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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Ca - Cd"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Caan, {Male}Aug. 14, 190027640-3835E. Caan
None listed
Caan, {Female}Dec. 26, 19002873-435E. Caan
None listed
Caan, {Male}
{Twin to Wm. B.}
Jan. 15, 189927433-2595E. Caan
None listed
Caan, Frank PeterMay 27, 1889Misc. M523/4Elias Caan
Mary Carmen
Caan, GertrudeMarch 28, 1897141389Elias Caan
Mary Carman
Caan, Jane C.{ornelia}July 2, 1894101277Elias Caan
Mary Carmen
Tidbit of information
Caan, Wm. B.
{Twin to Male Caan}
Jan. 15, 189927433-2596E. Caan
None listed
Cabeen, {Male}Jan. 16, 189726590-2357James Cabeen
Anna Hamilton
Cadman, DorotheyAug. 5, 189626503-2012Thomas H. Cadman
Abbie E. Hinchliffe
Cadofskey, IdaJune 10, 188722261-1044August Cadofskey
Lizzie Yosefskey
Cady, Charles H.Sept. 27, 18661261-182Wm. Edward Cady
Emma Caffeen
Cady, Ella V.{iola}Dec. 28, 18711261-181Wm. Edward Cady
Emma Caffeen
Cady, Mary E.{mily}April 7, 18701260-179Wm. Edward Cady
Emma Caffeen
Caffield, AndrewApril 23, 18571762-186Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Caffield, AnnaDec. 22, 18721762-185Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Caffield, John T.Oct. 23, 18531762-184Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Caffield, Margaret A.Oct. 21, 18701761-181Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Caffield, MaryFeb. 26, 18641761-182Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Caffield, PatrickNov. 23, 18681761-183Thomas Caffield
Anna Ryan
Cain, {Male}Aug. 23, 189626411-1643Wm. Cain
None listed
Cain, {Female}Jan. 15, 189827219-1310John Cain
Annie Shmith
Cain, {Female}Jan. 5, 189726635-2539John Cain
Miss Annie Shmith
Cain, Anna M.
{Twin to Wm. Louis}
Oct. 21, 189927444-2659Pat Cain
Mary Meyers
Cain, Emmet P.March, 190128163-975William Cain
Florana L. Grimes
Cain, GeorgeJan. 1, 185413132-396Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, JaneMarch 31, 185613132-395Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, JohnFeb. 10, 185913132-394Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, MarcellaOct. 2, 189827243-1456Wm. Cain
Florence Grimes
Cain, MaryFeb. 8, 186713163-488Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, PatrickMay 20, 186313162-486Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, SusanSept. 17, 186413163-487Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, ThomasDec. 1, 185213165-493Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, William C.{has.}Aug. 15, 187630203-1213Charles Edward Cain
Anneliza Brown
Cain, WilliamAug. 17, 186913163-489Patrick Cain
Jane Maheffey
Cain, Wm. L.{ouis}
{Twin to Anna M.}
Oct. 21, 189927443-2656Pat Cain
Mary Meyers
Cairns, William R.{obert}Sept. 24, 1900284-22Robert Russel Cairns
Margaret McDonald
Calgouw, {Female}June 18, 189425321-1284John Calgouw
Dina Beyons
Calhoun, {Male}Aug. 23, 18912492-366Wm. C. Calhoun
Annie Lebermann
Calhoun, Helen R.{uth}March 21, 189425250-999Wm. Calhoun
Annie Lebermann
Calhoun, KaltonAug. 23, 18912488-349Wm. C. Calhoun
Annie Lebermann
Caljouw, JacJune 24, 189927369-2212John Caljouw
Dalia Beis
Caljouw, MinnieMay 18, 189827198-1188John Caljouw
Dalie Bayens
Caljouw, PeterAug. 29, 18952699-396John Caljouw
Dina Bayens
Caljouw, Tennie
{Jennie on record}
Feb. 13, 18972726-152John K. Caljouw
Dalia Beis
Callenberg, George W.{illiam}Dec. 26, 189426129-514August Callenberg
Elizabeth Brieske
Calvey, AnnAug. 6, 185917115-343Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, BridgetSept. 18, 186717114-341Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, EdwardOct. 26, 186917114-342Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, HannahAug. 1, 186517116-346Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, MaryAug. 6, 185717115-344Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, MetildiaFeb. 26, 187217117-349Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, MichaelSept. 28, 186117116-348Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, PatrickFeb. 10, 185417116-347Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Calvey, PeterJuly 27, 187917115-345Edward Calvey
Selia Green
Campbell, Arlie H.Sept. 29, 188912290 
Campbell, Catherine E.March 15, 18762052-156John Campbell
Ann Laughlin
Campbell, Charles M.Aug. 16, 185515115-342Issac M. Campbell
Mary Ann Weino
Campbell, Emma C.Feb. 8, 186515115-341Issac M. Campbell
Mary Ann Weino
Campbell, George W.Feb. 22, 185415115-340Issac M. Campbell
Mary Ann Weino
Campbell, Hugh M.{artin}Feb. 15, 189023376-1503Neil Campbell
Mary Elizabeth McClelland
Campbell, SuphenJan. 25, 18802053-158John Campbell
Ann Laughlin
Campbell, William B.June 3, 18782050-148John Campbell
Ann Laughlin
Campbell, William E.Aug. 28, 185715114-339Issac M. Campbell
Mary Ann Weino
Campmann, LucyApril 22, 188822446-1783Christ Campmann
Mary Stumrouch
Canfield, DeliaJuly 17, 18611024-72Patrick Canfield
Delia Crishmann
Canfield, JuliaSept. 12, 18551025-74Patrick Canfield
Delia Crishmann
Cannan, AgnesMarch 29, 185516164-492John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Cannan, Bridget E.Jan. 21, 185416163-488John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Cannan, CatherineApril 4, 186616164-491John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Cannan, John F.May 3, 186916163-489John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Cannan, Mary A.Jan. 5, 185916164-490John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Cannan, PatrickMarch 5, 185716165-493John Cannan
Ellen Evrett
Canningham, {Male}Dec. 5, 188019227-678Daniel Canningham
Catherine O' Hearn
Capella, Elnora A.{lma}July 14, 189727146-871Gotlieb J. Capella
Eva Staberow
Capella, Leta C.{lara}Feb. 12, 189927319-1914John fred Capella
Ella Reis
Capella, LetaFeb. 20, 189927414-2480Fred Capella, Jr.
Ella Reis
Capella, MarvinMay 15, 189827189-1130Herman J. Capella
Anna Sautter
Capella, VernieJan. 25, 190128205-1227Gotlieb Capella
Eva Deumling
Capelle, {Male}Jan. 30, 18952663Godlieb Capelle
Eva Stabrow
Capelle, {Male}Sept. 20, 18952672-285Henry Capelle
Emilia Heiser
Capelle, CorneleiesFeb. 2, 185310109-326Anton Capelle
Agnes Schalton
Capelle, FranzJan. 11, 186410109-327Anton Capelle
Agnes Schalton
Capelle, John H.E.July 25, 1888106378 
Capelle, MargarethaMay 31, 185510110-329Anton Capelle
Agnes Schalton
Capelle, MathiosSept. 27, 185010109-328Anton Capelle
Agnes Schalton
Capelle, Olga IdaDec. 5, 189114118Herman Capelle
Anna Sauter
Capelle, Otto HermanSept. 23, 1881110232 
Capelle, PeterDec. 7, 185910110-330Anton Capelle
Agnes Schalton
Capelle, Reinhold F.April 10, 1875103109 
Capelle, Rudolph
{Record listed as Kapelle}
Oct. 4, 187919130-388Henry Kapelle
Emelia Weise
Capelle, Selma A.C.Oct. 30, 188912217 
Capelle, WilliamSept. 15, 187920340-1016Frederick Capelle
Pauline Winkler
Cappelle, Albert
{Capelle on Record}
Jan. 23, 187820340-1017Frederick Capelle
Pauline Winkler
Cappelle, AugustSept. 16, 187920342-1023Gottlieb Cappelle
Eva Stabrue
Cappellen, {Female}April 3, 189324585-2337Peter Cappellen
Unknown Gessert
Caraher, AnnAug. 12, 185313164-492Bernard Caraher
Rose McCabe
Caraher, CatherineDec. 20, 185413187-560Bernard Caraher
Rose McCabe
Caraher, JamesApril 24, 185613187-559Bernard Caraher
Rose McCabe
Carey, Vivian M.{argarett}March 3, 1899101117Richard Carey
Lillian Kane
Tidbit of information
Carl, Amanda E.{mma} F.{redricke Johanna}June 10, 188321197-1182August Carl
Louise Fabring
Carl, AugustJuly 6, 18912481-321August Carl
Bertha Ruther
Carl, JohnJan. 24, 188822377-1508August Carl
Louisa Fannick
Carl, Walter L.{ouis} J.{ohan}Oct. 11, 188421318-1904Friedrich Carl
Henrietta Theresia Sophia Meggars
Carleson, MildredAug. 28, 188923278-1110Rinaldo Carleson
Jennie Jackson
Carley, Ida I.July 27, 18611640-120Alvin B. Carley
Lusina Greely
Carls, LincolnAug. 4, 189224357-1428Fred Carls
Settie Meckes
Carlsen, {Male}Sept. 19, 189224410-1637Hans Carlsen
Augusta Ericksen
Carman, EdgarSept. 15, 18961011Peter Carman
Della Ver Hage
Tidbit of information
Carman, FanneFeb. 22, 190128184-1102John Carman
Carman, JohnMay 31, 1891101148Peter Carman
Delia Ver Hage
Carmen, {Female}March 9, 189325163-650Peter Carmen
None listed
Carmes, {Male}Feb. 22, 189827148-886Christian Carmes
Mina Gernne
Carolan, BridgetMarch 2, 185317170-508Patrick Carolan
Mary Boyle
Carolan, Mary J.{ane Carolan}July 7, 186017169-507Patrick Carolan
Mary Boyle
Carolan, Michael E.{dward}Aug. 29, 18962793-557Jas. Carolan
Mary Cosgrove
Carolan, PatrickApril, 18741834-101Terence Carolan
Bridget Seller
Carolan, PatrickJan. 25, 185517170-509Patrick Carolan
Mary Boyle
Carpenter, {Male}Aug. 28, 18852247-186Seren Carpenter
Adell Roats
Carpenter, AdelainJan. 18, 1858131-2Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, Clarisa I.{nez}March 25, 189827161-962Chas G. Carpenter
Jessie L. Waite
Carpenter, FrankApril 23, 1856131-3Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, HattyApril 7, 1860131-1Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, JohnNov. 23, 186512188-563Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, OscarAug. 3, 186212188-562Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, RubyOct. 31, 185412122-365Nun Carpenter
Diana Hatch
Carpenter, Wellington {Sereno}Dec. 10, 189927454-2723Eli. Roate Carpenter
Ida Hattie Koellmer
Carpenter, WilliamMarch 17, 189425430-1720Asa Carpenter
Edith Chase
Carr, {Female}Feb. 29, 188018207-615Matt. Carr
No mother listed
Carr, {Female}March 25, 188822458-1831John Carr
Josie Peltz
Carr, MattieFeb. 29, 188018351-1047Mathew Carr
Maria Smith
Carrier, {Male}April 19, 188923119-474E. H. Carrier
Francis Nehl
Carroll, CatherineJuly 21, 189023540-2158Michael Carroll
Margaret Weller
Carroll, Mande I.July 24, 1865153-9James Carroll
Isabel M. Minchim
Carroll, Mary F.{lorence}Feb. 3, 189525543-2172Michael Francis Carroll
Margret Weller
Carson, Archie G.Jan. 6, 1886106163 
Carson, Uridge M.{elville}April 21, 1884101230Otis Melville Carson
Susan Jane Whiffin
Carste, Emma C.M.Dec. 5, 1868282-242Friedrich Carste
Carsteadt, EmmanuelJuly 16, 190027546-3276Albert Carsteadt
Lena Meyer
Carthaus, Edna B.{ertha}May 21, 189224465-1859Otto Carthaus
Emma Fiebig
Carver, Rae H.Feb. 14, 1883106162 
Carwin, BerthaMarch 28, 189626408-1631Ludwig Carwin
Ernestine Sokor
Casberg, AnnaJuly 10, 187819337-1007John Casberg
Mary Dusenberry
Case, JenieApril 2, 18537135-404William Fr. Case
Casgrove, EllenMay 24, 18561748-143Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, HannarahMay 20, 18641750-149Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, JamesMarch 2, 18691747-141Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, JohnMay 4, 18661747-140Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, Martin A.Jan. 6, 18701748-142Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, MaryApril 9, 18541748-144Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, MichaelJuly 4, 18551749-146Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, NicholasOct. 13, 18611750-148Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, PatrickJan. 17, 18601749-147Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casgrove, ThomasSept. 22, 18571749-145Patrick Casgrove
Bridget Glinn
Casper, {Female}April 20, 189726637-2546Adam Casper
None listed
Casper, WilhelmFeb. 20, 18641279-834Philipp Casper
Mary Keohert
Cassebaum, WillieAug. 28, 187520158-474Christ Cassebaum
Sophia Stonfeldt
Cassin, Peter F.Aug. 7, 18861034 
Casson, (SB) {Male}Sept. 16, 188421321-1921Anthony Casson
None Listed
Castello, Ann J.Feb. 10, 18571548-144Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Castello, EdwardAug. 1, 18671547-140Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Castello, JamesAug. 20, 18631548-142Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Castello, JohnJuly 18, 18591548-143Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Castello, JuliaSept. 19, 18611549-146Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Castello, Margaret M.July 8, 18651549-145Edward Castello
Margaret Ducy
Caswen, Michael F.{rancis}March 16, 188722228-911Frank Caswen
Luisa Garva
Cause, William A.July 31, 18551779-235Uriah Cause
Susan Fritts

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