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Peter Huisheere

Source: Portraits and Bios

Peter Huisheere deserves mention as one of the early settlers of Holland Township. He is the fourth in a family of five children, and was born April 15, 1824. John and Mary (Eernisse) Huisheere, the parents of Peter, were natives of Zeeland, Holland, which was also the birthplace of their children. In early life the father followed farming, but later became a well-known merchant. He died in his native land, at the age of sixty-four years, and his wife passed away when her son Peter was about three years of age. Left motherless, his education was wholly neglected. He never went to school a day in his life, and when sixteen years old he could not tell one letter from another. Desirous of obtaining knowledge, he began the task of self-education, and by constant application he has become a well- informed man. Mr. Huisheere is the only living representative of his father's family. On the 6th of April, 1851, he started from Amsterdam on a three-mast sailing vessel called "Asientes," which was built in Holland.

Having reached New York on the 20th of June, our subject continued his Western journey to Holland, Erie County, N.Y., where he resided about four years. There, on the 14th of August, 1851, he wedded Miss Aderjane, daughter of Jacob and Anna (Dereu) Elias. Mrs. Huisheere was born in the same lace as her husband, September 4, 1822, and crossed the ocean on the same vessel. She is the only survivor of a family of seven children, three sons and four daughters. Later her parents, accompanied by one son and three daughters, emigrated to America. Having followed the trade of a tanner in New York, Mr. Huisheere came West to engage in agricultural pursuits, arriving in the town of Holland in 1855. Soon after coming to this county, Mr. Huisheere bought a forty-acre tract of land on section 16, though he never made that his home, preferring to rent a farm. Since 1864 his home has been on the farm where he now lives, section 25, range 22. Upon this farm was kept the first post-office established in that township. It was kept by S. Burr in 1848, and the old log house, which served both as dwelling and post-office, is still to be seen in the rear of Mr. Huisheere's more modern residence. Its dimensions are 12x24 feet, and its construction is of the most primitive style.

Mr. Huisheere owns a neat farm of twenty-six acres in t his county, besides ten acres in Ozaukee County. For over twenty-six years he has been an auctioneer, having gained a popularity in that calling which has made his services much sought after in this and adjoining counties.

Politically, our subject is independent, affiliating with no party, but voting for those whom he considers the best men. By his fellow townsmen he has been called upon to fill several offices, having been Assessor five terms, and one term Supervisor. Both he and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Huisheere has been born a family of seven children. Peter, born October 5, 1853, is a prosperous farmer in the town of Holland; Mary, born February 8, 1858, became the wife of August Schiereck, Postmaster and general merchant of Cedar Grove; Jane, born December 26, 1859, married Henry W. Te Grotenhuis, a farmer of Holland Township; Jacob, born September 7, 1862, is baggage- master at Sheboygan for the Lake Shore Railway; and three are deceased.

Mr. Huisheere is a man well known and highly esteemed throughout his community, where he has lived for nearly forty years.

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