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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index Zimmerman(n)

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Zimerman, (SB) {Female}March 1, 189324568-2268Jakob Zimerman
Christina Roeder
Zimerman, AlmaOct. 8, 189526111-442John Zimmerman
Luise Huderna
Zimerman, AngelicaSept. 29, 190128201-1201Edward Zimmerman
Emma Maier
Zimerman, OttoMarch 30, 189425238-950Jakob Zimmerman
Christina Reder {Roeder}
Zimmerman, {Female}Jan. 25, 189224310-1237Aug. Zimmerman
Anna Gartman
Zimmerman, {Female}July 6, 189827219-1314Jacob Zimmerman
Christina Popp
Zimmerman, {Female}March 28, 190529248-1484Geo. Zimmerman
Lizzie Schetzer
Zimmerman, {Madchen} KatharinMay 12, 188722282-1127Traugott Zimmerman
Wilhelmina Honke
Zimmerman, {Willie}Feb., 190128164-979Jacob Zimmerman
None listed
{Pre-mature No Gender Listed}
May 30, 189124490-1957August Zimmerman
Anna {Gartman}
Zimmerman, ArnoJuly 15, 190934283William Zimmerman
Ida Grunewald
Zimmerman, ArthurJune 10, 189425322-1287Ernst Zimmerman
Amelia Henning
Zimmerman, ArturDec. 18, 188823255-1019Fritz Zimmerman
Wilhelmine Huenke
Zimmerman, BennieOct. 14, 190968527Michael Zimmerman
Bessie Katz
Zimmerman, CarlMarch 20, 1868898-294Heinrich Zimmerman
Wilhelmine Monkemeier
Zimmerman, CarolinaNov. 26, 18732173-433Louis Zimmerman
Mena Gartman
Zimmerman, Caroline E.{milie}Dec. 18, 1862312-34Fred Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Ed. F{r}. W.{illiam}April 23, 1853313-36Fred Zimmerman
Zimmerman, ElizaJan. 21, 189123564-2253Ernst Zimmerman
Emilie Henning
Zimmerman, ElmerDec. 9, 188722362-1445Fritz Zimmerman
Phillipine {Schneider Grupe}
Zimmerman, Emiel W.Nov. 24, 1856312-33Fred Zimmerman
Zimmerman, FriedrichJune 27, 1854898-293Heinrich Zimmerman
Wilhelmine Monkemeier
Zimmerman, FronikaJuly 5, 18912480-318Fritz Zimmerman
Philipine Schneider {Grupe}
Zimmerman, George W.Feb. 22, 190027501-3001Louis Zimmerman
Louisa Gartman
Zimmerman, HarveyApril 15, 19012865-388William Zimmerman
Minnie Steffen
Zimmerman, HenryJuly 15, 18772171-426Louis Zimmerman
Mena Gartman
Zimmerman, HermanApril 26, 1865898-292Heinrich Zimmerman
Wilhelmine Monkemeier
Zimmerman, HuldaDec. 11, 190128290-1735John Zimmerman
Katie Doll
Zimmerman, IdaMarch 6, 187418344-1027Wm. Zimmerman
Bridget Bowe
Zimmerman, Lillian {Annie}March 7, 190831291Fred Zimmermann
Mary Klein
Zimmerman, MaggieApril 25, 187818344-1028Wm. Zimmerman
Bridget Bowe
Zimmerman, Martin L.{ouis}June 22, 189927407-2438Traugust Zimmerman
Minnie Hoenke
Zimmerman, Minna M.{aria C.}Dec. 15, 1854312-35Fred Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Perl {Amy}August 29, 190861589Herman Zimmerman
Josephine Willberg
Zimmerman, SarahAug. 9, 190934280Ike Zimmerman
Olga Raplow
Zimmermann, (Female) March 5, 189626232-925Conrad Zimmermann
Theresa Mueller
Zimmermann, (Male)Oct. 27, 189727105-627John Zimmermann
Helena Sinner
Zimmermann, {Abraham Frederick Martin}Aug. 26, 1887122170Abraham Zimmermann
Anna Jenne
Zimmermann, {Female}Aug. 11, 190328533-3196No Parents Listed on Record
Zimmermann, {Female}Feb. 25, 189726542-2166Conrad Jacob Zimmermann
Susanne Jackels
Zimmermann, {Male}Aug. 27, 189827244-1461Fred Zimmermann
K. Klein
Zimmermann, {Male}Aug. 9, 189626410-1639Jacob Zimmermann
{No mother listed}
Zimmermann, {Male}Dec. 1, 190128101-602Frank Zimmermann
Josie Sturdevant
Zimmermann, {Male}Jan. 11, 189626401-1602John Zimmermann
Katie Doll
Zimmermann, {Male}Oct. 16, 18802185-506Edward Zimmermann
Anna Freund
Zimmermann, {Male Stillborn}May 7, 191135212Wm. Zimmermann
Emma Kunz
Zimmermann, AdalbertJan. 30, 191033280Edward Zimmermann
Emma Meyer
Zimmermann, Albert {Anton}Dec. 23, 1892101348Conrad Zimmermann
Theresia Mueller
Zimmermann, Ann{e}
{Zimmerman on Record}
Feb. 23, 190831789Mike Zimmerman
Bertha Katzman
Zimmermann, Anna F.Oct. 15, 1871654-162Konrad Zimmermann
Anna Allenbach
Zimmermann, Anna M.July 25, 189927370-2220John F. Zimmermann
Katie Doll
Zimmermann, Anna M.June 19, 1861652-155Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, AnnaFeb. 1, 1862648-143John Zimmermann
Christina Loos
Zimmermann, AnnaJan. 1, 18614151-451Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, AppolloniaDec. 28, 18791947-140Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, Armon
{A twin to Norman}
July 22, 190027557-3341John Zimmermann
Helena Sinner
Zimmermann, Arno T.Jan. 22, 190328536-3216Louis Zimmermann
Louise E. Gartmane
Zimmermann, Arnold
{Conrad Anton on Record}
June 19, 1873122240Adam Zimmermann
Rosa Moser
Zimmermann, ArthurApril 22, 188822431-1723Wm. Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Steffen
Zimmermann, Arthur {William}May 22, 191135214Arthur Zimmermann
Anna Mankusch
Zimmermann, ArvinDec. 12, 189526413-1651Fred Zimmermann
Mary Klein
Zimmermann, AugstNov. 3, 189526184-734Augst Zimmermann
Anna Gartmann
Zimmermann, AugustApril 5, 18654103-308Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, AugusteApril 9, 18704151-453Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, Bertha T.{heresa}Dec. 12, 1858311-32Fred Zimmermann
Zimmermann, Carl {Friederich}June 26, 18694150-448Emil Zimmermann
Elizabetha Keuper
Zimmermann, Carl {Ludwig}Dec. 21, 18674150-449Emil Zimmermann
Elisabetha Keuper
Zimmermann, CarlAug. 10, 188923150-599Fritz Zimmermann
Phillipine Schneider {Grupe}
Zimmermann, CarolinaApril 30, 1872649-147John Zimmermann
Pauline {Fischer}
Zimmermann, CatherineApril 26, 190027530-3179Adam {John Adam} Zimmermann
Henerine Beaunby
{Hendrina Beaumler}
Zimmermann, CatherineOct. 24, 19063037-222John Zimmermann
Katie Dole
Zimmermann, Christian {John Peter}Jan. 16, 1895141131Phillip Henry Zimmermann
Rosina Schmidt
Zimmermann, ClarenceApril 4, 189123623-2490Wm. Zimmermann
Minnie Steffen
Zimmermann, DorotheaJuly 4, 18714149-447Emil Zimmermann
Elizabetha Keuper
Zimmermann, Dorothy {Mildred Minnie}Sept. 24, 191236902Arthur Zimmermann
Martha Runge
Zimmermann, Edgar L.Dec. 30, 189325179-714John Zimmermann
Helena Sinner
Zimmermann, EdieMay 12, 19012893-553Adam Zimmermann
Hendrina Beaumler
Zimmermann, Edward F. W.April 30, 19073060-360Edward Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmermann
Emma Meier
Zimmermann, Edward F. W.April 30, 19073077-459Edward Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmermann
Emma M. Meier
Zimmermann, EdwardOct. 27, 189023483-1929Conrad Zimmermann
Theresa Mueller
Zimmermann, ElfriedaNov. 11, 189112288Abraham Zimmermann
Anna Jenny
Zimmermann, ElizabethJune 14, 1864653-159Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, Emanuel F.Nov. 24, 189827279-1673August Zimmermann
Anna Gartmann
Zimmermann, EmilNov. 4, 1909321115Conrad Zimmermann
Susanna Jaeckels
Zimmermann, EmmaJuly 18, 18594102-306Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, EmmaNov. 4, 190328575-3447George Zimmermann
Lizzie Schaetzer
Zimmermann, ErenaJuly 13, 1904298-47Conrad Zimmermann
Susanna Jackels
Zimmermann, ErnaApril 9, 190934266George Zimmermann
Lizzie Schetzer
Zimmermann, Erwin {Jr.}
Zimmerman on Record}
Dec. 6, 191034860Henry Zimmerman
Rickie Schuldt
Zimmermann, Erwin F.March 6, 189927323-1934Ernst Zimmermann
Emelia Henning
Zimmermann, EstaFeb. 22, 189726548-2191Ernst Zimmermann
Amelia Henning
Zimmermann, EvaJan. 19, 1868653-157Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, Evangeline {Hattie Minnie}Sept. 27, 1910109306Gabriel Zimmermann
Ella Gerber
Zimmermann, Evelyn R.{ose}March 10, 190516910Andrew George Zimmermann
Alvina Margaretha Goeller
Zimmermann, FrankMay 11, 191135302Frank Zimmerman
Josephine Stirdivant
Zimmermann, FranzDec. 27, 1870651-153Philipp Zimmermann
Zimmermann, FredJune 5, 19073071-421Fred Zimmermann
Josephine Wilberg
Zimmermann, FrederickFeb. 22, 189827148-888John Zimmermann
Katie Doll
Zimmermann, FriedrichDec. 14, 188221171-1026Friedrich Zimmermann
Phillippine Schneider {Grupe}
Zimmermann, FriedrichDec. 5, 18714151-452Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, George L.June 9, 19073079-467Louis Zimmermann
Louisa Olm
Zimmermann, GeorgeAug. 8, 191135806Herman Zimmermann
Josephine Wilbert
Zimmermann, Gerhard E.May 3, 189525587-2347Joseph Zimmermann
Annie Freund
Zimmermann, GottfriedJuly 31, 18714104-311Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, GottliebNov. 23, 18624158-473Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, Harvey {Ernst Aug.}March 2, 190831685Ernst Zimmermann
Emelia Henning
Zimmermann, HeinrichMarch 13, 188421240-1440Friederich Zimmermann
Phillippine Schneider {Grupe}
Zimmermann, Henry C.Dec. 3, 190128211-1265Conrad Zimmermann
Susanna Jaeckels
Zimmermann, HenryOct. 14, 18752013-38W. Zimmermann
Bridget Bowe
Zimmermann, HerbertNov. 20, 189727112-671Louis Zimmermann
Mamie Vetter {Vitter}
Zimmermann, HildegardMarch 26, 190934284George Zimmermann
Emma A. Grunewald
Zimmermann, Ida M.May 1, 190629361-2158Fred Zimmermann
Mary Klein
Zimmermann, IdaJune 15, 1908321098Ike Zimmermann
Olga Kaplen
Zimmermann, IdaMarch 9, 18634103-307Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, Ione K.April 14, 190730119-710Andreas Zimmermann
Alwine Goeller
Zimmermann, IreneNov. 17, 189727116-691Conrad Zimmermann
Tracy {Theresa} Mueller
Zimmermann, Jacob H.Feb. 11, 18892365-260Conrad Zimmermann
Theresa Mueller
Zimmermann, JacobJuly 21, 1863649-145John Zimmermann
Christina Loos
Zimmermann, JakobDec. 1, 189124195-777Jakob Zimmermann
Christina Raeder
Zimmermann, JoeFeb. 28, 191236281Ike Zimmermann
Olga Carlan
Zimmermann, JohannaApril 23, 189224259-1034John Zimmermann
Elizabeth Hundermause
Zimmermann, John Adam {Adam John}Feb. 5, 1872653-158Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, John F. W.March 14, 19042915-85John Zimmermann
Katie Doll
Zimmermann, JohnApril 5, 1883101414Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, JohnJune 14, 1868649-146John Zimmermann
Christina Loos
Zimmermann, JohnJune 14, 18952612-46Ernst Zimmermann
Emilie Henning
Zimmermann, KarlDec. 29, 189626605-2417August Zimmermann
Anna Gartmann
Zimmermann, KatharinaApril 16, 1863654-161Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, KatharinaJan. 4, 1866648-144John Zimmermann
Christina Loos
Zimmermann, KathiApril 13, 189425234-935Abraham Zimmermann
Anna {Gartmann}
Zimmermann, Konrad J.May 20, 1869652-156Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, LanetteDec. 31, 190328
Afft. Misc.
William Zimmermann
Minnie Steffen
Zimmermann, Leland V.July 24, 190027613-3675Louis Zimmermann
Mamie Vetter {Vitter}
Zimmermann, LillyMay 5, 190128159-954August Zimmermann
Anna Gartmann
Zimmermann, Lily V.June 10, 189927363-2177Frank Zimmermann
Josephine Sturtevant
Zimmermann, LilyFeb. 15, 189726541-2161Willie {William} Zimmermann
Minnie Steffen
Zimmermann, LizzieNov. 30, 189827303-1817Adam {John Adam} Zimmermann
Antice Beaumby {Hendrina Beaumler}
Zimmermann, LouiMarch 13, 188421268-1606Friederich Zimmermann
Phillipine {Schneider Grupe}
Zimmermann, LouisJuly 14, 18654159-475Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, LouisSept. 24, 191034688Louis Zimmermann
Louisa Olm
Zimmermann, LouiseMay 14, 1860652-154Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, LouizaOct. 12, 18752173-434Louis Zimmermann
Mena Gartmann
Zimmermann, Mabel {Lillian}Nov. 5, 191236905Arthur Zimmermann
Autonia Mankush
Zimmermann, MannaJuly 21, 18684158-474Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, Maria M.July 22, 187618257-765Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, MariaJuly 12, 18781945-133Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, MariaMarch 9, 18674103-309Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, MayerJuly 26, 191236908Mike Zimmermann
Bessie Katz
Zimmermann, MildredJan. 21, 1910321107Fred Zimmermann
Mary Klein
Zimmermann, MinnieJan. 12, 189023492-1967Wm. Zimmermann
Minnie Tank
Zimmermann, Norman
{Twin to Armon}
July 22, 190027557-3342John Zimmermann
Helena Sinner
Zimmermann, Philipp H.Sept. 30, 1866654-160Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, PhillipinaNov. 4, 190328564-3379George Zimmermann
Lizzie Schaetzer
Zimmermann, RamondSept. 2, 190934268Wm. Zimmermann
Emma Kurz
Zimmermann, Raymond E.Nov. 5, 190529315-1887John Zimmermann
Helena Sinner
Zimmermann, RichardMay 4, 18584102-304Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, SadyFeb. 16, 189324574-2294Wm. Zimmermann
Minnie Steffen
Zimmermann, SilvaOct. 10, 191135803David Zimmermann
Bessie Goldberg
Zimmermann, SophieApril 17, 18751946-137Heinrich Zimmermann
Katherine Krackenberger
Zimmermann, TheodorDec. 15, 188522153-609E. F. W. Zimmermann
Anna Lydia Freund
Zimmermann, TheodoreMarch 18, 18614102-305Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, TheodoreOct. 24, 190630122-729William Zimmermann
Minnie Steffen
Zimmermann, ThereseMay 28, 188722259-1034Conrad Zimmermann
Therese Mueller
Zimmermann, TraugottJune 6, 18594150-450Ludwig Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Gartmann
Zimmermann, Viola L.July 24, 190128166-991Fred Zimmermann
Mary Klein
Zimmermann, Viola R.Sept. 2, 190128132-788George Zimmermann
Emma Grunewaldt {Grunewald}
Zimmermann, Walter F.July 10, 188923147-588William Zimmermann
Wilhelmina Steffen
Zimmermann, WalterJan. 14, 190934286Louis Zimmermann
Louise {Louisa} Olm
Zimmermann, WilhelmJan. 26, 188923105-418Edward Zimmermann
Anna Freund
Zimmermann, WilhelmineJuly 16, 18694104-310Gottfried Zimmermann
Wilhelmine Roehn
Zimmermann, William H.April 6, 1885106111Fred Zimmermann
Philippine Grupe {Schneider}
Zimmermann, WilliamMay 17, 1870648-142John Zimmermann
Christina Loos
Zimmermann, Wm. F.May 7, 188722350-1400Wm. Zimmermann
Catherine Tank
Zimmermann, Wm.Jan. 6, 190933849Gabriel Zimmermann
Ella Gerber

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