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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Co - Cq"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Cobb, Clarence A.{nton}Feb. 19, 190030203-1216Henry Bernard Cobb
Elizabeth Caroline Pape
Cobb, ElmerNov. 25, 190429123-737Henry Cobb
Lizzie Pahe
Cobb, James L.{ouis}March 4, 1896
{March 14 on record}
30203-1215Henry Bernard Cobb
Elizabeth Caroline Pape
Cobb, Jennie B.{elle}Dec. 17, 18681022-66Rollin Cobb
Ellen Gilledan
Cobb, Leland A.{dams}June 24, 190128114-679Alvin Adams Cobb
Lydia Seacher
Cobb, LuellaApril 4, 19073065-389Henry Cobb
Lizzie Pappe
Cobb, MarionJuly 24, 190027586-3511Selby Cobb
Annie Kaeppler
Cobb, NellieJan. 9, 1874205-13John Cobb
Sarah Millyard
Cobb, RossAug. 2, 189626434-1734Silby Cobb
Anna Koppler
Cockburn, Cornelia C.June 17, 189525598-2391William Cockburn
Bertie M. Park
Cockburn, Robert P.{ark}May 4, 189124156-621W. D. Cockburn
Bertie Park
Coffin, Ella L.C.July 8, 1883122378 
Cohen, AbranaMay 24, 190228278-1665Sam Cohen
None listed
Cohls, EstherSept. 22, 189927457-2737Carl Cohls
Ernstina Knacke
Cohn, HelenMay 24, 190529176-1051Nathan Cohn
Sarah Bukofsky
Cokoll, AlfredFeb. 11, 18862275-299Christian Cokoll
Wilhelmina Schwartz
Cokoll, EleonoreMay 9, 188923283-1132Christian Cokoll
Wilhelmine Voigt
Cokoll, RobertAug. 31, 188722294-1175Christ Cokoll
Minnie Sayarst
Cole, {Male}Sept. 10, 189425482-1926Bone Cole
Harriet Ehle
Cole, {Male}Sept. 27, ??23271-1082John Cole
Caroline Michler
Cole, Anette G.
{Middle name on record is Chase}
Oct. 2, 189526144-575William Cole
Alexandra Chase
Cole, Annie M.March 23, 1869263-188Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Manville
Cole, Charles D.{uddley}Oct. 21, 18721431-91Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Marville
Cole, Dorthea C.{hapin}Feb. 14, 188120242-723Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Manville
Cole, George C.Sept. 13, 187918175-523Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Manville
Cole, George G.July 31, 189827224-1343Wm. Cole
Alix Chase
Cole, Harvey LeonJune 24, 1895141404William Cole
Bertha Fernow
Tidbit of information
Cole, LloydFeb. 7, 189425252-1006Chas Cole
Mary Nichols
Cole, MattieFeb. 8, 1871313-38Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Manville
Cole, RuthMay 23, 190730135-808Geo. Cole, Jr.
Maud Wilbur
Cole, Sarah C.Feb. 6, 1865251-150Nathan Cole
Harriet A. Manville
Colins, HeinrichJuly 30, 1885221-4C. E. Colins
Bertha Wagner
Collar, Robert L.{andreth}Nov. 29, 190028135-805George Collar
Eva Landreth
Collenberg, {Male}Oct. 10, 189626486-1941Aug. Collenberg
Lizzie Brieske
Coller, {Male}Nov. 29, 19002872-431William Coller
Eva Landreth
Collins, Edward G.Feb. 25, 1905122277 
Collins, Frank T.{homas}May 31, 187918309-922Edward Collins
Almda Giffen
Collins, John ElmerJan. 13, 19012867-397Elmer Collins
Minnie Osthelder
Collins, MariaOct. 1, 190128185-1106Chas. Collins
Ida Meyer
Colman, Charles F.April 4, 187214106-317Charles B. Colman
Anna S. Stoddard
Colman, Emma S.Feb. 27, 186714105-314Charles B. Colman
Anna S. Stoddard
Colman, Florance M.Nov. 27, 185714105-313Charles B. Colman
Anna S. Stoddard
Colman, HenryApril 1, 186914105-315Charles B. Colman
Anna S. Stoddard
Colman, NilesMay 4, 186014106-316Charles B. Colman
Anna S. Stoddard
Colten, HarryNov. 18, 189023543-2171Elmer Colten
Mary Schulz
Colton, {Female}Dec. 19, 189124490-1959Delbert Colton
Anna Stahl
Colton, {Male}July 25, 188421279-1672Elmer Colton
Mary Schulz
Colton, DellaJan. 3, 189726531-2122Elmer Colton
Mary Schultz
Colton, ElmorOct. 7, 188722320-1280Frank Colton
Mary Schulz
Colton, HarryNov. 17, 189024159-633Elmer Colton
Mary Schultz
Colton, Mabel A.{della}May, 189023372-1487Henry Adelbert Colton
Anna Elizabeth Maria Stahl
Colton, Walter F.{ranklin}July 16, 189325110-439Dell Colton
Anna Stahl
Colwell, Albert M.{ajor}July 2, 1865101276Isaac Colwell
Mary Hazen Perry
Colwell, Albert M.{ajor}July 2, 186510192Isaac Colwell
Mary Hazen Perry
Comins, FranklinDec. 17, 185514179-537George Comins
Catherine Soazy
Comins, MaryAug. 2, 186214180-538George Comins
Catherine Soazy
Comins, Pirley K.May 4, 186514180-539George Comins
Catherine Soazy
Comins, William H.{enry}June 15, 187030198-1186Arvis William Comins
Martha Jane Famlinson
Condo, MaryNov. 21, 187920293-877William Condo
Miney Feebelcorn
Condo, WalterJuly 9, 189425440-1760W. Colton
None listed
Condo, WilliamSept. 21, 187720235-703Wm. Condo
Miney Tebelcorn
Condon, Mary AliceJan. 29, 187614193William Henry Condon
Margaret Ellen Sullivan
Tidbit of information
Condon, Maurice P.{atrick} G.April 21, 187730244-1461William Condon
Margaret Ellen Sullivan
Cone, {Female}Oct. 1, 188923212-848Henry Cone
Maria Small
Cone, Chas.March 1, 189927302-1810Chas. Cone
Rosa Schulde
Cone, Harold C.Aug. 31, 189023435-1740Ela Cone
Abbie Balcom
Conely, BartholemewJune 7, 1852File{333}James Conely
Coney, {Male}July 23, 18751731-92William Coney
No mother listed
{Record states moved to
Milwaukee by 12-06-1876}
Congar, ChristophorMay 30, 18601650-149Richmond Congar
Harriet S. Porter
Congar, EphraimOct. 30, 18561650-148Richmond Congar
Harriet S. Porter
Conger, Edwin J.{ohn}Aug. 4, 190030220-1318Ephraim A. Conger
Alice M. Craig
Conger, Ira W.{illiam}Sept. 18, 188230245-1469Eugene Conger
Emmogene Montgomery
Conger, MaryettaDec. 24, 1889101416Eugene Conger
Emmagene Montgomery
Conger, Sarah M.{aria}Dec. 14, 188630220-1317Ephraim A. Conger
Alice M. Craig
Conger, Winifred L.April 28, 18972751-303Robert Conger
None listed
Conley, LincolnDec. 23, 189425507-2028Lincoln Conley
Mary Flynn
Conley, Vincent M.{erlin}Dec. 23, ??26105-419Lincoln Conley
Francis Flynn
Connell, DanielDec. 8, 187920216-646John Connell
Mary Hearaty
Conners, Bridget C.Dec. 15, 186217121-361Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, JamesAug. 3, 187517122-365Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, JamsApril 3, 187520298-891Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, JuliaNon-Listed20289-864Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, MaryFeb. 3, 185917120-360Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, MichaelJune 24, 186717121-363Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, PatrietJuly 27, 186517121-362Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Conners, WilliamMay 11, 187217122-364Michael Conners
Mary Quinn
Connor, William J.{ames}
O'Connor on Record}
Dec. 25, 190529319-1907Thomas J. O'Connor
Marguerte Reichelsdorfer
Conover, Henry F.{ranklin}Oct. 17, 188028607-3638Seth Henry Conover
Nancy Louisa Lindsay
Conrad, {Male}Feb. 1, 189525543-2169Valentine Conrad
Rosena Siegmund
Conrad, {Male}July 26, 18972735-209John Conrad
Hannah Young
Conrad, {Female}June 12, 190228379-2272John Conrad
Johanna Jung
Conrad, {Male}June 2, 189626415-1657Henry Conrad
Anna Haarmann
Conrad, {Male}Nov. 30, 189927527-3161Henry Conrad
Anna Haarmann
Conrad, {Male}Oct. 12, 190328519-3112John Conrad
Johanna Jung
Conrad, Adam C.Feb. 2, 1867834-102Peter Conrad
Maria Katharina Prinz
Conrad, Anna M.{artha}
Conrod on Record}
July 30, 18912468-271George Conrod
Franziska Muckel
Conrad, AnnaOct. 28, 189526116-461Michael Conrad
Anna Wagner
Conrad, AnnieJune 25, 186520238-712Friedrich Conrad
Sybilla Schmitz
Conrad, ApoloniaFeb. 9, 188822416-1663George Conrad
Maria Schultz
Conrad, ArnoApril 27, 190629358-2140Philip Conrad, Jr.
Louise Hass
Conrad, ArthurJune 3, 1893252-6Georg Conrad
Franziska Mickel
Conrad, AugusteJune 22, 187420239-715Friedrich Conrad
Sybilla Schmitz
Conrad, BarbaraNov. 18, 186920238-713Friedrich Conrad
Sybilla Schmitz
Conrad, CarlMarch 12, 1872835-105Peter Conrad
Maria Katharina Prinz
Conrad, CatharineFeb. 11, 187213175-525Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, Edgar J.Aug. 8, 189827244-1463Philip Conrad
None listed
Conrad, ElizabethApril 14, 186220238-711Friedrich Conrad
Sybilla Schmitz
Conrad, ElizabethFeb. 25, 186313177-531Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, GeorgeApril 1, 189023503-2012George Conrad
Franziska Mickel
Conrad, HeroldJuly 30, 190128107-641William H. Conrad
Anna Wohlgezogen
Conrad, IdaMarch 24, 188223180-718Henry Conrad
Anna Hetyel
Conrad, JacobJune 24, 187618326-973Valentine Conrad
Conrad, JaneDec. 20, 187418326-972Valentine Conrad
Conrad, John H.Feb. 5, 187718272-811Jacob Conrad
Caroline Nusz
Conrad, JohnNov. 15, 186513177-529Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, Joseph M.{athias}Feb. 12, 19073024-144Peter J. Conrad
Anna Schmitz
Conrad, JosephineMarch 2, 187120239-714Friedrich Conrad
Sybilla Schmitz
Conrad, KatherineNov. 24, 189224544-2174Michael Conrad
Anna Wagner
Conrad, Lietty L.
{Lotty Laura on record}
June 7, 187918272-810Jacob Conrad
Caroline Nusz
Conrad, Louis H.March 29, 1870835-104Peter Conrad
Maria Katharina Prinz
Conrad, MagdelenaMarch 20, 1871543-128Heinrich Conrad
Anna Margaretha Hetzel
Conrad, MargaretMay 5, 188018326-974Philip Conrad
Conrad, MargaretaJuly 13, 18631265-794Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Laffenstein
Conrad, MargretJuly 6, 186413177-530Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, MaryMarch 10, 186813176-527Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, PeterJan. 21, 190529159-947Chas. Conrad
Conrad, PhillipDec. 28, 186913176-526Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, Robert H{enr}y.Nov. 20, 1882101355Peter Conrad
Mary Jane Dinwiddie
Conrad, RomaApril 5, 190629359-2149Chas. Conrad
Conrad, RoseJan. 10, 186113178-532Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, RudolphFeb. 5, 1859835-103Peter Conrad
Maria Katharina Prinz
Conrad, VallentineApril 25, 186713176-528Valentine Conrad
Elizabeth Sovenstine
Conrad, YettaSept. 20, 187818325-971Valentine Conrad
Conrady, Adela A.July 17, 190281249Theodor Conrady
Katherine Stolz
Conrath, LuisJune 21, 188421267-1601Math Conrath
Catharina Steffen
Conrad, Henry
{Index lists as Conrod}
Dec. 24, 186713148-443Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conrad, John
{Index lists as Conrod}
Feb. 15, 187013148-442Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conrad, Mary
{Index lists as Conrod}
March 8, 186213149-446Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conrad, Phillip
{Index lists as Conrod}
July 17, 186413149-445Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conrad, Rose
{Index lists as Conrod}
Dec. 12, 186613148-444Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conrad, Vallentine
{Index lists as Conrod}
Feb. 2, 186013149-447Philipp Conrod
Margaret Engelman
Conward, FransFeb. 7, 189224250-998Jacob Conward
Lizie Bunsveld
Cook, {Female}March 15, 190027515-3089Frank Cook
Rose Ganford
Cook, Clinton F.March 22, 18702130-388Benjamin H. Cook
Catharine W. Marshell
Cook, DortheaJune 9, 189626279-1115William Cook
Jennie Carbin
Cook, Ephraim E. E.May 18, 189425276-1103E. S. Cook
Mary E. Grover
Cook, Janet I.{rene}Feb. 5, 190328508-3048Frank Cook
Rosa Gautvoort
Cooley, Calista J.{ulia}Jan. 1, 190730164-979Byrum Cooley
Lilli Bacher
Coon, Amos A.{sher}July 30, 18591575-220Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Coon, Cabel C.{harles}Aug. 28, 18611575-221Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Coon, Eliza J.{ane}April 2, 18551575-222Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Coon, Laura E.Jan. 11, 18721576-223Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Coon, Luther C.{airy}Sept. 9, 18571576-224Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Coon, Truman C.May 23, 1886122284 
Coon, William E.{zra}May 5, 18651576-225Ezra Coon
Fanny Kinney
Cooney, Ann E.March 29, 18711695-284Patrick Cooney
Ellen E. Flynn
Cooney, Edward W.Sept. 24, 18741788-263Thomas Cooney
Margaret King
Cooney, James H.March 31, 18661789-266Thomas Cooney
Catharine King
Cooney, MargaretApril 9, 187620294-880Patrick Cooney
Ellen E. Flynn
Cooney, Mary A.June 25, 18691789-265Thomas Cooney
Margaret King
Cooney, MaryMay 10, 187920295-881Patrick Cooney
Ellen E. Flynn
Cooney, Thomas F.Jan. 25, 18731788-264Thomas Cooney
Margaret King
Cooney, Thomas P.March 6, 18731695-285Patrick Cooney
Ellen E. Flynn
Coonings, HermanSept. 22, 187819281-841John Coonings
Jane Obink
Coonings, WilliamMarch 29, 187619282-842John Coonings
Jane Obink
Coons, William E.Jan. 9, 185712161-483Peter Coons
Jane Ann Akin
Copley, Charles H.{enry}May 1, 1862431-93Charles E. Copley
Sally A. Harnden
Copley, Edwin
{Chapley on Record}
June 20, 18731611-32Charles E. Chapley
Sally Ann Harnden
Copley, Effie M.{ary}Jan. 24, 1860432-94Charles E. Copley
Sally A. Harnden
Copley, Frank E.Feb. 16, 1865431-92Charles E. Copley
Sally A. Harnden
Copley, IreneFeb. 20, 1870431-91Charles E. Copley
Sally A. Harnden
Coplinger, FrankApril, 187519294-880Leopold Coplinger
Anna Hammermuller
Coplinger, JohnFeb., 187919294-879Leopold Coplinger
Anna Hammermuller
Corbet, (SB) {Male}Feb. 12, 190629348-2083John Allen Corbet
Minnie Chapman
Corbet, Adelbert M.Oct. 12, 186714157-471Lester M. Corbet
Annie E. Pettit
Corbet, Catherine M.{ary}Sept. 14, 19032970-416Carl C. Corbet
Edna Wheeler
Corbet, GertrudeApril 12, 187620299-894Charles Corbet
Mary Kaufmann
Corbet, Harriet M.July 8, 186914158-472Lester M. Corbet
Annie E. Pettit
Corbet, JohnMay 3, 187920289-865Charles Corbet
Mary Kaufmann
Corbett, Adison R.June 12, 18711592-273Charles A. Corbett
Mary J. Lewis
Corbett, Alberta D.July 9, 187314114-341William H. Corbett
Lavena D. Pettet
Corbett, Charles E.{dwin}April 17, 190128134-800Addison Corbett
Letha Very
Corbett, Emma N.Feb. 28, 186814114-342William H. Corbett
Lavena D. Pettet
Corbett, Estellie B.Dec. 12, 18721593-274Charles A. Corbett
Mary J. Lewis
Corbett, Frank C.{urtiss}Aug. 30, 187930190-1137Alexander Biran Corbett
Hellen Fusselman
Corbett, James F.{remont}May 13, 18952651-203Geo W. Corbett
Hattie Little
Corbett, James MillsFeb. 4, 189425504-2016Alex Corbett
Hellen Fusselman
Corbett, Jennie V.{iola}Aug. 24, 1906141147Addison B. Corbett
Letha Ellen Very
Tidbit of information
Corbett, KennethAug. 6, 190529290-1736Addison Corbett
Sahra Vey
Corbett, Lettie I.{rene}July 5, 188722273-1089Lester M. Corbett
Anna Petlett
Corbett, Lillian I.{rene}July 30, 190629441-2640Frank C. Corbett
Lillian E. Craig
Corbett, MarriebelymApril 12, 189425475-1900Geo W. Corbett
Hattie Suttle
Corbett, MaryOct. 24, 189023526-2104Alex Corbett
None listed
Corbett, Nelly M.Aug. 30, 186614115-343William H. Corbett
Lavena D. Pettet
Corbett, Norman N.March 28, 1901106192 
Cornalia, AdrianJune 6, 18972791-545John Cornalia
Cornelia Leys
Cornelis, Maria J.{ohanna}March 3, 18862264-255Joast Cornelis
Maria Engels
Cornelius, AbrahamMay 24, 186712187-559Joseph Cornelius
Mary English
Cornelius, CharlesFeb. 4, 186415116-343Conrad Cornelius
Emily C. Hantschel
Cornelius, Fredrick W.Nov. 21, 186715116-345Conrad Cornelius
Emily C. Hantschel
Cornelius, LouisSept. 9, 18611221-662Conrad Cornelius
Christian A. Heutrekel
Cornelius, LuisSept. 9, 186215116-344Conrad Cornelius
Emily C. Hantschel
Cornelius, RubinaFeb. 12, 18631146-136Joseph Cornelius
Mary English
Cornell, Elmer T.{heodore}March 23, 189023513-2051Ula Cornell
Clara Clauson
Cornell, Georgie
{George on Record}
Jan. 7, 188722346-1382James Cornell
Victoria Paneroy
Cornell, Viola D.{orethy}June 8, 190328441-2643Ulyses Sewart Cornell
Clara Claussen
Cornell, WilliamApril 6, 189325111-444Ulysses Cornell
Clara Clausen
Corson, {Male}May 24, 188321189-1129M. M. Corson
Mary Griffith
Corson, {Male}Oct. 4, 187918190-565M. W. Corson
Mary Griffith
Corson, EstherApril 26, 189023372-1488Gideon W. Corson
Alma E. Hubbard
Corson, Guy M.{elvin}July 5, 188923157-625Milford Melvin Corson
Mary Morgan Griffith
Corson, Roy G.{ideon}Dec. 31, 189626534-2136Gideon Wells Corson
Alma Ellen Hubbard
Corte, SophieFeb. 2, 190428596-3572Christian Corte
Elizabeth Eurich
Cosgriff, {Male}Jan. 26, 18702126-375Patrick Cosgriff
None Listed
Cosgrove JohnApril 26, 1905103302 
Cosgrove, DorothyAug. 8, 190310384 
Cosgrove, Gerald E.July 8, 1900106164 
Cosgrove, MargaretAug. 13, 1898101357John Cosgrove
Frances Walsh
Tidbit of information
Cosgrove, Patrick H.{enry}April 8, 190228421-2524John Cosgrove
Francis Walsch
Cosgrove, Patrick
{Casgrove on Record}
Jan. 17, 18601749-147Patrick Casgrave
Bridget Glinn
Cossick, CharlesOct. 23, 190228435-2609Charles Cossick
Magdalena Wiesiedutie
Costello, {Female}Aug. 25, 189827239-1431John Costello
Kate Feltmann
Costello, Allen Jos.{eph}Aug. 22, 189626356-1421John Costello
Katie Feldman
Costello, HarryMarch 12, 189425473-1892 
Costello, HilinaOct. 22, 190128192-1152John Costello
Kattie Feldman
Costello, Lloyd J.June 13, 1889106114 
Costello, Michael
{Castello on Record}
April 26, 18711547-140Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Costtello, {Male}Feb. 4, 189224479-1915John Consttello
None listed
Cotterill, Blanche Ione
{Blanch on Record}
Nov. 26, 1903101417William Nathen Cotterill
Lillian Mae White
Tidbit of information
Cotterill, ChristopherOct. 21, 185715124-368Peter Cotterill
Elizabeth Abbey
Cotterill, DavidOct. 29, 186315123-366 
Cotterill, Frank P.Nov. 22, 187015125-370Peter Cotterill
Elizabeth Abbey
Cotterill, John H.Nov. 16, 185915124-369Peter Cotterill
Elizabeth Abbey
Cotterill, Mary A.Nov. 16, 186115124-367Peter Cotterill
Elizabeth Abbey
Cotterill, SarahJune 29, 186815123-365Peter Cotterill
Elizabeth Abbey
Couch, CaryApril 20, 189546463Ernest E. Couch
Nellie M. Tallman
Couch, Elsie MaudNov. 22, 187630248Joseph Garham Couch
Lorinda Polly Clark
Couch, Ernest E.July 31, 186414138-414Joseph G. Couch
Lorenda P. Clark
Couch, Erwin I.Aug. 29, 186214138-413Joseph G. Couch
Lorenda P. Clark
Couch, Lavita F.{erris}April 14, 189425482-1925Erwin James Couch
Clara Barrager
Couch, Stella M.Oct. 21, 18661523-69Harry W. Couch
Sarah June Steven
Couch, Susan A.March 28, 18561664-192Perlee Couch
Emeline Hineman
Couch, Viola A.Aug. 10, 18681523-68Harry W. Couch
Sarah June Steven
Couh, BerthaMay 2, 188722229-914John Couh
Emma Bleichart
Courthaus, {Male}March 8, 18892381-322Otto Courthaus
Emme Febing
Cox, {Male}March 4, 189325166-662Albia Cox
Erma Kelley
Cox, Hazel KellySept. 26, 18952638-150Albiox Cox
Irma Maud Kelly

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