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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Cr - Cz"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Craig, Alice M.{ary}Nov. 28, 18661257-171John Buckman Craig
Nancy M. Campbell
Craig, An{n}ette B.{lossom}June 20, 190128171-1025Wm. Craig
Eva Husson
Craig, CharlesJan. 30, 18691258-172Freman Craig, Jr.
Eliza Janna Taylor
Craig, DelbertAug. 27, 185912127-379Freman Craig, Jr.
Eliza Janna Taylor
Craig, Lillian E.{ssie}Jan. 5, 188630190-1138Delbert Craig
Mary Emma Gallager
Craig, MarkJan.11, 187112126-378Freman Craig, Jr.
Eliza Janna Taylor
Craig, Sarah M.Sept. 16, 18711257-169John Buckman Craig
Nancy M. Campbell
Craig, William F.Jan. 1, 18681257-170John Buckman Craig
Nancy M. Campbell
Craig, Winifred J.{ane}Aug. 27, 190228294-1761John W. Craig
Edna Carter
Crampe, Emma M.Aug. 3, 18641276-827Cord Crampe
Crampe, Ernest J.Nov. 13, 18621251-752Cord Crampe
Crandel, Florence E.Sept. 17, 18681076-227 
Crandell, Albert R.July 15, 186114109-326Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Crandell, Byron W.Sept., 186814109-325Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Crandell, Earnest E.Feb. 14, 187014108-323Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Crandell, George W.Dec. 13, 185614109-327Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Crandell, Sanford E.March 11, 186514108-322Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Crandell, William E.Feb. 21, 185414108-324Chester Crandell
Anna Bel Hart
Creedon, John R.Nov. 24, 189325296-1184Wm. Creedon
Nellie Mahaney
Creszmann, AbelonaNov. 17, 1859567-200John Creszmann
Christina Liegler
Creszmann, AugustNov. 17, 1859568-201John Creszmann
Christina Margaretha Liegler
Creszmann, Johann A.Dec. 21, 1857567-199John Creszmann
Christina Margaretha Liegler
Creszmann, JohannJan. 6, 1853568-202John Creszmann
Christina Margaretha Liegler
Creszmann, Joseph C.{arl}March 25, 1855568-203John Creszmann
Christina Margaretha Liegler
Cristganzen, DeodorJune 27, 188822512-2046Dam Cristganzen
Martinn Olzen
Cristy, Annah E.{liza}March 17, 18711631-93John Cristy
Lucy Jane Jones
Cristy, Cara E.May 29, 186916 32-95John Cristy
Lucy Jane Jones
Cristy, Mary J.June 12, 18611632-94John Cristy
Lucy Jane Jones
Crocker, {Female}Dec. 5, 18721431-92Hatson Crocker
Sarah Gibbs
Crocker, {Female}May 20, 190228384-2301Silas Crocker
Mattie McDougall
Crocker, Charlotte E.June 30, 190328529-3169William Crocker
Hilda Rummle
Crocker, Emma C.{atherine}Aug. 30, 18972790-535Silas James Crocker
Jeanette McDougall
Crocker, MargaretJuly 23, 190027627-3758William crocker
Hilda Rummele
Crocker, Myron R.{ait}Aug. 31, 188330203-1212Silas Bradford Crocker
Mary Rait
Crocker, Ora L.{uthera}Jan. 15, 1890101356Silas James Crocker
Jeanette Ruth McDougall
Crocker, Robert AraApril 14, 188018207-616Ara Crocker
Patience A. Griffith
Crocker, Rogers W.{illiam}July 9, 190629480-2871William Crocker
Hilda Rummele
Crocker, William E.July 11, 1874110327 
Crockett, {Male}Dec. 23, 188221170-1018Beverly Crockett
Elvira Glidden
Crockett, {Male}Oct. 5, 188421285-1708Beverly Crockett
Elvira Glidden
Crogan, Donald H.{uxford}
{Twin to Dorothy Mae}
{Born 1st}
June 5, 190027568-3403Patrick Henry Crogan
Hattie Wells Huxford
Crogan, Dorothy M.{ae}
{Twin to Donald Huxford}
{Born 2nd}
June 5, 190027567-3402Patrick Henry Crogan
Hattie Wells Huxford
Crogan, FordAug. 13, 19032973-435P. H. Crogan
Hattie Huferd
Crogan, MaryMarch 7, 19012861-361Andrew Crogan
Theresa O'Hearn
Crogar, Henry A.{ndy}
{Record shows Crogan}
March 25, 18982794-563Patrick Crogan
Hattie Huxford
Croghan, AndrewJan. 4, 186716176-527Patrick Croghan
Catharine Ryan
Croghan, CatherineFeb. 11, 186816177-529Patrick Croghan
Catharine Ryan
Croghan, Margret F.Jan. 1, 185916177-530Patrick Croghan
Catharine Ryan
Croghan, Patrick N.March 9, 186016176-528Patrick Croghan
Catharine Ryan
Cronewald, {Female}Nov. 18, 189425455-1820Julius Cronewald
Barbare Winkel
Cronewald, {Female}Nov. 18, 189425517-2065Julius Cronewald
Barbare Winkel
Cronewald, LeonoreFeb. 6, 189626216-861Julius Cronewald
Barbara Winkel
Crosbey, Edward
{Crosby on Record}
May, 187720186-557Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosbey, EmmaDec. 29, 18752016-46William Crosbey
Adel Little
Crosby, Alle R.Oct. 6, 18641096-289William Crosby
Adell Little
Crosby, AnnieFeb. 28, 189124170-678Jerry Crosby
Annie Foy
Crosby, Edward A.June 13, 190228291-1746John Crosby
Cecelia Lamb
Crosby, Elizabeth A.May 21, 185717145-435Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, GeorgeApril 21, 186717146-437Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, JermiahJuly 15, 185917146-436Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, JohannahMay 20, 187217148-443Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, JohnJuly 21, 186317146-438Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, Laurette C.April 30, 19042965-389John Crosby
Cecelia Lamb
Crosby, LewisFeb. 11, 188020189-565Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, Lilian M.May 3, 18691098-293William Crosby
Adell Little
Crosby, LousAug. 6, 187417148-442Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, MargretNov. 6, 186517147-439Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, Mary E.May 20, 186817147-440Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, Mary T.Sept. 8, 18711096-288William Crosby
Adell Little
Crosby, MichaelMay 23, 187017147-441Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, ThomasAug. 1, 185517145-434Patrick Crosby
Mary Murphy
Crosby, Thos.May 6, 189425377-1505Jerry Crosby
Anna Foy
Cross, Cordello E.{liza}July 5, 188230217-1299Fremont Jay Cross
Ella Emma James
Crovier, Kenneth B.{ruce}Sept. 11, 188722331-1321Josef Crovier
Edney Bruce
Crozier, {Male}Aug. 25, 189124113-450Joseph A. Crozier
Idna I. Bruce
Crozier, Irene E.{dna}
{Crovier on Record}
May 5, 188923274-1094Joseph A. Crovier
Edna J. Bruce
Csida, JosephJan. 17, 190536600Isador Csida
Anna Kanz
Csida, JosephJan. 17, 190547204Isidor Csida
Anna Kanz
Csinske, {Male}May 30, 188019267-799Henry Csinske
Mina Braeger
Csinske, WillieAug. 5, 187719268-800Henry Csinske
Mina Braeger
Cuddobba, ArthurFeb. 16, 189626227-908Rudolph Cuddobba
Olga Krick
Cudobba, EmilApril 12, 189425245-980Rudolph Cudobba
Olga Hrueck
Cullen, Clark H.Nov. 17, 18671020-59John S. Cullen
Emma Gleason
Cullen, Julia A.{nn}Nov. 22, 1852106-16James Cullen
Margareth Evalan
Cullen, Lester M.April 10, 1886110233 
Culligan, {Male}June 16, 188722292-1167William Culligan
Anna Meunier
Culver, (SB)
{Record states no gender listed
pre-mature "deformed"}
May 23, 18761726-77L. F. Culver - (Captain)
Miss Ettie Dunn
Cummings, Isabella R.Dec. 12, 19032942-249John Cummings
Melvina Long
Cummings, MarjorieSept. 16, 190552480John Cummings
Maloma Long
Cummings, MarjorieSept. 16, 190552537John Cummings
Maloma Long
Cunningham, FlorenceJune 12, 189023432-1725Daniel Cunningham
Catherine O'Hearn
Cunningham, MonicaSept. 11, 189224409-1633Danial Cunningham
Katie O' Hearn
Cuno, HettyNov. 12, 189325185-738Jack Cuno
Nelly Beck
Curtis, A.Edney M.Aug. 20, 18761979-235Romane Curtis
Ella Vanderhoof
Curtis, GeorgeFeb. 19, 18862280-320George Curtis
Marianna Froehlich
Curtis, Laura L.May 28, 18791997-289Romane Curtis
Ella Vanderhoof
Curtis, MabelOct. 26, 1887122123Extra Information submitted
Curtis, Mary
{Amended from Mary to Ralph E.}
{Amended on record from Female to Male}
Feb. 20, 189224402-1606John Curtis
Anna Elizabeth Lym
Curtis, PearlNov. 15, 1894141245John D. Curtis, Jr.
Anne Elizabeth Linn
Curtiss, {Female}July 25, 189827264-1581George Curtiss
Caroline Rumberg
Curtiss, Brinton C.March 19, 1894103367 
Curtiss, EdnaDec. 27, 188522159-634Fred W. Curtiss
Emilie Ecke
Curtiss, Lizzie M.{ary}Jan. 10, 189425429-1713Geo Curtiss
Louisa Bush
Cushman, JohnMarch 14, 190027512-3072Charles B. Cushman
Anna Cook
Czerwinski, Paula R.{osina} V.{eronica}Aug. 14, 188321203-1216Carl Aug. Czerwinski
Elizabeth Rosine Roedeke

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