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This News Article was transcribed & contributed by Kay R.

Washington Post - Washington, D.C. - January 18, 1906

Accused Of Wife Murder

Husband Has Recently Been Released from an Insane Asylum

Sheboygan, Wis., Jan. 17 - William Ramaker, a farmer of Adell, was arrested today, charged with having killed his wife by striking her on the head with a piece of wood last night in the presence of his two children. Ramaker was released from the insane asylum at Oshkosh a few months ago..

Sheboygan Daily Press - Sheboygan, Wisconsin - June 5, 1911

Appears As His Own Attorney

William Ramaker, who is seeking his freedom, appeared before Judge Paul Krez this morning and demanded that a jury be drawn to pass upon the question of his sanity.

No objection was offered on the part of the state and the drawing of a jury was taken upon, and twelve men will be called to serve and determine the condition of his mind. It is understood that an examination will be made on the part of physicians representing both the state and defense.

Will Fight Freedom

The state will vigorously fight his being released from the county institution, taking the position that he is unsafe to be at large.

Ramaker was committed to the Northern hospital in August 1905 and a few months later paroled through the influence of his wife. Soon after being allowed to go home he murdered her at the farm out in the town of Lyndon. It will be recalled here that there was intense excitement here that day. You could hardly get a person to go near to make the arrest. Finally a gentleman, by the name of Lamb, noted for his bravery, went to the home and took Ramaker into custody and in the spring he was sent back to the Northern hospital. October 3, 1907 he was pronounced incurable and returned to the local institution. For some time he has been busy working for his freedom. He had Attorney Basseuner prepare the preliminary papers, but further proceedings in the case will be conducted by him. He announced this morning that he was competent to look after his own case and did not need the services of an attorney..

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