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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index An - Az

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Andersen, {Female}Sept. 22, 188321220-1319James Andersen
Lizzie Pittsley
Andersen, {Male}July 7, 189023439-1755Andrew Andersen
Augusta Olsen
Andersen, Alvin C.March 17, 189726591-2362Chas. Andersen
Ingebord Eeleninger
Andersen, Amanda A.{nna} S.{ophia}April 11, 188923106-423Peter Andersen
Alvina Bransch
Andersen, Arnie Byron WillieFeb. 14, 189123587-2348Peter Andersen
Mollie Brandt
Andersen, Arthur D.{aniel}Nov. 4, 188722355-1418Peter Andersen
Mollie Brandt
Andersin, VictorJan. 8, 19012842-252Andrin Andersin
Gusta Olsin
Anderson, {Female}Dec. 31, 189325180-717S. Anderson
Emma Lorenson
Anderson, {Female}March 13, 188421258-1548Peter Jenning Anderson
Anderson, {Female}March 5, 188622100-398Peter Anderson
Rose E.
Anderson, {Male}Dec. 11, 188823125-500Andrew Anderson
None listed
Anderson, {Male}May 1, 189626268-1069Albert Anderson
Tina Gessert
Anderson, {Female}Feb. 12, 189927434-2600Peter Anderson
None listed
Anderson, {Leslie B.}
Jan. 25, 19012882-487Benj. Anderson
Cucia C. Koch
Anderson, {Male}Jan. 27, 19012872-430Peter Anderson
None listed
Anderson, {Male}Oct. 1, 189927629-3771Charles Anderson
Mollie Olson
Anderson, Sept. 17, 191034447 
Anderson, {Female}Sept. 2, 190328546-3274Charles Anderson
Mollie Olson
Anderson, {Male}Sept. 29, 190128155-925Charles Anderson
Mollie Olson
Anderson, Adolph E.{dwin} R.{obert}March 31, 189123633-2529Robert Henry William Anderson
Theda Elizabeth Quast
Anderson, AlbertJuly 27, 18707157-471Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Alonzo H.{erman}Jan. 22, 189525574-2293Peter Anderson
Molly Brandt
Anderson, Anders J.April 12, 189425271-1084 
Anderson, AugustaSept. 28, 18567156-467Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Austin F. J.March 7, 189827214-1283Wm. Anderson
Clara Detzel
Anderson, BenJan. 27, 190128136-814Peter Anderson
None listed
Anderson, CarlSept. 3, 190629420-2512John Anderson
Paulina Tasarak
Anderson, Cecelia M.{aud}June 29, 190629477-2857Charles Anderson
Mollie Illson
Anderson, Charles M.Aug. 4, 1908328 
Anderson, Charlotte A.Sept. 28, 18561223-667Cornelius Anderson
Ernestine Schwartze
Anderson, Chester A.{ndrew}March 3, 190629449-2688Louis Anderson
Elenor Tulip Richter
Anderson, Clarence T.{heodor}June 9, 190228359-2154Kurt Anderson
Helen Manthey
Anderson, Dagney C.{harlotte}July 15, 189224364-1453Andreas Anderson
Auguste Alsen
Anderson, ElsworthAug. 30, 18932591-362Jos. Anderson
Addie Wilson
Anderson, EmmaSept. 7, 18627156-466Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Era R.{uth} G.{race}Feb. 12, 189927308-1845Peter Anderson
Rosa A. Brandt
Anderson, EsterNov. 23, 189224513-2051Pet Anderson
Alwine Brand
Anderson, EsterSept. 6, 189827234Andrew Anderson
Gusta Olson
Anderson, George W.Sept. 17, 18591224-670Cornelius Anderson
Ernestine Schwartze
Anderson, GeorgeSept. 17, 18597157-469Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Gerta R.{osana}June 13, 18912440-158Swerin Anderson
Emma Sorentson
Anderson, HedwigDec. 10, 188121131-783Andrew Anderson
Wilhelmine H. August
Anderson, Louis Wm.Nov. 14, 187210359 
Anderson, MarcellaFeb. 21, 190933288 
Anderson, Mary AnnMarch 20, 1855File6Cornelius Anderson
Ernestine Maria Schwarz
Anderson, MaryJune 2, 187720197-591Gulleke Anderson
Lizzie Lewis
Anderson, MaryMarch 20, 18557156-468Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Milton F.
{Record shows middle
initial as A.}
Aug. 28, 190328492-2948Benjamin Anderson
Lucy Koch
Anderson, TheresiaOct. 15, 18657157-470Cornelius Anderson
Anderson, Walter PeterJan. 5, 1884103155 
Anderson, William D.May 11, 189425447-1788William Anderson
Clara Detsel
Anderson, WilliamJan. 12, 18687158-472Cornelius Anderson
Andesen, BerthaJune 14, 188923262-1046John Andesen
None listed
Andrae, Martha J.{ulia}Dec. 22, 189927454-2722William Andrae
Mary Riorden
Andre, {Male}Jan. 1, 190529169-1009William Andre
Mary Riordant
Andre, JosephApril 24, 188018318-948John Andre
Elizabeth Katz
Andre, MaryFeb. 26, 187718317-946John Andre
Elizabeth Katz
Andre, Norma C.June 15, 190816930 
Andreitis, Annie MaryDec. 18, 1911351070 
Andreopoulous, AfrathityFeb. 15, 1910332 
Andres, ElsaApril 22, 18892398-390Edmund Andres
Sofi Sarann
Andres, Leone
{Leona on Record}
Sept. 8, 188622189-755Edmund Andres
Sophie Sarau
Andresen, Lydia RuthFeb. 3, 1897141349Severin L. Andresen
Emma R. Lorentzen
Andrew, {Female}July 29, 189626478-1912Frank Andrew
Mary Scheuer
Andrew, AlbertOct. 15, 189827253-1516Martin Andrew
Elsa Liebeg
Andrew, JohnOct. 16, 187620337-1009John Andrew
Magdalena Gauger
Andrew, LydiaJan. 15, 190228335-2008Martin Andrew
Elisabeth Liebl
Andrew, Margred A.Aug. 29, 187520338-1011John Andrew
Magdalena Gauger
Andrew, MaryMarch 25, 187720337-1008John Andrew
Magdalena Gauger
Andrew, Nicholas A.Aug. 10, 1882103262 
Andrew, RosaNov. 29, 187920338-1010John Andrew
Magdalena Gauger
Andrews, AlfredMarch 20, 187919103-308Alexander Andrews
Anna Hertle
Andrews, Edith B.April 29, 190933295 
Andrews, Edwin H.{erman}May 22, 19012893-557W. J. Andrews
Alnora Wieland
Andrews, EhralOct. 26, 189425471-1882James Walter Andrews
Anna Weiland
Andrews, Elias D.{ubois}Sept. 4, 188010071Alexander Andrews
Anna Marie Hertel
Andrews, Emily M.{ay}July 20, ??28478-2865James Andrews
Susan Brown
Andrews, Emma E.March 10, 18621790-268William W. Andrews
Mary J. Clark
Andrews, Emma E.March 10, 1862456-166William W. Andrews
Mary J. Clark
Andrews, FernNov. 6, 189224486-1943James W. Andrews
Annie M. Wieland
Andrews, Herbert C.Nov. 26, 18711790-269W. W. Andrews
Mary J. Clark
Andrews, Herbert C.Nov. 28, 1871455-165William W. Andrews
Mary J. Clark
Andrews, Leonard J.{oseph Alexander}Feb. 16, 188510069Alexander Andrews
Anna Marie Hertel
Andrews, Mae S.{usan}Nov. 14, 187620185-553William W. Andrews
Mary Jane Clark
Andrews, May BellMay 13, 1885103449 
Andrews, Nathan L.June 26, 189425425-1699Edward Andrews
Lillian Vanderhoof
Andrews, Richard E.{dwin}July 15, 1892141289Edwin Lance Andrews
Lillian Vanderhoof
Andrews, Robert E.{ugene}Aug. 14, 188214169Alexander Andrews
Anna Marie Hertel
Andrews, Susan I.{sabella}March 30, 190128180-1076Edwin L. Andrews
Lillian Vanderhoof
Andrey, {Female}May 30, 18812199-592Bernewant Andrey
Pauline Herzog
Androf, LouisaJune 14, 18932514-53Gustav Androf
Elizabeth Liebl
Androff, EstherOct. 26, 189526179-715Gustav Androff
Elisabeth Liebl
Androp, RichardOct. 15, 189927437-2620Gustav Androp
Elizabeth Loebel
Andropolis, GeorgiaOct. 8, 191173630 
Androy, FrankMay 4, 190529180-1076Frank Androy
Mary Starich
Androya, HeinrichMay 7, 1910344 
Andrus, Dorothy B.Sept. 30, 1897110389 
Andrus, Julia M.Sept. 21, 189425478-1910Matt Andrus
Eustice M. Watson
Andrus, Maila
{Maily on record}
Sept. 29, 18972788-525Merriff Orpporss Andrus
Erenis Watson
Andrus, Watson V.{ernett}Aug. 17, 190328483-2897Merrett P. Andrus
Eunice May Watson
Andseopoulos, ErmerOct. 19, 19073214 
Angana, ClaranceSept. 11, 189526165-659William Angana
Hannah Duelmas
Angel, Gretchen C.Oct. 27, 1904169213 
Anger, AbsoliniaFeb. 21, 19073029-169Gustav Anger
Marie Roth
Anger, AbsoliniaFeb. 21, 19073029-169 
Anger, AlmaDec. 14, 189927463-2774 
Anger, Ella E.{mma} E.{rna}March 8, 190328416-2495Gustav Anger
Mary Rohde
Anger, Ewald H.March 23, 190933297 
Anger, IdaFeb. 1, 189726538-2150Christ Anger
Anna Radmaker
Anger, MetaJune 16, 190529185-1105Gustav Anger
Marie Rohte
Anger, OlgaAug. 10, 1910346 
Anger, Otto H.May 26, 1892122243 
Anger, ReinholdMay 20, 19012896-575Gustav Anger
Mary Rohde
Anger, Walter {E.}April 22, 189827184-1104Gust. Anger
Maria Rhode
Angus, Donald J.{ames}June 17, 188722264-1054John James Angus
Mary B. Sibley
Angus, Francis C.Feb. 18, 1889122120 
Angus, John J.Aug. 7, 18591699-296James Angus
Alice Griffin
Angus, Oscar I.Aug. 26, 18521699-295James Angus
Alice Griffin
Angus, Valney G.Dec. 24, 18561699-297James Angus
Alice Griffin
Anhaldt, {Male}March 15, 189827219-1313Chas. Anhaldt
Anna Laueras
Anhalt, {Male}July 28, 190529202-1209John Anhalt
Lizzie Dessloch
Anhalt, FranzOct. 10, 18717158-473John Anhalt
Anhalt, Herman A.{ugustus} G.{ottfried}March 10, 1857File2Carl Frederich Anhalt
Sophia Frederica Charlotte Leppin
Anhalt, Johanna S.{ophia}May 28, 1857File5William Anhalt
Johanna Sophia Lobes
Anhalt, JohnNov. 25, 18697158-474John Anhalt
Anhalt, Leonard F.{rank}Jan. 14, 19042973-436Peter Anhalt
Mary Magdalin Lauffer
Anhalt, Maria C.March 7, 1861196-286William Anhalt
Johannes L. Lowes
Anhalt, Maria C.Sept. 15, 1912169228 
Anhalt, MarthaJuly 31, 18952650-200John Anhalt
Agnes Kleefisch
Anhalt, MaryAug. 28, 18687159-475John Anhalt
Anhalt, OlivaSept. 21, 189626371-1484John Anhalt
Lizzie Derloch
Anhalt, Oscar W.{illiam}May 16, 190027565-3389Peter Anhalt
Mary Magdalen Laufer
Anhalt, Raymond A.{lfred}Nov. 11, 190128183-1098Peter Anhalt
Mary Laufer
Anhalt, Roland A.{ug}None listed29299-1791Peter Anhalt
Mary Laufes
Anstedt, AliceFeb. 26, 1878106160 
Anthony, {Male}Oct. 9, 189425361-1442Anthony {Only name listed}
Louisa Lymons
Anton, Fritz Karl
{Record Shows last name should be Fritz not Anton}
May 22, 189224282-1127Anton Fritz
Franziska Meier
Antondis, JustinasOct. 22, 189927442-2649Justinas Antondis
Petrona Szimaizuka
Apel, {Male}Nov. 30, 188823254-1014Wilhelm Apel
Unknown Riedel
Apel, Archibald {Hugo Walter}Nov. 29, 189526338Wm. Apel
Annie Reidel
Apel, Eleonore M.{aria}June 3, 187918161-483Wilhelm Apel
Anna Riedel
Apel, EmmaAug. 13, 18692141-419Heinrich Apel
Apel, Gladiola E.May, 18912410-37Wm. Apel
Annie Riedel
Apel, LouisNov. 28, 1864247-139Heinrich Apel
Apel, MetaFeb. 10, 189927309-1851Louis Apel
Jessie Bebo
Apel, ViolaApril 30, 189626264-1054Louis Apel
Jessie Babeon
Apel, WilhelminaFeb. 9, 1867247-140Heinrich Apel
Apel, WilhelmineSept. 24, 18581242-726Henry Apel
Apitz, SophieNov. 18, 189526219-876Herman Apitz
Elizabeth Thek
Appitz, EmmaJune 8, 18912437-145Herman Appitz
Auguste Wims
Appitz, WilliamFeb. 23, 189425205-817Herman Appitz
Auguste Rinse
Arbatowitsch, GeorgeApril 24, 190428637-3820George Arbatowitsch
Catherine Gabrawitsch
Ardtmann, {Female}May 8, 189023389-1556David Ardtmann
Anna Stuffer
Ardts, Anna C.{atharine}June 16, 18729163-449Jacob Ardts
Gertruda Van de Loo
Ardts, Anna G.Feb. 11, 1891106131 
Ardts, Anna M.{aria}March 7, 18649162-447Jacob Ardts
Gertruda Van de Loo
Ardts, Emma A.{nna}June 12, 189827202-1211John Ardts
Katharina Rammer
Ardts, JohannaMarch 20, 18629162-446Jacob Ardts
Gertruda Van de Loo
Ardts, JohnMay 12, 18609162-445Jacob Ardts
Gertruda Van de Loo
Ardts, Lizzie H.Jan. 27, 190831424 
Ardts, MariaAug. 14, 188923160-637John Ardts
Catharina Komer
Ardts, PetronellaMarch 11, 18669163-448Jacob Ardts
Gertruda Van de Loo
Ardts, Rosa E.{lizabeth}Feb. 13, 19012858-346John Ardts
Catharine Rannull
Arend, DominicNov. 6, 188923352-1407Frans Arend
Louise Darnge
Arend, SuzannaApril 8, 188722219-873Frans Arend
Luisa Damge
Arendt, August H.Oct. 2, 18742194-560August Heinrich Arendt
Auguste Vogel
Arendt, Auguste W.{ilhe}Feb. 20, 18762194-561August Heinrich Arendt
Auguste Vogel
Arendt, JohnAug. 18, 18751971-213August Arendt
Fredericka Brandenburg
Arendt, JohnyJune 26, 188822483-1929Frans Arendt
Luisa Damge
Arendt, OttoNov. 10, 187818294-877August Arendt
Friedericka Brandenburg
Arendt, Wilhelm F.{ried.}Feb. 20, 18802194-564August Heinrich Arendt
Auguste Vogel
Arendts, Frank W.Oct. 3, 19093222 
Arenhoelter, {Male}June 29, 188822462-1845Carl Arenhoelter
Sophia Reineking
Arens, Anna T.June 5, 18581287-859Theodore G. Arens
Maria Ernst
Arens, Theodor C.Sept. 6, 18601287-860Theodore G. Arens
Maria Ernst
Arens, Theodor W.Nov. 18, 18621288-861Theodore G. Arens
Maria Ernst
Arensen, Gerhard J.{ohn}Feb. 11, 186112180-540Gerhard Henry Arensen
Klaaske Kruizenger
Arensen, HendrinaSept. 4, 187112180-539Gerhard Henry Arensen
Klaaske Kruizenger
Arentsen, {Female}June 17, 18932562-247G. J. Arentsen
Bince Wikherink
Arentsen, {Male}Nov. 24, 189927480-2878G. J. Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, {Male}Nov. 3, 190228390-2335G. J. Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, Sept. 16, 190529208-1241 
Arentsen, Amalia K.June 29, 186010135-405Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, ArthurJan. 26, 189827135-809Gerrit Jan Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, BerendinaAug. 28, 186210135-406Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, ClaraNov. 26, 189325176-701Gerret Jan Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, Engelina A.March 25, 186410136-408Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, Gerhard J.April 19, 185710135-404Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, Hendrik W.Nov. 4, 186810136-409Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, Hendrik
May 13, 188722243-969G. J. Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, JanSept. 11, 188822503-2012Gerrit Jan Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, LauraMay 25, 190831427 
Arentsen, Louisa W.Dec. 10, 186610136-407Lorenz Arentsen
Weslina H. Tironi
Arentsen, NellieNov. 14, 189526141-561Gerrit Jan Arentsen
Jacoba Huibregtse
Arentsen, Theodora H.{enrietta}April 23, 187310145Lourens Arentsen
Wesselina Hendrina te Ronde
Information about this birth record
Arnholter, HenriettaJan. 8, 18671241-121Carl Arnholter
Sophie Reineking
Arnholter, IdaApril 17, 18691241-122Carl Arnholter
Sophie Reineking
Arnholter, WilhelmAug. 4, 18711241-123Carl Arnholter
Sophie Reineking
Arnholter, Wilhelmina
{index lists name as Carl
Record show she was a female}
Dec. 6, 18621234-102Carl Arnholter
Sophie Reineking
Arnold, Albert E.{dwin}March 14, 187515165-492None Listed on Record
Arnold, Anna J.Dec. 8, 18501204-610Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, Arthur W.{alter}June 17, 188130215-1286Bryon Arnold
Julia Jackson
Arnold, CatharineMarch 26, 18521204-611Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, Chatarina
{Record show it as Arnhold}
Feb. 15, 18581311-31Conrad Arnhold
Catharine Heinrich
Arnold, ChristianJuly 7, 191135501 
Arnold, Edward F.Sept. 28, 18611205-615Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, Elliot E.{ugeen}June 30, 18661068-204George F. Arnold
S. Ann
Arnold, Emma A.Nov. 17, 18581205-614Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, George A.Nov. 28, 18531204-612Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, Grace F.{rance}Jan. 28, 1897141366Byron E. Arnold
Julia Jackson
Arnold, Gustav H.Jan. 10, 18571205-613Adam Friedrich Arnold
Barbara Schmitt
Arnold, MariaFeb. 20, 19123672 
Arnold, MaryJan. 8, 188722273-1090Rhudolph Arnold
Bertha Hyer
Arnold, Rudolph
{Arnhold on record}
Feb. 23, 185311158-469Conrad Arnhold
Catharine Heinrich
Arnoldi, Aug. 25, 190831168 
Arnoldi, Feb. 18, 190629441-2637 
Arnoldi, Harvey C.{arl}Oct. 31, 190328560-3359August Arnoldi, Jr.
Alvia Krouse
Arnoldi, Louis C.{arl}March 28, 188830228-1363August Arnoldi
Katherine Kohl
Arnoldi, MarianAug. 4, 1911361 
Arnoldi, MarjoryOct. 16, 190128195-1169Aug. Wm. Arnoldi
Alma Krause
Arnoldi, MiltonMarch 28, 189827270-1616August Arnoldi, Jr.
Alma Krause
Arnoldi, VeraDec. 5, 189916939 
Arnsbrach, Oct. 20, 1912243257 
Arnsbrack, {Male}March 20, 189525548-2189Dietrich Arnsbrack
Henriette Kirchheck
Arnsbrack, {Male}Sept. 8, 189325128-509Dietrich Arnsbrack
Henriette Kirchheck
Arnsbrak, Dietrich F.Oct. 26, 190529252-1506 
Arnsbrak, LenaMarch 22, 190831333 
Arnsbruck, ChatarinaJune 8, 185811187-556Heinrich Arnsbruck
Margaretha Tuerstrak
Arnst, Sept. 21, 191034446 
Arnst, DavidMay 10, 191236551 
Arnstsen, AnnaJune 1, 189124490-1958George Arnstsen
Arnt, Augusta M.Nov. 9, 18631259-776William Frederick Arnt
Marty Justina
Arnt, Mary C. C.Dec. 25, 18631269-804Frederick Arnt
Arnts, Gustave C.{harles} B.{ernard}Dec. 31, 189124483-1929Fred Arnts
Arnts, Lui
March 9, 189324571-2281Lui Arnts
Suse Olmann
Arntz, Edith S. A.Oct. 5, 191236550 
Aronin, AbrahamFeb. 20, 190428636-3813Simon Aronin
Aronin, BernardAug. 19, 191034450 
Aronin, CeleOct. 10, 190529258-1541 
Aronin, JudaOct. 2, 19083210 
Arpke, {Female}Jan. 6, 189626217-865Otto F. Arpke
Clara Sienkaemper
Arpke, {Female}May 3, 189224268-1072Simon Arpke
Helene Brandt
Arpke, {Male}Jan. 30, 188722200-797Simon Arpke, Jr,
Helena Brandt
Arpke, {Male}March 22, 188722253-1011Fred Arpke, Jr.
Mary Humke
Arpke, {Male}March 9, 188421246-1473Frederick Arpke
Mary Huncke
Arpke, {Female}Aug. 8, 190027558-3346Otto Arpke
Clara Lienkaemper
Arpke, Adolf C.Nov. 7, 1870133-9Friedrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arpke, AdolfFeb. 1, 186611160-476Adolph Arpke
Carolina Suhman
Arpke, AgnesJune 1, 18641187-260Adolf Arpke
Caroline Suhman
Arpke, Albert O.Nov. 27, 190429135-803 
Arpke, Anna RuthMay 10, 189927351-2106Simon Arpke
Helena Brandt
Arpke, AnnaOct. 11, 18651242-126Simon Arpke
Fridericke Marten
Arpke, Arthur E.{dwin}Jan. 13, 187718241-718Adolph Arpke
Caroline Luhman
Arpke, BenjaminDec. 25, 18882344-175Simon Arpke
Helene Brandt
Arpke, CarolinaAug. 15, 1858133-8Adolph Arpke
Carolina Suhman
Arpke, Clara H.Dec. 18, 186911160-477Adolf Arpke
Caroline Suhman
Arpke, Clara H.Nov. 24, 18692159-474Adolph Arpke
Caroline Sohmann
Arpke, EdwinNov. 23, 189023538-2152Simon Arpke
Helene Brandt
Arpke, EllaSept. 11, 189425356-1424Herman Arpke
Alma Franz
Arpke, ErnaNov. 5, 189526219-873Herman Arpke
Clara Franz
Arpke, FriedrichFeb. 10, 1859135-13Friedrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arpke, GeromeMarch 26, 1861134-12Fredrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arpke, HaroldMarch 13, 190328504-3022H. A. Arpke
Alma Franz
Arpke, Helene N.Oct. 15, 191135808 
Arpke, HermanApril 25, 18681243-127Simon Arpke
Fredericke Martin
Arpke, IdaJuly 11, 18631240-120Simon Arpke
Fredericke Martin
Arpke, MariaJan. 4, 18551240-118Simon Arpke
Fredericke Martin
Arpke, MariaNov. 16, 1854135-14Fredrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arpke, MetaNov. 25, 187012128-128Simon Arpke
Fredericka Martin
Arpke, Otto L.Jan. 2, 1864134-11Friedrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arpke, Paul G.{erhard}May 2, 187918228-678Adolph Arpke
Caroline Luhman
Arpke, RaymondMarch 13, 190328504-3023H. A. Arpke
Alma Franz
Arpke, RobertJuly 4, 1860133-7Adolph Arpke
Carolina Suhman
Arpke, Ruth M.Feb. 15, 1910323 
Arpke, SemmaJune 18, 18581326-76Adolph Arpke
Carolina Suhman
Arpke, SimonSept. 4, 18571240-119Simon Arpke
Fredericka Martin
Arpke, Waller O.Feb. 26, 187211161-478Adolf Arpke
Caroline Suhman
Arpke, Wilhelm A.Jan. 27, 1866134-10Friedrich Arpke
Sophia Uphof
Arps, Alma D.{ora} E.{milie}May 31, 190228273-1637August Arps
Auguste Nonsenberg
Arst, Agnes G.March, ??29145-864 
Arthur, Chester J.Jan. 20, 189626510-2039James S. Arthur
Christine J. Steenis
Arthur, Eunice M.{ildred}Aug. 30, 19032933-196James Samuel Arthur
Christine Staenis
Arthur, Evelyn J.Aug. 7, 190933298 
Arthur, Robert B.{ee}Oct. 17, 189848604James S. Arthur
Christine Julia Steinis
Artley, {Male}Aug. 14, 189425363-1451John Artley
Luella Edelblute
Artley, {Female}Sept. 1, 190228371-2226John Artley
Luella Edelblute
Artley, Edith M.{arion}Sept. 1, 190228372-2228John Artley
Luella Edelblute
Artmann, {Female}July 1, 190027551-3304David Artmann
Annie Stoehser
Artmann, Alexander {Jacob}Jan. 24, 189726536-2144David Artmann
Annie Stusher
Artmann, Amanda E.{lisebeth}July 9, 189927360-2159John Lawrence Artmann
Maggie Brix
Artmann, Louis J.{ohn}Sept. 15, 190128152-909David Artmann
Annie Stusher
Artmann, Rosamund M.{argaretha}April 28, 189324591-2362David Artmann
Anna Stuhser
Artmann, RudolphJan. 8, 18613210-556Christopher Artmann
Artmann, TheresaApril 25, 18653210-555Christopher Artmann
Artz, {Female}Nov. 1, 190228389-2330John Artz
Katherine Ramsner
Artz, George J.{ohn}April 17, 190429121-726John Artz
None listed
Artz, JohanMay 8, 18601249-747Jacob Artz
Gertrude Van De Loo
Artz, JohannaMarch 22, 18621250-748Jacob Artz
Gertrude Van De Loo
Aschebach, WilmaMarch 3, 190027486-2916Caspar Aschebach
Anna Donath
Aschenbach, {Male}Dec. 15, 188522101-404Kasper Aschenbach
Aschenbach, {Male}Oct. 17, 188421297-1782Kasper Aschenbach
Anna Donat
Aschenbach, Anna M.July 31, 189626333-1330Kasper Aschenbach
Anna Donath
Aschenbach, ArnoNov. 27, 190429149-887 
Aschenbach, AugustApril 16, 188510190-30 
Aschenbach, ChristianFeb. 11, 188722213-849Christian Aschenbach
Lizabeth Rennert
Aschenbach, EmaNov. 9, 189023552-2205Christian Aschenbach
Elisabeth Rennert
Aschenbach, Emma W.{ilhelmine}Nov. 9, 189023529-2115Christian Aschenbach
Louise Redde
Aschenbach, FriedaApril 1, 1892110350 
Aschenbach, FriedrichJan. 30, 189023307-1225Casper Aschenbach
Anna Donath
Aschenbach, FriedrichOct. 17, 188421304-1822Kasper Aschenbach
Anna Donat
Aschenbach, KasperJan. 18, 190933290 
Aschenbach, RichardOct. 22, 189425409-1636Kaspar Aschenbach
Anna Donath
Aschenbach, RichardSept. 11, 190730110-656 
Aschenbach, RobertOct. 23, 188722319-1276Casper Aschenbach
Anna Tone
Aschenbach, ViolaNov. 3, 190228403-2415Kasper Aschenbach
Annie Donath
Aschenbach, WilhelmJan. 30, 189023306-1224Casper Aschenbach
Anna Donath
Aschenback, AndrenSept. 4, 191135853 
Aschenbrener, Elenora A.Sept. 6, 190933283 
Aschenbrenner, Alfred A.{lois}Nov. 25, 19002837-219Louis Aschenbrenner
Franziska Gruber
Aschenbrenner, Alois L.Feb. 14, 190228233-1393Alois Aschenbrenner
Franziska Gruber
Aschenbrenner, FranciskaAug. 1, 190730100-594 
Aschenbrenner, Joseph G.{ene}July 25, 190228356-2131Joseph Aschenbrenner
Lizzie Kreutzer
Aschenbrenner, William M.July 29, 1905169205 
Aschenbrenner, WilliamOct. 3, 190328529-3173Alois Aschenbrenner
Franciska Gruber
Aschenbrumer, VirginiaDec. 26, 1911351065 
Ascher, MaggyNov. 30, 188622190-757Louis Ascher
Mary Heilgenthal
Ascher, OttoAug. 12, 188822493-1969Ludwig Ascher
Marie Heitigenthal
Ashenbach, {Female}Jan. 16, 188321213-1276Christian Ashenbach
Ashenbach, Richard K.{onrad}Jan. 6, 188321213-1275Casper Ashenbach
Ashenbah, HermanNov. 24, 189224526-2102Christian Ashenbach
Bertha Rennert
Ashmann, Lydia M.May 23, 19123666 
Ashmann, RuthJune 17, 1910341 
Astro, Lowilla M.{arie}
{Certificate shows Towilla as the first name}
June 22, 190228274-1643Johann Astro
Maria Bettschokzuki
Astrofsky, Joseph F.July 22, 1903101143 
Astrofsky, StasuliaAug. 9, 190550363 
Athen, ErnaApril 10, 189827183-1095Wm. Athen
Clara Hildebrand
Athorp, Arthour B.{arnard}Feb. 3, 189827137-819Robert Athorp
Ernestine Liebl
Athorp, Gerard E.{dward}May 5, 190027526-3152Robert Athrop
Ernestine Liebl
Atkin, Benjamin H.July 22, 1888141206Thomas Atkin
Elizabeth Cooper
Atkin, Bessie M.{innie}April 13, 190027566-3391Wm. Atkin
Nellie Wenzel
Atkin, Edna M.{arie}May 11, 190328449-2690Osborn Levern Atkin
Susie Clement
Atkin, Eliza M.Oct. 4, 1884106327 
Atkin, LeverneOct. 20, 19073220 
Atkin, Lucy MayApril 3, 1878106398 
Atkins, {Female}July 11, 188321206-1232Henry Atkins
Lucy Smith
Atkins, Alice E.May 18, 190529226-1354 
Atkins, Grace L.{ucile}Nov. 17, 190128211-1264Albert Atkins
Clara Wiermann
Atkins, Helen M.{ay}Oct. 16, 19002861-362Thomas A. Atkins
Clara Wierman
Atkins, NettieOct. 18, 188421323Henry Atkins
Lucy Smith
Atly, Martin
{Record Shows Last name as Pettersen}
{Record shows Atley as middle name}
Dec. 15, 18882347-185Alf. Martin Pettersen
Oriel Theresia Madson
Atwood, ViolaMarch 22, 190027514-3082Harry Albert Atwood
Olive Elisabeth Hall
Aufreiter, AnnaApril 23, 186112182-544Frank Aufreiter
Mary Buechler
Aufreiter, TheresiaJuly 15, 185712182-545Frank Aufreiter
Mary Buechler
Auger, Ewald H.March 23, 190933297 
Augsburger, FrederickJan. 30, ??2294-375Fred Augsburger
Clara Hoffmann
Augspunger, AdolphNov. 16, 18581245-733J. Friedrich Augspunger
Auguste G. Durow
Augspunger, Friedrich A.Aug. 21, 18551244-731J. Friedrich Augspunger
Auguste G. Durow
Augspunger, J. F.Feb. 4, 18611245-734J. Friedrich Augspunger
Auguste G. Durow
Augspunger, Louis A.Jan. 30, 18571244-732J. Friedrich Augspunger
Auguste G. Durow
Augspurger, Friedrich {A.}June 28, 188018213-635Friedrich A. Augspurger
Agate Flait
Augspurger, Jacob C.{harles}Sept. 19, 1988141473Charles Augspurger
Catherine Schneider
Augus, {Female}Dec. 7, 188321303-1815John Augus
Maria Libley
Augustin, {Female}Jan. 29, 189626477-1907Ernst Augustin
Ida Adam
Augustin, Albert H.{ugo}June 22, 189927355-2126Charles Augustin
Augusta Hopf
Augustin, Anna K.Feb. 4, 186288-24Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, Anna W.Jan. 4, 185988-22Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, Bertha A.Sept. 4, 186489-26Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, CaecilieAug. 12, 189224383-1532Peter Augustin
Emma Pape
Augustin, CharlesApril 2, 18603159-463Peter Augustin
Augustin, Clara L.Jan. 24, 18761711-32Johann Augustin
Augustin, ClaraSept. 11, 19042923-137Henry Augustin
Margerette Acker
Augustin, Emma L.May 2, 186389-25Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, EmmaAug. 13, 18643160-465Peter Augustin
Augustin, FrancesApril 16, 190629361-2163 
Augustin, FrankOct. 24, 1906306-357 
Augustin, Hildegard C.{hilda}Nov. 27, 190128212-1271Henry Augustin
Anna Marx
Augustin, Ida M.March 14, 1870810-28Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, Johann H.June 13, 186889-27Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, LouisJune 11, 1874178-22Peter Augustin
Augustin, Lydia A.March 1, 1872810-29Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, MarcellaJuly 16, 190933285 
Augustin, Maria K.April 6, 186088-23Johann Heinrich Augustin
Anna Katharina Imig
Augustin, Meta F.March 29, 1879101270 
Augustin, SophiaNov. 13, 190128212-1272Charles Augustin
Augusta Hopf
Augustin, VernaMarch 15, 1911352 
Augustin, WaltherJune 26, 1895269-33Peter Augustin
Emma Pape
Augustin, WilhelminAug. 13, 18703160-464Peter Augustin
Augustin, WillieMarch 17, 18892393-369Peter Augustin
Emma Pape
Augustina, Lillian
{Record Shows Augustien}
Oct. 23, 189023516-2061Peter Augustien
Emma Pape
Augustine, {Female}April 5, 189927327-1962Peter Augustine
Emma Pape
Augustine, {Male}Sept. 2, 18972769-412Chas Augustine
Augusta Hoff
Augustine, ErnaJan. 6, 190328393-2354Henry Augustine
Annie Marx
Augustine, Harvey H. R.July 3, 190128127-760Peter Augustine
Emma Pape
Augustine, Henry L.{ouis}Feb. 28, 190027632-3788Henry Augustine
Margaret Acker
Augustine, HenryAug. 15, 190629436-2610 
Augustine, John TonyAug. 29, 189626422-1686Henry Augustine
Gretchen Acher
Augustine, MabelMarch 17, 189726583-2332Peter Augustine
Emma Pappe
Augustine, NorbertDec. 22, 190228393-2353Chas Augustine
Augusta Hopf
Augustine, RomanusAug. 24, 189526113-451Henry Augustine
Gretchen Acker
Aulich, Ernst L.{udwig} O.{swald}March 23, 18702153-457Ernst Trangot Aulich
Auguste Taul
Aulich, Ernst L.O. March 23, 18708143-433Ernst Aulich
Auguste Paul
Aulich, JohanneFeb. 17, 18728143-434Ernst Aulich
Auguste Paul
Auman, CatharineSept. 6, 18631381-241John Auman
Auman, JohnAug. 23, 18551381-243John Auman
Auman, LissieMay 9, 18611381-242John Auman
Aupitz, Auguste
{Record indicates
name being
Abitz, Eleanor Auguste Antonie}
Sept. 15, 189224387-1546Herman Abitz
Auguste Rinne
Aupperle, ArnoJan. 31, 190730163-974 
Aupperle, Susie M.May 21, 190933294 
Aurado, AngelineNone listed37512 
Austin, {Male}June 24, 189626393-1572Henry Austin
Ida Peck
Austin, {Male}Sept. 23, 188823197-788Henry Austin
Ida Peck
Austin, Eleanor J.{une}Feb. 14, 186914131Henry Austin
Luressa Reed
Auzewicz, Anna PatriaJuly 17, 1910342 
Auziewicz, JosephDec. 12, 1911351066 
Ave'-Lallemant, Siegfried B.Nov. 19, 1898110420 
Avery, Benjamin F.Aug. 4, 18551758-174Jacob Avery
Deborah Peebles
Avery, Mary E.Jan. 19, 18581759-175Jacob Avery
Deborah Peebles
Axel, {Male}Jan. 17, 189827128-766Herman Axel
Mary Muethr
Axel, Alvira E.{lanora}Dec. 10, 189827287-1720Herman Axel
Mary Miller
Axel, Arthur A.{rno} W.{illie}Nov. 27, 190328583-3497William Axel
Anna Schultz
Axel, ClarenceMarch 30, 190428614-3680Herman Axel
Mary Mueller
Axel, Ellanora H.{ilda}Nov. 27, 190128214-1279Herman Axel
Mary Mueller
Axel, Harry J.{ulius Wilhelm}Sept. 19, 190128201-1202Fritz Axel
Wilhelmine Kreiger
Axel, IsrealSept. 29, 191271489 
Axel, JohnJune 21, 191135498 
Axel, LouieJune 9, 190730155-295 
Axel, Melvin F. W.Sept. 27, 1908321 
Axel, RobertAug. 1, 189425309-1234Wilhelm Axel
Anna Schulz
Axel, SarahSept. 29, 191236555 
Axel, Walter M.
Click Here for much more
extensive information.
Jan. 27, 189324553-2209Fred Axel
Minna Krueger
Axel, WalterJune 17, 189927378-2266Wilhelm Axel
Anna Schultz
Axle, MildeMay 28, 190933287 
Axnet, HerrmanMay 31, 188923262-1045August Axnick
Mina Schmidt
Axnick, CharlesMay 15, 188521356-2130Carl August Axnick
Auguste Leowone W. Schmidt
Axnick, DorothySept. 8, 190629454-2715 
Axnick, Edward G.Feb. 6, 1911355 
Axnick, Luella E.{lsie Charlotte}July 22, 190328472-2828Wm. Axnick
Mary Dorst
Axnick, MinnieSept. 29, 189827251-1502Wm. Axnick
Mary Dorst
Axnick, RuthFeb. 29, 190831818 
Axnit, Ester K.{aroline} A.{uguste}Oct. 18, 190027605-3630Wilhelm Axnit
Maria Dorst
Ayers, {Male}May 16, 188421261-1562Lorenzo Ayers
Eliza Gregory
Ayers, AliceNov. 27, 1878219-54Lorenzo Ayers
Eliza Gregory
Ayers, Aloyuis L.Nov. 30, 19083194 
Ayers, ElicherMarch 14, 18762110-55Lorenzo Ayers
Eliza Gregory
Ayers, EtnaJan. 13, 190027488-2925Elisha Ayers
Adolphine Kampmann
Ayers, JasAug. 6, 189827227-1362Jas. Ayers
Gertrude Juetem
Ayers, Joseph G.Sept. 13, 191034448 
Ayers, Lewis J.{ohn}June 1, 189726613-2450James Ayers
Gertrude Jaettan
Ayers, MarsylviaJuly 27, 191236553 

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