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This Anniversary was transcribed by: Dick Haines

Report from Cedar Grove, Holland Twp. August 1901.

The Huisheeres’ Fiftieth Anniversary.

Clipping includes portraits of the Huisheeres and a family group picture of the anniversary celebrants.

From the Sheboygan Herald:

“An opportunity or privilege that is not the allotment of every couple yoked in matrimonial harness was bestowed upon our respected pioneers, Mr. And Mrs. P. Huisheere, Sr., Wednesday Aug. 14th , 1901, at which time they observed their golden or fiftieth wedding anniversary.

“On account of the advancing years and the fact that this worthy couple reside along with a grand daughter who has hardly reached her teens, it was not expected by them to celebrate very elaborately, but the opinion of their children and grand children did not coincide in this light and accordingly they sprang a huge surprise on those whom they dearly cherish. They fully realized that like occasions are not frequent occurrences and did not propose to let this event go by unobserved. At ten o'clock in the forenoon the relatives assembled at the home of Mrs. Wm. Grotenhuis and a short time later marched in a body to the pleasant home of the host and hostess about one-fourth mile distant, bringing with them a liberal quantity of choice cakes and dainty pies, with an abundance of other eatables and which the guests treated with liberal disposition. Their forethought was not alone of eatables but looked towards the comfort and pleasure of these aged people and presented them with a handsome couch of red plush. The forenoon was spent in congratulations and expressions of surprise and with the playfulness and romping of children, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Huisheere was a happy and lively scene. It was about noon when Rev. and Mrs. J.W.F. Roth, who responded upon the invitation arrived and the former spoke briefly upon the occasion with well chosen remarks, at the conclusion of which dinner was served. Ample justice being done to the inner one all were invited outside where the HERALD man had a camera pointed at them and expects to have views that will recall the golden event of Mr. and Mrs Huisheere as the years fade away.

“Of a family of seven children of Mr. and Mrs. Huisheere, only three survive as follows: Peter Huisheere Jr. and Mrs. Wm. Grotenhuis of this village and Mrs. Mary Schiereck of Sheboygan Falls. Fifteen grand children and one great grand child were present, representing four generations.

“Miss Alyce Treutelaar of Milwaukee and a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Huisheere was also present.

“The venerable couple are aged seventy-seven and seventy-nine years respectively. They are natives of Zeeland, Holland, and crossed the ocean on the same vessel, reaching New York on the 20th of June and continued the western journey to Holland, Erie Co., N.Y. On the 14th day of August, following he wedded the one of his choice whose life has also been spared to make the event complete that is symbolical of the wedded life of half a century which they have rounded out. The couple continued their residence at the latter place about four years when they came to Wisconsin and Milwaukee now a city of famed extent, was then an humble village and the next place of abode of these types of the rugged days of the fifties. Here Mr. Huisheere worked at different times at tanning, ship-building and teaming but these were not the vocations that he sought, which was ostensibly engaging in farm pursuits and for this purpose he came to the town of Holland in 1857, having since resided here and being an important benefactor in the clearing away of the forests, whereof our village derived its name.

“The boyhood days of Mr. Huisheere were sadly neglected, his mother having passed away when he was but three years of age and the father at a later period. Thus was he deprived of a single days schooling and at the age of sixteen unable to tell one letter of the alphabet from another. Not alone was his life checked in the way of education, but he was denied even a home and many nights he passed contented to sleep cuddled up with straw for a bed under the same roof with stock. This experience did not blight for him the future but stimulated a desire for self education. In the second year of his residence here the people of his town called upon and elected him to the duties of assessor and, as the citizens of the western part were largely English speaking the situation of being unable to read or write first shed its real necessity upon the one who was trying to act in the capacity. However, it is well to state that he was equal to the situation and that the manner in which he disposed of the duties were appreciated by his townsmen in his re-election to the office.

“Perhaps the fact of this gentleman’s extensive acquaintance in this county is mainly due to his prominence as an auctioneer. Until about ten years ago he followed this business largely and was always known for the good humor in which he kept the crowd, by relating an early anecdote or interesting of muse and as a result his sales were generally successful.

“The earlier days of the couple as citizens here were not without trials and it can be imagined that the husband’s desires for farm life were to an extent considerably satiated. All was then a wooded scene and which had to be cleared before his wishes could be fully met. He tells of many a trip that he made to Milwaukee afoot and at that period the risk on account of the wild animals, was as dangerous as we would see it difficult. Upon the return of one of these journeys he was detained for several days on account of high water.

“In business Mr. Huisheere has been very successful and through honest toil and labor and assisted by his better half became possessed of a portion of the world’s goods so that they are enabled to spend their later days in peace and quietude, without wanting. The health of both has been remarkably good when the fact that both are within a few years of fourscore, is considered. The HERALD joins the wide acquaintance of Mr. and Mrs. Huisheere in wishing them continued good health and the return of many more anniversaries that mark their wedding day.”

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