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1887 Mitchell School Class Photo

Thomas Daley - Teacher
Students in the photo are:
Brogan, HenryMcNicholas, Frank
Brogan, WilliamMoran, Annie
Butler, BenMurphy, Aggie
Butler, EddieMurphy, Eddie
Butler, KatieMurphy, Essie
Butler, MaggieMurphy, Jerry
Butler, MichaelMurphy, Joe
Connors, JamesMurphy, Libbie
Connors, JuliaMurphy, William
Connors, MichaelNaughton, Aggie
Connors, WilliamNaughton, Bridget
Crosby, DaleyNaughton, Joe
Crosby, MichaelNaughton, Maria
Dewire, EddieO'Connell, Bridget
Dewire, MaryO'Connell, Dan
Dewire, MayO'Connell, John
Dewire, ThomasO'Connell, Katie
Dewire, WilliamO'Connell, William
Franey, MayPrattberg, Christ
Franey, ThomasQuinn, Katie
Gahagan, AnnieQuinn, Maggie
Gahagan, EllaQuinn, Mark
Gilboy, JamesQuinn, Mary
Hanahan, MaryReddington, Anthony
Heraty, AliceScanlan, Alice
Heraty, DanSlattery, Dan
Heraty, EllaSlattery, Eddie
Heraty, JohnSlattery, Michael
McCrane, AnnieSlattery, Patrick

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