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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Dh - Dn"

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Dhein, AndreesJune 24, 1864510-28Joseph Dhein
Christina Will
Dhein, AnnaNov. 15, 186559-27Joseph Dhein
Christina Will
Dhein, Hildegarde C.Dec. 21, 189425518-2069Andrew G. Dhein
Minnie Vandenberg
Dhein, Johan J.Sept. 25, 1856510-29Joseph Dhein
Christina Will
Dhein, Lillian F.{rancis}June 10, 189827194-1163Andrew G. Dhein
Wilhelmina Van Danberg
Dhein, WilhelmMay 5, 1854510-30Joseph Dhein
Christina Will
Di Vine, Walter D.{aniel}Sept. 10, 189425391-1562Robert Di Vine
Clara Bailey
Diamon, {Male}March 9, 188521360-2154David Diamon
Mena Arnbruster
Diamon, AliceAug. 25, 18881035 
Dick, Lorny
{Toney / Antonnie on Record}
March 5, 188021126-756Frederick Dick
Kate Mise
Dick, Ottille L.{ouise}Dec. 18, 188221174-1040Frederick Dick
Katharina Mais
Dickau, Alex
{Deckau on Record}
April 6, 188722245-980Johan Deckau
Dorothee Marron
Dicke, {Male}March 20, 189827269-1612Louis Dicke
Miss Dobert
Dicke, {Male}May 23, 189425498-1991Louis Dicke
Miss Deport
Dicke, ClaraApril 23, 188521348-2087Fred Dicke
Katy Mais
Dicke, Edelka H.Sept. 15, 189927446-2672William Dicke
?? Dobbart
Dicke, Edgar P.June 23, 18972764-381Wm. Dicke
Miss Daeburt
Dicke, FrankApril 10, 1891101153 
Dicke, George L.{ouis}May 18, 1882122155Charles F. Dicke
Margaret Ann Sym
Dicke, Harry HenryJune 29, 1878101389 
Dicke, Henry R.{obert}April 29, 1886122157Charles F. Dicke
Margaret Ann Sym
Dicke, Isabel B.{arbera}March 6, 1884122156Charles F. Dicke
Margaret Ann Sym
Dickemore, {Male}Oct. 24, 189425392-1567Larry Dickemore
Tillie Bellrose
Dickemore, {Female}Sept. 18, 189224416-1661Larray Dickemore
Tillie Bellrose
Dickenje{n}u, MarieNov. 9, 189224543-2170Charles Dickenjenu
Lizzie Bremer
Dickenschied, PeterAug. 27, 189124100-397Charles I. Dickenschied
Elizabeth Bremer
Dickhoff, Gustave A.{rthur}March 30, 18742189-532Johann H. Dickmann
Maria Marg. Wagner
Dickman, AlwineSept. 22, 187818218-650Fredrick Dickman
Louise Hanke
Dickman, AugustOct. 18, 18679130-352Friedrich Dickman
Louis Hanke
Dickman, EmmaMay 25, 187918220-654Arnold Dickman
Jane Bierman
Dickman, FerdinandNov. 26, 1871937-108Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickman, HeinrichJuly 17, 18628105-313Friedrich Dickman
Louis Hanke
Dickman, IdaAug. 25, 18649130-353Friedrich Dickman
Louis Hanke
Dickman, JohnApril 14, 1868937-110 
Dickman, LuisFeb. 2, 1870937-109Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickman, OttoApril 26, 1866938-111Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickman, RobertAug. 1, 1862939-114Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickman, RoseFeb. 11, 1864938-112Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickman, ValentinSept. 23, 1863938-113Adolf Dickman
Hanna Bierman
Dickmann, {Female}May 13, 188221161-962Theodor Dickmann
?? Ohereich
Dickmann, AdaleNov. 23, 189727178-1068George Dickmann
Mary Voss
Dickmann, EddieJan. 21, 189324550-2197Valentine Dickmann
Henriette Kaeser
Dickmann, Edna A.{nna}Sept. 25, 189224387-1548Louis Dickmann
Maria Herman
Dickmann, Frederic R.Aug. 1, 18611226-677Arnold Dickmann
Johanna Biermann
Dickmann, Lillia E.{lsa}Feb. 9, 189123612-2446Louis Dickmann
Maria Grams
Dickmann, LouiseMarch 23, 189726548-2189John Dickmann
Mary Burchardt
Dickmann, Ludwig F. A.April 18, 1852387-251Gerhard Dickmann
Dickmann, Maria H.July 21, 1861388-253Gerhard Dickmann
Dickmann, Oscar {Peter}Oct. 18, 189927401-2406John Dickmann
Mary Benchel
Dickmann, Theador H.Nov. 6, 1853387-252Gerhard Dickmann
Dickmann, WalleDec. 22, 189425529-2114Louis Dickmann
Mary Prass
Dickou, HellmuthJan. 17, 189224215-859John Dickou
Doratha Maron
Dickow, Carl Wm.Nov. 27, 1897Misc. O179-80Paul Dickow
Agnes Erbach
Dickrell, {Male}Jan. 30, 190027527-3157Joe Dickrell
Miss Raeder
Dieckelmann, Maria M.Dec. 4, 1859186-257
{actually 256}
Carl Dieckelmann
Sophia Buse
Dieckhof, AnnaApril 27, 1861182-246Henry Dieckhof
Catharine Akermann
Dieckhof, CarolineSept. 18, 1852182-244Henry Dieckhof
Catharine Akermann
Dieckhof, MariaMarch 21, 1856182-245Henry Dieckhof
Catharine Akermann
Dieckhoff, Charles E.{mil}Oct. 26, 18694188-564Johann Heinrich Dieckhoff
Maria Margaretha Wagner
Dieckhoff, John R.{oland}Jan. 13, 18684188-563Johann Heinrich Dieckhoff
Maria Margaretha Wagner
Dieckhoff, Rudolf H.{einrich}Feb. 14, 18664188-562Johann Heinrich Dieckhoff
Maria Margaretha Wagner
Dieckhoff, William O.{scar}March 16, 18714187-561Johann Heinrich Dieckhoff
Maria Margaretha Wagner
Dieckman, {Female}Dec. 18, 189325294-1176Theodore Dieckman
Mary Oberlich
Dieckman, Emma C.{lara} L.{ouisa}Feb. 17, 187515179-534Gerhard Dieckman
Dieckman, Gerhard K.July 2, 18692141-420Gerhard Dieckman
Dieckman, HermannOct. 21, 189224435-1738Henry Dieckman
Wilhelmine Henning
Dieckman, Louise I.Nov. 15, 1866224-71Gerhard Dieckman
Dieckmann, {Male}Dec. 27, 188421311-1865Valentine Dieckmann
Henriette Koeser
Dieckmann, {Female}Dec. 8, 189526216-863John Dieckmann
Mary Burkhardt
Dieckmann, {Female}Feb. 14, 189123584-2335Theodor Dieckmann
Mary Oberreich
Dieckmann, {Female}March 3, 188822397-1585Valentin Dieckmann
Henriette Koeser
Dieckmann, {Male}May 11, 189626274-1095George Dieckmann
Minna Voss
Dieckmann, Friedrich J.Feb. 25, 187415177-527Louis Dieckmann
Dieckmann, Henriette G.{ertraude}May 13, 188221151-904Theodor Dieckmann
Maria Oberreich
Dieckmann, HenryNov. 30, 189023546-2181Henry Dieckmann
E. Hemmings
Dieckmann, Ida {Elouise Johanna}Sept. 23, 189626364-1455Henry Dieckmann
Wilhelmine Hennings
Dieckmann, Laura L.{ouise}Feb. 4, 188421294-1760Theodor Dieckmann
Maria Oberreich
Dieckmann, LenoreNov. 15, 188722352-1405Theodore Dieckmann
Mary Oberreich
Dieckmann, PaulJan. 22, 189927296-1775Henry Dieckmann
Wilhelmina Hennings
Dieckmann, Theodore G.{erhard}Aug. 19, 18852233-129Theodore Dieckmann
Mary Oberreich
Diederich, CarlSept. 10, 188722286-1143Hugo Diederich
Maria Poppel
Diedrich, Fritts
{Deidrich on Record}
June 6, 185214166-497George Deidrich
Maggie Poah
Diedrich, Libbie
{Deidrich on Record}
Oct. 15, 185414166-498George Deidrich
Maggie Poah
Diedrich, Mary A.Oct. 26, 186114167-499George Diedrich
Magie Poah
Diedrich, NoahFeb. 28, 188923275-1099John Diedrich
Sarah Peters
Diedrick, Cora Marg'tFeb. 24, 189214147 
Diedrick, Jessie MayMay 13, 188114150 
Diedrick, Maude EdnaAug. 4, 188514151 
Diefenthaeler, {Female}Nov. 28, 189023539-2153John Diefenthaler
Mary Hartmann
Diefenthaeler, {Female}Sept. 8, 189626441-1764John Diefenthaeler
Mary Hartmann
Diefenthaeler, Wanda E.{lizabeth}Nov. 18, 188923282-1125John Diefenthaler
Mary Hartmann
Diefenthaeler, WilliamJuly 27, 18932515-57John Diefenthaeler
Mary Hartmann
Diefenthaler, EllenMay 6, 18576175-523A. Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, EvaOct. 11, 18676176-526Jacob Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, FredrickJune 30, 18636175-525Jacob Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, GeorgeMay 12, 18546173-519A. Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, JacobJune 17, 18721433-97Jacob Diefenthaler
Elizabeth Weizel
Diefenthaler, JohnJuly 30, 18656175-524Jacob Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, JohnMarch 9, 18586174-521A. Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, MargarethDec. 13, 18646174-522A. Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, Mary A.Nov. 18, 187618105-315Jacob Diefenthaler
Elisabeth Weizel
Diefenthaler, MethaJuly 14, 18912444-174John Diefenthaler
Louisa Schmidt
Diefenthaler, MinaJuly 23, 18616174-520A. Diefenthaler
Diefenthaler, William P.March 4, 187515185-551Jacob Diefenthaler
Elisabeth Weigel
Diehl, {Male}Aug. 22, 188321198-1183August Diehl
None listed
Diehl, {Male}Jan. 18, 188521359-2152Paul Diehl
Anna Eickmeyer
Diehl, AlbertJune 18, 189726601-2404Willie Diehl
Bertha Bos
Diehl, Clara J.{ulia}April 8, 18641563-184Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, ElizabethApril 15, 186014189-566Sebastian Diehl
Barbara Lynch
Diehl, FrancesApril 3, 18561564-187Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, George M.{elvin}Nov. 1, 18701565-190Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, Ida LouiseMarch 4, 1882103173 
Diehl, Ivan
{Record was changed
See added info}
Nov. 13, 189727113-673Jac. Wiehl
Mary Sexton
See added info
Diehl, JacobMarch 1, 18601563-185Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, Jane M.June 16, 18581563-186Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, JosephJuly 5, 189525624-2494Joseph Diehl
Lena Remy
Diehl, JosephJuly 5, 18952616-64Joseph Diehl
Lena Remy
Diehl, JosephMarch 25, 185614189-565Sebastian Diehl
Barbara Lynch
Diehl, JosephineJan. 27, 189324549-2194Frank Diehl
Elisabeth Shufflebotham
Diehl, LewisApril 26, 18531564-189Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, LouisMarch 20, 18912428-110Jacob Diehl
Mary Sexton
Diehl, Louise M.C.Oct. 24, 187420260-778Paul Diehl
Anna Eickmeier
Diehl, MagdaleneApril 28, 188923110-438Sebastian Diehl
Mary Meier
Diehl, Manne C.{arlton}July 11, 18932548-190Jacob Diehl
Mary Sexton
Diehl, Margret A.{nna} M.{ary}Aug. 24, 18541564-188Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, Mary A.{lzina}Jan. 29, 18671565-191Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Diehl, MaryAug. 11, 185814190-568Sebastian Diehl
Barbara Lynch
Diehl, PaulSept. 3, 18972761-366Joseph Diehl
Helen Remmy
Diehl, SebastianMay 27, 185314189-567Sebastian Diehl
Barbara Lynch
Diehl, Willie J.March 18, 187720260-777Paul Diehl
Anna Eickmeier
Diehl, ZachriahDec. 12, 18611562-183Casper Diehl
Alzina O'Dell
Dieken, EmmaOct. 25, 18882313-51Carl Dieken
Elizabeth Bermer
Diekert, {Female}Jan. 4, 189224462-1845Philip Diekert
Minnie Mater
Diekmann, {Female}Nov. 8, 189425454-1814George Diekmann
Mary Voss
Dieleman, JohannisMay 6, 18597168-503Pieter Dieleman
Catharina Kremes
Dieleman, KrinaOct. 8, 18647169-505Pieter Dieleman
Catharina Kremes
Dieleman, PieterSept. 25, 18607168-504Pieter Dieleman
Catharina Kremes
Diels, {Female}July 15, 190027557-3340George Diels
Lisbet Voler
Diers, Anna M.{aria}Oct. 7, 1853File46Christian Conrad Diers
Catherine Himmelskamp
Diers, EllaAug. 16, 189224347-1388Fritz Diers
Emma Hineman
Diers, OlivaJan. 30, 190027488-2926Herman Diers
Hetwig Sieboldt
Diers, Raymond E.E.May 29, 189425334-1334Fritz Diers
Emma Heinemann
Diestelhorst, AlvinJune 22, 189425367-1466Carl Diestelhorst
Ida Albrecht
Diestelhorst, Augusta T.{heodora}March 23, 190027519-3113Louis Diestelhorst
Anna Ihlenfeld
Diestelhorst, FriedrichJuly 24, 186011139-414Friedrich Diestelhorst
Rosina Remmers
Diestelhorst, RosineJan. 19, 185811139-413Friedrich Diestelhorst
Rosina Remmers
Dietch, {Female}July 19, 189325164-654John Dietch
Fanny Brown
Dietrichvandan, IdaApril 3, 18701195-285Wilhelm Dietrichvandan
Sophie Thies
Dietsch, Ann E.Jan. 7, 18541097-291John Dietsch
Kinngrinda Walz
Dietsch, CharlesJan. 25, 18571097-292John Dietsch
Kinngrinda Walz
Dietsch, HenryFeb. 12, 18591097-290John Dietsch
Kinngrinda Walz
Dietsch, Leila A.{nna}Jan. 7, 1886122112Charles George Dietsch
Minnie Jane Vanderhoof
Dietsche, Leland C.June 13, 189619693 
Dietz, {Male}July 29, 189927428-2567Frederick Dietz
Amanda Vater
Dille, {Female}Jan. 24, 188822374-1493Miller Dille
Wilhelmine Suerfling
Dille, HortenseDec. 10, 188221175-1046Frank L. Dille
Rose Sumter
Dilley, Jessie M.{innie}Nov. 1, 189224448-1788H. M. Dilley
Minnie Serfling
Dillman, {Male}May 25, 190027543-3255Peter Dillman
?? De Munck
Dillman, Kathryn E.{lenore}Sept. 6, 189927390-2335John Gerold Dillman
Charlotte M. Ogle
Dillman, Oliver J.{ames}Aug. 14, 189124171-684James R. Dillman
Minnie DeMunk
Dillon, Willis G.{ail}Sept. 10, 189927404-2421John Dillon
Abigaif Willis
Dimmer, BarbaraJune 25, 188822483-1930Peter Dimmer
Barbara Shortzen
Dimmer, MargaretMay 21, 18952674-295Peter Dimmer
Barbara Schortjen
Dimmer, PieterSept. 4, 189224396-1582Pieter Dimmer
Barbara Schortjen
Dindel, AgnesAug. 18, 187012122-364John Dindel
Anna Tibertin
Dinill, EllaOct. 5, 189224398-1590Martin Dinill
Marry Bellros
Dins, Charles W.Oct. 22, 187430212-1268Julius Frederick Dins
Minnie Ecke
Dins, Elmer Chas.June 29, 190228345-2069Charles Dins
Matilda Edler
Dinwiddie, Alice E.Aug. 2, 187918276-823Clark Dinwiddie
Roda Morgan
Dinwiddie, Mary S.April 22, 187718266-792Clark Dinwiddie
Roda Morgan
Dippel, {Female}April 16, 189425382-1525Charles Dippel
Alma Brown
Dippel, DeliaJune 29, 189224404-1616Chas. Dippel
Alma Brown
Dippel, ElsaDec. 1, 189325380-1518Herman Dippel
Tine Herden
Dippel, Hildegarde {J.}Jan. 29, 189827148-883Charles Dippel
Alma Brown
Dippel, RichardJan. 16, 189626399-1595Chas Dippel
Alma Brown
Dippel, RosaJan. 17, 189626399-1596Herman Dippel
Tena Hayden
Dippel, RudolphJan. 30, 189124151-601Herman Dippel
Tine Heyden
Dipple, AlmaApril 16, 189927355-2129Herman F. Dipple
Tena Heiden
Dippold, Carl F.Feb. 9, 1862523-67Lorenz Dippold
Johanna Pauline Thielig
Dippold, Emma K.B.Aug. 18, 1865522-65Lorenz Dippold
Johanna Pauline Thielig
Dippold, HermanJan. 28, 1871522-64Lorenz Dippold
Johanna Pauline Thielig
Dippold, Mima A.Sept. 1, 1868523-66Lorenz Dippold
Johanna Pauline Thielig
Dippran, MaryNov. 19, 189325205-819Denes Dippran
Katie Degen
Dircks, {Male}Sept. 7, 18952659-236Jacob Dircks
Emelia Ortmeyer
Dircks, HenryMarch 3, 18596179-537Cornelius Dircks
Dircks, JacobSept. 4, 18626180-538Cornelius Dircks
Dircks, JosephDec. 30, 18566180-539Cornelius Dircks
Dirkes, JakobesApril 1, 18715151-450Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirks, {Male}Aug. 15, 189425360-1440Joseph Dirks
Amelie Ottmeier
Dirks, {Female}
Nov. 2, 18802182-487Peter Dirks
Henriette Wehrmann
Dirks, {Female}
Nov. 2, 18802182-488Peter Dirks
Henriette Wehrmann
Dirks, ElmerAug. 25, 189827234-1403Peter Dirks
Anna Muth
Dirks, JohnAug. 6, 18611226-676Cornelius Peter Dirks
Magdalena Wagner
Dir{c}ks, PeterAug. 3, 18666179-536Cornelius Dircks
Dirkse, {Female}
{Gerarda Berendina on Record}
Dec. 20, 188421307-1837Jan Dirkse
Dina Dekker
Dirkse, {Male}Jan. 14, 189324565-2259Pieter Dirkse
Leuntje Peene
Dirkse, Adrianna S.{uzanna}May 18, 188722261-1043Adrian Dirkse
Suzanna Van Akkeren
Dirkse, Ann
{Cornelia on Record}
March 28, 18892383-330Huebrecht Dirkse
Dina Roerdink
Dirkse, Anne {Johanna}Feb. 14, 189827146-873Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, BerendinaAug. 29, 188622144-575 
Dirkse, CorneliaMay 11, 188722242-968Huibrecht Dirkse
Dina Roerdink
Dirkse, EvertSept. 18, 18952685-340Pieter Dirkse
Hanna Hartman
Dirkse, Gerrit H.{endrik}May 7, 189224316-1263Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, GesinaDec. 5, 188923293-1169Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, Gesina
{Name was offically changed to Bertha Wilhelmine}
Oct. 1, 189425450-1800Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, HarryApril 7, 189525569-2273Jan Dirkse
Dina Dekker
Dirkse, Hattie G.{esina}May 1, 190027514-3080Peter Dirkse
Hanna Berendina Hartman
Dirkse, HattieSept. 21, 189927391-2345Jan Dirkse
Dina Dekkers
Dirkse, HendrikSept. 5, 186923515-2057Willeboord Dirkse
Pieternella De Pagter
Dirkse, HendrikaFeb. 21, 189927345-2070Jacobus Dirkse
Janna Obrink
Dirkse, HenrySept. 6, 18695150-449Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirkse, Herbert J.April 7, 189726597-2386Jan Dirkse
Dina Dekkers
Dirkse, HuibregtSept. 18, 18615150-447Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirkse, Ida S.{uzanna}March 23, 190027506-3034Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, JacobusApril 1, 187123515-2058Willeboord Dirkse
Pieternella De Pagter
Dirkse, JahannaOct. 5, 187523515-2059Willeboord Dirkse
Pieternella De Pagter
Dirkse, Janna B.{erendina}Sept. 7, 189325110-438Peter Dirkse
Hanna Hartmann
Dirkse, JohannaFeb. 28, 189626271-1082Hendrik Dirkse
Janna Roerdink
Dirkse, JohannisAug. 18, 187323515-2060Willeboord Dirkse
Pieternella De Pagter
Dirkse, JohnFeb. 23, 18595149-446Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirkse, NellieFeb. 22, 187920109-326Peter Dirkse
Jane Korskott
Dirkse, PeterMarch 2, 18555149-445Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirkse, PieterJan. 13, 189324530-2119Yan Dirkse
Dina Dekkers
Dirkse, PieternellaDec. 31, 188622198-790Jan Dirkse
Dina Dekkers
Dirkse, SuzannaJune 18, 189726598-2391Pieter Dirkse
Hanna Berendina Hartmann
Dirkse, SuzannaOct. 29, 18645150-448Wilbert Dirkse
Peternally de Pogler
Dirkse, WilbertJune 24, 18972745-266Jacobus Dirkse
Janna Obrink
Dirkse, Willebaard
{Willeboord on record}
Jan. 23, 189224225-899Pieter Dirkse
Hanna Berendina Hartmann
Dirkse, WilleboordMarch 6, 189123603-2412Huibregt Dirkse
Dina Roerding
Dirkse, Willeboord
{Willeboard on Record}
March 7, 18862265-260Hubrecht Dirkse
Dina Roerdink
Dirksen, PieterJuly 10, 188622134-535Pieter Dirksen
Adriana Westerbeck
Dirske, JanSept. 20, 189023448-1790Jan Dirske
Dina Dekkers
Distelhorst, CarlNov. 18, 186811140-415 
Distelhorst, FriedrichApril 27, 18571043-128Friedrich Distelhorst
L. Alberti
Distelhorst, HeleneMarch 3, 187211140-416; 110-104Friedrich Distelhorst
Rosina Remmers
Distelhorst, LinaMay 27, 18521042-127F. Distelhorst
L. Alberty
Distelhorst, Louis T.Nov. 27, 18481246-736Louis Theodore Distelhorst
Friedericke C. Kramer
Distelhorst, RosieneJan. 19, 183811139-413Friedrich Diestelhorst
Rosina Remmers
Distelhorst, Walter L.{ouis} W.{illiam}Sept. 30, 1883122380Fred A. Distelhorst
Philippene Boeger
Distelhorst, WilhelmDec. 5, 185411139-412Friedrich Diestelhorst
Rosina Remmers
Ditterich, LauraMay 29, 190228294-1764Aesenius Ditterich
Anna Foyl
Dittes, {Male}Feb. 7, 189023376-1502Fred Dittes
Louisa Michaels
Dittes, ClarenceJan. 12, 189525628-2512George Dittes
Minnie Michaels
Dittes, Ella
{Record was changed
See added info}
Jan. 25, 189827130-779Geo. Wittes
Minna Michaels
Added Info
Dittes, Otto J.Sept. 2, 189626351-1404Jac. Dittes
Emma Michels
Dittes, Walter J.July 23, 189224324-1294Fred Dittes
Louisa Michaels
Dittmaier, Bertha W.L.Dec. 30, 18601166-497Johann C. Dittmaier
Louise Krause
Dittmaier, Henriette M.Dec. 30, 18601166-498Johann C. Dittmaier
Louise Krause
Dittmann, ArnoApril 11, 189927356-2131Carl Dittmann
Wilemina Blum
Dittmann, AugustaJuly 28, 187718268-798Julius Dittmann
Mary Nitzche
Dittrich, {Female}Aug. 26, 188923155-619Hugo Dittrich
Maria Bobel
Dittrich, EdwardApril 6, 189123617-2467Hugo Dittrich
Maria Pogl
Divine, Frank M.July 24, 1888103348 
{No Name or Gender on Record}
March 12, 188521332-1986Peter Dix
Gethe Wehrmann
Dix, DellaAug. 2, 188622140-558Peter Dix
Henrietta Werthmann
Dix, Ida A.O.Dec. 22, 187818165-493Peter Dix
Henriette Wehrmann
Dix, MetaNov. 3, 188021104-622Peter Dix
Henriette Wehrmann
Dixon, HaroldDec. 23, 189410193 
Dixon, JennyNov. 21, 18671037-110Eore B. Dixon
Anna Opman
Dlusenoski, HedwigOct. 5, 189224394-1574Yoseo Dlusenoski
Hermina Weber

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