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Ackel Submitted by: Debie
Male Ackel born on July 13, 1897 should actually be Male Achsel, son of Herman Achsel and Wilhelmina Wuestenhagen.

Barts Submitted by: Amy
Emma Barts, born Aug. 29, 1900 was known as Erna Barts. Not sure if this was a middle name, but it was the name she went by.

Dechant / Dechen / Dechent Submitted by: Debie
William Dechant
Meta Dechen
Both above people the correct surname should be Dechent

Dooley Submitted by: Bonnie

The mother listed on the vital record should be spelled Winifred Guinning.
The actual mother for John & Martin was Julia Quinn, but the "official" birth record shows the step-mother, Winifred Guinning.
Winifred is the biological mother for Edward & William

Drebs Submitted by:Debie
Lille Drebs, the Surname should actually be Dreps.

Curtis Submitted by: Kim Chapman
Mabel CURTIS has no parents listed, but according to my research was the oldest daughter of John D. CURTIS, Jr. and Anne Elizabeth LINN;

In addition to the children of John D., Jr. and Anne Elizabeth LINN CURTIS included in the Birth Records (Mabel, Ralph E [originally recorded as Mary] and Pearl), the records I have turned up show that another son, John, was born on 19 Jul 1889 in Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin.

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