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Sheboygan Lutheran Cemetery Section CI

Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Below is a listing of the people buried in section CI. You can find section CI by looking at the map of Lutheran Cemetery. As you can see by the map, section CI abuts against sections CII.

We have found that some of the surnames are spelled phonetically and not how they were actually spelled by the family.

The names listed on the plots could be the owner of the plot and not necessarily the person buried there.

Plot #NameBurial DateMarker
189Andrees, KatharineMarch 10, 1893None
74Baalke, LouisNovember 28, 1952Yes
80Baarsch, Mrs.March 27, 1887None
33Badke, WilhelmineNovember 29, 1885None
133BagemehlNovember 5, 1897Yes
71Balke, LouiseMarch 11, 1932Yes
21Balke, MarieNovember 15, 1901Yes
93Baum, HenryOctober 13, 1900Yes
81BeinemannJanuary 14, 1888None
9Berlin, KarlDecember 10, 1902Yes
8Berlin, WilhelmineJune 26, 1903Yes
104Beutel, WilliamFebruary 17, 1899Yes
57Bickel, MinieSeptember 11, 1901Yes
116Blank, ErnstinaFebruary 1, 1900None
45Blanke, Wm.April 2, 1901None
139Blum, AugustNovember 19, 1897None
16Bodewitz, W.March 10, 1902None
112Boenisch, ErnstSeptember 19, 1887None
113Boenisch, OtilieDecember 1, 1902None
14Bohn, CarlMay 10, 1898Yes
19Bohn, CarlSeptember 11, 1901Yes
35Bohn, MarthaSeptember 18, 1956Yes
75Brauer, Ferd.December 18, 1900Yes
191Bryner, JakobAugust 22, 1892None
164Buth, CharlotteMarch 2, 1894Yes
22Chudobba, MichaelAugust 19, 1912Yes
74Dahmann, AugustJanuary 22, 1914None
105Dahmer, Julia (Scharg's Place)March 4, 1902None
2Dechent, AnnaMarch 12, 1889None
117Dechent, FredFebruary 18, 1899Yes
108Dechent, JohnApril 29, 1899Yes
170Dechent, Wm.September 12, 1896None
38Degen, ChristianMarch 13, 1902Yes
151Demien, AugustFebruary 15, 1898None
163Dieke, ErnstieneDecember 18, 1893None
15Dowe, FredSeptember 30, 1889None
166Eberhardt, AnnaAugust 24, 1894None
39Engel, MarieJune 26, 1901None
76Feld, MargeretheDecember 30, 1900None
77Feld, MaryFebruary 11, 1901Yes
69Feld, PhilipMarch 19, 1917None
68Feldt, EmilaJune 2, 1917Yes
142Franke, BerthaMay 11, 1897None
17Fritsche, BernhardMarch 29, 1885None
94Gandre, DanielNovember 20, 1912Yes
53Gehrke, AlmaApril 13, 1901None
105Gildner, P.C.February 22, 1903Yes
1Goedecke, CarolineJune 2, 1884None
172Goemer, AlbertSeptember 24, 1893Yes
64Griesbach, E.M.October 4, 1886None
46Gruebner, WilhelminaOctober 23, 1900Yes
26Gueldner, H.C.May 12, 1902None
25Hafer, FranzNovember 5, 1902Yes
24Hafer, HenriettaJuly 23, 1916Yes
65Hagedorn, AndrewOctober 23, 1886None
11Hammelmann, LucieMay 29, 1902None
124Hassinger, MaryFebruary 13, 1899Yes
116Haveland, HenryNo Date ListedNone
63Heideman, WilhelmineJune 27, 1890None
28Henke, HermNovember 15, 1901Yes
3Heubergerm, MathasSeptember 10, 1892None
78Heule, RudolfMarch 21, 1891None
42Hinz, JohannaApril 26, 1903None
126Hoppert, HenryApril 2, 1898None
115Hoppert, HenryNo Date ListedYes
36Joergen, GottfriedAugust 21, 1901None
62Josefsky, CarlApril 24, 1906Yes
43Judzil, InfantMay 6, 1913None
29Juergen, ChristineDecember 9, 1913None
350Karbe, CharlyFebruary 5, 1891None
179Katti, CorneliusMay 20, 1893None
127Kent, AntonNovember 22, 1895None
136KnudsenMay 18, 1898Yes
121Knudson, Peter C.January 13, 1915None
65Koene, Alma EmmaFebruary 18, 1970Yes
149Koepke, FriederichDecember 18, 1896None
129Koepke, HeinrichDecember 29, 1887None
144Koeppke, HenrietteMay 17, 1892None
168Kohlberg, ClecesDecember 17, 1897None
48Kohls, WilhelmineMay 3, 1904None
153Kolberg, MinnaFebruary 16, 1897None
188Krause, FerdinandMarch 21, 1893None
88Krenzinger, EdwardMarch 24, 1906None
176Kretschman, Gott.September 15, 1888Yes
148Kuhlmann, LouiseNovember 28, 1896None
311Kuthers, FranzJanuary 5, 1891None
135Lamprecht, AlinoriaJune 4, 1898None
118Lange, SelmaMarch 14, 1899Yes
101Leys, M.May 18, 1900None
181Loebner, HermannJuly 5, 1893Yes
48Mahnke, AnnaApril 19, 1886None
185Mahnke, CharlaApril 17, 1893None
127Manzke, Christ.August 20, 1891None
100Mavis, A.N.September 10, 1900None
12Meissner, CharlesNovember 16, 1921Yes
169Metscher, ChristineApril 21, 1896None
184Metscher, Martin F.November 20, 1905None
128Michaels, WilhelmineDecember 11, 1887None
161Miersch, FerdinandJune 21, 1906None
160Mirsch, WilhelmineAugust 7, 1888Yes
96Moenkemyer, LouisJanuary 5, 1908Yes
135Mohnhard, MathildeAugust 2, 1911Yes
52Mueller, MariaApril 3, 1901None
131Muench, EunstineNovember 13, 1927None
180Muller, CarlJune 3, 1893Yes
72Multer, HarietDecember 4, 1900Yes
?Multer, Jakob A.June 20, 1905Yes
81Munkemeyer, DorotheaJune 3, 1887None
106Musald, HenrietaAugust 19, 1899None
23Nagel, SelmaOctober 12, 1931Yes
2Namann, AndreasAugust 19, 1895None
61Nehring, JohnFebruary 21, 1901Yes
168Niemann, WalterOctober 26, 1918Yes
156Nitze, RobertJune 27, 1911Yes
165Oldenburg, WilhelmineJune 6, 1894Yes
135Patzer, Carl (transferred)November 14, 1900None
48Perleberg StillbornApril 13, 1911None
146Pickel, AnnaJanuary 16, 1892None
134Plath, FredJanuary 12, 1899None
173Plitskon, JuliusAugust 23, 1893None
171Radke, WilhelmineSeptember 28, 1893None
91Rakow, AnnaAugust 2, 1900None
140Rakow, MinnaMarch 5, 1897None
78Rees, CarolineJanuary 14, 1903None
192RehfussMay 28, 1892None
177Rehfuss, HenrietteFebruary 5, 1889None
186Remus, BerthaApril 9, 1893Rusted Cross
141Retzleff, Fri.January 5, 1897Yes
16Richard (Transferred)1920None
16Richard, AndreasMarch 15, 1885None
91Richter, ErnstDecember 30, 1903None
103Rieboldt, JoachimOctober 7, 1899None
83Riebolt, WilhelminaMay 27, 1910None
187Riemer, HeleneMarch 31, 1893Yes
67Riess, HeinrichDecember 17, 1905Yes
18Rohde, ChristineJanuary 4, 1890None
31Rohde, ChristineJanuary 4, 1890None
114Rohde, GottfriedAugust 1, 1891None
31Rohde, GottfriedMarch 6, 1896Yes
174Roehl, Frau1900None
178Rohl, CarlAugust 2, 1892None
155Rohloff, HenrietteApril 3, 1896None
84Rudloff, Fred1900None
50Sachse, HedwigJanuary 27, 1890None
97Sandis, JanieJanuary 31, 1908Yes
145Sattler, MaryMarch 8, 1888Yes
120Scharg, JuliaFebruary 17, 1903None
183Schelengoviki, Gottf.April 24, 1896None
107Schewe, Min.July 19, 1899None
191Schinean, Jos.December 27, 1892Yes
148SchmerlingApril 30, 1897None
119Schulz, FriedeJuly 12, 1899None
51Seifert, EmmaAugust 10, 1900None
167Siebert, AugustMarch 30, 1899None
128Spindler, PaulineJuly 22, 1889None
108Stall, AugustMarch 30, 1899None
162Strassburg, JohanJune 17, 1892None
66Strassburg, Wm.July 23, 1890None
99Strenger, CarolinJanuary 5, 1899None
110Strenger, Gotfr.May 5, 1909None
154Stube, BabyJanuary 10, 1907None
158Stubbe, InfantJanuary 13, 1900None
147Stubbe, Gottf.February 19, 1900Yes
158Stubbe, MarieNovember 28, 1896None
86Stuck, JohnDecember 7, 1900None
34Tabbert, JohnJanuary 14, 1890Yes
43Tork, AnnaJanuary 8, 1914None
190Uhl, CasperJanuary 16, 1893None
157Uhlmann, EmilieSeptember 10, 1895None
91Utech, Sophia WilhelminaFebruary 4, 1909None
60Verhagen, JennieMarch 26, 1901None
156Verhulst, LeonardDecember 20, 1896None
90Vetter, CarolinaJuly 10, 1900None
130Wangemann, TheodohrOctober 20, 1891None
89Weather, GeorgeMarch 31, 1900None
44Weber, BarbaraJune 20, 1901None
56Weller, ElisabethJanuary 30, 1902Yes
41Weller, JakobJune 25, 1905Yes
137Wendler, FrederickeMay 30, 1900None
52Wendler, JohnOctober 30, 1907Yes
47Wilbert, Adam, Sr.October 19, 1929Yes
123Wilbert, EmmaFebruary 15, 1899Yes
140Wilde, FrankJanuary 13, 1904None
92Wilde, FredSeptember 14, 1900Yes
85Wilde, JohannaOctober 5, 1924Yes
59Willemite, GeorgeApril 6, 1901Yes
55Willimait, ElsieJune 14, 1931None
54Willimite, OlgaFebruary 12, 1911Yes
58Willmite, AugustAugust 3, 1929None
10Wittstock, ClareJune 8, 1902None
102Wuestenhagen, M.January 2, 1900None
125Wugan, ChristianApril 25, 1898None
40Zenk, FriederikaSeptember 2, 1902Yes
4Ziesemer, CarolinaSeptember 1, 1900Yes
20Ziesemer, GeorgeOctober 6, 1902Yes
Plot #NameBurial DateMarker

Rw = Row Number
Pl = Plot Number

The section and rows go as follows. It starts at the east end of section one, which abuts against section CII. These rows go from East to west and from plot 1 which is on the southeast end and goes to the west and then comes back again.


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