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1870 Town of Rhine, Sheboygan County Federal Census

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# White
# White
# Colored
# Colored
# Males,
Foreign Born
# Females,
Foreign Born
# Blind# Insane

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 1
11Kramer, Philipp26MWFarmer2000 Hesse DarmstadtXX      X 
  Kramer, Margareth23FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstadtXX        
  Kramer, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Kramer, Margareth4FW   WisXX        
  Kramer, Catharina1FW   Hesse Darmst {sic}XX        
22Kessel, Jacob62MWFarmer60001000Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kessel, Catharina49FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kessel, Jeremia19MW   WisXX        
  Kessel, Elisabeth18FW   WisXX        
  Kessel, Jacob13MW   WisXX  X     
  Kessel, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Kessel, Andreas40MWDomestic Servant  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Ramminger, Fred16MWDomestic Servant  Hesse DarmstXX        
33Frick, John30MWFarmer2200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Frick, Susanna23FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Frick, Justina2-1/2FW   WisXX        
  Frick, Louis5/12MW   WisXXJan       
  Maier, Gustav16MWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
44Sigmund, Jacob65MWFarmer1200100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Sigmund, Johanna61FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Sigmund, John34MWFarmer  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Sigmund, Rosina28FW   WisXX        
  Sigmund, Philipp9MW   WisXX  X     
  Sigmund, Otto6MW   WisXX        
  Sigmund, Hanna3FW   WisXX        
55Henschel, Carl33MWFarmer3000100SaxoniaXX      X 
  Henschel, Rosina30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Henschel, Carl9MW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Henricke7FW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Adolph5MW   WisXX        
  Henschel, Mary2FW   WisXX        
  Hathaway, John19MWLaborer  WisXX        
66Buchman, Mich46MWFarmer3500100BavariaXX      X 
  Buchman, Catharina39FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Buchman, Philipp17MW   WisXX        
  Buchman, Catharina15FW   WisXX  X     
  Buchman, Adam12MW   WisXX  X     
  Buchman, John11MW   WisXX        
  Buchman, Michael7MW   WisXX        
  Buchman, Louis4MW   WisXX        
Page 2
66Buchman, Wm3MW   WisXX        
  Buchman, Anna2/12FW   WisXXApr       
77Mathes, Jacob45MWFarmer4000300Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mathes, Emilie39FWKeeping House  SaxoniaXX        
  Mathes, Elisa14FW   WisXX  X     
  Mathes, Thomas12MW   WisXX  X     
  Mathes, Hanna9FW   WisXX  X     
  Mathes, Emma7FW   WisXX  X     
  Mathes, John W.4MW   WisXX        
  Henschel, Adolph14MW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Francis12MW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Louise10FW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Amalie8FW   WisXX  X     
  Henschel, Eduard9MW   WisXX  X     
  Mathes, Catharina38FWDomestic Servant  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Wolf, Paulina21FWDomestic Servant  SaxoniaXX        
  Maurer, George18MWDomestic Servant  WisXX        
88Thiele, August64MWFarmer1000 SaxoniaXX      X 
  Thiele, Christiane58FWKeeping House  SaxoniaXX        
  Thiele, Ernst22MW   SaxoniaXX      X 
  Thiele, Franz17MW   SaxoniaXX        
  Thiele, Otto13MW   SaxoniaXX  X     
  Thiele, Patti26FW   SaxoniaXX        
99Thiele, Fred36MWFarmer1000 PrussiaXX      X 
  Thiele, Fredericka28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Thiele, Ernst2MW   WisXX        
  Thiele, Emma6/12FW   WisXXDec       
1010Muehl, John49MWMerchant500400Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Muehl, Maria48FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Muehl, John19MW   WisXX        
  Muehl, Maria17FW   WisXX        
  Muehl, Adolph15MW   WisXX        
  Muehl, Louis13MW   WisXX  X     
  Muehl, George12MW   WisXX  X     
  Muehl, Albert8MW   WisXX  X     
1111Brickheimer, Heinrich45MWFarmer2200100PrussiaXX      X 
  Brickheimer, Margareth35FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Brickheimer, George13MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Adam11MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Frederick9MW   WisXX  X     
Page 3
1111Brickheimer, Cath.7FW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, William5MW   WisXX        
  Brickheimer, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Brickheimer, Maria3/12FW   WisXXMar       
1212Lammy, Fred45MWFarmer2100 PrussiaXX      X 
  Lammy, Auguste30FWKeeping House  WurtembergXX        
  Lammy, Maria13FW   WisXX  X     
  Lammy, Catharina11FW   WisXX  X     
  Lammy, Fredrick7MW   WisXX        
  Lammy, William6MW   WisXX        
  Lammy, Carl5MW   WisXX        
  Lammy, Christian3MW   WisXX        
  Lammy, Jacobina4FW   WisXX        
  Lammy, Henriette1FW   WisXX        
1313Kunz, William53MWFarmer2600100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kunz, Anna M.63FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kunz, John24MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kunz, William19MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kunz, Philipp17MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kunz, Jacob15MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Kunz, Maria11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kunz, Jacobina8FW   WisXX  X     
1414Schueler, George66MWFarmer2100 Hesse DarmstadtXX      X 
  Schueler, Margareth53FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstadtXX        
  Schueler, Elisabeth17FW   WisXX        
  Schueler, Sophie14FW   WisXX  X     
  Schueler, George12MW   WisXX  X     
  Schueler, Heinrich10MW   WisXX  X     
  Schueler, Peter9MW   WisXX  X     
1515Voltz, Charles53MWFarmer2500150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Voltz, Mary33FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Voltz, Ida11FW   WisXX  X     
  Voltz, Herman9MW   WisXX  X     
  Voltz, August7MW   WisXX  X     
1616Farwick, F.30MWPreacher, Reformed Congreg. 130PrussiaXX      X 
  Farwick, Magdal.36FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Farwick, Lydia9/12FW   WisXXSept       
  Farwick, Angeline9FW   WisXX  X     
1717Wiseckel, Michael45MWFarmer2000 BavariaXX      X 
  Wiseckel, Anna40FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
Page 4
1717Wiseckel, Bartel10MW   WisXX  X     
  Wiseckel, Margareth8FW   WisXX  X     
  Wiseckel, John5MW   WisXX        
  Wiseckel, Maria2FW   WisXX        
1818Kuhn, George42MWFarmer2800100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kuhn, Gertrude28FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kuhn, Philipp12MW   WisXX  X     
  Kuhn, Margareth7FW   WisXX        
  Kuhn, George5MW   WisXX        
  Kuhn, William3MW   WisXX        
  Kuhn, Louis1MW   WisXX        
1919Stallmann, Henry41MWFarmer2400 Lippe Detmolt {sic}XX      X 
  Stallmann, Marie45FWKeeping House  Lippe Detmolt {sic}XX        
  Stallmann, Mina14FW   WisXX  X     
  Stallmann, Anna12FW   WisXX  X     
  Stallmann, Marie6FW   WisXX        
  Stallmann, Hanna2FW   WisXX        
  Stallmann, Jacob10MW   WisXX  X     
2020Reichert, Adam61MWFarmer1200 Hesse DarmstadtXX      X 
  Reichert, Louise58FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstadtXX        
2121Zimmer, Jacob42MWFarmer700 Hesse DarmstadtXX      X 
  Zimmer, Margareth37FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstadtXX        
  Zimmer, Julia12FW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmer, Sarah10FW   WisXX        
  Zimmer, Mary6FW   WisXX        
  Zimmer, Herman3MW   WisXX        
  Zimmer, Elisa2FW   WisXX        
2222Reisser, Fabian54MWFarmer2000400WurtembergXX      X 
  Reisser, Theresia50FWKeeping House  WurtembergXX        
  Reisser, William20MW   WisXX        
  Reisser, Helena18FW   WisXX        
  Reisser, Joseph15MW   WisXX        
  Reisser, Ambrosius7MW   WisXX  X     
2323Uhl, Jacob40MWFarmer2000 BavariaXX      X 
  Uhl, Elisabeth40FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Uhl, Carl15MW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Uhl, Henriette13FW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Uhl, Margaretha11FW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Uhl, Sophia9FW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Uhl, Catharina7FW   WisXX        
Page 5
2323Uhl, Julie5FW   WisXX        
  Uhl, Jacob8/12MW   WisXXSept       
  Zeiger, Magdalena38FWDomestic Servant  BavariaXX        
2424Mathes, Henry60MWFarmer2700 Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mathes, Jacob21MWFarmer  Hesse DarmstXX Apr    X 
  Mathes, Dorothea20FWKeeping House  Saxe WeimarXX Apr      
2525Schaeferkort, Henry45MWFarmer1200 Lippe DetmoldXX      X 
  Schaeferkort, Elisabeth43FWKeeping House  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Schaeferkort, August15MW   WisXX  X     
  Schaeferkort, Anna13FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaeferkort, Bertha12FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaeferkort, Louise10FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaeferkort, Maria9FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaeferkort, Caroline6FW   WisXX        
  Schaeferkort, Hermina3FW   WisXX        
2626Graf, Christian66MWFarmer2000100WurtembergXX        
  Graf, Jacobine60FWKeeping House  WurtembergXX        
  Graf, Friedrich21MW   WurtembergXX      X 
  Graf, William18MW   WurtembergXX        
2727Uhl, Caspar39MWFarmer1800100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Uhl, Margaretha26FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Uhl, George8MW   WisXX  X     
  Uhl, Catharina6FW   WisXX        
  Uhl, Margaretha4FW   WisXX        
  Uhl, Franziska3FW   WisXX        
  Uhl, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Schueler, Elisabeth17FWDomestic Servant  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Uhl, Clara70FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
2828Bertschy, Leonhard43MWMiller10,000200FranceXX      X 
  Bertschy, Mary36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Heckman, Auguste21FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
  Schneider, Elisabeth21FWDomestic Servant  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Martin, Nelly20FWDomestic Servant  IrelandXX        
  Coles, Charles20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Voigt, August25MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  MecklenburgXX      X 
  Spande, Christian25MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  MecklenburgXX      X 
  Daige, Gottlieb20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hain, Wendel20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Hain, Philipp18MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Biegel, Andreas19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
Page 6
2828Neumer, Fred30MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Buchholz, Joseph30MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bregel, John20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bregel, Charles19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bregel, Ferd18MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Hatters, Henry25MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Jerichs, Gustave22MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Hollander, Joh.22MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Sattler, Mich.20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klimpt, Jacob20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Westborg, Charles20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Lasington, Charles23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Wolf, Charles22MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Edans, Charles27MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Luther, George20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hathaway, John23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX      X 
  Hauptmantel, Jos.25MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  MecklenburgXX      X 
  Kaen, Michael20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Dahlendorfer, Jos.19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Thomas, Hy.19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Daebel, Ernst23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX       X
  Arnst, Albert17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Losse, Louis29MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX   XX X 
  Jahn, L.19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Becker, George17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bantman, Adolph22MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Reinwand, Andrew19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Steinhard, Charles17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Kohn, John17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Miller, Leonhard23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Hatzelbauer, Mathes20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Raske, A.16MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Goller, Gottl.29MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  MecklenburgXX      X 
  Staengel, Hy.31MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  MecklenburgXX      X 
  Pruchow, Hy.21MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Nurnberger, Henry16MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Spande, Hy.17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Kartel, Edward30MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Heary, Peter30MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX      X 
  Nottling, Bernhard30MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
Page 7
2828Caskel, John23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Richmond, L. A. 18MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Stolzman, Carles {sic}17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Bose, Thomas19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Bartel, August19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Henning, Charles23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Maurer, Peter17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Haberstack, John17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Sprenger, August23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mathes, John16MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Loftes, Daniel17MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Christianson, Hy.20MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Danemark {sic}XX        
  Pradt, Henry23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Pradt, Otto19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Jacobs, Joseph19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Brendel, Joseph24MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  PrussiaXX      X 
  Holzman, Andrew19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Arndt, Albert16MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Brickheimer, Edward27MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Schwanekamp, John27MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Klein, John19MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Klein, John23MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mannehan, Peter26MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX   XX X 
  More, Michael27MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX      X 
  More, Leary25MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX      X 
  Hall, John24MWLaborer draining the
Sheboygan Swamp
  IrelandXX      X 
  Reich, Christian41MWIvorseer ???  PrussiaXX      X 
2929May, Henry34MWMillright100100PrussiaXX      X 
  May, Ottilie24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  May, Amanda2FW   IllinoisXX        
  May, Emil1/12MW   WisXXMay       
3030Nack, Hy.28MWIngeneer {sic} in ??? Gristmill100100Saxe GothaXX      X 
  Nack, Amalie22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Nack, Henry6MW   WisXX        
  Nack, Louise5FW   WisXX        
  Nack, Ida3FW   WisXX        
  Nack, Louis1MW   WisXX        
3131Rickard, Andrew30MWBlacksmith250100PrussiaXX      X 
  Rickard, Emma24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Reinewand, Andrew22MWBlacksmith  WisXX      X 
Page 8
3232Hein, Anton37MWShoemaker  BavariaXX      X 
  Hein, Mina23FWKeeping House  SaxoniaXX        
3333Martin, James53MWFarmer1,100 IrelandXX      X 
  Martin, Alice43FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Martin, Mary21FW   VtXX        
  Martin, Ellen19FW   WisXX        
  Martin, David15MW   WisXX  X     
  Martin, Kate12FW   WisXX  X     
  Martin, Patrick W.10MW   WisXX  X     
  Martin, Alice8FW   WisXX  X     
  Martin, James6MW   WisXX        
  Martin, Bridget4FW   WisXX        
3434Mc Govern, Lawrence40MWFarmer2,500 IrelandXX      X 
  Mc Govern, Ellen40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Govern, Thomas15MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, Umphrey14MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, William12MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, Patrick8MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, John6MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Govern, Frank4MW   WisXX        
3535Garaghty, Patrick27MWFarmer1,800 IrelandXX      X 
  Garaghty, John25MW   CanadaXX      X 
  Garaghty, Anthony23MW   CanadaXX      X 
  Garaghty, Ellen21FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Garaghty, Anna17FW   CanadaXX        
3636Zemke, William35MWLaborer  PrussiaXX        
  Zemke, Caroline28FW   PrussiaXX        
  Zemke, Mathide {sic}3FW   WisXX        
  Zemke, Hulde5/12FW   WisXXJan       
3737Carror, E,65MWFarmer3,000200N.Y.        X 
  Carror, Charlotte54FWKeeping House  N.Y.          
  Carror, H. R.34MW   N.Y.        X 
  Carror, Daniel28MW 2,000 N.Y.        X 
  Carror, Angeline23FW   N.Y.          
3838Sharp, Peter63MWFarmer6,0001,000N.Y.        X 
  Sharp, Louise62FWKeeping House  N.Y.          
  Sharp, Helene30FW   N.Y.          
  Sharp, Fred C.26MW   N.Y.        X 
  Deal, Jane12FW   Wis          
Page 9
3838Sharp, M.5MW   Wis          
3939Willis, W. Ezra46MWFarmer3,000150N. Y.        X 
  Willis, Sophina37FWKeeping House  N. Y.          
  Willis, Josephine14FW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Ommative ??12FW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Alford11MW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Jessy9FW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Frank3MW   Wis          
4040Bruns, Dietrich43MWFarmer3,000100PrussiaXX      X 
  Bruns, Augusta33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bruns, Richard11MW   WisXX        
  Bruns, Lucy8FW   WisXX        
  Bruns, Anna4FW   WisXX        
  Bruns, Robert8/12MW   WisXXOct       
4141Gahr, Albert47MWFarmer3,000150PrussiaXX      X 
  Gahr, Charlotte40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gahr, John21MW   PrussiaXX      X 
  Paasch, Mina18FWDom. Servt.  PrussiaXX        
4242Fischer, Henry33MWFarmer3,800180Hesse DarmstadtXX      X 
  Fischer, Wilhelmine28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Fischer, Maria7FW   WisXX        
  Fischer, Philipp5MW   WisXX        
  Fischer, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Fischer, Elisa1FW   WisXX        
4343Pratt, James48MWFarmer1,480100New York        X 
  Pratt, Louisa37FWKeeping House  Connt {sic}          
  Pratt, Charles15MW   N. Y.    X     
4444Schneider, Fred.45MWFarmer1,200100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schneider, Elisabeth44FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Schneider, Elisabeth20FW   WisXX        
  Schneider, Caroline16FW   WisXX        
  Schneider, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Schneider, Louisa9FW   WisXX  X     
  Sutter, George21MW   BadenXX      X 
  Sutter, Barbara10FW   WisconsinXX        
4545Case, Wm. F.55MWFarmer  N. York        X 
  Case, Betsy56FWKeeping House  Connt. {sic}          
  Case, Martha E.17FW   N. Y.          
  Case, Seth85MW   N. Y.        X 
  Throop, Sarah40FW   N. Y.          
Page 10
4646Throop, Mary14FWVisiting  Wis    X     
  Caler, Hubert5MW   Wis          
4747Willis, Hogan48MWFarmer3,000150N. Y.        X 
  Willis, M. D.48FWHouse Keeping  N. Y.          
  Willis, Cinthia {sic}19FW   Ohio          
  Willis, Eugene13MW   Wis    X     
  Willis, May2FW   Wis          
4848Willis, Lafayette44MWFarmer2,500100N. Y.        X 
  Willis, Elvira44FWHouse Keeping  N. Y.          
  Willis, Austin16MW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Oscar14MW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Rosel9FW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Harriet6FW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Hiram3MW   Wis    X     
  Willis, Cornelia53FW   N. Y.          
  Willis, Eddy12FW   N. Y.    X     
  Willis, Joseph56MW   N. Y.        X 
4949Austin, Joseph H.35MWFarmer1,300100N. Y.        X 
  Austin, Cynthia60FWHouse Keeping  N. Y.          
  Austin, Mary H.30FW   N. Y.          
5050Davidson, Henry72MWFarmer2,500300Miss.        X 
  Davidson, Harriet58FWHouse Keeping  Conn.          
  Davidson, Emma15FW   Wis    X     
  Kurz, Kate15FWDom. Servt.  WisXX        
  Weiss, William18MWDom. Servt.  Saxonia          
5151Stewart, L. A.34MWFarmer2,300150N. Y.        X 
  Stewart, C. J.25FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Stewart, Arthur4MW   Wis          
  Stewart, Wm.2MW   Wis          
  Schneider, Cary19FWDom Servt.  Wis          
5252Grant, Hobart23MWFarm Laborer  Maine        X 
  Grant, Loisa {sic}24FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Grant, Bella3FW   Wis          
  Grant, Ida4/12FW   Wis  Jan       
5353Tallmadge, Eric44MWFarmer10,000200N. Y.        X 
  Tallmadge, Susan41FWKeeping House  Conn.          
  Tallmadge, Ella16FW   Wis    X     
  Tallmadge, Mary13FW   Wis    X     
  Lichson, William17MWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Fischer, Mary16FW   WisXX        
Page 11
5353Smith, Angnes {sic}16FWDom. Servt.  WisXX        
5454Kraemer, Christian39MWFarmer2,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kraemer, Margar.38MWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kraemer, Peter12MW   WisXX  X     
  Kraemer, Margar.10FW   WisXX  X     
  Kraemer, Christian8MW   WisXX  X     
  Kraemer, John6MW   WisXX        
  Kraemer, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Opper, Catharina30FWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Graff, Christian28MWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
5555Beck, Ludwig32MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Beck, Johanna33FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Beck, Catharine7FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Beck, Anna5FW   WisXX        
  Beck, Bertha3FW   WisXX        
  Beck, Doris1/12FW   WisXXMay       
5656Booker, Christian37MWFarmer1,400100SaxoniaXX      X 
  Booker, Magdalene34FWHouse Keeping  SaxoniaXX        
  Booker, Aloys10MW   WisXX  X     
  Booker, Franzsika9FW   WisXX  X     
  Booker, Kunigunde8FW   WisXX        
  Booker, Appelonia5FW   WisXX        
  Booker, Renatas4MW   WisXX        
  Booker, Anton1MW   WisXX        
  Booker, Nicolas65MW   BavariaXX        
  Booker, Franziska65FW   BavariaXX        
5757Schmahl, George27MWFarmer1,300 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schmahl, Mina25FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Schmahl, Julia58FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
5858Looss, John43MW 1,800100Hesse DarmstXX        
  Looss, Jacobine43FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Looss, Maria16FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Looss, George14MW   WisXX  X     
  Looss, Elisa12FW   WisXX  X     
  Looss, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Looss, Christine7FW   WisXX  X     
  Looss, Fredericka5FW   WisXX  X     
  Looss, Jacobine2FW   WisXX        
5959Naab, Jacob62MWFarmer500 Hesse DarmstXX        
  Naab, Gertrude63FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
Page 12
5959Naab, Margar.22FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
6060Stallmann, Catharina49FWProprietor of Farm1,200100Hesse DarmstXX        
  Stallmann, Johanne18FW   WisXX        
  Stallmann, John17MW   WisXX        
  Stallmann, Philipp14MW   WisXX  X     
  Stallmann, George14MW   WisXX  X     
  Stallmann, Peter10MW   WisXX  X     
6161Jugenheimer, Peter28MWFarmer1,100 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jugenheimer, Maria23FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Jugenheimer, Jacob2MW   WisXX        
  Jugenheimer, Martin70MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jugenheimer, Elisabeth70FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
6262Klein, Joseph51MWFarmer1,600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Klein, Catharina51FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klein, John20MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klein, Catharina17FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Klein, Justina13FW   WisXX  X     
  Klein, Joseph9MW   WisXX  X     
  Klein, Henry7MW   WisXX  X     
  Klein, Margaretha87FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
6363Manz, Friedrich43MWFarmer2,500400Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Manz, Fredricka38FWHouse Keeping  WurtembergXX        
  Reuter, John60MW   WurtembergXX      X 
6464Schmal, John43MWFarmer2,500100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schmal, Justina27FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Schmal, Christian14MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, Catharina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, Justina11FW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, William9MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmal, George4MW   WisXX        
  Schmal, Sophia3FW   WisXX        
  Schmal, Maria2FW   WisXX        
6565Streiber, Adam31MWFarmer1,500 Saxe GothaXX      X 
  Streiber, Catharina25FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Streiber, Christina3FW   WisXX        
6666Streiber, August35MWFarmer1,800 Saxe GothaXX      X 
  Streiber, Anna27FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Streiber, Mathilde3FW   WisXX        
Page 13
6666Streiber, Dietrich69MW   Saxe GothaXX        
6767Klaus, Jacob50MWFarmer1,200 BavariaXX      X 
  Klaus, Louise38FWHouse Keeping  Saxe GothaXX        
  Klaus, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Klaus, Anna9FW   WisXX  X     
6868Gilsdorf, Joseph40MWFarmer1,500100PrussiaXX      X 
  Gilsdorf, Elisabeth37FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gilsdorf, Elisabeth13FW   WisXX  X     
  Gilsdorf, Henry9MW   WisXX        
  Gilsdorf, Joseph4MW   WisXX        
  Gilsdorf, Christine1FW   WisXX        
  Weber, August20MWDom Servt.  PrussiaXX        
6969Holzmann, John45MWFarmer1,200 BavariaXX      X 
  Holzmann, Margareth40FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Holzmann, Nanny13FW   WisXX  X     
  Holzmann, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Holzmann, Margarath9FW   WisXX  X     
  Holzmann, Conrad7MW   WisXX  X     
  Holzmann, Michael8MW   WisXX  X     
  Holzmann, Eva6FW   WisXX        
  Holzmann, Lorenz5MW   WisXX        
  Holzmann, Andreas35MWDom Servt.  BavariaXX        
7070Reichert, Henry61MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichert, Margareth57FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Henry30MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichert, Margareth11FW   WisXX  X     
7171Rosenbauer, George50MWFarmer400 BavariaXX      X 
  Rosenbauer, Anna M.50FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Rosenbauer, Regina17FW   N. Y.XX        
  Rosenbauer, Rosina16FW   N. Y.XX        
  Rosenbauer, Jacob14MW   WisXX  X     
  Rosenbauer, Elisabeth12FW   WisXX  X     
  Rosenbauer, Christine10FW   WisXX  X     
7272Buederle, Matern52MWFarmer2,000150BadenXX      X 
  Buederle, Johanna50FWHouse Keeping  BadenXX        
7373Spranger, Christian56MWFarmer1,400150SaxoniaXX      X 
  Spranger, Maria45FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Spranger, August22MW   SaxoniaXX      X 
  Spranger, Henriette18FW   SaxoniaXX        
  Spranger, Louisa14FW   WisXX        
Page 14
7474Urban, John48MWFarmer1,400 SaxoniaXX        
  Urban, Barbara33FWHouse Keeping  SaxoniaXX        
  Urban, Barbara15FW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, Maria14FW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, George13MW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, Sabine12FW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, Margarath10FW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, Pauline8FW   WisXX  X     
  Urban, Henriette5FW   WisXX        
  Urban, John2MW   WisXX        
  Urban, Amalie11/12FW   WisXXFeb       
7575Schmidt, John43MWFarmer1,200100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schmidt, Caroline36FWHouse Keeping  MecklenburgXX        
  Schmidt, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, Emma5FW   WisXX        
  Pinow, John19MWSchool Teacher  PrussiaXX        
  Waderich, John72MW   MecklenburgXX        
  Pinow, ???12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
7676Buchholz, Andrew50MWFarmer2,200150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Buchholz, Catharina49FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Buchholz, Anton18MW   WisXX        
  Buchholz, Joseph16MW   WisXX      X 
  Buchholz, Catharina14FW   WisXX  X     
  Buchholz, Carl12MW   WisXX  X     
  Buchholz, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Buchholz, Adam7MW   WisXX  X     
7777Schraff, John47MWFarmer1,500 BavariaXX      X 
  Schraff, Wilhelmine36FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Schraff, Catharine16FW   WisXX        
7878Roeder, Jacob44MWFarmer3,200200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Roeder, Margareth34FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Roeder, Daniel13MW   WisXX  X     
  Roeder, Frederick12MW   WisXX  X     
  Roeder, Jacob10MW   WisXX  X     
  Roeder, Sophia9FW   WisXX  X     
  Roeder, Elisabeth7FW   WisXX  X     
  Roeder, Nanette5FW   WisXX        
  Roeder, Maria3FW   WisXX        
  Roeder, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Roeder, Elisabeth73FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
Page 15
7979Menne, Philipp40MWFarmer1,200 PrussiaXX      X 
  Menne, Louise38FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Menne, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Catharine11FW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Philipp8MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Ida6FW   WisXX  X     
8080Hauser, Ehrhardt {sic}50MWSaloon Keeper300 WurtembergXX      X 
  Hauser, Dorothea48FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
8181Amann, Theodor37MWCarpenter350150PrussiaXX      X 
  Amann, Gertrude30FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Amann, Catharine10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Amann, Joseph9MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Amann, Anna7FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Amann, Rosalie7FW   WisXX        
  Amann, Agnes5FW   WisXX        
  Amann, Henry1MW   WisXX        
8282Mauer, Peter59MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mauer, Catharine45FWHouse Keeping  Saxe GothaXX        
  Mauer, Peter27MWFarmer  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mauer, Margareth16FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mauer, Marie10FW   WisXX  X     
8383Leonhardt, George40MWFarmer1,800 Saxe CoburgXX      X 
  Leonhardt, Caroline40FWHouse Keeping  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Leonhardt, Frank17MW   N. Y.XX        
  Leonhardt, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Leonhardt, Maria8FW   WisXX  X     
  Leonhardt, Franzisca5FW   WisXX        
  Leonhardt, Louise1FW   WisXX        
8484Menne, Peter37MWFarmer2,000100PrussiaXX      X 
  Menne, Mary36FWHouse Keeping  Saxe CoburgXX        
  Menne, Catharina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Henry10MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Philipp8MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Mary5FW   WisXX        
  Menne, Joseph2MW   WisXX        
  Menne, Carl1/12MW   WisXXMay       
8585Manz, Jacob40MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Manz, Maria42FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Manz, Elisa15FW   WisXX  X     
  Manz, Louis12MW   WisXX  X     
Page 16
8585Manz, Frederick9MW   WisXX  X     
  Manz, Philipp6MW   WisXX        
8686Moser, John51MWFarmer1,800100Schwitzerland {sic}XX        
  Moser, Franziska41FWHouse Keeping  BadenXX        
  Moser, Rosine18FW   N. Y.XX        
  Moser, Franziska17FW   N. Y.XX        
  Moser, Mary16FW   N. Y.XX        
  Moser, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Moser, Agnes13FW   WisXX  X     
  Moser, Abraham10MW   WisXX  X     
  Moser, Helene9FW   WisXX  X     
  Moser, Frederica7FW   WisXX  X     
  Moser, Sophia6FW   WisXX        
  Moser, Verona3FW   WisXX        
  Moser, Paulina3/12FW   WisXXMay       
8787Settling, Henry50MWFarmer1,800 HanoverXX        
  Settling, Maria44FWHouse Keeping  HanoverXX        
  Settling, Barnhard20MW   HanoverXX        
  Settling, Helene17FW   HanoverXX        
  Settling, John15MW   WisXX        
  Settling, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
8888Maier, Jacob40MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Christina30FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Anna11FW   WisXX  X     
  Maier, Frederik9MW   WisXX  X     
  Maier, Julius7MW   WisXX        
  Maier, Minna5FW   WisXX        
  Maier, Elisa2FW   WisXX  X     
8989Maier, Carl66MWFarmer400 Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Anna65FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Helena32FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
9090Kohl, John50MWFarmer400 BavariaXX        
  Kohl, Margareth51FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Kohl, Margareth15FW   WisXX        
  Kohl, Lena13FW   WisXX  X     
  Kohl, Anna10FW   WisXX  X     
  Kohl, Sophia7FW   WisXX  X     
9191Anhalt, John29MWFarmer1,400 PrussiaXX        
  Anhalt, Barbara29FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Anhalt, Maria2FW   WisXX        
Page 17
9191Anhalt, John5/12MW   WisXXJan       
9292Reichert, Fred30MWFarmer400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichert, Frederica24FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Reichert, Frederica5FW   WisXX        
  Reichert, Henriette4FW   WisXX        
  Reichert, Emil1MW   WisXX        
  Reichert, Margaretha70FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Christina20FWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
9393Gerhardt, Adam45MWFarmer1,600100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gerhardt, Lena43FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gerhardt, John19MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gerhardt, Margaretha15FW   WisXX  X     
  Gerhardt, Maria13FW   WisXX  X     
  Gerhardt, Catharina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Gerhardt, Peter10MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerhardt, George7MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerhardt, Jacob5MW   WisXX        
  Gerhardt, Elisa3FW   WisXX        
9494Schmidt, Christian52MWFarmer1,500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schmidt, Margaretha39FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Schmidt, Philipp14MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, Elisa13FW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, Anna11FW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, Eva10FW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, Peter8MW   WisXX  X     
  Schmidt, John5MW   WisXX        
  Schmidt, Herman2MW   WisXX        
9595Menne, Jacob44MWFarmer1,50075PrussiaXX      X 
  Menne, Frederica34FWHouse Keeping  MecklenburgXX        
  Menne, Anna14FW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, William12MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Jacob7MW   WisXX  X     
  Menne, Mathilde4FW   WisXX        
9696Kaspar, Christoph54MWFarmer1,40075PrussiaXX      X 
  Kaspar, Eva61FWHouse Keeping  WurtembergXX        
  Kaspar, Henry22MW   WisXX      X 
  Kaspar, Catharina25FW   WisXX        
9797Jung, Dieter30MWFarmer900 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jung, Elisabeth33FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
Page 18
9797Jung, Dieter11MW   WisXX  X     
  Jung, Elisabeth9FW   WisXX  X     
  Jung, Maria7FW   WisXX        
  Jung, Frederica5FW   WisXX        
  Jung, Catharina2FW   WisXX        
9898Maier, Paul40MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Maier, Gertrude38FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Anna14FW   WisXX  X     
  Maier, Jacob13MW   WisXX  X     
  Maier, Justina10FW   WisXX  X     
  Maier, Charles8MW   WisXX  X     
  Sander, Jacob70MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
9999Maier, Peter37MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Maier, Louisa34FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Edward7MW   WisXX        
  Maier, Bertha3FW   WisXX        
  Maier, Elisa2FW   WisXX        
100100Mueller, John43MWFarmer4000150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Sabina30FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mueller, Philipp16MW   WisXX        
  Mueller, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Henry12MW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Anna19FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Lisette9FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Doris7FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Sabina5FW   WisXX        
  Mueller, Adam3MW   WisXX        
101101Lite, Peter40MWFarmer4,000150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Lite, Caroline38FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Lite, Philippine14FW   WisXX  X     
  Lite, Emma9FW   WisXX  X     
102102Diefenthaler, Anton48MWFarmer4,500200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Diefenthaler, Elisabeth43FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Diefenthaler, George16MW   WisXX  X     
  Diefenthaler, Lena13FW   WisXX  X     
  Diefenthaler, John11MW   WisXX  X     
  Diefenthaler, Mina9FW   WisXX  X     
  Diefenthaler, Margaretha5FW   WisXX        
  Staub, Magdalena68FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gerlach, Valentin28MWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
Page 19
103103Rochalski, August37MWFarmer2,300 PrussiaXX      X 
  Rochalski, Magdalena40FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Dirks, Joseph13MW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Dirks, Heinrich12MW   WisXX  X     
  Dirks, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Dirks, Jacob6MW   WisXX        
  Dirks, Peter4MW   WisXX        
104104Diefenthaler, Jacob43MWFarmer600 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Diefenthaler, Elisabeth28FWHouse Keeping  Hesse CasselXX        
  Diefenthaler, Frederick7MW   WisXX        
  Diefenthaler, John5MW   WisXX        
  Diefenthaler, Eva3FW   WisXX        
  Hansen, August12MW   WisXX  X     
105105Weichsel, Peter42MWFarmer400 Hesse CasselXX      X 
  Weichsel, Julia32FWHouse Keeping  Saxe WiemarXX        
  Weichsel, Julia7FW   WisXX        
  Weichsel, Theresa4FW   MichXX        
  Weichsel, Paulina2FW   WisXX        
  Weichsel, Frederick8/12MW   WisXXSept       
106106Hartmann, Andrew39MWFarmer800 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Hartmann, Gertrude33FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Hartmann, Elisa12FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartmann, James10MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartmann, Barbara8FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartmann, John7MW   WisXX        
  Hartmann, Henry5MW   WisXX        
  Hartmann, Eva3FW   WisXX        
  Hartmann, Gustav3/12MW   WisXXMar       
107107Hartmann, Philipp31MWFarmer700 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Hartmann, Elisa31FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Hartmann, Johanna10FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartmann, Frederick9MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartmann, Maria7FW   WisXX        
  Hartmann, Joseph4MW   WisXX        
108108Burgdorf, Charles44MWFarmer1,000 HanoverXX      X 
  Burgdorf, Caroline43FWHouse Keeping  BrunswickXX        
  Burgdorf, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Burgdorf, Nathan4MW   WisXX        
109109Stauss, Barbara43FWFarmer Prop.1,000 Hesse DarmstXX        
  Stauss, Philipp20MW   WisXX        
Page 20
109109Stauss, Maria18FW   WisXX        
  Stauss, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Stauss, Peter9MW   WisXX  X     
  Stauss, Julia6FW   WisXX  X     
  Stauss, Anna3FW   WisXX        
110110Stauss, Justus44MWFarmer500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Stauss, Anna M.39FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Stauss, Adam12MW   WisXX  X     
  Stauss, Maria9FW   WisXX  X     
  Stauss, Philipp8MW   WisXX        
  Stauss, George4MW   WisXX        
  Stauss, Margaretha5FW   WisXX        
  Stauss, Louisa5/12FW   WisXXJan       
111111Grunaug, Johan45MWFarmer1100 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Grunaug, Catharina34FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Grunaug, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Grunaug, Margareth10FW   WisXX  X     
  Grunaug, Maria6FW   WisXX        
  Grunaug, John3MW   WisXX        
  Grunaug, Catharina1-1/2FW   WisXX        
  Grunaug, Anna7/12FW   WisXXOct       
112112Mark, William34MWFarmer200 PrussiaXX      X 
  Mark, Hanna27FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Mark, Emilie3FW   WisXX        
113113Altenberger, Fred48MWFarmer1,100100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Altenberger, Margar.48FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Altenberger, Jacob21MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Altenberger, Elisabeth17FW   WisXX        
  Altenberger, Joseph15MW   WisXX        
  Altenberger, Nancy13FW   WisXX  X     
  Altenberger, Maria10FW   WisXX  X     
  Altenberger, Eva9FW   WisXX  X     
  Altenberger, John5MW   WisXX        
  Altenberger, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Baumgarten, John34MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
114114Mahloch, Carl52MWFarmer1,700 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mahloch, Anna M.49FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mahloch, Catharina13FW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Clara11FW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Dorothea9FW   WisXX  X     
Page 21
114114Mahloch, Carl8MW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Rosine6FW   WisXX        
115115Reineck, Henry26MWFarmer1,500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reineck, Lizeke28FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
116116Rommel, Jacob40MWFarmer4,000200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Rommel, Doris38FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Rommel, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Rommel, Franklin11MW   WisXX  X     
  Rommel, Edward9MW   WisXX  X     
  Rommel, Elisa7FW   WisXX  X     
  Rommel, Mathilde5FW   WisXX        
  Rommel, Charles9/12MW   WisXXSept       
117117Mueller, Philipp35MWFarmer2,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Barbara28FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mueller, Gertrude9FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Anna7FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Philipp4MW   WisXX        
  Mueller, Catharine2FW   WisXX        
  Bathhauser, Frank71MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
118118Happle, Jacob48MWFarmer1,800100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Happle, Marie42FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Happle, Marie18FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Happle, Regina15FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Happle, Adam16MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Happle, George13MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Happle, Anna9FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Happle, Carl8MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
119119Gerlach, Wm.45MWFarmer1,700 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gerlach, Wilhelmine48FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Peter10MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerlach, Helena9FW   WisXX  X     
  Gerlach, William7MW   WisXX        
  Gerlach, Ernestine2FW   WisXX        
120120Zimmermann, Philipp27MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Zimmermann, Magdalene24FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Zimmermann, Anna M.63FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Zimmermann, Adam21MWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
121121Krebs, Nicholas24MWFarmer2,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Krebs, Pauline22FWHouse Keeping  SwitzerlandXX        
  Tratz, Heinrich11MW   PrussiaXX  X     
Page 22
122122Nauth, Michael48MWFarmer3,800150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Nauth, Catharine37FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Nauth, George20MW   N. Y.XX        
  Nauth, Daniel15MW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Nauth, Michael12MW   WisXX  X     
  Nauth, Fredericka11FW   WisXX  X     
  Erlenbach, Anna20FW   WisXX        
123123Maier, John30MWShoemaker600200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Maier, Maria30FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maier, Helena4FW   WisXX        
  Maier, Maria2FW   WisXX        
124124Otto, Ferdinand25MWWagon Maker250 PrussiaXX      X 
  Otto, Catharina23FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
125125Manz, Louis37MWCooper75 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Manz, Hedwig33FWHouse Keeping  Sax MeiningenXX        
  Manz, Arthur7MW   WisXX  X     
  Manz, Bertha5FW   WisXX        
  Manz, Paulina2FW   WisXX        
126126Ruckert, John42MWBlacksmith500100BadenXX      X 
  Ruckert, Anna M.24FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Ruckert, John2MW   WisXX        
127127Senglaub, Louis49MWMerchant1,5003,000Saxe GothaXX      X 
  Senglaub, Amanda21FWHouse Keeping  WisXX        
  Senglaub, Louis19MW   WisXX        
  May, Amanda3FW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, Geo.16MWDom Servt.  WisXX        
  Reichardt, Elis.17FW   WisXX        
128128Dexheimer, Anton53MWFarmer2,000150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Dexheimer, Elisabetha36FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Dexheimer, Mary14FW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, Henry12MW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, Herman11MW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, Louise10FW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, Helene9FW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, William7MW   WisXX        
  Dexheimer, John5MW   WisXX        
  Dexheimer, Elisa4FW   WisXX        
  Dexheimer, Anton11/12MW   WisXXJuly       
  Duerking, Henry67MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
129129Zimmermann, Conrad23MWShoemaker400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
Page 23
130130Zimmermann, John36MWCarpenter1,200150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Zimmermann, Christina30FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Zimmermann, Anna7FW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmermann, Jacob6MW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmermann, Catharine4FW   WisXX        
  Zimmermann, John2MW   WisXX        
  Zimmermann, William1/12MW   WisXXMay       
  Zimmermann, John25MWCarpenter  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Loos, William18MWCarpenter  Hesse DarmstXX        
131131Eimermann, Caspar45MWFarmer3,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Eimermann, Maria43FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Eimermann, Jacob20MW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, Maria18FW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, Philipp12MW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Christina9FW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Herman8MW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Anna3FW   WisXX        
132132Jung, John48MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jung, Maria50FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Jung, Adam28MW   N. Y.XX        
  Jung, Lena15FW   WisXX  X     
  Jung, John12MW   WisXX  X     
133133Deicher, George42MWFarmer1,600100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Deicher, Barbara35FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Deicher, Maria15FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Deicher, August14MW   WisXX  X     
  Deicher, Frederick12MW   WisXX  X     
  Deicher, George10MW   WisXX  X     
  Deicher, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Deicher, Philipp7MW   WisXX  X     
  Deicher, Christina5FW   WisXX        
  Deicher, Adam4MW   WisXX        
  Deicher, Lena2FW   WisXX        
  Deicher, Amalia3/12FW   WisXXApr       
  Deicher, Barbara71FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
134134Kuhn, Philipp36MWFarmer1,500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kuhn, Charlotte32FWHouse Keeping  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Kuhn, George9MW   WisXX  X     
  Kuhn, Maria7FW   WisXX        
  Kuhn, Frederick5MW   WisXX        
Page 24
134134Kuhn, Charlotte2FW   WisXX        
135135Reichardt, Henry70MWFarmer1,300100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichardt, Elisabeth70FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichardt, Jacob23MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichardt, Maria22FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichardt, John19MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichardt, Elisabeth16FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
136136Kleinhans, Elisa.55FWHouse Keeping2,200150Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kleinhans, John21MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kleinhans, Jacob20MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kleinhans, Frank17MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kleinhans, Jacobine13FW   WisXX        
137137Spindler, Jacob53MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Spindler, Hanna50FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Spindler, Christina16FW   WisXX        
138138Horneck, Philipp49MWFarmer2,300125Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Horneck, Catharina37FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Horneck, Frederick16MW   WisXX  X     
  Horneck, Eva14FW   WisXX  X     
  Horneck, George11MW   WisXX  X     
  Horneck, Henry9MW   WisXX  X     
  Horneck, Ida7FW   WisXX  X     
  Horneck, Edward4MW   WisXX        
  Horneck, Julius2MW   WisXX        
  Horneck, Emma1FW   WisXX        
  Horneck, Frederick66MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
139139Hartmann, Jacob71MWShoemaker 75Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Hartmann, Anna65FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Hartmann, Eva25FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
140140Mueller, Jacob65MWFarmer1,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Catharina50FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mueller, Elisabeth21FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
141141Mauk, Carl50MWFarmer800 MecklenburgXX      X 
  Mauk, Sophia45FWHouse Keeping  MecklenburgXX        
  Mauk, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Mauk, Carl10MW   WisXX  X     
142142Pinow, Frederica56FWHouse Keeping  MecklenburgXX        
  Pinow, John20MW   MecklenburgXX        
  Pinow, Anna16FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Pinow, Gustav14MW   MecklenburgXX        
Page 25
142142Pinow, Carl12MW   MecklenburgXX  X     
  Pinow, Herman8MW   MecklenburgXX  X     
  Pinow, William4MW   MecklenburgXX        
143143Reineck, Johanna60FWHouse Keeping2,800200Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reineck, Adam20MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reineck, Peter17MW   WisXX        
144144Sperl, Gottfried38MWFarmer4,000150BavariaXX      X 
  Sperl, Catharina31FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Sperl, Emma10FW   WisXX  X     
  Sperl, Jenny8FW   WisXX  X     
  Sperl, George6MW   WisXX        
145145Sperl, John66MWFarmer2,700175BavariaXX      X 
  Sperl, Auguste71FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Sperl, Michael24MW   WisXX      X 
  Sperl, Emilie20FW   WisXX        
  Sperl, Alfred1/12MW   WisXXMay       
  Kneisel, Emma64FW   WisXX  X     
146146Noth, Frederick68MWFarmer1,600125Saxe WeimarXX      X 
  Noth, Martha58FWHouse Keeping  Saxe WeimarXX        
  Noth, Ferdinand17MW   Saxe WeimerXX        
  Noth, Louise20FW   Saxe WeimarXX        
  Noth, Caroline13FW   Saxe WeimarXX  X     
  Noth, Sidonia10FW   Saxe WeimarXX  X     
147147Mueller, Henry25MWFarmer3,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Gertrude23FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Zeiger, Carl28MWDom Servt.  BavariaXX        
148148Mahloch, Philipp53MWFarmer5,000200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mahloch, Catharina44FWHouse Keeping  WurtembergXX        
  Mahloch, William16MW   WisXX        
  Mahloch, Hanna14FW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Charles13MW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Christian11MW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Gustav9MW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Caroline7FW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, John5MW   WisXX        
  Mahloch, Bertha2FW   WisXX        
  Mahloch, Nette9/12FW   WisXXSept       
149149Laertz, Balthasar51MWFarmer3,000150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Laertz, Margareth49FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Laertz, George21MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
Page 26
150150Pratz, Michael45MWFarmer1,400 PrussiaXX        
  Pratz, Doris42FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Pratz, William15MW   PrussiaXX        
  Pratz, Charles12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Pratz, Henry11MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Pratz, Frederic10MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Pratz, Franz6MW   PrussiaXX        
  Pratz, Otto10/12MW   WisXXAug       
151151Bub, Jacob36MWFarmer2,000150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bub, Maria38FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Bub, Conrad10MW   WisXX  X     
  Bub, Maria8FW   WisXX  X     
  Bub, Anna6FW   WisXX  X     
  Bub, Louise5FW   WisXX        
  Bub, Bertha2FW   WisXX        
152152Bub, Conrad70MWFarmer 150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
153153Kissinger, Philipp46MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kissinger, Anna46FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Kissinger, Paul17MW   WisXX        
  Kissinger, Philipp16MW   WisXX        
  Kissinger, William14MW   WisXX  X     
  Kissinger, Anna11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kissinger, Maria8FW   WisXX        
  Kissinger, Henry5MW   WisXX        
  Kissinger, Catharina9/12FW   WisXXSept       
154154Klump, Valentin29MWFarmer2,300125PrussiaXX      X 
  Klump, Rosina26FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Klump, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Klump, William2MW   WisXX        
  Klump, Frederick1MW   WisXX        
155155Brickheimer, Adam49MWFarmer1,800175PrussiaXX      X 
  Brickheimer, Catharina38FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Brickheimer, Edward18MW   WisXX        
  Brickheimer, William14MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Anny12FW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Nelly10FW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Louise8FW   WisXX  X     
156156Kump, Philipp39MWFarmer800 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kump, Margareth34FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
157157Levering, N.27MWPreacher of the Evangelical  PrussiaXX      X 
Page 27
157157Levering, Anna36FW   PrussiaXX        
158158Platz, John41MWFarmer800 PrussiaXX      X 
  Platz, Catharina26FWHouse Keeping  WisXX        
  Platz, Lena12FW   WisXX  X     
  Platz, Henry10MW   WisXX  X     
  Platz, John E.8MW   WisXX  X     
  Platz, Wilhelmine6FW   WisXX        
  Platz, Caroline4FW   WisXX        
  Platz, Philipp1MW   WisXX        
159159Faber, Peter48MWFarmer500 PrussiaXX      X 
  Faber, Eva46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Faber, Catharina24FW   PrussiaXX        
  Faber, Henry19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Faber, Eva14FW   PrussiaXX        
  Faber, John12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
160160Platz, Philipp50MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX      X 
  Platz, Christina35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Platz, Regina7FW   WisXX  X     
161161Haberstich, John30MWFarm Laborer  Shwitzerland {sic}XX      XX
  Haberstich, Elisa20FWKeeping House  Shwitzerland {sic}XX        
  Haberstich, John2MW   WisXX        
  Haberstich, Gottfried5/12MW   WisXXJan       
162162Kasper, Philipp45MWFarmer1,100 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kasper, Anna30FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kasper, Adam11MW   WisXX  X     
  Kasper, Herman10MW   WisXX  X     
  Kasper, Julia8FW   WisXX  X     
  Kasper, William7MW   WisXX        
  Kasper, Philipp5MW   WisXX        
  Kasper, Elisa3FW   WisXX        
  Kasper, Catharina11/12FW   WisXXJuly       
163163Dessloch, Jacob23MWFarmer400 BavariaXX      X 
  Dessloch, Barbara20FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Dessloch, Louis2/12MW   WisXXApr       
  Dessloch, Christ. Louise62FW   BavariaXX        
164164Jacobi, Christoph27MWFarmer900 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jacobi, Catharine18FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Jacobi, Catharine1FW   WisXX        
  Raeder, John11MW   WisXX  X     
  Raeder, Elisabeth6FW   WisXX        
Page 28
165165Schueler, Philipp48MWFarmer1,500150Saxe WiemarXX        
  Schueler, Maria46FWKeeping House  Saxe WiemarXX        
  Schueler, Augusta17FW   Saxe WiemarXX        
  Schueler, Hulda15FW   Saxe WiemarXX  X     
  Schueler, Charles13MW   Saxe WiemarXX  X     
  Schueler, Selma10FW   Saxe WiemarXX  X     
  Schueler, Henry7MW   Saxe WiemarXX  X     
166166Boeckler, Joseph43MWFarmer2,200 BavariaXX      X 
  Boeckler, Elisabeth42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Klaiber, Adolph19MW   WisXX        
  Klaiber, Andreas18MW   WisXX        
  Klaiber, John17MW   WisXX        
  Klaiber, Henry15MW   WisXX        
  Boeckler, Christian13MW   WisXX  X     
  Boeckler, Louisa8FW   WisXX  X     
  Boeckler, Catharina5FW   WisXX        
  Boeckler, Elisabeth3FW   WisXX        
  Boeckler, Carl11/12MW   WisXXJuly       
167167Brickheimer, Ambrosius40MWFarmer2,000100PrussiaXX      X 
  Brickheimer, Irma M.42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Brickheimer, Magdalena15FW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Ambrosius13MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Herman11MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, William11MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Henry9MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Peter7MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Julius9MW   WisXX  X     
  Brickheimer, Edward6MW   WisXX        
  Brickheimer, Anna2FW   WisXX        
  Brickheimer, Catharina3/12FW   WisXXMar       
168168Mc Graw, Francis66MWFarmer600 IrelandXX      X 
  Mc Graw, Mary50FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Graw, James14MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Graw, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Graw, Franklin9MW   WisXX  X     
  Mc Graw, Thomas5MW   WisXX        
169169Briske, William35MWFarmer1,000 PrussiaXX        
  Briske, Frederica28FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Briske, Auguste8FW   PrussiaXX        
  Briske, Hedwig4FW   PrussiaXX        
Page 29
169169Briske, Louise1FW   WisXX        
170170Feldmann, Hedwig50MWFarmer1,200100Hesse DarmstXX        
  Feldmann, Catharina47FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Feldmann, Michael20MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Feldmann, Catharina18FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Feldmann, Jacob17MW   WisXX        
  Feldmann, Margareth15FW   WisXX        
  Feldmann, Dorothea13FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, Lisette12FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, Caroline7FW   WisXX  X     
171171Mersberger, Lorenz49MWFarmer1,800150BavariaXX      X 
  Mersberger, Margareth43FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Mersberger, Margareth17FW   WisXX        
  Mersberger, Maria15FW   WisXX  X     
  Mersberger, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Mersberger, Leonhard10MW   WisXX  X     
  Mersberger, Kunigunde8FW   WisXX  X     
  Mersberger, Jacob6MW   WisXX        
  Mersberger, Bartholomius4MW   WisXX        
  Mersberger, Anna2FW   WisXX        
172172Luth, John44MWFarmer1,700 MecklenburgXX      X 
  Luth, Christina40FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Luth, Henry12MW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Luth, Anna10FW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Luth, John7MW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Luth, William6MW   WisXX        
  Luth, Frederick4MW   WisXX        
  Luth, Elisabeth3FW   WisXX        
  Tudling, Caroline70FW   MecklenburgXX        
173173Mathes, Adam47MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mathes, Catharina43FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mathes, Peter15MW   N. Y.XX        
  Mathes, Catharina10FW   N. Y.XX  X     
  Mathes, Anna M.7FW   N. Y.XX        
  Mathes, Maria5FW   N. Y.XX        
  Mathes, Adam2MW   N. Y.XX        
174174Reineck, William34MWFarmer1,700 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reineck, Anna M.39FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reineck, Maria8FW   WisXX  X     
Page 30
175175Reineck, Henry6MW   WisXX        
  Reineck, Hanna4FW   WisXX        
  Reineck, Jacob3MW   WisXX        
  Reineck, Amalie2/12FW   WisXXApr       
176176Levi, George31MWFarmer1,800 N. J.XX      X 
  Levi, Elisabeth29FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Levi, Albert8MW   WisXX  X     
  Levi, Thomas7MW   WisXX  X     
  Levi, Susan5FW   WisXX        
  Levi, John4MW   WisXX        
  Levi, Jane1FW   WisXX        
  Funk, Catharina61FWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX        
177177Levi, John29MWFarmer1,900 IrelandXX      X 
  Levi, Mary23FWHouse Keeping  IrelandXX        
  Levi, Susan5/12FW   WisXXJan       
  Levi, Susan67FW   IrelandXX        
  Bord, Maria18FWDom Servt.  WisXX        
178178Krueger, William40WWFarmer800 PrussiaXX      X 
  Krueger, Carolina32FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Krueger, Ida2FW   WisXX        
179179Jacobi, Conrad33MWFarmer150 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Jacobi, Margareth28FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Jacobi, Frederick3MW   WisXX        
  Jacobi, Catharina1FW   WisXX        
180180Mueller, John58MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Appolonia61FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mueller, Henriette23FW   WisXX        
181181Mueller, William26MWFarmer500 WisXX      X 
  Mueller, Maria22FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Mueller, Henry8/12MW   WisXXOct       
182182Klein, John57MWFarmer3,000200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Klein, Justina57FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klein, John19MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klein, Henry27MWAt Home  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Klein, Elisabeth20FW   WisXX        
  Klein, Margareth88FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Klein, Henriette1FW   WisXX        
  Krebs, John59MWDom Servt.  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Krebs, Christina53FW   WurtembergXX        
  Klein, Joseph23MWFarm Laborer  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
Page 31
183183Riess, John47MWFarmer1,600 MecklenburgXX      X 
  Riess, Mina48FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Riess, August17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Riess, Henry10MW   WisXX  X     
184184Küstner, Jacob43MWFarmer1,600100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Küstner, Louisa48FWHouse Keeping  Saxe WiemarXX        
  Küstner, Maria14FW   WisXX  X     
  Küstner, Catharina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Küstner, Jacob11MW   WisXX  X     
  Küstner, Elisa8FW   WisXX  X     
  Küstner, Magdalena6FW   WisXX        
  Küstner, Emilie3FW   WisXX        
185185Mueller, Frederick54MWFarmer800100MecklenburgXX      X 
  Mueller, Sophia47FWHouse Keeping  MecklenburgXX        
  Mueller, John15MW   WisXX        
  Mueller, Dorothea18FW   WisXX        
  Mueller, Jacob12MW   WisXX  X     
186186Dexheimer, George35MWFarmer1,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Dexheimer, Elisa25FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Dexheimer, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, Elisa9FW   WisXX  X     
  Dexheimer, George7MW   WisXX        
  Dexheimer, Mary5FW   WisXX        
  Dexheimer, Anna2FW   WisXX        
187187Fischer, Henry58MWFarmer1,100100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Fischer, Gertrude48FWHouse Keeping  Saxe WiemarXX        
  Fischer, Pauline18FW   WisXX        
  Fischer, Catharine13FW   WisXX  X     
  Fischer, Barbara10FW   WisXX  X     
  Fischer, William4MW   WisXX        
188188Riess, Henry43MWFarmer1,300 MecklenburgXX        
  Riess, Caroline29FWKeeping House  Saxe GothaXX        
  Riess, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Riess, Carl6MW   WisXX        
  Riess, Frederick5MW   WisXX        
  Riess, Emilie2FW   WisXX        
189189Wolff, Julius51MWFarmer11,0002,000PrussiaXX      X 
  Wolff, Margareth48FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Wolff, George21MW   WisXX      X 
  Wolff, Maria17FW   WisXX        
Page 32
189189Wolff, Elisa15FW   WisXX  X     
  Wolff, Thomas13MW   WisXX  X     
  Mahloch, Peter18MWDom Servt.  WisXX        
190190Bridibauer, George60MWFarmer1,800300Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bridibauer, Eva56FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bridibauer, John23MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bridibauer, Margareth26FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bridibauer, Elisabeth19FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
191191Fehl, Jacob33MWFarmer2,800200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Fehl, Margareth26FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Fehl, Catharina7FW   WisXX  X     
  Fehl, Jacob4MW   WisXX        
  Fehl, Barbara3FW   WisXX        
  Fehl, Elisa1FW   WisXX        
  Fehl, Catharina68FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
192192Pfeil, Valentin45MWFarmer6,000400Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Pfeil, Justina36FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Pfeil, William18MW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Eva16FW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Nanna15FW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Julius12MW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Valentin10MW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Justina19FW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Laura5FW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Arthur3MW   WisXX        
  Pfeil, Richard8MW   WisXX        
193193Erbe, Ronatus60MWFarmer1,000100Saxe WeiningenXX      X 
  Erbe, Sophia48FWHouse Keeping  BavariaXX        
  Erbe, Edward19MW   WisXX        
  Erbe, Maria17FW   WisXX        
  Erbe, Julius14MW   WisXX        
  Erbe, Louise11FW   WisXX        
  Erbe, Sophie7FW   WisXX        
194194Mueller, Jacob46MWFarmer4,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mueller, Eva40FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mueller, Catharina15FW   WisXX        
  Mueller, William13MW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Lisette11FW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Valentin9MW   WisXX  X     
  Mueller, Lena6FW   WisXX        
Page 33
194194Mueller, Fredr.4MW   WisXX        
  Mueller, Dora2FW   WisXX        
195195Krausse, Rudolph50MWFarmer3,000200Saxe Hildburghessen {sic}XX      X 
  Krausse, Dorothea40FWKeeping House  Saxe WeimarXX        
  Krausse, Alfred20MW   WisXX        
  Krausse, Anna17FW   WisXX        
  Krausse, Lucy15FW   WisXX  X     
  Krausse, Otto11MW   WisXX  X     
  Krausse, Lina9FW   WisXX  X     
196196Rossmann, Ludwig66MWFarmer1,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Rossmann, Catharina62FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Rossmann, George16MW   WisXX  X     
  Rossmann, Frederick7MW   WisXX  X     
197197Reichert, Valentin61MWFarmer1,300100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichert, Clara53FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Margareth21FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Valentin15MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Jacob13MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Reichert, Magdalena9FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
198198Bettelhauser, Kate48FWKeeping House & Proprietor2,500100Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bettelhauser, Helene20FW   WisXX        
  Bloedel, Julius5MW   WisXX        
199199Best, Jacob45MWFarmer3,200150Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Best, Margar.36FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Best, Margar.13FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Best, John11MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Best, Louis6MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
200200Pfeiffer, Joseph53MWFarmer2,900150BavariaXX      X 
  Pfeiffer, Elisabeth48FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Pfeiffer, Henry20MW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, Elisabeth18FW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, Margareth15FW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, Gottlieb13MW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, Joseph11MW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, Philipp9MW   N. Y.XX        
  Pfeiffer, George6MW   WisXX        
201201Engelkind, Frederick56MWFarmer500 Lippe DetmoldXX      X 
  Engelkind, Amalie50FWKeeping House  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Engelkind, Bertha12FW   Lippe DetmoldXX  X     
  Engelkind, Auguste6FW   Lippe DetmoldXX        
Page 34
202202Kissinger, Jacob54MWFarmer1,500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kissinger, Catharina55FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kissinger, Jacob18MW   WisXX        
203203Meyer, Peter31MWFarmer1,200100PrussiaXX      X 
  Meyer, Catharina27FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Meyer, Helena3FW   WisXX        
  Meyer, Margareth2FW   WisXX        
  Meyer, John9/12MW   WisXXAug       
204204Meyer, Mathias65MWFarmer2,500100PrussiaXX      X 
  Meyer, Barbara55FWHouse Keeping  PrussiaXX        
  Meyer, Mathias17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Meyer, Margarethe14FW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Catharina11FW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Joseph9MW   WisXX  X     
205205Feldmann, Michael45MWFarmer2,200100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Feldmann, Catharina43FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Feldmann, Jacob18MW   WisXX        
  Feldmann, Louise16FW   WisXX        
  Feldmann, Valentin12MW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, Mina10FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, Margareth8FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, George6MW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmann, Catharine4FW   WisXX        
  Feldmann, Julius2MW   WisXX        
206206Glock, Frederick42MWFarmer1,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Glock, Catharine46FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Glock, Catharine17FW   WisXX        
207207Backhaus, Christian31MWFarmer2,400150PrussiaXX      X 
  Backhaus, Mina31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Backhaus, Emilie9FW   WisXX  X     
  Backhaus, Louis7MW   WisXX  X     
  Backhaus, Louise6FW   WisXX        
  Backhaus, Auguste5FW   WisXX        
  Backhaus, William3MW   WisXX        
  Backhaus, Frederick1MW   WisXX        
  Michelor, Justine63FW   PrussiaXX        
  Krueger, Fred.36MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
208208Weisskopf, Peter46MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Weisskopf, Catharine42FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
209209Best, Jacob, Sen.71MWRentior200300Hesse DarmstXX      X 
Page 35
209209Best, Maria69FW   Waldeck {sic}XX        
210210Sturm, Caspar33MWFarmer2,500 PrussiaXX      X 
  Sturm, Kunigunde23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Sturm, Margaretha19FW   WisXX        
  Sturm, Adam70MW   PrussiaXX        
  Sturm, Margaretha65FW   PrussiaXX        
211211Matzdorf, Christoph33MWFarmer800 PrussiaXX      X 
  Matzdorf, Elisabeth35FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Matzdorf, Jacob5MW   WisXX        
  Matzdorf, William2MW   WisXX        
212212Gruenewald, Christian24MWFarmer1,000 Saxe WeimarXX      X 
  Gruenewald, Wilhelmine23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gruenewald, Bertha6FW   WisXX        
  Gruenewald, Ida3FW   WisXX        
213213Schatz, George46MWFarmer2,400100BavariaXX      X 
  Schatz, Margareth48FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Schatz, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Schatz, Elisabeth12FW   WisXX  X     
  Schatz, George7MW   WisXX        
  Schatz, Gustav5MW   WisXX        
  Schatz, Mary2FW   WisXX        
214214Kissinger, Philipp25MWFarmer700 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kissinger, Margareth24FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kissinger, Jacob3MW   WisXX        
  Kissinger, Margareth7/12FW   WisXXDec       
  Trott, Elise18FWDom Servnt.  WisXX        
215215Trott, Martin70MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Trott, Margarethe53FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Trott, Barbara17FW   WisXX        
  Trott, Caroline17FW   WisXX        
  Trott, George15MW   WisXX  X     
  Trott, John11MW   WisXX  X     
  Trott, Valentin9MW   WisXX  X     
216216Ringel, Mary36FWKeeping House & Proprietor500 PrussiaXX        
  Ringel, Frank17MW   WisXX  X     
  Ringel, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Ringel, Nicholas7MW   WisXX        
  Ringel, Paul5MW   WisXX        
  Stuart, Emilie10/12FW   WisXXAug       
217217Henkel, Andreas30MWFarmer900 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
Page 36
218218Henkel, Kunigunde20FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Henkel, Anna2FW   WisXX        
219219Scherer, Peter54MWFarmer1,40075Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Scherer, Frederica48FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Scherer, Maria16FW   WisXX        
  Schirmer, Emil16MW   WisXX        
220220Reineck, Henry46MWFarmer1,500100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reineck, Catharina47FWKeeping House  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Reineck, Catharina9FW   WisXX        
  Reineck, Sophia70FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
221221Fischer, Philipp28MWFarmer400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Fischer, Elisabeth24FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Fischer, George3MW   WisXX        
  Fischer, John8/12MW   WisXXOct       
222222Kebel, Peter32MWFarmer1,000 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Kebel, Catharina29FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Kebel, Margareth6FW   WisXX        
  Kebel, Lina4FW   WisXX        
  Kebel, Catharina3FW   WisXX        
223223Gessling, F. W.52MWFarmer1,400125PrussiaXX      X 
  Gessling, Charlotte50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gessling, Fred W.19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gessling, Carl15MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gessling, Jenny9FW   PrussiaXX  X     
224224Hoffman, John47MWFarmer1,200 BavariaXX      X 
  Hoffman, Margareth47FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Hoffman, Margareth18FW   FranceXX        
  Hoffman, Friederick14MW   WisXX        
  Hoffman, Louis3MW   WisXX        
225225La Budde, Fred.50MWFarmer2,000100PrussiaXX      X 
  La Budde, Adeline39FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  La Budde, Theodor19MW   PrussiaXX        
  La Budde, Ottilie16FW   PrussiaXX        
  La Budde, Reinhold12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  La Budde, Anna11FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  La Budde, Otto5MW   PrussiaXX        
226226Popp, Andreas46MWFarmer1,600 BavariaXX      X 
  Popp, Barbara40FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Popp, Jacob15MW   WisXX  X     
  Popp, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
Page 37
226226Popp, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Popp, Daniel9MW   WisXX  X     
  Popp, Catharine9FW   WisXX  X     
  Popp, Valentin7MW   WisXX        
  Popp, Philipp7MW   WisXX        
  Popp, Christina4FW   WisXX        
  Popp, Andreas11/12MW   WisXXJul       
227227Meyer, Christoph60MWFarmer1,300 PrussiaXX      X 
  Meyer, Maria43FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Meyer, Frederick14MW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Philippine12FW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Anna M.9FW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Henry9MW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Emilie8FW   WisXX  X     
  Meyer, Anni L.5FW   WisXX        
  Meyer, Catharina4FW   WisXX        
  Meyer, William1/12MW   WisXXMay       
228228Gessert, George38MWFarmer2,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gessert, Margaretha38FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Valentin13MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Gessert, Frederick11MW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Catharina10FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Maria9FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Louise7FW   WisXX        
  Gessert, Jacob5MW   WisXX        
  Gessert, George3MW   WisXX        
  Gessert, Carl1/12MW   WisXXMay       
  Gessert, Valentin70MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
229229Gerber, William40MWFarmer1,800100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gerber, Mina32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gerber, William13MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerber, James11MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerber, Julius9MW   WisXX  X     
  Gerber, Ida4FW   WisXX        
  Gerber, Robert2MW   WisXX        
  Freitag, Elisabeth68FW   PrussiaXX        
230230Trott, Martin24MWFarmer1,400 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Trott, Lisette18FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Sander, Margareth40FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Sander, Margareth13FW   WisXX  X     
Page 38
230230Sander, Maria11FW   WisXX  X     
  Sander, Magdalena7FW   WisXX        
  Sander, Peter3MW   WisXX        
231231Long, Conrad48MWFarmer1,000 BavariaXX      X 
  Long, Henriette34FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Long, John4MW   WisXX        
  Long, Bertha4FW   WisXX        
  Long, Margaretha11/12FW   WisXXJan       
232232Engelhard, Frederick27MWFarmer2,000100Lippe DetmoldXX      X 
  Engelhard, Margaretha23FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Engelhard, Amalie3FW   WisXX        
  Engelhard, Frederick3MW   WisXX        
  Engelhard, Henry2MW   WisXX        
233233Bloedel, Jacob32MWShoemaker150500Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bloedel, Catharina21FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bloedel, William4/12MW   WisXXFeb       
  Sinner, Henry24MWShoemaker  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
234234Anderson, Cornelius52MWFarmer2,200 NorwayXX      X 
  Anderson, Ernestina37FWKeeping House  Saxe WeimarXX        
  Anderson, Mary15FW   WisXX  X     
  Anderson, Auguste13FW   WisXX  X     
  Anderson, George11MW   WisXX  X     
  Anderson, Emma7FW   WisXX  X     
  Anderson, Theresia4FW   WisXX        
  Anderson, William2MW   WisXX        
  Anderson, Andrew81MW   NorwayXX      X 
235235Glasew, Joachim59MWFarmer1,500 PrussiaXX      X 
  Glasew, Christine50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Glasew, William23MW   PrussiaXX      X 
  Glasew, Christian17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Glasew, Ferdinand14MW   PrussiaXX        
  Glasew, Ernestina12FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Glasew, Albert9MW   PrussiaXX        
  Glasew, Anna7FW   PrussiaXX  X     
236236Gessert, Frederick43MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gessert, Eva44FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Lizzy17FW   WisXX        
  Gessert, William12MW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Jacob8MW   WisXX  X     
Page 39
237237Gessert, Marie6FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Helena4FW   WisXX        
  Gessert, Henry2MW   WisXX        
238238Bub, Valentin61MWFarmer300 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Bub, Elisabeth51FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bub, Jacob14MW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Bub, Adam12MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Bub, Cornelius5MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
239239Baumann, Frederick46MWFarmer500 SaxoniaXX      X 
  Baumann, Ernestina48FWKeeping House  SaxoniaXX        
  Baumann, Anton14MW   WisXX  X     
  Baumann, Adolph12MW   WisXX  X     
  Baumann, Rosalie9FW   WisXX  X     
  Baumann, Pauline3FW   WisXX        
240240Gessert, Jacob45MWFarmer2,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gessert, Catharina43FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Frederick19MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Margaretha18FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Cornelius17MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Catharina15FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Eva9FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Elisa5FW   WisXX        
  Gessert, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Gessert, Mathilde6/12FW   WisXXDec       
241241Mayer, Gottfried55MWFarmer500225PrussiaXX      X 
  Mayer, Anna57FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Mayer, Henry23MW   PrussiaXX      X 
  Mayer, Theodor20MW   PrussiaXX        
242242Fricke, Peter55MW 4,000175Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Fricke, Appolonia53FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Fricke, Peter24MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Fricke, Elisabeth23FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Fricke, Albertine20FW   WisXX        
  Fricke, Jacob20MW   WisXX        
  Fricke, Maria15FW   WisXX        
  Fricke, Margaretha12FW   WisXX        
243243Briske, Carl38MWFarmer2,000 PrussiaXX      X 
  Briske, Charlotte27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Briske, Bertha6FW   WisXX        
  Briske, William4MW   WisXX        
Page 40
243243Briske, Carl3MW   WisXX        
  Briske, Anna2FW   WisXX        
244244Arndt, Frederick48MWFarmer3,000100PrussiaXX      X 
  Arndt, Mina36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Arndt, Bertha13FW   WisXX  X     
  Arndt, Mary7FW   WisXX        
  Arndt, August4MW   WisXX        
  Arndt, William1MW   WisXX        
245245Maurer, George44MWFarmer1,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Maurer, Elisabeth38FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Maurer, George15MW   WisXX  X     
  Maurer, Ida13FW   WisXX  X     
  Maurer, Richard10MW   WisXX  X     
  Maurer, William9MW   WisXX  X     
  Maurer, Lina4FW   WisXX        
246246Borngesser, Andrew37MWFarmer1,200 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Borngesser, Louise30FWKeeping House  N. Y.XX        
  Borngesser, Anna5FW   WisXX        
  Borngesser, Henry1MW   WisXX        
247247Solk, Carl36MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX      X 
  Solk, Sophia37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Solk, Carl8MW   WisXX  X     
  Solk, William10/12MW   WisXXAug       
248248Stock, Henry45MWFarmer600 Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Stock, Sophia40FWKeeping House  Lippe DetmoldXX        
  Stock, Wilhelmine13FW   Lippe DetmoldXX  X     
  Stock, Charlotte10FW   Lippe DetmoldXX  X     
  Stock, Louise8FW   Lippe DetmoldXX  X     
  Stock, Sophia5FW   WisXX        
  Stock, Henry2MW   WisXX        
  Stock, Amalie1/12FW   WisXXMay       
249249Kallenbach, Martin54MWFarmer600 Sax MeiningenXX      X 
  Kallenbach, Maria46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kallenbach, Mina20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kallenbach, Christian14MW   WisXX  X     
  Kallenbach, Appolonia9FW   WisXX  X     
  Nadi, August22MW   WisXX  X     
250250Mathes, John60MWFarmer8,000300Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Mathes, Anna64FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Mathes, Peter24MW   WisXX      X 
Page 41
250250Mathes, Jacob21MW   WisXX      X 
  Mathes, Barbara17FW   WisXX        
  Mathes, John13MW   WisXX     Deaf & Dumb  
  Mathes, Peter68MWFarm Laborer  Hesse DarmstXX      X 
251251Hoppe, Frederick43MWFarmer3,000200BrunswickXX      X 
  Hoppe, Henriette38FWKeeping House  BrunswickXX        
  Hoppe, Carl17MW   WisXX        
  Hoppe, Hanna16FW   WisXX        
  Hoppe, Bertha11FW   WisXX  X     
  Hoppe, Ida9FW   WisXX  X     
  Hoppe, Henry6MW   WisXX        
252252Zimmermann, Henry38MWFarmer1,500 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Zimmermann, Catharina31FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Zimmermann, Louisa10FW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmermann, Anna9FW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmermann, Catharina7FW   WisXX  X     
  Zimmermann, Elisa6FW   WisXX        
  Zimmermann, Philipp4MW   WisXX        
  Zimmermann, Eva3FW   WisXX        
  Zimmermann, Conrad1MW   WisXX        
253253Gessert, Peter40MWFarmer2,000100Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Gessert, Elisabeth38FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Maria14FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Gessert, Rosine11FW   Hesse DarmstXX  X     
  Gessert, Jacob10MW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Gessert, Jacobine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Gertrude5FW   WisXX  X     
  Gessert, Carl1MW   WisXX        
254254Lindow, Mina54FWKeeping House / Proprietor2,000 PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Carl24MWFarmer  PrussiaXX      X 
  Lindow, Frederick11MW   WisXX  X     
  Lindow, Bertha14FW   WisXX  X     
255255Schaetzel, Philipp71MWFarmer450500Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Schaetzel, Elisabeth56FWHouse Keeping  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Schaetzel, Lina10FW   WisXX  X     
256256Eckelmann, John42MWFarmer800 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Eckelmann, Magdalena32FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Eckelmann, Conrad10MW   WisXX  X     
  Eckelmann, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Eckelmann, Catharina5FW   WisXX        
Page 42
256256Eckelmann, William3MW   WisXX        
  Eckelmann, Carl2/12MW   WisXXApr       
257257Kreisel, Carl50MWFarmer1800100Saxe WeimarXX      X 
  Kreisel, Hauna43FWKeeping House  Saxe WeimarXX        
  Kreisel, Bertha17FW   WisXX        
  Kreisel, Emma13FW   WisXX  X     
  Kreisel, Lina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Kreisel, Anna11FW   WisXX        
258258Eimermann, Peter46MWFarmer800 Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Eimermann, Catharina43FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Eimermann, Maria16FW   Hesse DarmstXX        
  Eimermann, Philipp13MW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Helena12FW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Elisabeth11FW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Catharina11FW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Francis10MW   WisXX   XXIdiotic  
  Eimermann, Lina8FW   WisXX  X     
  Eimermann, Peter6MW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, George5MW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, Anna2FW   WisXX        
  Eimermann, Julius9/12MW   WisXXNov       
259259Reichert, John42MWFarmer3,000200Hesse DarmstXX      X 
  Reichert, Catharina42FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstXX        
  Reichert, Eva14FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichert, Anna13FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichert, Margaretha11FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichert, Catharina9FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichert, Maria7FW   WisXX        
  Reichert, Elisa6FW   WisXX        
  Reichert, George3MW   WisXX        
  Reichert, Helene11/12FW   WisXXJul       
  Reichert, Henry78MW   Hesse DarmstXX      X 

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