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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Source: Zorn's Directory for Sheboygan County 1910 - 1911

OwnerLocationRoute Number
{if listed}
Anderson, A.Sheboygan Falls Cheese Factory
Aupperle, JohnKewaskumR. 1Cheese Factory
Basler, H.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Becker, HenryRandom LakeR. 18Cheese Factory
Beek, Geo.Sheboygan FallsR. 8Cheese Factory
Beuchel, Herm.SheboyganR. 1Cheese Factory
Bodenstab, Fred.Sheboygan FallsR. 7Cheese Factory
Boll, Ernst C.SheboyganR. 2Cheese Factory
Boldt, F. A.Gibbsville Cheese Factory
Buchholz, R. F.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Chaplin, H. A.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Conrad, Rud.ClevelandR. 1Cheese Factory
Damrow, OscarSheboygan FallsR. 7Cheese Factory
Dassow, Rud.Sheboygan FallsR. 8Cheese Factory
Deicher, H.Glenbeulah Cheese Factory
Donath, R.Random LakeR. 18Cheese Factory
Dyke, L.Waldo Cheese Factory
Edler, Wm.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Ehrlich, O.Sheboygan FallsR. 10Cheese Factory
Erbstoesser, Edw.Sheboygan FallsR. 7Cheese Factory
Flunkers, H. W.CascadeR. 20Cheese Factory
Frederick, R.Sheboygan FallsR. 7Cheese Factory
Garling E. & SonsGlebeulahR. 31Cheese Factory
Gartmann, Chas.SheboyganR. 4Cheese Factory
Gartmann, H. C.SheboyganR. 5Cheese Factory
Gartmann, F. W.SheboyganR. 4Cheese Factory
Goehring, L. H.CascadeR. 20Cheese Factory
Graven, Ben.Cedar Grove Cheese Factory
Grotenhuis, G.Cedar Grove Cheese Factory
Hahn, ArthurSheboygan FallsR. 8Cheese Factory
Harms, Chas.SheboyganR. 2Cheese Factory
Helmer, PaulCascadeR. 20Cheese Factory
Henry, A.Sheboygan Falls Cheese Factory
Hirsig, Christ.Waukusta {sic}R. 34Cheese Factory
Hofschild, R. A.PlymouthR. 29Cheese Factory
Hroneck,{sic} Geo.
ElkhartR. 33Cheese Factory
Horneck, Hy.ElkhartR. 34Cheese Factory
Huenink Bros.Cedar Grove Cheese Factory
Huibregtse, A. T.SheboyganR. 2Cheese Factory
Hulvey, FrankHingham Cheese Factory
Jansen, J. H.AdellR. 19Cheese Factory
Keach, N.GlenbeulahR. 31Cheese Factory
Kleinhesslink, G.Cedar GroveR. 14Cheese Factory
Kleinhesslink, JohnCedar Grove Cheese Factory
Koehler, A. C.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Koenig, H. F.Sheboygan Falls Cheese Factory
Kohl, Chas.Sheboygan FallsR. 7Cheese Factory
Konz, Joe.Elkhart Cheese Factory
Koskamp, H. M.OostburgR. 13Cheese Factory
Lange, H. G.PlymouthR. 28Cheese Factory
Larson, Wm.Cedar Grove Cheese Factory
Lensink, Joe.Oostburg Cheese Factory
Lensink, Wm.Oostburg Cheese Factory
Liebenstein, Fred.Adell Cheese Factory
Lindow, F.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Lindow, FrankElkhartR. 34Cheese Factory
Luecke, AugustHavenR. 6Cheese Factory
Luecke, C. H.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Mc Nicholas, FrankPlymouthR. 26Cheese Factory
Mayer, R. A.CascadeR. 20Cheese Factory
Mayhew, E. B.Greenbush Cheese Factory
Mechelke Bros.Cascade Cheese Factory
Melendy, E. B.Sheboygan FallsR. 10Cheese Factory
Moenning, G.SheboyganR. 5Cheese Factory
Mueller, HenrySheboygan FallsR. 8Cheese Factory
Mulvey, FrankHingham Cheese Factory
Ninemann, R.CascadeR. 21Cheese Factory
Peters, JohnSheboygan FallsR. 9Cheese Factory
Pingel, Edw.Elkhart Cheese Factory
Piper, Chas.CascadeR. 21Cheese Factory
Piper, D.PlymouthR. 28Cheese Factory
Rach, Val.Random LakeR. 17Cheese Factory
Rauwerdink, J.Oostburg Cheese Factory
Rehm, H. A.PlymouthR. 29Cheese Factory
Rehm, Wm.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Reineking, F. C.PlymouthR. 29Cheese Factory
Reis, A. C.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Reseburg, LouisPlymouthR. 29Cheese Factory
Rohde, J.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Schmahl, Hy.ElkhartR. 33Cheese Factory
Schreiber & DassowSheboyganR. 1Cheese Factory
Schulte, AntonPlymouth Cheese Factory
Schulte, R. F.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Scott, H. M.Waldo Cheese Factory
Spicker, EmilRandom LakeR. 16Cheese Factory
Spindler, Jac.ClevelandR. 1Cheese Factory
Stanton, W. O.Oostburg Cheese Factory
Strauss, FrankRandom LakeR. 17Cheese Factory
Streblow, Wm. G.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Strube, Jac.PlymouthR. 28Cheese Factory
Te Hennepe, Ben.Sheboygan Falls Cheese Factory
Termaat, Ed.Sheboygan FallsR. 8Cheese Factory
Te Ronde, Ed.OostburgR. 13Cheese Factory
Teumer, FrankSheboygan FallsR. 9Cheese Factory
Ubbelohde, T.GlenbeulahR. 31Cheese Factory
Vander Wall, E.Cedar Grove Cheese Factory
Voigt, Chas.SheboyganR. 2Cheese Factory
Voskuil, JohnCedar GroveR. 13Cheese Factory
Webb, J. E.GlenbeulahR. 31Cheese Factory
Weber John & Co.Random LakeR. 16Cheese Factory
Westerbeck, A.Oostburg Cheese Factory
Widder, EmilSheboyganR. 3Cheese Factory
Winkler, LouisRandom LakeR. 18Cheese Factory
Wunsch, Ed.HavenR. 6Cheese Factory
Zelm, A.Plymouth Cheese Factory
Zimmermann, L.HavenR. 6Cheese Factory

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