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This News Article was transcribed & contributed by Kay R.

Washington Post - Washington, D.C. - April 23, 1910

Penniless, Claims Fortune

Sheboygan Man Comes to Pittsburg After Eccentric Woman's Half Million.

Pittsburg, Aug. 22 - Carl Fechner, claimant to a fortune of half a million dollars, left by Laura White, an eccentric woman, has arrived in Pittsburg from Sheboygan, Wis. in want of money to pay even for a meal.

Fechner asserts that he is a brother of Laura White. The latter's body was found in her home last January, and her will, in which she requested that her heart be stabbed thrice before burial, left her fortune to Maj. Robert Hall White, a brother.

Fechner says that he is also a brother, and that upon the death of Maj. White, the woman authorized him to use the name Robert Hall White. He has photographs of the woman and many letters alleged to be from her, and even a check for $500. which he says she sent him some time ago with the injunction not to cash it until her death. He has been unable to cash it.

Fechner, or "White," is 41 years old, and has a wife and several children in Sheboygan.

Daily Press - Sheboygan Wisconsin - August 24, 1910

Formerly Lived Here

Man Who Claims Heir to $400,000 Resided at No. 2006 South Thirteenth Street - - Married a Mute - - Moved to Racine.

The Robert Hall White listed in the dispatches as being heir to a fortune of $400,000 left by Miss Laura White, was closely questioned by police in Pittsburg last night and it was ascertained that the stranger's real name was Carl Fechner, a former resident of 2006 South Thirteenth street, this city and an employee in the Crocker plant.

Fechner is remembered by neighbors in that vicinity as he resided there about a year and a half and previous to that time lived on the north side. He married a mute and five children were born to them, their names being Elizabeth, Walter, Mabel, Annie and Willie. Resigning his position at the Crocker plant one day he moved away from the city going to Racine, where he resided until he left for Philadelphia a few months ago.

He was hard of hearing while residing here, and had few acquaintances. Neighbors state that as far back as that his mind was affected.

At Pittsburg last night he evidently made a favorable impression upon the police for a local attorney was secured to represent him. Just what his proofs are is not known..

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