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World War 1 Draft List

Source: The Sheboygan Press - July 26 & 27, 1917

This file was transcribed and contributed by Barbara Johnson

NameDraft No.Address
(?), Albert Fred Henry1988Town Plymouth
?, Paul1668Pennsylvania Ave.
?, William Anson1951Town of Plymouth
?ar, Sam1182924 Dillingham Ave.
Abraham, O.3093Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Abrahamson, Trygue833Mosel
Abrashinsky, J.18721423 Huron Ave.
Ackerman, O.26341133 Michigan Ave.
Adams, Anton558729 N. 11th St.
Adams, Thomas Jr.547517 N. 9th St.
Aevirk, John887Sheboygan
Ahrens, L. Jr.26311114 Michigan Ave.
Allwardt, Otto1289Greenbush
Almekinders, Stoffel92510 N. 6th St.
Anderson, Elsworth122122 N. 6th St.
Andooja, Joe334606 Jefferson Ave.
Andre, Edward Joseph709Russell
Angot, Joe1162911 Alabama Ave.
Arentsen, John1946Lima
Arthur, Chester James318Lima
Atkin, B.3094Route 5 - Town of Sheboygan
Augustine, Fredrick Louis830Mosel
Austin, Frank Averli2246Plymouth
Austravicius, J.16591414 New York Ave.
Axel, Israel29921?11 Bluff Ave.
Baarendse, Jacob39129 Park Ave.
Bachmann, Paul I.1196Sheboygan Falls
Back, James160Town of Sheboygan Falls
Back, William John319Lima
Bagemehl, Otto F.1190823 Swift Ave.
Bakapodus, Ant.11961130 Indiana Ave.
Baker, Christopher William1290Sheboygan
Baker, Harry1212711 Georgia Ave.
Balkansky, H.30201220 Superior Ave.
Baltzer, Cecil946Lyndon
Bandmann, Jul. A.26611214 Michigan Ave.
Barthels, Willie Henry161Town of Sheboygan Falls
Bartz, Henry E.14011602 Alabama Ave.
Bartzen, A.3101Route 2 - Town of Sheboygan
Bartzen, C. P.30161617 N. 13th St.
Bartzen, F.3097Route 2 - Town Sheboygan
Bastuska, Peter12291539 S. 10th St.
Bathauer, Mar.19001714 Michigan Ave.
Batt, Anton29961018 Logan Ave.
Bauman, Ernst B.12191314 S. 7th St.
Baumann, Norbert H. V.2239Glenbeulah
Baumgartner, P.26371117 Ontario Ave.
Bavry, Rudolph William947Lyndon
Bayens, Daniel L.27522 Spencer
Bayens, James20511 Bluff Ave.
Bayens, Peter24522 Spencer
Bechlem, Edward Wm.176Town of Sheboygan Falls
Becker, August30112114 N. 11th St.
Becker, Frank13071524 Georgia Ave.
Behnke, Carl29981611 Blocki Ct.
Behrens, Joseph M.340513 Center Ave.
Behring, Otto15411209 S. 19th St.
Belekeviczia, W.18821530 Superior Ave.
Belrose, Samuel P.1207Sheboygan
Bensman, Max19111347 Carl Ave.
Berg, Henry2656813 Michigan Ave.
Berger, Robert568928 Wisconsin Ave.
Berndt, Wm.1687924 S. 14th St.
Bernhard, David20142017 N. 11th St.
Berres, Wilhalm Nichalous1297Greenbush
Berthelet, Lester1298Greenbush
Bettner, Arthur August1523Sherman
Beuchel, Otto Reinhold825Mosel
Beyer, Alvin15421506 S. 13th St.
Biederwolf, Edward1486Random Lake
Bila, George Frank1482Wilson
Binder, Arthur Herman W.1299Greenbush
Binder, John2664822 Michigan Ave.
Bishop, Lester H.338717 Pennaylvania Ave.
Black, H. W.2651823 Ontario Ave.
Blanck, Wal.26601101 Ontario Ave.
Blanke, Arthur Carl Martin1954Town of Plymouth
Blarckevicia, Wm.1228919 Clara Ave.
Bluhm, Frank Fred Wm.912Lyndon
Bock, Frank William Berthold1478Wilson
Bodenstein, Geo. R.16624 Ontario Ave.
Boeger, Louie William163Town of Sheboygan Falls
Boenisch, A.3103Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Boenisch, R. Jr.3104Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Bogen, Robert14311312 Kentucky Ave.
Bohnhoff, Arthur J.142Plymouth
Bohnstengel, William1301Greenbush
Boldt, Frank John1939Lima
Boldt, George Henry1938Lima
Booldt, C.3110Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Bordin, Francis19051421 Mehrtens Ave.
Borngraeber, A.19161944 N. 20th St.
Borngraeber, Vic.18022001 N. 21st St.
Borstnik, Frank16891309 Center Ave.
Boschifski, Martin1193905 Clara Ave.
Bothke, Edward19231525 Michigan Ave.
Bower, Jos. W.19021407 St Clair Ave.
Braasch, Frederick347839 N. 6th St.
Bradac, Mike30101234 Superior Ave.
Brand, Fred John14991439 S. 14th St.
Brehm, Louis C.13681523 Indiana Ave.
Brendel, Walter1171Herman
Brethouwer, John329Lima
Brickbauer, Carl E.751Russell
Brinkman, Hugo Peter914Lyndon
Brinnocih, Frank30121219 N. 12th St.
Brock, G.26451220 Erie Ave.
Brockman, Orin Theodore P.1302Greenbush
Bromstedt, Edwin William1164Herman
Brooke, George F.1743Mitchell
Brooks, Pius.3115Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Brossel, Conrad Philip2255Plymouth
Brown, Andrew Jackson915Lyndon
Brown, William August2254Plymouth
Browne, Robert11861023 Clara Ave.
Bruder, Oscar1223Sheboygan
Bruinooge, Jacob22609 Huron Ave.
Brusse, James2185Oostburg
Bub, Walter R. M.339509 Wisconsin Ave.
Bub, Walter497Rhine
Bubb, Gus.2638812 Michigan Ave.
Buchen, G. W.348510 Wisconsin Ave.
Budick, Raymond C.34422 Bell Ave.
Bunzel, Paul174Town of Sheboygan Falls
Burgard, A. W.16801527 Maryland Ave.
Burkenhagen, Richard Frank1526Sherman
Burkhard, Poland18931633 N. 15th St.
Burkhardt, Clarence A. R.144Plymouth
Burkhart, Hubert33341421 N. 11th St.
Burzlaff, Ernst H.13419 Michigan Ave.
Buscher, Herbert30021219 Lincoln Ave.
Buss, August John916Lyndon
Butkowich, Leo1220913 Alabama Ave.
Byrum, Stafford Delos148Plymouth
Bysted, Louis Christian1177Herman
Calvey, Michael J.612Sheboygan Falls
Canaliopios, Geo.12331036 Indiana Ave.
Case, William614Sheboygan Falls
Cassin, Michael F.1739Mitchell
Chaplin, Edgar L.2224Plymouth
Chaplin, Walter Edward180Sheboygan Falls
Chapman, Fredrick John1538Sherman
Charapata, Frank P.135Plymouth
Chasle, Anton16941420 Maryland Ave.
Chiak ?, John1693317 S. 13th St.
Chlosta, Frank30391619 N. 9th St.
Chrispuns, J.19281322 St. Clair Ave.
Cikar, Tom1238616 Georgia Ave.
Cobb, James19301416 N. 13th St.
Comins, Guy R.1737Mitchell
Corbett, Joseph W.2353Plymouth
Cornell, G. M.?0310 Spencer
Craefenstein, C.19702009 N. 15th St.
Cuddy, Douglas451505 6th St.
Daehnert, Ernst16561824 Indiana Ave.
Damrow, A.3127Route 2 - Town of Sheboygan
Damrow, Fred12471817 S. 12th St.
Damrow, Walter Fred1155Herman
Dana, Levi339Lima
Danforth, Wm.14961606 S. 12th St.
Daniels, Elmer R.369416 Wisconsin Ave.
Dardih (?), Frank1699705 S. 13th St.
Darneider, Hugo John1277Cascade
Dassow, Arno Albert189Town of Sheboygan Falls
De Hollander, Gabriel1755Village of Cedar Grove
Debbink, Garret John1926Lima
Debruine, John Jr.1750Cedar Grove
Dedinac, Anton5591318 New York Ave.
Degnitz, August Emil1540Sherman
Degris, John12391117 Alabama Ave.
Deiner, Heinrich531413 N. 8th St.
Dekanich, Geo.12697600 S. 15th St.
DeKarske, Aug.30571121 N. 12th St.
Dekker, John2187Oostburg
Dekker, Matthew70219 Lincoln Ave.
Dekker, Siebold Bernard1925Lima
Delo, Henry Frank1966Town of Plymouth
Dembr, Geo.3051Sheboygan
DeMunck, Abram129Plymouth
DeMunck, Isaac1311Greenbush
Deneering, Peter1544Sherman
DePagter, Abe60711 Huron Ave.
Deppiesse, Nic. D.346Lima
DeRuyter, Anthony L.348Lima
DeSmith, Walter William1312Greenbush
Detjen, E. L.26691319 11th St.
Detz, David2668Sheboygan
Devaris, C. W.1243Sheboygan
Devine, Lawrence P.1734Mitchell
Dewey, Roy57511 Michigan Ave.
DeWitt, Dirk351Lima
Dickman, William C. F.615Sheboygan Falls
Dickmann, Walter H.1158Herman
Dieckmann, H.17041308 Maryland Ave.
Dieckmann, Sam.14381918 S. 14th St.
Diederich, Karl1047906 Clara Ave.
Diefenthaier, Arthur746Russell
Dikaios, Peter10561424 S. 11th St.
Diuzewski, Wm.19361120 N. 14th St.
Divilates, Joe10621117 Kentucky Ave.
Doebert, Walter Chas. Arthur1457Wilson
Doege, El. W.16961622 Maryland Ave.
Doering, Carl Julius73330 Superior Ave.
Domann, Emil John2085Scott
Domnick, Frank1246930 Kentucky Ave.
Dorst, Leonard823Mosel
Dorst, Leonard823Mosel
Dorst, Martin James1967Town of Plymouth
Dovas, Anton10521101 Indiana Ave.
Dowmouras, J.12451203 Kentucky Ave.
Dragan, Joseph1044923 Indiana Ave.
Drebut, Basil706432 N. Water St.
Dressel, Oscar1920Lima
Duchow, A.3128Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Dwyer, Leo George131Plymouth
Ebe, Gottlieb19451340 Mehrtens Ave.
Eber, Gott.19491217 N. 14th St.
Eberhardt, Walter Fred1969Town of Plymouth
Eckhardt, R. H.3060825 Bluff Ave.
Edler, Henry Peter190Town of Sheboygan Falls
Edwards, Kenneth80518 Superior Ave.
Eggebeen, Arno1970Town of Plymouth
Eggebeen, Joseph791715 N. 4th St.
Eggemeen, John William923Lyndon
Eggert, Paul August821Mosel
Ehrlich, Reuben1207Sheboygan Falls
Eickberg, H.3130Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Eickberg, L.3129Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Eisner, Alfred Henry1153Herman
Eisner, George Julius817Mosel
Ekert, Orville V.3777 Center Ave.
Elbert, C.26411112 Erie Ave.
Elchstaedt, Emil14271263 Alabama Ave.
Elezovic, Svetin540605 N. Water St.
Ellinger, P.3131Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Ellinger, W.3132Route 4 - Town of Sheboygan
Engelhard, F. J.2672812 Michigan Ave.
Englebeck, Ruben380601 Center Ave.
Englehardt, H.1706319 S. 14th St.
Epstein, Sam30611231 Bluff Ave.
Erbe, Oliver C.17081332 Niagara Ave.
Erbe, Ralph F.78615 National Ave.
Erbstoeszer, Arthur Christ815Mosel
Ernstbsuner, F.13491211 S. 10th St.
Fabiger, Frank10781618 S. 8th St.
Fale, Alvin1082Sheboygan
Farchmin, M.30691112 Geele Ave.
Fasing, Art.24011203 Michigan Ave.
Faust, Adam521Rhine
Fedler, Ernst F.921425 N. 7th St.
Fee, Thomas James1315Greenbush
Fehl, Gilbert30741616 N. 11th St.
Feld, A. L.?1616 N. 11th St.
Felder, Thos. E.359Lima
Feldmann, Helwig516Rhine
Fellinger, Jac.24021317 N. 13th St.
Fende, Frank687908 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fenn, Arthur C.969823 Swift Ave.
Ferch, Henry William1914Lima
Finnegan, Charles W.389616 N. 6th St.
Fischer, Charles19701115 S. 9th St.
Fischer, Edward John1279Cascade
Fischer, Hubert13841423 Colorado Ct.
Fischer, Norman J.598Rhine
Fischer, O. A. A.17131322 Virginia Ave.
Fischer, William1973Town of Plymouth
Flaig, Edwin P. B.1210Sheboygan Falls
Flink, Frank832401 N. 6th St.
Floyd, Harvey H.13441126 S. 13th St.
Foesch, Henry628Sheboygan Falls
Foley, Maurice J.3861812 N. 7th St.
Fomin, J.3135Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Fox, Ike2271Plymouth
Fox, Paul811522 N. 8th St.
Framle, Walter Fred1551Sherman
Francis, H. D.19591802 N. 13th St.
Frank, Clarence H.851605 N. 2nd St.
Frank, Raymond R.871605 N. 2nd St.
Franz, Alvin1951Asylum
Fraucke, Arthur E.625Sheboygan Falls
Freherr, Gerome19641612 Mehrtens Ave.
Freherr, Walter19581507 Erie Ave.
Freihammer, Anton387721 Center Ave.
Freihammer, Michael John1471Wilson
Freitag, Wm.30721528 Blocki Ct.
Frevert, William J.1149Herman
Freyberg, Charles B.381516 Pennsylvania Ave.
Friedrichs, Arno A.1212Sheboygan Falls
Friedrichs, D.16501635 Indiana Ave.
Friedrichs, Oscar William2355Plymouth
Friedrichson?, O. E.1426Sheboygan
Fritsch, Leon J.627Sheboygan Falls
Froehlich, Arno19541623 Ontario Ave.
Froehlich, G. W. G.30711512 N. 9th St.
Froehlich, Walter Chas. Henry1317Greenbush
Gabrielse, L. C.3140Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Gahagan, John Luke1725Mitchell
Gangelbauer, Joseph1467Wilson
Garbe, William F.1215Sheboygan Falls
Garbisch, Elmer George2120Scott
Garside, Harry361Lima
Gartman, Chas. A.631Sheboygan Falls
Gaschberger, John1096Herman
Gegel, Gott.19731519 St. Clair Ave.
Gehr, Elmer W.28981234 Huron Ave.
Gehr, William John1041800 N. 5th St.
Geibel, Carl19822118 N. 15th St.
Gentz, Arthur15771424 S. 14th St.
Gerlach, Armon Carl953Lyndon
Gersemehl, Emil W.1081622 N. 7th St.
Geschofsky, John207Town of Sheboygan Falls
Gessert, Benjamin F.523Rhine
Gessner, Franklin William2087Scott
Gessner, Herman Edwin2058Scott
Gibson, Elmer24121127 Ontario Ave.
Gier, H. C.19742032 Folger Ct.
Gierke, G. H. C.30891532 N. 10th St.
Gill, Wm. O. C.16481434 Alabama Ave.
Gillner, F.19942413 Calumet Drive
Glaeser, Alvin C.19692201 N. 15th St.
Gleich, August1136Herman
Goell, John Joseph1166Wilson
Goetsch, M.3151Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Goldammer, Charles James955Lyndon
Gosegre, Martin1131Herman
Gosse, Julius812Mosel
Grabenstein, D.19661419 Geele Ave.
Grabnat, Louis19852624 N. 15th St.
Grade, Gustav97422 Ontario Ave.
Grade, Herman10941540 S. 9th St.
Grade, Theodore95422 Ontario Ave.
Graff, Edwin E.693922 Wisconsin Ave.
Graff, John Wm.28971717 N. 10th St.
Graft, Wm.17211235 Pennsylvania Ave.
Granger, Chester L.630Sheboygan Falls
Graskamp, Garret John1757Cedar Grove
Griesbach, Robert Louis1321Greenbush
Griesmeyer, F.19831309 Superior Ave.
Grimmer, Chas.14681701 Indiana Ave.
Groh, John19801415 Erie Ave.
Gross, Jake2??71013 Ontario Ave.
Grote, Alfred Wm.11001513 S. 8th St.
Grube, Paul20001523 Mehrtens Ave.
Gruenke, Joseph10851711 S. 7th St.
Gruenke, Paul Bernard1462Wilson
Grunow, Chas. R.395412 New York Ave.
Grunow, Richard Ernst Emil1562Sherman
Grunwald, Carl1134Herman
Guetzow, Wm. Fred1093805 Indiana Ave.
Guhl, Edwin L. K.119Plymouth
Haas, Edward29271726 N. 12th St.
Haasck, F. W.1734534 S. River St.
Hacker, L. W.20461940 N. 15th St.
Hal??th, Oswald H.1280Cascade
Halvereson, F. A.1711421 Pennsylvania Ave.
Hamann, Edgar Carl803Mosel
Hamann, Edward H.1220Sheboygan Falls
Hamann, Otto Carl F.804Mosel
Hameister, Henry531Rhine
Hamm, Charles N.1493Random Lake
Hand, Edward Peter2290Plymouth
Handrow, A. L.24241117 Erie Ave.
Handrow, Otto1718Mitchell
Harder, Christ401409 N. 7th St.
Harder, Otto Ferdinand1325Greenbush
Harff, Jacob16451307 Alabama Ave.
Harling, Harley Edwin938Lyndon
Harmeling, Chester W.365Lima
Hartman, Herbert Louis2126Scott
Hartmann, A.3158Route 2 - Town of Sheboygan
Hartmann, Bruno J.135634 Huron Ave.
Hartmann, John2044Sheboygan
Harvey, William2278Plymouth
Hasenstein, H.29212005 N. 12th St.
Hasenstein, W.29231213 Trimberger Ct.
Hayner, John P.20421540 N. 19th St.
Heberer, Carl Henry2125Scott
Heermann, Max20371622 Martin Ave.
Heger, Arthur A.2276Plymouth
Heilman, Adam Jr.1458Wilson
Heimlich, Marvin A.1191918 N. 4th St.
Hein, Elwood John Henry1713Mitchell
Hein, Johan F. Wm.2288Plymouth
Heineman, Arthur11111427 S. 8th St.
Heinen, Abraham Edward1904Lima
Heinen, Harry1905Lima or Lyndon ?
Heinen, Peter Jr.1573Sherman
Heinrich, Lewis1711Mitchell
Heise, Edward29051828 N. 8th St.
Heisler, R.20141908 N. 13th St.
Heling, Roland1641 (?)1205 S. 19th St.
Henle, Louis20561410 Geele Ave.
Henning, Edgar John1116Herman
Herber, C.24251212 Erie Ave.
Hering, Otto1224Sheboygan Falls
Hermann, A. Jr.20031417 St. Clair Ave.
Hermann, G.2416915 Erie Ave.
Hernberger, O. P.29101519 N. 12th St.
Herr, Henry959Lyndon
Herr, J.3154Sheboygan
Herr, John H.1135922 High Ave.
Herr, Roland John1321204 N. 7th St.
Herrmann, A.2040 (?)1622 Martin Ave.
Hertel, A. G.30591322 Lincoln Ave.
Herziger, Louis20181416 Superior Ave.
Hess, John P.2043Sheboygan
Hessler, Julius1122830 Dillingham Ave.
Hetger, Jack2289Plymouth
Hettinger, J. N.1133920 Dillingham Ave.
Heule, Fred213Town of Sheboygan Falls
Hilb???? Otto R. A.1113Sheboygan
Hildebrand, K.24311128 N. 9th St.
Hildebrand, Oscar24201128 N. 9th St.
Hinkelmann, H. M.1311509 N. 8th St.
Hintz, Matt.1327Greenbush
Hinz, Jesse Ernst1567Sherman
Hinz, Wm.11251111 S. 11th St.
Hoehnke, Arnold29061025 Bluff Ave.
Hoehnke, Otto20541329 Bluff Ave.
Hoening, Oscar29091236 Bluff Ave.
Hoerz, Julius17391410 Wisconsin Ave.
Hoffmann, Peter Jacob1900Lima
Hoitink, Garret John1899Lima
Holbrook, David James910Lyndon
Holden, Clarence R.643Sheboygan Falls
Holden, Leonard Z.1223Sheboygan Falls
Hollenberger, Floyd Scott1982Town of Plymouth
Holman, Joseph27671129 Geele Ave.
Holtzmann, Fred A.740Russell
Holzman, Wenzel Anton1579Sherman
Holzschuh, Casper M.528Rhine
Holzschuh, John F. H.1222Sheboygan Falls
Honmes, Joe24191202 N. 12th St.
Honold, Carl F.134420 Superior Ave.
Hoopman (?), John375Lima
Hopeman, Elmer909Lyndon
Hoppert, Oscar404612 N. 4th St.
Horn, Peter20381020 N. 14th St.
Horn, W.3155Route 2 - Town Sheboygan
Horneck, Gordon R.1126Herman
Horneck, Norman John109Plymouth
Houmes, Henry1758Cedar Grove
Hranvites, A.2417917 12th St.
Hrastar, Joe605210 N. Water St.
Huber, Wm.17361507 New Jersey Ave.
Hueppchen, Albert Carl890Lyndon
Huepper, James William960Lyndon
Hughes, Frank Henry891Lyndon
Hughes, Marvin Elmer892Lyndon
Hughes, Phelim J.1231940 N. 7th St.
Huibregtse, Johanes Antony2197Oostburg
Huibregtse, William2198Oostburg
Hurtlenne, H.3168Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Iba, Gottfried21451315 N. 9th St.
Imig, William1115Herman
Jachn, Oscar J.13121629 Kentucky Ave.
Jacob, Clarence1391905 N. 7th St.
Jagodnik, Joe1371329 N. 7th St.
Jahn, Elmer W.29111706 N. 9th St.
Jahn, Otto A.13111618 Kentucky Ave.
Jakrum, John11491122 S. 8th St.
Janjecic, Ignac584516 N. Water St.
Janjecic, Steve7031019 Wisconsin Ave.
Janke, Paul H.1113Herman
Jarich, Anton9621129 S. 10th St.
Jens, John Fredrick1454Wilson
Jensema, George1892Lima
Jensema, John1893Lima
Jensen, Wm. N.29311819 N. 13th St.
Jensenia, Henry1891Lima
Jernstile, Jac.29381119 N. 12th St.
Johanning, Edward Henry C.1890Town of Plymouth
Johnson, E. J. D.20631904 Calumet Drive
Jonassen, Carl H.13631903 S. 13th St.
Jung, William Fred1583Sherman
Junge, Fred1582Sherman
Junker, Norbert R.142408 Michigan Ave.
Juntz, Ignatz716Sheboygan
K??ene??, George Calvin1111Herman
Kaems, Hugo767832 Broadway Ave.
Kaeser, Charles173232 Superior Ave.
Kaeser, William1228Sheboygan Falls
Kaestner, William29601063 N. 13th St.
Kahlbow, Elmer16201922 S. 12th St.
Kaian, Peter230Town of Sheboygan Falls
Kaiser, Orrin George2141Scott
Kakontis, P. A.7191431 S. 10th St.
Kalk, Leo H.579416 N. 9th St.
Kalmerton, Wilfred646Sheboygan Falls
Kampmann, Paul P.655Sheboygan Falls
Kanpheer, Halbert Edward1338Greenbush
Kansehitzke, A.29321527 N. 12th St.
Kapellen, Tony540Rhine
Kappers, William Mathew1889Lima
Karnaros, C. A.720Sheboygan
Karstedt, H.20701524 Bell Ave.
Karver, Carl411421 Wisconsin Ave.
Kaschibufski, August577330 N. 9th St.
Kashibusky, Adolph7401118 S. 8th St.
Kasson, C. H.1735923 S. 14th St.
Kathke, Ernest15521832 S. 13th St.
Katzoff, L.24461330 N. 11th St.
Kaufmann, Ernest Louis1452Wilson
Kausler, Oscar29441024 Lincoln Ave.
Keippel, Tobian658Sheboygan Falls
Keitel, A. G.2459915 Erie Ave.
Keller, Henry1332Greenbush
Kelling, Edwin Martin2097Scott
Kemmerer, charles29421920 N. 8th St.
Kerskamp, Carl1231Sheboygan Falls
Kerskamp, Denis John2200Oostburg
Kerurin, Emil O.732831 Kentucky Ave.
Kessel, Edgar W.29611632 N. 9th St.
Kestell, Arthur B.962Lyndon
Kettler, Aug.20801412 Erie Ave.
Kierman, A. J.?1714 N. 11th St.
Kiltz, Wayne J.649Sheboygan Falls
King, Ed.21151327 N. 15th St.
Kirst, Edward94Plymouth
Kirst, Henry Oscar2000Town of Plymouth
Kiskadden, Charles R.748Cottage
Kissinger, Arthur P.534Rhine
Kleene, Albin John728922 High Ave.
Klehr, Sylvan Gerhard1589Sherman
Klein, Charles William899Lyndon
Klein, Walter P.2232Village of Glenbeulah
Kleinhaus, Arno O.2001Town of Plymouth
Kleinschmidt, C. P.159Blackstock Road
Kleriber, George J.2296Plymouth
Klueger, Ed20871604 Martin Ave.
Klugo, Oscar Hugo1594Sherman
Knauer, Arthur Louis1335Greenbush
Knauf, Gottlieb1321211 N. 8th St.
Knecke, Arvin515823 New York Ave.
Knocke, Oscar O.1?681939 S. 13th St.
Knowles, George C.543Rhine
Knuth, Chas. A.16421703 Indiana Ave.
Kober, John21501108 Erie Ave.
Koebel, Norman Karl Martin99Plymouth
Koehler, A.3177Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Koehler, C.3188Route 1 - Town of Sheboygan
Koepke, Otto15691418 Indiana Ave.
Koeppe, Alvin E.648Sheboygan Falls
Koepsell, John J.7742122 S. 8th St.
Koerner, Ed O.17591321 Maryland Ave.
Kohler, H. V.413606 New York Ave.
Kohls, Chas. C.669923 New York Ave.
Kohls, Max7271732 S. 11th St.
Kohls, Otto P. E.7711732 S. 11th St.
Kolberg, Arno16551308 S. 19th St.
Kopplinger, F. J.24751213 N. 11th St.
Kops, Jacol648607 N. Water St.
Koren, John779928 Kentucky Ave.
Korff, Ernest1226Sheboygan Falls
Korman, Arno E.24631322 N. 12th St.
Kosman, Jacob607933 Niagara Ave.
Kossma??, R. J.2460Sheboygan
Kotnick, Vincent761602 Illinois Ave.
Kowert, Alfred A.419616 New York Ave.
Kraedemann, A.3178Kohler
Kraft, Alb.2471Sheboygan
Kragnick, Sam.20881358 Carl Ave.
Krahn, Charles William Henry2142Scott
Krahn, Gustav Chas. Oscar2134Scott
Krahn, Herbert John August901Lyndon
Kretschmer, John Oscar1?97Sherman
Kretschmer, Peter John1587Sherman
Kretz, H.20971717 Superior Ave.
Kriel, Emil Louis166332 St. Clair Ave.
Kripleau, Edwin Henry1838Lima
Kroeger, Fred C.659Sheboygan Falls
Kroener, Fred C.575614 N. 8th St.
Krueger, Albert783823 Swift Ave.
Krueger, P.24521023 Huron Ave.
Kruk, John20761115 N. 14th St.
Kruschke, Alvin A.902Lyndon
Kruschke, Walter Herman903Lyndon
Kruse, Alfred C.2299Plymouth
Kudirka, Andrew15031218 Georgia Ave.
Kuehl, Aaron729814 Kentucky Ave.
Kuehl, George1711329 N. 8th St.
Kuehl, Joseph697522 N. 8th St.
Kuehl, Thomas29561720 N. 12th St.
Kullmann, A. F.412505 Niagara Ave.
Kumbler, Anton G.1235Sheboygan Falls
Kunstmann, H.24491209 St. Clair Ave.
Kurschied, Lawrence John1449Wilson
Kurth, Oscar Richard Frank904Lyndon
Kusintz, Sam20891403 Geele Ave.
Kuster, Arthur104Plymouth
Kuster, Edward29491945 N. 13th St.
Kwekkeboom, M. J.1652030 N. 8th St.
Laabs, Ed. F.24931011 Michigan Ave.
Laatsch, Herman Carl1600Sheboygan
Ladewig, Herbert Fred84Plymouth
Ladwig, Wm.29712220 N. 11th St.
Laenning, Christ21331116 14th St.
Lah, Jerry24901001 N. 10th St.
Lamb, Raymond29831720 N. 9th St.
Lamers, Henry John1757Cedar Grove
Lamers, Henry John1885Lima
Lammers, Henry John941Lyndon
Landwehr, August29771417 N. 11th St.
Lang, Francis John1598Sherman
Langjahr, Oscar M.87Plymouth
Lapetz, Joseph643318 N. Water St.
LaRue, william A.665Sheboygan Falls
Lau, Albert E.785912 High Ave.
Laudua, Roland Valentine2006Town of Plymouth
Lautenbach, Alfred Joseph79Plymouth
Lawrence, Emery186711 Huron Ave.
Leahy, Frank Joseph793Mosel
Lee, Jason397Lima
Lehman, L.3203Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Leicht, Joseph Frank7891401 S. 7th St.
Leifer, Paul Ernest1601Sherman
Leihip, Arthur13711204 S. 15th St.
Lemahieu, Jake312Town of Sheboygan Falls
Lemberger, C. H.1761618 S. 15th St.
Lemkull, Garret John2201Oostburg
Leonhardt, Alfred297411?4 Lincoln Ave.
Leonhardt, R. H.21381420 N. 13th St.
Leskover, Anton793929 Indiana Ave.
Leubner, John24831107 Ontario Ave.
Leveton, A.21411419 Geele Ave.
Levinson, Simon21251419 Geele Ave.
Leyo, Martin1781713 N. 2nd St.
Liebel, G. W. Jr.184626 Superior Ave.
Liebenstein, Edwin Henry1599Sherman
Liebl, Aloys John179612 Huron Ave.
Liebl, Ed.2487814 St. Clair Ave.
Lievense, Morris238Town of Sheboygan Falls
Lindeke, H. Jr.190Sheboygan
Lindner, Lemuel L.1243Sheboygan Falls
Lippert, Adolph83Plymouth
Lisowe, Leo1699Mitchell
Littmann, W.3196Route 4 - Town of Sheboygan
Lloyd, Almon C.667Sheboygan Falls
Lohius, George402Lima
Loishy, Lem1768512 S. 14th St.
Loop, Hanson P.663Sheboygan Falls
Loose, August1605Sherman
Loose, Carl844Mosel
Lorenzen, John Otto7881003 High Ave.
Louret, Benj. Garside845Lyndon
Lubbers, William Garret1770Cedar Grove
Lubenow, R. R.534915 Wisconsin Ave.
Lubre, Johan787615 Alabama Ave.
Lucke, Arthur Chas.2153Scott
Luecke, August Edgar1090Herman
Lueder, Walter Otto2007Town of Plymouth
Luedke, Archibald H.2302Plymouth
Luedke, Oscar Frank2073Town of Plymouth
Lueke, Walter John2150Scott
Luellof, Hugo Otto835Mosel
Lueth, Rueben15661201 Georgia Ave.
Lukish, Christian A.579Rhine
Maas, Arthur16291423 S. 17th St.
Maas, Otto21631914 N. 13th St.
Machat, Emil Alvin2157Scott
Machut, Fredrick Albert Louis1607Sherman
Madson, Arthur8281438 S. 9th St.
Maffert, Walter28121639 N. 12th St.
Mahlendorf, A. N.554918 New York Ave.
Mahnke, Alvin E.855Sheboygan
Mahnke, Arno W.16651836 S. 13th St.
Mahnke, P. K.17751633 Illinois Ave.
Mais, Henry Wm.210716 Huron Ave.
Mal, John W.28182005 N. 10th St.
Mangan, John T.1695Mitchell
Mangoras, Nat.811834 Indiana Ave.
Manko, Mike8121122 S. 9th St.
Manthei, Hubert A.77Plymouth
Manz, Arno Henry2009Plymouth
Marctich, Nick849917 Alabama Ave.
Marold, Otto August791Mosel
Marrinakis, George669Sheboygan Falls
Marsack, Nathan21611406 Bluff Ave.
Marshall, Harvey W.443627 Pennsylvania Ave.
Martens, Harvey C.8201303 S. 10th St.
Marthenze, George1445Wilson
Marttus, Sam8191007 Georgia Ave.
Marx, Herman D.1080Herman
Marx, Paul Willie1087Herman
Mason, Robert B.1501Random Lake
Matok, Mike683506 N. Water St.
Matter, Ed.405Lima
Matzdorf, Charles559Rhine
Maurer, Joe21702026 Folger Ct.
Mayer, Adolph A.27982308 N. 11th St.
Mayer, Arthur C.551Rhine
Mayer, Herman553Rhine
Mayer, John A.28002308 N. 11th St.
Mc Donnell, Chas. Ambrose2154Scott
McCarthy, John L.1200Sheboygan Falls
McKenna, Lew2081817 N. 7th St.
McMullen, Chester A.1696Mitchell
Megers, Frank William1349Greenbush
Meier, Godfried21731701 Niagara Ave.
Meister, A.3210Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Melantz, John661715 N. 10th St.
Melcher, H.2154Sheboygan
Menart, John28051119 N. 12th St.
Mentink, Alvey John1773Cedar Grove
Mentink, Benjamin1872Lima
Menzer, Jacob684825 New York Ave.
Merten, William F.52Plymouth
Met???, Helmuth844Sheboygan
Methfessel, Arno197720 Huron Ave.
Metscher, Oscar Walter Herman245Town of Sheboygan Falls
Meurer, H. F.24991130 N. 8th St.
Meyer, Benno Jacob2014Town of Plymouth
Meyer, Ernst1084Herman
Meyer, George Carl1440Wilson
Meyer, George1503Sherman
Meyer, Henry1079Herman
Meyer, Joseph Wm.67Plymouth
Meyers, Edgar G.204Sheboygan
Michaels, Irving1202Sheboygan Falls
Mielke, Walter E.1082Herman
Mihm (?), Wm. A.?1615 N. 11th St.
Mikek, Frank587208 N. Water St.
Milavetz, Ignatz439618 Jefferson Ave.
Miley, Alfred Wm.1867Lima
Miller, Alvin Anton William2015Town of Plymouth
Miller, David25051112 St. Clair Ave.
Miller, John826713 Indiana Ave.
Miller, Lester W. F.69Plymouth
Miller, Mathais Peter790Mosel
Miller, Steve27991837 N. 9th St.
Miller, Thomas G.554Rhine
Milz, Henry August1081Herman
Minster, Ed A.21821316 Huron Ave.
Mog, Otto August246Town of Sheboygan Falls
Mohasam, Otto Frederic Gust315Town of Sheboygan Falls
Mohs, Henry Martin Carl2019Town of Plymouth
Molter, Herbert408Lima
Moortz, Walter Edgar2256Plymouth
Moritz, D. 920 N. 11th St.
Mueller, Edward Lawrence65Plymouth
Mueller, Edwin N.409Lima
Mueller, W. C.803909 Kentucky Ave.
Mueller, William2229Glenbeulah
Mugan, John E.1091Mitchell
Murphy, George E.1689Mitchell
Musall, Carl William1610Sherman
Muselman, Vic.21551901 Wildwood Ave.
Nack, Arthur18671312 Maryland Ave.
Nack, U.3215Route 5 - Town of Sheboygan
Neerhof, John Dirk413Lima
Neese, Emil2189916 N. 17th St.
Neese, H. G.1786546 River St.
Neimann, Walter Henry1438Wilson
Nells, And.21931542 Bell Ave.
Neloh, Josef6101032 Wisconsin Ave.
Nelson, William28281635 N. 9th St.
Nemetz, Frank J.21871517 Erie Ave.
Nemschoff, M.28302027 N. 13th St.
Nesser, Andrew414Lima
Nesser, Peter415Lima
Neumann, William Carl788Mosel
Neuschuetz, C.3213Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Nichols, Roy F.1245Sheboygan Falls
Nickel, Reuben John Henry1612Sherman
Nusz, William Henry850Lyndon
Nytes, Mathais Frank1437Wilson
Obbink, John Henry1775Village of Cedar Grove
Obereich, Alfred B.59Plymouth
Oberle, William14121636 S. 14th St.
Oehl, Ed. John17921313 New York Ave.
Oehlhoff, Alfred Reinhold2273Plymouth
Ohm, Frank R.22002009 Wieman Ave.
Ohm, Otto22012023 Wieman Ave.
Oldenburg, Emil8841405 S. 8th St.
Olm, William Fred1069Herman
Olsen, Charles Edwin2208Oostburg
Olsen, Olaf H.454Pennsylvania Ave.
Oosterhuis, Albert855Lyndon
Opgenorth, F.3221Route 4 - Town of Sheboygan
Opgenorth, H.3222Route 4 - Town of Sheboygan
Oswald, Albert22021412 N. 17th St.
Otten, John28361111 Geele Ave.
Ourada, A.28341234 Trimberger Ct.
Overbeck, Arthur A.2191602 N. 7th St.
Paarsch, Wm.22081419 Mehrtens Ave.
Pagel, Henry Arthur891921 Georgia Ave.
Pappaisanoa, J. G.8971132 Indiana Ave.
Parman, Hugo F.2214920 N. 17th St.
Paulman, Walter C.2251519 N. 7th St.
Peebles, James Gissis2242Plymouth
Pelke, Chester915930 Indiana Ave.
Perekovich, Dan901918 Alabama Ave.
Perlmann, Ben2?171237 Bluff Ave.
Perrone, Martin1063Herman
Perronne, Herman Julius307Town of Sheboygan Falls
Person, Ed. H.16321529 Alabama Ave.
Peter, Rutherford Adam2163Scott
Peterson, George William1285Cascade
Peterson, Victor C.13811204 S. 17th St.
Pfister, Jacob17101417 Center Ave.
Pfrang, Arno E.682Sheboygan Falls
Pfrang, Francis Henry859Lyndon
Phippin, Clarence H.2352Plymouth
Phippin, George2347Plymouth
Pierce, John Harry1855Lima
Pire, J.??26Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Platz, Henry Jr.731Russell
Ploetz, Paul22161528 Heller Ave.
Podiesink, Jack9631311 S. 10th St.
Pohland, August C.2311816 N. 4th St.
Polshka, George13251424 S. 13th St.
Pommericl?, F.491Sheboygan
Popp, Louis G.1251Sheboygan Falls
Potoshnek, Matt8931026 S. 8th St.
Potratz, Walter F.1252Sheboygan Falls
Pozizanovich, Mate8991122 S. 9th St.
Prange, Otto George Carl310Town of Sheboygan Falls
Prienbrock, Isaac2341607 N. 4th St.
Prima, 543816 Pennsylvania Ave.
Prinsen, Garret William426Lima
Prom, Joseph910Sheboygan
Puls, Edward E.28421734 N. 10th St.
Pungercar, F.28431036 Superior Ave.
Radke, A. A.18011610 Maryland Ave.
Radke, Paul696820 Wisconsin Ave.
Radloff, Arno W.569Rhine
Radloff, E.3235Sheboygan
Radovich, Steve2026Town of Plymouth
Radtke, John E.13781416 S. 12th St.
Raeder, Alfred August973Lyndon
Rahn, Clar.22321318 N. 16th St.
Rammer, Carl1427Wilson
Rammer, Jacob Ignatz1426Wilson
Rammer, Thomas16031414 S. 13th St.
Rapilius, Arthur839928 Indiana Ave.
Rash, Alex.25381216 10th St.
Rautmann, Arvin Carl294Town of Sheboygan Falls
Rauwerdink, Garret John1854Lima
Rauwerdink, Harry1852Lima
Rauwerdink, Samuel1853Lima
Reed, Chester921709 Indiana Ave.
Reglin, Max21361624 Cambridge Ave.
Rehrauer, Walter249236 Superior Ave.
Reichelsdorfer, A.22451206 N. 17th St.
Reilly, John E.1680Sherman
Reimer, John25281010 St. Clair Ave.
Reinhold, Walter Paul2317Plymouth
Reinholz, P. W. 1607 Maryland Ave.
Reis, Edward Frank2165Scott
Reis, Walter2029Town of Plymouth
Remsak, Frank649715 N. 10th St.
Reuter, Edw.22361228 N. 17th St.
Ribbens, Theunis2471825 N. 1st St.
Ribeck, Frank831933 Indiana Ave.
Ribich, A.3240Route 1 - Town of Sheboygan
Ribich, Anton922933 Indiana Ave.
Ribich, Anton925916 Indiana Ave.
Riebeck, Frank834928 Alabama Ave.
Riemer, Oscar C.937701 Kentucky Ave.
Riesterer, Frank428Lima
Ring, Otto43962130 S. 12th St.
Riordan, Henry1361Greenbush
Robinson, Walter Richard2318Plymouth
Roeder, Henry F.1052Herman
Roeder, Wal. W.3315Kohler
Roehl, Edward Louis782Mosel
Roehl, Herman H.2141816 N. 4th St.
Roehrborn, Otto Theodore1424Wilson
Rohde, Arno3242Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Roklartis, Joh10391121 Clara Ave.
Rommelfanger, August1422Herman
Ronk, M. J.18051427 Virginia Ave.
Rooker, Wybrand Lucas1846Lima
Ross, Allie8351427 S. 11th St.
Roth, Christ25371017 Ontario Ave.
Rowe, Otto22371323 Superior Ave.
Rozin, Jerry18031417 Center Ave.
Ruckweed, Fred J.2076Town of Plymouth
Rudnick, B.23281351 Carl Ave.
Ruppal, Christ22401512 St. Clair Ave.
Ruppel, D.25301011 St. Clair Ave.
Ruschel, John9281137 High Ave.
Saemann, Jesse Charles1624Sherman
Sanders, John N.1515Random Lake
Sanders, Peter John Jr.1845Lima
Sarochotis, John482601 N. 8th St.
Sass, Louis1368Greenbush
Sawitsky, Fredrick William A.2031Town of Plymouth
Sawitzky, Fredrick William A.2031Town of Plymouth
Schadel, H.22671540 Calumet Drive
Schaefer, J.25611013 Michigan Ave.
Schanglies, Max22622117 N. 15th St.
Scharpe, Reuben Isaa2044Town of Plymouth
Scharrer, J.26961722 Block Ct.
Schebanis, George9981009 Indiana Ave.
Scheibe, Reuben R.20Plymouth
Scheibe, Roland Peter2321Plymouth
Scheibl, Gustav283Town of Sheboygan Falls
Scheibl, Joseph1262Sheboygan Falls
Schelle, H. Jr.2571829 Michigan Ave.
Schellinger, Darwin Edward2032Town of Plymouth
Schellinger, Oliver Henry2035Town of Plymouth
Scheuler, George583Rhine
Schils, Thomas23111721 Erie Ave.
Schipper, Peter1265Sheboygan Falls
Schirmer, Joseph2038Town of Plymouth
Schlicht, Jesse253620 National Ct.
Schmidt, Alvin13351335 Georgia Ave.
Schmidt, Arno Julius2039Town of Plymouth
Schmidt, Elmer695Sheboygan Falls
Schmidt, Emil10001013 Swift Ave.
Schmidt, Fred25701111 Erie Ave.
Schmidt, G.3269Route 5 - Town of Sheboygan
Schmidt, H.3266Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Schmidt, John22991212 N. 13th St.
Schmidtbauer, A. 28812027 N. 12th St.
Schmitt, Carl26991317 N. 13th St.
Schmoll, George A.39Plymouth
Schnefer, Christ690829 New York Ave.
Schnefer, Fred23131203 14th St.
Schneffner, Arthur278Town of Sheboygan Falls
Schneider, August25831011 Michigan Ave.
Schneider, Oscar Alvin2173Scott
Schneller, Wm. C.2551715 2nd St.
Schnorr, Fred22781627 Seaman Ave.
Schoen, H. J.26891712 N. 8th St.
Schoenfeld, Frank37Plymouth
Schoening, Fred10051101 High Ave.
Schrader, John25691907 10th St.
Schrader, Wm.23281429 Mehrtens Ave.
Schucantz, J.16121207 Kentucky Ave.
Schuelke, Walter E.9871323 S. 11th St.
Schuette, H.22682003 N. 15th St.
Schuette, Herbert28801119 Lincoln Ave.
Schuette, Wm.16411812 S. 12th St.
Schuh, John Jr.10261019 Broadway Ave.
Schultz, A. C.18271616 Superior Ave.
Schultz, D.25551020 Erie Ave.
Schultz, Ed.26941816 N. 10th St.
Schultz, F. H.1832520 S. 13th St.
Schultz, George Charles1632Sherman
Schultz, Otto2042Town of Plymouth
Schultz, William August809Lyndon
Schulz, Carmen Adolph1637Sherman
Schulz, E. E.467915 N. 8th St.
Schumacher, Oscar Richard1003Herman
Schumann, H.23141536 John Ct.
Schuren, Frank George2328Plymouth
Schuricht, Gust. Albert1378Greenbush
Schutkever, Louis22642037 N. 13th St.
Schwalenberg, Roland H.2332Plymouth
Schwartz, Otto Carl2043Town of Plymouth
Sedler, Joseph680915 Wisconsin Ave.
Seigert, H.3243Route 1 - Town of Sheboygan
Sekas, Divingslos1917915 Kentucky Ave.
Senglaub, Oswald W.1514Random Lake
Siculis, Jos.22841329 15th St.
Siebelink, E. J.474731 Jefferson Ave.
Siefert, Frank14031134 High Ave.
Siemers, Henry W.1006Herman
Silbernagel, Joseph J.1009Herman
Sinner, Edwin J.580Rhine
Sinz, Edwin Gottfried980Lyndon
Skeres, Anton1006Sheboygan
Sleerick, Paul1829Lima
Smith, Thomas H.724Russell
Soltap, Anton10121003 Indiana Ave.
Sommersberger, George1000Herman
Sommersberger, H.2268Route 2 - Town of Sheboygan
Sonneburg, C. N.266619 Zimbal Ave.
Sonnenburg, W. M.263619 Zimbal Ave.
Sonnenfeldt, Wm.2290Sheboygan
Sotever, Henry George989Town of Sheboygan Falls
Speckmann, A.25671227 St. Clair Ave.
Speckmann, L. A.25411227 St. Clair Ave.
Spenlingwimer, J.16351935 S. 15th St.
Sperb, George John873Lyndon
Spindler, Arthur1012Herman
Splinter, William2701521 4th St.
Sprainis, Mike?611918 S. 14th St.
Spratt, Leo1462Rural Route Sheboygan
Sprenger, Walter1027Herman
Sroasdzum (?), 10331017 Swift Ave.
Stahl, C. J.2564?12 Ontario Ave.
Stahl, Eugene27101918 N. 11th St.
Stange, Carl22921642 Seaman Ave.
Stanisch, R.22721?22 Martin Ave.
Steffen, Alfred L.252511 Park Ave.
Steffen, Erich15351847 S. 13th St.
Stein, Abraham28661927 N. 13th St.
Stempihar, John589306 N. Water St.
Stengel, Carl1015Herman
Stengel, John M.13321435 S. 14th
Stichert, Erich23651622 Sibley Ct.
Stieber, 14451815 S. 12th St.
Stimetz, Geo.25471102 N. 8th St.
Stirdivant, Clar. J.9961111 Swift Ave.
Stokinger, J.26971610 N. 11th St.
Stolper, Fred August1641Sherman
Stolzenburg, W. F.26851734 N. 12th St.
Storey, Percy22531011 St. Clair Ave.
Straus, Val. Jr.1001721 Spring
Strong, Ira Harmon1882Greenbush
Strong, James Edward1670Sherman
Sturitsch, Frank9991027 S. 8th St.
Sucker, Mike1041934 Georgia Ave.
Swart, Luther Will2052Town of Plymouth
Sweden, J. V.997863 Clancy St.
Grand Rapids, Mich
Tankervich, J.9521023 Broadway Ave.
Tarcijan, C.3301Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Tarcijan, W.3278Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Tauscheck, Frank9511138 Broadway Ave.
Tauschek, F.23321536 N. 16th St.
Te Roade, Garret2214Oostburg
Te Selle, John1801Lima
Te Selle, Lawrence Henry1800Lima
Tendick, Arwin Henry1029Herman
Tengler, Joe984Lyndon
Tenhaken, Elmer453Lima
Tenpas, Charles H.1807Lima
Tenpas, Edward Garret454Lima
Tenpas, Elmer455Lima
Tenpas, Harry1806Lima
Tenpas, Lewis Alvin1805Lima
Ter Maat, Elmer John457Lima
Ter Maat, John459Lima
Terhardt, H. A.18491415 Jefferson Ave.
Thalheim, Otto879Lyndon
Theune, John I.2217Oostburg
Theune, John1788Cedar Grove
Thill, James A.490622 Jefferson Ave.
Thill, William494419 6th St.
Thomas, James S.699Sheboygan Falls
Thomas, William27361740 N. 9th St.
Thuemmler, Charley Anton2175Scott
Titel, Arno Emil1385Greenbush
Toepfer, F.23341503 Michigan Ave.
Traas, John463Lima
Traas, Peter279Sheboygan
Trautschold, H.23292527 N. 15th St.
Treadwell, Jessie Fremont2054Town of Plymouth
Treick, Al. 2588829 Ontario Ave.
Treick, Alfred P.276733 National Ave.
Tremp, Arno Henry1408Wilson
Trester, W. A.277514 Michigan Ave.
Truttschel, Edwin Jacob1810Lima
Truttschel, Otes1809Lima
Turba, Edmund A.720Russell
Turk, Anton9531310 S. 7th St.
Turk, David25941330 13th St.
Twiczyuski, John644402 N. 8th St.
Urbanic, Joseph595818 New York Ave.
Van Driest, Cornelius467Lima
Van Ess, Bert William468Lima
Van Ess, Harry Peter887Lyndon
Van Ess, Henry469Lima
Van Sluys, Cornelius Jr.291Town of Sheboygan Falls
Van Stelle, Peter3011716 N. 4th St.
Vande Laan, Druis Andrew1790Cedar Grove
Vande Loo, Joseph1832Lima
Vande Vreugde, David271Town of Sheboygan Falls
Vande Wall, Arthur Anthony2220Oostburg
Vande Wege, John2881812 Z Ct.
Vandeloo, George1828Lima
Vander Ploeg, Nicholas465Lima
Vander Puy, John1405Wilson
Vander Steeg, Hugh Dirk1831Lima
Vander Vaart, Peter1404Wilson
Vander Waal, A.3982Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
VanderPuy, C.2892507 N. 8th St.
Vanderyacht, H. H.498704 Pennsylvania Ave.
VanTahnhone, John594818 N. 9th St.
Varnick, Nick26011002 Erie Ave.
Varrath, Henry2741921 Superior Ave.
Velisaris, Peter2562931 N. 12th St.
Verduin, Isaac J.885Lyndon
Verhulst, Leonard270Town of Sheboygan Falls
Vertacle, John9461319 S. 10th St.
Vervelde, Henry1400Wilson
Vesey, Wayne Evert2338Plymouth
Vetten, N. C.2911110 N. 3rd St.
Vick, Edwin H.995Lyndon
Vlahogianes, John Gust2056Town of Plymouth
Vodash, Geo. M.943R. No. 1 Box 74a
Emmuclas, Washington
Voechting, Oscar Henry768Mosel
Volakas, Peter14602115 S. 15th St.
Volland, Walter Richard Fred2057Town of Plymouth
Voskull, Henry Wm.476Lima
Voskull, Lewis Anthony1795Cedar Grove
Vosquil, Henry1836Lima
Voss, William Edgar1033Herman
Vouchelis, Paul13211133 Kentucky Ave.
Vranick, Martin1249735 Indiana Ave.
Vreaux, Frank496817 N. 7th St.
Vreeke, William2931818 N. 2nd St.
Wacker, George Frank2339Plymouth
Wagner, Armand1036Herman
Wagner, Arthur Louis763Mosel
Wagner, Carl3329915 N. 7th St.
Wagner, Joseph Mathais764Mosel
Wagner, Peter716Russell
Walk, Gustav W.1040Herman
Wallhoefer?, A. P.1400Sheboygan
Walsh, Alfred Paul1394Greenbush
Walsh, Robert Edward1815Lima
Walvoort, Ben.483Lima
Wangermann, F.23611706 Calumet Drive
Warnecke, Aug. G.3131318 N. 4th St.
Warnecke, Walter H. 1318 N. 4th St.
Waschbisch, Peter Paul1399Wilson
Washaskasv, M.1265Sheboygan
Webber, N. J.27541128 Lincoln Ave.
Wedegariner, H.27611407 N. 13th St.
Wedegartner, H.27801237 Bluff Ave.
Weeks, W. F.26101220 Michigan Ave.
Wegner, Theodore Henry1653Sherman
Weidler, Carl Jacob1043Herman
Weiman, C.26121118 St. Clair Ave.
Weinhold, Elmer Edgar881Lyndon
Weinkauf, Anton27501737 N. 9th St.
Weinrich, Victory Herman1796Cedar Grove
Wells, Henry Wm. Fred1649Sherman
Wentz, Arno Edward1038Herman
Wentz, Ivan William13Plymouth
Werner, C. F.18561635 Maryland Ave.
Wessel, August C.1037Herman
Westerbeke, Peter1822Lima
Whiffen, Clarence F.318102 Lake St.
Wick, Edward Henry2059Town of Plymouth
Wick, Robert14Plymouth
Widder, Alwin2775Sheboygan
Widder, Gustave Joachim F.251Town of Sheboygan Falls
Widder, P.3287Route 3 - Town Sheboygan
Wieck, Henry Carl2060Town of Plymouth
Wiegand, Henry999Herman
Wiegel, Fred Henry1046Herman
Wieland, Harvey Frank991Lyndon
Wieskamp, John491Lima
Wifler, Benno Alys2061Town of Plymouth
Wifler, Louis Joseph2062Town of Plymouth
Wifler, Oscar Charles2063Town of Plymouth
Wild, Joe27441234 Superior Ave.
Wildermuth, Herbert Paul250Town of Sheboygan Falls
Williams, J. V.1273726 Alabama Ave.
Winetrbottom, R. D.306724 National Ave.
Winter, Henry Daniel1659Sherman
Wippermann, Edgar George988Lyndon
Wirtz, Frank1263802 Swift Ave.
Wirtz, H.3784Route 1
Wisch, John T.13991721 Alabama Ave.
Wismeth, John3171916 N. 7th St.
Witte, Earl G.315420 St. Clair Ave.
Witterholt, Simon1396Wilson
Wittkopp, Henry Chas.1389Greenbush
Wittkopp, William H.1665Mitchell
Woerner, Robert Fred2069Herman
Wolf, Clemens P.1516Random Lake
Wolfert, Louis515705 N. 4th St.
Wollert, Gust. C.13512007 S. 13th
Wunsch, Hugo Edward756Mosel
Yehle, Edgar27841632 Blocki Ct.
Yehle, John517616 Center Ave.
Yeska, G.3276Route 5 - Town of Sheboygan
Young, Wm. Carl516Sheboygan
Zeeman, Joost12961423 S. 11th St.
Zehm, Walter12861623 Spruce Ct.
Zeimke, William Fred248Town of Sheboygan Falls
Zetzer, H.2619922 Michigan Ave.
Ziebell, Albert15021712 S. 12th St.
Ziegler, Arno23811414 Geele Ave.
Ziegler, J.23781402 Superior Ave.
Ziesel, Joseph H.12901730 S. 8th St.
Zillier, Carl W.325708 Michigan Ave.
Zimmerman, A. F.518907 N. 4th St.
Zimmermann, A.3295Route 3 - Town of Sheboygan
Zimmermann, Otto2070Town of Plymouth
Zinderva, Herm.13721625 Alabama Ave.
Zinkgraf, Clarence August4Plymouth
Ziskind, 23881340 Geele Ave.
Zuengler, William Henry1663Sherman
Zukneich, Rok1274918 Alabama Ave.
Zutz, Emil13851929 S. 14th St.
Zwanaki, Walter15231529 S. 13th St.

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