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Sarah Jackman and Joseph Palmer (and their family)


From an excerpt of an unknown document (could be from The Palmer Family in New England)

PALMER ~ William Palmer, immigrant  ancestor, was born in England. He settled first in Watertown, Massachusetts, as early as 1636 and removed in 1637 to Newbury, Massachusetts, and in 1638 to Hampton, New Hampshire, of which he was a grantee and one of the first settlers. He was one of those "licensed to settle" September 6, 1638. He was admitted a freeman March 13, 1638-39. There was more than one William Palmer at the time a decree of divorce was granted to a man of this name, October 19, 1650, from his wife "Elinor, who had married another man in England," and we cannot be sure of his identity. About 1650 Palmer, then of Hampton, agreed to release to his son-in-law, John Sherman, of Watertown, Massachusetts, land at Great Ormsby, county Norfolk, England, whence the family came to America. He had previously deeded land at Hampton and Newbury March 10, 1645, to John Sherman and his daughter Martha (Palmer) Sherman in lieu of the estate in Great Ormsby which was hers by inheritance. The Shermans sold the Newbury and other property to Joseph, youngest son of William Palmer. Coffin's history of Newbury relates that William Palmer removed to Piscataqua from Newbury. He was in Kittery in 1642 for a time, but sold his farm there to Christopher Adams and removed to Cape Porpoise, in 1675.  Children: 1. Martha, married Captain John Sherman, of Watertown, Massachusetts. 2. Edward, had a grant of land in 1641 at Hampton, and was then living on the road from Hampton to Exeter. 3. Christopher, married, November 7, 1650, Susannah Hilton, daughter of Edward Hilton; he died June 30, 1699. 4. Joseph, mentioned below. 5. Sarah, married Richard King. 6. Rachel (given in Kittery history, but she was doubtless a granddaughter instead of daughter).

(II) Joseph Palmer, son of William Palmer, born 1644, died February 8, 1715, aged seventy-two years. The Joseph given as son of William Palmer in the Hampton history must have been a grandson. Joseph had by purchase his father's property at Newbury and he lived there until about 1671. He married, March 18. 1665, Sarah Jackman, daughter of James Jackman. He removed to Bradford after the birth of three children, as indicated below. Children, born at Newbury: 1. Sarah, born December 5, 1665. 2. James, born December 18, 1667. 3. Joseph, born July 8, 1670, lived at Newbury and Bradford. Born at Bradford: 4. Benjamin, born October 8, 1672. died November 17, 1745. 5. Richard, born March 22, 1674-75. 6. William, born January 24, 1677. 7. Joanna, born September 14, 1680. 8. Mary, born June 11, 1683, died May 1, 1688. 9. Samuel, born April 25, 1686.

(III) Samuel Palmer, son of Joseph Palmer, born April 25, 1686, died at Bradford, December 1 8, 1758, aged seventy-three years. (Gravestone). He married Elizabeth, who died, his widow, February 11, 1774, aged eighty-five years. (Gravestone beside her husband's at Bradford). Children, born at Bradford: 1. Abigail, born about 1710, baptized September 7, 1712. 2. Elizabeth, baptized September 7, 1712. 3. Mary, born May 9, 1714. 4. Susannah, born November 28, 1716. 5. Betty. 6. Joanna, died September 17, 1732. 7. Samuel, born December 27, 1719, died June 27, 1721. 8. Sarah, born July 5, 1722. 9. Samuel, born March 23, 1727, died September 3, 1800, aged seventy-three years; married, January 24, 1749. 10. Ebenezer, born September 3, 1729, mentioned below.

The document goes on (Ebenezer =>Asa =>William Henry =>William Henry Harrison Palmer), e-mail me if you'd like the rest.