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Jackman Photo Album

Caleb Jackman was born 1794 in Boscawen, NH.  He was a son of Moses Jackman and Martha Morse both of Boscawen.  Caleb was married to Martha Burpee and they lived in Concord.  Their children were Emily who married Henry M. Elliot and Enoch who married Mary Elizabeth Moody and lived in Concord also.

John W. Jackman was born 1844 in Bradford to Stephen and Sarah A. Hoyt Jackman.  John W. was the twin brother of Ira W.  John W. was married to Alma D. Monroe and then Ida E. Warde.  From his first marriage he had six children.

Levi Jackman was born 1797 in Vermont to Moses French Jackman and Elizabeth Carr.  Levi went west where he discovered Mormon theology.  He went west with Brigham Young and spent the rest of his life in Utah.  He practiced polygamy and was married eight times.  By his fisrt wife, Angeline Myers, he had five children.  By Lucinda Harmon he had four children.

Lyman Jackman was born in New Hampshire to Royal Jackman and Lucretia Ladd.  Lyman served in the Union army during the Civil War and this picture is of him at the end of the war.  Lyman was married to Sarah Tilton and they had issue.

Moses Jackman was born 1776 (he was a brother of Caleb above) to Moses Jackman and Martha Morse.  Moses was first married to Rhoda Collins of Vermont and they had four children.  Rhoda died around the time the family moved to Mendon, New York and Moses remarried Betsey Beecher (she was a cousin of Henry Ward  and the other famous Beechers) and they had seven children.  Moses lived out the remainder of his years in Livonia, New York.

(This is my Jackman line so I have quite a bit on Moses and his family.)