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Our Shinn Line Goes:

Francis Sheene (1525)

    ----> John Sheene (1560)

                 ----> Clement Sheene (1593)

                              ----> John Shin(n)(1632)- to New Jersey

                                           ----> John Shinn (1658)

                                                        ----> George Shinn (1687)

                                                                     ----> George Shinn (1728)

                                                                                  ----> John Shinn (1757)

                                                                                               ----> John Shinn (1785)

                                                                                                            ----> John R. Shinn (1823)- to California

                                                                                                                         ----> Heman Doyle Shinn (1853)

                                                                                                                                      ----> Elmer John Shinn (1877)

                                                                                                                                                   ----> Had issue, line continues to present day

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    I now set out the Freckenham pedigree of Francis Sheene, born 1520‑1525, as made up from the register. To my mind this is the line from which John Shinn of New Jersey sprang. There is always  room for error in conjectural pedigrees, but in this case the conjecture is reduced to a minimum, viz., the marriage of Clement Shinn, who is recorded on the register as born 11/12/1593; the register says nothing of his marriage nor of his death. He evidently removed from the parish, married elsewhere, and had children; this view is strengthened by the fact that John Shinn, the emigrant to New Jersey, who was accompanied by a Clement Sheen, lived at Albury in Hertfordshire. Clement may have lived in Essex or Hertfordshire. The Soham register shows his marriage and death.



          Francis Sheene (b. 1525); lived in Freckenham Parish. The register shows these births:


          1.  (???) (???), daughter of Francis Sheene; baptized 1551.

          2.  Mary Sheene; baptized 1564.

          3.  John Sheene; married (1) Anne (???), who died in 1617; (2) Marie (???),

                  who died 1620; (3) Marie Spatkes, who died 1628; (4) (???) (???), and

                  had by first marriage:

                 1. Edward Sheene, b. 1588; rector of Little Fransham 1610; had children:

                        1. Elizabeth Shene, b. 1617.

                        2. Lucas Shene, b. 1623.

                        3. Edward Shene, b. 1625; married Dorothy Jermyn, daughter of Sir

                           Thomas Jermyn (see will, Chapter XI); children:

                            1. Jermyn Shene. 2. Annie Sheene. 3. Sarah Shene.

                 2. Clement Sheene, son of John. Sheene, baptized 11/24/1593; m. at Soham.

                         Grace, and had children:

                     1. Margaret Shin, b. 1624; ob. 1626.

                     2. Henry Shin, b. 1627; ob. 1674.

                     3. Thomas Shin, b. 1630.

                     4. John Shin, b. 1632; m. Jane.

                     5. Francis Shin, b. 1634; m. Alice Carter, 1663, and had Mary, Francis and


                     6. Clement Shin, b. 1637.

                     7. Grace Shin, b. 1640; m. John Howlett, 1663.

    This is a transcript of the Soham register, and shows the removal of Clement from Freckenham, and accounts for the fact that no mention of his marriage or burial occurs on that register. These items appear on the Soham record.

                 3. Francis Sheene, b. 1595; married Joan (???); she ob. 1631; had children:

                         1. Elizabeth Sheene, b. 1616.

                         2. Francis Sheene, b. 1618.

                         3. John Sheene, b. 1623; ob. 1631.

                         4. Thomas Sheene, b. 1627.

                               All noted on the register as children of Francis.

                 4. William Sheene, b. 1604; married (???) and had children:

                         1. Anna, b. 1642.

                         2. Mary, b. 1645.

                 5. Anna Sheene, b. 1608.

                 6. Margaret Sheene, b. 1610.

                 7. John Sheene, b. 1614; ob. 1614.

                 8. Nicholas Sheene, b. 1614; ob. 1615.

                          By the second marriage:

                 9. John Sheene, b. 1619.

                          By the third marriage:

                10. Anne Sheene b. 1621.

                         By the fourth marriage:

                11. Thomas Sheene, b. 1630; ob. 1631.

          4  Francis Sheene, m. and had children:

              1. Clement, b. 1592, who m. Sarah (???) at Soham and had:

                 1. John Sheen, of New Jersey, who m. Jane.

    In every case where a child is placed in the above pedigree (save where enclosed in a parenthesis) the register shows that he or she was a son or daughter of the name under which the name is placed. A reference to chapter X, where the registers are printed verbatim, will make this evident.

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          In the spring of 1677 two hundred and thirty Quakers left London on the ship Kent for West Jersey. Half of these were from London and the other half from Yorkshire. Smith, in his "History of Nova C‘sarea; or, New Jersey," gives a partial list of these emigrants, but the name of John Shinn does not appear therein. He also says that these chose as a landing place the spot where Burlington now stands, and there began a settlement, which they named New Beverley; this was afterwards changed to Bridlington, after a town in Yorkshire, from whence many of the settlers came, and subsequently to Burlington. Smith also gives partial lists of emigrants who followed these in the year 1678, and in a general way names others who came between 1678 and 1680. In this general list will be found the name of John Shinn. In the old records of Burlington now in the office of the Secretary of State at Trenton, showing the freeholders for the year 1680, the names of "John Sheen" and "Clement Sheen" appear. The same records show that in the same year John Sheen was a grand juror.


          From the record of the Men's Monthly Meeting of Friends at Burlington it appears that on the 7th day of the 12th month (February), 1680, the Friends addressed a letter to the London yearly meeting, which Bowden transcribes in his history,1 with the remark that this was the earliest communication received by the London yearly meeting from any meeting in America.


          As a matter of religious interest, the letter, as it appears upon the Burlington M. M. Records, now deposited in the fireproof safe of the Friends at Philadelphia, Pa., is given in full:


          "Dear Friends and Brethren whom God hath honored with his heavenly Presence and crowned with Life and Dominion as some of us have been Eye witnesses (and in our measures partakers with you) in these solemn Annual Assemblies in ye Remembrance of which our hearts and souls are consolated and do bow before ye Lord with Reverent acknowledgments to him to whom it belongs forever.


          "And dear friends being fully satisfied of your Love, care and zeall for ye Lord and his Truth and your Travill and desire for ye promotion of it: hath given us encouragement to address ourselves to you and Request your assistance in these following particulars being sensible of ye need of itt and believing yt itt will conduce to ye hounour of God and benefit of his people for ye Lord having by an overruling Providence cast our lots in this remote pt of ye world, our care and desire is yt he may be hounoured in us and through us, and his Dear truth which we profess may be had in good Repute and Esteem by those yt are yet Strangers to itt.

         "Dear ffriends our first Request to you is yt in your severall countyes & meetings out of which any may transport themselves into this place, yt you will be pleased to take care yt we may have Certifycates concerning them for here are severall honest Innocent People yt brought no Certifycates with them from ye Respective Monthly Meetings not foreseeing ye Service of ym and so never Desired any which for ye future of such defect do Entreat you yt are sensiable of ye need of Certifycates to put ym in mind of ym for in some Caces where Certifycates are Required & yt have none itt ocations a great and tedious delay before they can be had from England besides ye Hazzard of Letters Miscarying which is not Necessary to ye Parties immediately & no wayes gratefull to Us yet in some cases necessity urgeth it or we must Act very Unsafely and pticularly in cases of Marriage in which we are often Concerned so if ye parties yt come are single and Marriageable att their Coming away we Desire to be Certifyed of their clearness or unclearness from other pties & what else you think meet for us to Know, and if they have parents whether they will commit ym to the Care of Friends in Generall in ye matter or appoint ant pticular whome they can trust & if any do incline to come that pfess truth & yet walk disorderly & so become dishounourable to Truth and ye pfession they have made of it we do desire to be Certyfied of ym & it by some other  hand (as there is frequent opportunities from London of doing itt) for we are sensiable yt here are severall yt left no good Savour in yr native Land from whence they came & it may be probable yt more of yt Kind may come thinking to be Absconded in ys obscure place. But blessed be ye Lord he hath a pple here whom he hath provoked to a Zealous affection for ye Glory of his name & are desirous yt ye hidden things of Easau may be brought to Light & in it be condemned for wch cause we thus Request your assistance as an advantage & Furtherance to yt Work for though some have not thought it necessary either to bring Certificates themselves or Require any Concearning others we are not of yt mind and do leave itt to ye wise in heart to Judge whence it doth proceed for though we Desire this as an additional help to us, yet not as some have surmised yt we wholly build upon it without exercising our own immediate sence as God shall Guide us some we know yt have been other wise deserving but have Unadvisedly denied this Impartial right of a certificate & very hardly could obtain it, merely through ye dislike of some to ye undertakings in their coming hether which we believe to be an injury & though we would not any should reject any sound advice or council in ye matter yet we do believe yt all ye faithful oughtto be Left to God's Direction in ye matter most certainly knowing by ye Shurest Evedence yt God hath a hand in ye Removall of some into this Place wch we desire yt all yt are inclined to come heither who know God may be carefull to know before they attempt itt at least their Tryals become unsuportable unto them but if this they know they need not fear for ye Lord is known by Sea & Land ye Shield & Strength of ym ht fear him.

         "And Dear Friends one thing more we think needfull to Intimate to you to warn and advise all yt come pfessing truth yt they be carefull & Circumspect in their passage for itt is well known to some of you yt such as are imployed in sea affairs are commonly men of ye Vilest sort & many of ym use Great Diligence to betray ye Simple ones which if they can do they triumph in itt & spread it from nation to nation to defame truth theirfore Let all be warned of it especially Young Women that they behave themselves modestly & chastly yt they may not be corrupted in mind & so drawn to gratify ye wanton Luxurious inclination of any for many temptations may be met with some Times through short or Straight allowance for ye Enlargement of wch some have complyed wth that w??h hath Dishounoured God & grieved his people & though we Know yt true friends are never enabled ym to submit to any unrighteousness to gratify so mean an End yet all ye Professors of Truth are not of yt Growth & for their sakes it is intended yt all may be preserved & grow in truths Dominion.

          "So Dear Friends this wth what further you may apprehend may tend to truths pmotion in this Place we desire your assistance which will be very kindly and gladly Received by us who are Desirous of an Amicable Correspondency with you and do claim a part wth you in yt holy Body & Eternall Union which ye bond of Life is ye Strength of in wch God preserve you & us who are your ffds &  Brethren.


          Thomas Budd,

          Willm Peachee,

          Wm Brightwen,

          Tho. Gardiner,

          Robt Stacy,

          John Hollingshead,

          Robt Powell,

          Jno Burton,

          Saml Jennings,

          Jno. Woolston,

          Daniel Leeds,

          John Butcher,

          Henry Grubb,

          Wm. Butcher,

          Seth Smith,

          Walter Pumphrey,

          Tho. Ellis,

          James Saterthwate.

          "Several friends not being present at ye sd meeting have since as a testimony of yr Unity with ye thing subscribed their names.


          Mahlon Stacy,

          Thos. Lambert,

          Jno. Kinsey,

          Samll. Cleft,

          Willm. Cooper,

          Jno. Shin,

          Willm. Biles,

          Thos. Harding,

          Willm. Hulings,

          Richard Arnold,

          Jno. Woolman,

          Jno. Stacy,

          Abra. Hulings,

          Peter Fretwell,

          Thos. Eves,

          Jon. Payne,

          Jon. Crippe.


          "From our mens monthly meeting in Burlington in West Jersey ye 7th of ye 12th Month 1680.

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