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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Veterans Memorials & Military Files

Sheboygan County Draft

List of World War 1 Draftees

Sheboygan County Draft Cards & Military Certificates

Hanahan, John Thomas - Draft Card

Military Certificate for John M. Vander Jagt

Sheboygan County Pensions

List of Pensioners, January 1, 1883

Wisconsin Soldiers & Sailors Regimental Reunion Roster, 1880

Muster Roll of Badger Guards

Sheboygan County Veterans Memorial

Purple Heart Webpage

(NOTE: This page has alot of Sheboygan County Veterans on it)

Civil War 1861 - 1865

Spanish-American War 1898 - 1902

World War I 1917 - 1918

World War II 1941 - 1945

Korean War 1950 - 1955

Vietnam War 1964 - 1975

Sheboygan Press KIA Index for WWII

War Casualties

Civil War Accused Deserters

World War I Volunteers who were Medically Rejected

World War I, Company C

World War I Troop M

World War II Army Casualties

World War II Navy, Marine & Coast Guard Casualties

Korean War Casualties

Vietnam War Casualties

Daughters of the American Revolution

Arndt, Daisy {Sharpe}

Bemis, Gertrude {Denison}

Bode, Clara V. {Goodell}

Chapman, Agnes B.

Churchill, Maria A. {Farnsworth}

Clark, Adele {Knowles}

Cocke, Daisy {Dixson}

Cole, Jessie Martha

Corbett, Harriet {Little}

Crocker, Ruth {Hunt Edwards}

Cutter, Emily {Harvey}

Damon, Julia Dwight {Lawrence}

Dean, Bertha H.

Dean, Ethel R.

Denniston, Alla Elmira {Lee}

Gage, Ellen {Curtis}

Gibson, Harriet W. {Zufelt}

Gilman, Alice {Stearns}

Griffith, Nellie

Hammond, Sarah A. {Chapman}

Hopkins, Louise {Murphy}

Hosmer, Helen M. {Rice}

Krumrey, Bettie {Sharp}

Lawrence, Mary {Stebbins}

Leavens, Mary D.

Lindsay, Martha {Dye}

Mallette, Emeline A. {Manney}

Manville, Elizabeth {Ashby}

McIntire, Maude Alice {Bent}

McMullen, Helen {Atwood}

Mellen, Flora Bell {Sweeting}

Miller, Carrie Coe

Murray, Norah {Hopkins}

Nichols, Esther M.

Pierce, Lucy W.

Pitcher, Mary {Harris}

Pound, Lucy {Ford}

Ramsey, Eva {Knowles}

Rice, Emily A.

Richardson, Genevieve {Giddings}

Ruckle, Olive {Bemis}

Sammons, Lottie

Schrage, Annie {Thayer}

Shepard, Agnes M.

Simmons, Alice {Manney}

Sippell, Antoinette {Harris}

Stearns, Elizabeth {Edwards}

Stoddard, Helen M. {Gerrells}

Stone, Lucia {Ford}

Sumner, Helen Laura

Tallmadge, Frances {Jones}

Thom, Julia Helen

Trowbridge, Nora {Rounseville}

Trowbridge, Suella {Bemis}

Van DeWater, Matilda {Smith}

Vesey, Elisabeth {Preston}

Wells, Mary Agnes {Zufelt}

Wheeler, Catherine J. {Sharpe}

Whitehill, Edith {Garton}

Zufelt, Edith Arlisle

Zufelt, Ida {Bogardus}

Zufelt, Zula Zong

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