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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Ce - Cn"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Cecaowski, Rosalia C.{atherine}Jan. 3, 189927290-1738Joseph Cecaowski
Barbara Schuler
Ceinemann, WilliamMay 17, 189023370-1480Carl Ceinemann
Minna Kempfer
Celam, Augusta {H.}Nov. 19, 18721623-68Herman J. Celam
Mary Wallitzky
Cements, {Female}April 28, 189425432-1725Charles Cements
Alma Schafer
Chambers, {Female}July 26, 188321200-1197James Chambers
Julia Fitzgerald
Champlin, Albert E.Jan. 9, 19042966-394Frank Champlin
Alice Awen
Champlin, Percy V.{ern}June 11, 190230179-1070Frank Smith Champlin
Elizabeth Alice Owen
Chandler, Edward W.Jan. 1, 190730173-1031Willis W. Chandler
Anna Dye
Chandler, ElizabethMarch 20, 190629458-2743John Chandler
Alma Kuenstedt
Chandler, Martha K.{uehmstedt}Dec. 15, 19002833-198John Chandler
Alma Kuehmstedt
Chandler, Martha M.Jan. 29, 189526138-551George Chandler
None listed
Chapin, {Male}March 2, 188421303-1816George Chapin
Chaplin, {Male}Feb. 15, ??23532-2125Whalen Chaplin
Emma Merritt
Chaplin, EdgarMay 6, 189023452-1805Henry Ara Chaplin
Edith Mat Suart
Chaplin, Erle WilburNov. 4, 1885103347 
Chaplin, EsterSept. 24, 189224478-1910Harry Chaplin
Edith Swart
Chaplin, Guy W.July 7, 18741033 
Chaplin, Harvey W.Jan. 12, 1896122398 
Chaplin, Leta L.Dec. 27, 1887122430 
Chaplin, Morris W{illia}mNov. 22, 190429168-1004Guy Chaplin
Mamie Arnbulany
Chapman, {Female}March 16, 189626465-1857Mr. Chapman
None listed
Chapman, {Male}Sept. 26, 188321207-1239Charles Chapman
Mary Armstrong
Chapman, Ada MargretMay 8, 1893101149Nelson Jacob Chapman
Ida Grace Johnson
Chapman, Andrew B.{enjamin}June 27, 190529206-1229Charles Chapman
Cora Johnston
Chapman, AnetteOct. 3, 18551038-113Alexander Chapman
Betsy Huntty
Chapman, Charles W.Aug. 20, 18541861-181John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, CharlesJune 7, 189124147-587Walter Chapman
Emma Otesmann
Chapman, Clarence C.{linton}June 12, 1887101147Clinton D. Chapman
Emma Johnson
Chapman, ClarenceAug. 10, 188864509Alfred Chapman
Mary Sawers
Chapman, ClarenceAug. 10, 18886551Alfred Chapman
Mary Sawers
Chapman, ClarenceAug. 10, 188868263Alfred Chapman
Mary Sawers
Chapman, Clinton D.April 12, 18631861-182John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, Earl
{Twin to Pearl}
{Born Last}
Nov. 14, 19032916-95Clinton Chapman
Emma Johnson
Chapman, Emma M.July 26, 18671861-183John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, Grace L.March 5, 1903106400 
Chapman, HattieOct. 12, 18681862-184John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, HerbertOct. 30, 190228388-2328Nolteo Chapman
Emma Oatsmann
Chapman, IreneFeb. 1, 189827193-1155William Henry Chapman
Mary L. Dawn
Chapman, JohneyNov. 20, 18701862-185John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, Katherine E.{milie Jane}Aug. 1, 1906101150Walter Chapman
Emma Oatsman
Chapman, LanyNov. 16, 18731860-179John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Chapman, Lawrence {Thomas}April 5, 190429246-1473Walter Chapman
Chapman, Pearl
{Twin to Earl}
{Born First}
Nov. 14, 19032916-96Clinton Chapman
Emma Johnson
Chapman, RalphMarch 28, 188521340-2034William Chapman
Ella Darow
Chapman, William H.May 30, 18521860-180John J. Chapman
Lany Price
Charles, LouiseAug. 26, 189124101-401Henry Charles
Louise Schwartz
Charlton, William T.May 7, 190328446-2674William H. Charlton
Emma Beneke
Charm, James E.Jan. 8, 189827207-1237Jas. Charm
Emma Bailey
Chase, {Male}Sept. 21, 189927451-2703Edward Chase
Miss Humphrey
Chattle, Anna L.June 27, 186014122-366Henry Chattle
Susan Groos
Chattle, Giles P.Sept. 5, 186314123-368Henry Chattle
Susan Groos
Chattle, James W.Nov. 30, 187014123-367Henry Chattle
Susan Groos
Cheatle, Anna S.{usan}July 22, 189927367-2197James Erving Cheatle
Eliza Rose Cotterill
Cheatle, Beatrice M.{ae}Oct. 3, 189727132-791James I. Cheatle
Elizabeth Rose Cotterill
Chechefsky, MaryDec. 15, 190228394-2364Anton Chechefsky
Mary Chiginsky
Cheesler, {Male}April 12, 188823203-810Louis Cheesler
Bertha Adam
Cheesman, ClarenceJan. 6, 18752173-435Wm. Cheesman
Mary Fairchild
Cheseboro, Robert E.Jan. 15, 190328528-3168Herbert Cheseboro
Jenny Rummle
Chesler, John
{On record as Chrisler}
Jan. 9, 187618305-910William Chrisler
Eliza Robertson
Chesnor, Mary R.Dec. 17, 184916160-480Barnard Chesnor
Meneroa Westlana
Chezonzkas, JohnFeb. 15, 19073070-419Anton Chezonzkas
Patronia Kemeja
Chickowski, Anna A.Feb. 9, 190228364-2179Joseph Chickowski
Barbara Schuler
Chiginsky, AlbinaSept. 15, 189626363-1452Frank Chiginsky
Chiginsky, AnnieSept. 27, 19002814-84Frank Chiginsky
Carolina Kerwintz
Chiginsky, FrankJan. 9, 190228220-1318Frank Chiginsky
Caroline Calminsky
Childs, Jerome R.July 17,188923193-771Herman Childs
Carrie Rosenthal
Chivalla, WenzelSept. 8, 189425341-1364Anton Chivalla
Rosalia Wana
Chlosta, Franziska O.{ttilie Ida}Feb. 21, 189324557-2224Anton Chlosta
None listed
Chlosta, Martha M.{aria}Aug. 30, 189023474-1895Anton Chlosta
Elisabeth Oppenkowsky
Chlosta, PaulFeb. 17, 18862280-318Anton Chlosta
Elisabeth Opplakoski
Chrasser, LouisJan. 28, 18551142-426Louis Chrasser
Johanna Walters
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Chrisbach, HildaSept. 19, 189023504-2016Henry Chrisbach
Hilda Schultz
Chrisler, JohnJan. 9, 187618305-910William Chrisler
Eliza Robertson
Christbach, ElsaSept. 5, 188722307-1227Heinrich Christbach
Gulda Schuller
Christel, {Male}June 4, 189927339-2030Sam Christel
Christel, AbrahamJune 4, 189927339-2031Sam Christel
Christel, IdaMarch 15, 190328438-2628Sam Christel
Christenson, Louis G.{eorge}Feb. 21, 189023313-1252William Christenson
Mina Knudson
Christian, Mary K.Sept. 17, 187320268-802John Christian
Alice McNeill
Christiansan, EllaApril 18, 19012888-525Thomas Christiansan
Tillie Rommelfanger
Christiansen, Elizabeth M.Jan. 20, 190027467-2798John Christiansen
Jennie Lassells
Christiansen, George GuyAug. 5, 18952683-330John Christiansen
Jennie Lassells
Christiansen, RayNov. 21, 190228412-2469Thomas Christiansen
Mathilde Rommelfaenger
Christianson, {Female}Dec. 11, 188421342-2047None Listed
Christianson, AdeliaNov. 29, 19063051-305Thomas Christianson
Tillie Rommelfaenger
Christianson, Amy M.{agdalene}March 29, 189324594-2375Jakob Christianson
Mina Liek
Christianson, John M.Jan. 2, 187810650 
Christianson, LethaAug. 16, 187420195-584Thomas Christianson
Matilda Olson
Christianson, MagdalainApril 29, 190552487Thomas Christianson
Tillie Rommelfanger
Christianson, MargaretApril 29, 190552488Thomas Christianson
Tillie Rommelfanger
Christianson, MarionApril 29, 190552486Thomas Christianson
Tillie Rommelfanger
Christianson, PeterApril 9, 187620195-583Thomas Christianson
Matilda Olson
Christianson, Robert J.{ames}Nov. 28, 190529491-2938Jos. C. Christianson
Amy Brisbane
Christle, George L.{ouis}March 8, ??2972-427Israel Christle
Rosa Guthstein
Christman, Johan G.{eorge}June 27, 189324628-2510Josef Christman
Anna Bousch
Christman, Mary A.{nn}April 14, 1852File{331}John Christman
Rosina Leichtnam
Christman, Peter J.{osef}May 12, 18912415-58Josef Christman
Anna Bousch
Christmann, CatharineJune 13, 1852File{331}Francis Christmann
Mary Becker
Christmann, JohnJan. 6, 1853File41John Christmann
Margareth Sioler
Christmann, JosephDec. 23, 189827293-1756Joseph Christmann
Anna Bonsch
Christmann, PeterNov. 27, 188923367-1467Josef Christmann
Anna Bonsch
Christoffel, ClemenzNov. 18, 190529304-1822Heinrich Christoffel
Margaretha Trester
Christopherson, WilliamAug. 3, 1889122315 
Christy, Flora A.Oct. 30, 18591629-85John Christy
Lucy Jane Jones
Chudoba, WalterNov. 9, 189727114-684Rudolph Chudoba
Olga Krueck
Cichonski, FranziskaFeb. 5, 189726538-2151Joseph Cichonski
Barbra Schuler
Cichreki, {Male}Jan. 16, 190328499-2994Josef Cichreki
Emma Schuler
Cidmann, WilliamJan. 1, 189626367-1467Garrit Cidmann
Lucy Vitte
Cinealis, Margaret M.{agdalen}Sept. 16, 1906101231Andrew Cinealis
Magdalen Grigaliumas
Tidbit of information
Cischek, Mabel S.{ophia}May 28, 189123637-2548Richard Cischek
Ida Kleman
Cizauskas, AngelaDec. 1, 1905122304 
Claerbout, BerendinaJan. 17, 189023351-1403Hendrik Claerbout
Engelina Lensink
Claerbout, CorraSept. 4, 188722331-1323Pieter Claerbout
Jacoba Van Ess
Claerbout, ElizabethMay 23, 188722252-1006Henry Claerbout
Engelina Lensink
Claerbout, GeertrieNov. 15, 188421326-1953Jan Claerbout
Jannecke Van Ep
Claerbout, Izak
{Record shows Isak}
April 27, 18852234-134Pieter Claerbout
Catharine P. Van Ess
Claerbout, JannisDec. 7, 188421326-1950Hendrick Claerbout
Engeline Leusick
Claerbout, PieterJuly 22, 189224328-1311Pieter Claerbout
Catharina Van Ess
Clanderman, Alice J.{anette}Dec. 7, 189626518-2071Martin Clanderman
Cora A. Flipse
Clanderman, GertrudeApril 21, 189425301-1203Henry Clanderman
Mary Ternmenes
Clandermann, {Female}April 11, 189726616-2462Henry Clandermann
Josie Lemeness
Clandermann, {Male}May 14, 18912427-105Martin Clandermann
Cora Flipse
Clandermann, {Female}Sept. 18, 189124112-448Henry Clandermann
Josie Lemmenes
Clandermann, Albert H.{aroly}April 11, 189726616-2461Henry Clandermann
Josie Lemeness
Clarbout, IsacAug. 7, 187519266-795Henry Clarbout
Angeline Lansink
Clarbout, JohannahApril 23, 187819266-796Henry Clarbout
Angeline Lansink
Clarenbach, Ernestine K.Aug. 28, 18582183-546Ernst Clarenbach
Clarenbach, Ernestine P.{auline}July 29, 189124160-637Emil Clarenbach
Unknown Reuther
Clarenbach, Ferdinand R.Aug. 9, 18562182-544Ernst Clarenbach
Clarenbach, Louisa C.{arolina} E.{lizabeth}Dec. 26, 188722393-1571Emil Clarenbach
Emma Josephine Ruether
Clarenbach, Meta M. I.Oct. 4, 18602183-547Ernst Clarenbach
Clarenbach, Ralph E.Dec. 7, 189626571-2282Emil Clarenbach
Josephine Reuther
Clarenbach, Willa A.Sept. 21, 18652183-545Ernst Clarenbach
Clarisse, {Female}June 17, 18932560-238Wm. Clarisse
Clark, {Female}Feb. 3, 189626463-1850Milton Clark
?? Plopper
Clark, {Male}June 13, 189023432-1728Robert Clark
Clark, {Male}Nov. 13, 188421302-1808Milton Clark
Viola Plopper
Clark, A. EdgarOct. 30, 18641795-285George W. Clark
Mabel E. Thomson
Clark, Ann NettSept. 22, 1879141250Charles Alexander Clark
Ella Jane Powers
Clark, Clarence E.March 14, 18932565-258Robert Clark
Emma Wiedemeyer
Clark, Edith I.{rene}April 16, 1907
March 20, 1907 on Record}
3079-469John Clark
Ethel Hill
Clark, Edwin L.{eonard}June 1, 188930245George Milton Clark
Viola Addie Plopper
Clark, Ella M.{ay}July 30, 1860437-110Ransom B. Clark
Jerasha Palmer
Clark, EthelFeb. 1, 19012845-268Charley Clark
Annie Williams
Clark, Ether M.{anver}March 8, 189726583-2329Edward Clark
Annie Engehard
Clark, FloyJan. 12, 18731865-193Wm. H. Clark
Ellen S. Willis
Clark, Freddie C.April 28, 18671791-271Calvin L. Clark
Sarah Cady
Clark, George A.{delbert}March 1, 187730244-1459George Washington Clark
Mabel Thompson
Clark, Ida J.June 8, 18661796-286George W. Clark
Mabel E. Thomson
Clark, Irene M.Nov. 20, 188923346-1382Ottis H. Clark
Lena Oberreich
Clark, JenieMarch 9, 185610188-563George Clark
Thelig Dayton
Clark, JohnFeb. 19, 18721632-96Charles A. Clark
Ellen J.
Clark, Kittie P.A.July 19, 18681790-270Geo. W. Clark
Nancy Lock
Clark, LayfayetteMay 28, 18701865-194Willia, H. Clark
Ellen L. Willis
Clark, LizzyNov. 18, 189727110-653Jan Albert Clark
Janna Berendina Te Selle
Clark, Lydia MaryFeb. 28, 1882141251Charles Alexander Clark
Ella Jane Powers
Clark, Myra E.{velyn}March 1, 189939225Charles N. Clark
Lou E. Tucker
Clark, ShermanJuly 26, 186810188-565George Clark
Thelig Dayton
Clark, William W.Nov. 28, 18731795-284George W. Clark
Mabel E. Thomson
Clark, William W.{ade}Nov. 28, 187393528George Washington Clark
Mabel Bell Thompson
Clark, WillyMay 8, 185910188-564George Clark
Thelig Dayton
Clarke, IdaMay 13, 189023489-1953 
Clause, AmeliaSept. 11, 187919245-731Adolph Clause
Amelia Laverence
Clausen, Chester C.{one}Feb. 5, 189927434-2599Wm. Clausen
None listed
Clausen, Louis J.{ohn} C.{arl}Feb. 10, 187918150-449Rehoff Clausen
Auguste Hartmann
Clausen, Lydia A.{nna}June 11, 18802184-502James Hanson Clausen
Sophia Babendreier
Clausen, Oscar A.{braham} W.
{Claussen on Record}
Feb. 18, 18862270-277Otto Henry Claussen
Bertha Moser
Clausen, Wilhelmine A.{manda}Sept. 23, 189224393-1572Cestian Clausen
Wilhelmine Schultz
Clauss, Wilbert G.{len}Dec. 22, 1891141292Oscar Clauss
Rosa Lenss
Claussen, {Female}June 28, 190328520-3118Henry Claussen
Annie Mueller
Claussen, {Female}March 15, 189626493-1972Wm. Claussen
Miss Cone
Claussen, Arthur J.{ulius}April 23, 189023360-1438Otto Claussen
Bertha Moser
Claussen, Harry H.June 10, 189224288-1151Otto Claussen
Bertha Louisa Moser
Claussen, Hilda B.{arbara}April 20, 19073059-351Henry Claussen
Annie Mueller
Claussen, LidiaJune 11, 1880201-2James Claussen
Sophia Babendreier
Claussen, MarieDec. 10, 18882348-190Ferdinand Claussen
Heddy Behler
Claussen, RobertNov. 21, 189023544-2174Ferdinand Claussen
Hetty Behler
Clausson, Liddia L.{ena} E.{mma}Oct. 14, 188722326-1301Otto Clausson
Bertha Luesa Moser
Clearbaut, Katie
{Jacobs on Record}
July 15, 189626332-1326Jannis Clearbaut
Fannetye Van Ess
Cleaver, Henry J.May 4, 189425447-1787John Cleaver
Tilda Rungle
Clein, Alfred
{Klein on Record}
May 11, 188121100-599Christian Klein
Emilie Bodger
Clemens, {Male}June 26, 188321198-1184Charles Clemens
Fredericke Schuhman
Clemens, {Female}June 26, 188321200-1195Charles Clemens
Fredericke Schuhman
Clemens, {Male}May 20, 188823206-823Charles Clemens
Friedricke Schman
Clemens, {Male}May 22, 189023431-1724Louis Clemens
Couradine Mueller
Clemens, {Male}Oct. 21, 18852233-132Charles Clemens
Friedericke Schumann
Clemens, ArthurMarch 11, 1905104605 
Clemens, Carolyn L.{ouise}July 14, 189871503Henry Clemens
Clemens, Carolyn L.{ouise}July 14, 189873514Henry Clemens
Clemens, Emily L.{ouise}
{Amalia on Record}
Jan. 21, 1896141209Charles Emil Clemens
Alma Schaefer
Clemens, HenriettaNov. 27, 18962714-81Henry Clemens
Clara Dettmann
See Added Info
Clemens, HenryMarch 16, 190027509-3053Henry Clemens
?? Fisher
Clemens, Louis {Jr.}Feb. 6, 187720144-432Louis Clemens
Tena Moller
Clemens, MarthaMay 5, 190348259Charles Clemens
Alma Schaefer
Clemens, MinnieJune 8, 188020144-431Louis Clemens
Tena Moller
Clemens, Viola FloraJune 17, 189626275-1100August Clemens
Wilhelmine Damrow
Clemens, Walter H.{erman}Dec. 2, 190450356Charles Clemens
Alma Schaefer
Clemens, Walter H.{erman}Dec. 2, 19045298Charles Clemens
Alma Schaefer
Clemens, WilliamJune 8, 187420145-433Louis Clemens
Tena Moller
Clement, BerthaJuly 28, 18693244-656Henry Clement
Clement, CarlFeb. 11, 18633245-659Henry Clement
Clement, ClarenceJan. 12, 190529277-1656John Clement
None Listed
Clement, Gerhardt
{Martin on Record}
Jan. 28, 19073076-453John Clement
Elizabeth Karman
Clement, JaneJune 26, 18721250-149Mornis Clement
Mary Deleyser
Clement, JosiahApril 28, 18651250-150Mornis Clement
Mary Deleyser
Clement, KarolineOct. 3, 18643244-658Henry Clement
Clement, LauraDec. 3, 18663244-657Henry Clement
Clement, Martha R.Oct. 13, 190228378-2268John Clement
Emma Corevian
Clement, MaryMay 8, 18691251-152Mornis Clement
Mary Deleyser
Clement, MorrisSept. 6, 18631251-153Mornis Clement
Mary Deleyser
Clement, NellieJan. 15, 18782114-81Martin Clement
Mary De Leyser
Clement, NettieMarch 20, 18671251-151Mornis Clement
Mary Deleyser
Clement, SusanNov. 17, 18792114-82Martin Clement
Mary De Leyser
Clement, SusanneNov. 17, 187921125-746Marines Clement
Maria Deleider
Clement, TannieNov. 8, 190027630-3778John Clement
Elizabeth Carman
Clements, {Female}April 10, 190027565-3385Chas. Clements
Alma Schaeffer
Clements, JohnOct. 4, 1852File{332}John M. Clements
Anne Dowling
Clements, Walter H.{erman} K.{arl}Dec. 2, 190429159-952Chas. Clements
Alma Schaefer
Clementson, Mary
{Clemetson on Record}
Aug. 30, 18742139-233Engebert Clemetson
Sophia Salvor
Clemme, (SB) {Male}Jan. 13, 188822372-1485Conrad Clemme
Caroline Griebe
Clemmerssen, Selma A.{delius}
{Selmar {Male} on record}
March 21, 189023341-1364Ingbert Clemmerssen
Sophia Olson
Clendening, Ella L.March 1, 1861158-24Alexander Clendening
Jane S. Menter
Clevers, Sept. 25, 18852251-204 
Clevers, JohanneNov. 8, 18575106-317Peter Clevers
Elisabeth Emmers
Clevers, John T.{heodore}April 25, 188830195-1168Theodore Clevers
Mary Kurscheid
Clevers, Peter J.Jan. 6, 18605108-322Peter Clevers
Elisabeth Emmers
Clevers, TheodoreAug. 8, 18545106-316Peter Clevers
Elisabeth Emmers
Clicquen{n}oi, Petronella {Nellie}Jan. 24, 189830223-1337Iscac Cliquennoi
Anna Dickfoss
Clifford, Cathrin A.{llen}Jan. 13, 188722211-844Danial Clifford
Mary Loftus
Clifford, Everett J.April 18, 1893122361 
Clifford, Genevieve M.{argaret}Jan. 12, 188923191-763Daniel Clifford
Mary Loftus
Cliquennoi, William {Jacob}Feb. 17, 190027490-2938Isaac Cliquennoi
Annie Dickfoss
Cliquenoi, HellenMarch 14, 190027552-3310Andrew Cliquenoi
Bertha Graf
Clirquluois, WalterAug. 7, 1885222-8Jacob Clirquluois
Petronella Verhage
Clocke, BerthaDec. 24, 18641287-858Herman Clocke
Clocke, HenrySept. 6, 18611141-422Herman Clocke

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