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1910 Rural Route Directory - Surname Letter U

AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning
agt.agent| |cmtwkrcement worker| |mfg.manufacturing| |stenog.stenographer
asst.assistant| |cor.corner| |nr.near| |stud.student
ave.avenue| |dom.domestic| |n.north| |tel. c.telephone connection
bet.between| |e.east| |n. s.north side| |trav. sal.travelling salesman
bkkpr.bookkeeper| |e. s.east side| |res.residence| |treas.treasurer
brds.boards| |kpr.keeper| |Rev.Reverend| |w.west
capt.captain| |lab.laborer| |R.Rural Free Delivery Route| |w. s.west side
carp.carpenter| |mkr.maker| |s.south| |wid.widow
clk.clerk| |mfr.manufacturer| |secr.secretary| |
Head of Household

OccupationResidence /
U. S. Deputy Collector Of Customs
G. W. Leberman
   808 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
U. S. Life Saving Station   foot of Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Ubbelohde, Ed. lab.  Glenbeulah 
Ubbelohde, Fred. cheesemkr.  Glenbeulah 
Ubbelohde, Wm. farmer  Waldo 
Ubi, Henrietta  res.816 Lincoln Ave.Sheboyganwid. Hy.
Udell, E. & Co.
C. E. Udell & A. D. De Land
 cheese dealers
cold storage
cor. S. 12th St. & Jefferson Ave.
601 S. Water St.
Sheboygantel. c.
Udovich, Alois
lab.res.818 N. 9th St.
2nd Floor
Uebe, Henry lab.brds.1322 N. 17th St.Sheboygan 
Uebe, Sam lab.res.1322 N. 17th St.Sheboygan 
Ueber, Christ. lab.brds.1502 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Ueber, Gottl. lab.res.1318 N. 14th St.Sheboygan 
Ueber, Johannes lab.brds.1502 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Ueber, Samuel lab.brds.1502 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Ugeritz, Sam lab.res.2028 N. 13th St.Sheboygan 
Uglof, A.
lab.res.2110 N. 15th St.Sheboygan 
Uhl, Conrad
lab.res.1835 S. 18th St.Sheboygan 
Uhl, Jacob    Elkhart Lake 
Uhrig, Chas.
lab.res.1733 N. 10th St.
2nd Floor
Uhrig, Jos.
lab.res.1612 N. 12th St.Sheboygan 
Uhrig, Leo
lab.res.1538 S. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Uhrig, Louis
lab.res.1320 N. 14th St.Sheboygan 
Uhrig, Tina Miss  res.1612 N. 12th St.Sheboygan 
Uhrig, Willie lab.res.1612 N. 12th St.Sheboygan 
Ulbricht, Clara teacherres.402 Park St.Plymouth 
Ulbricht, Emma teacherres.402 Park St.Plymouth 
Ulbricht, Henry
retiredres.402 Park St.Plymouth 
Ulbricht, Minnie teacherres.402 Park St.Plymouthwid. John
Ulbricht, S. M. millineryres.419 E. Mill St.Plymouth 
Ullrich, Carl lab.  Random Lake 
Ullrich, Charles A.
piano tunerres.424 Michigan Ave.Sheboygantel. c.
Ullrich, Dora Mrs. bkkpr.res.1714 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Ullrich, Eva Miss  res.424 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Ullrich, Hattie Miss  res.1202 Superior Ave.Sheboygan 
Ullrich, Hattie Miss  res.424 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Ulrich, Ben.    Cascade 
Ulrich, Chas.
retiredres.1014 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Ulrich, Hy. barberres.1014 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Ulrich, Minnie  res.510 Reed St.Plymouth 
Ulrich, O. R.
clerkres.Reed St. - next 524Plymouth 
Ulsamer, Mich.
lab.res.1910 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Undesser, Francis  res.1423 Coloardo CourtSheboyganwid. Frank
Undesser, Theo.
lab.res.1423 Colorado CourtSheboygan 
Union Saloon Math. Ringes - prop. 1336 Erie Ave.Sheboygan 
Unique Theatre L. H. Williams - mgr. 608-12 N. 8th St.Sheboygantel. c.
United States Express Co.   215 E. Mill St
Office: Schuler & Scheibe
Plymouthtel. 119
United States Express Co. A. C. Bruemmer - agt. 709 N. 8th St.Sheboygantel. c.
Uphoff, Arthur
lab.res.228 Caroline St.Plymouth 
Upjohn, Doane
Rev. Episcopal Churchres.E. Main St. - rear churchPlymouth 
Uplegger, Ed. lab.res.e. s. Milwaukee St. - near Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Uplegger, Helene Miss  res.e. s. Milwaukee St. - near Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Uplegger, Henry carp.res.e. s. Milwaukee St. - near Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Urawetz, Tom
lab.res.1202 Indiana Ave.Sheboygan 
Urban, Barbara Mrs.    Elkhart Lake 
Urban, Florence 2nd cook Foeste HotelSheboygan 
Urban, Geo. lab.  Elkhart Lake 
Urban, Martin
lab.res.1631 Blocki CourtSheboygan 
Urban, Mike
lab.res.1643 N. 15th St.Sheboygan 
Urban, Wm.
lab.res.1338 Mehrtens Ave.
2nd Floor
Urban, Wm.
principal - High Schoolres.617 New York Ave.Sheboygantel. c.
Urboncic, Jos. lab.brds.416 N. 8th St. - rearSheboygan 
Urboncic, Mathias blksmithbrds.416 N. 8th St. - rearSheboygan 
Uricek, Mich. lab.brds.717 S. 13th St.Sheboygan 
Urne, Franz
retiredres.1424 S. 13th St.
2nd Floor
Urner, Paul
lab.res.618 South River St.Sheboygan 
Usadel, Rudolph lab.  Millersville 
Uselding, G. E.
photographer  Random Lake 
Utech, Aug. H.
wagonmkr.  Random LakeSarah
Utecht, Alma typesetterres.811 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Utecht, Aug.
polisherres.811 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Utecht, Wilhelm machinistres.811 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Uttech, Carl
lab.res.1016 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Uttech, Oscar lab.res.1016 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Uttech, Paul lab.res.1016 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Uttech, William lab.res.1016 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Uttecht, Otto lab.res.1016 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Utuc, Frank lab.brds.827 New Jersey Ave.Sheboygan 
Uuetz, Ignatz lab.brds.927 Illinois Ave.Sheboygan 

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