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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index A - Am

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Abbey, David J.Dec. 29, 18661515-45Christopher Abbey
Mary Jane Morris
Abbey, Robert I.April 1, 18731515-44Christopher Abbey
Mary Jane Morris
Abbey, Sarah J.April 25, 18681516-47Christopher Abbey
Mary Jane Morris
Abbey, Thomas H.Sept. 22, 18711516-46Christopher Abbey
Mary Jane Morris
Abbey, William E.Sept. 12, 18691515-43Christopher Abbey
Mary Jane Morris
Abbink, May 25, 191134931 
Abbink, DerkJuly 7, 1861111-1John Abbink
Jane Simmlink
Abbink, Erwin J.Feb. 7, 19042941-241Henry Abbink
Jennie Flipse
Abbink, Garrit J.Oct. 17, 1869112-4John Abbink
Jane Simmlink
Abbink, Grace LeonaApril 17, 1907103382 
Abbink, HannahJan. 17, 187930203-1211John Henry Abbink
Janna Simmelink
Abbink, Henry G.Dec. 3, 1866111-3John Abbink
Jane Simmlink
Abbink, Mabel A.{lice}Oct. 24, 189325114-453Garret Henry Abbink
Delia Flipse
Abbink, MinaFeb. 11, 1863111-2John Abbink
Jane Simmlink
Abbink, MinnieOct. 11, 187530202-1210John Henry Abbink
Janna Simmelink
Abbitz, HattieSept. 22, 189827234-1400Herm. Abbitz
Elsa Dek
Abbott, AmonJuly 17, 187719133-397Johnathan Abbott
Sofrano Chaplin
Abbott, ClydeDec. 6, 187919248-741Clarence Abbott
Litta Schotz
Abbott, Phila E.{ugene}
{Philo on Record}
Jan. 13, 1883101114Clarence Abbott
Lydia Henrietta Schulz
Abbott, ReubenSept. 3, 1869286-255Johnathon G. Abbott
Sophroina Elvira Chaplin
Abdaiski, AdeliaFeb. 25, 19123671 
Abel, {Female}April 18, 188722245-977Wilhelm Abel
None listed
Abel, {Female}Dec. 27, 18852299-396Carl Abel
Abel, {Male}Jan. 15, 188421258-1546John Abel
Abel, Elmer W.Feb. 8, 189425201-802Charley Abel
Mina Schroeder
Abel, OttoJan. 16, 189827139-831Louis Abel
Jessie Beleaw
Abele, EliseDec. 31, 18551206-618Reinhard Abele
Johanna Marggraf
Abele, EugeneNov. 4, 18591207-620Reinhard Abele
Johanna Marggraf
Abele, RobertMarch 30, 18621207-621Reinhard Abele
Johanna Margraf
Abele, SophiaApril 12, 18571207-619Reinhard Abele
Johanna Marggraf
Abeling, {Male}March 20, 189525549-2193Carl Abeling
Caroline Pieper
Abeling, {Male}Oct. 19, 189325126-502Charles Abeling
Caroline Pieper
Abeling, ArthurDec. 15, 189124222-885Carl Abeling
Carolina Piper
Abeling, CarlMarch 20, 18621225-75Heinrich Abeling
Sophie Pope
Abeling, EstherJune 7, 190629379-2269 
Abeling, FriedrichMarch 5, 18641226-76Heinrich Abeling
Sophie Pope
Abelt, Osker H.Oct. 16, 189325147-586William Abel Abelt
Agusta Nerauberg
Aberham, Alma I.{da} A.{gnes}March 28, 18862270-278Ernst Aberham
Anna Falk
Aberham, Amanda L.{eona} H.{ilda}July 19, 188923157-626Ernst Julius Aberham
Anna Falk
Aberhart, {Male}March 8, 189224460-1837William Aberhart
Emma Greice
Abers, Alice J.Sept. 6, 191034289 
Abers, Etta MaryDec. 19, 1899110124 
Abers, EuniceDec. 10, 18942662-246Ray Abers
Etta Smith
Abers, Gladys M.Feb. 12, 190614185 
Abers, Mittie Jane
{Edith on Record}
Feb. 7, 19042967-397Roy Abers
Etta Smith
Abers, Myrtle MayAug. 20, 1897103299 
Abers, PerryNov. 14, 189325379-1514Roy Abers
Ettie Smith
Abers, Ruby MinettaAug. 20, 190730142-848 
Abers, William S.July 20, 187516131-391H. Calvin Abers
Zella A. Smith
Abitz, Alfred K.{arl} H.{erman}Jan. 10, 19012846-271Herman Abitz
Elizabeth Theek
Abitz, Eleanor A.{uguste Antonie}Sept. 16, 189224387-1546Herman Abitz
Auguste Rinne
Abitz, Emma M.{arie}Nov. 14, 188421300-1799Albert Abitz
Carolina Hellar
Abitz, GeorgeAug. 16, 190529220-1313 
Abitz, Herman C.{arl} F.{ranz}May 5, 188822433-1731Herman Abitz
Auguste Rinne
Abitz, IdaSept. 21, 188923195-777Herman Abitz
Auguste Renne
Abitz, Valeska A.{nne}May 24, 190228353-2118Herman Abitz
Elizabeth Theek
Abitz, William J.Aug. 21, 190730138-822 
Abraham, {Male}Dec. 7, 189023562-2246Fredrik Abraham
Albertine Splinter
Abraham, Feb. 15, 1910329 
Abraham, {Female}March 17, 189626358-1432Wilhelm Abraham
Emilia Mund
Abraham, {Male}May 25, 188622184-736Wilhelm Abraham
Auguste Falk
Abraham, Albertine {Augusta Louise}March 25, 188521336-2012Friedrich Abraham
Albertina Lorenz
Abraham, AlmaJuly 27, 18972741-242Fritz Abraham
Tina Lorenz
Abraham, Alta C.{ora}Feb. 26, 19012854-319Ernst Abraham
Ernestina Orlopp
Abraham, ArnoldApril 24, 189224280-1117Whillie Abraham
Millie Mund
Abraham, Arthur W.{ilhelm} O.{tto}May 14, 1891248-32Ernst Julius Abraham
Anna Friedericke Louise Falk
Abraham, ArthurNov. 29, 189727114-683Wm. Abraham
Emelia Mund
Abraham, BerthaOct. 19, 188722330-1318Wilhelm Abraham
Auguste Volk
Abraham, EmmaNov. 26, 191034861 
Abraham, George A.{rthur}June 28, 19002850-295Fred Abraham
Albertina Lorenz
Abraham, HedwigOct. 13, 188822510-2039Wilhelm Abraham
Emile Mund
Abraham, Hilda L.{ouisa}June 8, 18912464-253Herman Abraham
Bertha Folk
Abraham, LettyMarch 1, 189425237-945Herman Abraham
Bertha Falk
Abraham, Martha M.{inna}April 15, 188822423-1690Ernst Abraham
Anna Falk
Abraham, MarvinMay 24, 191135246 
Abraham, Meta H.{ilda} M.{athilde}June 19, 188923143-571Herman Abraham
Bertha Falk
Abraham, MiltonOct. 17, 189626405-1617Herman Abraham
Bertha Felk
Abraham, PaulMarch 11, 188923101-402Friedrich Abraham
Albertine Lorenz
Abraham, Wm. A.{lfred}May 21, 189324618-2470Ernst Abraham
Anna Falk
Abrahamm, Ella E.{lsa}Aug. 13, 189425287-1545
Fred Abrahamm
Albertina Lorenz
Abrahams, AbrahamAug. 26, 1895262-7Arie Abrahams
Rise Aselbrod
Abrahams, AbrahamAug. 26, 18952656-223Arie Abrahams
Rise Aselbrod
Abrahams, Anna M.Feb. 27, 18678107-320Heinrich Abrahams
Weibke Harder
Abrahams, Carl H.Dec. 16, 18698108-322 
Abrahams, Hedwig S.{ophia} M.{aria}Feb. 5, 189224228-910Friedrichs Abrahams
Albertine Lorenz
Abrahams, Johann G.Dec. 3, 18718108-323Heinrich Abrahams
Weibke Harder
Abrahams, MargarethaAug. 14, 18688107-321Heinrich Abrahams
Weibke Harder
Abrashinsky, WilliamOct. 14, 191236554 
Abreham, PaulSept. 3, 189023517-2065Wilhelm Abreham
Emelie Mund
Abt, RosetteJune 25, 189023392-1568August Abt
Bertha Schiller
Achenbach, FriedaFeb. 27, 190027495-2965Albert Achenbach
Louise Witmer
Achenbach, HelenFeb. 5, 190328423-2533Albert Achenbach
Lizzie Widmer
Achenbach, JacobMarch 28, 188421313-1876None Listed
Achenbach, LydiaApril 24, 1897271-3Henry Achenbach
Annie Stuck
Achenback, LuellaSept. 16, 189927456-2734Henry Achenback
Annie Stuck
Achsel, Richard C.May 19, 1860158-173Frederic Achsel
Emily Ludewig
Achsel, Robert H.March 25, 1911141312 
Achterman, Herman F.{ranklin}July 25, 189023434-1735Carl Achterman
Emma Jeschka
Ackel, {Male}
July 13, 18972731-182Herm. Ackel
Minna Wiesenhagen
See Added Info
Acker, {Male}Dec. 19, 19002873-434Wm. Acker
Miss Wittrock
Acker, Albert A.July 22, 188410360 
Acker, AnnaJuly 30, 188722299-1196Johan Acker
Therese Kross
Acker, Catherine M.May 21, 1911356 
Acker, Cecile M.March 20, 190730122-726 
Acker, ClemenzNov. 23, 18483133-383Johann Acker
Acker, ClemenzOct. 1, 19093223 
Acker, Daisy E.April 27, 19073065-385 
Acker, DoraJuly 30, 188822499-1996Franz Acker
Maria Gerber
Acker, ElsieNov. 5, 19063013-74 
Acker, FranzMarch 5, 18623132-381Johann Acker
Acker, FritzJuly 20, 18611159-477John Acker
Franziska Heusler
Acker, HildaSept. 16, 190529276-1650 
Acker, Hildegard Y.{ohanie}May 16, 189525638-2549Klemenz Acker
Mary Luib
Acker, JacobApril, 18573133-384Johann Acker
Acker, Johan, Jr.Feb. 11, 18643132-382Johann Acker
Acker, JohanJune 2, 189023448-1789Johan Acker
Theresia Kress
Acker, Joseph A.{ugust}Oct. 22, 189526110-440John Acker
Luise Kretz
Acker, JosieJune 20, 189927384-2303John Acker
Mary Neil
Acker, KlemenzDec. 12, 189626587-2348John Acker
Teresia Gres
Acker, MargarethaMarch 25, 188722237-945Franz Acker
Maria Blank
Acker, Marie H.{elen}June 7, 190428638-3827Frank Acker
Mary Flaherty
Acker, NicolausJan. 21, 189224207-826John Acker
Theresia Kress
Acker, Theckla M.{ary}Nov. 13, 189325191-761John Acker
Theresia Gres
Acker, TheresaDec. 19, 190028135-808William Acker
Johanna Wittrock
Acker, WilhelmOct. 12, 18591159-476John Acker
Franziska Heusler
Ackerman, April 27, 1908325 
Ackerman, Alyda A.{ugusta}April 4, 29109-653Arthur B. Ackerman
Jennie Nyenhuis
Ackerman, AnnaNov. 16, 1868110179 
Ackerman, AnnaSept. 5, 1875218-43Christian Ackerman
Caroline Ellert
Ackerman, ChatarinaDec. 11, 1853894-280Philip Ackerman
Christine Spindler
Ackerman, ClarenceSept. 6, 190128174-1043Philip Ackerman
Mary Smith
Ackerman, Evelin E.Sept. 28, 190831398 
Ackerman, IdaAug. 27, 1879218-46Christian Ackerman
Caroline Ellert
Ackerman, Karl H.May 14, 190228325-1946Alvin Ackerman
Hattie Tetzlaff
Ackerman, KarlJune 11, 1877218-44Christian Ackerman
Caroline Ellert
Ackerman, Norma M.April 21, 191134901 
Ackerman, Vera MayNov. 25, 188823272-1087John Ackerman
Nellie Pierce
Ackerman, William B.April 25, 1887122339 
Ackermann, {Male}Jan. 15, 18892365-258Theodore Ackermann
Ella Schmidt
Ackermann, June 10, 191135353 
Ackermann, AntonJune 2, 188822445-1780Lorence Ackermann
Anna Handrar
Ackermann, Carl Wm.June 1, 191135497 
Ackermann, Eva T.June 5, 1854File3Michael Ackermann
Wilhelmine Baumann
Ackermann, Hulda A.Oct. 3, 1857File1J. Michael Ackermann
Wilhelmine Ottilie Baumann
Ackermann, HuldaOct. 3, 18573258-700John Ackermann
Ackermann, Louis G.April 21, 1905106144 
Ackermann, MabelSept. 13, 189023476-1903Henry Ackermann
Helene Kleinhaus
Ackermann, MariaNov. 13, 188522155-620Christian Ackermann
Helena Ehler
Ackermann, Mary F.July 31, 1882103193 
Ackermann, MaryDec. 20, 18553259-701John Ackermann
Ackermann, OttoMay 7, 18912421-83Lorenz Ackermann
Anna Rothe
Ackermann, PhilipMay 12, 18593258-699John Ackermann
Ackermann, RaymondMay 12, 190529284-1699 
Ackermann, Theodor F.Sept. 27, 18631262-784John Michael Ackermann
Wilhelmena Ottalia
Ackermann, TheodorSept. 27, 18633258-698John Ackermann
Ackermann, WilhelmDec. 30, 189224547-2186Anton Ackermann
Kathe Jacket
Ackone, {Female}June 1, 188823253-1012August Ackone
Minna Schmitt
Adam, Albert {August}May 1, 188421262-1571August Michael Adam
Emilia Schmidt
Adam, AnnaDec. 17, 18792169-409William Adam
Justina Neiman
Adam, AnnaMay 28, 1875214-23Chas. Adam
Johanna Koffen
Adam, BerthaMay 17, 187620129-386William Adam
Justina Neuman
Adam, CarlMarch 17, 188722279-1115August Adam
Unknown Schmiett
Adam, Chas.March 17, 1878215-26Chas. Adam
Johanna Koffen
Adam, Clarence {H. P.}Sept. 13, 190328506-3033Edwin Adam
Eliza Abraham
Adam, Elmer A.{rno} P.{aul}Dec. 2, 190228402-2407Charlie Adam
Ida Lampe
Adam, Emil H.Oct. 4, 188121116-691August Adam
Emilie Schmidt
Adam, EmmaMay 3, 1877216-35August Adam
Amalie Schmidt
Adam, EmmaSept. 23, 187720129-385William Adam
Justina Neuman
Adam, ErnstApril 27, 189927331-1986Gustav Adam
Anna Kulow
Adam, Frieda E.{milie}Nov. 6, 1888101271August Adam
Emilie Adam
Emilie Schmidt
Adam, Friedrich W.Sept. 6, 188019221-660Wilhelm Adam
Justine Neumann
Adam, HelmuthOct. 10, 190228407-2442John Adam
Annie Jens
Adam, JacobNov. 13, 188522155-619Claus Adam
Barbara Uhlman
Adam, JamesApril 10, 190629419-2507 
Adam, JohnOct. 12, 190328531-3182Gustav Adam
None listed
Adam, Karl
{Twin to Louisa}
March 17, 188722239-953August Adam
Emile Schmiedt
Adam, LeonaAug. 21, 191236349 
Adam, LeslieApril 27, 19123668 
Adam, Louis JohnAug. 1, 18981031 
Adam, LouisaDec. 25, 1877215-25Chas. Adam
Johanna Koffen
Adam, Louisa
{Twin to Karl}
{Luise on Record}
March 17, 188722239-953August Adam
Emile Schmiedt
Adam, LouisaMarch 17, 188722279-1116August Adam
Unknown Schmiett
Adam, Marvin C. W.Oct. 17, 190629479-2869 
Adam, MiltonFeb. 1, 19012843-253Gustav Adam
Annie Kullow
Adam, Muriel T.Nov. 28, 19093216 
Adam, NathaliaMay 6, 190933289 
Adam, Norma EmmaOct. 6, 191034451 
Adam, Paul E. F.March 8, 188018202-602Carl Adam
Johanne Koeppen
Adam, PaulMarch 8, 1879214-24Chas. Adam
Johanna Koffen
Adam, Paulina H.{enritte}May 17, 187918165-494August Michael Adam
Emilie Albertine Schmidt
Adam, PaulineMay 17, 1879217-37August Adam
Amalie Schmidt
Adam, RosellaJuly 12, 190529210-1258 
Adamavich, JuliaSept. 8, 190933282 
Adamovica, JosephApril 8, 1911351 
Adams, {Female}April 16, 18972752-309Alexander F. Adams
?? Chapman
Adams, April 19, 190629433-2651 
Adams, July 3, 191236557 
Adams, Alexander F.{reeman}Oct. 30, 189947329Alexander Freeman Adams
Sarah Chapman
Adams, Alexander G.July 14, 18639153-420Alexander G. Adams
Mary Aridham
Adams, Alma T.Aug. 27, 190027598-3588John Adams
Anna Jens
Adams, Arthor E.Dec. 11, 18661557-170Rollin A. Adams
Frances A. Hill
Adams, Arthur H.Aug. 26, 18972738-223Gustav Adam
Anna Kulow
Adams, Dorothy H.July 31, 190228287-1718Alexander F. Adams
Sarah Chapman
Adams, Edith G.Sept. 29, 190831209 
Adams, Ettie A.Oct. 6, 18701557-169Rollin A. Adams
Frances A. Hill
Adams, Harry A.Feb. 25, 1888110366 
Adams, Ida A.{manda}July 11, 187430232-1386Nathaniel Owen Adams
Elvira Sabin
Adams, KatherineFeb. 4, 189726543-2170John Adams
Anna Jans
Adams, Loln JohnJune 23, 191135500 
Adams, Mary B.May 10, 190429120-719A. F. Adams
Sarah Chapman
Adams, SamualMarch 18, 189726574-2294Thomas Adams
Margaret McKay
Adams, ThomasJuly 20, 18952636-141Thomas Adams
Margaret McKay
Adams, William R.Feb. 23, 19123674 
Adams, Wilna H. J.Nov. 17, 190529298-1784 
Adamvich, John C.Nov. 19, 19073212 
Adderhold, Meta I.{da}July 17, 190027566-3393Ed Adderhold
Mina Susie Griesbach
Adderhold, RobertNov. 1, 189124173-692Ed Adderhold
Minnie S. Griesbeck
Adelbush, BerthiaFeb. 23, 188321176-1054Frank F. Adelbush
Jane Ethe
Adelbush, LenaJune 25, 188019250-748John Adelbush
Dora Wonder
Aderhold, Emil L.Jan. 9, 1864110101 
Aderman, CatherineMay 25, 187818298-888Christian Aderman
Erstten Menne
Aderman, CharlesNov. 29, 187618297-886Christian Aderman
Erstten Menne
Aderman, EmmaMay 27, 188018298-889Christian Aderman
Erstten Menne
Aderman, Erich E.{rnst} A.{lbert}Sept. 13, 189224378-1509Carl Aderman
Maria Weisheiuer
Aderman, LinaAug. 5, 187315132-391Christian Aderman
Ernestina Glasow
Adermann, {Male}Feb. 21, 188421253-1514Christian Adermann
Ernestine Glasow
Adermann, AlbertFeb. 28, 18692135-401Christian Adermann
Ernestine Glasow
Adermann, Anna
{Changed on Record to Augusta Adeline}
May 20, 188923111-444Christian Adermann
Ernestine Glasow
Adermann, Augustus F.{rederic William}June 10, 1856File7Christian Adermann
Wilhelmine Krudemann
Adermann, Bertha I. A.Dec. 13, 1871871-212Christian Adermann
Ernestina Glasow
Adermann, CatharinaMay 25, 187818151-452Christian Adermann
Ernestina Glason
Adermann, ElsaAug. 9, 189425342-1366Carl Adermann
Marie Weinsheimer
Adermann, Emma J.{ohanna}May 28, 18802192-548Christian Adermann
Ernestine Glasow
Adermann, FriedaDec. 11, 189626554-2214Karl Adermann
Marie Weissheimer
Adermann, Leona EmmaMay 15, 1906141205 
Adermann, MelvinApril 18, 190228361-2162Charles Adermann
Beanga Winkel
Adermann, Roma B. P.Feb. 23, 189712261 
Adolf, OttoFeb. 3, 1871941-120Heinrich Adolf
Elise Zeeman
Adomaites, HelenFeb. 22, 1910333 
Adomavicus, MaryOct. 16, 190328548-3283John Adomavicus
Salome Kozlauski
Adomaviens, MaryJune 22, 190629382-2286 
Adonaitis, LoyolaNov. 26, 19073211 
Adriance, Deborah F.Oct. 9, 18972775-445James Adriance
Mary Kesterbake
Adriansen, MagdelenaJune 3, 188312253 
Aefterberger, AntonAug. 6, 187419311-931John Aefterberger
Juliana Taterofski
Aefterberger, RosinaSept. 5, 18782068-204John Aefterberger
None listed
Aethorp, August H. G.Jan. 4, 1855854-162Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aethorp, Carl H.Aug. 1, 1853855-163Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aethorp, Dorothea A.Nov. 2, 1856855-164Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aethorp, Maria K.Nov. 12, 1863856-167Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aethorp, Robert C.March 17, 1860856-166Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aethorp, WilhelminaApril 23, 1858855-165Robert Aethrop
Caroline Wilhelomine Justina Pieper
Aframovitz, Dave BenJune 12, 1910343 
Aframovitz, EzekielJune 11, 190659426 
Afraymowitz, JosephSept. 14, 190730172-1030 
Afromovitz, IsrealJune 15, 191236552 
Agen, Henry S.Aug. 9, 189526167-666Samuel Agen
Edith May Sterling
Agent, {Female}Sept. 21, 189124502-2006Joseph Agent
Katie Juckman
Agenten, {Male}Dec. 11, 188522176-702Joseph Agenten
Annie Juckem
Aggens, Adam V.Sept. 30, 187415155-461Henry Aggens
Aggens, Otto C.{laudies}July 22, 18761880-240Henry Aggens
Matilda Paulsen
Aghling, AugustMarch 6, 18792112-71Carl Aghling
Willamina Gustian
Ahnhalt, Norman P.Oct. 6, 1909243145 
Ahrans, Alfred H.{enry}Sept. 29, 18932556-224August Henry Ahrans
Emma Mathila Knohr
Ahrans, AlfredFeb. 28, 189525540-2160August Ahrans
Emma Knohr
Ahrendt, LouisSept. 24, 190027583-3497Peter Ahrendt
Marie Silkiewicz
Ahrens, {Male}Aug. 12, 19042919-112Henry Ahrens
Bertha Engelhardt
Ahrens, {Female}Sept. 12, 189224507-2026Henry Ahrens
None listed
Ahrens, AnitaOct. 16, 190629466-2790 
Ahrens, AnnaOct. 2, 18711151-152August Ahrens
Caroline Preussner
Ahrens, AugustFeb. 8, 18661150-150August Ahrens
Caroline Preussner
Ahrens, Clara L.{ouisa} K.{atharina} D.{orothea}May 6, 188321230-1375Johann Ahrens
Anna Schmidt
Ahrens, EdmundMarch 2, 18691151-151August Ahrens
Caroline Preussner
Ahrens, Elenora S.{edonia}June 23, 19002810-56Aug. Ahrens
Emma Knor
Ahrens, ElsaNov. 29, 189927490-2939Henry Ahrens
Bertha Engelhardt
Ahrens, EmmaFeb. 9, 189425196-781John Ahrens
Anna Schmidt
Ahrens, ErwinJune 7, 189726609-2435George Ahrens
Emilie Abarhold
Ahrens, FriedaJan. 27, 189525628-2511George Ahrens
Emelia Masholt
Ahrens, GeorgeFeb. 21, 189525554-2213John Ahrens
Anna Schmidt
Ahrens, GertrudeMay 2, 19103231 
Ahrens, HaroldFeb. 24, 19012851-306Louis Ahrens
Lena Raddatz
Ahrens, Hedwig C.{aroline} C.{hristina}May 3, 1871529-84Christian Ahrens
Augusta Fried. Anna Knowles
Ahrens, Heinrich J.{ohann}Sept. 5, 188121119-711Johann Ahrens
Anna Schmidt
Ahrens, HelenaMay 28, 1908325 
Ahrens, JosephFeb. 15, 189726582-2326Peter Ahrens
Mary Sitchkiewitz
Ahrens, Laura L.{ouisa}March 28, 188623176-702Christian Ahrens
Anna Knabe
Ahrens, LeviJune 10, 189827190-1139August Ahrens
Emma Knohr
Ahrens, LuiseMay 19, 189525638-2550Lui Ahrens
Luise Oelman
Ahrens, MargarethDec. 8, 191135974 
Ahrens, OlgaSept. 4, 19042952-308 
Ahrens, OrvinDec. 5, 191034728 
Ahrens, Oscar W.Nov. 10, 19093217 
Ahrens, RuthJan. 10, 19073037-219 
Ahrens, WalterJuly 8, 189626318-1270Lui Ahrens
Luise Oehlman
Ahrens, Wilhelm E. H.Aug. 18, 1892103433 
Ahrens, WilliamMarch 24, 19012878-464William Ahrens
Anna Schmidt
Ahrnsbrack, HenryJune 6, 188018217-646Diedrich Ahrnsbrack
Henrietta Kirchheck
Ahrnsbrak, (Stillborn) {Female}July 27, 188822466-1864Dietrich Ahrnsbrak
Henriette Kircheck
Ahrnsbrak, Frederick H.March 20, 189525548-2189Dietrich Ahrnsbrak
Henrietta Kirchhek
Ahrnsbrak, LonaMarch 22, 190831903 
Ahrnsbrak, William G.May 12, 191236283 
Ahrnsprak, MarsellaJuly 12, 190629381-2278 
Aigner, Alvina K.{atrina}June 18, 190328485-2907Sylvester John Aigner
Gertrude Weinreis
Aigner, Arvin A. G.Aug. 25, 1891103409 
Aigner, FrancesJan. 14, 190933291 
Aigner, Frank P.{aul} A.{ugust}
{Eigner on Record}
June 2, 18932525-97Josef Eigner
Otielie Mais
Aigner, Gaylord J.{acob}March 28, 190428604-3622Joseph Aigner
Ottillie Mais
Aigner, Gilbert P.{aul}March 28, 190428592-3552Joseph Aigner
Ottillie Mais
Aigner, Hugo E.Aug. 12, 19073095-564 
Aigner, Walter E.Nov. 12, 191034444 
Airns, {Female}Nov. 10, 188923542-2166August Airns
Emma Knohr
Akalietes, ElizebethJune 11, 190128169-1014George Akalietes
Lizie Zekus
Akant, EdnaDec. 21, 1911351068 
Ake, Franz T.{erhardt}April 21, 18912444-173Franz Ake
Marie Plank
Ake, Marie S.{offie}Aug. 5, 189224363-1450Klemens Ake
Maria Luib
Akelaitis, GeorgeJuly 7, 190328467-2801George Akelaitis
Lizzie Zitkus
Akin, {Male}April 21, 189525624-2495H. C. Akin
Emelia Kroos
Akin, Cora MayNov. 18, 1871101113Allen Akin
Lovina Fay
Akulat, ElizabethMarch 3, 190328430-2577Anton Akulat
Franzis Jetkins
Akulitis, JohnDec. 27, 190529306-1831 
Alban, Carl R.{aymond}April 30, 1893255-20August Alban
Ida Hasenstein
Alban, WillieNov. 8, 189023542-2168August Alban
Ida Hasenstein
Alband, Linda L.{ili} I.{da}
Allband on Record}
Jan. 7, 188421247-1481Auguste Allband
Ida Hasenstein
Albert, GeorgMarch 7, 1869911-32John Albert
Emilie Bandlow
Albert, IdaMay 5, 1871911-31John Albert
Emilie Bandlow
Albert, Kathie {Dila}Feb. 16, 189023312-1245John Albert
Kathie Wachtel
Albert, OttilieAug. 22, 189224361-1443Johan Albert
Katharina Mahter
Alborn, Doras M.Dec. 16, 190629495-2962 
Alboum, LillyJan. 18, 188822383-1532August Alboum
Ida Haselstein
Albrecht, {Male}Feb. 20, 18702124-370Charles Albrecht
None Listed
Albrecht, {Female}April 11, 19032970-418Gustave Albrecht
?? Trutchell
Albrecht, {Male}Dec. 28, 188321242-1449Gustas Albrecht
Anna Thurman
Albrecht, {Male}Dec. 28, 189325179-713George Albrecht
Lizzie Logemann
Albrecht, {Male}Sept. 14, 189023458-1830Herman Albrecht
Louise Ballschmider
Albrecht, Arthur J.June 13, 189525611-2444George Albrecht
Louisa Logemann
Albrecht, Carl A.July 3, 18531189-566J. Christian F. Albrecht
M. F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, CarlJan. 28, 189827122-732Herman Albrecht
Bertha Jahnke
Albrecht, FriedaMay 29, 190629373-2234 
Albrecht, FriedrichJune 29, 18551189-567J. Christian F. Albrecht
M. F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, Fritz H.{erman} K.{arl}Jan. 2, 189626302-1206Herman Albrecht
Bertha Janke
Albrecht, Gustav A.Oct. 23, 18571190-568J. Christian F. Albrecht
M. F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, Herman A.April 28, 18601190-569J. Christian F. Albrecht
M. F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, Jane LouiseMay 14, 191236350 
Albrecht, John C. F.June 4, 18731446-136John Michael Theodore Albrecht
Emilia Bandlero
Albrecht, John N.{ic}Aug. 2, 18972735-210Peter Albrecht
Elizabeth Glaeser
Albrecht, LeonaAug. 4, 18792135-209Charles Albrecht
Eliza Arnold
Albrecht, LillianMarch 21, 19075640 
Albrecht, LouisSept. 15, 188622168-670Herman Albert Albrecht
Louise Friederike Ballschmieder
Albrecht, Lydia E.{mma Elsie}Jan. 29, 190228231-1385Herman Albrecht
Bertha Janke
Albrecht, LydieJan. 29, 190228340-2036Herman Albrecht
Bertha Janke
Albrecht, MargaretMay 5, 18713145-420John M. Theodore Albrecht
Emilie Bandlero
Albrecht, Mathilde F.{ranziska}Jan. 19, 186510104-312C. F. Albrecht
F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, MetaFeb. 3, 189711034 
Albrecht, Minna C.April 21, 18621190-570J. Christian F. Albrecht
M. F. Wilhelmine Schwartz
Albrecht, MinnieAug. 11, 190328513-3073 
Albrecht, OrinFeb. 11, 18782135-208Charles Albrecht
Eliza Arnold
Albrecht, Thordea M.{artha}March 12, 189726584-2333Henry Albrecht
Eseta Dewit
Albrecht, ViolaApril 10, 19042982-489 
Albrecht, Walter W.March 11, 189425211-843 
Albrecht, WalterJan. 11, 19012843-254Otto Albrecht
Emma Trempe
Albrecht, WalterMarch 21, 190730128-766 
Albrecht, WilhelmineFeb. 20, 188822386-1542Herman Albrecht
Louisa Ballschmieder
Albrecht, WilliamApril 16, 190228279-1673John Albrecht, Jr.
Anna Berth
Albright, Burton H.May 29, 186515110-326Willette E. Albright
Maryette W. McKean
Albright, Carrie A.Nov. 28, 18631490-269William G. Albright
Hannah Roberts
Albright, Emma E.Nov. 20, 18611472-216William G. Albright
Hannah Roberts
Albright, Harrie L.Nov. 4, 186815110-327Willette E. Albright
Maryette W. McKean
Albright, Ida E.May 5, 18571490-270William G. Albright
Hannah Roberts
Albright, Lillie LauraJune 1, 18952624-96William Albright
Jennie Epprink
Albright, Willie E.Dec. 4, 18651490-268William G. Albright
Hannah Roberts
Aldag, {Female}April 15, 189023430-1718Ernst Aldag
Caroline Knocke
Aldag, {Female}Dec. 13, 188622193-771Ernst Aldag
Carolina Knocke
Aldag, {Female}July 7, 190027627-3759Otto Aldag
?? Sinz
Aldag, A. WilhelmJuly 11, 188521361-2164Ernst Aldag
Paulina Knocke
Aldag, CarlMarch 15, 19073046-273 
Aldag, ClaraSept. 20, 187720273-816Ernst Aldag
Caroline Knoke
Aldag, MarvinJuly 21, 190428640-3835 
Aldag, OttoNov. 7, 186720273-815Ernst Aldag
Caroline Knoke
Aldag, Romale V.Feb. 14, 19123673 
Aldegott, EdmundFeb. 3, 1911354 
Aldegott, HeinrichJune 21, 190933286 
Alden, Adella
{Record Shows Nora & Frieda}
Aug. 23, 189325445-1778Christian Alden
Freda Barth
Alden, Amanda
{Record Shows Nora & Frieda}
Aug. 23, 189325445-1778Christian Alden
Freda Barth
Aldenbach, Severin A.{nton}April 27, 189525587-234Konrad Aldenbach
Sigiene Fratz
Aldenburg, RichertNov. 12, 189224514-2055Willie Aldenburg
Gusty Rattaz
Alef, Lydia K.{atie}Feb. 2, 189023514-2053Joseph Alef
Amelia Wilson
Aleff, {Female}Feb. 16, 188321177-1059Bernhard Aleff
Katharina Kau
Aleff, Alven E.{dward}Sept. 12, 189124138-550Peter Aleff
Josephine Schriber
Aleff, Amanda E.{llen}?? 2, 188521334-2001Peter Aleff
Josephine Schrieber
Aleff, Arthur O.June 23, 18932512-45Peter Aleff
Josephine Schreiber
Aleff, Clara
{Clare on Record}
March 22, 188722229-916Andrew Aloph {Aleff}
Barbara Klein
Aleff, Cyrill L.Dec. 26, 190529460-2750 
Aleff, LeoMarch 29, 189726560-2237Andrew Aleff
Barbra Klein
Aleff, Mary V.{eronaka}Jan. 27, 189626214-855Andrew Aleff
Barbre Klein
Aleff, RaymondMarch 22, 190027518-3105Andrew Aleff
Barbra Klaen
Aleff, Sophia L.{izzie}Dec. 16, 188722366-1462Peter Aleff
Josephine Schreiber
Aleff, SylvesterAug. 2, 19042990-540 
Aleksenas, G.May 12, 19123665 
Aleksenas, PeterFeb. 19, 1911353 
Alhant, LindaFeb. 6, 188421241-1444August Alhant
Ida Hasenstein
Alheus, Alice E.May 18, 190529226-1354 
Alives, Lydie M.April 27, 18611633-97Otis Alives
Mary Heurley
Alkin, DavidAug. 29, 191135496 
Allbrecht, EmilApril 8, 190228254-1521August Allbrecht
Sophia Glade
Allbrecht, GeorgeMarch 7, 1869294-279John Allbrecht
Emily Bandlow
Allbright, John D.{elbert}Nov. 16, 1869443-128John Allbright
Hattie E. Smith
Allbright, NettieMarch 21, 188923223-889Wm. Allbright
Jennie Ebbink
Allcock, C.
April 7, 18631610-29Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, CatharineApril 7, 1863167-20Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, Charles W.{m}Jan. 10, 18731610-28Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, ElizabethAug. 20, 1865169-26Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, Emma A.Aug. 20, 1867169-25Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, George B.March 24, 1875168-23Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, John H.Oct. 30, 1869169-27Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, Mary A.Sept. 29, 1858167-21Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, PeterMarch 4, 1861168-24Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, Thomas F.January 21, 1860168-22Peter Allcock
Catharine Cassidy
Allcock, WilliamAug. 20, 1888237-26Thomas Allcock
Esther Carroll
Allcox, {Male}Sept. 21, 189425358-1429Thomas Allcox
Allcox, Anna G.{eraldine}Nov. 24, 189727108-644Thomas Allcox
Esther Carroll
Allcox, Mary T.{heresa}June 17, 189023540-2159Thomas Allcox
Esther Carroll
Allen, {Male}June 11, 18852286-341George Allen
M. E. Clemmens
Alley, Archie B.Jan. 13, 186714140-419Peter Alley
Chloe Hart
Alley, BremerJune 24, 189023457-1826Bremer Archie Alley
Hattie Melinda Corbett
Alley, BrentfordJan. 25, 1904141174 
Alley, Darvin C.Jan. 15, 190629348-2081 
Alley, Emory L.June 12, 187014140-418Peter Alley
Chloe Hart
Alley, Merlton B.{remer}Feb. 29, 1892101272Archie Bremer Alley
Harriet Melinda Corbett
Tidbit of information
Alley, Vernon LynnApril 19, 1894106306 
Alley, Vesta I.{rene}Nov. 14, 1899141173Bremer Alley
Hattie Corbett
Alley, Wyman R.March 26, 187314140-420Peter Alley
Chloe Hart
Allman, {Female}April 23, ??23269-1076George Allman
Miss Munsson
Allman, Frank E.{lwood}Sept. 12, 190027616-3696Frank Adam Arthur Allman
Jennie Marie Halter
Allman, George L.May 10, 19123667 
Allman, Harold S.{eymour}Oct. 26, 189124184-733H. A. Allmann
Eva L. DeBell
Allman, Philip
{Record show this person
as Female, Father listed as Philip}
March 3, 188421302-1812Philip Allman
None listed
Allmann, {Female}July 31, 18952680-318Henry A. Allmann
Eva DeBell
Allmann, {Male}Oct. 5, 189626495-1978George Allmann
Minnie Mondsam
Allmann, Adam H.Oct. 8, 18661282-246Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, Alfred R.Sept. 13, 190429122-731 
Allmann, Arno F.{rederick}April 9, 190128161-962Geo. Allmann
Minnie Mondsam
Allmann, CatharinaNov. 18, 18631282-245Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, Charles E.{arnest} P.{hillip}March 18, 19012863-374Charles Frederick William Allmann
Alvina Matilda Augusta Schwalbe
Allmann, Charles F.Dec. 23, 18701283-248Philipp Allmann
Mary Strohm
Allmann, ChristinaAug. 6, 18571283-247Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, Cornelia S.{ophia}Jan. 17, 186712106-317Peter Allmann
Mary Russell
Allmann, Edward G.{eorge}April 5, 188622171-681Philip Allmann
Mary Strohm
Allmann, George A.{dam}Oct. 6, 187012106-318Peter Allmann
Mary Russell
Allmann, Jessie C.July 29, 1908327 
Allmann, LauraJuly 7, 18691281-242Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, MagdalenaAug. 6, 18611282-244Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, MargarethJune 18, 18691283-249Philip Allmann
Mary Strohm
Allmann, Mary I.{sabella}Aug. 14, 186412106-316Peter Allmann
Mary Russell
Allmann, SophiaFeb. 15, 18591281-243Jacob Allmann
Sophia Seeger
Allmann, William F.Feb. 4, 1873110125 
Allmann, William P.Sept. 26, 187112107-319Peter Allmann
Mary Russell
Allraut, LindaJan. 6, 188421141August Allraut
Ida Hasenstein
Alltag, {Female}Dec. 2, 188121123-737Ernst Alltag
Caroline Knocke
Allwardt, ArnoJuly 29, 190933296 
Allwardt, Ernst H.{erman} P.{aul}May 16, 1896101351Christian Allwardt
Sophie Brockman
Almikinders, PetronellaJune 1, 191236556 
Almon, {Male}Nov. 28, 189927467-2800Henry Almon
Ella Debell
Almy, Alice O.July 17, 190629431-2581 
Alney, Carrol B.Dec. 23, 190328609-3651 
Alopf, MaggyMay 12, 188521366-2192Andrew Alopf
Barbay Klein
Alpermovitz, RaymondOct. 23, 191135499 
Alpern, JuliusMay 10, 1910345 
Alperovitch, JosephNov. 3, 191236558 
Alperovitz, JohnNov. 14, 191034445 
Alperovitz, MarianSept. 7, 191236561 
Alperovitz, WilliamSept. 8, 191236560 
Alperowitz, MaryOct. 4, 19083113 
Alperowitz, MeyerAug. 13, 190933284 
Alprovitz, IdaJuly 12, 191236559 
Alt, {Female}Dec. 15, 189526490-1960Frank Alt
None listed
Altag, SahraJan. 21, 190228234-1404Heinrich Altag
Minna Belling
Altegott, LordOct. 12, 19093215 
Alten, HildaAug. 1, 189224381-1524William Alten
Clara Hildebrand
Altenbach, {Male}July 27, 189626314-1256Albert Altenbach
Anna Urner
Altenbach, ArthurDec. 9, 1911351069 
Altenbach, Conrad A.Jan. 18, 19012872-428Alexander A. Altenbach
Anna Urner
Altenbach, ElizabethFeb. 7, 1912351071 
Altenbach, HedwigFeb. 18, 190328424-2541Max Altenbach
Anna Urber
Altenbach, IdaJuly 15, 18912467-267Valerian Altenbach
Emma Heck
Altenbach, Joseph K.Jan. 25, 190629334-2000 
Altenbach, JustienaDec. 26, 190529304-1817 
Altenbach, MariaJan. 25, 190629346-2068 
Altenbach, OttoJan. 26, 189023325-1300Pius Altenbach
Ida Junck
Altenbach, OttoJuly 3, 18932542-167Otto Altenbach
Anna Deppert
Altenbach, Priscilla A.July 25, 189827227-1359Conrad Altenbach
Mary Fritz
Altenbach, RosaJuly 26, 18972728-165Alex Altenbach
Anna Urner
Altenbach, RuthMarch 6, 19123670 
Altenbach, Sa{r}binaJune 30, 189324631-2522Conrad Altenbach
Sabine Fritz
Altenbach, TheglaMay 6, 19073066-396 
Altenback, AlexanderApril 20, 188822443-1772Pius Altenbach
Ida Yung
Altenback, Cecelia E.Dec. 31, 19002869-413Conrad Altenback
Maria Fritz
Altenback, Felix F.{rank}June 9, 189927384-2301Alexander Altenback
Annie Ulmer
Altenback, PhilipineNov. 25, 189124208-830Pius Altenback
Ida Junck
Altenberger, Feb. 19, 1910322 
Altenberger, AdolphMay 3, 18791942-124Jacob Altenberger
Elisebeth Schwalenberg
Altenberger, Alice HelenaDec. 27, 191236948 
Altenberger, AnnaAug. 21, 190629484-2898 
Altenberger, AnnaMarch 26, 18687153-457Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, ElizabethJune 10, 18537151-453Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, ErwinOct. 7, 190228362-2170Adolph Altenberger
Frieda Rosso
Altenberger, Esther C.Oct. 13, 190831615 
Altenberger, EvaAug. 29, 18617153-459Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, Florence L.July 10, 1904296-32 
Altenberger, FredJune 6, 18717153-458Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, HenryOct. 1, 18567152-455Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, HugoApril 26, 191134932 
Altenberger, JohnAug. 30, 18647154-460Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, JosephJanuary 27, 18557152-454Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, Laura K. M.Feb. 20, 1883106376 
Altenberger, Leona L.Feb. 28, 190629328-1963 
Altenberger, MaryOct. 27, 18587152-456Fred Altenberger
Altenberger, Mathilda E.March 29, 1887106287 
Altenberger, WalterAug. 9, 190328543-3257 
Altenberger, WilhelminaSept. 18, 19042915-88 
Altenhofen, {Female}July 21, 189927366-2193Max Altenhofen
Susan Pierron
Altenhofen, BlanchJan. 15, 190228228-1366M. M. Altenhofen
Susan Pierron
Altenhofen, Eugene D.Nov. 5, 190529294-1757 
Altenhofen, Gertrude M.Nov. 16, 191135809 
Altenhofen, Gregory J.Aug. 5, 1900287-41Math Altenhofen
Susan Pierron
Altenhofen, Janette M.Oct. 22, 19073219 
Altenhofen, La VerneSept. 7, 190228331-1983John Altenhofen
Julia Kenna
Altenhoffen, Joseph A.June 11, 190730152-908 
Altergott, FredJan. 7, 1912351073 
Altergott, GottfriedJuly 4, 19073085-508 
Althen, FloraMay 15, 18952618-71Wm. Althen
Clara Hildebrand
Althen, IrmaApril 10, 189827183-1095Wm. Althen
Clara Hildebrand
Altmeyer, ErwinMarch 20, 191134862 
Altschwager, {Female}March 24, 188722254-1014Fred Altschwager
Mary Boeldt
Altschwager, {Male}July 24, 189425366-1461Fred Altschwager
Mary Boeldt
Altschwager, Edwin H.Oct. 2, 189626440-1760Fred. Altschwager
Mary Boeldt
Altschwager, MinnieDec. 20, 189827292-1749Fritz Altschwager
Mary Boeldt
Alverson, Arthur D.October 19, 18582266-261David Alverson
Mary J. Stewant
Alverson, Charles T.Jan. 17, 18622266-264David Alverson
Mary J. Stewant
Alverson, Mary A.Oct. 1, 18622266-262David Alverson
Mary J. Stewant
Alverson, Nellie M.Sept. 17, 18552266-263David Alverson
Mary J. Stewant
Alves, Carl H.Aug. 30, 186910159-477Rudulph Alves
Emilie Kalenberg
Alves, Carl H.Oct. 3, 185910156-467Friedrich Alves
Bertha Scherman
Alves, Gustav A.Feb. 11, 186310156-468Friedrich Alves
Bertha Scherman
Alves, LouiseDec. 23, 186810156-469Friedrich Alves
Bertha Scherman
Alves, PaulinaFeb. 14, 18711042-126Henry Alves
Dorothea Wilke
Alves, PersetaMay 18, ??29229-1372 
Alves, VernaSept. 14, 191034288 
Alwardt, {Male}Oct. 20, 188722343-1369Christian Alwardt
Sophia Brockman
Alwardt, Irene M.May 16, 19042961-365 
Alwardt, MalindaDec. 9, 1907324 
Alwardt, WilliamApril 12, 188622342-1368Christian Alwardt
Sophia Brockman
Alwuart, MorrisAugust 19, 187718306-914John Alwuart
Catherine Rieck
Aman, AntoniaApril 7, 189123627-2505John Aman
Marie Beisan
Amann, Eleanor B.July 9, 189425352-1406John Amann
Mary Beisan
Amann, JacobMarch 30, 188722230-918John Amann
Mary Beisan
Ambelang, Chs. E.{dward}Dec. 29, 1887236-21Moritz Ambelang
Magdalene Reinwand
Ambelang, FrederickJuly 10, 1886122196 
Ambelang, PhillipSept. 24, 18932575-298Moritz Ambelang
Magdelina Reinwand
Ambelang, William A.{nthony}May 2, 189124148-589Moritz Ambelang
Magdalena Rheinwand
Ambroschuetz, JosephAug. 10, 191034449 
Ambrositch, MaryJan. 20, 1912351067 
Ambrozia, April 22, 191134933 
Amdar, MaxApril 23, 1910331 
Amdeer, SamFeb. 7, 1912351072 
Amdoor, BessieJuly 29, 1908326 
Amend, Wilna Ida {Marie}Aug. 24, 189927383-2294William Amend
Ida Bleek
See added Info
Amer, JosephJuly 12, 187919120-358Frank Amer
Mary Graveldinger
Amer, PeterJuly 12, 187719120-359Frank Amer
Mary Graveldinger
Amerman, KatieFeb. 16, 188923257-1028Joseph Amerman
None listed
Ammon, SybillaApril 1, 18892393-371John Ammon
Marie Bisam
Amon, JohnOct. 5, 189626407-1626John Amon
Marie Bysam
Amstein, Wm.Dec. 8, ??28532-3187John Amstein
None listed
Amweg, Charlott E.Sept. 4, 19093218 
Amweg, Effie H.Dec. 26, 191135852 
Amwig, Charlott E.Sept. 4, 190933299 
Amwig, George A. F.Sept. 19, 190730147-877 

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