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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Do - Dz"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Doak, {Male}Feb. 13, 187918187-556Alex Doak
No mother listed
{Pre-mature lived 5 hours}
Doak, {Male}Jan. 20, 187818142-424John Doak
Minnie L. Stweart
Doak, JessieAug. 22, 190128131-782Alexander Doak
Carrie Arlum
Dobbratz, Norma MinnieSept. 4, 189810113 
Dobert, Juliana B.{ertha}July 19, 187918171-512Friedrich Dobert
Dorothea Pills
Dobratz, Bernie A.{ugust}Aug. 12, 190027566-3396Herman Dobratz
Annie Hessee
Doebel, BerthaJune 13, 189425408-1630Henry Doebel
Ellen Sandrock
Doebel, LillyMarch 17, 189224339-1353Henry Doebel
Ellen Santrock
Doebert, AmalieDec. 7, 18535118-352Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, AugusteNov. 5, 18555118-353Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, BanlessDec. 22, 18792165-386Gottlieb Doebert
Johanna Lutsmann
Doebert, BerthaJuly 19, 18792163-378Gottfried Doebert
Christina Kilz
Doebert, Carl J.G.W.March 18, 1881110272 
Doebert, EduardApril 18, 18685120-358Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, EmmaMarch 8, 18792090-268Edward Doebert
Louiza Wittkopf
Doebert, FriedrichSept. 17, 18695120-359Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, GotleibMarch 19, 18762165-387Gotlieb Doebert
Johanna Lutsmann
Doebert, HugoApril 27, 18772163-375Gotfried Doebert
Catharina Kilz
Doebert, LouizaJuly 19, 18772089-267Edward Doebert
Louiza Wittkopf
Doebert, RenateDec. 30, 18595119-355Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, Rosalie S.Dec. 1, 18575119-354Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, WilhelmMay 2, 18635120-357Christoph Doebert
Wilhelmine Falkenheim
Doebert, WilhelminaNov. 10, 18615119-356 
Doebert, WilliamMarch 10, 18802160-360Gottlieb Doebert
Johanna Lutsmann
Doebert, WilliamOct. 17, 18752165-385Gotfried Doebert
Catherine Kilz
Doege, {Female}Oct. 10, 18852231-122William Doege
Anna Flumke
Doege, WilliamApril 16, 189425325-1299William Doege
Annie Steumke
Doell, Alma E.{milie} A.{nna}Sept. 4, 188722351-1403John Doell
Mary Hell
Doell, Frank F.Dec. 5, 18851104 
Doell, Gottlieb A.{ugust Benjamin}Aug. 31, 18761744-131Johannes Bartholomaus Doell
No mother listed
Doell, Lisette E.{milie} A.{malie}Aug. 22, 188923279-1114John Doell
Mary Hell
Doenitz, AugustAug. 21, 18541653-159August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, ElisaOct. 19, 18591654-161August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, EmilJuly 10, 18561652-155August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, FrankSept. 2, 18721654-162August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, HedwigMay 31, 18611652-156August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, MaxJune 6, 18671653-157August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, PaulMarch 16, 18581654-160August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, ReinholdApril 25, 18651655-163August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doenitz, WilliamMay 30, 18691653-158August Doenitz
Fredericke Sultze
Doering, Arno F.{rederick}Sept. 23, 190228366-2192Franz Doering
Lena Runge
Doerink, AlbertMarch 15, 189224373-1489Wilhelm Doerink
Caroline Neuman
Doherty, CatarineNov. 9, 18521767-199Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Doherty, CatherineJuly 16, 18561297-289John Doherty
Maggie Harkins
Doherty, CecielyJan. 8, 18731624-70James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, Cora B.{elle}Nov. 7, 1867424-70James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, EllenApril 19, 18651765-195Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Doherty, JamesDec. 7, 187719357-1069 
Doherty, JohnSept. 14, 18741623-69James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, KatieJan. 29, 1869424-71James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, Leonard J.
{not listed in the index}
Aug. 31, 1871424-72James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, Leonard J.Aug. 31, 18711624-71James W. Doherty
Ann M. Rood
Doherty, MaryFeb. 24, 18551765-194Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Doherty, MathewJuly 5, 187519358-1070 
Doherty, Nora M.{arion}Dec. 20, 190230236-1411Mathew Doherty
Hathe Reinert
Doherty, Patrick J.{ohn}Jan. 7, 189626400-1597Pat Doherty
Kate Crogan
Doherty, PatrickJune 17, 18611766-196Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Doherty, PhilipMay 23, 18561766-198Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Doherty, SarahOct. 7, 187919357-1068 
Doherty, SusanAug. 5, 18591766-197Patrick Doherty
Susan Devlin
Dohmeier, CarolinaSept. 22, 18671234-100Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Dohmeier, Erna MarieJune 14, 189827192-1149Simon Dohmeier
Anna Schroeder
Dohmeier, SimonMarch 19, 18621235-104Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Dohmeier, SophieDec. 5, 18591333-97Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Dohmeier, WilhelmAug. 16, 18701234-101Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Dohmeier, WilhelmineApril 10, 18651233-99Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Doll, Clara J.A.B.Jan. 12, 187818124-370Johannes Bartholomaus Doll
"formerly Hell"
{As Record listed}
Dollard, AliceMay 15, 187719145-435 
Dollard, AnnJune 29, 18621425-74John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, EdmundJan. 1, 187318320-955John Dollard
Anna Traynor
Dollard, EdwinJan. 1, 187313184-551F. John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, ElizabethDec. 18, 18671426-76John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, EllenMarch 19, 186213184-552F. John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, JamesAug. 25, 18651425-75John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, JohnDec. 9, 18691426-77John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, KateApril 15, 187518319-953John Dollard
Anna Traynor
Dollard, MaryNov. 7, 185713185-554F. John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, PatrickMarch 3, 186013185-553F. John Dollard
Ann Treanor
Dollard, WilliamMay 15, 187718320-954John Dollard
Anna Traynor
Dolsdorf, FredaJune 8, 18932522-85Anton Dolsdorf
Elisabeth Abraham
Dolsman, LoisaJune 12, 187819127-381 
Dolsman, LouieOct. 13, 187519134-401 
Domazar, {Female}June 19, 18932560-239Christ Domazar
Vincintia Knaerz
Domeier, MariaOct. 30, 18561332-96Simon Dohmeier
Maria Kiesow
Domero, {Male}Feb. 24, 189224473-1891None Listed
Dommisse, JennieMarch 5, 190328422-2529James Dommisse
Lina Rolse
Domnice, AnthonyOct. 12, 18741824-71Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, CharlesDec. 16, 18671823-67Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, Clara E.Aug. 31, 18711823-69Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, LeopoldAug. 30, 18691823-68Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, LucyJune 24, 18611825-74Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, Mary A.Dec. 18, 18721824-70Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, NicholasOct. 12, 18621824-72Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domnice, WilliamNov. 20, 18651825-73Michael Domnice
Mary Shrader
Domro, Gottfried W.{ilhelm Ernst Heinrich}March 26, 186427-19No Parents Listed
Domrow, Ernest A.Feb. 24, 189224476-1903William Domrow
Augustina Blumreich
Donath, ClarenceFeb. 1, 189927394-2362John Donath
Ernestina Knohr
Donnovan, John J.{oseph}May 21, 189425435-1739Richard Donnovan
Rose Ann McKenna
Donoghue, GeorgeFeb. 23, 18952664-254Bartz Donoghue
Anna McBride
Donohue, BartletteJan. 17, 18631559-172Jerry Donohue
Kate Hayes
Donohue, EllenApril 9, 18651559-173Jerry Donohue
Kate Hayes
Donohue, Jerry F.March 6, 190011070 
Donohue, KateJan. 21, 18561560-175Jerry Donohue
Kate Hayes
Donohue, LizzieAug. 23, 18541559-174Jerry Donohue
Kate Hayes
Donohue, MichaelOct. 31, 18601557-171Jerry Donohue
Kate Hayes
Donovan, Richard S.Feb. 18, 1892106193 
Dooley, EdwardAug. 29, 186616184-550Martin Dooley
Wenefred Grimming
See Special Note
Dooley, JohnMay 31, 186016184-552Martin Dooley
Wenefred Grimming
See Special Note
Dooley, MartinSept. 18, 186116185-553Martin Dooley
Wenefred Grimming
See Special Note
Dooley, WilliamJan. 27, 187216184-551Martin Dooley
Wenefred Grimming
See Special Note
Doring, Julius F. K.{arl}May 7, 189324607-2425Franz Doring
Lina Range
Doring, Wilhelm F.{ranz} A.{nton}Jan. 13, 190027469-2813Wilhelm Doring
Karoline Neufeld
Dorke, EmmaMarch 9, 189525567-2268Robert Dorke
Auguste Schreiber
Dorn, {Female}Sept. 26, 188822502-2007Henry Dorn
Maria Graff
Dorn, Alvin E.March 31, 190027510-3057John Dorn
Anna Clemens
Dornette, Maria L.Jan. 21, 1869269-204Johann Dornette
Doro, WalterJan. 14, 190228223-1337John Doro
Louise Burkhart
Dorpat, Lydia B.{ertha} L.{ouise}Sept. 29, 18972787-522Lorenz G. Dorpat
Bertha Kerler
Dorpat, Martin H.{erman Christian}Jan. 7, 189927301-1801Lorenz G. Dorpat
Bertha Kerler
Dorpat, Martin H.C.Jan. 7, 1899106314 
Dorpat, Mathilde E.{mma Esther}Sept. 2, 190128159-949Lorenz G. Dorpat
Bertha Kerler
Dorpat, Pauline C.J.Oct. 18, 1891101152 
Dorpat, RosaAug. 31, 189325396-1583Lorenz Gotthold Dorpat
Bertha Kerler
Dorpat, TheoderDec. 18, 189526367-1465Lorenz G. Dorpat {Rev.}
Bertha Kerler
Dorsch, Lilly M.{inna} R.{osa}Oct. 3, 189727106-632Julius Dorsch
Emma Sehrah
Dorst, {Raymond J.}July 12, 190328482-2887Michael Dorst
Jennie Clemert
Dorst, AnnaAug. 17, 190128208-1244Cornelius Dorst
Nellie Clement
Dorst, Elsie RuthApril 20, 1901106424 
Dorst, Florence A.{drianna}Jan. 5, 190328409-2451John Dorst, Jr.
Anna Huisheere
Dorst, JacobJan. 24, 190027467-2802John Dorst
Carrie Lokker
Dorst, JennieNov. 28, 189927481-2883Cornelius Dorst
Nettie Clement
Dorst, Leonard M.{arinus}Aug. 10, 18952697-387Michael Dorst
Jennie Clemence
Dorst, LeonardOct. 7, 190128158-945John Dorst
Carrie Lokker
Dorst, Mabel J.{ennie}June 26, 187229357-2137Michael Gerrit Dorst
Jennie Clement
Dorst, Martha J.Nov. 28, 18961692 
Dorst, Martin G.{erm}March 27, 18932586-344John Dorst
Mollie Sonka
Dorst, Mary N.{ellie}July 4, 189425440-1759Cornelius Dorst
Nette Clement
Dorst, Nell M.{arie}Dec. 26, 1897122132Michael G. Dorst
Jennie Clement
Dorst, NettieJune 20, 189525623-2490Cornelius Dorst
Nettie Clemens
Dougherty, Mathew V.July 5, 187516149-447Dennis Dougherty
Ann W. Nerdon
Dougird, AnnieJuly 7, 190328528-3166Frank Dougird
Pauline Juezis
Dougird, Pouloni
{Certificate states Pauline}
May 6, 190228333-1998Frank Dougird
Pauline Luczis
Douglas, {Male}Nov. 21, 189325184-733Wm. Douglas
Hannah Ulihanah
Douglas, Catherine L.Aug. 10, 1883106273 
Douglas, Clarence L.June 24, 187930180-1077Alexander Douglas
Susan Curtis
Douglas, Frances E.Oct. 13, 1901106178 
Douglas, Frank JamesMay 20, 1891103214 
Douglas, Mary E.May 13, 1900106177 
Douglass, {Male}Aug. 29, 189224413-1650Wm. Douglass
Hannah Mehaney
Douglass, {Female}March 14, 189827148-884Clarence Douglass
August Senglaub
Douglass, EdwardMarch 9, 18952665-258Stephen Douglass
Elizabeth Gagnon
Douglass, Geo. D.{ewey}April 24, 189843223Dr. Ed Douglass
Susan Du Mez
Douglass, LeviMay 29, 189425439-1753Alexander Douglass
Susan Carter
Dove, EddieJune 20, 189927428-2568John Dove
Mary Ohde
Dove, LulahAug. 9, 189425505-2019John Dove
Marrie Ohda
Dove, PaulaMarch 31, 18972793-555John Dove
Mary Ohde
Dow, Edith A.{lice}Sept. 24, 187720157-471Edward Dow
Ida J. Hotchkiss
Dow, Florence I.July 14, 187920158-472Edward Dow
Ida J. Hotchkiss
Dow, Harry A.{lbert}May 1, 188622343-1370Edward A. Dow
Ada Hotchkiss
Dow, Margarette {Louise}Nov. 25, 188923330-1319Edward Dow
Ida A. Hotchkiss
Dow, Wm. L.{eonard} B.{ushey}July 9, 190328529-3171William Corning Dow
Matie Imogene Bushey
Dowe, {Male}Feb. 8, 18892380-318John Dowe
Mary Ohde
Dowe, {Female}July 16, 188421285-1706John Dowe
Mary Ohde
Dowe, {Male}July 8, 190328529-3170None Listed
Dowe, {Male}May 27, 188823200-800John Dowe
Mary Ohde
Dowe, AnnaOct. 14, 185816105-315Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowe, CarolineFeb. 2, 186616106-316Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowe, ElsieMarch 18, 189124175-698John Dowe
Mary Ohda
Dowe, EmmaJune 18, 187516104-312Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowe, FredrickSept. 16, 186216105-314Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowe, JohnMarch 15, 185716105-313Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowe, MarieJan. 30, 190216968 
Dowe, MaryJan. 27, 186416106-317Fredrick Dowe
Sophia Beam
Dowling, GeorgeJuly 15, 187920284-850John Dowling
Mary A. Malloy
Dowsett, WilliamDec. 13, 189124193-771Charles Dowsett
Mary Allwardt
Doyle, WilliamJune 28, 189626328-1310Thomas Doyle
Bridget Madan
Draayer, Almond H.{enry}Nov. 23, 189727106-635Henry Draayer
Tonia Johanna te Grotenhuis
Draayers, AntoinetteJuly 9, 189425291-1162Hendrik Jan Draayers
Antonia Te Grootenhuis
Draayers, GererdinaJan. 31, 188822403-1612Hendrik Draayers
Tonia Grotenhuis
Draayers, Henry J.{an}Aug. 23, 188421280-1676Heinrick Draayers
Tonia Johanna Te Grotesheim
Draayers, Johannah L.Oct. 31, 1877101232 
Draayers, LaurenceJuly 28, 189023481-1924Hendrik Draayers
Anthonia Grotenhuis
Draayers, Laurens
{Lawrence on record}
Feb. 9, 188722221-881Hendrik Draayers
Tonia Johanna Grotenhuis
Dracy, MargaretOct. 14, 189124480-1917John Dracy
Jane Diehl
Drader, {Female}Jan. 20, 18882332-127Fred Drader
Emma Bugander
Draeger, {Female}Oct. 26, 190028192-1149Ferdinand Draeger
Emma Bergander
Draeger, {Female}Oct. 26, 1900282-10Ferdinand Draeger
Emma Bergander
Draeger, Emma M.M.Nov. 5, 1898106314 
Draeger, Emma M.{artha} M.{arie}Nov. 5, 189827279-1670Henry Draeger
Ida Berndt
Draeger, Gretchen M.{eta Frida}June 25, 189726640-2559Henry Draeger
Ida Bundt
Draeger, Matthesius {Arno Max}Nov. 8, 190128169-1011Henry Draeger
Ida Bernd
Draeger, Viola E.{tna} A.{manda}June 24, 190027555-3330Henry Draeger
Ida Berndt
Dragen, Meta F.{rida} A.{lwine}Nov. 11, 189224516-2062Herman Dragen
Auguste Yotzke
Drager, HeleneJune 29, 189626328-1311Hermann Drager
Auguste Gostke
Drain, (SB) {Female}Oct. 1, 18751728-83William Drain
Charlotte Price
{Breech Baby}
Draper, GuyJan. 9, 189526125-498Edward Draper
Lydia Rhobacher
Draugelis, Anthony
{Drangelis on Record}
May 6, 189726586-2343John Drangelis
Anna Leskanskas
Draves, JohnNov. 2, 189727149-893Henry Draves
Ottelia Gartmann
Drayer, James HenryApril 30, 189827188-1126Isaac Lemahein Drayer
Jennie Draayer
Dreager, {Female}
{Troeger on Record}
Oct. 8, 188622150-598John Augustus Ferdinand Troeger
Emma Bergander
Drebs, Lille E.March 2, 189726577-2306Joseph Drebs
Josephine Mueller
See Special note
Drefurst, FerdenandFeb. 15, 185813153-457John Drefurst
Mary Shiphen
Dreger, Adela H.April 25, 190328495-2967Herman Dreger
Augusta Goetzke
Dreger, Arno A.{lfred} B.{ernhard}Aug. 23, 190128141-842Herman Dreger
Augusta Getzke
Dreger, HermannOct. 11, 189927421-2523Herman Dreger
Augusta Jetzke
Dreger, LillieDec. 6, 189425508-2030Herm Dreger
Auguste Goetzke
Dreier, HenryFeb. 26, 190228252-1510Louis Dreier
Jennie Luehl
Dreier, RuthMay 9, 190027547-3280Louis Drier
Jenny Inehl
Dreifeurst, Antonia V.{eronica}July 2, 188722272-1088Anthony Dreifeurst
Libbie Bittner
Dreifuerst, AlmaDec. 26, 188914144 
Dreifuerst, Rosalea L.Aug. 9, 190228392-2348Florian Dreifuerst
Lizzie Casper
Dreifurst, Anna O.{liva}Aug. 12, 189325177-707Joseph Dreifurst
Elizabetha Pranzen
Dreifurst, Frida J.May 22, 189526177-708Anton Dreifurst
Elesabetha Bittner
Dreifurst, Herman D.Oct. 23, 189326179-714Joseph Dreifurst
Elesabetha Franzen
Dreifurst, LouisJan. 6, 189526133-532Ferdinand Dreifurst
Katherine Weinger
Dreiwes, (SB)
Oct. 25, 189927432-2591Henry Dreiwes
Otile Gartman
Dreps, (SB)
June 24, 189626361-1441John Dreps
Johana Schwanekamp
Dreps, Alfred F.Feb. 27, 190027485-2905Louis Dreps
Mary Schieble
Dreps, Anna H.Sept. 6, 190027596-3572Joseph Dreps
Josephine Mueller
Dreps, Anton J.May 10, 189726630-2518Johann Dreps
Johanna Schwanekamp
Dreps, Clara L.Sept. 14, 18972753-317William Dreps
Friederike Hartmann
Dreps, Fegina C.May 14, 19002848-288John Dreps
Johana Schwanekamp
Dreps, FrancisJan. 5, 18952639-154Joseph Dreps
Josephine Mueller
Dreps, FrankJan. 4, 187719274-818Anton Dreps
Fena Rascha
Dreps, HelenaSept. 28, 190228304-1820Joseph Dreps
Josephine Mueller
Dreps, HenryJune 17, 190328460-2757John Dreps
Johanna Schwanekamp
Dreps, IdaApril 19, 190027508-3048William Dreps
Rieka Hartmann
Dreps, Joseph J.Oct. 16, 189827242-1448Joseph Dreps
Josephine Mueller
Dreps, Josephina C.July 16, 190128170-1015Louis Dreps
Mary Schieble
Dreps, NormaSept. 5, 189224391-1561Joseph Dreps
Josephine Mueller
Drescher, Cora A.S.Dec. 25, 1893141260 
Drescher, Herbert G.Oct. 13, 189626452-1807Fred Drescher
Paulina Gerhardt
Drescher, Theophil O.Aug. 21, 18811061 
Drescher, Wesley E.{dwin}Oct. 10, 188430239-1433Alvin Drescher
Emma Donath
Dressen, CeliaMarch 17, 189827176-1056John Dressen
Minnie March
Dresser, {Male}Jan, 28, 189526109-435E. E. Dresser
Cora Cole
Dresser, {Female}March 11, 189224469-1874Elmer E. Dresser
Cora Cole
Dresser, PaulSept. 21, 1900283-13Elmer Ellsworth Dresser
Cora Ann Cole
Dressler, (SB) {Male}Jan. 3, 189023333-1331Alvin Dressler
Ida L. Byer
Dressler, (SB){Female}Oct. 12, 189124123-489Berthold Dressler
?? Hoff
Dressler, EmmaJan. 16, 187520104-310Gottlieb Dressler
Julia Kramer
Dressler, Minnie C.{arolineDec. 26, 188020243-727Gottlieb Dressler
Juliana Kraemer
Dressler, WilliamNov. 9, 187720104-311Gottlieb Dressler
Juliana Kraemer
Dreus, KatharineMarch 18, 1893253-9Gustav Dreus
Anna Herr
Dreves, FranzAug. 13, 188923163-649Julius Dreves
Anna Maria Herr
Dreves, HenryApril 5, 189224255-1020Henry Dreves
Tillie Gardmann
Drewes, August V.{alentine}Aug. 17, 18952698-390Henry Drewes
Augusta Gartmann
Drewry, (SB){Male}Dec. 12, 189325460-1838William Drewry
Rosa Saebold
Drewry, CharlesMarch 19, 189827476-2855George Drewry
Minnie Keller
Drewry, Lucile M.June 24, 189425457-1826George Drewry
Minnie Keller
Drewry, Montrose K.{eller}Oct. 20, 189930194-1160George Henry Drewry
Minnie Frances Keller
Drewry, ThelmaOct. 26, 1894101278 
Drews, (SB){Female}
{Twin to Friedrich}
Oct. 25, 189927422-2528Henry Drews
Otilie Gartmann
Drews, Ferdinand L.May 8, 189324620-2477Henry Drews
Otilia Gartman
Drews, Frank G.{ustav}Aug. 13, 188930218-1305Gustav Julius Drews
Mary Anna Herr
Drews, Friedrich
{Twin to SB Female}
Oct. 25, 189927422-2527Henry Drews
Otilie Gartmann
Drews, Henry J.{oseph}July 7, 18912467-268Gustav Julius Drews
Anna Maria Herr
Drews, JosephJune 15, 190128106-632Gustav Drews
Mary Herr
Drews, Maria E.{lizabeth}Feb. 28, 189927307-1841Gustav Julius Drews
Anna Maria Herr
Drews, MartinFeb. 11, 189726552-2208Gustav Drews
Anna Herr
Drews, MaryOct. 26, 190128161-964Henry Drews
Otilia Gartman
Drews, RosalieMarch 10, 189525551-2201Gustav Drews
Marie Herr
Drexler, AlbertSept. 4, 189325395-1577Mike Drexler
?? Gartmann
Drexler, Ella N.{ora}Nov. 21, 189927481-2884Mick Drexler
Antonia Gartmann
Drexler, GeorgeNov. 15, 1852File{335}Augustine Drexler
Catherine Klein
Drexler, WilhelmineNov. 21, 189927481-2885Mick Drexler
Antonia Gartmann
Dreyer, AnnaJan. 12, 189224244-974Wilh. Dreyer
Helene Schmidt
Dreyer, AugustJuly 20, 1860129-26Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyer, HeinrichDec. 25, 18541331-92Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyer, Henrietta C.Aug. 26, 1858File49Henry Dreyer
Carolina Twick
Dreyer, HermanApril 9, 18621235-105Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyer, JohanneFeb. 27, 18571331-93Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyer, LouisMarch 21, 18711236-106Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyer, WilhelmMay 19, 18531331-91Heinrich Dreyer
Carolina Frick
Dreyfeurst, IsabellaJune 16, 188923449-1796Joseph Dreyfeurst
Elisabeth Franzen
Driefuerst, AdrianJan. 11, 18621639-117Adrian Driefuerst
Christiana Harrlich
Driefuerst, AnnaMarch 26, 18711641-121Joseph Driefuerst
Eliza Frances
Driefuerst, CaralineAug. 2, 18721640-119Joseph Driefuerst
Eliza Frances
Driefuerst, CharlyMay 28, 18741641-122Joseph Driefuerst
Eliza Frances
Driefuerst, FerdinandSept. 11, 18741640-118Adrian Driefuerst
Christiana Harrlich
Driefuerst, FloraMay 16, 18701639-115Adrian Driefuerst
Christiana Harrlich
Driefuerst, JosephineFeb. 2, 18681638-114Adrian Driefuerst
Christiana Harrlich
Driefuerst, Mary V.April 4, 18721639-116Adrian Driefuerst
Christiana Harrlich
Drier, Frank
{Dries on Record}
Feb. 12, 18972784-503Frank Dries
None listed
Dries, Cathrine {Leona}Oct. 2, 190228331-1985John Dries
Mary Rein
Drifurst, BernardAug. 6, 187113153-459John Drifurst
Mary Shiphen
Drifurst, CristinaMarch 7, 186313154-462John Drifurst
Mary Shiphen
Drifurst, JohnAug. 6, 186813154-460John Drifurst
Mary Shiphen
Drifurst, MargretJune 19, 186613154-461John Drifurst
Mary Shiphen
Drishaus, Frederick R.Sept. 2, 187215133-395Richard Drishaus
Lina Hahn
Drishaus, WillyJune 24, 18761713-38Richard Drishaus
Driver, {Female}April 19, 18972785-506Henry Driver
None listed
Driver, {Male}Sept. 20, 189124158-629Henry I. Driver
None listed
Driver, Ester AnnNov. 21, 189425481-1922Henry S. Driver
Adelia Chase
Driver, Esther A.{nn}Nov. 21, 189430211-1262Henry Sherman Driver
Delia Ann Chase
Drollinger, Anna {Maria}Nov. 18, 189023547-2186Christian Drollinger
Anna Maria Hoefemann
Drollinger, JacobMarch 22, 18635125-373 
Drollinger, WilhelmJuly 26, 18615125-372 
Dropp, John H.{ubert}Dec. 8, 1852File47Adam Dropp
Anne Catherine Domans
Droppers, {Female}Oct. 26, 189827245-1470Gerrit Jan Droppers
Gerdina Walvoord
Droppers, Anthony C.{hristopher}April 30, 1889122104Gerrit John Droppers
Geraldine Walvoord
Droppers, Cyrus J.{ames}March 25, 189224364-1456Yan Droppers
Gerolina Walvoord
Droppers, Lester G.{errit}May 3, 190328478-2867Albert Droppers
Jennie Mulder
Droppers, Oliver G.{errit}Sept. 7, 188722286-1144Jan Droppers
Gerdina Walvoord
Drossel, {Female}March 11, 18912425-99Ernst Drossel
Minna Semph
Drossel, Ernst L.July 9, 1859126-78M. L. Drossel
Drossel, ErnstJuly 9, 18594115-343Martin Drossel
Christina Heyer
Drossel, EstherSept. 6, 189626353-1412Ernst Drossel
Minnie Senf
Drossel, IdaAug. 8, 1857126-77M. L. Drossel
Drossel, ItaAug. 8, 18574115-344Martin Drossel
Christina Heyer
Drossel, OlgaMay 8, 18614114-342Martin Drossel
Christina Heyer
Drossel, Wm.Nov. 16, 190228568-3405Ernest Drossel
Minnie Simph
Drossell, AlfredSept. 6, 18872322-87Ernst Drossell
Mina Sempf
Drott, {Female}Feb. 12, 190228253-1516John Drott
Mary Mathes
Drott, BarbaraOct. 27, 18537137-410Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, CarolinaOct. 27, 18537137-409Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, ElisabetheJuly 28, 1857File43Martin Drott
Margaret Polster
Drott, ElizabethJuly 28, 18577136-407Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, George JohnNov. 19, 190210366 
Drott, GeorgeJune 12, 18557136-408Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, JohnApril 29, 18597136-406Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, Maria M.E.June 6, 187515183-546Martin Drott
Elizabeth Sander
Drott, Martin A.{dam}Oct. 28, 1870355-163Martin Drott
Lisette Sander
Drott, MartinOct. 28, 18706184-551Martin Drott
Drott, Philip
{Wasn't indexed}
March 16, 1871359-173Philip Kissinger
{A married man,
son of Jacob Kissinger}
Caroline I. Drott
Drott, Philipp
{Wasn't indexed}
March 16, 18716184-542No father Listed
Caroline I. Drott
Drott, ValentinMay 14, 18627135-405Martin Drott, Sr.
Drott, William H.Feb. 12, 187315131-390Martin Drott
Elizabeth Sander
Druge, FredyMarch 28, 189525586-2343Henry Druge
Louise Lange
Drumer, AnnieDec. 26, 189325193-769Michael Drumer
Barbara Weltzer
Drumer, Laura
{Twin to Luise}
{Born at 8:00}
Nov. 4, 189626425-1699John Drumer
Annie Horn
Drumer, Luise
{Twin to Laura}
{Born at 8:30}
Nov. 4, 189626425-1698John Drumer
Annie Horn
Drummer, MichelSept. 24, 189023463-1851Michel Drummer
Barbra Metcher
Du Mez, AntonyFeb. 23, 18601183-247Anthony Du Mes
Hermina Bernschot
Du Mez, Ethel P.{auline}April 28, 190328542-3251Henry Du Mez
Lizzie Theune
Du Mez, GerhardJuly 20, 18561182-245Anthony Du Mes
Hermina Bernschot
Du Mez, Gladys J.{ane}Dec. 4, 190612219John Du Mez
Gertrude Graaskamp
Du Mez, JamesDec. 17, 188522107-426Jan Du Mez
Jennie Respalje
Du Mez, Lester S.Aug. 7, 190128541-3245Henry Du Mez
Lizzie Theune
Du Mez, Mary
{Twin to Rosa}
April 23, 188923123-492Samuel Du Mez
Janna Ongena
Du Mez, Mary
{Rosa on Record}
{Twin to Mary}
April 23, 188923124-493Samuel Du Mez
Janna Ongena
Du Mez, MichteldAug. 19, 18581182-246Anthony Du Mes
Hermina Bernschot
Du Mez, Ruby JaneDec. 1927109-653Samuel Du Mez
Laura Thuene
Du Mez, SusannaJuly 30, 18551167-201Anthony Du Mes
Hermina Bernschot
Du Mez, Viola A.{polona}Oct. 14, 19002812-70Samuel Du Mez
Laura Thuene
Du Miz, AnnaJan. 22, 18702115--341Samuel Du Miz
Janna Angena
Du Miz, Wilhelmina {Gesina}Feb. 10, 188421237-1422Samuel Du Miz
Janna Gezina Angena
Dubben, Clarence R.April 7, 1906101118 
Dubben, Emma MariaJune 6, 1901141425 
Dubben, Oscar CarlAug. 29, 1892141352 
Ducho, (SB)
{No gender listed}
May 18, 189124494-1972Gottfried Ducho
Ducho, WilliamMarch 15, 189023513-2049Gottfried Ducho
Emuline Ramsit
Duchow, {Male}March 15, ??23470-1880Gothfried Duchow
Ernstine Reums
Duchow, {Male}Nov. 7, 190228502-3010Wm. Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, AgnesSept. 27, 189526114-455Wilhelm Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, AlfredApril 24, 1895266-22Fritz Duchow
Friederike Janke
Duchow, ElisabethMarch 16, 189425242-968Wilhelm Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, EmilJan. 4, 190228339-2030Wm. Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, EmilieApril 15, 189023380-1519Christ Duchow
Louise Jurgle
Duchow, EmmaFeb. 10, 189123614-2456Wilhelm Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, Erich F.{redrich}Dec. 29, 189827294-1759Friedrich Duchow
Christine Jahnke
Duchow, ErwinNov. 19, 189325195-780Fredricke Duchow
Christine Baumehl
Duchow, FranzApril 27, 18952612-48Christian Duchow
Louise Juergen
Duchow, GustavApril 17, 189224336-1341Wilhelm Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, HelenaMarch 24, 189324619-2475Gotfried Duchow
Ernestine Remus
Duchow, HenriettaJan. 19, 190027496-2971Wm. Duchow
Maria Beiersdorf
Duchow, MarieSept. 27, 189526101-403Wm. Duchow
Marie Beiersdorf
Duchow, PaulaOct. 12, 18972791-542William Duchow
Maria Beiersdorf
Duenk, ArnieDec. 27, 188622104-415Gerret Dunk
Gertruda Weners
Duenk, ElizabethApril 19, 1882103117 
Duenk, JennieDec. 15, 1874103139 
Duenk, MaryAug. 2, 1872103170 
Duenkel, Christine E.Feb. 24, 18561188-563Christian F. Duenkel
Louise Krause
Duenkel, FriederickeApril 29, 18511187-560Christian F. Duenkel
Louise Krause
Duenkel, FriedrickApril 4, 18541188-562Christian F. Duenkel
Louise Krause
Duenkel, George C.E.Aug. 1, 18521187-561Christian F. Duenkel
Louise Krause
Duenkel, GeorgeOct. 10, 187620279-835Edward Duenkel
Auguste Steckhan
Duenkel, HermanMarch 11, 187920272-814Edward Duenkel
Auguste Steckhan
Duenkel, Maria A.L.Sept. 1, 18601188-564Christian F. Duenkel
Louise Krause
Duenkel, PaulaAug. 31, 187719166-497 
Duenkler, Elsa F.{riedericke}June 28, 189224286-1144Theodor Karl Duenkler
Dorathea Kummer
Duerr, William G.June 20, 1860169-207John Ph. Duerr
Christine Abele
Dugalman, AnthonyJune 13, 18511637-110Augustus Dugalman
V. Hinhrch
Duggan, EdwardNov. 6, 18541461-182William Duggan
Nancy Murphy
Duggan, Eliza H.Dec. 21, 18591461-183William Duggan
Nancy Murphy
Duggan, Nancy M.March 23, 18561462-185William Duggan
Nancy Murphy
Duggan, PeterAug. 28, 18651462-186William Duggan
Nancy Murphy
Duggan, William H.Dec. 24, 18521462-184William Duggan
Nancy Murphy
Duhmes, EmmaJuly 31, 189526167-668Albert Duhmes
Minnie Onnink
Duhn, Otto C.{arl}Oct. 12, 188321222-1330Johann Duhn
Wilhelmine Hedrich
Duijvekot, MaatjeJune 19, 1897Misc. Y209Laurens Duijvekot
Elizabeth Geldof
Dulmes, (SB){Male}June 28, 190027622-3730Albert Dulmes
Minnie Onnink
Dulmes, {Female}June 28, 18912471-282Albert Dulmes
Minnie Onnink
Dulmes, AlbertNov. 11, 18679191-532Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, AliceJan. 29, 189626509-2036John H. Dulmes
Gertie Pietenpol
Dulmes, ChesterFeb. 23, 1898101155 
Dulmes, ChesterNov. 29, 18962724-144Albert Dulmes
Minnie Onnink
Dulmes, ClaraJuly 24, 189224447-1784Garot Dulmes
Dora Ernessa
Dulmes, Derk W.Dec. 28, 1853114-12J. Albert Dulmes
Berendina Sakkink
Dulmes, DienaNov. 13, 1871117-19Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, EarlOct. 28, 190328567-3400Dirk W. Dulmes
Anna Wynbeen
Dulmes, Ellis {Male}Aug. 23, 190128203-1213Albert Dulmes
Minnie Oonnink
Dulmes, EstorJune 9, 189325154-613Albert Dulmes
Minnie Onnink
Dulmes, Garret J.May 1, 18639200-561Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, GasienaJuly 15, 1866116-17Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, GraceJune 28, 1891103266 
Dulmes, Hannah C.Nov. 22, 1855115-13Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, Harley J.Nov. 29, 18962724-143Henry J. Dulmes
Jane C. Heinen
Dulmes, Harley
{Twin to Harvey}
April 20, 190027512-3067William Dulmes
Delia Blomers
Dulmes, Harvey
{Twin to Harley}
April 20, 190027512-3068William Dulmes
Delia Blomers
Dulmes, Helen R.{uby}Jan. 9, 189827135-808Hendrik Dulmes
Janna Gesina Heinen
Dulmes, HenriettaOct. 20, 189526163-652Garot John Dulmes
Sara H. Ernessa
Dulmes, HenrikaMarch 1, 187210127-380Gerhard Dulmes
Hermina Ross
Dulmes, Henry J.Aug. 24, 18599200-560Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, Hilbert J.{ohn}Aug. 14, 190027621-3723Henry J. Dulmes
Jane C. Heinen
Dulmes, Jan H.May 21, 1858115-14Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, Jane B.Sept. 23, 18659200-559Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, Janna H.June 9, 1861115-15Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, Jessa G.Jan. 7, 189526175-697John W. Dulmes
Delia Bloemers
Dulmes, John H.Aug. 1, 18589191-534Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, John W.Oct. 19, 18569191-533Henry John Dulmes
Gesina Droppers
Dulmes, LenaJuly 27, 189927372-2232John Henry Dulmes
Gertrude Pietenpol
Dulmes, Lester J.Jan. 9, 190228256-1534D. W. Dulmes
Anna Wynveen
Dulmes, MabelAug. 2, 189927373-2233Garret John Dulmes
Dora H. Eernisse
Dulmes, MaryJuly 21, 189325150-600John H. Dulmes
Gerty Pietenpol
Dulmes, MinaApril 20, 1869116-18Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmes, RaymondJuly 14, 189626503-2009Dirk W. Dulmes
Anna Wynneen
Dulmes, RubyOct. 30, 190511084 
Dulmes, TheodoraDec. 19, 1862116-16Jan A. Dulmes
Berendina Sikking
Dulmus, {Male}Dec. 9, 190529444-2657Wm. Dulmus
Anna Wyenbeen
Dulmus, {Female}March 17, 190629447-2674Albert Dulmus
Minnie Onnink
Dulmus, Abram H.{oward}Nov. 10, 190128288-1726Garret J. Dulmus
Dora H. Ernisse
Dulmus, FlorenceJuly 21, 190429112-672Garret J. Dulmus
Dora H. Ernisse
Dulmus, Ruben H.{erold}March 18, 190027512-3069William Dulmus
Anna Wynveen
Dulmus, RuthJan. 14, 190529243-1456Albert Dulmus
?? Onnink
Duncan, Stanley W.Nov. 13, 1904106335 
Duneven, DanielMarch 23, 18802051-153Philip Duneven
Mary Kelley
Duneven, WilliamNov. 3, 18772034-101Philip Duneven
Mary Kelley
Dungar, Frank W.July 20, 189425305-1218Louis Dungar
Anna Riemer
Dunger, Freda E.{lise} B.{ertha}May 29, 189626272-1087Louis Dunger
Anna Reamer
Dunger, Minna
{Record was changed
see added info}
Jan. 3, 189827131-783Louis Wunger
Anna Riemer
Added info
Dunk, {Female}April 24, 188019292-874John G. Dunk
Gertrude Weavers
Dunk, Aaltjen {Female}Dec. 12, 188722221-882Jacob Dunk
Mina Kolste
Dunk, ArthurOct. 5, 188923225-900Konoe Dunk
Grada Mina Kolste
Dunk, CliffordJan. 20, 189525546-2183John Dunk
Geertine Walvoors
Dunk, GraceMarch 26, 189726567-2267Kona Dunk
Hermina Kolste
Dunk, LizzieJuly 26, 187719293-875John G. Dunk
Gertrude Weavers
Dunken, MinardJuly 21, 187619133-398Joseph Dunken
Heretta Townsen
Dunn, {Female}April 26, 188822457-1827Thomas Dunn
Marion Graff
Dunn, {Female}March 17, 189425488-1951George Dunn
None listed
Dunn, GeneviveMay 27, 1900286-35Dominick Dunn
Lucy McElroy
Dunn, JohnNov. 26, 189727108-646Dominic Dunn
Lucy McElroy
Dunn, JosephMarch 30, 189626457-1825Dominic Dunn
Lucy McElhoy
Dunn, Mary G.Jan. 9, 189526175-698Dominick Dunn
Lucy McElroy
Dunnewald, SamuelMarch 6, 18591119-55John Dunnewald
Theodora Beemers
Dunnewold, DinaMay 3, 18621119-56John Dunnewald
Theodora Beemers
Dunnewold, HannahApril 16, 18571118-54John Dunnewald
Theodora Beemers
Dunnewold, Theodor J.{ohn}Sept. 30, 18852242-167Samuel Dunnewold
Johanna Wilderdink
Dupies, NicolasAug. 2, 189927364-2180John Dupies
Anna Rees
Duppold, TheresaMarch 3, 18641270-807Lorenz Duppold
Pauline Theilig
Durkee, HeleneApril 17, 188923132-527John Durkee
Ida Grunewald
Durow, Adolphus F.Sept. 4, 1869358-170Alexander Durow
Julia Schmidt
Durow, Carl C.{hristian} W.{illiam}May 11, 1871870-209Alexander Durow
Julia Schmidt
Durow, Otto A.Aug. 6, 18721432-95Alexander Durow
Julia Schmidt
Durr, Jacob F.(rederic}April 7, 1858File48John Philip Durr
Christina Abel
Durst, {Female}March 19, 190027510-3059John Durst
Louisa Meyers
Durst, Walter J.
{Record states a Female ??}
April 19, 189626483-1930John Durst
Louisa Sofa Huerschmeyer
Dusold, {Female}Sept. 14,1 88823249-996George Dusold
Ida Gehr
Dwire, RaymondSept. 4, 18932575-300Wm. Dwire
Kate Gahagan
Dye, Beecher K.{enyon}May 30, 18551254-160Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, EllaApril 23, 18541262-186A. G. Dye
W. M. Farmin
Dye, Joseph B.{reed}April 7, 18611253-157Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, Julius H.{enry}April 13, 18721263-187Adrew Dye
Kato Kellner
Dye, Lucy A.{sinath}Sept. 28, 18581252-156Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, Mary A.{nna}April 27, 18651253-159Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, Maurice E.Nov. 15, 18561252-155Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, Rollo O.{rnesta}Aug. 15, 18631253-158Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dye, Ruby E.{valine}Oct. 22, 18671252-154Alonza Dye
Sarah Feltt Breed
Dyke, Eugene L.{eonard}Oct. 28, 189325147-588Leonard Dyke
Anna M. Albright
Dyker, Arnold H.{arold}Feb. 28, 190529243-1454Wm. J. Dyker
Maggie C. Hospers
Dykma, RoseSept. 18, 18941105 

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