martin Lot
Martin, EmmaSec2S/2-81 June 8, 1953Mother-in-Law - L. E. Larson Lot
Martin, Fred   113Feb. 17, 1939 
Martin, FredSec4 C 261Feb. 19, 1953Friend - Mrs. Leo Schicker Lot
Martin, HelenSec14N/2-32 June 14, 1926Mrs. Louis L. Schraut Lot
Martin, HughSec2S/2-81  L. E. Larson Lot
Martin, IgnatzSec12    
Martin, Infant  1st Row - 36 March 22, 1894 
Martin, InfantBlk3792 Jan. 6, 1894 
Martin, MabelSec1S/2-85 July 1, 1992Daughter - Emil Wisch Lot
Martin, NellisBlk1616 Jan. 23, 1894Andrew Nelson Lot
Martin, WilliamSec1S/2-85 July 6, 1960Son-in-Law - Emil Wisch Lot
Martinez, JohnSec1S/2-23 Sept. 4, 1982Arno & Angeline Speckman Lot
Marx, CarolSec14W/2 - N/2-147 Oct. 28, 1997Daughter - Paul Marx Lot
Marx, FranzSec3S/2-74 Jan. 12, 1929Otto Levendosky Lot
Marx, InfantSec5 A 43July 16, 1928Anton Marx Lot
Marx, LillianSec19S/2-112 Aug. 15, 1983Husband - Peter Marx Lot
Marx, LouiseBlk34E/2 - N/2-42 Feb. 19, 1954Mother - Calvin & Elvira Ebeling Lot
Marx, PaulSec14W/2 - N/2-147 Aug. 27, 1977Owner
Marx, PeterSec19S/2-112 Dec. 24, 1970Owner
Marx, PeterSec2S/2-88 April 20, 1928Owner
Marx, RosaliSec3S/2-74 April 29, 1929Otto Levendosky Lot
Marz, AlmaSec14N/2-147 June 8, 1939Henry Horneck Lot
Marz, HannaSec3S/2-88  Peter Marx Lot
Mason, RichardSec17129 Dec. 3, 1984Owner
Masser, AlexanderSec5 B225 Dec. 18, 1924 
Matelko, FrankSec11 635Jan. 23, 1941Husband - Mrs. Frank Matelko Lot
Matelko, MarySec11 636April 2, 1943Owner
Mather, ChanningSec2N/2-40 April 16, 1937Phebe E. Zufelt Lot
Mather, ClaraSec2S/2-41  Phebe E. Zufelt Lot
Mather, InfantBlk2523 March 25, 1893 
Mathias, AlfredBlk175  Alvin Richter Lot
Mathias, HelenaBlk175 Jan. 9, 1892Alvin Richter Lot
Mathias, Herman    Dec. 27, 1905 
Mathison, RoySec12 292May 23, 1986 
Matsen, ClementBlk31N/2-17 Dec. 9, 1890Engelbert Clementson Lot
Matt, AlbertSec16E/2 - N/2-77 Jan. 10, 1990Son - Albert & Ovila Matt Lot Owners
Matt, AnnaSec16W/2 - N/2-77 Jan. 16, 1946Wife - Mr. & Mrs. Peter Matt Lot
Matt, ClaraBlk22S/2-9 May 24, 1895Henry Doetsch Lot
Matt, EdwardSec4 C 173Oct. 6, 1986Owner
Matt, JosephSec5 B 360June 6, 1930Mrs. Joe Matt Lot
Matt, LenaSec5 B 96Nov. 24, 1959Owner
Matt, OvilaSec16E/2 - N/2-77 Sept. 16, 1983Wife of Albert - Joint Owner
Matt, PeterSec16W/2 - N/2-77 Jan. 27, 1962Co-Owner with Wife
Matt, RuthSec4 C 172July 24, 1948Wife - Edward Matt Lot
Mattern, FredSec11 338Dec. 14, 1949Father - Arthur Mattern Lot
Mattern, SophiaSec11 337April 11, 1944Mother - Arthur Mattern Lot
Mattes, WoodrowSec19S/2-63 Feb. 1, 1977Husband - Genevieve Mattes Lot
Matth, EdnaSec3111 Aug. 24, 1979Wm. Papendieck Lot
Matth, EdwardSec3111 Aug. 22, 1988 
Matthews, CharlesBlk5W/2=6  Curtis Lot
Matthewson, AlexanderBlk345 April 9, 1951William Kirst Lot
Matthewson, AugustaBlk345 Dec. 30, 1963Daughter - William Kirst Lot
Matthewson, EdwinSec196 Oct. 22, 1959Son - Mrs. James E. Matthewson Lot
Matthewson, JamesSec196  Mrs. J. E. Matthewson Lot
Matthewson, MarySec196 March 11, 1949Owner
Matthewson, WinifredSec196 March 6, 1984Mrs. J. E. Matthewson Lot
Matthias, AmandaSec8S/2-3 June 28, 1971Owner
Matthias, ElroySec8S/2-3 May 22, 1924Amanda Matthias Lot
Matthias, EmmaSec14S/2-34 Sept. 19, 1955Owner
Matthias, FredSec8S/2-3 Sept. 12, 1942Husband - Amanda Matthias Lot
Matthias, HarveySec14S/2-34 June 4, 1936Mrs. Edna Matthias Lot
Matthias, MargaretSec8S/2-3 Jan. 6, 1992Daughter-in-Law - Amanda Matthias Lot
Matthias, OttoSec14S/2-34 Nov. 17, 1926Mrs. Emma Matthias Lot
Matthias, RaymondSec8S/2-3 Feb. 5, 1990Son - Amanda Matthias Lot Owner
Matthias, WilliamSec8S/2-3 Sept. 8, 1961Amanda Matthias Lot
Matthies, ArlineSec2N/2-89  Fred Matthies Lot
Matthies, ArthurSec2N/2-89  Fred Matthies Lot
Matthies, AugustSec15N/2-24 00/51/1933{sic}Mrs. August {Rose} Matthies Lot
Matthies, FredSec2N/2-89 Aug. 16, 1926Fred Matthies Lot
Matthies, HarrietBlk13S/2-1 Aug. 3, 1993Daughter - Mrs. Albert Koepke Lot
Matthies, MarySec2N/2-89 Jan. 24, 1956Wife - Fred Matthies Lot
Matthies, RoseSec15N/2-24 July 7, 1969Owner
Mattingly, ElizabethSec20S/2-20 March 10, 1992Daughter - Henry Hermann Lot
Mattoon, B.Blk193  Frank Geele Lot
Mattoon, Baby    July 13, 1881 
Mattoon, EmmaBlk193 Aug. 12, 1957Daughter - Frank Geele Lot
Mattoon, FredBlk193 Feb. 12, 1968Grandson - Frank Geele Lot
Mattoon, GeorgeBlk45  Nellie F. Mattoon Lot
Mattoon, J.    July 25, 1904 
Mattoon, NellieBlk45 April 5, 1937Owner
Mattoon, RobertBlk45 June 11, 1946Son - Nellie F. Mattoon Lot
Mattoon, SamuelBlk45 Aug. 19, 1883Nellie F. Mattoon Lot
Mattos, AntonSec21W/2 - N/2-14 March 5, 1971Owner
Mattos, FriedaSec21N/2-14 Oct. 22, 1973Anton & Isabelle Mattos Lot
Mattos, IsabelleSec21W/2 - N/2-14 Sept. 23, 1989Widow
Mattos, JohnSec21E/2-14 May 6, 1947Brother - Steve, Frieda, Anton & Isabelle M.
Mattos, SteveSec21E/2 - N/2-14 Feb. 15, 1958Joint with Wife
Mattsen, HarryBlk2962 June 18, 1885Martin Mattsen Lot
Matzdorf, Hilda    April 10, 1900 
Matzdorf, MelindaSec19N/2-11 Sept. 25, 1976Owner
Matzdorf, WalterSec19N/2-11 April 4, 1962Husband - Mrs. Melinda Matzdorf Lot
Matzdorf, Wm.Blk37  May 4, 1898 
Matzdorff, FriedaBlk37  March 23, 1897 
Mau, LydiaSec16E/2 - N/2-59 July 22, 1974Robert H. Mau Lot
Mau, LydiaSec16W/2 - N/2-59 July 29, 1974William Kaesermann Lot
Mau, RobertSec16E/2 - N/2-59 July 5, 1939Robert Mau Lot
Mau, RobertSec16E/2 - W/2-59 Oct. 3, 1989Son - Robert H. Mau Lot
Maujuric, SteveSec5 A 53March 18, 1927Possibly Son - Peter Maujuric Lot
Mauk, AlmaSec15N/2-17 Aug. 15, 1960Daughter - Mrs. Mary Strassburger Lot
Mauk, ArthurSec15N/2-17 Jan. 29, 1953Son-in-Law - Mrs. Mary Strassburger Lot
Maurer, AlbertSec3104 Oct. 4, 1932Owner
Maurer, AugusteSec331  Herbert Maurer Lot
Maurer, ClaraSec331 Nov. 11, 1937Herbert Maurer Lot
Maurer, EleanorSec19S/2-156 June 23, 1972Wife - Henry Maurer Lot
Maurer, FrederickSec19155 June 24, 1992He and Wife are Co-Owners of Lot
Maurer, FriederichSec253  Wm. Long Lot
Maurer, HenrySec19S/2-156 March 15, 1978Owner
Maurer, HenrySec331 Oct. 24, 1942Herbert Maurer Lot
Maurer, HerbertSec3S/2-31 June 29, 1957Owner
Maurer, MarySec3104 Jan. 4, 1932 
Maurer, MetaSec6S/2-39 Nov. 9, 1981Mrs. Chas. Pilgrim Lot
Maxey, BettySec12 103Feb. 1, 1940 
Maxey, DouglasBlk37  Feb. 23, 1931 
Maxey, ImogeneSec16 A 118May 28, 1953Wife
Maxey, Infant    Aug. 28, 1933 
Maxey, InfantSec5 C51 Aug. 23, 1930 
Maxey, MyrtleSec12 78June 22, 1940 
Maxey, RaymondSec5 C 70April 16, 1940Joseph Maxey Lot
Maxey, RodneyBlk24 A 60 BDec. 27, 1966Son - Joseph Maxey Lot
Maxey, RubySec19E/4 - 219 June 6, 1961Mother
Maxwell, JohnSec5 B135  Own Lot
Mayberry, AdellaSec173  Mrs. W. T. Mayberry Lot
Mayberry, EdithSec173 Sept. 15, 1951Daughter
Mayberry, KaddensSec173   
Mayberry, LolaSec173 March 30, 1940 
Mayberry, RosaSec173   
Mayberry, WilliamSec173 Feb. 24, 1940 
Mayberry, WilsonSec173   
Mayer, AlfredSec16N/2-60 July 12, 1990Son - Louis Mayer Lot Owner
Mayer, AlfredSec16N/2-60 Sept. 23, 1940 
Mayer, ArthurBlk21S/2-21 June 1, 1896 
Mayer, AugustaBlk4S/2-50   
Mayer, BernardBlk172 March 3, 1947He was Lot Owner
Mayer, BernhardSec4N/2-50   
Mayer, BerthaSec16N/2-60 Sept. 5, 1950She was Lot Owner
Mayer, CarlosBlk72 Jan. 30, 1959Son - Bernhard H. Mayer Lot
Mayer, EmmaBlk172 Aug. 25, 1952Widow
Mayer, FrancesBlk4S/2-5 Oct. 2, 1946 
Mayer, GenevieveSec19S/2-7 June 28, 1985He was Lot Owner
Mayer, HenriettaBlk142   
Mayer, JoanSec19N/2-154 Aug. 6, 1996Wife - Joseph Mayer Lot
Mayer, JohnSec19S/2-7 May 13, 1974Husband - Genevieve Mayer Lot
Mayer, LouisSec16N/2-60 June 17, 1935Wife - Bertha Mayer Lot
Mayer, LouisSec172 June 2, 1975Son - Bernhard Mayer Lot
Mayer, MetaBlk4S/2-50 March 22, 1956Daughter
Mayer, MildredBlk172 June 21, 1994Daughter-in-Law - Bernhard Mayer Lot
Mayer, OttoSec6N/2-215 July 21, 1924Husband
Mayer, RobertBlk343011Jan. 11, 1993Wm. & Ida Greger Lot - Former J.S{sic}
Mayer, SusanSec16N/2-60 Jan. 21, 1969Daughter-in-Law - Mrs. Louis Mayer Lot
Maynke, Carl    March 29, 1885Free Ground
Mc Chesney, MelindaSec9N/2-17 March 19, 1991Mrs. James Lighthart Lot Owner
Mc Cormack, KathleenSec1152 May 4, 1996Daughter-in-Law - James J. Mc Cormack Lot
Mc Gausland, DavidBlk8N/2-5  Wm. Mc Gausland Lot
Mc Geshick, InfantBlk24 A 54 DFeb. 1, 1968Son - Sylvia Geshick Lot
Mc Gram, E.    May 3, 1899 
Mc Graw, ChasBlk416 Dec. 4, 1886 
Mc Graw, DennisBlk416 April 7, 1890 
Mc Graw, FrankBlk416  Thomas Edmonds Lot
Mc Graw, FredBlk416  Thomas Edmonds Lot
Mc Graw, Mary    July 3, 1906 
Mc Guire, JamesSec12 A 424Dec. 29, 1961Potters Field
Mc Henry, JamesBlk2N/2-19 March 3, 1977Son-in-Law - Burton Brueckbauer Lot
Mc Henry, LydiaSec16 B 183Feb. 8, 1988Owner
Mc Hone, ElvinSec3101 July 13, 1994Chas. Guehlstorf Lot
Mc Hone, SusanSec1993Nov. 2, 1960Wife - Elvin Mc Hone Lot
Mc Intyre, WayneSec17N/2-72 Oct. 3, 1985Owner
Mc Killip, AdaBlk68  Worthy Mc Killip Lot
Mc Killip, ArathudaBlk68 Aug. 2, 1899Worthy Mc Killip Lot
Mc Killip, ClaraBlk68  Worthy Mc Killip Lot
Mc Killip, FrankBlk68  Worthy Mc Killip Lot
Mc Killip, WorthyBlk68 Feb. 14, 1895Owner
Mc Knight, Harriet      
Mc Laughlin, BainSec171021March 7, 1992Husband - Lucille Mc Laughlin Lot
Mc Laughlin, BettySec11 799June 1, 1981Wife - Robert Mc Laughlin Lot
Mc Laughlin, WilmaSec16 A 135Feb. 8, 1955Wife - Bain Mc Laughlin Lot
Mc Lean, RobBlk3644 Oct. 30, 1893John Mc Lean Lot
Mc Lellan, AureliaBlk417  Owner
Mc Lellan, ElizabethBlk417 Nov. 28, 1897A. Mc Lellan Lot
Mc Lellan, UrbanBlk417 April 8, 1932A. Mc Lellan Lot
Mc Nally, Daniel    Sept. 9, 1891 
Mc Nally, PatBlk3725 Oct. 15, 1893 
Mc Nelis, KareenBlk24 A 63 DNov. 2, 1941William Mc Nelis Lot
Mc Nulty, JohnSec21S/2-26 Nov. 12, 1947Fred Guth Lot
Mc Phillips, Daisy MaySec11 278Nov. 15, 1943Wife - John Mc Phillips Lot
Mc Phillips, JohnSec11 279June 27, 1951Owner
Mc Roberts, Dr. J. W.Sec19N/2-5 Feb. 22, 1985Owner
Mc Roberts, LucySec19N/2-5 Nov. 13, 1961Mother - Dr. J. W. Mc Roberts Lot
Mc Williams, EstherSec12 138Nov. 19, 1936 
Mc Williams, JohnSec16 B 163Aug. 16, 1982Owner
Mc Williams, MarthaSec16 B 162Oct. 7, 1980Wife of John Mc Williams Lot
Mead, AliceSec10S/2-41 Jan. 10, 1957Step-Daughter of George Jensema Lot
Mead, DonaldSec8 A 77Dec. 9, 1975Husband - Edna Mead Lot
Mead, J.Blk357 Sept. 24, 1891Mead - Williams Lot
Mead, RebeccaBlk357  Mead - Williams Lot
Mechowicz, WasilSec12 A 202Dec. 29, 1955Free Plot for Pensioners
Medley, InfantBlk24 A 79 BDec. 28, 1948Son - Ivan Medley Lot
Medley, LeslieSec12 A 434Feb. 5, 1966Potters Field
Medley, RobertSec12 A 225April 20, 1988Husband - Robert & Cora Medley Lot
Meerdink, AbigailSec7E/2 - N/2-14 Sept. 1, 1953Wife - Gerrett Meerdink Lot
Meerdink, EdgarSec7W/2 - N/2-14 July 11, 1979Gerrett Merrdink Lot
Meerdink, ElvaSec714 May 9, 1994Daughter-in-Law - Gerrett Meerdink Lot
Meerdink, GarrettSec7E/2 - N/2-14 July 23, 1954Owner
Meerdink, HarveySec7E/2 - N/2-14 July 18, 1970Son - Garrett Meerdink Lot
Meggers, AlvinaBlk239 Sept. 2, 1938Owner
Meggers, BerthaBlk18N/2-3 Aug. 30, 1958Daughter-in-Law - George Meggers Lot {Died{sic}}
Meggers, ChristineBlk6N/2-7 Dec. 3, 1882Claus Meggers Lot
Meggers, ClausBlk6N/2-7 Dec. 17, 1903Owner
Meggers, DonaldSec2016 Feb. 7, 1991Son - Lester Meggers Lot Owner
Meggers, ElizabethBlk6N/2-7 May 24, 1882Claus Meggers Lot
Meggers, ElizabethSec2016 Dec. 10, 1992Co-Owner with Husband
Meggers, FranzBlk18S/2-3  John Meggers Lot
Meggers, GeorgeBlk18N/2-3 Aug. 7, 1903Owner
Meggers, GeorgeBlk18N/2-3 July 3, 1948Son - George Meggers Lot
Meggers, GeorgeSec6S/2-11 Jan. 20, 1961Owner
Meggers, HenryBlk239 Feb. 27, 1937Owner
Meggers, JohannBlk18S/2-3 March 8, 1882John Meggers Lot
Meggers, JohnBlk14S/2-7  Lot Owner
Meggers, LenaSec16W/2 - S/2-86 June 5, 1961Mother - Mrs. Ora {Meggers} Kuehl Lot
Meggers, LesterSec2016 July 1, 1980Elizabeth & Lester Meggers Lot
Meggers, MargarethaBlk18S/2-3 March 5, 1904John Meggers Lot
Meggers, SadieBlk18N/2-3  George Meggers Lot
Meggers, SuetonieSec6S/2-11 Aug. 13, 1968Frank Themar Lot
Meggers, ThereseBlk18N/2-3  George Meggers Lot
Meggers, WilhelmineBlk14S/2-7 Dec. 30, 1906John Meggers Lot
Meggers, WilliamSec16E/2 - S/2-86 June 19, 1940Owner
Mehalopoulos, AngelineSec11 729Aug. 17, 1964Owner
Mehalopoulos, GeorgeSec5 A9 July 19, 1923Nick Mahalopoulos Lot
Mehalopoulos, JohnSec11 913June 13, 1996Husband - Doris Mehalopoulos Lot
Mehalopoulos, NicholasSec11 730Dec. 22, 1958Husband - Angeline Mehalopoulos Lot
Mehan, ThomasSec11 732Feb. 8, 1958Husband - Helen V. Mehan Lot
Mehlberg, AnnaSec14S/2-33 May 7, 1956Herman Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, AugustSec14N/2-30 Oct. 26, 1925Mrs. Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, CharlesSec10W/2-53  Mrs. Charles Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, ElmerSec14S/2-33 Dec. 12, 1973Son - Herman Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, ElsieSec15S/2-69 March 10, 1956Owner
Mehlberg, FlorenceSec14N/2-30 Dec. 2, 1957Daughter-in-Law - Mrs. August Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, HaroldBlk13S/2-11 Jan. 28, 1978Mrs. Albert Koepke Lot
Mehlberg, HenrySec15S/2-69 Aug. 28, 1942Husband - Mrs. Henry {Elsie} Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, HermanSec14S/2-33 June 1, 1955Owner
Mehlberg, HowardSec15S/2-69 Nov. 28, 1956Son - Mrs. Henry Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, HuldaSec14N/2-30 Sept. 27, 1954Owner
Mehlberg, IdaSec4 C 265Jan. 17, 1950Wife
Mehlberg, KarlSec10W/2-53 July 28, 1969Owner - Mehlberg - Sonnenburg Lot
Mehlberg, LenaSec10W/2-53 Dec. 19, 1946Owner
Mehlberg, MarieSec10W/2-53 Feb. 9, 1993Daughter-in-Law - Chas. Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, RaymondSec14N/2-30 June 11, 1984Mrs. August Mehlberg Lot
Mehlberg, Silan    Oct. 9, 1900 
Mehlberg, SylvinaSec14S/2-33 May 3, 1930Herman Mehlberg Lot
Mehlbert,{sic} ElvinaSec14S/2-33 Aug. 17, 1993Daughter-in-Law - Herman Mehlberg Lot
Mehring, Baby    Feb. 2, 1883 
Mehring, HeleneSec14S/2-147 Jan. 8, 1946Wife of one of the Joint Owners - Wm. Mehring Lot
Mehring, MarySec14S/2-147 Dec. 15, 1947Wife & Mother - to One of the Joint Owners - Wm. Mehring Lot
Mehring, WilliamSec14S/2-147 Feb. 2, 1961Son - Wm. Mehring Sr. & Jr. Lot
Mehring, WilliamSec14S/2-147 Sept. 26, 1938Owner
Mehrtens, Herman    Sept. 24, 1881 
Meidinger, JosephSec11 888July 26, 1988 
Meier, AnnaSec3S/2-75  Louis Meier Lot
Meier, Arthur
{Indexed Originally As Eier}
Sec3S/2-75 March 1, 1973Son {Louis Meier Lot}
Meier, BabyBlk2328 Aug. 16, 1892Fred Meyer Purchased Lot - Jan. 3, 1893
Meier, EldaSec3S/2-75 Jan. 19, 1990Daughter-in-Law - Louis Meier Lot Owner
Meier, FriederickSec10N/2-34  Moritz Meier Lot
Meier, HannahSec3N/2-75 March 24, 1939Henry Meier Lot
Meier, HenrySec3N/2-75 Feb. 24, 1942Owner
Meier, LouisSec3S/2-75 May 5, 1930Louis Meier Lot
Meier, MartinSec21S/2-62 Aug. 27, 1947Joint Ownership Between Martin & Alma Meier
Meier, Mary EllenSec3S/2-75 April 3, 1944Granddaughter - Louis Meier Lot
Meier, MoritzSec10N/2-34 May 9, 1931Owner
Meier, RichardSec10N/2-34  Moritz Meier Lot
Meinhardt, ElroyBlk36 54 Herman Roehing Lot - Deeded to Meinhardt
Meinhardt, FloraSec11 595Dec. 5, 1938Reuben Meinhard Lot
Meinhardt, KurtSec19N/2-76 Dec. 10, 1990Kurt Meinhardt Lot Owner
Meinhardt, LylaSec4 C 88Dec. 30, 1971Wife - Hunter Beasley Lot
Meinhardt, MarieSec19N/2-76 April 23, 1984Wife of Kurt Meinhardt
Meinhardt, ReubenSec11 594July 16, 1959Owner
Meinnert, EdwinSec16 A 431Dec. 31, 1985Father - Merlin Meinnert Lot
Meinnert, MarthaSec16 A 430March 22, 1985Merlin & Margaret Meinnert Lot
Meinnert, MerlinSec16 A 433Aug. 21, 1985Owner
Meise, InfantSec5 A45 Nov. 21, 1927Ernst Meise Lot
Meise, RogerSec7N/1-631Aug. 10, 1984Formerly Fred Bentrup Lot
Meissner, ArthurSec1S/2-58  Chas. Meissner Lot
Meissner, AugusteBlk31S/2-36 April 26, 1885Christ Meissner Lot
Meissner, CharlotteSec16S/2-44 May 4, 1949Owner
Meissner, Chas.Sec1S/2-58 Sept. 4, 1967Owner
Meissner, ChristianBlk3136  Owner
Meissner, ClaraBlk31S/2-36 Sept. 24, 1923Christ Meissner Lot
Meissner, ElsieSec16S/2-44 Sept. 29, 1967Sister - Charlotte Meissner Lot
Meissner, HattieSec1S/2-58 Jan. 13, 1943Chas Meissner Lot
Meissner, HuldaBlk31N/2-36 Nov. 7, 1959Alfred Manske Lot
Meissner, Infant    Aug. 27, 1880 
Meissner, MinnieBlk31S/2-36 June 9, 1936Christ Meissner Lot
Meissner, OlgaBlk31S/2-36 Sept. 2, 1970Christ Meissner Lot
Meissner, Oswald    Aug. 15, 1906Oswald Meissner {On Permit}
Meissner, OttoBlk31S/2-36 Jan. 15, 1952Son - Christ Meissner Lot
Meissner, RobertSec11 753May 15, 1968Owner - Ballhorn
Meissner, WilhelmineSec1S/2-58 June 21, 1924Chas. Meissner Lot
Meissner, WilliamSec1S/2-58  Chas. Meissner Lot
Meister, AdolphSec17212 May 18, 1978Owner
Meister, LauraSec17212 Aug. 22, 1964Owner
Meivert, D.    Sept. 15, 1900 
Meives, Bernhard    Dec. 27, 1883 
Meives, EraSec221 Jan. 29, 1940George Meives Lot
Meives, GenevieveSec16N/2 - W/2-200 April 3, 1993Sister - Charles Passmore Lot
Meives, GeorgeSec221 March 17, 1949Owner
Meives, IdoniaSec221 July 7, 1928George Meives Lot
Meives, InfantSec221 July 16, 1971George Meives Lot
Meives, InfantSec221 July 7, 1928George Meives Lot
Meives, JosephSec221  George Meives Lot
Meives, LizzieSec221 Feb. 19, 1904George Meives Lot
Meives, LouisSec16N/2 - W/2-200 March 24, 1999Brother-in-Law - Charles Passmore Lot
Meives, LouisaSec221  George Meives Lot
Meives, MarySec221 Dec. 19, 1932George Meives Lot
Melcher, CarlBlk39 April 4, 1925Chas Ziegel Lot
Meleskie, EnokSec5 B386 Oct. 24, 1930Mary Meleskie Lot
Mellema, JacobSec11 749Dec. 19, 1969Owner % Nephew Julius Mellema
Melles, ChristianBlk37  June 12, 1908 
Melzer, ArnoldSec20102 May 19, 1976Owner
Melzer, LoreneSec20102 Nov. 27, 1992Co-Owner with Husband
Menas, DemetraSec7N-2/3 - E/2 - S/2-15 March 10, 1952Mother - George Menas Lot
Menas, GeorgeSec7N-2/3 - E/2 - S/2-15 Nov. 14, 1962Son - George Menas Lot
Menas, MikeSec7W/2 - S/2-15 Aug. 15, 1979Father of Stella Tiboris - Ernest Tiboris
Mende, FredSec12262   
Menge, AntoinetteSec3W/2-11 Sept. 19, 1951Owner
Menge, GarySec7N/2-5 July 19, 1995Grandson - Peter Karste Lot
Menge, Wm.Sec3West End of LL May 15, 1939Antoinette Menge Lot
Mennenoh, IdaSec11 175May 29, 1943Miss Eleanor Otten Lot
Mennes, Ann MarieSec16S/2 - E/2-153 Sept. 12, 1942Wife - Arthur Mennes Lot
Menzel, RobertSec12 231March 17, 1930 
Meranovich, LuySec12 173Dec. 27, 1934 
Mercier, AnnaSec9N/2-16 Jan. 31, 1938Ernest Mercier Lot
Mercier, EleanoreBlk1410 May 18, 1977Henry Wiehm Lot
Mercier, ErnestSec9N/2-16 June 12, 1934Owner
Mercier, ErnstSec14W/2 - S/2-121 Sept. 24, 1947Joint Ownership - Ernst & Meta Mercier
Mercier, ErwinSec9N/2-16 Aug. 4, 1966Son - Ernst Mercier Lot
Mercier, MetaSec14S/2 - S/2-121 May 29, 1969Owner
Mereness, InfantBlk24 A 95 AOct. 6, 1960Son - Eldon J. Mereness, Jr. Lot
Merget, AmandaSec1N/2-149 April 14, 1978Son - Arvon Merget Lot
Merget, ArvonSec1N/2-149 Oct. 15, 1979Owner
Merrill, AlmondBlk1124  Geo Hoekstra Lot
Merrill, DoraBlk31N/2-29 Feb. 20, 1959Mrs. Julius Evers Lot
Merrill, GlenBlk1124 Feb. 23, 1924Geo Merrill Lot
Merrill, JennieBlk1124  Geo Hoekstra Lot
Mersch, G.Blk30S/2-32 Jan. 8, 1899Gottfried Miersch Lot
Mertens, ArchieSec17S/2-160 Feb. 9, 1983Arthur & Mabel S. Nelson Lot
Mertens, ClaraSec3S/2-56  Herm Mertens Lot
Mertens, DorothySec17S/2-160 Nov. 6, 1991Daughter - Arthur & Mabel Nelson Lot
Mertes, AnnaSec16S/2-28 July 24, 1945Mother - Karl Mertes Lot
Mertes, AnnaSec16S/2-28 Nov. 1, 1950Anna & Karl Mertes Lot
Mertes, KarlSec16S/2-28 Dec. 21, 1950Anna & Karl Mertes Lot
Mertz, HenrySec16 B 15March 8, 1973Owner
Mertz, SadieSec16 A 16Aug. 16, 1968Owner
Merz, Henry    Sept. 1, 1900 
Meshke, AdolphSec16 A 393March 18, 1974Owner
Meshke, EdithSec21S/2-26 Jan. 31, 1992Daughter - Fred Guth Lot
Messner, ArthurBlk198 March 12, 1965Owner
Messner, C.  4 B Feb. 13, 1897 
Messner, ElsieBlk198 Jan. 24, 1942Arthur Messner Lot
Messner, G.    Nov. 26, 1880 
Messner, JohnBlk198 Aug. 3, 1894 
Messner, MargaretBlk198  Arthur Messner Lot
Messner, NormaBlk198 Sept. 30, 1968Daughter-in-Law - Arthur Messner Lot
Messner, OlgaBlk198  Arthur Messner Lot
Messner, ScottSec16S/2-77 March 21, 1963Son-in-Law - George Davis Lot
Meter, ChristineBlk179 May 28, 1924J. F. Kausler Lot
Meter, HenriettaBlk179 Nov. 18, 1897J. F. Kausler Lot
Meter, JohannaBlk179 April 12, 1947J. F. Kausler Lot
Meter, NickBlk179  J. F. Kausler Lot
Meter, Wm.Blk17N/2-9 Jan. 16, 1931J. F. Kausler Lot
Methfesel, AlmaSec14S/2-99 Dec. 23, 1987Carl Abel Lot
Methfessel, Annie    June 2, 1903 
Methfessel, ArnoSec1W/2 - N/2-84 April 20, 1970Son - Henry J. Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, Dora    July 6, 1880 
Methfessel, ElizabethBlk19N/2-14 Feb. 16, 1950Daughter - Philip Eberlein Lot
Methfessel, FriedaBlk22E/2 - S/2-18 Dec. 4, 1979Husband - Marvin Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, GottliebBlk22N/2-18 March 31, 1927John & Gottlieb Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, HenrySec1N/2-84 Jan. 2, 1934Son - Henry John Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, HenrySec1N/2-84 Oct. 18, 1940Owner
Methfessel, InfantBlk22N/2-18  John & Gottlieb Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, JakeBlk22S/2-18 March 6, 1931Wm. Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, John HenryBlk19N/2-14 Sept. 1, 1949Son-in-Law - Philip Eberlein Lot
Methfessel, JohnBlk22N/2-18  Gottlieb Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, LinaSec1N/2-84 June 27, 1934Henry Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, LydiaBlk22W/2 - S/2-18 Feb. 27, 1960Wife - Wm. Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, MarvinBlk22E/2 - S/2-18 June 20, 1959Joint - Marvin & Frieda Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, MaryBlk22N/2-18 Dec. 31, 1928John & Gottlieb Methfessel Lot
Methfessel, NettieSec1E/2 - N/2-84 Sept. 16, 1954Owner
Methfessel, RoySec1E/2 - N/2-84 Aug. 15, 1942Son - Nettie Methfessel - Owner
Methfessel, WilliamBlk22S/2-18 April 8, 1949Owner
Metropoulos, ShyrusSec4 A70  Nic Metropoulos
Metscher, Baby    Oct. 21, 1903 
Metscher, BabyBlk31S/2-7 July 9, 1892Gottlieb Metscher
Metscher, EmilieSec16N 11' - 202 March 12, 1964Owner
Metscher, EmmaSec21Center 1/3-34 July 8, 1967Owner
Metscher, FredSec16N 11' - 202 Dec. 3, 1955Joint Ownership - Fred & Emilie Metscher
Metscher, GodliebBlk31S/2-7 Oct. 6, 1927Owner
Metscher, InfantBlk31S/2-7 Dec. 7, 1897Gottlieb Metscher Lot
Metscher, JohnSec7S/2-20 Dec. 13, 1923Owner
Metscher, MarieBlk31S/2-7  Gottlieb Metscher Lot
Metscher, MathildaBlk31S/2-7 Feb. 13, 1930Gottlieb Metscher Lot
Metscher, OttoBlk31S/2-7 Dec. 26, 1889Gottlieb Metscher Lot
Metscher, RichardSec21Center 1/3-34 May 1, 1972Owner
Metter, ArthurSec397 April 1, 1942W. P. Nichols Lot
Metter, GeorgiaSec397 March 30, 1966Sister - Nichols Lot
Metter, GraceSec183102Dec. 13, 1999Mother - John Metter Lot
Metter, NormanSec183102Dec. 13, 1999Father - John Metter Lot
Mettschnabel, JohnSec5 B92  Joseph Matt Lot
Mettschnabel, LenaSec5 B91  Joseph Matt Lot
Metzelfeld, EmmaSec5 D 15July 25, 1978Henry Metzelfeld
Metzelfeld, HenrySec5 D 16Aug. 16, 1960Owner in Joint Tenancy
Metzner, ArthurSec19N/2-165 Oct. 25, 1965Owner
Metzner, ChesterSec17N/2-139 May 9, 1974Owner
Metzner, HazelSec17N/2-139 March 7, 1991Chester & Hazel Metzner Lot Owners
Metzner, HelenSec19N/2-165 July 29, 1958Wife
Metzner, Milton    April 14, 1901 
Metzner, RupertSec17N/2-139 Oct. 17, 1949Chester & Hazel Metzner Lot
Metzner, WilliamSec17N/2-139 June 30, 1995Son - Chester & Hazel Metzner Lot
Meulbroek, Baby    Nov. 13, 1902 
Meulbroek, CatherineSec5 B 136April 5, 1939Mrs. Will Lange
Meulbroek, CorneliusSec16 A 220Aug. 18, 1954Husband
Meulbroek, FlorisSec5 B 19 Owner
Meulbroek, LenaSec16 A 153March 11, 1975Owner
Meulbroek, LeroySec17 A 56Dec. 15, 1978Lois Meulbroek Lot
Meulbroek, NettieSec16 A 221May 3, 1993She was Owner of Lot
Meulbroek, WilliamSec16 A 152Oct. 30, 1986Owner
Meves, AlvinaSec1N/2-81  Ernst Meves Lot
Meves, AnnaSec16E/2 - N/2-27 Nov. 27, 1941Wife - Hugo Meves Lot
Meves, BerniceSec14S/2-89 Jan. 17, 1973Daughter-in-Law - C. W. Meves Lot
Meves, CharlesSec14S/2-89 Nov. 10, 1945Man and Wife Joint Owners
Meves, CharlesSec5 B69  Owner
Meves, Christ    Nov. 30, 1903 
Meves, EdgarSec16W/2 - N/2-27 Oct. 10, 1953Owner
Meves, EleanoraSec21134 Oct. 12, 1998Co-Owner with Husband Melvin
Meves, ErnstSec1N/2-81  Owner
Meves, HelenSec10N/2-13  Otto Meves Lot
Meves, HugoSec16E.2 - N/2-27 March 1, 1947He was Lot Owner
Meves, IdaSec15E/2 - N/2-73 April 28, 1956Owner
Meves, LouiseBlk345 Dec. 21, 1955William Kirst Lot
Meves, MelvinSec21134 May 30, 1975Owner
Meves, NathalieSec3N/2-76 Feb. 8, 1944Owner
Meves, OttoSec10E/2 - N/2-13 Jan. 14, 1925Owner
Meves, OttoSec15S/2-73 July 29, 1944Husband - Ida Meves Lot
Meves, RobertSec14S/2-89 Jan. 18, 1977C. W. Meves Lot
Meves, RobertSec3N/2-76  Mrs. Robert Meves Lot
Meves, SarahSec14S/2-89 Feb. 6, 1959Wife - C. W. Meves Lot
Meves, WallaceSec15W/2 - S/2-73 April 15, 1976Owner
Meves, Wm.Blk345 April 19, 1897William Kirst Lot
Mewes, ArnoSec17N/2-136 Jan. 9, 1965Owner
Mewes, MarySec14N/2-82 Feb. 26, 1937Owner
Mewes, MildredSec14E/2 - N/2-82 Oct. 22, 1994Co-Owner with Husband
Mewes, OscarSec14E/2 - N/2-82 Jan. 13, 1976Owner
Meyer,     Jan. 24, 1890 
Meyer, AlmonSec2S/2-78  Wm. G. Meyer Lot
Meyer, AndrewBlk2916 July 24, 1886Andrew Meyer Lot
Meyer, AnnaSec4 C 198Feb. 7, 1948Mother - Mrs. Geo Schmagelski
Meyer, AntonBlk19N/2-13 March 22, 1896Owner
Meyer, ArnoSec10N/2-33 Feb. 12, 1979Guehne, Engelbert Lot
Meyer, ArnoSec11 229Dec. 10, 1947Husband - Mrs. Rhoda Meyer Lot
Meyer, AugustSec17E/2 - N/2-142 June 10, 1970Owner
Meyer, AugustaSec14S-2/3 - W/2 - S/2 July 16, 1960Mother - Louis Meyer Lot
Meyer, AugusteBlk3417  Frank Meyer Lot
Meyer, AugusteBlk711 May 19, 1896A. Lupinski Lot
Meyer, B.    Aug. 11, 1880 
Meyer, BabyBlk4S/2-50 May 23, 1890Bernhard Meyer {Mayer} Lot
Meyer, Bertha    Nov. 3, 1900 
Meyer, BerthaBlk2999  Ernst Meyer Lot
Meyer, BerthaSec11 141Aug. 23, 1961Wife - William Meyer Lot
Meyer, C.  36/3 Sept. 3, 1888Free Ground
Meyer, CarolineBlk2327 Dec. 6, 1892Fred Meyer Lot
Meyer, CatherineSec2W/2 - S/2-51  Leonhard Meyer Lot
Meyer, CharlesBlk16S/2-13 March 17, 1906Chas. & Minnie Meyer Lot
Meyer, CharlesSec2S/2-56 July 9, 1962Oscar Stiller Lot
Meyer, ChasBlk230 Feb. 14, 1894Joseph Leberman Lot
Meyer, Christ    Sept. 17, 1882 
Meyer, ChristBlk14N/2-2 Jan. 3, 1897Owner
Meyer, ChristianBlk1417 April 26, 1889Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, ChristianBlk293 April 28, 1888Louis Meyer Lot
Meyer, Christine    Nov. 17, 1880 
Meyer, Dorathy    Oct. 31, 1903 
Meyer, DorathyBlk8N/2-4  L. Meyer Lot
Meyer, DouglasSec1W/2 - N/2-102 Dec. 1, 1941Owner
Meyer, E.    Aug. 8, 1880 
Meyer, EddieSec2018 Nov. 25, 1998Co-Owner with Wife
Meyer, EdnaBlk20N/2-20 Feb. 1, 1974Daughter - William Heermann Lot
Meyer, Ehedwig{sic}Sec9S/2-20 March 7, 1961Wife - Ferdinand Meyer Lot
Meyer, EitelSec15S/2-19 Dec. 9, 1978Eitel Meyer & H. Muntinga
Meyer, ElizabethBlk3417 July 12, 1969Daughter-in-Law - Frank Meyer Lot
Meyer, ElizabethSec3N/2-73 Aug. 12, 1964Illig Lot - See O. Levendosky Card
Meyer, ElmerBlk3417 Dec. 28, 1936Frank Meyer Lot
Meyer, ElmerSec9S/2-20  Ferdinand Meyer Lot
Meyer, Elsa    Nov. 23, 1901 
Meyer, EmmaBlk153 Aug. 27, 1931A. Mahlendorf Lot
Meyer, EmmaBlk30S/2-25  Carl Senkbeil Lot
Meyer, EmmaSec2N/2-87 March 31, 1948Wife
Meyer, ErnstBlk2999 May 11, 1895Owner
Meyer, ErvinSec6S/2-51 Feb. 6, 1959Son - John U. Meyer Lot
Meyer, EstherSec10N/2-33 Sept. 11, 1973Daughter - Engelbert Guehne Lot
Meyer, FerdinandSec9S/2-20 Sept. 5, 1962Owner
Meyer, FrancesBlk15S/2-16 March 24, 1951Daughter - Emma Wilson Lot - Later Emma Me{sic}
Meyer, FrankBlk3417  Owner
Meyer, Fred
{Indexed Originally Under the F's}
Blk30S/3 - W/2 - S/2 Sept. 10, 1959Fred Meyer Estate Lot
Meyer, GeorgeBlk1417 Jan. 11, 1888Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, GeorgeSec12 2March 15, 1949Free City Plot
Meyer, GeorgeSec15W/2 - N/2-75 Oct. 27, 1975Owner
Meyer, GeorgeSec21N/2-21 Sept. 16, 1955Friend - Fred & Elsa Graumann Lot
Meyer, GertrudeSec3S/2-51 April 11, 1970Owner
Meyer, HarryBlk3417 Nov. 25, 1959Son - Frank W. Meyer Lot
Meyer, HazelBlk14S/2-2  Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, HazelSec21N/2-21 April 30, 1963Graumann Lot
Meyer, HeatherBlk24 A 51-AApril 12, 1977Father - Randy Meyer
Meyer, HelenSec15N/2-87  Daughter - Herman & Viola Meyer Lot
Meyer, HelenSec17S/2-161 Dec. 12, 1957Joint Ownership Between Henry J. & Helen Meyer
Meyer, HelenaSec21N/2-23 May 25, 1963Wife - Joint William & Helena Meyer Lot
Meyer, Henry    June 18, 1906 
Meyer, HenrySec17S/2-161 Oct. 22, 1957Joint Tenancy
Meyer, HenrySec9S/2-33 Aug. 1, 1923Son - Mrs. Henry Meyer Lot
Meyer, HerbertBlk8N/2-4 Oct. 24, 1983Son - Louis Meyer Lot
Meyer, HermanSec14S/2-13 Nov. 24, 1944Owner
Meyer, HermanSec14S/2-13 Oct. 3, 1932Herman A. Meyer Lot
Meyer, HermanSec140S-2/3 - S/2 - S/{sic} May 22, 1940Father - Louis Meyer
Meyer, HermanSec15N/2-87 Sept. 30, 1950Joint Ownership
Meyer, HuldaSec1N/2-1106Jan. 19, 1968Sister - Ehaney Lot
Meyer, InezBlk1417 May 5, 1941Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, InfantBlk16S/2-2   
Meyer, InfantBlk24S/2-26  Anna Blum Lot
Meyer, InfantSec4 A26   
Meyer, InfantSec9S/2-20 July 14, 1936Ferdinand Meyer Lot
Meyer, JamesSec3S/2-51 June 28, 1999Louis Olson Lot
Meyer, JohnSec15S/2-78 April 29, 1943Walter K. Meyer
Meyer, JohnSec2N/2-87 Jan. 20, 1931Joint Owner - John C. Meyer & Henry Wirtz
Meyer, JohnSec6S/2-51 Feb. 2, 1960He was Owner
Meyer, JulieBlk1417 Oct. 27, 1964Daughter - Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, Kenneth    June 23, 1999Scattering Garden
Meyer, KennethSec17 A 276July 11, 1991Husband - Charlotte Meyer Lot
Meyer, KennethSec17S/2-161 Dec. 5, 1980Owner
Meyer, LenaSec16N/2-12 May 21, 1900 
Meyer, LeonhardSec2N/2 - S/2-51  Owner
Meyer, LillieSec16 A 70April 3, 1952Wife
Meyer, LouisBlk153 June 12, 1926A. Mahlendorf Lot
Meyer, LouisBlk8N/2-4  Louis Meyer Lot
Meyer, LouisSec11570 April 27, 1938Louis Meyer Lot
Meyer, LouisSec16 A 69Oct. 8, 1960Owner
Meyer, LouiseBlk2999 Jan. 18, 1965Daughter-in-Law - Ernst Meyer Lot
Meyer, LouiseBlk8N/2-4 March 11, 1891L. Meyer Lot
Meyer, LouiseSec1W/2 - N/2-102 Dec. 10, 1943Joint Owner with Husband - Douglas Meyer
Meyer, LouiseSec6N/2-25 July 7, 1966Owner
Meyer, LucilleSec2N/2-87 June 15, 1929John Meyer & Henry Wirtz Lot
Meyer, Luella    Oct. 16, 1906 
Meyer, M.Blk1417  Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, MamieSec14S/2-114 May 10, 1985Theo Meyer Lot
Meyer, MargaretSec15W/2 - N/2-75 Dec. 4, 1972Owner - George & Margaret Meyer Lot
Meyer, MargaretSec6S/2-51 Dec. 8, 1927John U. Meyer Lot
Meyer, MarieSec14S/2-19 Nov. 14, 1979Eitel Meyer & H. Muntinga Lot
Meyer, MarieSec15S/2-78 Sept. 6, 1975Wife - Walter K. Meyer Lot
Meyer, MarieSec21109 July 20, 1970Owner
Meyer, MarieSec6N/2-2 April 1, 1995Daughter-in-Law - Mrs. Otto Meyer Lot
Meyer, Mary  26 Nov. 30, 1893 
Meyer, MaryBlk1417  Christ Meyer Lot
Meyer, MarySec2S/2-78 July 3, 1967Wife - William Meyer Lot
Meyer, MatthiasBlk12N/208 Aug. 6, 1895Bertha Meyer Lot
Meyer, MaxSec21109 May 23, 1956Husband - Marie Meyer Lot
Meyer, MikeSec11 228May 27, 1978Rhoda Meyer
Meyer, MiltonSec11 690June 26, 1942Husband - Ella Meyer Lot - See Wm. Milton
Meyer, MinnieBlk21S/2-16 Jan. 6, 1889Godfried Naulin & W. Schumacher Lot
Meyer, MinnieSec17E/2 - N/2-142 Feb. 28, 1967Owner
Meyer, NormaBlk21S/2-16 April 15, 1888Godfried Naulin & W. Schumacher Lot
Meyer, OscarSec3S/2-51 Feb. 7, 1953Son-in-Law - Louis L. Olson Lot
Meyer, OttoBlk2999  Ernest Meyer Lot
Meyer, OttoSec6N/2-25 July 21, 1924Mrs. Otto Meyer Lot
Meyer, PhilipBlk918 March 14, 1893Philip Meyer Lot
Meyer, Rachel    June 18, 1900 
Meyer, RosaSec136 Aug. 19, 1960She was Owner Jointly with Wm.
Meyer, RudolphBlk20N/2-20 April 12, 1975Son-in-Law - Wm. Heermann Lot
Meyer, SeymoreBlk4S/2-50  Bernhard Meyer Lot
Meyer, SherryBlk24 A 53 CAug. 22, 1967Daughter
Meyer, SophiaSecGD  June 28, 1991 
Meyer, TheodoreBlk31E/2 - S/2-13 Dec. 11, 1941Frank Hertensteiner Lot
Meyer, TheodoreSec14S/2-114 Jan. 10, 1953He was Plot Owner
Meyer, TheresaBlk31S/2-13  Frank Hertensteiner Lot
Meyer, VeronaBlk3417 Oct. 29, 1984Frank Meyer Lot
Meyer, ViolaSec15N/2-87 Sept. 26, 1966Owner
Meyer, W.Blk711  Tekla Lupinsky Muth Lot
Meyer, WaldemarSec15S/2-78 Nov. 6, 1947Son - Walter K. Meyer Lot
Meyer, WalterSec15S/2-78 April 1, 1944He was Owner
Meyer, WalterSec6N/2-25 Feb. 10, 1956Son - Mrs. Otto Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilhelmineBlk16S/2-13  Charles & Minna Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilhelmineBlk19N/2-13  Anton Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilhelmineBlk918 Aug. 4, 1898Philip Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilliamBlk2999 Aug. 14, 1945Ernst Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilliamSec136 Nov. 5, 1942Rosa & Wm. Meyer Lot
Meyer, WilliamSec2S/2-78 July 26, 1956He was Owner
Meyer, WilliamSec21N/2-23 Feb. 25, 1961Joint Tenancy
Meyer, Wm.    Dec. 13, 1881 
Meyer, Wm.Sec11 142June 2, 1938Lot Owner
Meyerkorth, Henry    Sept. 10, 1882 
Meyers, EdwinSec2S/2-8 July 6, 1929 
Meyers, HerbertBlk8N/2-4 Aug. 15, 1929L. Meyer Lot
Miaralpopontos, N.Sec4 B 81Jan. 24, 1903Owner
Michael, BarbaraBlk24S/2-26 June 14, 1894Anna Blum Lot
Michael, ClaudiaSec21138 Sept. 24, 1963Owner
Michaels, AndrewBlk1214  Annie Schneider Lot
Michaels, CarolineBlk626 July 7, 1926Louis Michael{sic} Lot
Michaels, ChristineBlk626 Aug. 29, 1883Louis Michaels Lot
Michaels, FredBlk626 April 28, 1893Louis Michaels Lot
Michaels, InfantBlk626 March 24, 1896Louis Michael{sic} Lot
Michaels, LouisBlk626 July 27, 1923Louis Michael{sic} Lot
Michaels, SusanBlk1214  Annie Schneider Lot
Michaloplos, JohnSec5 B 420Feb. 3, 1951Owner
Michel, BarbaraBlk24S/2-26  Anna Blum Lot
Michel, InfantBlk24S/2-26 Feb. 27, 1893Anna Blum Lot
Michel, JacobBlk24S/2-26  Anna Blum Lot
Michel, Ruth    Dec. 26, 1906 
Michel, TheoBlk24N/2-26 May 13, 1888Carl Grimmer Lot
Michels, BabyBlk24S/2-26 Dec. 13, 1889Anna Blum Lot
Michels, WindelinSec11 209Sept. 27, 1940Husband - Mrs. Wendelin Michels Lot
Michelson, Mrs.    Sept. 18, 1881 
Michkowski, RobertSec19S/2-135 May 12, 1978Husband - Joann
Michler, M.    Nov. 14, 1880 
Mickelson, HalvorSec1S/2-69  Mrs. Halvor Mickelson Lot
Mickelson, SigridaSec1S/2-69 Dec. 20, 1928Mrs. Halvor Mickelson Lot
Mickus, PeterSec16 A 210Jan. 23, 1956Joint Tenancy with Peternella in 210 & 211
Mickus, PetronellaSec16 A 211Nov. 4, 1978Peter Mickus
Mie Rau, InfantBlk24 A 908June 7, 1957Carol L. Mie Rau
Mielke, CarolineBlk31S/2-17  Johanna Darr Lot
Miersch, AlmaSec4 C 4Feb. 15, 1946Fred Miersch Lot
Miersch, AntonieSec2N/2-3 July 6, 1929Wm. Miersch Lot
Miersch, ErnstBlk30S/2-21  Gottfried Miersch Lot
Miersch, FredSec4 C 3Sept. 19, 1966Owner
Miersch, HilmaSec14S/2-97 June 25, 1941Wife - Hugo Miersch Lot
Miersch, HugoSec14S/2-97 Dec. 23, 1947Owner
Miersch, MarySec2N/2-3  Wm. Miersch Lot
Miersch, WilhelmineBlk30S/2-32  Gottfried Miersch Lot
Miersch, WilliamSec2N/2-3 March 5, 1951Owner
Miesfeldt, ViolaSec17S/2-142 June 23, 1932Orrin Kuether Lot
Mike, Sec12 123May 26, 1936Potters Field
Mikkelson, Paul    Feb. 19, 1901 
Mikusevec, MathSec11 472May 4, 1932Owner
Mild, AnnaSec4 B 171May 18, 1906Wife of William Mild Lot Owner
Mild, ArthurSec3S/2-48  August Mild Lot
Mild, AugustSec3S/2-48 June 26, 1941Owner
Mild, Baby    Jan. 11, 1884 
Mild, EmilySec3S/2-48 May 12, 1952Wife of August Mile Lot Owner
Mild, WilliamSec4 B 172 Owner
Milinkovic, CarlSec11 165March 18, 1942Lot Purchased by Arthur H. Gruhle - Public Lot
Millard, RoySec5 B 322April 5, 1966Ballhorn
Miller, AgnesSec1S/2-36  Wm. Hessler Lot
Miller, AgnesSec4 C 8March 18, 1989Widow - Walter Miller Lot
Miller, AlvinSec10N/2-34 Dec. 12, 1985Moritz Meier Lot
Miller, AnnieSec3N/2-49 March 5, 1938Annie A. Miller Lot
Miller, ArthurSec12 45Aug. 17, 1945Potters Field
Miller, ArthurSec14 108March 6, 1939Evangeline Miller Lot
Miller, AugustaSec1N/2-40 July 18, 1935Louis Hessler Lot
Miller, Baby    March 24, 1932 
Miller, Betty JaneSec5 C54 April 29, 1931Possibly a Son - Casper Miller Lot
Miller, CarolineSec2E/2-52 Nov. 19, 1937 
Miller, CharlesSec16 A 467April 29, 1966Owner
Miller, ChasSec5 A79 Jan. 24, 1933Emil Miller Lot
Miller, ChristineBlk30N/2-32 Sept. 24, 1884 
Miller, ChristineSec16E/2 - S/2-31 June 1, 1961Wife & Joint Owner
Miller, DorothySec21N/2-5 Jan. 12, 1966Daughter - Hansohn Lot
Miller, EdwardSec5 D 65Sept. 28, 1965Husband - Mrs. Helen Miller Lot
Miller, ElsieSec6S/2-20 June 29, 1956Daughter-in-Law - Peter Miller Lot
Miller, EmilSec10W/2 - N/2-35 Dec. 11, 1971Owner - Emil & Marie Lot
Miller, EmilieSec5 B 337June 8, 1929Herman Miller Lot
Miller, EmmaSec16 A 466April 28, 1961Wife - Charles Miller Lot
Miller, Ernst    May 21, 1986Owner
Miller, ErvinSec16 B 148March 3, 1971Husband - Laverne Miller Lot
Miller, EugeneSec11 909Aug. 24, 1993Lot Purchased through Ballhorn
Miller, EvangelineSec14108 Aug. 23, 1979Owner
Miller, FredSec2E/2-52 Sept. 21, 1937Owner
Miller, FredSec6S/2-20 June 28, 1965Son - Peter Miller Lot
Miller, HelenSec10N/2-34 Aug. 23, 1983Moritz Meier Lot
Miller, HenrySec11 740March 11, 1964Owner
Miller, HenrySec3N/2-49 Sept. 29, 1934Annie A. Miller Lot
Miller, HermanSec5 B 338Jan. 10, 1952Owner
Miller, IdaSec15S/2-57 Oct. 9, 1950Owner
Miller, IdaSec6S/2-20 Dec. 4, 1923Peter Miller Lot
Miller, InfantSec5 C 15May 29, 1926Possibly Son
Miller, IsabelleSec15S/2-42 Feb. 15, 1933Chas. Fischer, Jr. Lot
Miller, John    Jan. 20, 1884 
Miller, JohnSec16E/2 - S/2-31 June 13, 1972Owner
Miller, JosephineSec1S/2-36  Wm. Hessler Lot
Miller, JuneSec10N/2-34 Oct. 6, 1928Moritz Meier Lot
Miller, LaverneSec16 B 147March 21, 1987Owner
Miller, LesterSec10E/2 - S/2-15 Dec. 30, 1970Owner
Miller, LillianSec10E/2 - S/2-15 May 17, 1982Lester & Lillian Miller Lot
Miller, LouisSec15S/2-42 March 15, 1951Chas. Fischer, Jr. Lot
Miller, Louisa    Sept. 24, 1883 
Miller, MabelSec11 93Nov. 28, 1936Richard Miller Lot
Miller, MarieSec10E/2 - N/2-35 Jan. 9, 1986Owner with Husband Emil
Miller, MaxBlk3675 Nov. 5, 1896William Miller Lot
Miller, Mrs. AugusSec1N/2-40 Aug. 24, 1934Louis Hessler Lot
Miller, NicholasSec1S/2-36  Wm. Hessler Lot
Miller, PeterSec6S/2-20 July 15, 1937Owner
Miller, RandallSec15S/2-57 May 31, 1975Son - Ida H. Miller Lot
Miller, RichardSec14108 Nov. 22, 1988 
Miller, RoscoSec16E/2 - S/2-31 May 30, 1981Son - John & Christine Miller Lot
Miller, RoySec15S/2-57 Nov. 27, 1942Husband - Ida Miller Lot
Miller, Stewart    June 10, 1906 
Miller, SusanBlk24 A 87 DJan. 10, 1955Mrs. Arvin Roethel - Friend of Mother
Miller, VirginiaSec6N/2-52 Nov. 21, 1997Daughter - Ben Buck Lot
Miller, WalterBlk4 C 7June 3, 1953Joint Ownership
Millert, CarlBlk28S/2-1 March 18, 1887Owner
Millert, CharlesBlk28S/2-1 April 3, 1924Carl Millert Lot
Millert, EmmaBlk28S/2-1  Carl Millert Lot
Millert, HugoBlk28S/2-1  Carl Millert Lot
Millert, InfantBlk28S/2-1 Nov. 8, 1891Carl Millert Lot
Millert, MarieBlk28S/2-1  Carl Millert Lot
Millert, OttoBlk28S/2-1 Dec. 1, 1942Carl Millert Lot
Milliard, J.  18 Nov. 18, 1892 
Millyard, Eliza  20 March 17, 1893 
Minderhand, MartineBlk37 12Sept. 8, 1889 
Minderhoud, JohnSec16 A 194April 21, 1959Uncle - Mrs. Robert Keil Lot
Minderhout, ArnoldSec11 14June 20, 1947He owns 2-Grave Lot
Minderhout, CrinaSec11 15July 11, 1931Arnold Minderhout Lot
Minderhout, JohnBlk37  Feb. 12, 1910 
Minderhout, NellieSec4 B 212 A. Minderhout Lot
Minnaard, AdriannaSec11 285Aug. 3, 1943Wife - Dennis Minnaard Lot
Minnaard, DingenisSec11 286Oct. 23, 1948He was Plot Owner
Minnaard, HenryBlk37  Nov. 17, 1907 
Minnard, DonaldSec12 A 236Feb. 13, 1991Donald Minnard Lot Owner
Minnard, GraceSec16 A 568Oct. 6, 1975Owner
Minnard, WilliamSec16 A 569Nov. 20, 1967Husband - Grace Minnard Lot
Minott, CharlesBlk6S/2-9  G. E. Minott Lot
Minott, LeviBlk6S/2-9  G. E. Minott Lot
Minott, OrthonetteBlk6S/2-9 July 3, 1882G. E. Minott Lot
Minster, ArthurBlk32N-10' - W-10'-15 Feb. 14, 1945Husband - Lillie Minster Lot
Minster, EdwardSec4 C 175March 28, 1953Owner
Minster, LillieBlk32N-10' - W-10'15 April 18, 1973Owner
Minster, MarthaSec4 C 174March 17, 1948Wife - Edward Minster Lot
Minster, RaymondBlk3215 June 9, 1993Son - Lillie Minster Lot
Mischo, LeonaSec17 A 92March 6, 1987Owner
Mischo, RaymondSec17 A 93Jan. 6, 1996Co-Owner with Wife
Mitwede, AugustSec37 March 17, 1938Conradine Mitwede Lot
Mitwede, ConradineSec37  Owner
Mitwede, EmelieSec37 Feb. 12, 1959Daughter-in-Law - Conradine Mitwede Lot
Mitwede, HermSec37  Conradine Mitwede Lot
Mitwede, LillieSec37 April 27, 1966Daughter-in-Law - Conradine Mitwede Lot
Mitwede, WilliamSec37 Oct. 10, 1945Conradine Mitwede Lot
Modes, AugustSec1N/2-12 Sept. 14, 1966Daughter - Conrad Modes Lot
Modes, ConradSec1N/2-12 April 17, 1928Owner
Modes, GuntherBlk3736 Aug. 22, 1890 
Modes, LisetteSec1N/2-12 Sept. 19, 1977Conrad Modes Lot
Modes, ThecklaSec1N/2-12 Nov. 11, 1950Wife - Conrad Modes Lot
Moeckli, HattieBlk20S/2-12 Feb. 18, 1939Ulrich & Barbara Moeckli Lot
Moeckli, UlrichBlk20S/2-12  Ulrich & Barbara Moeckli Lot
Moehling, Mrs.    Sept. 14, 1880 
Moehring, ElmerSec17 A 147Feb. 1, 1989 
Moeller, AlbertSec3N/2-41 March 31, 1926Mrs. Albert J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, AnnaSec9S/2-35 Oct. 5, 1961Owner
Moeller, EdnaSec9S/2-35 Dec. 15, 1993Daughter - Mrs. W. F. Moeller Lot
Moeller, EdwardBlk2374 Jan. 7, 1898 
Moeller, ElizabethBlk122 Dec. 13, 1895F. J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, EllauraBlk21N/2-15 May 27, 1895Otto Wedell Lot - Transferred to Mrs. B.
Moeller, JacobBlk122 June 21, 1887F. J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, LucilleSec9S/2-35 Feb. 11, 1950Mrs. W. F. Moeller Lot
Moeller, MargerethaBlk12N/2-12 Dec. 3, 1937R. J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, R.Blk3611 May 27, 1891 
Moeller, RichardBlk122 Aug. 14, 1944F. J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, TheodoreBlk12N/2-2  F. J. Moeller Lot
Moeller, WilhelmineSec9S/2-35  Mrs. Anna Moeller Lot
Moeller, WmmaSec3N/2-41 Nov. 2, 1946Owner
Moenning,     July 19, 1881 
Moenning,     July 25, 1881 
Moenning, AnnaBlk21S/2-8 March 3, 1928Wm. Moenning Lot
Moenning, ElviraSec19W/2-218 May 29, 1991She and Husband were Owners
Moenning, FredSec7N/2-32  Owner
Moenning, HarrySec19S/W-218 Sept. 5, 1962Husband - Elvira Moenning Lot
Moenning, J.    April 29, 1883 
Moenning, Otto    July 13, 1881 
Moenning, Wm.Blk21S/2-8 Nov. 28, 1927Owner
Moers, JamesBlk1919 May 9, 1988Husband of Granddaughter - Dork DeGroot Lot
Moesch, MelissaSec24 A 45 CApril 20, 1985Mother - Pamela Moesch Lot
Mogenson, ElizabethBlk1227 May 28, 1946John Mogensen{sic} Lot
Mogenson, EstherSec1S/2-76  Halver Mogenson Lot
Mogenson, HalvorSec1S/2-76 March 13, 1930Owner
Mogenson, JohnBlk1227  Owner
Mogenson, JosephineBlk1227 Feb. 3, 1937John Mogensen{sic} Lot
Mogenson, JulianBlk1227 March 6, 1943Son - John Mogensen{lot} Lot
Mogenson, MarthaSec1S/2-76  Halvor Mogenson Lot
Moglie, UlrichBlk2922 June 25, 1886 
Mohling, FerdinandBlk127  E. Lohmann Lot
Mohn, AdelheidBlk11S/2-23 March 28, 1923A. L. & Minnie Mohr Lot
Mohnhard, Emma    Aug. 27, 1881 
Mohnhard, J.Blk2937 July 6, 1889 
Mohr, AndrewBlk11S/2-33 April 13, 1953Owner
Mohr, AnnaBlk31S/2-30 Sept. 2, 1975Emil Mohr Lot
Mohr, AugustBlk31W/2-6 May 14, 1889August Mohr Lot
Mohr, BabyBlk316 Aug. 14, 1889August Mohr Lot
Mohr, BabyBlk31W/2-6 Oct. 2, 1926August Mohr Lot
Mohr, CarlBlk31W/2-6  August Mohr Lot
Mohr, CarolineBlk31S/2-6 Feb. 12, 1927August Mohr Lot
Mohr, CarrieBlk316 Dec. 8, 1893August Mohr Lot
Mohr, Christ    Oct. 2, 1902 
Mohr, ClaraSec15S/2 - 2/1-24 Sept. 12, 1960Owner - Mrs. Paul Mohr
Mohr, CoraBlk2510 Nov. 20, 1887August Mohr Lot - Transferred to Mrs. Johanna {sic}
Mohr, DorothySec16 B 151July 20, 1985Dorothy Mohr Lot - Mrs. Gustave
Mohr, EmilBlk31S/2-30 July 2, 1958Son - Emil Mohr, Sr. Lot
Mohr, EmilBlk31S/2-30 May 12, 1934Owner
Mohr, ErwinBlk31W/2-6  August Mohr Lot
Mohr, EstherSec2N/2-18 Aug. 29, 1970Daughter-in-Law - George Mohr Lot
Mohr, FriedaBlk31S/2-30 May 5, 1890Emil Mohr Lot
Mohr, GeorgeSec19W/2-183 Dec. 30, 1983Joint Ownership - Rev. George & Dorothy Mohr
Mohr, GeorgeSec2N/2-18 July 5, 1941Owner
Mohr, GlennSec11 865July 13, 1981Brother - William Mohr Lot
Mohr, GustaveSec16 B 152Aug. 4, 1971Husband
Mohr, HarrySec2N/2-18  George Mohr Lot
Mohr, HarveyBlk8 A 90July 21, 1987Owner
Mohr, InfantSec2N/2-18 June 30, 1944Grandchild -Male- George Mohr Lot
Mohr, LillianSec2117 April 21, 1948Wife - Paul B. Mohr Lot
Mohr, MarieBlk31S/2-30 Nov. 25, 1931Emil Mohr Lot
Mohr, MarySec2S/2-19 Jan. 19, 1960Wife of Nick - Joint Ownership Nick & Mary Mohr
Mohr, MinnieBlk11S/2-23 Nov. 4, 1967Owner
Mohr, MinnieBlk31S/2-30 Nov. 6, 1940 
Mohr, MinnieSec2N/2-18 April 30, 1956Wife - George Mohr Lot
Mohr, NickSec2S/2-19 Dec. 8, 1955Joint Tenancy with Mary Mohr
Mohr, PaulSec15W/2 - S/2-24 April 14, 1938Mrs. Paul Mohr Lot
Mohr, PaulSec2117 June 30, 1945Owner
Mohr, RudolphBlk31N/2-6 June 24, 1932August Mohr Lot
Mohr, WalterSec2N/2-18  George Mohr Lot
Mohr, WilhelmineBlk22S/2-5  Christian
Mohr, WilliamSec2N/2-18 March 11, 1967Son - George Mohr Lot
Mohr, WillieBlk31S/2-30 May 8, 1890Emil Mohr Lot
Molan, IreneSec11 303Feb. 2, 1944Wife - Roy Molan Lot
Moldenhauer, ChristianSec4 B 117 Mrs. Christ Moldenhauer Lot
Molitor, MinnieSec4 C 39March 14, 1936Son - Paul Urner Lot
Molitor, SharonSec5 C 25July 19, 1940Father - George Molitor Lot
Molkenthine, WalterSec12 26Sept. 6, 1958 
Moll, BerthaSec11 111Sept. 5, 1936Joe Moll Lot
Moll, EdwinBlk911 Dec. 23, 1888Rudolph Geussenhainer Lot
Moll, JosephSec11 110Aug. 5, 1950Owner
Moll, Wm.Blk911 Sept. 17, 1885Rudolph Geussenhainer Lot
Mollenhauer, AlbertSec5 B 203Jan. 8, 1960Owner
Mollenhauer, EllaSec4 C 59April 17, 1975Owner
Mollenhauer, Herman    Nov. 11, 1881 
Mollenhauer, MinnieSec4 B 118 Mrs. Christ Moldenhauer Lot
Mollenhauer, TheodoreSec4 C 58Oct. 27, 1966Owner
Moller, Edmond  34 June 25, 1895 
Moltz, FerdinandSec5 B107  Owner
Mondlock, LeonaSec16 A 24Dec. 7, 1950Wife - Raymond Mondlock Lot
Monson, ElmerBlk33S/2-204Jan. 22, 1971Alfred Louden Lot
Monson, WilberSec19W/2-209 June 20, 1990Husband
Montaba, AbrahamSec2N/2-96 June 7, 1939Anthony Montaba Lot
Montaba, JacobSec2N/2-96 Aug. 14, 1933Anthony Montaba Lot
Montaba, JaneSec2N/2-96 July 23, 1938Anthony Montaba Lot
Montgomery, Wm.Sec5 B297 March 19, 1936Owner
Montogomery, Wm.Sec5 B 296March 11, 1948Owner
Montuila, GeorgeSec11 63Aug. 19, 1933Joe Zaleskas Lot
Monty, LouiseSec1S/2-39 Sept. 15, 1969August Bogen Lot
Moody, InfantBlk24 A 56 CAug. 2, 1972Son: Willis Moody Lot
Moollenhauer, CharlesSec5 B204 Aug. 28, 1924Albert Mollenhauer Lot
Mooney, EllisSec17 A 84Aug. 26, 1981Husband of Winifred Lot
Moore, AbilgailSec38 Oct. 19, 1961Relative - Mrs. Jerry Donohue Lot
Moore, C.Blk346 Sept. 20, 1887He was Lot Owner
Moore, CharlotteBlk315  Jos. L. Moore Lot
Moore, EdwardSec1799 Oct. 10, 1989Son-in-Law - Oscar Boenicke Lot
Moore, EmmaBlk32N/2-7 Nov. 13, 1944Wife - Chas Moore Lot
Moore, GeorgeBlk315  Jos. L. Moore Lot
Moore, HerbertSec380 May 23, 1942Mrs. Jerry Donohue Lot
Moore, JuliaBlk315  J. L. Moore Lot
Moore, LorenSec4 B 177 Owner
Moore, MaryBlk315  Jos. L. Moore Lot
Moore, RoseSec4 B178  Loren Moore Lot
Moore, SarahBlk315  Jos. L. Moore Lot
Moore, SarahBlk346 Feb. 23, 1906Wife - Charles T. Moore Lot
Moore, ViolaBlk32N/2-7 April 23, 1897 
Moos, AmaliaSec14N/2-42 Nov. 26, 1980Wm. C. Moos Lot
Moos, ArnoSec14N/2-42 Oct. 11, 1932Wm. Moos Purchased Lot - 10-10-1932
Moos, ClaraSec14N/2-42 Oct. 4, 1944Wife - Wm. Moos Purchased Lot - 10-10-1932
Moos, WilliamSec14N/2-42 Jan. 26, 1949Lot Owner
Morancy, RussellSec11 927April 21, 1994Brother - Shirley Nelesen Lot
Morancy, ShirleySec11 887Jan. 21, 1988Owner
Mordhorst, BabyBlk16S/2-14 March 17, 1886Henry Mordhorst Lot
Mordhorst, CatharinaBlk16S/2-14  Possibly Mother - Henry Mordhorst Lot
Mordhorst, DoraBlk16S/2-14 July 30, 1904Henry Mordhorst Lot
Mordhorst, EdwardBlk16S/2-14 Oct. 13, 1901Henry Mordhorst Lot
Mordhorst, Henry JohnBlk16S/2-14 Aug. 26, 1958Son - Henry Mordhorst Sr. Lot
Mordhorst, HenryBlk16S/2-14 Sept. 4, 1898Owner
Mordhorst, InfantBlk16S/2-14 Dec. 10, 1892Henry Mordhorst
Mordhorst, MarthaBlk16S/2-14 Oct. 17, 1959Daughter-in-Law - Henry Mordhorst
Mordhorst, MayBlk16S/2-14 Aug. 1, 1904Henry Mordhorst Lot
Moreau, JohnSec183861Jan. 16, 1998He was Lot Owner
Moreau, RhodaSec183861Oct. 16, 1996Wife - John Moreau Lot
Morgan, FrankBlk344 May 31, 1888Chas Norton Lot
Morgan, GeorgiaSec4 A146   
Morgeneier, ElizabethBlk136 Oct. 16, 1905Robt. Morgeneier Lot
Morgeneier, RobertBlk136 Aug. 1, 1895Owner
Morgeneier, WolfgangBlk13W/2-6  Robert Morgeneier Lot
Morois, AlexanderBlk24 A 43 DOct. 13, 1987Son - Michael Morois Lot
Morrel, FrancesSec1S/2-49  John Velier Lot
Morris, CarolineBlk35  Owner
Morris, CatherineSec325 April 16, 1981F. S. Morris Lot
Morris, Chas    Jan. 25, 1884 
Morris, FredBlk35 Aug. 21, 1928Caroline E. Morris Lot
Morris, FredericSec325   
Morris, HoraceSec325  F. S. Morris Lot
Morris, IsabelSec325 May 20, 1976F. S. Morris Lot
Morris, WilliamSec325 Sept. 29, 1965Son - F. S. Morris Lot
Morrow, ClaraSec14N/2-1 Dec. 17, 1965She was Owner
Morrow, JosephSec14N/2-1 May 8, 1933Husband - Mrs. Joseph Morrow Lot
Mortann, CarlBlk6S/2-1 Jan. 14, 1889 
Mortann, DorotheaBlk6S/2-1 Nov. 10, 1881 
Mortann, FriedrichBlk6S/2-1   
Mortensen, RaymondBlk154 Feb. 10, 1954Son-in-Law - Louis Hinze Lot
Morton, GavinSec1S/2-1   
Morton, JennieSec1S/2-1 April 19, 1941Wife - Thomas Morton Lot
Morton, ThomasSec1S/2-1 Sept. 27, 1939He was Owner
Mosch, CarolineSec11 121June 5, 1947She was Owner - Mrs. Theodore Mosch Lot
Mosch, TheodoreSec11 120Sept. 8, 1937Husband - Mrs. Theodore Mosch Lot
Moschko, JosephineSec5 B 232Jan. 26, 1984She was Lot Owner
Moser, AdolphSec5 B 356May 21, 1930She was Lot Owner
Moser, AnnaSec2E/2 - S/2 Aug. 5, 1898She was Owner
Moser, KathrineSec5 B 357June 13, 1939She was Owner of Lot
Moser, LenaSec16S/2-2 March 27, 1889Sister - Otto Maas Lot
Moses, IdaBlk1324 June 2, 1938 
Mosher, EdwardSec7N/2-1 Aug. 13, 1960Niece of Mrs. John Becker & Mrs. Wm. Fla {sic}
Mosher, LillianSec7S/2-3 Dec. 20, 1978Jack Dittes Lot
Moskow, Thomas    March 3, 1884 
Moss, EdwinSec6S/2-222Aug. 23, 1980She Was Owner
Moss, JudithBlk24 A 65 BMarch 12, 1945Daughter - Edwin Moss Lot
Moua, PadraBlk24 A 48 CAug. 30, 1984Daughter - Bee & Chong Moua Lot
Mouzoures, CatherinSec16 A 580Feb. 8, 1967She was Owner
Mouzoures, GustavSec16 A 579Feb. 19, 1999Son - Catherine Mouzoures Lot
Mouzoures, InfantBlk24 A 71 DMarch 28, 1946Daughter - Anne Mouzoures Lot
Mouzoures, InfantBlk24 A 72 CMay 21, 1945Son - Anne Mouzoures Lot
Mouzoures, PeterSec16 A 581Nov. 27, 1964Husband - Catherine Mouzoures Lot
Moyer, EllaSec19S 1/2 - N 1/2 Jan. 11, 1965Mother - Ronald Moyer Lot
Moyer, KennethSec11 778Aug. 31, 1968Father - Dennis Moyer Lot
Mrozek, AntonBlk331613Sept. 21, 1979Purchased by Ballhorn
Muehlenberg, FranklinBlk30E/2 - S/2 Nov. 10, 1994Co-Owner with Wife
Muehlenberg, ViolaBlk9E/2 - S/2 June 16, 1995Co-Owner with Husband
Mueller, AdamSec1E/2 - N/2-30 Sept. 9, 1940Father - Miss Oleida Mueller Lot
Mueller, AdeleSec19N/2-1 Sept. 8, 1961Wife - Reuben Mueller Lot
Mueller, AlbertSec269 Feb. 11, 1932H. G. Mueller Lot
Mueller, AlfredSec18S/2-4 Sept. 3, 1954Brother-in-Law - Charlotte Meissner Lot
Mueller, AlvinaBlk282 Jan. 2, 1929Fred Mueller & Sons Lot
Mueller, AnnaBlk282   
Mueller, AnnaSec1427 Oct. 30, 1929 
Mueller, AnnaSec21N/2-7 May 5, 1982She was Co-Owner with Husband Edward J.
Mueller, ArlineSec19S/2-7 July 27, 1973She was Owner - Mrs. Harry Mueller Lot
Mueller, Augusta    Oct. 10, 1888 
Mueller, AugusteBlk30N/2-4   
Mueller, AugusteSec2S/2-2   
Mueller, Baby    Dec. 12, 1900 
Mueller, Baby    Nov. 9, 1903 
Mueller, BarbaraBlk7N/2-1 April 8, 1931She was Lot Owner - Mrs. Dave Mueller Lot
Mueller, BernhardSec14S/2-1 May 29, 1953He was Owner of Lot
Mueller, BerthaSec3113   
Mueller, BertholdBlk21N/2-1 Feb. 14, 1956Husband - Mrs. Berthold Mueller Lot
Mueller, Carl    Nov. 3, 1880 
Mueller, Caroline    July 12, 1899 
Mueller, CarolineBlk33S/2-2 April 19, 1894Ed Horn & George Shaw Lot
Mueller, CarolineBlk6N/2-1 May 29, 1898 
Mueller, ChasBlk187 Aug. 3, 1931Chas. Mueller Lot
Mueller, CoraSec16N 1/2 - E 1/2 March 23, 1965She was Owner
Mueller, DavidBlk7N 1/2-10  Husband - Mrs. Dave Mueller Lot
Mueller, DorotheaSec1N 1/2-30 Aug. 9, 1928Daughter-in-Law - Henry Mueller Lot
Mueller, DorothyBlk33S 2/3 - W 1/2 - S-1 June 10, 1992Her and Husband Owned Lot
Mueller, Dr. EdwardSec21N/2-7 Aug. 9, 1974Owner
Mueller, EdwardSec21N/2-7 June 8, 1953Son - Edward J. and Anna Mueller Lot
Mueller, EdwinSec14S/2-1 June 14, 1985Son - Otto A. Mueller Lot
Mueller, ElisaBlk187  Chas. Mueller Lot
Mueller, Elisabeth    Dec. 3, 1904 
Mueller, ElizabethSec1E 1/2 - N 1/2 Jan. 3, 1959Mother - Miss Oleida Mueller Lot
Mueller, ElizabethSec317  Wife - Otto W. Mueller Lot
Mueller, EmilySec16 A 479Dec. 3, 1966She was Owner
Mueller, EmmaSec14S/2-1 Nov. 10, 1936Daughter - Bernhard Mueller Lot
Mueller, EmmaSec2S/2-2 May 17, 1940Wife - Henry J. Mueller Lot
Mueller, EstherSec21W 1/2 - N 1/2 Oct. 16, 1991Wife - Jerome Mueller Lot
Mueller, FloraBlk2124 Feb. 3, 1956Daughter - Carl Imig Lot
Mueller, FloydSec2S/2-2 June 5, 1904Son - Henry J. Mueller Lot
Mueller, FrankSec40 C 227April 4, 1952He and Wife were Joint Owners
Mueller, FredSec1427 June 3, 1926Husband - Mrs. Fred Mueller Lot
Mueller, FrederickBlk34N/2-1  He was Lot Owner
Mueller, FrederickSec1427 Jan. 7, 1986Son - Mrs. Fred Mueller Lot
Mueller, FriedrichBlk282 Jan. 14, 1905Fred Mueller & Sons Lot
Mueller, FriedrichSec3113 Dec. 31, 1904Alfred Mueller Lot
Mueller, GeorgeSec14N/2-8 Aug. 27, 1931George Mueller Lot
Mueller, GeorgeSec14N/2-8 Jan. 14, 1933George Mueller Lot
Mueller, GeorgeSec16N 1/2 - E 1/2 Aug. 21, 1946Husband - Mrs. George Mueller Lot
Mueller, GottfriedSec6S/2-4 April 30, 1927Marie Elizabeth Mueller Lot
Mueller, GottfriedSec6S/2-4 Nov. 24, 1970Son - Marie Miller {Mueller} Lot
Mueller, HansBlk2522 Dec. 5, 1887 
Mueller, HaroldSec14W 1/2 - S 1/2 Dec. 1, 1971Owner - Mueller / Burhop Lot
Mueller, HarryBlk14S/2-7 May 16, 1894John Meggers Lot
Mueller, HarrySec19S/2-7 Nov. 12, 1962Husband - Mrs. Arline Mueller Lot
Mueller, HattieSec3113 Dec. 9, 1886 
Mueller, HelenaSec21N/2-1 March 20, 1944She was Lot Owner
Mueller, HenriettaSec14S/2-1 July 22, 1935 
Mueller, HenrySec1N/2-3 March 9, 1935He was Owner - Henry Mueller Lot
Mueller, HenrySec1N/2-3 Oct. 10, 1905Possibly Son of Henry {Heinrich} Mueller
Mueller, HenrySec14S/2-8 Aug. 27, 1930Husband - Mrs. Henry L. Mueller Lot
Mueller, HenrySec269  He was Owner
Mueller, HenrySec2S/2-3 April 17, 1957Father - Eugene & Erna Stahl Lot
Mueller, HermanBlk12N/2-1   
Mueller, HermanBlk282   
Mueller, HermanSec2S/2-2 Feb. 18, 1929Unknown - Possibly Son Augusta Mueller Lot
Mueller, HilbertSec11 491Dec. 16, 1935Husband - Lulu Mueller
Mueller, HildaSec16S/2-4 Oct. 26, 1944Sister
Mueller, HildegardeSec6S/2-3 Nov. 20, 1943Daughter
Mueller, InfantBlk24 A 96 AJan. 10, 1961Son
Mueller, InfantBlk24S/2-4 Feb. 4, 1906Infant Son of William Mueller
Mueller, InfantBlk3633 Aug. 31, 1893 
Mueller, InfantBlk37106 Oct. 20, 1894 
Mueller, IreneSec20942Nov. 23, 1990Irene Mueller Purchased Lot from Son, Ge {sic}
Mueller, IreneSec6S 1/2-47 Oct. 24, 1996Daughter-in-Law - Maria Mueller Lot
Mueller, IrmaSec14W 1/2 - S 1/2 Oct. 29, 1949Wife
Mueller, JacobSec16 273March 20, 1956Husband
Mueller, JacobSec21N/2-7 May 23, 1997Son - Edward Mueller Lot
Mueller, JamesSec12 A 263April 10, 1989Husband
Mueller, JeromeSec21W 1/2 - N 1/2 June 26, 1973Owner
Mueller, JohannaBlk21N/2-2 Feb. 13, 1888 
Mueller, JohnSec12 222June 9, 1924 
Mueller, JohnSec14E 1/2 - N 1/2 Dec. 6, 1951 
Mueller, JohnSec2S/2-2 Aug. 4, 1902 
Mueller, JosephoneSec14N/2-1 June 9, 1975Daughter - Arsenius Dttrich Lot
Mueller, JuliusBlk33S/2-2 Sept. 6, 1893 
Mueller, JuliusSec2S/2-2 April 4, 1931 
Mueller, KathrynSec269 April 13, 1936Information Not Available
Mueller, LeoSec11 837July 24, 1979Son - Gerald Mueller Lot
Mueller, LeoSec14N/2-1 Aug. 5, 1960Son-in-Law
Mueller, LeroySec19N/2-5 Dec. 24, 1970Husband - Patricia Mueller Lot
Mueller, LetaSec16 A 272June 18, 1966She was Owner
Mueller, LillieBlk2123  Catherine Buckel Lot
Mueller, LillieSec21N/2-3 Sept. 28, 1972Co-Owner with Husband Walter
Mueller, LillieSec4 C 228April 6, 1977Wife - Frank J. & Lillie Mueller Lot
Mueller, LouisSec269   
Mueller, MargaretSec14S/2-1 Aug. 29, 1975Wife - Herman A. Meyer Lot
Mueller, MariaSec6S/2-4 Dec. 8, 1964She was Owner of Lot
Mueller, MarieBlk24S/2-4 April 21, 1925Wife - William Mueller or Muller Lot
Mueller, MarieSec649 April 1, 1986Daughter - Louisa Vongriethuysen Lot
Mueller, MarionSec16 A 394July 27, 1977She was Owner of Lot
Mueller, MaryBlk2364 June 26, 1897George Mueller Lot
Mueller, Michael    Nov. 27, 1881 
Mueller, MichaelSec19S 1/2 - N 1/2 Aug. 22, 1988Brother - Alan Mueller Lot
Mueller, Mrs.    Nov. 16, 1880 
Mueller, NellieSec14N/2-89 Nov. 22, 1926George Mueller Lot
Mueller, NoraBlk21N/2-15   
Mueller, OleidaSec1E/2 - N/2-38 April 24, 1989Owner
Mueller, OlgaSec14S/2-84 July 3, 1950Wife - Henry L. Mueller Lot
Mueller, OlgaSec269 Sept. 18, 1935H. G. Mueller Lot
Mueller, OlgaSec6S/2-47 Dec. 9, 1966Daughter - Elizabeth Maria Miller
Mueller, OscarSec19S/2-10 April 9, 1960Husband - Mrs. Leah Mueller Lot
Mueller, OttoBlk2124 July 20, 1943Carl Imig Lot
Mueller, OttoBlk3633 March 7, 1895 
Mueller, OttoSec14S/2-144 March 7, 1933Otto Mueller Lot
Mueller, PaulSec5 A 102July 21, 1943Son - Roy Mueller Lot
Mueller, Paulina    March 18, 1902 
Mueller, PhyllisSec182753Sept. 9, 1994Mother - Clarence Mueller Lot
Mueller, ReubenSec19N/2-10 June 14, 1962Owner
Mueller, RichardSec19N/2-32 Aug. 28, 1975Husband - Mrs. Esther Mueller Lot
Mueller, RoySec19S/2-89 Jan. 5, 1974Husband - Evelyn Mueller Lot
Mueller, RudieSec6S/2-49 July 3, 1974Son-in-Law - Von Griethuysen Lot
Mueller, SinaSec21W/2 - N/2-70 May 9, 1961Mother - Jerome H. Mueller Lot
Mueller, SusanBlk2N/2-33 May 26, 1898Arthur & Mamie Schneider Lot
Mueller, TheresaSec2S/2-24 Oct. 12, 1939Augusta Mueller Lot
Mueller, VeraSec14S/2-144 June 30, 1961Otto A. Mueller Lot
Mueller, VictorSec14N/2-84 Jan. 25, 1940On Brasure Lot
Mueller, WalterSec14S/2-144 Jan. 21, 1933Otto A. Mueller Lot
Mueller, WalterSec2095 Nov. 2, 1983Husband of Irene Mueller
Mueller, WalterSec21N/2-32 June 13, 1973Owner
Mueller, Wilhelmine    Oct. 4, 1900 
Mueller, WilhelmineBlk21N/2-2 June 6, 1898Wm. Mueller Lot
Mueller, WilhelmineSec269  H. G. Mueller Lot
Mueller, WilliamBlk282  Fred Mueller & Sons Lot
Mueller, WilliamSec16 A 480Oct. 21, 1964Husband
Mueller, Wm    July 13, 1883 
Mueller, WmBlk21N/2-2 June 20, 1897Wm. Mueller Lot
Mueller, WmBlk24S/2-4  Wm. Muller Lot
Mueller, WmBlk30E/2 - S/2-2 June 13, 1882Henry Wiehn, Sr. & Wm. Muller Lot
Mueller, WmBlk30N/2-4   
Mueller, WmSec269  H. G. Mueller Lot
Muensterman, LenaSec14N/2-138 Nov. 7, 1953Sister to Mrs. Clara Groman; Lot Owner
Muetzelburg, MarieSec21N.6-2/3' - 63 Nov. 28, 1990Wife
Muetzelburg, RolandSec21N.6-2/3' - 631Sept. 16, 1992Co-Owner with Wife Marie Muetzelburg
Muhs, FredrichBlk2388 Dec. 26, 1898 
Muhs, MariaBlk23 93June 26, 1928 
Mullane, LucilleSec11 917 AMay 19, 1988Lucille Mullane Owner
Mullard, A.Sec12215 June 14, 1923 
Muller, Carl    Jan. 4, 1905 
Muller, FredBlk282  Fred Muller & Sons Lot
Mulske, CharlesSec12 16March 24, 1953 
Multer, AlvinaSec16 A 288Dec. 14, 1998She was Lot Owner
Multer, LouiseSec16 A 289May 13, 1957Mother - Miss Alvina Multer Lot Owner
Multer, SamuelSec12 A 184Sept. 10, 1951 
Mund, RuthBlk36157   
Mundt, AnnaSec6S/2-28 May 20, 1949Wife - Joint Ownership Herman & Carl Mund
Mundt, Augusta    Dec. 1, 1903 
Mundt, CarlSec6S/2-28 Aug. 15, 1936Herman & Carl Mundt
Mundt, HelenSec2N/2-28 March 24, 1951Daughter
Mundt, HermanSec6S/2-28 Nov. 14, 1951Joint Ownership Between Herman & Carl Mundt
Mundt, Infant    Feb. 15, 1906 
Mundt, InfantSec4 A184   
Mundt, LenaSec6S/2-28  Herman & Carl Mundt Lot
Mundt, MarySec6S/2-28 Aug. 18, 1952Herman & Carl Mundt Lot
Mundt, Milton    Dec. 28, 1902 
Mundt, MiltonSec6S/2-28 Oct. 24, 1968Son - Herman & Carl Mundt Lot
Mundt, WilmerSec6S/2-28 Feb. 24, 1981Herman & Carl Mundt Lot
Munnik, HenriettaSec16 A 250Oct. 5, 1959She is Owner
Munnik, JohnSec16 A 251Feb. 26, 1958Husband - Henrietta Munnik Lot
Munro, BrianSec182121Dec. 17, 1998Co-Owner with Wife
Munro, Hillary  24 A44 DJune 24, 1988Daughter
Muntinga, CoraBlk30S/2-36 Oct. 11, 1957Daughter
Muntinga, GerretBlk30S/2-36  Gerhard Muntinga Lot
Muntinga, HerbertSec15S/2-19 Feb. 14, 1967Owner
Muntinga, JohnBlk30S/2-36  Gerhard Muntinga Lot
Muntinga, LouiseBlk30S/2-36 May 27, 1942Second Wife - Gerhard Muntinga Lot
Muntinga, LucilleSec15S/2-19 July 13, 1973Muntinga - Meyer Lot
Muntinga, RobertSec15S/2-19 July 31, 1928H. Muntinga & Eitel Meyer Lot
Muntinga, WilhelmineBlk30S/2-36 April 19, 1882Gerhard Muntinga Lot
Murphy, Alma    Dec. 1, 1997Scattering Garden
Murphy, ClaraSec936 Sept. 14, 1964Wife - Walter Murphy Lot
Murphy, DonaldSec936 March 2, 1970Son - Walter Murphy Lot
Murphy, JohnSec936  Walter Murphy Lot
Murphy, LouiseSec1312 Jan. 28, 1966Murphy, Louis Rowland Lot
Murphy, WalterSec936 Feb. 21, 1963Owner
Murr, LouiseSec16 A 290Sept. 16, 1972Owner
Murr, RudolphSec16 A 291Jan. 5, 1965Owner
Murre, ClaraSec5 B 416April 25, 1946Wife - Daniel Murre, Sr. Lot
Murre, ClarenceSec6W 1/4 - S 1/2-46 Feb. 2, 1990Clarence Murre Lot Owner
Murre, DanielSec5 B 417Feb. 5, 1953Owner
Murre, GraceSec4 A119  Dan Murre Lot
Murre, NormaSec5 B 418May 2, 1969Daughter - Daniel Murre, Sr. Lot
Murre, RuthSec6W 1/2 - S 1/2-46 March 9, 1990Wife - Clarence Murre Lot Owner
Murre, VictorSec5 A23 Aug. 7, 1924Clarence Murre Lot
Murrie, RaySec5 B141  Daniel Murre {sic} Lot
Murry, Baby    Sept. 11, 1899 
Muscardine, HenrySec19N/2-65 Feb. 23, 1984Husband of Jenny - Jenny Muscardine Lot
Muselman, MarySec16 A 183April 16, 1955Mother - Mrs. Alvina Teumer Lot
Muselman, SylviaSec7W/2-113May 1, 1976Owner - See Leo Grimm Lot Also
Musselman, EmmaBlk113  Anna Rolfs Lot
Musselman, InfantBlk113 Oct. 10, 1894 
Muth, ArthurSec16 AE/2-150 Sept. 19, 1941Husband - Mrs. Willa Muth Lot
Muth, BrunoBlk711 Dec. 10, 1960Grandson - A. Lupinski Lot
Muth, ElizabethBlk463 June 30, 1894 
Muth, ElizabethSec3N/2-74  John Muth Lot
Muth, ErnestineBlk454 April 8, 1932Wm. Muth Lot
Muth, HenryBlk454  Wm. Muth Lot
Muth, JohnSec3N/2-67 Jan. 10, 1928J. Philip Muth Lot Originally Now Nick & {sic}
Muth, MartinSec3N/2-74 May 15, 1934John Muth Lot
Muth, MattieBlk711 Aug. 12, 1954Grand-Daughter-in-Law - A. Lupinski Lot
Muth, PhilipSec3N/2-74 March 7, 1938John Muth Lot
Muth, TheklaBlk711 Aug. 16, 1939Owner
Mutschman, ChasBlk24 A 62 BMarch 24, 1942Paul Mutschman Lot
Myers, Edwin      
Myers, EllaBlk9S/2-15  James Myers Lot
Myers, IsabelSec2S/2-85 Nov. 4, 1942Owner
Myers, JamesBlk9S/2-15 July 7, 1887James Myers Lot
Myers, JamesBlk9S/2-5 Oct. 2, 1886James Myers Lot
Myers, JosephSec1S/2-445Sept. 8, 1979Lot Owner
Mysch, AugBlk16N/2-18  M. F. Bork Lot
Mysch, AugusteBlk16N/2-18  M. F. Bork Lot
Mysch, EmilBlk16E/2 - N/2-18 Aug. 31, 1948Brother to Miss Hattie Mysch - M. F. Bork Lot
Mysch, HedwigSec10S/3 of E/2 - S/2 July 16, 1954Friend - Rev. Edward Krueger Lot

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