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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Newspaper Articles & Stories

Newspapers & Supplements

Sheboygan County Historical Review



L. C. Bartlett Celebrating 88th Birthday Anniversary

Mrs. Brown Celebrates 98th Birthday

Marium Clark's 101st Birthday

Twins Louise Eisner & Eleanore Jung Celebrate 90th Birthday

Amalie Erbach Celebrates 91st Birthday

Catherine Harkins celebrates her 100th birthday

Twins Eleanore Jung & Louise Eisner Celebrate 90th Birthday

Clara Kreidler Celebrates Eightieth Anniversary Of Birthday

Louise Lamb celebrates her 100th birthday

Elaine Lester Birthday Celebration

Robert Herman Loesing Birthday Celebration

Carl Mertz Birthday Celebration

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Siemers' Baby's Birth

Mrs. T. F. Volk Birthday Celebration - 1925

Mrs. T. F. Volk Birthday Celebration - 1926

Mrs. T. F. Volk Birthday Celebration - 1928

Frank A. Waugh is 61

William Wilterdink Turns 79

Church Articles

Greenbush - Reorganization of "Brick Church"

St. Michael's First Christmas Mass

St. Michael's College

College Students

1888-89 University of Wisconsin College Students from Sheboygan County

Dance Cards

Kate V. Lindsay's Dance Card


Benson Divorce

Eckman Divorce Petition Filed

Goodwin Divorce

Hinze Divorce

Hoppert Divorce

Kohn Divorce

Laing Divorce

Mitwede Divorce

Voss Divorce


Battle of the Ballot - 1906

Family Reunion Tidbits

William & Jeanette Fischer Reunion

Francke Family Reunion

Murphy Family Reunion

Parnell Reunion

Wierman Family Reunion

Funeral Trips Noted

Mr. & Mrs. John Brost & son Wilbur Attend Funeral

Robert Horn, Mrs. Frank Horn & W. E. Braun Attend Mrs. August Horn's Funeral

Mr. and Mrs. August Kleinsmith, Mrs. Charles Hartin, and Fred Kleinsmith Attend Funeral

Kreidler and Kapellen Take Funeral Trip

R. Martin Attending Funeral in Two Rivers for Cousin

Cain, Lamb, Minch, Ryan & Seekins Attend Catherine Devoy's Funeral

Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Maurer & Mrs. Bertha Voigt

Carl Maurer

Mr. and Mrs. John Orlebeke attend funeral in Oostburg

Mrs. F. W. Pinney & daughter Ann

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schockmel Attend Louis Popp, Jr. Funeral

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sinner and children Attend Catherine {Schmahl} Sinner's Funeral

High School News Articles

1901 Plymouth High School Senior Exercises

1909 Class Play - "The Merchant of Venice Up To Date"

Kohler and Sheboygan High Scool Debate

Two Graduates of Kohler High School are Honored

Military Related News

Valentine Drews, Veteran Of World War, Honored

Missing People Articles

Parents Seek Long Lost Son

Santa Letters

December - 1910

Specific Articles

A Legend Of Modern Days

Accident Takes Hermann Oestreich's Leg

Air Force Admits Firing Of Shells

Another Noble Experiment

John Arentsen Terrorizes Father

Arrested For False Imprisonment - Thomas Fagan

Jacob Avery Died Tragically

Badger Tannery Stack Falls Yesterday

Bakery Sold to Wisconsin Couple

William Barragar Civil War Veterans Story

George Ballantine Surveyor

Harvey Beck Dies After Wedding Reception

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Becker Nearly Overcome By Coal Gas

Four Men Burned after explosion at Bemis Mfg.

Bird On The Spot

Harry Blanke Loses Arm

John {Joseph} Block {Veteran Fighter Called Soldier Of "Misfortune"}

Boiler Explosion

Mrs. Bouska Sues for Kiss Payment

Breaking Death Bed Promise

Brogan Charged with Manslaughter

Mary Brooks Stabs Sister

Brother of Local Man Killed

Brothers Rival In Race

Minnie Bruggink's Will Admitted to Probate

Early Life of Kathrine Burke

Cannon Shells Rip Roofs In Wisconsin City


Cascade Pioneer Days

Children Lost Overnight

Michael Chutobba's Gravestone Unearthed

Claims $3,000 For Being Referred to as a "German Spy"

Cloudburst Hits Sheboygan

Mrs. Coller Entertains

Crawford, George E. Leads a Double Life

Crocker, Bliss & Co. Fire

W. H. De Groff Tells of His Experience

Rev. & Mrs. Garret De Jong Visit Cedar Grove

Hair On His Plate Sends Frank Demann On Rampage

State vs. Louis De Ryder in Alleged Swindle Case

Eagle Carries Child Away

Early Elkhart Lake Settlers

Early Settlers Of Sheboygan

A. J. Ebenreiter vs. Edward Riley Court Decision

Niles Eichenberger - Lost Fisherman - Returns

Niles Eichenberger - Plunges to Death

Elkhart Lake - Rhine

Esbach & Gangon - Cut by Flying Glass

Elvin Esty Civil War Discharge

Fairchild - Johnson Shooting

Farm Floats Away

Farmer Held For Kidnapping Young Mother

William Farnsworth

William Farnsworth & the Lady Elgin Calamity

Arm Hits Mail Box As He Rides On Truck; Dies {Roland Fatthies}

Carl Fechner

Otto Fenner vs. DeWitt Riess In Court

Al Ferko Killed In Crash

Virginia Fessler

Bob Fitzsimmons Assaults Martin Hughes

Elmer J. Fochs Appointed Rural Mail Carrier

Elmer J. Fochs {Mr. & Mrs.} Attends Funeral

Elmer J. Fochs Retires as Mail Carrier

John E. Fochs Military Career {Multiple Articles}

George Fox - Survivor of Maine Tells His Story

Friese Family Enlisted in Civil War

Furniture Store & Funeral Parlor Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary

Adam Gates

Harvard Giddings

Gift Bird Gives Up Donor's Lost Ring

Gillette Family Started First Newspaper

Girl Shears Hair In Dream After Reading Of Another Doing So

Girls Pinched in Vice Raid

The Late Peter Glass

Little Herman Gletter Loses Feet in Accident

Newton S. Goodell

Arthur Grain's Eye Sight Bestroyed by Cement

Henry Grashorn


Greenbush / Glenbeulah

Six Killed At Crossing - Haen & Poene Family

John Halter Commits Suicide

Heir to Millions

Held Captive By An Indian

Carl I. Henrickson Recollects his Boyhood Days

Herald Newspaper Prospering


Herman - Franklin - Millersville

Henry Herzog Tell of Early Pioneer Life

Hiram Warren Higgins, The Story of

Martin Hilleman Ill

Mrs. Martin Hilleman Resigns Position

Mrs. Noel Frane Hilleman Completes Novel

Kills Wife - Take Own Life

Nicholas Hoffman Takes First Bath in 50 Years

Holland Church Observes Anniversary

Holland / Cedar Grove / Amsterdam

Cedar Grove / Holland History

Jonothan Hounsell Recalls Boyhood Days

Howards Grove

Howards Grove Business Men - Pre 1929

Martin Hughes Assaulted by Bob Fitzsimmons

Policeman Theodore Husting Slain

Indian Scare of 1862


The Irish Refugee

Johnsonville - Town of Sheboygan Falls

Robert J. Justinger Drowns in Washing Machine

Miss Minnie Karpe Saw the Petrified Forests

Ernest Keppler

Killed In Blast In Air - {Marshall Field, Gusta Damrow & Elmer Blumberg}

Hunt {For} Gustave Knaak's Missing Wife


William Kroos Takes in Parade

Kenneth Kugel Weds Rebecca Von Kaas

Otto Kupsick Drowns / Two Companions Saved

Michael Landgraf Shares his Memories of the Civil War

Landjahr / Lueloff Accident

Leard, William Arrested

John Leicht

Henry Lemkuil Near Death From Fall

Lightning Strike Ellwell's Flour Mill

Jenny Lind Fever

Samuel Litsch Wounded by Lightning Stike

Lueloff / Landjahr Accident

Theodore Mahnke - Sheboygan Man's Suicide Is Climax Of Enoch Arden Plot

99 Heirs to Anton Mallmann Estate

Mrs. Henry Mangan - Lease Dispute Is Cause Of Wrangle In Parnell Saloon

Amelia Mannebach has Whistle Surgically Removed

Mess Kit Found On Field Of Battle of Sheboygan Boy - Paul Sass

Milwaukee Man's Predicament

Missing Father Found

Jack Moerdl & Stephen Miller - Involved in Motorcycle Accident

John Malloy, survivor of Preble's Crew, Passes Away

Paul Moore Has Break-In

Mosel - Haven

Christ Muller Has Fatal Heart Attack

J. P. Musman Searches for Lost Relatives

Rudolph Neigbacher Jumps from Bridge

Nye Family Heirlooms

An officer and three enlisted men say this happened

Osteopath Convicted In Farm Girl's Death

One Good Vote Lost

Oostburg & Cedar Grove Churches

Cedar Grove - Oostburg Businesses

Our Lady of Angels 125th Parish Anniversary

Celeste Pearson Drowns In Rain Barrel

Hon. C. H. M. Petersen Moves to Plymouth

Julius Pfeil on Trial for Wife's Death

Burning of the Propeller Phoenix

Picnic at Evergreen Park

Sydney Pierce - Human Pin Cushion

Pioneer Woman

Three Planes Crash in Front Yard

Plank Roads

Plymouth Fire Company History

President Lincoln

Jacob L. Reis Passes Away

William Ramaker Accused of Killing Wife

John Reihman - Had 2 Wives - Now None

{Channing Mather Gives Interesting Reminiscences}

Henry Repphuen Confesses to Killing Mother of Four

Capt. Reynolds Drowns - Schooner `Mary Ludwig' Capsizes

Rhine - Elkhart Lake

H. D. Rivers Drowns

Ferdinand Roddewig

Roehr Kills Wife's Family Then Suicides

William Rossberg Is Dead At Kimball


St. John's Catholic Church in Plymouth

Schooner `Mary Ludwig' Capsizes - Capt. Reynolds Drowns

Scheuer Accidentally Shoots Jacobs

Scott - Batavia - Sherman

Theodore Seeger Assaulted By Three Unknown

Sheboygan County Officials 1907

Sheboygan Falls

Sheboygan Falls Pioneer Days

Sheboygan County Wilderness Transformed into Dairy & More

Sherman - Adell - Random Lake

Sheriff Amuses Babies; Prisoners Escape

Sheriff's Son Dies of Injury

Message From Lost Ship

Son Accidentally Shoots Mom in Forehead

Mrs. H. N. Smith & Mrs. Laura Chase Smith

William Stanton

William Strassberg Killed by Lightning Strike

Boy, Aged 4, Enjoys Pipe And Cigars - {Fred Stauber}

Street Car Accident

Mrs. Wilberforce Sully Leaps to Death

John Te Selle Narrowly Escapes / Schlichting Co. Horse Drowns

George Thieme Not Guilty In Manslaughter Case

Museum Display - Benjamin Tibbetts Family

Three Dead in Crossing Crash at Kiel

Three Killed In Train Plunge

Deacon William Trowbridges' Piety

Twenty Made Fatherless After Dual Slaying

William Tyd Killed

Alex Vollerath Drowns

T. F. Volk - Rolled Cigars for 70 Years

Theodore Volk as Police Justice


David Waldo

E. N. Waldron Sends Quotations On Provisions In Sheboygan

William Walsh

Mrs. Walthers Story

Mrs. Margaret Ward Refuses to be Called Old

Apply to Wed

Weds Thinking Spouse Is Dead

When Then Was Now - Driving Club: Horsing Around

Rev. George Wildermuth & Wife Visit 1/2 Brother


Wind Storm


Wisconsin Pair Find Alleged Swindler On Chicago Loop Street

Woman's Relief Corps Elects New Officials

Works Same Old Game

Son of Bolton Young

Zetzsche Tannery Fire

Mrs. Oswald Zimbal Injured In A Corn Husker

Zinn's Fire Extinguisher

Zweekbaur, Abraham Cracks his own Skull


Tidbits Index

Gartmann News Tidbits

Glenbeulah Tidbits

Misc. Tidbits

October, 1893

December, 1895

December, 1897

January, 1898

December, 1907

August, 1909

April, 1910

April 29, 1927 / 1
Lima - Hingham - Gibbsville - Wakefield - Six Corners Area

April 29, 1927 / 2

April 29, 1927 / 3

April 29, 1927 / 4
Bird's Eye View

April 29, 1927 / 5
Plymouth Churches

April 29, 1927 / 6
Plymouth Misc.

April 29, 1927 / 7
Town of Sheboygan Falls

April 29, 1927 / 8
Village of Sheboygan Falls

April 29, 1927 / 9
Sheboygan Falls Business Men

April 29, 1927 / 10
Sheboygan Falls Religion

April 29, 1927 / 11
Sheboygan Falls Misc.

Visiting Family & Friends

Buchman's, Giffin's, Volk's, Wesendorf's & Wieman's Visit Miss Jennie Franey

Volk, Marion - Visit her Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Volk

Volk, L.E., Mr. & Mrs. & Daughter - Visit Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Volk


Clark Bowers Requesting the Will for Vincent Bowers

WWII Vets Newspaper Index

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