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James TockOur Tock family is a relatively new one in America, having arrived in Portland, Maine in 1853 on board the ship "Gypsy" from England.  On board the ship was James Tock, his wife, Martha Wadd and their young daughter, Mary Elizabeth.  They came to settle on the Canadian/US border in Calais, Washington, Maine or St. Stephens, Charlotte, New Brunswick.  Not long after they arrived they had another daughter, Martha Ann(e) followed by Sarah J(ane) and lastly Emma Sophia.  When Emma was two, in 1861, Martha Wadd died.  James married secondly Margaret Mowatt in 1867 and a year later they had a son named James Samuel.  James was a laborer (usually an agricultural laborer, aka field hand) even before he came to the US and wanted a better life out west.  He asked his wife if she wanted to come and when she declined, James packed up his daughters and left for California.  He arrived in the San Joaquin area in 1872 and remained in the area until he died in 1891. 

James Tock and Martha Wadd were married June 14 1848 in Glanford Brig, Lincolnshire, England. 


Their children were:

1. Mary Elizabeth Tock (b. 2 Feb 1849 in Burton-Upon-Stather, Lincolnshire- d. 10 April 1935 in Murphys, Calaveras, California) who married George Russell.

2. Martha Ann(e) Tock (b. 6 Mar 1854 New Brunswick, Canada or Calais, Maine- d. 1 Aug 1875 Benson's Ferry, San Joaquin, California) who married John M. Benson.

3. Sarah J(ane) Tock (b. 13 Mar 1857 Calais, Washington, Maine, USA- d. 9 Jul 1898 San Joaquin Co., California, USA) who married Simon O'Dillion Turner.

4. Emma Sophia Tock (b. 27 Jan 1859 New Brunswick, Canada- d. 11 Arp 1928 San Joaquin co., California) who married Heman Doyle Shinn.

James Tock and Margaret Mowat(t) were married circa 1867 in Maine and they had:

5. James Samuel Tock (who changed his name to Tuck after his father James left the family for California)(b. 19 May 1867/8 Calais, Washington, Maine, USA- d. 31 Jan 1944 St. Stephens, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada) who married Isabel Maude Mersereau on August 30 1890 in St. Stephens.  They had the following children:

[More info on this branch coming soon]

    1. James Walter Tuck (b. 29 Sep 1891 New Brunswick, Canada)

    2. Marion Margaret Tuck (b. 19 Jul 1895 New Brunswick, Canada)

    3. Hazel Tuck (b. 11 Jan 1898 New Brunswick, Canada)

    4. James Hazen Tuck (b. 11 Jan 1898 New Brunswick, Canada)

    5. Harvey Alexander Tuck (b. 11 Jul 1900 New Brunswick, Canada)

    6. Clifford Laughlin Tuck (b. 11 Jun 1901 New Brunswick, Canada)

    7. Ines M. Tuck (b. 2 Jun 1904 New Brunswick, Canada)

I have not researched Isabel Maude Mersereau or Margaret Mowatt much but several trees for them can be found on Rootsweb's WorldConnect Section.

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The following is the James Tock and Martha Wadd's family trees as complied by me and fellow Tock descendant E. F. (who was kind enough to share her Tock documents and research with me).

Descendants of William Tock

William Tock is as far back as can be traced thus far on our Tock family.  He was born in circa 1781 in Gunhouse, Lincolnshire and married Elizabeth Unk., who was born between 1791-1796 in Burringham, Lincolnshire.  They had the following children:

1. Elizabeth Tock (b. 19 Feb 1815, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

2. John Tock (b. 19 May 1816, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

3. James Tock (b. 12 July 1818, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

4. Mary Tock (b. 7 Oct 1821, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

5. William Tock (b. 30 Oct 1825, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

6. Ann Tock (b. 4 Dec 1828, Alkborough, Lincolnshire)

The family (William and Elizabeth and James, Mary and Ann) was living in Alkborough in the 1841 census of England as well as all later census until 1871.  In 1851 (the name is miswritten as Sock) the houshold consisted of: Eliabeth and William and Ann, Mary and William (the younger).  William Tock died on July 13 1853 in Alkborough.  In the 1861 census Elizabeth is living with daughter Mary, this is also the case in the 1871 census.  Elizabeth died in 1874 in Alkborough.  Daughter Elizabeth Tock (b. 1815) apparently never married.  She is in the 1861 census as a servant in Goole, Yorkshire and was possibly a housekeeper in the 1871 census in Airmyn, Yorkshire.  In 1881 Elizabeth is living in Barrow(or Barton) On Humber, Lincolnshire with sister Mary. Elizabeth probably died in 1890 in Lincolnshire.  Mary is listed in the 1891 census (as Mary Lock) living in the same place with niece Annie Blair (mistranslated as Blan).  Mary died in 1898 in Lincolnshire.  John Tock probably died young becuase I have not been able to find him in any census records or the pre-1837 BMD records, but as always, there is room for error.  William Tock (the younger) probably died in 1855 in Glanford Brigg.  Ann Tock married William Blair (b. circa 1825 in Saxby, Lincolnshire) in 1854 in Glanford Brig and they had: Elizabeth (b. circa 1856 in Bonby, Lincolnshire), James (b. circa 1859 in Harbeck, Yorkshire) and Anne (b. circa 1868 in Barrow On Humber, Lincolnshire).  Ann probably died in 1890 in Glanford Brig.  Of the Blair children:  James died in Glanford Brig in 1878, Elizabeth died in 1886 in Glanford Brig also.  Ann married in 1895 in Glanford Brig John George Catley.  They had daughters Beatrice Annie (b. 1896 in Barrow- d. 1909 Glanford Brigg) and Ethel Elizabeth (b. 1898 in Barrow).  For more information on Ann Tock's family go to my Shinn Allied Tree on

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Descendants of Samuel Wadd

Samuel Wadd was born 9 Jan 1792 in Flixborough, Lincolnshire.  Not much is none of Samuel, but his mother could have been named Elizabeth.  Samuel married Mary (possibly Gibson) on 27 Dec 1812 in Flixborough.  They had at least Martha, but for the sake of this I will include all of Martha's probable siblings.  Samuel and Mary must have died young because in the 1841 census all the children and on their own and I have not found any listing for either Samuel or Mary (nor can I find them in the BMD records).

1. Mary Wadd (Christened 12 DEC 1813, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England)

2. Samuel Wadd (Christened 20 FEB 1815, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England) married Elizabeth Hogg in 1835 in Lincolnshire. They had: Amelia (b. 1840), Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1844), William (b. 1846 in Wintringham, Lincolnshire), Agnes (b. 1848, Crosby Gunness or Gunhouse and West Halton, Lincolnshire), John (b. 1850, Crosby Gunness or Gunhouse and West Halton, Lincolnshire), Annie (b. 1855, Crosby), Lucy Jane (b. 1859, Crosby).  Elizabeth Hogg died in 1873 and Samuel remarried Mary Braddick and they had: Selina (b. 1876) and Edward Charles (b. 1878)

3. Edward Wadd (Christened 28 MAY 1816, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England) married Jane Sleight in Burton Upon Stather 8 March 1838.  They had: Mary Anne (Christened 24 Dec 1838, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England- d. 15 NOV 1844) and Samuel (Christened 08 FEB 1841, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England).  Samuel is listed as a visitor in home of Elizabeth Wray in the 1851 census in Burton Upon Stather but is back living with Edward and Jane in the 1861 census.  Also listed in the 1861 census is an Eliza Calvert (b. circa 1833, Nettleham, Lincolnshire, England) and John W. Calvert (b. 1860, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England), Walter Calvert (b. circa 1859, Hull, Yorkshire, England), these Calverts are listed as visitors.  This is of note because Walter Calvert was eventually adopted by Edward and Jane (Walter is listed as Walter Wadd in the 1871 census with Edward and Jane). Edward died in 1875 in Glanford Brigg.  In the 1881 census Edward's widow, Jane, is living with her adopted son Walter (last name spelled Calbert this time) and Walter's brother, John, also listed as an adopted son.  Jane probably died in 1891 in Glanford Brigg.  Edward and Jane's only surviving child, Samuel probably died in 1861 in Glanford Brigg.

4. Elizabeth (or Bessy) Wadd (Christened 15 JAN 1818, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England)

5. Jane Wadd (Christened 24 AUG 1819, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England)

6. Martha Wadd (Christened 11 FEB 1821, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England- d. 08 FEB 1822 )

7. William Wadd (Christened 21 JUL 1822, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England) was a blacksmith.   He is in the 1851 census living in Winteringham.  William married Mary Rustling in Glanford Brigg in 1853.  In 1861William and Mary are living in Winteringham with William's apprentice, Moses Rusling (possible brother of Mary?).  In 1871, the family is in the same place, living with Kate Watson (b. circa 1866 in Hull, Yorkshire), a niece.

8. Martha Wadd (Christened 25 OCT 1823, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England- d. 1861, Calais, Washington, Maine, USA).  Before Martha married she is was working as a servant in 1841 in Burton Upon Stather.

9. Thomas Wadd (Christened 06 FEB 1825, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England- d. 01 FEB 1827)

10. Sarah Wadd (Christened 02 APR 1826, Burton Upon Stather, Lincoln, England)


Allied Surnames: Russell, Benson, Turner, Mowatt, Mersereau, Blair, Catley, Hogg, Braddick, Sleight, Rustling

Related: Wadd, Gibson, Shinn

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