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This Anniversary was contributed by: Jeri Overman

Mr. & Mrs. Albert (Pfeil) Kaestner - Sheboygan County Correspondent - Wednesday 22nd
Translated from German

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, Tuesday, it was 25 years ago that Mr. Albert Kaestner and Ms. Laura Pfeil prnounced their Marriage Vows and Promises in Town Rhine and since then have faithfully shared joy ans sorrow in their lives. For many years the couple lived on their fine farm four miles southeast of here and highly esteemed by the whole neighborhood's people. The married couple has a son, Elmer, and three daughters, Mrs. Charles Juers, Claudia and Malinda, who with the exception of Mrs. Juers living here in Town, stay with the parents. The celebration of the memorable day took place last night evening at the hall of Mr. Kalk at the Plank road, which was rented by Mr. Kaestner for the celebration, which progressed in genuine German manner, very enjoyable and friendly feeling. A number of invitations had been sent out.

The "Correspondent" to whose faithful subscribers Mr. and Mrs. Kaestner belong, for many years, wish the jubilee couple his most heartfelt congratulations and hopes that he will be able to celebrate the golden wedding feast also after another 25 years.

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