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This News Article was transcribed & contributed by Kay R.

Manitoba Free Press - Manitoba, Canada - January 1, 1885

Fond Du Lac

Torn To Pieces

Fond du Lac, Wis. - Dec. 31 - A report has reached here of the death of a former resident by a peculiar and horrible accident. Deceased was Jacob Avery, and he was owner and operator of the Greenbush, Sheboygan county, grist mill. On Christmas day, his family missing him, his son went into the mill to look for him, when Mr. Avery's mangles remains were found in the basement. He had undoubtedly been in a set screw on the main shaft, and whirled about till his legs and arms were broken and his head pounded to a jelly. The remains were completely shorn of clothing, and the mill was running unattended.

The Lethbridge Herald - Alberta, Canada - April 27, 1948

Three Killed In Train Plunge

Adamsville, Ala., April 27 - A two-man engine crew and a woman passenger were killed and 30 persons injured when a Miami-Chicago passenger train, the Sun Chaser, plunged down a 100-foot embankment near Adamsville Sunday.

Three of those on the injured list were hurt seriously.

Twenty-three baseball players from the Sheboygan (Wisconsin) Indians and the Cairo (Illinois) club of the Brooklyn Dodger training camp at Vero Beach, Fla., proved themselves heroes by rescuing passengers from the wreckage and administering first aid.

The Lethbridge Herald - Alberta, Canada - January 1, 1952

Northern Survivor Injured By Auto, Plunges To Death

Plymouth, Wis. - Niles R. Eichenberger, Plymouth shoe store owner who survived 29 days lost in the Canadian wilderness last summer, plunged to his death Friday from a second story window of the Plymouth hospital.

Dr. James Hildebrand, Sheboygan County coroner, ruled the death a suicide.

Eichenberger, 52, who with Dr. John Tasche of Sheboygan was lost on a fishing trip in northern Canada for nearly a month after their small plane crashed, was sent to the hospital Thursday following a traffic accident. Dr. Hildebrand said he suffered only minor cuts and bruises in the accident.

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