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1910 Rural Route Directory - Surname Letter C

AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning| |AbbreviationMeaning
agt.agent| |cmtwkrcement worker| |mfg.manufacturing| |stenog.stenographer
asst.assistant| |cor.corner| |nr.near| |stud.student
ave.avenue| |dom.domestic| |n.north| |tel. c.telephone connection
bet.between| |e.east| |n. s.north side| |trav. sal.travelling salesman
bkkpr.bookkeeper| |e. s.east side| |res.residence| |treas.treasurer
brds.boards| |kpr.keeper| |Rev.Reverend| |w.west
capt.captain| |lab.laborer| |R.Rural Free Delivery Route| |w. s.west side
carp.carpenter| |mkr.maker| |s.south| |wid.widow
clk.clerk| |mfr.manufacturer| |secr.secretary| |
Head of Household

OccupationResidence /
Cabiz, John
lab.res.501 S. 14th St.Sheboygan 
Cain, Charles farmer  Riverside 
Cain, Chas. ret.  Waldo 
Cain, John farmer  Riverside 
Cain, Leo student  Riverside 
Cain, Maggie Miss    Riverside 
Cain, Mary Miss    Riverside 
Calhoun, Wm.
mgr. Frost Veneer Seating Co.res.631 N. 7th St.Sheboygantel. 263
Callahan, Annie
 res.833 Virginia Ave.Sheboyganwid. Thom.
tel. White 647
Callahan, Margaret Miss  res.833 Virginia Ave.Sheboygan 
Calmerton, Chas.
farmerres.Brffalo, 2 s. BroadwaySheboygan FallsEmma
Calmerton, Wilford  res.Buffalo, 2 s. BroadwaySheboygan Falls 
Camara Club   826 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Cameron, Geo.
lumber inspectorres.1816 S. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Camilla, sister   St. Nicholas HospitalSheboygan 
Campbell, J. A.
bkkpr.res.2203 S. 8th St.Sheboygantel. Green 631
Campbell, Mary  res.2416 S. 7th St.Sheboyganwid. Oscar
tel. 756
Candia, Sister Cath. schoolres.cor. Superior Ave. & N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Candle, Anton
lab.res.Green Bay RoadSheboygan FallsTheresa
Canfield, Thomas ret.  Cascade 
Cann, Ed.
lab.res.Poplar St., near limitsSheboygan FallsJosephine
Cann, Frank lab.res.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Falls 
Cann, Jennie Miss weaverres.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Falls 
Cann, Mary Miss weaverres.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Falls 
Cann, Mary
farmingres.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Fallswid.
Cann, Peter lab.res.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Falls 
Capelle, Arthur blksmith  Adell 
Capelle, Fred.
retiredres.423 Western Ave.Plymouth 
Capelle, Reinhold
foremanres.1036 Clara Ave.
2nd Floor
Capelle, Tillie stenographerbrds.1036 Clara Ave.Sheboygan 
Capellen, Cornelius
lab.res.336 Middle St.Plymouth 
Capellen, Ella Miss  res.336 Middle St.Plymouth 
Capellen, Frank painterres.336 Middle St.Plymouth 
Carlson, Charles
lab.res.1440 S. 9th St.
2nd Floor
Carlson, Tobias stud.res.1440 S. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Carman, Ed.
lab.res.708 Clara Ave.Sheboygan 
Carman, Marie  res.s. s. Poplar St.Sheboygan Fallswid.
Carmann, Emil lab.res.808 High Ave.Sheboygan 
Carmann, John lab.res.808 High Ave.Sheboygan 
Carmann, Katie Miss  res.808 High Ave.Sheboygan 
Carmann, Mary Miss  res.808 High Ave.Sheboygan 
Carpenter, A. C.
retiredres.119 Summit St.Plymouth 
Carpenter, Georgia
 res.119 W. Main St.Plymouthwid. Geo.
Carpenter, Riley carp.res.119 W. Main St.Plymouth 
Carpenter, S. R. Mrs.    Waldo 
Carpenter, Wm. stud.res.119 Summit St.Plymouth 
Carr, Mathew
ret.res.1516 S. 13th St.
2nd Floor
Carrie, C.  res.714 N. 7th St.Sheboyganwid. J. E.
Carroll, Bessie teacherres.East Water St., Near Eastern Ave.Plymouth 
Carroll, C. P.
Cigar Mfg. Co.  Random Lake 
Carroll, J. P.
cigarmkr.  Random Lake 
Carroll, Mary Miss    Random Lake 
Carroll, Nora
 res.East Water St., Near Eastern Ave.Plymouth 
Carter, Harry
lab.res.1329 N. 7th St.Sheboygan 
Carthaus, Christ.
lab.res.326 Franklin St.Plymouth 
Carty, J. J. agt. N. W. Ry.brds.Grand HotelSheboygan 
Cary, Clara stud.  Greenbush 
Cary, Eugene med. stud.  Greenbush 
Cary, Louis law stud.  Greenbush 
Carzinowski, Wm. lab.brds.1111 S. 11th St.Sheboygan 
Case, John H. prop. - The Marine Saloonres.416 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Catholic School   cor. Superior & N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Catilla, William
lab.res.1111 S. 11th St.Sheboygan 
Cebez, Johann
lab.res.1133 Albama Ave.Sheboygan 
Cedar Grove Milk Co.
J. B. & H. J. Huenink
    Cedar Grove 
Cedar Grove State Bank
J. B. Huenink - pres.
Wm. Huenink - cashier
John Van de Wall - v-pres.
    Cedar Grovetel. 1
Cedar Grove Telephone Co.    Cedar Grovetel. 4
Celinshek, John lab.res.1530 N. 7th St.Sheboygan 
Cenalis, Andrew
lab.res.1634 S. 11th St.Sheboygan 
Central Fire Station   cor. 9th & New York Ave.Sheboygan 
Central Hotel, The
Otto Lange - Prop.
   228 E. Mill St.Plymouthtel. 54
Chakoras, Peter lab.res.1009 Indiana Ave.Sheboygan 
Chandler, Almon
 res.e. s. Broadway - southSheboygan FallsMartha
Chandler, John ship.-clerkres.616 Ontario Ave.Sheboygantel. White 801
Chandler, W. G.
retiredres.925 Eastern Ave.Plymouth 
Chaplin, Emma
 res.s. s. Adams St.Sheboygan Fallswid. Wilson
Chaplin, Guy W.
latherres.308 E. Mill St.Plymouth 
Chaplin, Ober. clerkres.s. s. Adams St.Sheboygan Falls 
Chaplin, Wm.
police justusres.308 E. Mill St.Plymouthtel. 106
Chapman, Clint farmer  Greenbush 
Chapman, Frank lab.  Greenbush 
Chapman, Nelson cheesemkr.  Greenbush 
Charles, Henry
lab.res.1527 Sibley CourtSheboygan 
Chase, E. J.
 res.s. s. Pine St. - e. of SummerSheboygan FallsEdith
Chase, M. Mrs.    Riverside 
Chasel, John lab.brds.1215 S. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Cheatle, H. Mrs.    Glenbeulah 
Cheatle, H. lab.  Glenbeulah 
Chefski, Ferd.
lab.res.1001 Ontario Ave.Sheboygan 
Chesebro, Herbert
sec. & treas.
Sheb. Hand Knit Hoisery Co.
res.1220 N. 7th St.Sheboygantel. Green 384
Chicaga {sic}, Milw. & St. Paul R. R. Depot   s. e. cor. Thayer & Appleton StreetPlymouth 
Chicago & Northwestern R. R. Depot   s. e. cor. Thayer & Appleton StreetPlymouth 
Chickering, N.
photographerres.Reed St/. next 503Plymouth 
Chiginski, Frank
lab.res.1224 Alabama Ave.Sheboygan 
Chisowsky, Jos.
lab.res.1429 Georgia Ave.Sheboygan 
Chisowsky, Mary Miss  res.1429 Georgia Ave.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, Anton Jr. lab.res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, Anton
lab.res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, Frances Miss  res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, Frank lab.res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, John lab.res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Chlosta, Paul lab.res.1619 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Christ, Charles lab.brds.801 Indiana Ave.Sheboygan 
Christel, Israel
peddlerres.918 Michigan Ave. 2nd floorSheboygan 
Christel, Jacob
 res.1225 N. 8th St. 2nd floorSheboygan 
Christel, Minnie bkkpr.res.1225 N. 8th St. 2nd floorSheboygan 
Christel, Sam
peddlerres.1803 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Christian Reformed Church
   Superior Ave., near 525Sheboygan 
Christian Science Hall   429 East Mill St.
2nd Floor
Plymouthtel. 243
Christian, Alice  res.623 Superior Ave.Sheboyganwid. John
Christiansen, Ferd.  res.1548 Alexander CourtSheboygan 
Christiansen, John
pres - National Box Co.res.1514 N. 7th St.Sheboygantel. Green 664
Christianson, Hy. moulderres.1216 Alabama Ave.Sheboygan 
Christianson, John
carp.res.609 S. 14th St. 2nd floorSheboygan 
Christianson, Peter firemanres.1216 Alabama Ave.Sheboygan 
Christianson, Tom.
ret.res.1216 Alabama Ave.Sheboygan 
Christoffel, Henry
lab.res.2223 N. 11th St.Sheboygan 
Chudobba, Otto lab.res.1008 S. 15th St.Sheboygan 
Chudobba, Richard stud.res.1008 S. 15th St.Sheboygan 
Chudobba, Rud.
Carp.res.1008 S. 15th St.Sheboygan 
Church of Immaculate Comception - {Lutheran}   s. e. cor. N. 10th St. & Erie Ave.Sheboygan 
Chuzkapsky, Joe Jr. lab.res.1009 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Chuzkapsky, Joe
firemanres.1009 Dillingham Ave.Sheboygan 
Citizens State Bank
Henry Jung - pres.
A. Whiffen - v. pres.
J. W. Hansen - cashier
S. W. Hunink & L. C. Meyer - asst. cashiers
   617-619 N. 8th St.Sheboygantel. c.
Citizens Telephone Exchange
Walter J. Gallon - Mgr.
   701 N. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Sheboygantel. 500
City Fire House No. 1   cor. Stafford & Main St.Plymouth 
City Hall   529 N. 8th St. 2nd floorSheboygan 
City Hall   n. e. cor. Main & Stafford St.Plymouthtel. 80
City Hotel
F. Schreiner - prop.
  res,cor. Broadway & MapleSheboygan Fallstel. 315
City News Depot
Arthur Raab - prop.
   809 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
City Water Co.   813 New York Ave.Sheboygan 
Claassen, Wilhelmine Miss  res.732 N. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Claflin, Kittie Mrs.  res.714 N. 7th St.Sheboygan 
Clandermann, M. lab.  Waldo 
Clare, W. clerkres.n. s. PineSheboygan Falls 
Clarenbach, Emil real estate & public notary 602 Center Ave.Sheboygantel. White 66
Clarenbach, Emil real estate & public notaryres.434 St. Clair Ave.Sheboygantel. White 281
Clarenbach, Emma Miss  res.1220 N. 6th St.Sheboygantel. Green 361
Clarenbach, Ernestine stud.res.434 St. Clair Ave.Sheboygan 
Clarenbach, I. E.
mgr. Foeste Hotelres. sameFoeste HotelSheboygan 
Clarenbach, Ida Miss  res.1220 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Clarenbach, Louis Miss {sic}  res.434 St. Clair Ave.Sheboygan 
Clark, Anna  res.Eastman St.PlymouthWid. Michael
Clark, Belle Miss    Cascade 
Clark, Ed.    Cascade 
Clark, Edw. teleg.-oper.res.w. s. York - 5 n. MillSheboygan Falls 
Clark, Elisha farmer  Glenbeulah 
Clark, Evaisa dressmkr.res.415 Caroline St.Plymouthwid. Theo.
Clark, George retired  Cascade 
Clark, Isaac Mrs.    Glenbeulah 
Clark, Mary Miss  res.415 Caroline St.Plymouth 
Clark, Milton
lab.res.w. s. York - 5 n. MillSheboygan FallsViola
Clark, Mnud{sic} Minss{sic}  res.w. s. York - 5 n. MillSheboygan Falls 
Clark, O. H.
v-pres & sec.
Dillingham Chair Co.
res.1606 N. 6th St.Sheboygantel. Green 929
Claus, Enis stud.  Random Lake 
Claus, Morris
mason  Random LakeMolly
Clausen, Alb. E.
supt.res.1527 N. 5th St.Sheboygan 
Clausen, James lab.res.1415 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Claussen, Henry
lab.res.Mead Ave. near S limitsSheboygan 
Claussen, John
moulderres.S. 9th St. near limitsSheboygan 
Claussen, Julius
foremanres.2007 S. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Clebart, Carl
lab.res.w. Broadway - n. SideSheboygan FallsRina
Clemens, Albert
lab.res.419 Smith St.Plymouth 
Clemens, Alfred lab.res.232 Western Ave.Plymouth 
Clemens, Bethina millinerres.602 N. Milwaukee St.Plymouth 
Clemens, Chas. E.
engineerres.602 N. Milwaukee St.Plymouth 
Clemens, Chas.
lab.res.Smith St., next 220 2nd floorPlymouth 
Clemens, Christ.
lab.res.232 Western Ave.Plymouth 
Clemens, Friedericka  res.120 Pleasant St.Plymouthwid. Hy.
Clemens, Hattie Miss    Elkhart Lake 
Clemens, Helen stud.res.602 N. Milwaukee St.Plymouth 
Clemens, Herbert lab.res.232 Western Ave.Plymouth 
Clemens, Hy.
lab.res.303 Smith St.Plymouth 
Clemens, Peter retired  Elkhart LakeLena
Clement, Andrian Jr. lab.res.1416 Lincoln Ave.Sheboygan 
Clement, Andrian
lab.res.1416 Lincoln Ave.Sheboygan 
Clement, Henry lab.res.1416 Lincoln Ave.Sheboygan 
Clement, John
lab.res.1808 S. 12th St.Sheboygan 
Clement, Joseph
cement workerres.1332 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Clement, Lena Miss  res.1416 Lincoln Ave.Sheboygan 
Clement, Nellie Miss  brds.2333 S. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Clement, Nellie Miss  res.1416 Lincoln Ave.Sheboygan 
Clementson, Ed.
upholstererres.1702 N. 12th St.Sheboygantel. White 310
Cleta, sister   St. Nicholas HospitalSheboygan 
Clifford, B. Milliner  Random Lake 
Clifford, Dan.
foreman  Random LakeMary
Clifford, Genevive teacher  Random Lake 
Clifford, Jos. stud.  Random Lake 
Clifford, Kathryn teacher  Random Lake 
Cliquenoi, Andrew lab.res.1832 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Cliquenoi, Isaac carriage painterres.1832 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Cliquenoi, Isaac
painterres.2120 N. 9th St.Sheboygan 
Cliquenoi, Jac.
carp.res.1832 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Cliquenoi, Jacob
Blust & Cliquenoires.e. s. Broadway, South
2nd Floor
Sheboygan FallsJennie
Cliquenoi, Katie clerkres.1832 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Club House Crescent   228 Huron Ave.Sheboygan 
Co. C. 2nd Inf. Reg. W. N. G.
Ulrich Moeckli - Capt.
   Armory Turner HallSheboygan 
Cobb, Alvin A.
bkkpr.res.826 Jefferson Ave.Sheboygantel. c.
Cobb, Henry
lab.res.1416 N. 13th St.Sheboygan 
Cobb, Lowel
lab.res.n. s. Dye St., westSheboygan FallsAnna
Cobb, mason mason  Hingham 
Cobb, Nellie Miss  res.405 Superior Ave.
2nd Floor
Cobb, Sarah  res.405 Superior Ave.
2nd Floor
Sheboyganwid. John
Coelestina, Sister Cath. school cor. Superior Ave. & N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Cokan, Anton
lab.res.foot of Kentucky Ave.Sheboygan 
Cole, Anna clerkres.201 Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Cole, Annette stud.res.707 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Annie teacherres.825 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Ed. foundry man  OostburgCora
Cole, Ferdinand
trav. salesmanres.201 Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Cole, G.  res.707 N. 6th St.Sheboyganwid. George
tel. 266
Cole, Geo. Jr.
Nathan Cole & Sonres.1331 N. 5th St.Sheboygantel. White 971
Cole, Geo.
insuranceres.1331 N. 5th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Gustav stud.res.707 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Jesse M. teacherres.413 N. Milwaukee St.Plymouth 
Cole, Lillie millinerres.201 Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Cole, Mrs. Wilhelm  res.707 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Nathan & Son
Nathan & Geo. Cole, Jr.
 insurance & real estate 518 N. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Sheboygantel. 400
Cole, Nathan
Nathan Cole & Sonres.825 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cole, Walter stud.res.201 Forest Ave.Plymouth 
Colias, Louis
lab.res.723 Jefferson Ave.
2nd Floor
Colien, Clara E. teacherres.616 New York Ave.Sheboygan 
Collins, Benjamin loco. engineerres.320 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Collins, Charles
lab.res.Kriegs Add.Sheboygan 
Collins, Clara Miss  res.320 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Collins, E. C.
grain dealerres.408 Caroline St.Plymouthtel. 161
Collins, Jerry trav.-salesmanres.320 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Collins, Mary teacherres.320 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Collins, Vera Miss teacherres.320 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Collins, W. B. lawyerres.625 N. 5th St.Sheboygan 
Collor, L. J. Mrs.    Hingham 
Colton, Cora stenographerres.1129 Erie Ave.Sheboygan 
Colton, Dell foremanres.1310 new York Ave.Sheboygantel. White 982
Colton, Della stud.res.1129 Erie Ave.Sheboygan 
Colton, Elmer
R. R. yard masterres.1129 Erie Ave.Sheboygan 
Colton, Mabel Miss  res.1310 New York Ave.Sheboygan 
Colton, Walter stud.res.1310 New York Ave.Sheboygan 
Columba, sister   St. Nicholas HospitalSheboygan 
Columbia Clothing Co.
Mayer Max - popr.
   702 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Columbia Shoe Co.
J. C. Wolf - pres. & secr.
E. Hentschel - v-pres. & treas.
   1525-27 N. 10th St.Sheboygantel. 336
Commercial Engraving Co.
G. H. Williams - pres.
H. M. Johnson - v-pres.
J. C. Tragnitz - secr. & treas.
 designers & engravers 101 N. 8th St.Sheboygantel. Green 622
Commercial House
Fritz Schrader - prop.
 saloon & boarding 1002 N. 8th St.Sheboygan 
Commercial House
Oscar Lange - Prop.
   532 E. Mill St.Plymouthtel. 59
Common Council Room   529 N. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Sheboygantel. 82
Compas, Wm. polisherres.1434 S. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conaughy, Frank lab.brds.717-1/2 Pennsylvania Ave.
2nd Floor
Concordia Hall   713 Ontario Ave.Sheboygan 
Cone, Charles
machinistres.1806 N. 5th St.Sheboygan 
Cone, E. K.
house moverres.1801 N. 6th St.Sheboygantel. White 617
Conger, Clem. farmer  Greenbush 
Conger, Edwin stud.  Greenbush 
Conger, Ethel Miss    Greenbush 
Conger, Howard trav.-sal.res.n. w. cor. Pine & MillSheboygan Falls 
Conger, Lester lab.  Greenbush 
Conger, Rob O.
wool-sorterres.n. w. cor. Pine & MillSheboygan FallsIda
Congregational Church   N. 7th St. near Ontario Ave.Sheboygan 
Congregational Church   n. w. cor. Pleasant & W. Main St.Plymouth 
Conisius, Chas.
bartenderres.1325 Jefferson Ave.Sheboygan 
Connell, C. R. jeweler  Waldo 
Connell, J. B. salesman  Waldo 
Connor, Edith teacherres.928 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Conover, Alma  res.337 N. Milwaukee St.Plymouthwid. Arthur
Conover, Amy Miss  res.Reed St., next 411Plymouth 
Conover, S. H.
cheese-buyerres.Reed St., next 411Plymouthtel. 33
Conrad, Anna
 res.1635 N. 10th St.Sheboyganwid. Mich.
Conrad, Evelin Miss  res.2226 S. 7th St.Sheboygan 
Conrad, Frank typesetterres.1635 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conrad, Katie clerkres.1635 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conrad, Louis Harnessmkr  Random Lake 
Conrad, Margaret  res.935 Huron Ave.Sheboyganwid. Henry
Conrad, Mary Miss  res.1635 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conrad, Mathias ship.-clerkres.1635 N. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conrad, Matt.
harnessmkr.  Random Lake 
Conrad, Peter
mechanicres.1008 Huron Ave.Sheboygan 
Conrad, R. dealer in pumps  Scott 
Conrad, Robert
supt. Amer. Parlor Frame Co.res.2226 S. 7th St.Sheboygantel. Green 179
Conrad, Wm. lab.res.532 E. Main St.Plymouth 
Conrardy, Emil  res.Calumet Road - City LineSheboygan 
Conrardy, Math.
lab.res.1529 S. 10th St.Sheboygan 
Conrardys, Theo. Steam Laundrystore
1117-1119 Georgia Ave.
1124 Georgia Ave.
Sheboygantel. 343-2
tel. 343-3
Constance, L.
furniture & undertaking
n. s. pine
w. s. Broadway - 1 s. Walnut
Sheboygan FallsMary
Cook, Benjamin ret.  Hingham 
Cook, Frank
lab.res.1119 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Cook, Frank
lab.res.1312 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Cooney, James farm. impl.  Cascade 
Cooney, Patrick farmer  Parnell 
Cooney, Thomas retired  Cascade 
Coons, Peter
retiredres.north of limitsSheboygan FallsJane
Cooper, Floyd
electricianres.1636 N. 11th St.Sheboygan 
Corbet, A. salesman  Waldo 
Corbett & Ackermann
Carl Corbett & Alvin Ackermann
 druggists s. w. cor. Main & Stafford St.Plymouthtel. 17
Corbett, Alexander teamster  Greenbush 
Corbett, Carl
Corbett & Ackermannres.511 Reed St.Plymouthtel. 70
Corbett, Chas.
retiredres.205 Pleasant St.Plymouthtel. 76
Corbett, Cinderella  res.419 Reed St.Plymouthwid. James
Corbett, Frank lab.  Greenbush 
Corbett, Fred. lab.  Greenbush 
Corbett, Fremont stud.res.Reed St.Plymouth 
Corbett, Harriet
 res.Reed St.Plymouthwid. Geo.
tel. 241
Corbett, John lab.  Greenbush 
Corbett, L. M. retired  GreenbushWife: Annie, Littie
Corbett, Marie stud.res.Reed St.Plymouth 
Corbett, Mary Miss    Greenbush 
Cornelius, Louis
reg. of deedsres.521 Niagara Ave.Sheboygantel. Green 261
Cornell, Elmer clerkres.1415 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Cornell, George clerkres.318 Spencer Ave.Sheboygantel. c.
Cornell, James
lab.res.318 Specner Ave.Sheboygan 
Cornell, Ulisses
captainres.1415 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Cornell, Willie stud.res.1415 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Corson, Esther stud.res.403 Bluff Ave.Sheboygan 
Corson, Gideon
supt.res.403 Bluff Ave.Sheboygan 
Corson, Guy lab.res.233 Lincoln Ave.
2nd Floor
Corson, Mate  res.233 Lincoln Ave.
2nd Floor
Sheboyganwid. Melvin
Cossmann, John
lab.res.1623 Indiana Ave. - rearSheboygan 
Costello, Ella Miss    Glenbeulah 
Costello, John lab.  Glenbeulah 
Costello, Lloyd lab.  Glenbeulah 
Costello, Mary Miss    Glenbeulah 
Couch, Clara-Leveda Mrs.    Glenbeulah 
Couch, E. J. dentist  Glenbeulah 
Couch, Joseph Mrs.    Glenbeulah 
Court House   cor. N. 6th St. & Center Ave.Sheboygantel. 118
Couse, Carl
lab.res.Park PlacePlymouth 
Couse, Nora Miss  res.Park PlacePlymouth 
Cox, A. E.
lab.res.s. e. cor. Wisconsin & WashingtonSheboygan FallsIrma
Cox, Edna teacherres.829 Michigan Ave.Sheboygan 
Cox, Lizzie  res.829 Michigan Ave.
2nd Floor
Sheboyganwid. John
Coxe, J. Boyd Rev. Grace Episcopal Churchres.630 Ontario Ave.Sheboygantel. Green 527
Coyne, Alice millineryres.Dye Ave., 2 s. GrangerSheboygan Falls 
Coyne, Mary
 res.cor. Pine & SummerSheboygan Fallswidow
Craas, Aug.
telephone manres.521 N. 7th St.
2nd Floor
Cramer, A. C. stat. agt.  Adell 
Crandell, Jennie  res.c. w. cor. Elm & BuffaloSheboygan Fallswid.
Cristian, Mary Miss   Bellevue HouseSheboygan 
Crnacki, Ben lab.brds.306 N. Water St.Sheboygan 
Crocker Chair Co.
W.D. Crocker - pres.
Wm. J. Rietow - v-pres.
C. A. Zundel - secr.
W. A. Knilans - treas.
W. J. Hoehle - asst. secr.
  Factory A
Factory B
cor. N. 8th St. & Virginia Ave.
cor. Maryland Ave. & S. 11th St.
Sheboygantel. 1210
Crocker, Adelia  res.618 St. Clair Ave.Sheboyganwid. A. D.
Crocker, C. W. D.
pres. Crocker Chair Co.res.618 Erie Ave.Sheboygantel. Green 496
Crocker, Rodgers asst. secr. Crocker Chair Co.res.612 St. Clair Ave.Sheboygantel. 130
Crocker, Ruth stud.res.1311 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Crocker, Silas B.
foremanres.1204 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 
Crocker, Silas
lab.res.1311 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Crocker, Wm. Crocker Chair Co.res.617 Niagara Ave.Sheboygantel. Green 802
Crogan, Hattie
 res.515 E. Main St.Plymouthwid. Pat.
Croghan, Andr. clerk of court  Cascade 
Croghan, Etta Mrs. postmistress  Cascade 
Croghan, Geo. stud.  Cascade 
Crosby, Dr. Geo. Wm. Doctorres.636 Center Ave.Sheboygantel. White 309
Crosby, Jerry farmer  Parnell 
Crosby, John farmer  Parnell 
Crosby, William farmer  Glenbeulah 
Crowell, Chas. carp.  Glenbeulah 
Crune, Henry farmer  Cedar GroveMary
Crystal Spring Bottling Works
Aug. L. Hostman - Prop.
   29 Western Ave.Plymouth 
Cudahy People's Meat Market
John Stephan - gen. manager
 Meat MarketStore 1
Store 2
Store 3
1208 Pennsylvania Ave.
826 N. 8th St.
cor. Lincoln Ave. & N. 11th St.
Sheboygantel. 441
tel. 651
tel. 256
Cuddy Cheese Co.   S. 12th St. & Jefferson Ave.Sheboygantel. 569
Cuddy, Douglas clerkres.1505 N. 6th St.Sheboygan 
Cuddy, John
chees buyerres.1505 N. 6th St.Sheboygantel. 577
Cukulas, Panos lab.res.1507 S. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Cukulas, Speridion lab.res.1507 S. 8th St.
2nd Floor
Cumberlidge, Jos.
 res.1633 Calumet Road
2nd Floor
Cunningham, Elizabeth Miss  res.436 Wisconsin Ave.Sheboygan 
Curtis, B. lab.res.Smith St., next 424Plymouth 
Curtis, George
lab.res.Smith St., next 424Plymouth 
Curtis, J. E.
secr. & treas.
Plymouth Brewing Co.
res.501 Collins St.Plymouthtel. 146
Curtis, John lab.  Waldo 
Curtiss, Jerome
barn bossres.1427 S. 8th St.Sheboygan 
lab.res.1017 Superior Ave.Sheboygan 
Cushman, Anna Miss    Hingham 
Custom House
Geo. Lebermann
 collector 812 Pennsylvania Ave.Sheboygan 
Czaja, Agnes Miss  res.526 Huron Ave.Sheboygan 
Czaja, Melchior
lab.res.526 Huron Ave.Sheboygan 
Czaja, Otto lab.res.526 Huron Ave.Sheboygan 
Czizouckus, Karl
lab.res.1115 N. 4th St.Sheboygan 

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