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I have a fair amount of information on the Bancrofts, but only some of it is included here mostly because it involves people born after 1930 (my cut-off year for the database).

Flora Mae Shinn was born December 18th, 1875 to Heman Doyle Shinn and Emma Sophia Tock. What follows is a biographical sketch taken from The Shinn Blue Book by Marilyn Detert Thompson and Claire Sheehan Shinn, pub. 1976:

"Always known as Mae, she was the oldest child of Heman and Emma Shinn and was born on the ranch on December 18th 1875. Her education included attending Woodbridge College.

She married George Mason Bancroft on June 2nd, 1902. He worked on various locations away from Woodbridge, and during the years that their three children, Raymond Elwood, Elizabeth Mae, and Clarence Mason were growing up and attending school, the family traveled back and forth between the job site and Woodbridge. On these trips to the desert, Mae would help out by cooking for the work crew. When the children were older and needed to settle down and attend high school, the family lived in Woodbridge, right across the street from Woods school.

Mae was a member of the Woodbridge Order of the Eastern Star and the Woodbridge Rebekahs.

She suffered throughout her life from severe asthma. In her later years, she lived in Lodi with her daughter, Elizabeth.

Mae was a kind person and all the family loved her. She died in Lodi in 1945, at the age of 69 and is buried in Lodi Memorial Cemetery."

Biographical sketch of George M. Bancroft:

"George Bancroft was born in 1876. His parents died while they were still young people. Little is known of his early life.

He worked as a steam shovel engineer for the railroad and his work took him to many locations. He worked in Arizona and near the Salton Sea and his wife, Mae Shinn Bancroft, frequently brought their three children, Raymond, Elizabeth and Clarence, to visit him. They lived on the site of his work.

When the family returned to live in Woodbridge and the children settled into local schools, George became a trustee of the old Woods school. He was a member of the Woodbridge Masonic Lodge, the Woodbridge Order of the Eastern Star, and the Woodbridge Odd Fellows Lodge.

On one occasion, when the railroad wanted him to work on some construction near Valley Springs, he declined, saying he prefered not to work with equipment he was not familiar with, so the company brought his equipment up from the desert and he did the job building the trestle there.

When he retired from railroad work, he farmed a small acreage. He died in 1924 at home in his sleep, while napping, at the age of 48 and is buried in Lodi Memorial Cemetery."

Biography from San Joaquin County Biographies:

"An energetic citizen of Woodbridge, to whom the community is much indebted, particularly for its fine new school house, which was built under his supervision as clerk of the school board, is George Mason Bancroft, who was born in Caledonia County, Vt., on September 23, 1876. The family of his father, Parker Bancroft, dates back to colonial days; the great historian, George Bancroft, being a cousin. Parker Bancroft married Miss Mary Ann Morrison, whose family are associated with some of the most interesting annals of Maine. He was a merchant, who died while they were living in New Hampshire, when George was only three years old; and as Mrs. Bancroft also passed away there, the lad had to get his education as best he could. At first he worked on farms in Vermont and New Hampshire, and later took work at the Groton, Vt. Mills. In 1899 he came to California, and to Acampo. Near there he labored for awhile as a ranch hand; and then, going to San Francisco, took a job with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, in the maintenance of way department, covering the line from Ashland, Ore., to El Paso, Tex., on all parts of the Western Division. He spent twenty-three years with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company.

Notwithstanding these necessary migrations and temporary residences elsewhere, Mr. Bancroft has always made his home at Woodbridge since he came here. In 1903 he bought a vineyard of fifteen acres, and later acquired a vineyard of twenty acres south of Woodbridge, both of which are finely irrigated.

At Woodbridge, on June 15, 1902, Mr. Bancroft was married to Miss Flora May Shinn, a native of that town, and the daughter of H. D. and Emma Shinn. Her father was an honored pioneer of the state. Mrs. Bancroft completed her education at the San Joaquin Valley College, where she was a proficient student. Three children have blessed their union: Raymond Ellwood, now aged eighteen; Elizabeth, aged thirteen; and Clarence, aged ten. Mr. Bancroft is a Republican in matters of national political import. He is at present clerk of the school board of the Woodbridge district, and has had direct supervision of the building of the new school, at a cost of about $60,000, designed to accommodate 200 or more pupils. It is modern in every respect, and will be thoroughly up-to-date in its equipment. Mr. Bancroft is a Mason, belonging to the Woodbridge Lodge, and is also a member of the Odd Fellow Lodge and Encampment at Lodi, and has gone through all the chairs of the lodge. Mrs. Bancroft shares her husband's popularity; and they are untiring in their efforts to better the social life of their community."

Later Generations:

Raymond Elwood Bancroft:  Married Verna Marie Kettleman (of Lodi), had issue.

Elizabeth Mae Bancroft: Married William Gardner (of S. Dakota).  Personal note: Though Elizabeth never had issue of her own, she was a beloved family member who served as a namesake to at least two of her later relatives, myself included.

Clarence Mason Bancroft: Married Alice Ladd (of Stockton), had issue.

Biographical sketches for: Raymond Elwood (m. Verna Marie Kettleman), Elizabeth Mae and Clarence Mason. These sketches are taken from The Shinn Blue Book.  All persons born after 1930 are blacked out.