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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Da - Dg"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Da Braal, JohnMarch 4, 189425427-1706John Da Braal
Mary Rine
Da Harst, {Female}Sept. 17, 18952671-284Grant Da Harst
Katie Shadbold
Da Mering, AbrahamApril 3, 18972722-131Abraham Da Mering
Elizabeth Morill
Daana, {Male}July 7, 189626426-1704William Daana
Winnie Wedcamp
Daana, {Female}Sept. 25, 189224434-1732Peter Daana
Irsy Talle
Daane, {Male}Nov. 23, 189224510-2037Wm. Daane
None listed
Daane, AdriaanaNov. 27, 188421296-1776Jan Daane
Lorrina Teune
Daane, Anna P.{eternella}Aug. 27, 190328516-3095Nicholas Daane
Elizabeth Goedegebour
Daane, AnnaMarch 15, 18657178-532Louis Daane
Pietronella den Hollander
Daane, ApaloniaJan. 8, 18627187-561Peter Daane, Jr.
Susanne Eernisse
Daane, Apolona A.July 27, 189626331-1323 
Daane, ArnandJan. 23, 189224225-900P.J. Daane
Johanna Huibregtse
Daane, ClaraMarch 5, 188521324-1942Jacob Daane
Johanna Zeeveld
Daane, CorneliusFeb. 15, 189927345-2065Nicholas Daane
Lizzie Gordegebeur
Daane, ElizabethJune 26, 18697187-559Peter Daane, Jr.
Susanne Eernisse
Daane, ElvinFeb. 2, 188622105-418Jacob Daane
Johanna Zeefeld
Daane, EnieMay 7, 189726605-2420Nic Daane
Elizabeth Goenlegebune
Daane, EstherJuly 27, 189526138-552James Daane
None listed
Daane, Francina S.{uzanna}Nov. 11, 188622191-763Pieter Jacobus Daane
Johanna Huibrechtse
Daane, Frank L.{eonard}April 27, 19012891-541Nicholas Daane
Elizabeth Goodegebure
Daane, GurtieMay 1, 189626279-1116Leon Daane
Anna Jensema
Daane, HenryOct. 7, 189626449-1793Peter A. Daane
Josie Tallie
Daane, IdaJune 6, 189023480-1918Jacob Daane
Johanna Zeeveld
Daane, JaanesApril 29, 188622108-431Line Daane
Anna Jensema
Daane, JacobusNov. 24, 18647187-560Peter Daane, Jr.
Susanne Eernisse
Daane, JamesSept. 13, 189124155-620James Daane
Gertrude Wilterdink
Daane, Jan {Male}April 17, 189123635-2538Jacobus Daane
Maria Theune
Daane, JanaJune 2, 189425392-1568Wm. Daane
None listed
Daane, JanisJune 16, 186510173-518Janis Daane
Elizabeth Beveland
Daane, JennieApril 14, 189425299-1194Peter Daane
Josie Taillie
Daane, JohannaSept. 21, 186510172-517Janis Daane
Elizabeth Beveland
Daane, Laura J.{eanette}Dec. 2, 190629487-2913Peter Daane
Pieternella Van Sluis
Daane, LeinOct. 22, 185910172-516Janis Daane
Elizabeth Beveland
Daane, LeonardNov. 15, 1894103215 
Daane, LeviNov. 2, 189526234-933Jacob Daane
Johanna Zeeveld
Daane, MathewNov. 15, 18717186-558Peter Daane, Jr.
Susanne Eernisse
Daane, Mildred M.{ae}Aug. 8, 19042924-143Peter Daane
Josie Taillie
Daane, NeeltjaDec. 19, 18597178-533Louis Daane
Pietronella den Hollander
Daane, NellieApril 9, 18892396-382Pieter Daane
Johanna Huibregtse
Daane, NicholasSept. 25, 18952638-151Nicholas Daane
None listed
Daane, PeterMarch 1, 18607188-562Peter Daane, Jr.
Susanne Eernisse
Daane, PetronellaMay 7, 187210173-519Janis Daane
Elizabeth Beveland
Daane, PieternellaAug. 16, 190328474-2842Matheus Daane
Cornelia Koale
Daane, Susan F.{rancis}March 9, 188521323-1937P. J. Daane
Johanna Huibregtse
Daane, Suzanna A.{driana}May 14, 189726597-2388Mathews Daane
Cornelia Koole
Daane, SuzannaFeb. 7, 18892366-264Jacobus Pieter Daane
Maria Theune
Daane, WilliamAug. 12, 185810172-515Janis Daane
Elizabeth Beveland
Daane, WilliamOct. 5, 189124224-896Willem Daane
Minna Wielkamp
Daehler, CharlesDec. 10, 188923384-1536 
Daehler, Oscar F.{redrich}July 4, 18952639-155Adolph Daehler
Anna Schwartz
Daehn, AnnieOct. 2, 189927424-2540Ernst Daehn
Martha Feldt
Daehn, Herbert E.{rnst} W.{alter}Aug. 10, 190128126-753Ernst Daehn
Martha Feldt
Daehn, WillieNov. 30, 190228412-2470Wm. Daehn
Anna Luckow
Daehnert, {Male}Oct. 16, 19042988-527Carl Daehnert
Matilda Wernerke
Daehnert, AlmaApril 9, 1895267-28Friedrich Daehnert
Maria Henning
Daehnert, CharlesMarch 22, 189224431-1723Carl Daehnert
Mathilda Wernecke
Daehnert, Wilhelm F.Sept. 5, 1888122371 
Daenzlein, JohnNov. 12, 18561297-290George Daenzlein
Barbara Morzel
Daenzlein, KunigundaApril 3, 18591297-291George Daenzlein
Barbara Morzel
Daerner, AnidaAug. 31, 19042947-281Joseph Daerner
Annie Russet
Daetz, Alta E.{lizabeth}Aug. 25, 190128123-736Fred Daetz
Amanda Vater
Dagen, CurtApril 9, 19012889-529George Dagen
Louisa Kruschke
Dagge, Friedrich W.June 7, 18611171-511Wilhelm Dagge
Wilhelmine Wesener
Daharsh, Carolyn B.July 19, 1887106274 
Daharsh, Charlotte M.{ay}May 30, 188521365-2186Grant Daharsh
Katie Shadbolt
Daharsh, GrantOct. 2, 1859105-13Martin Daharsh
Francis Maria Quackenbush
Daharsh, Harold L.{eslie}Oct. 9, 18972791-546Garrit L. Daharsh
Katie C. Shadbolt
Daharsh, LeRoy PerryNov. 10, 1875106311 
Dahl, {Female}Sept. 11, 188622163-652Olee Dahl
Emma Halversen
Dahl, EmmaSept. 28, 18852226-102O. E. Dahl
Dahl, HeinrichSept. 19, 186010123-369John Dahl
Sophia Kaplin
Dahl, JohanMay 23, 186310123-368John Dahl
Sophia Kaplin
Dahlen, GordonFeb. 6, 1907302-11Edward Dahlen
Nellie Mellody
Dahlheim, SerimaJune 7, 18631264-791John Dahlheim
Lualia' Schwentzer
Dahlman, (SB) {Male}Nov. 20, 19063018-106Frederic Wm. Dahlman
Augusta Kraus
Dahlman, Fredrich {Wm.}April 22, 190428607-3642Wm. Dahlman
Augusta Kraas
Dahm, Kurt O.{tto}Aug. 14, 190027561-3362Herman Dahm
Dahme, AnnaAug. 26, 189023482-1926Mathias Dahne
Catharina Streef
Dahme, FrankAug. 28, 189425344-1375Wilhelm Dahme
Minna Rosamek
Dahme, John M.Nov. 26, 189224538-2149Mathias Dahme
Catharina Streff
Dahme, JohnOct. 28, 18882314-56Matheas Dahme
Catharine Streef
Dahme, WilliamSept. 1, 18972755-328William Dahme
Minna Rosenek
Dahmer, JuliaMarch 1, 190328551-3304Carl Dahmer
Dahmer, JuliaOct. 27, 190529280-1678Karl Dahmer
Regina Junk
Dahnert, MinnaFeb. 10, 189425206{-822}August Dahnert
Hermine Homann
Dahorsle, InezApril 25, 190730164-981Roy Dahorsle
Carrie Kampman
Dahorsle, IreneApril 25, 190730164-982Roy Dahorsle
Carrie Kampman
Dahrus, JosephSept. 8, 190529253-1514Thomas Dahrus
Peledia Stiglitz
Dailey, CeliaMay, 187620304-910Charles Dailey
Bridget Heraty
Daily, AnnieMay 19, 185412164-491Daniel Daily
Margareth Peters
Daily, DennisJan. 1, 186012163-489Daniel Daily
Margareth Peters
Daily, JamesJune, 187820304-909Charles Dailey
Bridget Heraty
Daily, MichelMay 2, 185312164-492Daniel Daily
Margareth Peters
Daily, ThomasJan. 12, 185812164-490Daniel Daily
Margareth Peters
Dais, Vincent N.{icholas}May 14, 190428626-3754Wm. Dais
Katie Reiter
Dallman, Carl N.Jan. 5, 186716171-512Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Dallman, EmmaJuly 2, 187516173-517Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Dallman, MatildaSept. 24, 186116171-513Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Dallman, Theodor J.F.Nov. 15, 185716172-516Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Dallman, Willemine C.Feb. 22, 18641617-514Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Dallman, William M.Feb. 22, 187316172-515Carl S. Dallman
Matilda E. Kurth
Damal, HenryJuly 14, 190328489-2931Henry Damal
Anna Herwig
Damcot, WilliamJan. 20, 187820368-1100John W. Damcot
Lena Wordes
Damerow, Hedwig H.{elena} E.{melia}Aug. 22, 188622147-585Frederich Damerow
Justine Schwartz
Damge, EduardJuly 29, 189224327-1308Nicolas Damge
Maragreta Wiltjen
Damge, FrankOct. 13, 189023518-2071Dominic Damge
Mary Beaver
Damge, GeorgeOct. 27, 189023518-2070Nicolas Damge
Margareta Wiltjen
Damge, JanDec. 4, 188722401-1604Dominic Damge
Maria Bever
Damge, LenaJuly 22, 189224328-1312Dominic Damge
Mary Beaner
Damge, MaggaretaFeb. 18, 188923121-484Dominic Damge
Mary Beaver
Damge, MiechelApril 26, 189626450-1800Nicolas Damge
Margareta Wiltjen
Damge, RosaFeb. 26, 188822428-1711Nicolaus Damge
Magareta Wiltjen
Damge, TheodoreJuly 13, 18972733-195Dominic Damge
Mary Briever
Damge, WillieJuly 10, 189526266-1063Domnick Damge
Mary Beaver
Damge, WillieJune 15, 188923122-486Nicolas Damge
Margareta Wiltjen
Damkot, {Male}Aug. 9, 189626458-1831Hendrik Damkot
Janna Heinen
Damkot, HenryAug. 22, 18551134-101Henry Damkot
Henrietta Hunny
Damkot, Jan H.{endrik}Feb. 26, 18862264-254Hendrik Damkot
Johanna Heinen
Damkot, JaneAug. 28, 18531134-101Henry Damkot
Henrietta Hunny
Damkot, Johanna W.{ilhelmina}Dec. 15, 189023549-2194Hendrik Damkot
Johanna Heinen
Damkot, JohannaJan. 12, 188722220-879Jan W. Damkot
Gezina Woerdene
Dammrow, AugustApril 23, 188822426-1701Fred Dammrow
Auguste Schwartz
Damrad, FranzJune 9, 189425288-1152John Damrad
Bertha Kulpinsky
Damrad, Martha (SB)Aug. 2, 189927381-2284Michael Damrad
Martha Krause
Damrat, AnnaDec. 25, 189526201-804Michael Damrat
Martha Krause
Damratofsky, MarthaMay 23, 18932520-79Michael Damratofsky
Martha Krause
Damratomsky, CarlMarch 27, 189626446-1781Johann Damratomsky
Bertha Kulginsky
Damratovski, Johan S.{tephanns}Nov. 5, 189727118-708John Damratovski
Bertha Gulpinski
Damrertowsky, ErnaOct. 21, 189124146-583J. Damrertowsky
Martha Kulpinsky
Damro, Anna E.{mma} A.{uguste}
Dammro on Record}
May 14, 18912410-38Friedrich Dammro
Justine Schwartz
Damron, Friedricke
{Damrow - on record}
Feb. 9, 185910105-314Friedrich Damrow
Christine Kohn
Damrotowski, Bertha C.{acilia}Dec. 2, 190228399-2392Johan Damrotowski
Bertha Kulpinski
Damrotowski, Bertha C.{ecelia}Dec. 2, 190228408-2446John Damrotowski
Bertha Colpinski
Damrow, (SB) {Male}June 4, 188221139-830William Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, {Female}April 1, 189325137-548Fred Damrow
Lena Swartz
Damrow, {Male}April 20, 189023353-1411William Damrow
Maria Widder
Damrow, {Male}Feb. 4, 188421239-1434William Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, {Male}March 4, 190027510-3058Louis Damrow
Annie Imermann
Damrow, {Female}March 5, 189224239-954Wm. Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, {Female}March 9, 18892379-314Louis Damrow
Anna Eimmermann
Damrow, {Female}Nov. 12, 188321233-1395Wil. Damrow
Minna Springer
Damrow, {Male}Nov. 14, 189425455-1819Fred Damrow
Ina Schwartz
Damrow, {Male}Sept. 11, 189626387-1548Fred. Damrow
Justine Schwartz
Damrow, {Male}Sept. 21, 188622169-675Wm. Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, AdolphSept. 5, 186910119-356Friedrich Damrow
Christine Kohn
Damrow, AlbertFeb. 26, 187719291-869Christian Damrow
Mary Ludolf
Damrow, AlfredDec. 7, 189224519-2073Adolph Damrow
Mina Schuman
Damrow, Anna EmmaMay 16, 188521350-2094William Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, Arwin OscarJuly 2, 18952649-196Louis Damrow
Annie Eimermann
Damrow, Clarence
{Arno on Record}
Jan. 5, 190629330-1977Fred Damrow
Kena Schwartz
Damrow, Edward CarlDec. 16, 18791940-119William Damrow
Wilhelmina Sprenger
Damrow, EdwinJan. 17, 189726543-2172William Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, FrankNov. 21, 189727118-707Mike Damrow
Martha Krause
Damrow, FriedrickApril 23, 186310106-317Friedrich Damrow
Christine Kohn
Damrow, GeorgeNov. 25, 18761940-118William Damrow
Wilhelmina Sprenger
Damrow, Harold C.{hristian}Sept. 30, 18932588-352Aug. Damrow
?? Roth
Damrow, Harry C.Aug. 26, 1893122294 
Damrow, HenrySept. 27, 187519291-870Christian Damrow
Mary Ludolf
Damrow, HildaMarch 27, 189626465-1859Gottfried Damrow
Friedericke Engelhardt
Damrow, Ida A.{malia} M.{inna} H.{enriette}Dec. 18, 188321268-1604Christian Damrow
Maria Ludolph
Damrow, JohnnieFeb. 5, 189425476-1901Louis Damrow
Anna Eimermann
Damrow, JosephNov. 27, 189425531-2121Joseph Damrow
Martha Kruse
Damrow, LeoJuly 29, 189927407-2441John Damrow
Bertha Kulbinske
Damrow, MaryOct. 6, 190027597-3582William Damrow
Mary Widder
Damrow, Oscar A.C.Sept. 24, 1880106235 
Damrow, Otto C.{hristian} G.Aug. 17, 188121117-697Christian Damrow
Maria Ludolph
Damrow, RoseFeb. 9, 189324581-2323John Damrow
Bertha Kulginske
Damrow, Rubina T.{heresa} O.{lga}Oct. 26, 1900141380Gottfried Damrow, Jr.
Friedericke Engelhardt
Damrow, Selma L.E.Sept. 25, 189927411-2466Wm. Damrow
Wilhelmine Sprenger
Damrow, Theodore A.{lexander}
{Domrowdofsky on Record}
Nov. 30, 190429127-760Johan Domrowdofsky
Bertha Kulpinsky
Damrow, WalterDec. 27, 19002830-178Michael Damrow
Martha Krause
Damrow, WaltherFeb. 4, 189425219-875Wilhelm Damrow
Maria Widder
Damrow, Wilhelm G.F.Feb. 16, 187918192-573Christian Damrow
Mana Ludolph
Damrow, WilhelmJuly 30, 186110105-315Friedrich Damrow
Christine Kohn
Damrow, WilhelmineNov. 9, 187110119-357Friedrich Damrow
Christine Kohn
Damrow, William {Friedrich}
{Index shows a C. as middle Initial}
Oct. 30, 188923219-875Friedrich Damrow
Justine Schwarz
Damrow, WillieFeb. 16, 187819291-871Christian Damrow
Mary Ludolf
Dana, {Male}Feb. 26, 190027481-2882Jacob Dana
Anna Zeeveld
Dana, Edgar JacobMarch 24, 188822427-1706Jacob Dana
Johanna Zeeveld
Dana, HarryAug. 10, 187720328-982Peter Dana
Susan Ernesse
Dana, Lena EdnaMarch 25, 18931413Jacob E. Dana
Annie Zeeveld
Dana, Lucy EllaDec. 31, 1897141306Jacob E. Dana
Annie Zeeveld
Dancox, Cam R.{eece}Aug. 5, 1865419-55Henry R. Dancox
Attaresta White
Dancox, Sarah M.{ariah}April 5, 1858419-56Henry R. Dancox
Attaresta White
Dane, WilliamJuly 14, 188019184-551Albert C. Dane
Mary Crebsky
Danehuw, Christian
{Twin to Franz}
May 15, 188822440-1760Christian Danehuw
Elizabeth Hilsgen
Danehuw, Franz
{Twin to Christian}
May 15, 188822440-1759Christian Danehuw
Elizabeth Hilsgen
Danennberg, Aurelie W.{ilhelmine}June 26, 190027578-3467Paul Danennberg
Hulda Martin
Danforth, ClayburnSept. 29, 187719252-753Wallace M. Danforth
Cenah Tewinkel
Danforth, DaisyJan. 17, 187919253-757Wallace M. Danforth
Cenah Tewinkel
Danforth, DelmerJan. 17, 187919253-755Wallace M. Danforth
Cenah Tewinkel
Danforth, WilliamMarch 7, 187619252-752Wallace M. Danforth
Cenah Tewinkel
Dangers, Elsy
{Daugers on Index}
Dec. 11, 187019130-389Burchart Dangers
Helena Frankenberg
Dangers, Lille
{Daugers on Index}
Feb. 15, 187719132-396Burchart Dangers
Helena Frankenberg
Dangnetz, Eda C.{lara}July 6, 189927354-2123August Dangnetz
Paulina Haas
Danial, GeorgeJune 7, 190228268-1607Henry Danial
Anna Herwig
Danial, MildredMarch 27, 190529153-912Henry Danial
Anna Herwig
Daniel, AnoraNov. 30, 18701818-54Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, CarolineDec. 24, 18681813-38Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, Elizabeth M.July 19, 1906110284 
Daniel, EmmaFeb. 13, 18741818-52Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, EzibellaMay 7, 190027557-3337Henry Daniel
Anna Herwig
Daniel, FredMay 18, 1880103172 
Daniel, HenryNov. 27, 18751817-51Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, MaryJune 17, 1863188-24Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, MinnieOct. 25, 18721818-53Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniel, ReckaJune 26, 1865188-23Henry Daniel
Therese Hecker
Daniels, {Male}Dec. 12, 189124307-1227Adolph Daniels
Hannah Clauderman
Daniels, ArwinJune 19, 189726631-2522Raymond Daniels
Ada Snies
Daniels, Elmer Ray
{Original record state gender as Female}
Sept. 26, 189425404-1615Roimer Daniels
Edna Smies
Daniels, MableMarch 15, 189324617-2464Roinerd Daniels
Edna Smies
Dank, LizzieJuly 24, 187720347-1037John Dank
Gertrude Weavers
Dankemeier, Friedrich F.Jan. 17, 1875179-26Christian Dankemeier
Dankemeyer, FredrickDec. 7, 188030216-1293Christian Dankemeyer
Martha Wagner
Dankwert, {Male}Oct. 25, 19042953-317Frederick Dankwert
Rosa Vande Loo
Dankwerth, Carl W.Jan. 1, 186985-14Wilhelm Dankwerth
Danley, Adna T.Aug. 14, 18601659-175Albert Danley
Carloline M. Brundage
Danley, Alice G.April 13, 18671660-178Albert Danley
Carloline M. Brundage
Danley, Frank B.July 20, 18541659-176Albert Danley
Carloline M. Brundage
Danley, Lottie M.March 31, 18731660-179Albert Danley
Carloline M. Brundage
Danley, Nettie L.Sept. 18, 18561659-177Albert Danley
Carloline M. Brundage
Danneberg, Walter Carl
{Certificate shows Carl Walter}
Nov. 29, 190228436-2614Paul Danneberg
Hilda Martin
Dannenberg, Willard M.{artin}Dec. 21, 189626519-2075Paul J. Dannenberg
Hulda L. Martin
Danner, Francis J.Sept. 17, 1880103213 
Danner, George M.April 10, 1878103171 
Dannge, Miechel
{Damge on Record}
April 26, 189626450-1800Nicholas Damge
Margareta Wiltjen
Dannies, Friedrich R.Jan. 18, 1885122154 
Dannies, HugoOct. 26, 18962714-84Fred Dannies
Mary Miller
Dannores, AnnieApril 11, 19042996-571Charles Dannores
Annie Sugenkuda
Danshert, Frank
{Also See Frank Daushert}
Nov. 6, 189224518-2071George Danshert
Maria Schuler
(surname is hard to decipher
Not sure if the N should be U instead)
Dappin, BerthaFeb. 1, 190629338-2022Max Dappin
Dappin, JosephApril 1, 190529166-992Max Dappin
Ida Lifsen
Daring, WalterNov. 28, 19002829-172Frank Daring
Leana Range
Darling, BelleMay 25, 1884119575 
Darling, Floris {M. - Female}Jan. 21, 190429111-662Beverly J. Darling
Julia H. D. Reyson
Darling, Harvand F.May 25, 18972720-120Beverly James Darling
Julia J. D. Reysen
Darling, Irene C.{hristina}Nov. 5, 189827280-1677Beverly James Darling
Julia Johanna Doratha Reysen
Darling, Kenneth J.Jan. 28, 1900169101 
Darneider, HorwinSept. 12, 189425400-1597Joseph Darneider
None listed
Darnieder, FranzMarch 6, 189324568-2270Joseph Darnieder
Margaret Buchel
Darnier, RosaDec. 17, 188522152-607George Darnier
Franziska Ammel
Darr, {Male}March 10, 188421259-1549Christian Darr
Darr, ElenoraSept. 12, 189827254-1524Wm. Darr
Helena Knobel
Darr, FlorenceOct. 22, 189927497-2982Wm. Darr
Helena Knobel
Darr, Fredrich H.{einrich}Sept. 17, 188622151-601Fritz Darr
Maria Magdalena Tresher
Darra, LenaMarch 27, 188722230-917Christ Darra
Ricke Andreas
Dartz, {Female}Feb. 11, 189827147-881Fred Dartz
Amanda Valer
Dashiell, Carrie M.Sept. 27, 18649194-541Henry Clay Dashiell
Lucia W. Platte
Dashiell, FredieOct. 27, 18669193-540Henry Clay Dashiell
Lucia W. Platte
Dashiell, WheelerSept. 15, 18699193-539Henry Clay Dashiell
Lucia W. Platte
Dasso, {Female}Aug. 30, 18852287-345Henry Dasso
Sophia Froh
Dassow, {Female}April 21, ??23534-2134Henry Dassow
Sophia Frok
Dassow, {Male}May 25, 190529170-1014Aug. Dassow
Emma Heiden
Dassow, {Male}Nov. 11, 189325139-553Henry Dassow
Sophia Froh
Dassow, {Female}Sept. 14, 190128119-710Herman Dassow
None listed
Dassow, CarlMay 26, ??30165-984Aug. Dassow
Emma Heida
Dassow, Claribel A.July 4, 1903122111 
Dassow, Edgar O.April 13, 1907110205 
Dassow, Eva MarieSept. 21, 190629439-2624John Dassow, Jr.
Elizabeth Nusbaummer
Dassow, Florence A.Sept. 5, 190128196-1174August Dassow
None listed
Dassow, Helene K.H.Feb. 6, 1881106236 
Dassow, MariettFeb. 10, 188121122-732John Henry Dassow
Sophia Schoenrock
Dassow, Myrtha M.Oct. 29, 1900110351 
Dassow, Vernie LeotaApril 4, 190228313-1877Wm. O. H. Dassow
Emma L. Rickmeyer
Daton, Louis C.Aug. 19, 185810176-527Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, Martha M.Feb. 21, 186810177-531Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, Nella L.July 29, 186010176-528Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, Netta L.May 13, 186610177-530Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, Phebe H.Feb. 17, 187210177-532Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, Sarah V.Feb. 1, 186210176-529Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Daton, William H.May 11, 187010178-533Hiram Daton
M. Mary Judd
Dauger, Frank W.{illie}July 20, 189425305-1218Louis Dauger
Anna Riemer
Daunor, VeronicaDec. 12, 190529404-2421Chas. Daunor
Anna Luganckuite
Dauscheck, Geo.Sept. 15, 189626351-1401Geo. Dauscheck
Mary Schuler
Dausheck, Joseph J.{ohn}Sept. 15, 189626423-1690Henry Dausheck
Mary Schuler
Daushert, Frank
{Also see Frank Danshert}
Nov. 6, 189224518-2071George Daushert
Maria Schuler
(surname is hard to decipher
Not sure if the U should be an N)
Davenport, {Female}April 14, 189325167-665Ben Davenport
Clara Leavens
Davenport, {Male}Nov. 24, ??23533-2130Benjamin Davenport
Clara Levens
Davenport, Clara BelleMarch 7, 18882331-124Benjamin Davenport
Clara Levens
Davenport, Helen M.Dec. 26, 1885122134 
Davenport, IdellaDec. 15, 189727247-1478Benjamin Davenport
?? Leavens
Davenport, Roy B.{urton}May 10, 188330183-1094Benjamin Davenport
Clara Levens
Davidson, Emanuel O.
{Surname Daniel on Record}
Feb. 7, 188923103-412David Daniel
Louise Olsen
Davies, JohnOct. 27, 190529292-1750Walter Davies
Yanna G. Vervelde
Davis, Ada E.Oct. 18, 18551056-167John B. Davis
Margaret A. Coffan
Davis, Allen H.{ackett}Feb. 26, 190629321-1924Wm. Davis
Pearle Hackett
Davis, Alma A.Nov. 21, 18621055-166John B. Davis
Margaret A. Coffan
Davis, Cynthia I.March 18, 18581056-168John B. Davis
Margaret A. Coffan
Davis, Elmer A.May 17, 1896101419 
Davis, Flora E.Feb. 8, 188020281-841A. G. Davis
Sophia Bidoul
Davis, Harry LyleNov. 7, 1898141102Lincoln Davis
Lucy Vanderhoof
Davis, Hatte {Male}March 20, 189626366-1462Charles Davis
Hatte Stutte
Davis, Judd A.July 5, 18621039-116William Young Davis
H. M. Allen
Davis, Lincoln H.Sept. 9, 18601055-165John B. Davis
Margaret A. Coffan
Davis, Loise M.Jan. 13, 18531056-169John B. Davis
Margaret A. Coffan
Davis, Milton V.{onderhoof}Oct. 4, 189325477-1907Lincoln Davis
Lucy Vanderhoof
Davis, PhilipMarch 7, 190629354-2120Horace Davis
Mary Santee
Dawley, John H.Dec. 30, 185414147-441Elijay Dawley
Rhoda A. Nutt
Dawn, Alice L.June 5, 18561663-189Jonathan Dawn
Louisa S. Palmer
Dawn, Clara A.June 28, 18581664-190Jonathan Dawn
Louisa S. Palmer
Dawn, Hulbert A.Dec. 25, 18641664-191Jonathan Dawn
Louisa S. Palmer
Dawn, Mary L.April 3, 18741663-188Jonathan Dawn
Louisa S. Palmer
Day, Sherman J.April 13, 189711069-133 
Dayhersch, LoraDec. 9, 18782058-174John Dayhersch
Lena Kurz
Dbrine, EddieOct. 5, 188421289-1731Dennis Dbrine
Katie Dutch
De Back, Annie J.June 17, 189425440-1757Martin De Back
Katie Van De Weele
De Back, MartinJune 15, 189827200-1200Martin De Back
Kate Van Der Wall
De Back, PieterMarch 25, 189224315-1257Ibormus De Back
Katharina Now der Weele
De Back, WilliamMay 7, 190027537-3222Martin De Back
Kate Van Der Wahl
De Barr, (SB) {Female}May 9, 188521360-2156None Listed
De Bell, Josephine T.{heresa Cicilia}May 11, 188722265-1060Eddie De Bell
Clara Pfister
De Blaey, AnnaJan. 16, 18617163-488Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, CatharinaMay 25, 18707165-493Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, Clarence C.{ornelis}June 3, 189425335-1339Dirk De Blaey
Jameke Kleinhesselink
De Blaey, CorneliusOct. 24, 18657164-491Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, DirkAug. 6, 18677164-492Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, ElinaAug. 14, 18597163-487Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, HarryJan. 9, 189626366-1464Dirk De Blaey
Jennie Kleinhesselink
De Blaey, JohanOct. 24, 18657164-490Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Blaey, MaatjeOct. 27, 18637163-489Cornelis De Blaey
Neelye de Visser
De Bonte, {Male}June 3, 189626474-1893Arrie De Bonte
Glusina Staerk
De Braal, {Female}June 9, 189023439-1756Daniel De Braal
Magdalena Van Roo
De Braal, {Female}Oct. 5, 18952682-326Danil De Braal
Magdelena Van Roo
De Braal, AdrianaJuly 18, 18597162-485Jan De Braal
Jonna Verponte
De Braal, Annie EstherFeb. 28, 190027520-3118Dan De Braal
Lena Van Roo
De Braal, EdwardJune 1, 189626340-1357J. De Braal
Mary Bine
De Braal, JanFeb. 23, 18637162-486Jan De Braal
Jonna Verponte
De Braal, JennieMay 14, 188221149-889Daniel De Braal
Magdalena Vanroe
De Braal, JohnMarch 4, 189425427-1706John De Braal
Mary Rine
De Braal, JohnSept. 24, 1886106312 
De Braal, PeterOct. 27, 188019224-670Daniel De Braal
Magdelena Van Roo
De Brawl, {Female}June 26, 188421281-1686Daniel De Brawl
Magdalena Vanroe
De Brawl, {Male}Sept. 23, 188823202-805Daniel De Brawl
Magdalena Van Roo
De Brawl, JosephineJune 9, 18972773-437Daniel De Brawl
Lenna Van Row
De Brein, John H.{enry}Aug. 4, 18912477-307Dennis De Brein
Katie Detsch
De Brine, HarryJan. 10, 189626221-884Denes De Brine
Kate Toschtz
De Bruin, (SB){Male}July 20, 18972730-178Leonard De Bruin
Gezine Hunink
De Bruin, Annie M.{arie}Sept. 19, 189927404-2422Leonard De Bruin
Geziena Huenink
De Bruin, AnnieJuly 24, 189827235-1410Leonard De Bruin
Gesiena Huenink
De Bruin, DinaOct. 21, 18702175-521Jan De Bruin
Dina Gosfink
De Bruin, JanJune 4, 189023479-1916Willem De Bruin
Janna Wieberdink
De Bruine, {Male}Aug. 26, 189827240-1435William De Bruine
Johanna Gezena Weberdink
De Bruine, {Female}Oct. 10, 189124111-444William De Bruine
Jane L. Weverdink
De Bruyn, Sara A.{lyda}Nov. 17, 189626547-2187Willem De Bruyn
Johanna Gesina Wieberdink
De Bunte, {Male}July 17, 18952681-321Hare De Bunte
Glesina Sterk
De Bunte, HarryAug. 15, 189927376-2252Henry De Bunte
Grasina Stark
De Estaing, JohnAug. 22, 187012118-352Alphonsa De Estaing
Emma C. Waltby
De Geus, Cornelis J.{an}July 19, 188521364-2178Montkeys De Geus
Hendrika Dekkens
De Geus, CorrinneMarch 13, 189626305-1220John De Geus
Marie Van De Han
De Geus, Gerarda B.{erendina}June 13, 188722261-1042Mathas De Geus
Hendrika Sekkers
De Geus, MariaAug. 4, 188923160-640Mathys De Geus
Hendrika Dekkers
De Geus, MartinSept. 6, 189827234-1401John De Geus
Molley Wandergem
De Jonge, Hendrik J.W.Oct. 25, 185915-15Marieus De Jonge
Cariana Lokker
De Jung, NellieMarch 21, 188923112-446Martinns De Jung
De Karski, Chas. H.Sept. 20, 187719210-628Chas. De Karski
Theresia Loesch
De Karski, George G.Jan. 17, 187819218-652Chas. De Karski
Theresia Loesch
De Karski, HenryMay 21, 188019177-531August De Karski
Carolina Ziekard
De Karsky, FriedrichJan. 29, 188421241-1446August De Karsky
Carolina Zickhardt
De Keyser, Claudia A.Oct. 6, 189023512-2048John De Keyser
Anna Marie Woerner
De Keyser, Lydia M.{argaretha} L.{louise}July 4, 18882322-85John De Keyser
Anna Marie Woerner
de Keyser, Marie V.
{Record States De Kaiser}
Oct. 29, 189325124-493John De Kaiser
Maria Werner
De Ku, LuciaJan. 31, 189827144-862Jos. De Ku
Peternella Renzelman
De La Hunt, {Male}Aug. 27, 18972750-295John De La Hunt
None listed
De La Hunt, {Male}June 28, 189626416-1661John De La Hunt
None listed
De La Hunt, {Male}Sept. 13, 189827243-1458Wm. De La Hunt
None listed
De La Hunt, Ann
{Records show Delahunt}
Sept. 20, 18531417-50John Delahunt
Catherine Keenan
De La Hunt, EddieAug. 31, 187419139-415 
De La Hunt, Eleanor T.{herese}April 3, 189626256-1023William De La Hunt
Mary Gannon
De La Hunt, William {A.}Jan. 18, 189124170-677William De La Hunt
Mamie Gannon
De Lange, Antonia H.Sept. 6, 1897110429 
De Lange, Lota M.{aria}March 12, 189525561-2242Thomas Leendert De Lange
Dina De Graaf
De Long, Bessie M.{yrtle}Sept. 30, 189023535-2138C. D. De Long
Inez M. Kelly
De Long, {Female}Sept. 18, 187146-17James Carson Dehung
Sarah E. Murney
De Long, Mildred AnnMay 1, 189927450-2699Sidney De Long
Bertha Thompson
De Lysen, {Female}July 15, 188221163-973John De Lysen
None Listed
De Lyser, ElisabethApril 28, 18591079-236Jacob De Lyser
Jannake Prevo
De Lyser, JennyNov. 20, 18641079-237Jacob De Lyser
Jannake Prevo
De Lyser, JosiasAug. 20, 18561079-238Jacob De Lyser
Jannake Prevo
De Lyser, MariaJuly 27, 18621078-235Jacob De Lyser
Jannake Prevo
De Lyzer, ArnoudJan. 6, 18702112-333Izak De Lyzer
Paulina Wolfert
De Master, {Male}Feb. 12, ??27147-880Philip De Master
Angelina Vaskuil
De Master, {Female}Jan. 8, 189626382-1525Cornelius De Master
Gertrude Ten Pas
De Master, Alice G.{ertrude}Aug. 23, 189827235-1408Cornelius De Master
Gertrude Ten Pas
De Master, Harold M.July 28, 1896106313 
De Master, JohannesFeb. 14, 1878103288 
De Master, John E.May 31, 189124156-623Cornelius De Master
Gertie Tenpas
De Master, Leona N.{ellie}June 16, 190027612-3668Conrad De Master
Golanda Ten Pas
De Master, MartinAug. 26, 1874110234 
De Master, Mathew {J.}Feb. 26, 187720117-351Mathew De Master
Sarah Brown
De Master, PeterNov. 3, 1869290-268Willem De Master
Catharina Van Diln
De Master, PhilippusOct. 7, 18702177-528Matheus De Master
Sara Brown
De Master, WilliamSept. 18792091-272Mathew De Master
Sarah Brown
De Meester, EdwardApril 7, 188521344-2060Matheus De Meester
Sara Brown
De Meester, HendrikApril 7, 188521344-2061Matheus De Meester
Sara Brown
De Meester, PeterOct. 20, 1852File44Peter De Meester
Joanna Blankert
De Mez, Ruby J.{ane}
{Du Mez on record}
Dec. 1927109-653Samuel Du Mez
Laura Thurene
De Munck, {Male}Aug. 21, 189124130-518Willem De Munck
Suzanna Daane
De Munck, CarolynAug. 20, 187714157Abraham De Munck
Julia Pfrang
De Munck, Jacobus I.{saak}Feb. 25, 189626230-920Willem De Munck
Suzanna Daane
De Nerring, JohnMarch 13, 189526173-689Abraham De Nerring
Lizy Marrels
De Pachter, AdrianaSept. 6, 189124135-539Roeland De Pachter
Adriana Hubrechtsen
De Pachter, JaanesSept. 21, 18852236-141Roeland De Pachter
Adriana Huibregtse
De Pachter, PieternellaJune 22, 188321229-1370Roeland De Pachter
Adriane Hubredtsen
De Pachter, SuzannaAug. 25, 188622165-657Daniel De Pachter
Adriana Verstroete
De Pachter, WillemApril 24, 188822429-1716Daniel De Pachter
Adriana Verstroete
De Pagter, Abraham I.Jan. 1, 189525629-2516Jacobus De Pagter
Johanna Goedegebuer
De Pagter, PeterFeb. 14, 188822404-1613 
De Pater, Wm.May 27, 189827196-1176Jac. R. De Pater
Johanna Hudewur
De Roo, Susanna H.
{Other spelling for these parents are Dervo}
Aug. 8, 1871166-18Abraham De Roo
Pretenella B.
De Roo, Susanna M.{aria}
{Other spelling for these parents are Dervo}
Aug. 6, 18717185-555Abraham De Roo
Peternella B. Resuenow
De Ruiter, Anthony L.March 5, 188923124-495Levinus De Ruiter
Gysbertje Nousen
De Ruiter, AnthonyAug. 26, 188622165-658Levinus De Ruiter
Gysbertje Noussen
De Ruyter, George G.June 17, 1898103303 
De Smidt, AbrahamFeb. 6, 18702120-357Izak De Smidt
Elizabeth Daane
De Smidt, Alfred C.Aug. 26, 18751711-31Jacobus De Smidt
De Smidt, Andrew A.{mos}June 17, 189124182-727James De Smidt
Elisabeth Clarbout
De Smidt, Arthur J.{acobus}May 22, 188521353-2114Jacob De Smidt
Maria Liebermann
De Smidt, Clara F.April 25, 189425479-1914Adrian De Smidt
Nettie Stokdyk
De Smidt, Harry E.Sept. 1, 188822500-2000Jacobus De Smidt
Maria Lebermann
De Smidt, HarveyMarch 31, 1893101154 
De Smidt, Ida M.{aria}Oct. 24, 187718108-323Jacobus De Smidt
De Smidt, KatyJune 14, 188421274-1641Peter De Smidt
Cornelius Minerbout
De Smidt, Mary A.{nn}July 21, 188822484-1934Pieter De Smidt
Cornelia Minderhout
De Smidt, Meta A.{ntonette}Aug. 11, 188020241-722Jacobus De Smidt
Maria Liebermann
De Smidt, MorrisFeb. 20, 188722250-999Izak De Smidt
Elizabeth Daane
De Smidt, NaomiMay 26, 189927344-2059Adrian De Smidt
Annie Te Ronde
De Smidt, PeternellaMarch 29, 188521345-2069Issake De Smidt
Elizabeth Daane
De Smidt, Robert M.{annie}April 20, 189425275-1100Jacobus De Smidt
Mary Lieberman
De Smidt, WalterJan. 28, 189626303-1211Wm. De Smidt
Mary Grotenhuis
De Smidt, William A.May 23, 1878110162 
De Smil, Gladys L.{ovila}
{De Smit on Record}
Oct. 15, 189927448-2686Jake De Smit
?? Holden
De Smit, Peter {Andrew}Sept. 4, 1885228-31Jan Frans De Smit
Janna Sophia Mellan
De Smith, AdrianJuly 23, 187620341-1021Charles De Smith
Nelly Minderhour
De Smith, AdrianJune 19, 187920324-968John De Smith
Elizabeth Clarbout
De Smith, Frank N.{orman}Oct. 25, 188449166James M. De Smith
Mary E. Johnson
De Smith, HenryDec. 23, 187820343-1025Charles De Smith
Nelly Minderhour
De Smith, Jessie
Nov. 7, 187920112-336William De Smith
Delia Grotenhuis
De Smith, LydiaOct. 7, 187720117-350William De Smith
Delia Grotenhuis
De Smith, Maria K.{ath}Feb. 19, 188321235-1407Jacobus De Smith
Maria Leverman
De Smith, MenaApril 29, 187720323-967John De Smith
Elizabeth Clarbout
De Smith, SarahSept. 9, 187520117-349William De Smith
Delia Grotenhuis
De Smith, SylvesterOct. 8, 187520323-966John De Smith
Elizabeth Clarbout
De Sombra, Reinhart A.{ugust}Dec. 11, 188522120-480Karl De Sombra
Auguste Pahr
De Sombre, Wilhelm H.{ugo} A.{ugust}April 1, 188923100-398Carl De Sombre
Augusta Bahr
De Troy, NicolausMay 7, 189827193-1157John De Troy
Nelltje Geldorf
De Troye, LucyAug. 9, 189927371-221John De Troye
Nellie Geldof
De Troye, NellieMarch 5, 1894110183 
De Ville, Ester M.{arie}April 30, 189927332-1991Nick De Ville
Minnie Baumann
De Ville, EstherApril 30, 189927629-3773Nicholas De Ville
Minnie Baumann
De Ville, Margaret P.{auline}May 28, 189626437-1746Nicholas De Ville
Minnie Bauman
De Ville, MargerethaDec. 21, 18882358-230Niclaus De Ville
Minna Baumann
De Vine, Feb. 5, 189224294-1175Robt. De Vine
Clara Bailey
De Vog, {Male}May 6, 189827186-1114Peter De Vog
Anna Pelke
De Voy, EdnaSept. 8, 189410651 
De Voy, JennieDec. 20, 1885122187 
De Voy, MaggieSept. 5, 189124170-680James De Voy
Maggie Gallagher
De Voy, WallaceJune 20, 190027623-3737Peter De Voy
Miss Mary Pehlke
De Wilde, AnnaSept. 19, 188822496-1982G. A. De Wilde
Hattie Lintz
De Wilke, FrankApril 7, 188622112-448Johannes De Wilke
Maria De Vey
De Winkel, GertrudaOct. 24, 18601126-77John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Winkel, JannaOct. 2, 18591126-76John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Winkel, JohannaJuly 14, 18581128-82John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Winkel, JohnFeb. 23, 18641127-79 
De Winkel, LienaOct. 2, 18621126-78John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Winkel, WilhelminaJuly 13, 18711127-81John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Winkel, WilliamMarch 14, 18681127-80John W. De Winkel
Liena Bugerk
De Witt, JannaOct. 3, 1891147183 
De Witte, AnnaSept. 9, 18717161-483Dirk De Witte
Cornelia Dees
De Witte, CorneliaMay 8, 188221349-2091Dirk De Witte
Cornelia Dees
De Witte, DirkJune 21, 188822449-1793Johannes De Witte
Maria De Vey
De Witte, JohanaJan. 18, 18697181-541Dirk De Witte
Cornelia Dees
De Yong, Hendrik P.{eter}Sept. 18, 188421306-1834Merius De Yong
De Yong, LouisOct. 15, 189727100-599John De Yong
Laura Ortmeyer
De Zwarte, AdrianNov. 8, 188923347-1385Jacobus De Zwarte
Lena Verhuelst
De Zwarte, KatherineApril 20, 1891103414 
Deagal, AugustMarch 17, 18802172-429John Deagal
Johanna Hahn
Deagal, EdahDec. 23, 18772172-427John Deagal
Johanna Hahn
Deagal, EmmaNov. 24, 18752172-428John Deagal
Johanna Hahn
Dean, {Male}April 21, 189722291-1164Willard Dean
Minnie Miller
Dean, {Female}May 8, 188923189-756Charles A. Dean
Emma Ruhmer
Dean, Abraham L.April 17, 18611524-72Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Dean, Bessie EllaJuly 10, 1881101151 
Dean, Edwin A.March 1, 18671524-70Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Dean, George F.Sept. 17, 18631525-74Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Dean, HobartAug. 1, 189927444-2662Philo Dean
Kate Geldmicht
Dean, Joseph W.Jan. 2, 18561525-73Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Dean, KittieFeb. 17, 18782120-116Simon Dean
Ellem Doeyle
Dean, Laui
{Louis on Record}
April 1721354-2122C. A. Dean
Emma Rumen
Dean, Leone A.Jan. 14, 189325163-651Philo Dean
None listed
Dean, Mary J.Aug. 22, 18581524-71Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Dean, MaryApril 18, 18752120-117Simon Dean
Ellen Doyle
Dean, MichaelJuly 29, 188622144-576Simon Dean
Ellen Doyle
Dean, Sarah F.July 14, 18521525-75Joseph Dean
Eliza Clark
Deanhardt, (SB) {Female}Nov. 21, 189224520-2076August Deanhardt
Hermine Herman
Debbink, Henry W.July 20, 1898101401 
Debbink, HerbertNov. 19, 1898103436 
Debbink, Jennie G.{ertrude}April 9, 18972753-315Garrett Debbink
Miss Johanna Neerhof
Debbink, John GarrettMay 27, 189425498-1989Garrett Debbink
None listed
Debelack, Alexandria
{Record States gender as Male}
Sept. 6, 189425349-1394Frank Debelack
Florentine Kaminski
Debell, Mildred M.May 3, 189525628-2510Edward Debell
Clara Pfister
Deberlack, GeorgeFeb. 11, 189123601-2401Frank Deberlack
Tina Kominsky
Deblach, Ida M.{agdelena}Sept. 15, 189626423-1691Franz Deblach
Florantine Kaminski
Debonte, MaryMay 10, 18932586-341Arie Debonte
Klazina Sterk
DeBraal, DanielMay 20, 18932520-80Daniel DeBraal
Lina Doro
Debrine, DeliaOct. 25, 189325147-587William Debrine
Jane Weiterdink
Decarski, WaltherNov. 25, 188923284-1135August Decarski
Karoline Zickert
Decarsky, AugustDec. 24, 188722364-1453August Decarsky
Carline Zickart
Decarsky, HenryMay 21, 188019164-492 
Decarsky, LouiseApril 24, 188722231-921Charly Decarsky
Teresa Loesch
Dechant, WilliamAug. 1, 188822479-1914William Dechant
Anna Maria Lenhard
See Special Note
Dechen, Meta E.April 14, 189927325-1952Jacob W. Dechen
Bertha Oldenburg
See Special Note
Dechent, Arno WilliamJuly 25, 190027580-3479Jacob W. Dechent
Bertha Oldenburg
Dechent, Elisa K.Sept. 4, 189124105-419William Dechent
Christine Margaretha Uhl
Dechent, EvaAug. 16, 189626362-1446William Dechent
Christine Margaretha Uhl
Dechent, LoueMarch 10, 189827158-944Jacob W. Dechent
Bertha Oldenburg
Dechent, LouiseJan. 9, 18892356-223John Dechent
Eva Koehl
Dechent, Maria M.Feb. 23, 189324557-2225William Dechent
Christine Margaretha Uhl
Dechert, {Female}Jan. 4, 188722233-930Johann Dechert
Eva Krohl
Deckau, Alex {on Record}
{Dickau on Index}
April 6, 188722245-980Johan Deckau
Dorothee Marron
Decker, {Male}Dec. 8, 188522153-612Carl Decker
Judith Niesemann
Decker, {Male}Jan. 17, 189525603-2409Sebol Decker
Lizzie Wiskamp
Decker, {Female}Oct. 19, 18882318-71Henry Decker
Unknown Boedecker
Decker, AnnaMarch 9, 18651326-77John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decker, ClaraMay 23, 189827190-1138Peter Decker
Mary Hammes
Decker, GustavApril 1, 18671329-85John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decker, HeinrichJuly 20, 18601328-83John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decker, HermanApril 5, 18702159-473Friedrich Decker
Maria Meier
Decker, IdaDec. 19, 18682101-299Henry Decker
Sophia Schwartze
Decker, IdaOct. 24, 187518244-727John Henry Decker
Frederike Brandt
Decker, LydiaFeb. 19, 187718243-723John Henry Decker
Frederike Brandt
Decker, OttoMay 2, 18701315-15John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decker, PaulinaJan. 16, 18621189-265John Heinrich Decker
Friedricka Brandt
Decker, SophieMarch 7, 18631328-84John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decker, WilhelminaApril 2, 18591328-82John Heinrich Decker
Friedericke Brandt
Decklebber, JohnApril 10, 189425382-1526William Decklebber
Henrietta Vetter
Deckliver, AdeliaJuly 9, 189626455-1819William Deckliver
Henrietta Vetter
Deckliver, EllaJuly 19, 189827261-1565Wm. Deckliver
Deckliver, PaulOct. 20, 190027637-3820William Deckliver
Henrietta Vetter
Dedie, Matthew J.{ake}March 5, 186430213-1275Jacob Dedie
Marie Brill
Dedow, Alvin EmilMay 23, 1900141331Martin Dedow
Augusta Schmidt
Dedow, August L.{ouis}March 27, 1898141416Martin Dedow
Augusta Schmidt
Deeds, HenrySept. 15, 185713156-466William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deeds, JohnJan. 8, 185413153-458William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deeds, JosephDec. 28, 187013155-463William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deeds, SilvesterMay 12, 186413155-465William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deeds, VallentineApril 15, 185613156-467William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deeds, WilliamDec. 28, 186713155-464William Deeds
Elizabeth Neibert
Deein, Barbara J.March 9, 18692148-440Wilhelm Dietrich Deein
Sophia Tiess
Deein, Ida M.J.April 3, 18702154-459Wilhelm Dietrich Deein
Sophia Thiess
Dees, {Female}May 15, 189425457-1828Jans Dees
Francena Jensen
Dees, AbrahamJune 20, 189430183-1095John Dees
Francena Jensen
Dees, Andreas C.{ornelis}
{Twin to Anna Cornelia Dees}
April 17, 18912448-191Pieter Dees
Orina Smies
Dees, Andrew C.{ornelius}Sept. 24, 189325180-718Pieter Dees
Crina Smies
Dees, Anna C.{ornelia}
{Twin to Andreas Cornelis Dees}
April 17, 18912451-203Pieter Dees
Orina Smies
Dees, BenjaminAug. 6, 1896103195 
Dees, ElizabethJan. 15, 188610337 
Dees, ElizabethJan. 15, 188610337 
Dees, JanApril 16, 188923124-494Pieter Dees
Crina Smies
Dees, LucyNov. 29, 1892101418 
Dees, MartinAug. 28, 188410336 
Dees, Peter JamesMarch 20, 1896110316 
Degan, GeorgeJuly 31, 187619365-1092Fred Degan
Annie Eiles
Degan, JohnJan. 13, 187719365-1093Fred Degan
Annie Eiles
Degan, LydiaMay 13, 188019364-1090Fred Degan
Annie Eiles
Degan, WilliamOct. 5, 187819365-1091Fred Degan
Annie Eiles
Dege, MinnieJuly 15, 187820194-582Gottlieb Dege
Augusta Voigt
Dege, Sarah
{Dego on Index}
Dec. 15, 187920194-581Gottlieb Dege
Augusta Voight
Degen, Anna Bertha
{Degan on record}
Sept. 2, 189023513-2050Fred Degan
Anne Eiles
Degen, ClaranceSept. 29, 189927425-2546John Degen
Emily Oldenburg
Degen, Ellen MarieAug. 10, 188622139-556Fritz Degen
Anna Eiles
Degen, Ester M.{artha}March 22, 189927317-1900Hermann Degen
Anna Etting
Degen, Fred A.{lbert}Dec. 16, 188823222-886Fred Degen
Anne Eiles
Degen, Henry H.{erman} E.{rnst}Nov. 19, 189224532-2126Fred W. Degen
Anna Eiles
Degen, HildegardFeb. 11, 189123605-2417Johan Degen
Eva Koehl
Degen, Norman A.{rthur} W.{alter}Nov. 1, 19002826-155John Fred Degen
Emilie Albertine Augusta Oldenburg
Degen, TheodoreSept. 10, 188722295-1179Johan Degen
Emilie Steinke
Degen, WillieDec. 5, 189224515-2059John Degen
Eva Krohle
Degener, WaltherJuly 27, 188822471-1883Hermann Degener
Mathilde Brokenhagen
Degenhardt, RuthMarch 9, 190027498-2987Peter Degenhardt
Mary Heisdorf
Degenk{o}lbe, {Male}Sept. 13, 18952677-308Herman Degenkolbe
Louise Grundmeier
Degenkolb, {Female}Oct. 19, 189124131-522Herman Degenkolb
Louise Grundmeier
Degenkolbe, Alma A.{nna} A.{uguste}Oct. 5, 188221192-1148Herman Degenkolbe
Louisa Grundemeier
Deger, WalterDec. 29, 189727124-743Herman Deger
Gusta Goetzke
Degner, MarthaFeb. 22, 189023336-1344Hermann Degner
Mathilda Borkenhagen
Degnitz, AdolfMay 30, 18782026-76August Degnitz
Caroline Hoifs
Degnitz, ArthurApril 5, 189224402-1607August Degnitz
Caroline Hess
Degnitz, IdaOct. 18, 18772042-125Gustave Degnitz
Selma Miller
Degnitz, Otto EmilMarch 24, 189010364 
Degnitz, PaulSept. 18, 189626396-1584Aug. Degnitz
Caroline Hoefs
Degnitz, WilliamSept. 27, 18792026-77August Degnitz
Caroline Hoifs
Deheck, CeceliaJan. 4, 189212236Andrew Deheck
Veronica Zierbes
Deheck, Theresa M.April 3, 188812237Andrew Deheck
Veronica Zierbes
Dehen, EmmaJan. 2, 18892357-225 
Dehn, BerthaJan. 26, 1875219-53Albert Dehn
Mary Krepsky
Dehn, EmmaAug. 8, 18782110-59Albert Dehn
Mary Krepsky
Dehn, Hedwig A.{nna} E.{milia Louisa}April 23, 189927332-1990William Dehn
Anna Luko
Dehn, IdaApril 19, 18762110-58Albert Dehn
Mary Krepsky
Dehn, Wilhelm H.{ein.} A.{d.}July 14, 18802199-589Albert Fried. Wm. Dehn
Johanna Maria Krepsky
Dehnan, MarieJune 20, 188722256-1022Herman Dehnan
Anna Schlaman
Dehne, FritzNov. 18, 189425621-2482Henry Dehne
Emma Look
Dehnert, {Male}Nov. 29, 189626299-1196Karl Dehnert
Matilde Warnecke
Dehnert, BernhartJan. 3, 190027491-2946Aug. Dehnert
Hermine Homann
Dehnert, Ernst W.{m.} L.{udwig}March 11, 189626305-1218August Dehnert
Hermine Homann
Dehnert, MagdalenaJan. 7, 189123564-2256Carl Dehnert
Matilda Wernicke
Dehnert, SelmaAug. 28, 18972759-349Carl Dehnert
Matilde Warneke
Deicher, {Female}
{Record states Pre-mature}
June 11, 189425303-1211Willie Deicher
Louise Katzmeyer
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Deicher, {Male}
May 18, 189525595-2377George Deicher
Kate Burkhardt
Deicher, {Male}
May 18, 189525595-2379George Deicher
Kate Burkhardt
Deicher, AdamDec. 25, 18666179-535George Deicher
Deicher, AugustJan. 10, 18576177-530George Deicher
Deicher, ChristinaJuly 15, 18656178-534George Deicher
Deicher, EllenJune 11, 18686178-533George Deicher
Deicher, Elmer HenryOct. 15, 190027564-3382Adam Deicher
Minnie Schroeder
Deicher, FredJuly 3, 18586177-529George Deicher
Deicher, FredaOct. 13, 189325127-507George Deicher
Kate Burkhardt
Deicher, GeorgeApril 19, 18606176-528George Deicher
Deicher, John F.July 3, 1858174-221John G. Deicher
Catharina B. Reichert
Deicher, John F.A.Jan. 10, 1857174-221John G. Deicher
Catharina B. Reichert
Deicher, John G.April 19, 1860175-223John G. Deicher
Catharina B. Reichert
Deicher, KatharinaApril 17, 18706178-532George Deicher
Deicher, Lydia F.{riedrike} V.{iola}July 2, 189927353-2115John Deicher
Friedericke Schulz
Deicher, Maria B.April 29, 1855174-220John G. Deicher
Catharina B. Reichert
Deicher, PhilippSept. 6, 18636176-527George Deicher
Deicher, WilliamAug. 15, 18716177-531George Deicher
Deichert, {Female}July 4, 189526154-616Wm. Deichert
Lonsa Katzemeier
Deickert, {Female}April 28, 188722344-1376Philip Deickert
Minnie Water
Deidrich, John E.{dward}Aug. 26, 185814166-496George Deidrich
Magie Poah
Deierlein, {Female}Nov. 11, 188121118-703Henry Deierlein
Louise Schaetzel
Deiner, {Male}July 31, 188923263-1050Frank Deiner
None listed
Deinse, JohnDec. 30, 188722362-1446Tweland Deinse
Torrey Yong
Deitsch, {Male}Aug. 28, 188321206-1233John Deitsch, Jr.
Fannie Brown
Dekarske, Heinrich O.May 21, 188018215-639August Dekarske
Caroline Zickhardt
Dekarske, Otto A.{lfred} O.April 8, 188221138-827August Dekarske
Caroline Zickhard
Dekarski, Fritz H.Jan. 13, 188421248-1483August Dekarske
Caroline Zickhard
Dekarski, WalterJan. 31, 190027574-3439August Dekarski
Minnie Lindner
Dekarsky, Alfred W.T.Nov. 6, 18802190-539Carl Dekarsky
Therese Loersch
Dekarsky, Christiane {Gottliebe Meta}Oct. 13, 188221167-1000Carl Dekarsky
Therese Loersch
Dekarsky, Franz A.{lbert} E.{mil} C.{arl}Oct. 29, 188421308-1845Carl Dekarsky
Therese Loersch
Dekarsky, Georg W.{ilhelm} H.{erman}Jan. 17, 187918159-475Carl Dekarsky
Theresia Loesch
Dekarsky, Johanna H.I.Feb. 17, 187918145-434Friedrich Dekarsky
Ernestine Josephsky
Deker, Edna MarthaMarch 3, 189123599-2393Henry Deker
Carolin Boedeker
Deker, Jacob J.July 17, 189224325-1299 
Dekker, (SB){Male}June 10, ??24132-528Siebold Dekker
Janna Fieskamp
Dekker, (SB){Male}June 24, 18912449-194Liebold Dekker
Elizabeth Wieskamp
Dekker, {Female}April 24, 189827184-1100Sebol Dekker
Lizzie Wiskamp
Dekker, GertrudeJune 2, 190027587-3519Sebol Dekker
Elisabeth Wiskamp
Dekker, Jennie D.{elikia}April 19, 189626384-1535Sebold Dekker
Lizzie Wiskamp
Dekker, John G.{erret}Feb. 17, 189530208-1246Sebol Dekker
Elizabeth Wieskamp
Dekker, Sebald B.
{On Record shows Siebolt
and no middle intial}
Sept. 24, 189224395-1579Siebolt Dekker
Elizabeth Wieskamp
Dekker, Wilma C.Dec. 27, 189727122-728Peter Dekker
Mary Vick
Dekkers, HendrikaMarch 25, 188722356-1422G. H. Dekkers
Pieternella Wensdyh
Dekkers, Jan {Male}June 23, 189023397-1585Gerrit Dekkers
Cornelia Ensotyk
Deku, Eugene A.{lphons}June 3, 189525605-2418Joseph Deku
Maria Petronella Renzelmann
Deku, Melania E.{sther}April 12, 190027519-3110Joe Deku
Petronella Renzelmann
Delahunt, AnnSept. 20, 18531448-142John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, BridgetJan. 27, 186213126-376James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, CatherineMay 17, 18561418-52John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, CeceliaJune 24, 187213124-372James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, HannoriaJan. 9, 186813125-374James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, HonoraJuly 10, 18721419-55John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, JamesFeb. 10, 187013125-373James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, JamesJune 23, 18641419-56John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, JohnSept. 14, 18541417-51John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, KatieJuly 11, 185713126-378James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, MargretMarch 18, 186413125-375James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, MaryApril 28, 185413127-379James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, PeterFeb. 17, 18621418-54John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delahunt, WalterOct. 8, 185913126-377James Delahunt
Bridget Flinn
Delahunt, WilliamSept. 29, 18591418-53John Delahunt
Catharine Keenan
Delange, Samuel H.{endrik}Sept. 13, 18932541-161Bakus Delange
Cornelia Amalia Shanpenbeil
Delavan, John F.March 9, 18729196-547Patrick H. Delavan
Margaret Long
Delavan, John Francis
{Wasn't Indexed}
March 9, 1872110104Patrick Delavan
Margaret Long
Tidbit of information
Delavan, MargarethJuly 28, 18619195-545Patrick H. Delavan
Mary A. Long
Delill, RoyalDec. 31, 189425520-2079Martin Delill
Mary Belrose
Dell, Anne M.{ary}Dec. 29, 186812162-486Philipp Dell
Mina Kuehne
Dell, ElferettaJuly 16, 186612162-485Philipp Dell
Mina Kuehne
Dell, FlorenceApril 15, 186112163-488Philipp Dell
Mina Kuehne
Dell, Gladys M.Feb. 13, 1900101233 
Dell, LillieOct. 12, 187012163-487Philipp Dell
Mina Kuehne
Dell, Mabel E.Feb. 13, 189224443-1770Oskar Dell
Josie Ebbers
Dell, OscarSept. 29, 186312162-484Philipp Dell
Mina Kuehne
Dellahunt, JamesFeb. 13, 186013138-414Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, John R.Jan. 14, 186413139-417Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, MargretJune 9, 187013103-308Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, MaryMay 3, 186613139-416Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, MichaelMay 8, 186113140-418Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, ThomasJune 9, 186813103-307Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Dellahunt, WilliamJune 10, 185713151-453Dennis Dellahunt
Mary Scanlin
Delmarche, John F.April 26, 185410169-507Hilery Delmarche
Cathrina Smithling
Delmas, Clarence E.{dward}April 1, 189123621-2484John Delmas
Gertie Pietenpol
Delmas, JohannahAug. 28, 189224440-1756Henry Delmas
Jane Hainam
Delmus, GertrudeJune 26, 187920213-637John Delmus
Halmina Ross
Delmus, HannahApril 10, 187520108-324John Delmus
Halmina Ross
Delmus, MenaApril 13, 187320212-636John Delmus
Halmina Ross
Delong, Charles D.April 26, 18601153-157Conrad Delong
Ann Michael
Delong, Cirtus C.March 22, 18701152-156Conrad Delong
Ann Michael
Delong, Hattie V.May 26, 18661153-158Conrad Delong
Ann Michael
Delow, {Female}March 19, 189224499-1994Ans. Delow
Caroline Miller
Delsiner, Christine
{Record Shows Name Change
See added Info}
July 16, 189827224-1344Ignatz Welsiner
Hannah Irela
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Delyser, (SB) {Female}March 3, 188421242-1451Josiah Delyser
Minnie Roelse
Demand, Emmy M.April 20, 18682236-702William Demand
Demand, Hedwig L.Jan. 6, 187318130-388Wm. Demand
{Father deceased Nov. 23, 1878}
Mavis Meyer
Demand, JessieSept. 28, 187718130-389Wm. Demand
{Father deceased Nov. 23, 1878}
Maria Meyer
Demand, JessieSept. 28, 187720270-806Wilhelm Demand
Maria Meyer
Demand, Willy C.May 13, 18692236-703William Demand
Demgen, {Male}June 24, 189726596-2384Joseph Demgen
Anna Wessling
Demgen, {Male}Nov. 20, 189526187-747Joseph Demgen
Anna Wessling
Demgen, CatharinaFeb. 4, 18628132-400Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demgen, ClaraFeb. 23, 18781926-77Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demgen, CresensiaSept. 30, 18688133-403Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demgen, JosephMay 10, 18668132-402Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demgen, SophieNov. 30, 18708133-404Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demgen, TherisiaMarch 13, 18648132-401Christoph Demgen
Magdalena Lenhardt
Demler, Anna A.{gnes}Sept. 16, 18952692-368Peter Demler
Annie Ryan
Demler, Anna R.Feb. 13, 189123585-2339Nickolaus Demler
Maria Becker
Demler, JamesAug. 24, 18972737-221Peter Demler
Anna Ryan
Demler, Martha C.{athrine}June 22, 189328475-2848Peter Demler
Anna Ryan
Demler, Mary M.July 30, 1888106423 
Demler, Nickolaus E.May 2, 189123633-2532Peter Demler
Anna Maria Ryan
Demler, SusanaOct. 27, 18852245-179Nicolaus Demler
Mary Becker
Demmen, Walter
{Record Shows name change
See added info}
Oct. 3, 18972780-479Aug. Wemmen
Auguste Herman
See Added Info
Demmien, Friedrich W.{ilhelm}Dec. 19, 189224523-2089August Demmien
Augusta Hermann
Demmin, Heinrich K.{arl Wilhelm}Nov. 26, 189425509-2035August Demmin
Auguste Heermann
Demunck, HenryJuly 12, 189124169-674Abs Demunck
Mary Pfrang
DeMunck, WilliamNov. 1, 1884147389 
Demuth, Hildegard I.{da Marie}Aug. 9, 190027596-3573Franz Demuth
Emma Herbst
Den Hollender, WilhelminaJan. 15, 189023310-1239Pieter Den Hollender
Cornelia Gabrielse
Denerlein, {Female}Oct. 23, 188722337-1347Leonard Denerlein
Matilda Kaestner
Denerlein, Arthur J.Sept. 11, 188622337-1346Leonard Denerlein
Matilda Kaestner
Denerlein, Bertha L.A.Feb. 21, 187515162-482Henry Denerlein
Louisa Augusta Schatzer
Denerlein, Emma C.{arolina}Nov. 11, 188121132-791Henry Denerlein
Louise Schaetzer
Dengel, Anna M.{athilde}March 4, 18684123-368Jacob Dengel
Johanne Hartmann
Dengel, AnnaFeb. 9, 186311107-320John Dengel
Johanne Ebeling
Dengel, AugusteNov. 11, 186611108-322John Dengel
Johanne Ebeling
Dengel, ChristinaMay 13, 1856469-205Jacob Dengel
Johanna Laubenstein
Dengel, ClaraNov. 13, 1856469-207Jacob Dengel
Johanna Laubenstein
Dengel, EduardOct. 21, 18654123-369Jacob Dengel
Johanna Hartmann
Dengel, ElisabethJune 6, 1853469-206Jacob Dengel
Johanna Laubenstein
Dengel, EmmaMay 11, 187211108-324John Dengel
Johanne Ebeling
Dengel, Friedrich P.{hilipp}April 14, 18644124-370Jacob Dengel
Johanna Hartmann
Dengel, JacobJuly 27, 1860468-204Jacob Dengel
Johanna Laubenstein
Dengel, LouiseFeb. 12, 186911108-323John Dengel
Johanne Ebeling
Dengel, MinaSept. 12, 186411107-321John Dengel
Johanne Ebeling
Denhollander, HendrikMarch 21, 18541133-99John Denhollander
Janna Hendrigse
Denhollander, JacobFeb. 16, 18561132-95John Denhollander
Janna Hendrigse
Denhollander, JohannaFeb. 9, 18671133-98John Denhollander
Janna Hendrigse
Denhollander, JohnJan. 17, 18581132-96John Denhollander
Janna Hendrigse
Denier, ClarenceFeb. 18, 190027636-3814Peter Denier
Emma Reinke
Denkel, OscarJune 16, 188722256-1023Ed Denkel
Auguste Steckhan
Denkwerth, FredrickOct. 27, 18772029-87John Denkwerth
Rosina Langner
Dennerlein, CarolinaApril 7, 1869351-151George Dennerlein
Barbara Steger
Dennerlein, Ida L.{ouisa}March 26, 18721448-144George Dennerlein
Brabara Steger
Dennerlein, Minna M.Dec. 19, 187718137-409Henry Dennerlein
Wilhelmine Brandt
Dennerlein, PeterAug. 25, 1853File45George Dennerlein
Barbara Steger
Dennerlein, Roma MarieJuly 13, 188911038 
Dennert, (SB){Female}May 13, 189425328-1311Carl Dennert
Mathilda Warnecke
Denninger, {Male}Dec. 10, 18882369-276Martin Denninger
Maria Helmes
Denninger, George A.{dolph} G.{erhard}Aug. 23, 188221162-971A. Martin I. Denninger
Mary Helmes
Denninsen, HomerSept. 29, 189827251-1501Frank Denninsen
Agnes Cooper
Dennis, EdwardNov. 17, 185814117-349John Dennis
Sarah Ann Baker
Dennis, Evie M.Dec. 17, 186914117-351John Dennis
Sarah Ann Baker
Dennis, Hattie M.{ay}Aug. 19, 187314116-348Rop Dennis
S. Patter
Dennis, JohnJan. 25, 185614118-352John Dennis
Sarah Ann Baker
Dennis, Sarah A.Aug. 8, 186314117-350John Dennis
Sarah Ann Baker
Denzlein, JohnNov. 12, 18551111-333George Denzlein
Barbara Mozel
Denzlein, KunigundeApril 3, 18591112-334George Denzlein
Barbara Mozel
Deoner, AnnaFeb. 26, 187619249-743John Deoner
Hannah Romer
Deoner, Louisa E.May 2, 187819249-744John Deoner
Hannah Romer
DePagter, AnnaDec. 14, 18961414Jacob DePagter
Johanna Goedgebure
Depious, BerthaNov. 24, 187819117-350Jacob Depious
Anna Streff
Depious, JohnMay 17, 187619117-349Jacob Depious
Anna Streff
Deppert, KatharinaNov. 2, 188622191-764Franz Deppert
Margaretha Hoffmann
Deppiesse, JacobFeb. 18, 188020301-900Wick Deppiesse
Lena Sand
Deppiesse, JohnOct. 8, 18852245-180Jacob Deppiesse
Rose Graff
Deppiesse, LizzieMay 25, 187820302-903Peter Deppiesse
Annie Watterie
Deppiesse, PeterNov. 21, 187720301-899Nick Deppiesse
Lena Sand
Deppiesse, SusieDec. 28, 187620302-902Peter Deppiesse
Annie Watterie
Depping, {Male}Dec. 26, 189626529-2113Henry Depping
Lydia Stock
Depping, FriedrichApril 10, 187211175-520Heinrich Depping
Wilhelmine Brandt
Depping, HeinrichFeb. 17, 186611176-523Heinrich Depping
Wilhelmine Brandt
Depping, HenryFeb. 17, 1866210-28Henry Depping
Depping, IdaNov. 10, 186711176-524Heinrich Depping
Wilhelmine Brandt
Depping, Paulina H.Jan. 30, 18641268-802Henry Depping
Depping, SophieNov. 21, 186911176-525Heinrich Depping
Wilhelmine Brandt
Depping, WilhelminaJune 19, 18621215-643Henry Depping
Depping, WilliamMay 5, 188018251-747 
Deranter, MaryJuly 13, 189626314-1253Edward Deranter
Mary Hinz
Dericksen, PeterJan. 187819287-859Peter Dericksen
Jane Westenkeck
Deris, MeldaJune 7, 189626326-1303Fred Deris
Emma Heinemann
Derler, AloysiusOct. 16, 189124164-653John Derler
Josephine Dendinger
Derler, Anthony N.{icholas}April 4, 188923259-1033John Derler
Josephine Dendinger
Derler, JohnJuly 17, 18932544-175John Derler
Josephine Dendmeyer
Derler, KatharinaMarch 8, 188521339-2030John Derler
Josephine Deudinger
Derler, Richard C.March 15, 188310144 
Dern, Arthur A.{ug.} C.July 24, 188221151-902Carl Friedrich Dern
Mary Wieht
Dern, Carmen {Adele}Nov. 15, 189023553-2209Charles Dern
Auguste Wiehe
Dern, Roland Wm.Nov. 3, 1883101279 
Dernen, {Male}Nov. 3, 18842224-94None Listed
Derner, FranziskaJan. 2822234-935Johann Derner
Josephine Derneser
Derner, Isabella P.{aulina Ester}Nov. 12, 189827278-1666Bernhard Derner
Ida Malzahne
Derner, JohnOct. 16, 189325121-484John Derner
Theresa Rosset
Deroo, AbrahamMay 29, 1873166-17 
Derrwaldt, Hazel M.{ay}Dec. 29, 189927453-2717Frank Derrwaldt
Eva Horneck
Dervo, Jazina {Female}
Deroo on Record}
July 28, 18671623-67Abraham Deroo
Pieternella B. Rissumus
Dervo, John
Deroo on Record}
March 30, 1864167-19Abraham Deroo
Pieternella B. Rissumus
Dervo, Magdelena
Deroo on Record}
Aug. 27, 18661622-66Abraham Deroo
Pieternella B. Rissumus
Derwaldt, ByronOct. 25, 189626462-1846Frank Derwaldt
Eva Dorneck
Descarsce, LauraFeb. 27, 189023335-1339Charles Descarsce
Therese Losch
Deschendorf, AlbertJuly 25, 18952658-231Albert Deschendorf
Miss Schultz
Deschendorf, OscarJune 23, 18942658-230Albert Deschendorf
Miss Schultz
Descombes, Emily P.Aug. 2, 1867398-280L. Aug. Descombes
Descombes, Josephine L.June 15, 1863399-282L. Aug. Descombes
Descombes, Louis A.Dec. 18, 1869399-283L. Aug. Descombes
Descombes, OtileNov. 4, 1868399-281L. Aug. Descombes
Desloch, {Female}March 11, 188722254-1015Louis Desloch
Louise Staats
DeSmidt, Herman K.Dec. 11, 1894141434Jennes DeSmidt
Elizabeth Clarbout
DeSmidt, Julia A.{ngeline}March 24, 1886141266William Grotenhuis
Desombel, Carl A.{ugust} F.{erdinand}Oct. 14, 188421304-1820Carl Desombel
Auguste Bahr
Desombre, Carl A.{ugust} F.{erdinand}Oct. 14, 188421289-1734Carl Desombre
Auguste Bahr
Desombre, Ferdinand C.{arl Wilhelm}March 27, 188722224-895Carl Desombre
Augusta Bahr
Desombre, Hugo A.{ugust} R.{einhard}Oct. 7, 18932582-328Charles Desombre
Augusta Baar
Dessauer, Louis M.{artin}July 22, 189425367-1465Louis Dessauer
Adelia Hillemann
Dessloch, KatharinaSept. 29, 18716183-549Jacob Dessloch
Dessloch, LudwigApril 30, 18706184-550Jacob Dessloch
Deswit, {On Index}
{Testweide, Female on Record}
May 16, 188923261-1042Louis Testweide
Unknown Schreier
Detgen, Victor J.{ohn}Aug. 3, 190027590-3539John Detgen
Louise Mettfessel
Detjen, Fanny H.E.Oct. 29, 18752192-550John Detjen
Louisa F. W. Methfessel
Detjen, HarveyMay 14, 189827195-1166Paul Detjen
Rosa Cordice
Detjen, John P.H.Nov. 15, 18732191-546John Detjen
Louisa F. W. Methfessel
Detjen, Paulina A.{lice} E.April 19, 18802192-547John Detjen
Louisa F. W. Methfessel
Detjen, William O.H.Aug. 25, 18772192-549John Detjen
Louisa F. W. Methfessel
Detleff, WillieJune 10, 189324635-2539Stuck Detleff
Marg. Mueller
Detling, Frank E.{dward}May 23, 187618255-760Valentine Detling
Mary Anna Weiss
Detling, George H.{enry}June 6, 18631969-207Francis J. Detling
Henrietta Kohler
Detling, Henry A.{rthur}April 3, 187818255-761Valentine Detling
Mary Anna Weiss
Detling, Ida T.{heresa}Oct. 23, 187418255-759Valentine Detling
Mary Anna Weiss
Detling, John E.May 6, 18741970-209Francis J. Detling
Henrietta Kohler
Detling, John M.{athaus}June 21, 188018256-762Valentine Detling
Mary Anna Weiss
Detling, Judith B.July 4, 187118254-758Valentine Detling
Mary Anna Weiss
Detling, Laura A.April 19, 18711970-208Francis J. Detling
Henrietta Kohler
Detling, Vale{n}tineJune 8, 189526148-590Jos. P. Hammes
Judith Detling
See Special Note
Detmann, (SB) {Males}
{Set of Twins}
March 20, 188923279-1116Henry Detmann
Katie Milberg
DeTroye, MinnieFeb. 2, 1890Misc. T233John Louis De Troye
Neeltje Geldof
Dettis, {Male}Oct. 19, 18972776-451Jacob Dettis
Emma Michaels
Dettman, Arno W.
{Philip on Record}
Oct. 6, 18932577-305Henry Dettman
Mary Liebenstein
Dettman, Edwin A.March 22, 1889122217August Dettman
Mary Beiersdorff
Dettman, EldaMarch 17, 18952665-259Henry Dettman
Mary Liebenstein
Dettman, Esther E.Nov. 30, 189124205-820J. A. W. Dettman
Mary E. Beiersdorff
Dettman, HartieAug. 1, 18952657-228Julius Dettman
Mary Nitzsche
Dettmann, {Male}Dec. 21, 189526380-1520Fred C. Dettmann
Helena Gruenberg
Dettmann, {Male}Dec. 7, 189425503-2012Fred C. Dettmann
Helene Gruenberg
Dettmann, Amel O.April 28, 18792053-159Albert Dettmann
Alma Gruhel
Dettmann, Arthur W.{igand} T.{heodor}April 21, 1888141461Albert Dettmann
Alma Gruhle
Dettmann, EllaAug. 26, 18772057-169Albert Dettmann
Alma Gruhel
Dettmann, EmmaJune 8, 18762060-178Julius Dettmann
Mary Nitzsche
Dettmann, HuldaJune 6, 187918267-797Julius Dettmann
Mary Nitzschke
Dettmann, Lawren E.{dmund}Feb. 1, 189927395-2366Henry Dettmann
Mary Liebenstein
Dettmann, Lorrin E.{dmond}Feb. 1, 189930234-1398Henry Fredrick Dettmann
Mary Mathilda Liebenstein
Dettmann, William M.March 4, 188512218Albert Dettmann
Alma Gruhle
Dettmonn, Hattie
{Dettmann on Record}
April 25, 18762053-157Albert Dettmann
Alma Gruhel
Deuerlein, Anna D.M.May 1, 18761740-119Henry Deuerlein
Louisa Augusta Schatzer
Deunerlein, {Male}Feb. 15, 188923329-1314Leonard Deunerlein
Matilda Kaestner
Deunk, EmmaJuly 4, 18702157-467Gerrit Jan Deunk
Hilda Gustruida Werers
Deunkel, FelixJuly 4, 188019166-496Karl Deunkel
Antonia Schmidt
Develac, FrankApril 2, 189224260-1039Frank Develac
Florentina Kominski
Deventier, LeoApril 28, 189827184-1102Edward Deventier
Emilia Henze
Devert, WalterSept. 11, 189526181-724Edwart Devert
Lissly Whitecob
Devey, JohnApril 19, 18932586-343Abraham Devey
Jennie De Grootte
DeVey, MaryFeb. 17, 1887122285Abraham DeVey
Jennie DeGroot
Devey, SusanDec. 23, 189023582-2327Abram Devey
Jane DeGroot
Deville, Anna M.Nov. 28, 185322-5Nicolaus Deville
Deville, Margaretha V.Dec. 23, 186123-8Nicolaus Deville
Deville, MaryMarch 16, 189124127-505Nicolas Deville
Wilhelmine Bauman
Deville, Nicolaus Co.Dec. 20, 185823-7Nicolaus Deville
Deville, Pauline M.Jan. 25, 185622-6Nicolaus Deville
Devine, AgnesDec. 11, 188923491-1961John Devine
Kate Reiley
Devine, AnnieMay 15, 18661745-135Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, Francis M.Oct. 4, 189425377-1507Martin Devine
Nora Cosgrove
Devine, JamesSept. 6, 18611745-134Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, JohnJuly 18, 18521746-138Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, KatieFeb. 10, 18591746-136Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, Lawrence P.{atrick}Sept. 12, 189124153-611John Devine
Katie Reilly
Devine, MarthaJune 2, 18952667-267John Devine
Mary Reilly
Devine, MartinMarch 17, 18561746-137Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, MaryMay 20, 18541747-139Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devine, RobertMarch 7, 189023377-1508Robert Devine
Clara Bailey
Devine, Stella R.{uth}Jan. 11, 189827144-864John Devine
Katie Reilley
Devine, ThomasFeb. 20, 18691756-168Martin Devine
Ann Ryder
Devoy, {No Gender Listed}March 14, 189224490-1956Abraham Devoy
Devoy, Anna M.May 11, 18611535-104Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, BridgetMarch 10, 18711534-101Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, Catharine E.March 27, 18681554-161John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, Catharine J.May 121536-107Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, Claire L.{ucille}March 3, 1894141305Patrick Devoy
Mary O'Maley
Devoy, EdwardJuly 30, 18591535-103Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, Ellen R.March 17, 18651536-108Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, EnnaMay 11, 18731553-157John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, James B.Feb. 26, 18631535-105Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, James E.Oct. 8, 18721554-162John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, John I.Aug. 5, 186114119-357Christopher Devoy
Anna Haslum
Devoy, JohnJan. 14, 18621554-160John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, Julia A.Oct. 26, 18731537-111Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, Lizzy A.Nov. 12, 186314120-358Christopher Devoy
Anna Haslum
Devoy, MargretJuly 20, 18571537-110 
Devoy, MaryJan. 30, 18611553-159John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, MaryMay 29, 185914118-354Christopher Devoy
Anna Haslum
Devoy, Michael T.July 20, 18571536-106Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, Patrick M.March 30, 186714119-356Christopher Devoy
Anna Haslum
Devoy, PatrickApril 8, 18691537-109Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Devoy, SarahMarch 31, 18601553-158John Devoy
Catharine Maloney
Devoy, SarahNov. 5, 185614119-355Christopher Devoy
Anna Haslum
Devoy, Susan M.Jan. 20, 18561534-101Bernhard Devoy
Catharine Collins
Dewey, ArthurJuly 20, 18952622-87Frank Dewey
Miss Schugh
Dewey, BulahSept. 11, 190027614-3682Louis Dewey
Nellie Clement
Dewey, Harold C.Dec. 22, 1897101358 
Dewey, Kenneth A.{rnal}June 28, 190027557-3339Frank Dewey
Lizzie Schucht
Dewey, RoyOct. 31, 189224472-1885J. Franklin Dewey
Lizzie Schucht
Dewire, Hugh J.Oct. 10, 186017168-504Patrick Dewire
Mary Callins
Dewire, James E.Oct. 1, 18711776-228Patrick E. Dewire
Catharine Gibboy
Dewire, James O.Aug. 1, 185517169-505Patrick Dewire
Mary Callins
Dewire, Mary E.May 1, 18741777-229Patrick E. Dewire
Catharine Gibboy
Dewire, William F.Aug. 10, 18651776-227Patrick E. Dewire
Catharine Gibboy
Dewire, WilliamJan. 10, 185717169-506Patrick Dewire
Ann Kenney
Dewitte, JaneNov. 8, 187720314-940Derk Dewitte
Cornelia Dace
Dexheimer, {Female}April 29, 189626259-1033Edward Dexheimer
Laura Gerlach
Dexheimer, {Male}June 2, 189726614-2453Wm. Dexheimer
Theresa Weitzel
Dexheimer, {Female}March 30, 189827163-974George Dexheimer
Augusta Schulz
Dexheimer, {Female}May 14, 188622118-470Herman Dexheimer
Maria Happel
Dexheimer, {Male}Sept. 22, 18972769-414Edwin Dexheimer
Laura Gerlach
Dexheimer, AlvinApril 14, 189224313-1249Wm. Dexheimer
Theresa Weitzel
Dexheimer, Anna J.{osephine}June 2, 18682102-302George Dexheimer
Elisabeth Gessert
Dexheimer, AntonJune 19, 186918106-316Anton Dexheimer
Elizabeth Durking
Dexheimer, AntonJune 19, 18696181-541Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, Carl E.{dward}April 12, 18613115-330George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, Carl L.April 20, 18703114-326George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, CarolineFeb. 28, 18593113-323George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, CatherineOct. 15, 1870328-80George Dexheimer
Elisabeth Gessert
Dexheimer, Christian O.Feb. 16, 18653114-328George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, EdwardOct. 13, 18543113-324George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, EdwinApril 5, 187318106-317Anton Dexheimer
Elizabeth Durking
Dexheimer, ElisabethSept. 27, 1860186-257George Dexheimer
Dexheimer, ElizabethJuly 14, 18676182-544Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, EllenSept. 21, 18626181-543Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, ElsieSept. 11, 189023436-1742William Dexheimer
Therese Reitzel
Dexheimer, FloraApril 24, 189827185-1107Otto Dexheimer
Anna Krenzien
Dexheimer, G. JuliusNov. 16, 18573115-331George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, George J.May 20, 18626172-515George Dexheimer
Dexheimer, George W.April 3, 18633115-329George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, GeorgeFeb. 4, 189726618-2469Louis Dexheimer
Anna Heinemann
Dexheimer, Gustav A.Oct. 3, 187315134-397George Dexheimer
Anna Catharine
Dexheimer, HenryMarch 11, 18586183-548Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, HerlyJuly 12, 18932543-169Louis Dexheimer
Anna Heinemann
Dexheimer, HermanMay 3, 18596180-540Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, IraApril 11, 189525589-2356Louis Dexheimer
Anna Heine
Dexheimer, JacobJan. 19, 18726173-517George Dexheimer
Dexheimer, JohnApril 25, 18596172-516George Dexheimer
Dexheimer, JohnJan. 10, 18666181-542Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, Katharina E.June 30, 18673114-327George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, LouiseDec. 24, 18606182-546Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, MaryAug. 17, 18566183-547Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, MaryMarch 8, 18666173-518George Dexheimer
Dexheimer, OttoJuly 9, 18721448-143Georg Dexheimer
Anna Cath.
Dexheimer, RoyalJuly 21, 189927360-2156John Dexheimer
Helen Bethke
Dexheimer, Vera MyrtleNov. 22, 189827281-1682Adam Dexheimer
Katie Muth
Dexheimer, WalterMarch 20, 189927336-2014William Dexheimer
Therese Witzel
Dexheimer, WilhelmineDec. 13, 18553116-332George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheimer, WilliamMarch 3, 18646182-545Anton Dexheimer
Dexheimer, WilliamMay 2, 18583113-325George Dexheimer
Anna Catherina
Dexheiner, {Female}Jan. 12, 189525519-2073George W. Dexheiner
Augusta Schultz
Dexler, WilliamMay 16, 189626366-1461M. Dexler
Susie Gartmann
DeZoute, JosephDec. 20, 1896141202 

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