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Healey Allied:

Hollett, Inglis, Pais, Vaughan, Vermerhen, Guenther

The following are the siblings of Lauren Everett Healey and their families.


Ethel Gertrude Healey was the eldest child of Comfort and Mary Gertrude Mott Healey (or Haley, Healy). She was born 4 Dec 1871 in San Francisco, California. She married James B. Hollett on 27 Oct 1888 in San Francisco. James was born on July 12th 1863 in Halifax, Nova Scotia to John Hollett (Oct. 3 1834- Apr. 2 1893) and Emma Leigh Case Hollett (Feb. 27 1838- May 12 1892), his sibling include: Jeanetta, William H., Harriet, Albert E., Lillian E., and Edgar J. Ethel and James had three children:

Vernon Mott Hollett, b. 12 Jul 1890. He died Jan 31 1957 in San Diego.

Myrtle Beatrice Hollett, b. 26 Apr 1892. She married Calmer Tilden Nessa on June 29 1910 in San Francisco and died August 17 1991 Redlands, California.

James Leigh Case Hollett, b. 22 Sep 1894. He died June 15th 1945 in San Francisco.


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Inglis (also Ingliss, Ingles):

Stella Therese Healey was born August 1st 1879 in San Francisco or Newark, Alameda, California to Comfort and Mary Gertrude Mott Healey. She married John Miller Inglis on July 6 1899 in Centerville, Alameda, California. Stella died about ten years later, on November 1 1909. As far as I know, they died without issue.

Pais/Paise and Vaughan/Vaughn:

Nona Leonore Healey was born February 28th 1882 in either Centerville or San Francisco. She married a Charles Paise Feb. 3rd 1903 in San Francisco. I don't know what happened to Charles after 1910. On November 6th 1915 in San Francisco, she married John Anthony Vaughan. Nona died on September 28th 1958. As per the 1920 census, John was born abt. 1887 in California, father born England, mother Ireland. As far as I know, they died without issue.


Albert Malcolm Healey was born March 17th, 1886 in San Francisco. On July 3rd 1911 in San Jose, California he married Viola Vermerhen. As per the 1920 census, Albert and Viola had a daughter, Eunice M. Healey (b. Apr 30th 1913 in San Francisco). In the 1930 census, however, Eunice and Viola are gone and Albert is living as a lodger in Richmond, California. Albert died March 16th, 1981.


Warren Comfort "Bon(nie)" Healey was born June 17th, 1893 in San Francisco. Warren married Frieda Katherine Guenther (Born August 19th, 1894 in California) on August 17th, 1917 in San Francisco. They had a son, Warren Howard, on July 7th 1921 in San Francisco. "Bon," as he was affectionately called, died March 30th, 1983 in San Francisco. Warren Howard died August 27th 1947 in Humbolt. Frieda died December 30th, 1959 in San Francisco.

Note on "Bon" Healey:

Partial or totally blind in left eye. (Source: WWI draft card)

Note on Warren Howard Healey:

"Warren Healey, an amateur driver, was killed at the Ferndale Fairgrounds race track when he crashed through an inside railing while trying to avoid hitting a car driven by Joseph Rand of San Francisco.

Warren Healey was born in San Francisco, the son of Warren Howard Healey, Sr., (1893-1983) and Freda Katherine Healey, née Guenther (1894-1959). Warren, Sr., was an electrician by trade, a native of California. Freda was a native of California, the daughter of German immigrants.

Healey was called "Slim" by his friends. He was a resident of Santa Clara, California. A veteran of service in the United States Navy during World War II, Healey is interred at the Golden Gate National Cemetery at San Bruno, California. Marital status and children, if any, are unknown." More information can be found here.