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1864 Town of Mitchell Assessment

The following names are taken from the Assessment Roll for the Town of Mitchell 14 Range 20, 1864.

John Adams
Albert Rounseville
G. Cole
Otis Oliver
J. T. Perse
E. Stannard
J. Hughes
P. Hughes
John Hughes
G. Hughes
Thomas McLaughlin
William Conner
Roger Cary
Thomas Rodden
John Madden
Josiah Hodges
John Rooney
Robert Culbert
Felix Hanlin
William Wall
John Eagan
Michael O'Roork
John Welsh
James Rooney
Martin Rodden
John Whitney
J. Mangan, Senr.
John Egan
James Rooney
Thomas Rooney
John Rooney
John Mangan, Jr.
William Thackry
George Thackray
Patrick Scott
George Thackray
P. Cosgriff
Hiram Marsh
James Heraty
Martin Devine
Widow Heraty
James Sellers
Jastire Nelson
Patrick Haley
J. H. Montgomery
James McNair
Terence Obrine
Martin Devine
Thomas Redington
Antony Redington
John Connell
Antony Naughton
Thomas Jorden
Daniel Heraty
William Reiley
William Hanly
George Cole
Jake Margan
B. Chasinier
Mary Hobbs
Martin Rodden
James Welsh
J. Conner
M. Rodden
Thomas Murry
James Hughes
Patrick Mulkearns
Austin Hinkley
Charity Trowbridge
Seth M. Morse
W. N. Griggs
Mrs. Copply
E. L. Adams
James Hughs
Charles Briggs
J. J. Towe
Charity Trowbridge
- Gueraty
Michael O Roorke
Patrick Croghan
William Hobbs
E. McLaughlin
Patrick Doherty
William Mulloy
David Taylor
Hezekiah Brown
William Brawn
James Angus
J. Doherty
J. Ensign
David Pearce
Rufus Clark
S. L. Reed
Mr. Crook
S. M. Marse
J. Sheperd
B. Flanagan
Rufus Clark
Paul Blodgett
W. W. Andrews
C. W. Blodgett
R. Phalen, Sen.
R. Phalen, Jun.
Martin Jordan
R. Phalen, Sen.
William Durgan
John Murphy
Patrick Crosby
Mathew Reiley
John Brown
Michael Reiley
Thomas Stottery (Slattery?)
William Durgan
Martin Brogan
Patrick Murphy
James Kilcoin
Martain Redington
Patrick Redington
G. J. McKinly
A. A. Brown
Daniel Murphy
Thomas McNichelson
Peter Moran
Peter Riley
William Gillboy
Charles Moran
Michael Butler
J. P. Joslin
J. Burk
Mr. Bennett
Mr. Gibbins
Jerry Murphy
John Murphy
Michael Murey
John Jorden
Michael Murray
Thomas Shehen
Dennis O'Roork
Sidney Andrews
Robert Harvey
L. R. Harvey
John Mulloy
William Meyres
James Bowles
George Perkins
Cad. W. Humphry
W. W. Andrews
James Gillon
James M. Reed
Michael Lang
John Coffield
Thomas Coffield
Benjamin Stackleton
U. Couse
S. L. Reed
William Tiffany
J. M. Reed
James Gillan
Watts Redman
John Gibbons
Michael Mogan
Hugh Lunch
Charles Abers
Charles Tripphan
W. E. Akins
Thomas Kenyon (?)
Mr. Bear
Peter Coons
Samuel Manning
Rufus Preston
George W. Perkins
George Akins
Joseph Becker
Thomas Henry
Peter Beckes (Becker?)
William Kindo
W. Slane
Luke Flin
Michael Gahagan
John Gahagan
Lyke Flyn
T. Anderson
O. Rogers
John Muloy
D. Manley
Dennis O'Roork
A. Gallaher
A. Cobb
Ephraim Drake
Michael Gainer
D. Manley
A. Gallaher
Thomas Murroy
James Murrey
William Flanigan
George Lindsley
John Muloy
Leonard Hefling
James Laville
Pat'k. Barrett
William Folety
William Murphy
Peter Downey
Michael Moran
Thomas Murrey
James Murrey
Michael Bauser
George Thompson
J. Gillboy
Coulehen (?)
James Cain
Christopher Gates
Michael Baurer
J. Coulehen
D. McLane
Peter Peters
F. Garvey
M. Bauser
J. C. Coulehen
Thomas McBride
Ptere Peters
D. Manley
Thomas Gill
Thomas Flanagan
Michael O'Malley
E. FitzPatrick
Patrick O'Malley
Michael Early
Luke Flin
Michael Gahagan
Thomas Gahagan
Thomas Rilley
John Reily
John Gill
Philip Hawks
L. Reily
Charles Otto
Michael Hoy
Henry Hays
Cornelius McBride
Joel Stanley
Joel Tracy
Mathew Welden
Mathew Brown
William E. Akins
William Melonery (?)
Mathew Verden
Alfred Tracy
George Forbes
John Garvey
Henry Chambers
W. E. Chambers
Thos. W. Chambers

Transcribed by: Kay Reitberger

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