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This Anniversary was contributed by: Attorney Barbara Kirchner

Transcribed from The Sheboygan Press - Telegram, Friday November 7, 1924, Page 5

Geiger Golden Wedding
Observed; Ceremony of 50
Years Ago Is Re?Enacted

(Pictures of Lorenz and Margaret Geiger with article)

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Geiger, Route 1, Sheboygan, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home near Pigeon river, Wednesday. A number of friends and relatives visited the home during the day to congratulate them, and close relatives remained, enjoying a family re?union dinner.

In the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Geiger went to Holy Name church, where high mass was conducted and the wedding ceremony was re?enacted. As Mrs. Geiger, wearing a black dress and a wreath of gold leaves around her hair, with a gold beaded necklace about her neck and carrying a beautiful bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums, and Mr. Geiger costumed in black and wearing a white bouquet in the lapel of his coat, marched into the church, they were surprised, but made intensely, when the strains of the familiar wedding march they had heard many years ago again floated through the church.

Grandchildren Attend Couple

Attending Mr. and Mrs. Geiger were two little grandchildren, Elvira Giefer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Giefer, and Dorothy Warrens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Warrens, who wore dresses of gold baby silk trimmed with yellow streamers. They also wore gold ribboned headbands, and carried baskets of baby chrysanthemums.

Mr. and Mrs. Geiger were married at Holy Name church on November 5, 1874. The Rev. Father Michael Heider, then rector, performed the ceremony. William Rietow, and his sister, Mrs. Herman Herbst, were their attendants. Mrs. Herbst has since died, but Mr. Rietow was in attendance at the golden anniversary of that event on Wednesday.

After their marriage, they moved on the farm on Route 1, near Pigeon river. They have reared a family there, and it has been their home ever since. One of the daughters in California, speaks of having her mother and father go to Los Angeles for a visit, hoping that they will like it so well that they will wish to remain there the rest of their lives. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Geiger will consider the thought, however. Mrs. Geiger told a Press writer that she preferred to remain in Wisconsin. She loves Wisconsin with all her heart-especially Sheboygan and Sheboygan county.

Live in Happiness

Mr. and Mrs. Geiger are particularly happy. They have worked hard in their lives, and have had there share of disappointments and illnesses. But Mrs. Geiger is happy in the thought that she has a wonderful husband. "He has always been so nice to me," she said, patting his check, "and has always been a good husband. We've always been so happy, haven't we, Lorenz?" Mr. Geiger smiled and in his sly way replied: "Ja."

Though both Mr. and Mrs. Geiger are winkled and gray, they are both strong and capable, and Mrs. Geiger still possesses the marks of her girlish beauty at the time she attached the earliest attentions of Lorenz.

Mrs. Geiger, nee Margaret Feulner, was born in Bavaria, Germany, on January 4, 1852. She came to this country alone in 1871, going to the home of an aunt in the town of Mosel. A short time after that, she went to Chicago, but returned to this city in September of 1974, and was married to Mr. Geiger on November 4 of that year.

Mr. Geiger was born in Germany, the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Geiger, in January 1849. He came to this country with his parents when he was a child, and lived in this county the remainder of his life except for three years when he as a young man, he worked in Illinois. He was employed for several years at the Roth lime works north of the city.

Six Children Living

Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Geiger. One of them died at age 23. The following are the living children: Mrs. Michael Mueller, Plymouth; Mrs. Frank Kummer, Kohler; Mrs. August Federer, Los Angeles; Mrs. Jacob Warrens, Sheboygan; Mrs. Bernard Giefer, Sheboygan; Mrs. Henry Schwebel, Sheboygan. Mrs. Geiger has a brother, John Feulner residing in Cherry Valley, New York.

The following relatives and friends were at the Geiger home on Wednesday to extend congratulations and to join in the celebration: Mrs. Antoinette Sipple, Chicago; Mrs. Johanna Dines, Chicago; Mrs. Ernst Festerling, Lathrop, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mueller, Plymouth; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joram, Kohler; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Federer, Sheboygan; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mueller and daughter, Margaret, and son, Bernard, Plymouth; Carl Kummer, Kohler; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Warrens, and daughter, Marcella, Sheboygan; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Landgraf, Sheboygan; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kummer and daughter, Madeline, Kohler: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horn, Route 1, Sheboygan.

Mr. and Mrs. Geiger have thirty-three grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

Among the many golden wedding gifts were a wedding cake given by Miss Minnie Mohr of Sheboygan, a cake from Mrs. Michael Mueller of Plymouth, and a bouquet of cryasnthemums from Mr. and Mrs. William Rietow of Sheboygan. Decorations in the Geiger home were carried out in gold and white.

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